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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 18, 1932
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Congressmen From Thirty States Line Up Behind Smilh Measure. T, WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 (UP)— Ct::grtS!;nii:i from thirty states mil toiay and pledged their sup. £0!t to the Smith bill pravHiii", •government financial relief for drainage and levee.districts unable 10 me:t payments on their bonds. An executive commute; was an- poiuti 1 :! (o prc's for carlv ci n- gresslonal action 0:1 the bill, recently favorably rcporhd bv Ini; committee en reclamation ami irrigation. Murrr/ Wants Slulc Hanks The S2.0CO,COO,(.CKI recor.suuction finance corporation, through which the administration hopes lo revitalize American business, met further delay l:i co:Kri'Es udny. A senate sub-committee approved the UFollette-Ccsligan bill in provide $315.000,000 for direct un-' employment relief. Committee hearings were dominated by the appearance of Oov "Alfalfa Bill" Murrav of Oklahoma who went before the house way-; and means committee -tu us.-: u.^i (he stales be empowered lo establish banks to provide for farmers unable to obtain credit, Charles E. Bostcu of New York told the senate beer committee thr>! the eighteenth amendment ana Volstead acl. rfioiii:! be repealed becaufc .they had promoted violence and contempt for law. Short Selling Attacked The congressional campaign to regulate short selling on the col- Ion and wheat markets began today with numerous witnesses before thoChouse agricultural committee- lo attack what they called the "utter worthlessne.'s" of presen; legislation. Rep. Cjrafs, Democrat. Texas, told the committee "Ihe grain futures law as it is at present is absolutely n-orth.'ess and the Smith-Lever cotton law does not regulate." In fact, Cross added, thc'Smith- Lev' perfectly worthless. _ CrcsSasaUr he JwuL attempted to •-.jy cotton under the regulations of the present laws and had had numerous brokers refuse to deal with him on those terms. Rep. Vinson, Democrat, Georgia, urged regulation but not abolition of short selling. Cut Agriculture Appropriation The hcuse appropriations committee today s:t congress an example of concrete economy by retorting favorably on an agricultural department annual appropriation bill S60.COO.COO under the funds allowed for the present fiscal year and S10,799,591 less than President Hcover's budget estimate. The bill, which win receive-immediate consideration, appropriates' 5175,443,814 for activities of the d"- parimem, including federal aid highways. This drastic- economy action by the commiltee follows closely upon agreement of house Eemccralic nnd Hepubiicans leaders to cut expenses as far as pos- fibl; without injuring governmental efficiency. Polite Bandits Take Picture Star's Jewels HOLLYWOOD, Cal., Jan. 18 (UP) —Carmel Meyers, motion picture actress, was robbed of jewels valued at $20,000 today when she returned home to find two unmasked bandits hiding in her apartment. Miss Meyers and her maid were backed against a wall where one of the gusmen held them at bay while his companion rifled the apartment. ToM she would have to bs bound a "d gagged, Miss Meyers protested that physical condition would render such treatment dangerous, and upon her promise to give the bandits half an hour in which to escape they relented. Tr.e bandits apologized for the robbery, saying that financial difficulties had made it necessary for them to get money somewhere. Take $6,000 From Train In Chicago CHICAGO, Jan. 18 tUPJ-Two rcctcri held