The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1932
Page 6
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£ PLOT OF Rvith and Terry in Wage •—Controversies; ; , Scotch ;. Golfers Going Strong. "'"We taite a $10,000 cut? I should . 'f»y. cot '.* roars Babe Ruth, swal suiW as lie returns 'unsigned to the Yankees a contract for one year of baseball tit $70.000. But •M» Babe has Indicated that $70- PW per might be acceptable if the contract were good for two years .TJ* eyes of tn* nation are on », c B«be, for as the Babe goes, so go . trie attendance figures. And that's no ld!e Jest. •v-.x • • , 7 ?t l cy ,']' e slashe<1 Hie prliw money •m half for the Agua Calbntt- •Hindicap. formerly the world's, .richest race, but if Phar Lap goes iii , i arricr ' qual " y of cntrl « will not be diluted. The big geld- inr is Australa's "wonder horse' • thoroughbred that thinks noth- j; }fv. pr A lnnlnB rac " ftt two mitcs Ktth ,150 pgunds on his back. And 'i!i 9 " as5l *n«i only 129 pound' vj. V 16 A 8ua Caliente event. 'r>pi« only member of the world . cnampion Cleveland Indians ol 1920 Still In the livery of the Ohio club '{* Charley-Jamleson. veteran ball hawk. And Jamie may co any day now. Gossip indicates that Jamie- con will be delegated to manage uie Toledo Mudhens in the Amer.,lean - Association, a club recently Kara! by the Indians as a farm. • Jarnieson is a veteran of 17 major Jeagu3 seasons. i . .. ... ! Scotch Jokes are often bum Jokes but there's nothing bum nor Joking about Macdonald Smith, the pnopth-swinging Scot from Cr.r- Jpustle. who recently annexed Ills Ourd Los Angelas Open ™lf championship. This may be the year of the ' Scotch peril, judging by the way Smith and Tommy Armour, formerly of Edinburgh, have started; out. . Tommy .won the recent Miami event. : "~-. - :. '.. • • - • Seems like they're always pick- Ing on big Bill Terrv, the best first baseman In the National League. if not in all baseball. New, York Giant executives have asked Bill to take a 40 per cent salary cut »nd the tall Tennesscan says "No! Not oh.your life!". Tarry Is Just as stubborn as the next guy, and when he says he won't -play for 113,000 ft season, he probably Isn't fooling anybody. • * • • •To be or not to be" ft tennis "bum." Is the little problem Ellsworh Vines Is turning'over in his 20-year-old head. The yomi(? Southern, California stsr. national champion »t the.end of two years of campaigning among thp country's best racquet wlelders, b'ns.dc- ctted to > quit school to help Uncle • 8am ; win • back.. the, Dnvij Cup. He 'can'ti study and. play championship tennis, too, so he tells/us. .-...., - • • • •' "Back. In this country to begin another exhibition - tour, heavyweight champion Max Schmeling of Germany dMsnt know definitely whether.-he's going to fight anybody or inot. Herr Max ' wants to get in there first of all with Jack Dempsey but Mickey Walker would do for .second choice. Jack Sharkey is in the picture, too, but Jack is no better than a poor third. Max hopes to earn a mil, lion in 1932. (ARK.) COURIER BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer HE ALSO DROPPED THE Oif FERENCE Betao AMD. HEVDLE(2.U)Ai AT THE TW6 PRifoTwti OFFICES AMD ttfrD PEUViEf^P «ES}ue&!ED yC^DlER OUS % E fJOW HAO BENCH 8EIM& mr HPS Ofic •"•FOURTH BAU Current Actors On Sport Stage Long Pass Gains 60 Yards—But No Score Ch«.. Jumlrtvn Another Revival Of Boxing Slated For Near Future Boxing and possibly wrestling :ill be revived here in.the near uture according to Joe Oralg, local iromotcr, who Is again to enter he field after several months on he side lines as. far as active iromotlon of fights' Is concerned. Craig plans to put on semi- iro bouts at the Armory staring Tuesday week and using as ar as possible local talent and boys from nearby places'. Efforts will be made 'lo britjg omc wrestlers here to give the fans something a. little different. There Jins been little ring nc- ivity here since early fall when -cRoy Dougun, Blythevllle bantamweight, w -as featured principally. One bout was held • late in the •ear with a small turnout present. The limits In the fall were conducted under the management of Veterans of Foreign Wars who have wllcatert their willingness' to let Craig try the Job again. . • By NBA Smi« 'MILWAUKEE, wis. — Although It will not break, into the records as-a sensational performance because it was not a scoring play, the ' 60-yard pass the Marquctte eleven completed against Butl;r is "considered by the players as one of their greatest achievements. Gene Roniani, 195-pound quarterback of the Golden Avalanche, stood at his own 35-yard line and tailed the ball to Wayland Becker, eijd, who was downed in his tracks on the Butler 5-yard line. And then Marquette couldn't put if over. Courier News Want Ate Pay. DID YOU KNOW THAT— . Bobby Jones had a great way of