The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1932
Page 3
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1[ONDAY, JANUARY 18, 1932 BLYTHEVIUjj^JARK.) COURIER Appeals From Death Sentence Last Year Saw — , .—.'•— - Record Tonnage Carrier! on River Norlh Carolina Man, Con- 1 viV.lecl of Murder, Claims. • II Was in Self Defense.' B> NH.V Service i.'Ol EEMEE, NT. C.—A feeble old ' ir.nn, y,h:te-brarc'.cd, nearly blind.! '-'•"-. CL-.l-.til' iv the Davi: county jCil ;!u<1 awaits the aetic.i (if Hi? hkti cosirl that u'.v.: d;d:> viicir.- IT lu h to go t: lh: clcclri: " Fcr John Henry Hju'jCv is c inm-rt:i«. The fact tha'. ha is 82 >c::rs o!tl. vv'ith sciirrcly the sU 1 ;-:!- . gtb tc- K'.OYJ his nuumiuic bjdy Y«ilr, E en:;;, :io legal Concern I of th; j''"lC? who sentenced him Ulter n jury l3ct September hr:d projicD.'icirl him fiiiHjv , Ilsi'-.-i-, tlie murderer who looks iike a ratrk'.rch. k»o\vs well thr.l lie/ho 1 ; l)i:t (i lUil? \vhili.' la Jive, (fell; if society <ii??iuttt uo: its ux- S^Us toll- <>f a hie lor a life, tim' lie dm-siiT, Wai:', to die ihst way. Alter all tin's; jews of ill-ills;! \vcr!:!r.; within Hit- liiiv. o! mikinj 2 home far h!s wife s)vho" hiui her "iDth blrfnciay cpmlyi. and cf placidly \vatohins th; lf,.v-ving living!]', of -life, he doesn't want to die like a vicious Olainii He Killed In Sclf-lli-fensc .'•rHauscr killed his own to:i-in- Jair. He admits t.'iaf, br.l claims lt;v.-as in self defense. ,'Since his daughter. Viola il.'.us- u 1 , man-led F.'eri S. fryer;, 12 years ago, tlie old couple had mads Iheir home with th= stycrs here in Uivie county. It wns lust May '.hat a ijitler quarrel avcse between the ul;| man anil Sl-yers, v.ho ivas 34. They urgued aljoul the advis- aljility o( plowing :i strip 'of land. ; Hauscr was sllti'.-.g on the tack poreh. He says he sav:. with his one feeble eye, his ton-in-iav: ad- vcnciiijr en liim »-)lh .1 stick. Jin HjSzed a shotgun and dischanjeci i'. at Stycrs at ctee range, styc-rs fjl!. died in.stnntly. Th?y led Hsu- 56r oil to jail, charged v:ith muv- dtr. IDuiini; the threrj-iiav trial, (ie- ftmc counsel first tried to show "bieiual incariacUy" of the aged njan to premeditate a crime, rijiruptly the- plea switched to .'.{l[-de!ense. The jury called Him Elahty-two years old, and «)' feeble h e scarcely can walk, John Henry Hainor here is pictured as he up:)ea rs at the Uivie County, N. 6., Jail ylill; auaitiiig decision on hi s appeal from a dca-th ceiitcncu. Southwark Cathedral Famous Long Ago; Now w Church in Hole" ,'| Many .Plead far Ix-nii-npy ^A'ine John II. Clemnu pro- i-ttiy.-cd sentence. "He said tint 1 l{a. r ')>tr,'vvdjs.-to die-in the- electric chair Dec. 3, 1931. But counsel Eiicieedort In plnciirj an F.p- peal tsfcre the State Supronie Court, and that provided an auto- m;'ic stay of execution. •The case atUacteci ;i;i;:iMiute attention. Thousands oi letters have ctm; to state and counly officials, and to iieirspapers, pleading for leniency for the eldest person ever to receive a death sentence in this oiate. :In the Davic County jail at Mo:k;villt!, N. c., the patriarch sits ani awaits a fat c that will bs 'inally decided at the summer term ui' the Supreme Co;irt. ! Haaser is snrpriEed lhat so many rjconb I'.re concerned with ihe fate of "an old codger \vho ain't ijiuch