up 30 passengers of a .Northwestern commuters train at .Irving Park station, Chicago, today jsnd stole $0.000 frcm n girl bank I messenger. Tlie wild west style train rob- bcry occurred as the ualn, tttleil with cifiet \\orkcis, slowed down at the Avondale .Mutton. Although other passengers were terrorised, Miss Mnrcetlu Hergmtm was the only one robbed. Al Smith's Son Arrested PLfflON Aged North Sawba Fanner Dies Early This Mominf George W. Muriiaugh, 85-year-old North Sawba farmer, succumbed at the family home at 3:30 o'clock this morning. The aged farmer had lived in lhe North Sawba community for a number of years and was well known to residents of that section. The deceased Is survived by his widow, Mrs. Susie M. Murdaugh, three sons, G. A., Sam asd Luther ^'urdaugh, and three daughters, ™ rs - M. E. Btchanan, Xta. P. B. Ul »ner and Mrs. W. T. Crawford. mneral services will be held to- VnrVk* lno ""nj at W o'clock at rane<!m 7 ba « lnel «y- Funeral ar- cobh n C "}* are "" cnar * e oi tn Cobb ""dortakln company. BERLIN, j an . Health Authorities Act to Prevent Spread of Smallpox in City: All public lathering* of negroes in I his city have teen .prohibited lor an Indefinite i.erkxi because- of prevalence of small pox among -lembtis of the race. : ' The order banning public meet- 'ngs wns issued by Dr. 1. B Johnson, city health offlcer. and as n •csult all negro churches suspended services yesterday. A tola! of fourteen active cases )f small- pox among negroes of the city and Immediate -vicinity ire under observation of die city icalth olficer und the county health init. A number of other cases iliidi have probably net been reported are expected to exist according to Dr. Johnson, who stated :his morning (hat some negroes :ave shewn an inclination to con- Leal cases among their families because of fear that their liberty nay be temporarily curtailed as a :on.<squcnee if th c reports' reach •uthorities. The negro public. schools have not as yet been closed and will probably be allowed .to remain open as all caws reported so'fin- involve adults. School children have practically all been given the protec- tioa x of. r v#cdnatlon. , Dr. Johnson stated" today "that i "determined effort to stamp out small pox' before the return of cold weather, which is ' favorable :o the disease, is under way. All negroes should be vaccinated at once as heallh authorities agree vaccination is the only certain votectlon against the disease. Both Or. Johnson and Dr. A. M. Washburn of tlie county health unit pointed out that proper control of small pox In' negro families particularly is practically impossible without vaccination as negroes are very lax in carrying out directions of physicians and respecting warn- ng signs or orders. No deaths' have resulted from small pox among members of the race, which has probably created a tendency not to regard the easily ransmitted disease seriously. Immediate vaccinalion either by private physicians or county health unit attaches is urged as the best move to prevent spread of small pox. 1C. A. WILL SERVE AS SPECIAL JUDGE Regular Term of Civil Court Will Get ... Here Tomorrow. C. A .Cunningham, local attorney —* »",vw insurance -policy issued "B< Walter J. Smith. 22-year old son tnc Business Mens Assurance com' - pany was dismissed today with the understanding that the suit . of former governor Alfred E. Smith, who was arrested in New Ainvpvthiness.of Huge.New Dirigible "Defended'' by Nava! Department. WASHINGTON, Jai.' 18. : <UP)— Sensational charges coriwriiihg--|h? safely and air 'frprthiness of the new navy- dirigible Akron -'are due to be probed . by a 'congressional committee within a week.' : • ' • Representative McClinlic',-."