combining golf with the noble sport .of satisfying autograph 'hunters. ... He would write his name on sheets of paper before a .big match .' . . and these would be iwssed out when .the mob stormed for his signature . . . jimmy Cnrlton, who defeated George Simpson a couple of times when George toured Australia, ran the 100 in 9.4 ... but the Aiizic nuthori- tl(s tossed It out because the track was slightly downhill. . . th« man whose name is more misspelled than any otlicr is probably Joe Humphreys, announcer at Madison Square Garden . . . the telephone booklists him as Humphreys . ... anrt nearly every newspaper mnn in New York writes It Humphries . . . well, how do you spell It? IBiTS ABOUT PHILADELPHIA. (OT)-A move :o brhu the 1032 Army-Navy game ^o Philadelphia has been started V tlie Chamber of Commerce. Of- iclals of the Chamber said that 'hifculelphln. midway between the .wo ncndcmics. is tho logical place tor tlie match. BV . CLAIRE BL'RCKY (Copjrtjht, 1932, NBA Sen-ice, Inc.) Sports officials at best nve but necessary evils, if we would icelleve the average fun. On rare i occasions, you'll hear n sjwclator japplaud competent officiating. All too often, exllo to the Siberian .salt mines will be his sentence, j The officials arc six in basko Ibnil: a referee, an umpire, two j timekeepers and a pair of scoroys. Longevity Rtrord for Town WISE, Va. IUP)—For a town ol .100, Wise does pretty well in the way of longevity. There- are 12 pco- , lit more than 80 years old here. he oldest being 87. It his 65 wirt- and 12 widowers. between them communities. tach Sunday to Hithwiy Cops Travel HARRI8BURGH, Penn., (DP) Durinj the first 11 months of last year, Pennsylvania Highway , Patrolmen covered 5.408,429 miles of roads, investigated 76.601 accidents and complaints, and to whom it belongs; declare goals; call violations and fouls; administer penalties; recognize substitutions; order time outs Inspect nnd approve all equip nient. The umpire's duties parallel thoso of the referee at times. He calls violations «nd fouls, makes ---- li —^...^llkltltv, gu<^ I^ltl.LII warnings without arresls, and collected 5359,609 in fines. Superintendent, Wilson c. Price reported. c . c !r j out-of-bounds decisions and starts '•*'' • plays. He Informs scorer on oFIi - 10 Commandments MEXICO, Mo. (UP>-Sl.indtng as clal decisions. Scorers record the goals and signal the referee for subsut tlons. Timekeepers mnn the stop signal the end ot th , . — a gatepost at a local farmyard is i i™ 1011 " »"* signal the stone tablet bearing the Ton Com- I"" 1 "' hnlf or same. mandments a „,,„„, „ ^ -NEXT: SUrtof«ame. carved more than 125 by Ben Edmund, » luiown Afl( RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Matinee— 2:30 - ? Nig!it— 6:45 Atlm.— Matinee ami Xijfht— 15 and 40c. SEE Greta Garbo and Rainonn Novarro in lata Haif News and Short Subject* GEM THEATRE Sunday and Monday Matinee—2:30 - Night—5:45 Adm.—Mntinect and Night 10 and 30c • SEE "Star Witness' with Walter Huston. "Chic" Sale, Dickie Moore and Sally Blanc News and Short Suljjocts Tldfnu From DUiy Dean Arithmetic, rhetoric a»d etlauHJe ore being taken up m a big way this winter by Jerome H. "Dizzy" Dean, hlinstM, It is reliably reported by Operative Andy Anderson, of Houston, Texas. And; "Ai dy French, secretary for lhr> Houston Bulfs, has jast reUlmeU from Missouri, where lie saw Diz2y noun. -I'he secretary reports that nlzr.y is studying! ' "Just before Dizzy left Houston last year he got real confidential with the Writer. Last summer I (vrolc Jib life story ( Or n i m an( j lt was published in several hundred papers throughout the Unltec Siau-s iby NBA Service). Dizzy an- picclalcu the story, but Indicated before he left here that he was %olng In for a lot of study so he could write his own yarns. TJie Tiuiney Touch "' This guy, Gene Timney, 1 said Dizzy, 'was Just a. prl?e fighter, and he got to be a writer. Also, when I get to mowing 'em down in tlie mnjor leagues these syndicate fel- lers will all want some dop* and 1 figure If I can write my own itull 1 will save the price ol one of those ghost writers you hear nboul. " 'Another thing I want to leani Is arithmetic. When some club owner comes to me with a contract for $25,000 I want to 'know all about it. I'll probably be keep- Ing a budget on expenses then, and from what I hear those budgets take a lot of figuring.' "So it looks as though major league fans are due to see a new plizy next year. \\-K Way With QvaQ "Dizzy recently wrote to Branch Rickey, informing 1 the Cardinal official Ural the great Mr. De«n was joing to report in tip-top shape 'I'm keeping in shape hunting,' Dizzy wrote. As an -afterthought le added that, his ability'as a quail piooter.was only excelled by his Ibillty to strike out opposing bat- is. "When-I crackdown on a quail, they stay oVacked, 1 Dizzy vrrotc. 