gcocl to anybody now." But he hopes th=ir acpeah will not be i(i vsin. ST. LOUIS, Mo. (UP)—The Inland Wutcrrinys Corporation, operator of barge lines on the Mississippi river, In 1931 carried n tcn- inge estimated as the- gionUsi In Us history. Yet. few of ihea 1 »'l.'o Mv? nlaug the lianks of the river saw it ;;o. Many of them renmiXed the tip. rent lark of shipping on (he srent river nrtery. Why. "Simple enongli." Clnrrnce B. ouglfi5. nn olllclnl of (lie corporation, said, -you may look nt the river Ilowlng past your levees and Ililnk there's nothine (joins on. Uul a Heel of t?n baiges, lo«vd by the llerl:e:t Hoover inewesl slaamer of the line) will carry the equivalent of jjveral hundred carloads or GO to 70 packet,boats. Ami you hnrdly see 1L Bulin; down the river." The coming ycor. Douglas slid, will sec rnp.'d deretoji.'iieiit of river projects. He listed ns factors which will nld In this development the fcllowlng: 1. Rcorgtnhnlion ol Congress with representatives (rom Gulf and Ecutlnvcstcrn Males in key positions. '-'. Election of CoUBit^nian Frank u. Rel;l of Illinois, chaliman of the house llowl control cojmnlttrD, ns head of Hie National Rivers and Harbors Congress. a.Electlon ol Jihtmi Randolph, or Chicago, as president of the Mississippi- volley Association. Illinois Students Lose Money in Closed Banks CHAMPAIGN, 111.. Jan. 18 (UP) —The First National bank, with deposits of 56,000.000, dosed today. Hundreds of University of Illinois students had their money hi l!u> bank. The sign on u front window said: "Suspended by order of directors National bank cMimhiere have taken chnrye." A short time later the Commercial Bank or ChMipaign, also a depository tor University of Illinois students, in fi.),i c h ' many of Ihem had accounts, was closed by the directors. A sign on the door read: "This bank Is suspended by reason of the closing oi the Firs', national bank of Champaign one of its depositories." Evcrj week thu U. S. Weather Bureau issues nn llhiinlniitlrie sheet called the "Weekly Wenth'cr and Crop Uulleltn." 'nils Li pull i May Attend -• War Debts Conference i: r. LONDON. J;u:. 18 iUPi— The tally »rald said totliy Itnliah Jremier Bcnito Mussolini hat! fle- jidcd to attcr.:! the Lai;sp.mie debls Sr.d vcparaticns if Jri.Tic. -Minister H.imsay SlacDon- aid attends. 'iThe Herald rai:i !he ItiHsn sc- ft'l f-rvk-c airc.Kly v,-35 makin|- .ilrjns !o insure .Mussolini's safety jh case he goes to Laiean™. Smith in Boston ?c.;il!r,vark Cathedral like By NBA Scnics: men has fallen evil days. Will Fix Date for Republican Convention MTTtE ROCK, Jan. i 8 (U P )_ Members.of the stale UepubJican central committee will meet here February 2. to set a date for the slate convention to select delegates lo the Republican national convention next June in Chicago. Escaped Slayer Held by Kentucky Offkers LITTLE ROCIfTjan. I8 IUP) ._ Slate Prton .Warden S. L. Todhunter left today for Henderson, Ky.. tj return George Young, notorious Union county slayer who escaped from the prison farm at Tucker three yeais ago." - ,dow to famous iiiizaiiethan dram- Calhcdral in London atists in the. cathedral, has ions been known to Cockneys , But today, instead of ueinj in =.E^t!ie "Cnurcli in the Hole." .jthe center of a residential and -cvrir.l years age this became; theater dislrict. trains go thun- •3.11 iimuEiiiJo, referring net only lo Serins by on elevated tracks, and ine location of the' church-which ; a fruit and vegetable market is ST. _below tne level of the street— \ operated at Us very doois. ' •rnV a hLn°rip (Sn i fi i" a !Ii!!