-Demo- crat, Oklahoma,-a member-of ; the house -naval -affairs committee,- s4id today a'-date for beginning : Ihc i3aring would be set hot later thin' Wednesday. - - - • — '- : Mcciiritic, who demanded/the'in- vestigation, said the .naval 'affairs committee is particularly desirous of disposing of the inquiry as'r'a'p- New Trial Refused Mine Union Defendants MT. STERLING, Ky., Jan. 18 (UP) — judge R. H. Prewitt of Montgomery circuit court today overruled motions for new trials en behalf of William Hightower nnd W. B. Jones. Evarts, Ky., mine union officials convicted en charges of conspiracy to murder, and both sentenced to life imprisonment. They were convicted of conspiracy to murder Jim Daniels, Har- nn county deputy sheriff, who was killed in a. gun battle between officers and striking miners near Evarts last May 5. Three Senior* Complete Their Work at Mid-Term The cenlor high school will have ihire graduates at the mid-term, Friday, January 22. Joe P. Pride, Charles Ramcy and Charles' complete their work at thlo iinic. No special exercises will be held the members having consented to .'em with members of the May graduating class in their commencement features Kentucky Grade Croistnf Accident Fatal to F«nr GREENUP, KTTjan. 18 (OP)Four persons were killed in a grade crossing accident Sunday when their automobile was struck by a Chesapeake and Ohio passenger train. A fifth was seriously Injured. . The dead are Edward McMillan, 20, Van Green, 21, Opal Brown 16, ana Minnie Brown 17 ' Tnc Bro™ girls, sisters, were •om Elizabethtown, Ky. Raymond Adklns, 22, was injured. side; over Ihe opening session of court tomorrow. He wiekled llw^iav- el at a brief session this morning uut because of the appointment '-31 o special Judge to ncl'for Judge G E. Keck who Is 111 it his home here, he will not formally mount I llhs bench until tomorrow. . However, several motions wer I passed upon by the acting judg* this morning with the reservations In most Instances that decisions be iccordcd as of Tuesday. I The Frisco railroad's petition tor removal of a damage suit filed agaiast the railroad and one of. Its engineers by heirs of T. D. Rhodes ; failed to win approyal of the.tourt. ; Counsel for tlie railroad, who soiight jto remove the suit to federal courL indicated that an injunction 'from the federal court, preventing .trial In stale court would be sought, according to reports. Suit brought by Mrs."' Clara Divls wido*.- of the late Ur.- H. S. Davh, seeking to enforce payment of : a 15,000 Insurance -policy issued -fey ^** i •• ^'WM*L -» **" 'v, " wvjinLuj fc>U5l'p/l my- Underway L';f'" s<m of Ark "" sns ' ml " orlty "*, , } '."'•_ , . - Wlirn he spjnks ho slarls on -'lowly olid bocoines Increasingly nj. IWIisI as he govs lulo Ihe swing of his remarks. Uufore long he li (jos- tlculnllcig, shouilnij und usm.— mnkiiiK a prclty" coiivliiclnx uriu. inont. He has one of the uuU-k lempor of i!ie semue. TheVe )iu.<s never bcei will-H-m as special id w during „ ^ J« *«« the two weeks term of civil court ,, 0 °^J. 11-^,^; ., „ which was schwluled to-open here u-Wn /o LI*L. ° f" " ny today. Mr. Cunningham will pre- to,, , mn Hn7' to I C ",""""• side-over MI. n ,«,>i,,. ....i™ ~, ~-J,. s . lro . xlll B '» ,"'« chamber Ls ^ii LI i in, v,uu \vu$ iirrc5ie<t 111 Kev- , «"'MciaiuwuHi(f mat in^ sw York on.a.technical charge of horn- hn " be * 1 ' settled out of court. Pro cidp »frpr rhd ontn K,I ,.