'Dizzy is working on a new : curve he hopes will fool major MXIIB batters. He call! it the doop a-doop and, according to Dizzy," Olympic Bob-Run May See Speed-Sledding Records Set SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, WHITF-FACR START MT. VAN HOEVRNBRRG * < OLYMPIC HOB-HUN \ FINISH LAKE .yc^cm, N. Y. — Bobsledding records arc expected lo tumble right and left when international teams in the Third Olympic Winter Games start competition on the Mt. Van Hoevenbci-g Olympic bob-run here early in February. It's Icy surface • and ureath-taking curves will thrill even the most hardened competitor;. The Mt. Von Hoevenbergr run Is 'he first of international specifications ever built in North America. It was designed by Stanislaus Zenlzytzkl of Berlin, and named 'or Henry Von floevenbprg, one of Jw pioneers of this section ol th« Adirondacks. The- run Is approximately one and a half miles long und maintains an average drop of about 10 per cent. Something like 27,374 cubic r ards of earth and rock were moved o build it. When the Red Devil team of Saranac Lake flashed down the mountain run in 1:52 a year ago, a vorid record was established. Thei Red Devils averaged 46 miles an \ •hour nml on some of the hi"h curves flew along at C5 miles an hour. Straightaways on the Mt. Von Hcevenber* run are six -incl a half feet wide, but some ot the curves are 22 feet high, their towering -banks of ice-covered stone inning up almost at right angles to the bottom. Three of -.he- mcst lli i/ine curves are namjd \Vhiie- •ece, Shady Corner an-J Xi s .va e . Tne first two are •'hairpin" turns'.he last Is shaped like the letter The.surfaee of Mt. Von Hoiven- berg run is a frozen mixture of snow and water, practically a. glare of ice, and is covered on the straightaways by a thin coating of snow so that the sled runners may bite in and hold the (rack About 20,000 gallons of water are sprayed on the run every 24 hdu». The nightly free2e then resi'r- laces the slide with a coating of ice. Telephones maintained at seven points on the slide keep it open lor closed to those waiting to start BY C'OL. JOE O'GOOFTY We are offering free the advice to Dr. Lenz; the next time you engage In a contract bridge tournament, get Joe Jacobs or jack Kmrns In your corner. Or, maybe Dr. l.em. coulcl take the affair before the Nex YO^ State Boxing Commission and have the rules changed. * » * Speaking of bridge, why should iuch a hullaujloo b? stirred, up :\ when he perfects it, the offering wUI make a pretzel look -like a straight string. The curve, Dizzy says, starts out to bend out or•way from a right-hand -batter, then decides to turn in, and finally gets on idea to just stop and duck, toward the plate. » • • Be»tUi«s "Dizzy has told his friends that he intends to knock 'em dead around the hotels this year He has developed a great yen for fancy clothes and promises to rank with the champion dressers in the big leagues. Mrs. Dean is acting as hts teacher. 'There Is a little colfege up near! where Dizzy lives, and it is ni-l mored Dizzy is trading the college boys baseball knowledge for collegiate idea' son how to dress and rules of etiquette. .- ' " 'Last year,' says -Dizzy, 'I wa s' just a punk rookie without any. a:tcr 40 football deaths, when they, don't even take the trouble to uunt, the folks slain at bridge? .* .• • In the old toys, poker used to be regarded as 5. game for he-men. But they ought to teacli that lot xinergarten now, and you reiy need a course in physical and -nl education to play bridge. If we cut down on the navy, why not sell - the old warships to-the adherents of the various bridge systems. * * • Divorces weren't nearly so corn- on before the little woman anted how to get set five on a two-club bid. And before bridge became the vogue, just think of the chances a man had of remaining a hus- brnd for years without being shoti No Ho!e-in-Ont Treats APETOWN,- South A/rica. (UP) -The Transvaal golf unj on , before te championship, has posted notices strongly disapproving'the a <, e -. old custom of making a" player holing out in one stroke, stand treat at the bar • rep and no clothes, but watch my smoke this year. Those folks down there will have to look up to the greatest pitcher in the minor leagues, and when I start picking up the right fork at trie dinner table--boy. won't they be tooled!'" DIRECT CONNECTIONS Phone 306 u of the Courier News is the *• exch ?" ge wher ein the seller is given a direct nr°V V ' th P??ctically all possible buyers,where employer gets a line" on needed employees-where owners learn of suitable tenants . . . this "central ex- qhange is operated by courteous, efficient Want-Ad Takers trained to offer every assistance in the preparation of resultful classified advertisements. COURIER NEWS WANT-ADS

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