^.* OI "!l.V;!:l;! Il = parishioners arc poor and broke v, t - . n U ' SE ' '" ' ah ° Ut ! vices are conducted by cicrgymen ^ v • ' K h° ar " P3id r.othin?. Their liveli- m % ? - V ' " tt ' a= ^ooci ccrr.cs from oil'.cr churches. Shakespeare ii^cd lo attend dl-' German Stops Constipation _ Actin? on BOTH upper anc! lower .!r.'.in Hf.rvara. •• !wsj donatioiis'. .oiindtrt Harvard Univirsity hc-c.;' •'••~'-'; b.ip:i^c:J (here in 1607. .Some! ilvt ,,. fc V1J uviii ipH'-'n =t:d "^ r ' ! '' m:l1 °-' Harvard ko\vel. Wcrrman r?nicdy Acllerilu. iLLimi one p. ,hc chap;ls. j r .| 0 ;;; constipation. It brines out the ....uinsaric Cathedral is the j poison; which causs gas bloating •;'">__/"iEhsn church in which n .and bad sleep. City Drug Store. 'Ji July celebration was I —Adv. G • vcr (t:M. years a?o. •J.ierc v.-. took , , ' URSION ROUND TRIPS M/2 *n« one-way fare 30 day return privilege Take th»t trip now while winter excursion rates are io ftffct. Lowest fires in hiitory to alt points on Dixie-Greyhound Lines. Finest bu»e« in the South... with comfortable, recb'ning chairs, Tropic-Aire hot water heaters and best drivers on th« highways. Call now icr travel Information. UNION BUS DKI'OT 2ml & ,\sh Sts. Ph-n« 27E 01X11 GREYHOUND ^f^UL. a tj m(; jv.ark was rrparatc from 'th7"cTfy let tendon. Tiuatcrs w=rc not r-1- - of , . vti.7 ,>^J l: [ If.vcd in London, but (ravished on the Southwirk \irii ;ne rivsr. Shakespeare and his contcmno- ! ia:h'f use:, to come eve;- to South- I warK to tec tiitir plajs pvodiiced I Hie cathedral ser- anrt attended ice s. In r.'cojnHion of tiiesc visits I here is now n memorial wlnl ? l > : a tospcctacled Alfred E. Smith i ° ? ' c:i1rcl? ns ^tegani "i Boston, when 1-e' the IJeniorrals of Massa-: . Alt',0;,,], sii,,,,, ns , 0 ' t..s own future p i anj , Ilc ,, M | thcercd uhcn n s , waker ( , ccbrc[i >!C would bedrariM for lhc ,. oential noirifni;i OI) . Dental Fees Reduced Extractions DOc to $1 Fillings $1 ami up. Full Plates, upper or lower ns I,o\v as $10 Dr. W. F. Brewer Denlisl THERE'S A WORLD OF POWER IN TEXACO GAS FOR SALE .BY MAIN SERVICE STATION Bill Wunderlich Phone 711 THREE COURIER NEWS : —-===a-rT7 r^^r^^rr^^r^———- - -J^^ ^$$. First Photos of Hawaiian Killing Principals Under Ar^st flnhhq f ft v Charles Fttttu ~~TTn?T ccntiM weather bureau stations In eiirli sliiii; collcci In- lonniillon sickly from many s]H-c- lul nml fu-npernllvi! luelcorolcn- «l)M-ivrre iind from a large . lor tliow week'.; wcctther and its effects on crups nntl furmliiB oiWiiiUans, A iuUi> ' week's niinfnll nn,i i ml the departure frf.m agricultural ln-|pu nU ,. t , „ ,„, ,„.,„ contains much ol , normal for 150 stations, and two 'innus show the teni]>f'ratur« <\i>. Iicrturcs and Ihe actual umwint ol There Is a summary of the week's v.eather, with a statement of out- iTlnfail. New Orleans a "Weekly Cotton 1 Region Ilullulln" covering 'condition.! In the collon liel'J as n whole, and at Chicago n slmllur rcpwl (ife- inlnliiR to the inliidiinl i;rain-pro- duclng number of weather and crop correspondents In the resiwcUvc slntes relative In prevailing wrnlliir conditions mid their elfecl nn fanning operations and crop development. These dfllcliils make weekly telegraphic reports to the ccn- UnU \veiithc! 