-„.. ,i_r.. ; visions rif tlio FA»tiD*t4Ai>»- u -_^_ . icide after the auto he was driv-' ng struc); ajid killed Harry Wal v lace, 53. Young. Smith has been relca-ed on tl.OOO bond. . visions of the settlement were not divulged. Another -suit brought by Mrs. Davis, involving another »*,-' COO policy. was transferred, to 'fed- cm! court i.pon petition • of the defendant insurance/ company. ' Several cases have .been tentatively set fcr tomorrow. Friday haa teen set aside as the ' day for trial ol the JIW.OOO slander suit riled by E. J. Browne. against B A Lynch. • • ••'!•''.' idly as, possible due to the' fact work is'nowbeginning" on a sister ship, the ZRS^S. • • : Civilian technical experts as well navy lighter than-air. officers will appear - before the investigators. -Members of the committee, however, persist in 'maintaining the greatest, secrecy regarding the nature of the testimony to be presented. Charges that the Akron is not airworthy have been • emphatically denied by the navy department in several official statements. Rear Admiral William A. MoHUt, chief of :he bureau of aeronaulics, has'ad- milted, however, the iiirship is considerably overweight, but added a Revival of > Hostilities Anticipated After. Killing of Four Saturday. .• LONDON,' Ky., Jan. 18' <UP>- Sherlff' '.W. ' H. '.steels, iwas /alert today to smoldering 1 feeling -back m.-thf hills- near- -London, fearful .of a new outpreak . In tho rural- neighborhood, where .Saturday, four men were- 'killed" and two boys .wounded In a. feOd battle. Th c victims were buried Sun" day in. New Salem "church yard. Their graves were only a''few yards frcm-the'-place'where' they were shot down in a clash between the men of two families. . They fought over the good name of a 17-year-old gii-1, said Sheriff Steele. Those killed wer e Homer and Forrest Ccok, brothers of the girl, and Henry and Earl Johnson, brothers. Little Henry Johnson and Willie Johnson were wounded. They were cousins of slain little who the sheriff said had been courting the Cook brother's slsler, men. Henry Physicians asserted was dying. Willie, on.,_muiy uverweigm, om aaaed a „.„. ", i. jr. J »«•" large part of this overweight Is due ?-« ,° nly S " Bhtly wound «'- » to additional structural safety and ^? '"* under _ an "P™ <*arge. to additional structural safety added armament. The craft has been highly praised by naval expert, as lhe best airship ver bU £ "'„ *\? m "". ln tnc rt _ > ar u- Jhe participants were Cancer Claims Third Victim in Merton Family For the third time within six months death In the form of a dread 'disease visited a Biytlieville family yesterday when Mrs. Katie Merton, 48, succumbed at the family home in the Pride addition. Mrs. Merton died of cancer which had also claimed the lives of her husband and a son within the past six months. The deceased Is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Gerard of Montrose, Mo., two sons, Alvin and John Merton, and two daughters, Hilda Mertos and Mrs. Alva Hamb>\ Funeral services will probably be held tomorrow morning although arrangements are as yet Incomplete, according to the Cobb Undertaking company. . Worship was in progress In the small New , Salem- church when thc six men met In the church yard. The participants were hill men. Their- relatives mingled at the! funeral but word went out threats of revenge were being whispered from house to house today. Japan TeU, Leap* «f Banditry in Manchuria GENEVA, Switzerland. Jan. 18 (UP)-Japan notified the league of nations council today that brigand attacks on the south Man- ehurtan rallrcad area from Decem- T,l j 'o ^cember 31 resulted In 616 deaths, » wounded and the capture. of 22o prisoners. r ! port * d the situation at ZaJ B. Harrison Heads Blythevilk B. and L. Officers of the Blythevllle Bui:d- Ing and Loan association, elecfc',1 fcr 1832, are: Zal B. Harrison, president; E. D. Gillen, vice president; J. L. ouard, tripsure,; W M. Williams, secretary. The election followed lhe bov.d Joe T. Hosses Mosi Senate Domomus Not (ho Whlow ofThud Caru way Jt "' '"• {0l ' 1 -! l «'» l «« navul confer- n slls In a first row rave two years ago he vw snuts C °' ""> 5<>1 "" c! " c lllul w """" «Wrt*«W, "t situ I "I! , , miry "° W " Wl lllt> ",'"«. ^ "' «l»ck to Ihcm " n-t to , " '" «"«o». WUrn con s r«s i t do It, Is Senator Joseph Tuy- J rcoimml, however, they wao miss- o is somp talk if the Demo- jet. Inlo n dennlock on u pres- idtntlal eandicalo the honor might fall, on his .strong shoulders. Kolilii- piohlblud. " • ; '"" *""i • •""'*•• ij.,1,. , ! u serious robvlUon ugalmt hi* r it rht'fV" 6 lo ,, bc " II(Ut Joi ' " shl " ol VM SL ' llat " '*"«*» L, i S Joy oiiuslde or working tie nm i lhe laic Senutor 'inaii- ours I, duck I.uniln 8v This year ilciis H. Caniwny, ),| s co inKiic froi, ti'im-r TliTol'ii 1 ? ' 5 ba " °" " LS • Al ' kmims ' W( -'re "01 friendly Mr" I'lnini'i,^", 1 '^' *?* " ntlvu "8 r y Irani j bmirt, .wmVuTaVe'rmicJi'o/'li'ls i wting irlp lo cast hbi volo for Icellng lowaixl Roblnion. s°i- " V ! Xame 1co " servntl01 ' W". limlliucil hi, leadership en lh c lllor Me Is umoiig lhe besl dreyed atoilum, voting 1( ,| n t it. £ m. embers of ih« c.>\nr& »rtr,_ \.~ ... t , ... V ' w members ol the senate. After he ul- U.S. Gets'Swonl of Lafayette or 140 .years, since: the capture if the Marquis de-Lafayette 1 by lhe 'rufslnns. the famous French =ol- (lier's sword has been in .Ihe pos- essjon of the. ancestors 1 of the' Lnroness. Von MiltUz. -But the riple-edged rapier, of sentimental and historic value, was peing pre- entcd by the Baroriess;to Presi-' dent William Mather" .Lewis of Lafayette .Collego at' Eeas'ton; Pa., p.this photograph' 'was'.taken.' IN CLERK'S I/«ll V I i n • d( ' nt Interment- was made at we« jvnown .Local pusmess' f»>«/ RWge 'cemctc-ry. The cobb Man Makes Announcement of Candidacy, Herman Cross, for 27 years a citizen of this city, today announced hat he will be a candidate for the ™>ce of city clerk In the election o be held April 5. Mr. Cross, who Is a native of Ten- R«£. i PSS ' n v ° " atl l e ° f Ten " su(rercd an "(tack of hlccouglis ^' t l We H k ?° W " lnrou K>»out the day bcfor c Chrlstm«. was his section having operated the brought from her home near W nu5,hi , Sm " y '" ' Or " bhre ^ to a hos P ll <" here '«i*>' lumber of years. - bund would hive done thj same. CHILD KILLED IN Little Billy SpraybeVry Victim of Accident- Saturday; Hold Truck Driver While the fatherj'E,' !(, Spmy- berry. farm superintended, . lay on lib hospital bed, other members of the family gathered :at cobb chapel Sunday afternoon u Ihc last rites wtre field for llttl? Billy .Sprayberry, ' IB-mbnthj-oW baby of Ihe family, who died. o! Injuries sustained In u-H'lghwiy?fj accident, Saturday night: ' ''•' rive members ot-lhe fainlljito carried lo the Blytoevllie hSpl alter their; cat w»»: struck- byj six-Ion Cbltonsfed true* about t' 'mile!!, south ,o( loHmnf -The b»(, v.'osc .face was split : open ' !by r>lnK| Itau l .<dled;8jitt4ly. rhofa'- Irti!. . TJic- I«lhfr,j.sup*j|nt(!nittbt on the, 0. O. .smltll larmr»cuth iw tlvthevme, who Wan. cut" sev?! y. -jtbout • th^i !iaa.|-'«yl '; tii<;i'r) '-'' i^r, will recover, hoapltal atlachss .*uy. A daughter. Mian V. 0 Hp-.ayljerry, was discharged 'Ironi (he. 