1 ljurcnu olllcc at. Wash. |!c-jlilBton. D.'C., where ths Infomui- standing abnormaiitiea, particnlav- ly of tempirntiirc and rainfall O«T appreciable areas. Purngmnlii; atout weather In Argentiua, Eng- anrt, India ami Australia arc added. .The snecia; iciegrapmc sum- mo rlea:Jrom the several states or sections of the Weather Burcdn The lrnij;i;rotiiro ina|i Is a ,. v Jliar one. Simded poflluns Indi- Itltaj Is tabulated "and" smnmnrT/ed cntc regions wiirmer Hum nonnal, »ml a synopsis issued lor th- cn- nnd inuhndcd rceloiu cooler than!tiro country. This Is released each i.ormal, while (he lines on the mini Wednesday nl lo A M. and ia indicate (he extent of thu depor- published In the "Weekly Weather lure; e. g., three, six or nine d=- and Crop Bulletin" above do-. •ccs phis or minus. Hence the re-!scribed. n,ni J ,,i?i, ii tllc - wa ™ cs '. HOMlocui weallier and crop suinmarv that fllth the lowest flgurcs nt each sliilc center containln-' In' recsaiflly the coltlcs;. jlornintloi) In more detail ruj lo b ran- In the preparation ol this bullc-,dltlons nmalllns In tho "' ... .—„ r"%,ji.ti it nvii ut mi.-) UIIIIL;~ | huiivi]^ }HUk IHJlll^ in LlSC ICfil CClM C tllnj.hc clllcials in charge nt dcs-'Mates. There Is titsii.iilibllstictt n\. After Meals, a Pinch of Black-Draught 0h) i? Indigestion 'trp dlijiiatlon, RBB, or dlfe J trcaa afler mealn, (rjr taking a pinch of Thed- fcnt'B Black-, Urnuuht.. llyj bclptng to cl boM'cU of „-.,*-,. food ami 'wnnto matter, E l!lnc!(.Urntiglitbrliipjrc.h lluf 1 lu iimny sut(oror8.| tt'ttn consllpatlun l«l Ilio U.ickm-oiinO for a ^~ . illircatlvu unset, ^ 25 pi J'liiiy wlih rcaiitra linriuixl, ri't'iihr activity. CAUTION Winter can wreck your motor! ' Winter-Proof " your car with m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 GET THIS 7 POINT PROTECTION NOW! Dr-iin CranlicaH- and Rtfiil with Corrw: Winter GfaJ» Sbcony AJotor OIL Create car thoroughly, including Magnolia Sicerease, uiinj Winter Grad* of Sprcbl Ma^nalii Ltitric^nll ai r«om- irrfnded by CJT minuf^ctutcr. 55rain, Fluih and Refill Differential w«Jt projHT Winter Grjde M.xgr.&lift Lubricant. Dr-un, Flu»S ind RoiLl Tnaimuiioa with winter Lubri- cunt. If Freewheeling, R?€I1 T/ith gride Lubricint AI re<- ommended by cir Rianu""actartr. Fill Tjnk witJi "Wimer Cr^d* M^nolii G»iolinrv Fluih and Clean Radiator tKorousJily, pulling in Anti- Frew* or Alcohol if nccrtfary, Check Bsticry anil Fill with distilled -*utcr, rcmovt cor- rotion and grcaic (crniinili. can't gamble with winter . .'. you lose every time! Just one single IKCZ- ing niglit can do enough damage to CDSC many times more tii.m MAGN'OI.IA 7 POINT SERVICE. MAGNOLIA 7 POINT SERVICE mcr.i!s a riddance of winter automobile worrks; it means "Wiiilcr-Prooliii^" your car from stem to stern; it moans enjoying summer performance in sub-zero wc.itlier! Before it is too late, drive in to a Magnolia Station or Dealer and let him "Wiiifcr- Procj" your car! MAGNOLIA A-I PETROLEUM COMPANY STATIONS AND DEALERS IN TEXAS, OKLAHOMA, ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA AND NEW MEXICO

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