'hospital yesterday after'irir c.':\'ing ' treatment' - for - a ' gulp wound and sh9ck! Another ck'i- EMer, Joyce, was fourtd to t» uninjured, »hile : the molher, w^io fc'nted at -thj scene of the ocS- dent.-suflereiJ from j hock." Jack /Norton, iO-fear-old Paray iild .-.youth • and ' drjver of (he tiiick,'- was 'held, lodny urider- a :hnrg'e of rrjsnsliiiighter. "' Ke .was irmted- Immedietcly after 'th» no- cl'lpnt by Jlmmlc Tankersley, deputy constable^ oivn charge of reck- IJIE driving, which- was changed to tlie felony charge upon lh« death of tht. 1 baby.- • 7he Rev.- W. J. LtRoy, pastor of the Lake Street ' Methcrtist church, officialed at the, services fcr the infant v:ctim of the ac:i- der.t Interment-' was made fit Undertaking company was ,... charge of funeral arrangements Take Hiccough Victim to Stnttfcttrt Hospital STUTTGART, Ark, Jan. 18 tu P)—Mrs. Ethel Cantrell, 33, who y where physicians will apply new » n one Japanese batallion had been wlth- drawn. Six Pond Baby BWD to 45-PwBd Mother DETROIT, Jan. 18 (UP)-A mid. -" mother, 42 lnch«« tall, and • wiiere pnysicians win apply new He has never before asked the treatments in an effort to break «ople for a public office except the spell. h«t of city alderman, which post During th e past week, her con- ie held for a number of years, but ditlon has remained virtually un- nas always kept In close touch with I changed. Physicians have been ubllc affairs. able to check ihc malady for brief periods, but it soon returns. Priest Says Dry* Would Have Christ Arrested TORRJNOTON, Conn., Jan. 18 UP)—Christ probably would be rrested fcr violation ol the liquor w if he were living today, In !» opinion of th; Rev. John Pay of St. Francis church. "Organizations ilke the W. C. T. U. would have him persecuted for his views on festivities such as wedding feasts, In which wine ha had a part for many centuries," the priest declared Sunday In Preaching the gospel of the first miracle of the wedding feast In *ntch water was turned to wine. "Jettu placed his stamp of approval on the drinking ot wins *n«n he performed the miracle", Mid the clergyman. i to take St. Mary's .. - yron, lieved by phyalcians to Infant daughter from Byron, 30. Is be- wonwn er lo The babr, bom and 3 ounces. The attending physicians 'said ' *M<.- cic\;uun lonowea uie oui;^ " ~—*«~. *ne attending physicians o." directors election announced re- 'said Ui e baby's tfovih will be rnnMu li\nrmal. ccntly. (normal. R«v. H. T. Hood Will Preach at Lake Street The Rev. H. T. Hood, a. superannuated minister ot the Methodist church, will conduct thc evangelistic services at the Lake Street Meth- adlst church this evening at 7:30 o'clock. These services have been In •_• -.»•,. A i.vot; ^;i T4kC.> ii J» v UVC1I 111 j.-wi.i.M *u ij»» c | vgUIKI progress more than a week with mectl ngs on the second Mondaj the Rev. Paul Oaltoway, of Kelser " """* ~™.«». •«- • -=• and Joiner, In charge, assisted by the host pastor, the Rev. w. J. LeRoy. Uttfe #ock Police Seek | Drirer of Death Car LITTLE ROCK. Jan. IS (UP) — Armed, with a description of the c»t and its license number. Little Rock pollc* today searched for a W and run driver who last night rvn over John Pennlnglon. aged 9, *ho died 'last" night " " ' night the Hev. Mr. o«lkway preached to a crowded house. Slayer of Daughter's — -r. . i i „.. Cupid's Victim Dtnekstone, nbovc, singing fjoincdlennc of Now York, Is to marry »oon.- The, lucky man Is Martin Ooldrlng. southern busl- MM man. Nnn Is now on her way :o Europe for a slx-»eek cngngc- ment In Ixjndon. The mnnliinc will (akp place-rftor she returns CITY QUUIQ ON SHOnTllME p^onomy Move. Melnben of thc fitrtet department or engineer'^ force are to go on a three-day' .week . starting tomorrow and city-policemen are: to go oh a 'short month" basis in a new mov3 o reduce city expenditures. The reduction in the city payroll will be approximately W5 a week, it Is es tiniaceo.'., : • • Mayor^rfe'ill 'Ueed, who admitted his afternoon'.that the new slosh n salaries of' empJbyes had been ordered, said that In reducing pay anil time for each member' of thc department? II' would prevent the necessity'of dropping; any employes ^ntlrely from tlie payroll. The neiv.ctils are port of the acl- mlnUtralkm's -retrenchment pro;ram and follow other reductions which have been made time to time n Ihc past year. Police officers who ormerly drew $140 per month arc now receiving 1 WO per month and will be reduced to even less on the lew schedule. The engineer's force has had corresponding salary reductions. ' All appointive offices of the city dmlnistration have been subject to eductions during the past year, it s understood. There have been no alary reductions In elective offices, however, and two offices received salary Increases two years ago, Elcc- ive offices are subject to salary change only at thc beginning of the erm of office. o«i JOOEI| Mississippiansyt^Xk'vLi Goods and Livestock? •Miss., -Jan.. I8;i' : . In nor'.h -Missis- • '.. (oday wore!'re-living ihcsa' '"'' wearisome, harrowing days ol 1927 when floods covered lliousnnds o! ucres Is thu Mlsslsilppl valljy. Hundreds of boals floated at the Dior's edge, paddled - from one lo another Uklng men, women und children, Thcro was - u d room in u, t . surf, [or housshold fuinlshlngH, nnJ relief 'worker:, said prcpciiy' loss uml, calllc drow'n'stl wnuld In; large because ol Inar'e- " ([iinlc Incllille* for their removal'.. '.'-. ''"' Multiple breaks in levees', wash- i' Ha of I'nllroiid track-! and high- ' '. ay bridges, hampered rescue work- '.-" PCS. . - ' • • ," Hero 2M convicts'labored on the ''. dikes along the .Yazoo river.' ' •••'<, Another tarif worked qn the dike •"• piotecltng Belzonl. it waji a : ques- ' r lion wlielhcr thc dike could 'be : re- : tallied. If additional rains fall It \ was ffnred R would be swept out .•'> Inundating the business section. : IUII Senrlre Halted Th<; Yur.oo Is two feet above flood stage of 3« feel, and forecasts said : lhe river would continue lo rise rive separate washouts of the Co-- v hiinbus and, 'arecrivlllt! railroad '• tracks halted traffic May. Thff v- breaks occurred at intervals ot U-o ••'; miles and Btopped j'asl bound traffic before the trains left Uie city IlinlUi.- 1 ..' : .. ..-.' • • . / .; Tht> i Yazoo'.-»«' overflowing. its '- 'dikes -along It? .eh'tlru course aiid washouts were expected.momentari- ly. Workers werp taken oft Uw Orassy Lake, Patterson bayou and '--•- Shorkcy' levees In Tallnhalchte ' county when waters broke over the . lops of the .embankments . In 1 the.Tlppa bajln-It, was - ; estl- : ' •& mated 3,000persons remain maroon- •'''' Jd on hou« topi,' barns - ancUh'llls. ' ; t! Many though,! .without, $ . fuel, food o r .juf&am-clothing;'•'•*'' T ' • -Red Crow nukr ' • '• • Of;S, lancer's nod PrfliW JV ' •-,'? S*** "«" M*nn-in charge HJIIICCT.S. ana rpjice^uf; of.s.ip^Krmt.UijsiteiiiiiicjT^.i.s partments "Affected by 0 ;£. 0ru £ 0 ,'," N ™ 6 rl ^<>v deployed'" r/mn^mif MmhA rliA Air n -,. ~t , '. .. . • ^ng Rev. W. J. LeRoy Heads Local Ministers Alliance The Rev. W. J. LeRoy, t the Lake Slreet Mclhodist hurch, was elected president of he local MlrUiters'. Alliance in a n.rtlng at the First Methodist hurch today. ThQ Rev. E. K. -atliner, of the First Christian hurch. was nnmsl vice prcsl- Icnt. The retiring president is tl-.e ?ev. P. . Rorie, cf thc First :\feth- Jdist church. It was planned to have regular each month throughout this Doctor Victim of Disease He Treated -. -—»«... . MEMPHIS, Jan. 18. (UP)—Dr. J. CnJi., C.--. T_:.| K - Co °P er ' Q«n<ral hospital in- MltOr race* inal t«rne, who treated joe Hugjlns, sleeping sickness victim, has be- HARRISON, Ark., Jan. 18 <UP> -Charged with murder In connection with the slaying a year ago tf Ouy Mann, Mountain Home merchant, Rog«r Gibson went oh trial In circuit court here today. At a previous trial list November the jury failed to agree. Gibson at that time pleaded «lf defense. Tlie stat e alleges Gibson shot Mann when the l»tt*r Uabted. on paying attention to ""- wife. , come a victim of the disease himself. • Meantime Joe, -j;-:-.o LS eight years old, ne&red the lOOlh day wllhoat a noticeable change In his ,'onal- tlon. He began M< Slst day today slightly thinner than vrhen he entered tht hospital. Dr. Cooper Is JO ysars oil It is not believed Jot's illness Is contagious and doctors believe It fs entirely a coincident tl«t Dr. Cooper has fallen victim to the dlwaae . g the etfort* of local chapters to aid refugees. Nine workers from the nn-- (ional organization were to be In the Held tomorrow. .. At Lambert water overflowed "rough a new break, the wafr rolled Into the Tlppo basin and It was expected an additional 15JOOO acres would be under water before night. . not in cultivation, railroads suffered.. Oiwhlta Rtslnr A|aln .LITTLE ROCK,-Jan. 18. (UP)— Torrential rains which fell in most sections of Arkaims over (ho week end sent streams'over their banks' for the fourth lime In a montn. Water surged over hundreds of' acrts in south ArksnsaSi but little damage was reported as much of the land was Highway and .,„., =ulicr c. : .. heavy losses. Train service between :" several south Arkansas points has '•'• been discontinued and schedules re- - ' rtuccd at others. After dropping from a high mark •'of 39 feet last Friday lhe Ouachita ' '.at Camdcn rose lo 32 feet today and } rivermen predicted a two foot rlw before night. A two Inch rain here poured additional wfter into the gradually rls- • Ing Arkansas river. It stood at 12 feet today and was expected to reach SO feet by Thursday. There Is little danger of an overflow. Second Trial of Alleged Neiro Murderer Opens BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 18 (U P)—Hundreds crowded lh e court- '• room of Jefferson county courthouse ' today as Willie, Peterson, negro, went on trial for the secon-i lime for thc murder-of Miss Au- nista Williams, one of the society sirl- victims of a n«3ro abductor last. August. A mlftrlnl wns declared at the first hearing after the Jury had re- nuincd deadlocked 48 hours. Thc- state announced It would cvrat Its death or nothing plea !o rhs Jury. The second trial nurtcd before Judge H. T. Hef- iin, brother of former Senator J. Thomas Hcflln. Abrot 2,600 spectators sought admission to the court. Among them was Wade Wood, widely known produce dealer and father of Jenny V/rod, one of the tiro jlrls slaia by the nejro gunman. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair and colder' in :nst portion tonlaht. Tuesday fair. According to the offlclol weather observer, Charier Phillips Jr., the minimum temperature here yesterday was « degrees arid the maxl- num C9. with a rainfall ot .25 Inch c\n l>-e week-end. Today 9 yesr a$o he minimum temperature waj 34 degrees and the 'n" t °mm 47 de- greej.

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