The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1932
Page 7
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!', JANUARY 15, 1032 CLASSIFIED ADS Twu cents a word for first insertion and o;ie cent a wort for each subsequent Insertion No tidvertisement taken for leal Ihan 50c. Count the words and K"d the cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE • S 5 5 $ •$ SALE BIG SALE USED CARS A Good Car Will Holy You in Your business, Safely Carry Your Children To School, Save Yon Both lime und Money aixl Airord You Lets of Pleasure. You've Never Seen Such Bar- Hiiins In Lale Model Cnrs Tlml An Tlie Most Economically Operated in the World. •20 FOUU TOUIUMi OAK .. SIM •31 KlHll) I'HAETON (New) $135 4 TORI) UOAUSTEll $100 in> sroitT KOADSTEK $M5 .'31 rOItU imSTEIt, (Like New) ?365 '28 FOKU COUI'E (l'.-ugjhi) 811X1 '29 FOKD SFOKT COUPL .. S175 '30 FORD STANDARD COUl'E S300 '30 FORD Sl'OIlT COUl'i: .. $335 '28 FORD TUUOU SLKAN .. $135 '20 FOKD TUUOK SUDAN .. §105 '30 FORD TUUOU SEDAN -. S37D '31 FOKU TUDOIt SEDAN .. S3D3 '23 FOKU TOWN SEDAN' .. $2U5 'iU FOKD V/j T. TRUCK .... 52-15 LI HERA L TUIIMS. I)E- PENDAHLE GUARANTEES. riimie 811 - 810 - 717 TODAY Ask For: U. W. Mullins. R. G. Cash, Alton Hardy and C. O. Graves, Salesmen. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY i niylheville, Arkansas. FO\P. SALE^Stock. general mcf- cliandise a:ki fix lures'?!! rally arranged, new brick lo.i-a.tiqn. A bargain for cash. Will lease building. J. L. William, Lrachville, Ark. 13P-K1S TOR KENT FOB RENT—Furnished aparlinent. 100 West Walnut. 28C-TF FOR RENT—My 80 acre farm, edge of town, end of Franklin street, formerly rented by A. G. Dyrum. Wiite J. R. Byrum, Sikcstoi), Mo. 7P-K22 FOR RENT—Bungalow. 305 Dougan. 1C-KI7 FOR RENT — 320 acres on hard road -1 miles west, Osceola, Ark. 360 fierce 4 miles eisl of Blytheville, Ark. Will rei in tracts o! -10 acres and up. Tenant jniist be able to arrange for his furnish, Sn J. W. Dadcr, DrytlicviHc, Ari;. 15C-K19 SKCOND HANI) FURNITURE NOUGHT — SOU) R. J. Dodson SOl-303 L'. Main AUTOS RENEWED Expert Repairs lo Bodies, Fenders, Hoods, Etc. Paint Colors Matched. Acetylene Welding for Fenders, Frames, Doors, Etc. Tops,' CMass, etc.. Replaced. Prices Reasonable. I'hillips Motor Company I'honcs Sll-SlO-:;) I'ROPKKTY OWN BUS! Bet'.cr place your REAL ES- TATIS for sab or rent with CAOD1LL. Particular attention given to renting and collecting rents on Farms and Houses O. G. Phone 797-780 BUY OLD BEN COAL It's Clean J"st Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. BY KAY CLEAVER II STRAMAN © 1931, by Doub!*Jay,. Ooran and C<x HKiii.% UKIII-; IUIIAV .*%* mirt KIVXU'KK kn>» lar irnrt »ny(«tr(rii lb<<M.-l. %c», tkrir luuuurr kMcr, MAUF'. I KAVrl:*. Una ibHr KrmUmrrHH, linuwii .. "K u » A L I >-r- ill* "fillAMl." Itrmutr .1 ikl> H.:i»- rial r,.|.,,.,ll,lll I ,, Am, trk« It i'S. l> uanlile di «.irrr Will. Br- Jlulll. »-"uNg laiv>fr !• ntauw fchu k:\rn hc<rh muautd for fllflM >*•*«. <VrIlr. V.!.. Imr. I1AHHK HrKKKI., All <'Mj:li!rrr, I'U! irkra h« fntfttmtt *hr rL-fu«r* lu iiAtur Ihrlr trcdiluff «nl«. for lUt «;iMir rrniuB. , Jlnrr-l-Vim-rii. in. nn< .bit In »rhi:ol, tfrlkr* up nn nci|MMlii1[iMrt ttllli Iv.llll. III: ^HIIOD.VT, uiiKlf. »llli , u -i,,,, „,, a ,,,,.,.1, lit,, .corct. If. llr lrtr« lu [>rr»«[Lrie Ucr lu LrruMtr bf- I.I.IKC tmrlner. Ann and I'M! ipurrrl nbt» »kr l.lfl-rt HIMl. nio ivork. ornu ot my fatuer's will I can't get married unlit I'm 23 year* old — sceT" or not Immediately «ay, . In I'HP, ,.ltle Ill ui ivllk r.<r:irKi HI) h-:irn. Iliirr? Mllli.iHI i,.|ll«i kc .nl.. Tkrn <V- fan* fell In". . She I. uurk . DC Armminl Mttr)--l-'ramH-« lu tut* kl« vt)Md«» vllE* net. SOW till o.> WITH THI1 S-IUHY CHAI'TBK XXX 1 11 HJ CANT tielp ii." t a!d Mary- Frances. "My family would never in this world thtiik or let- HUE me." "Vour family? Crlpcst" ealrt Enrl. "Say. llsleii, hon. I'd bo ibc last man on earth lo inlluenco any Slrl. let aloue you, oguhist ber parents' wishes or anything— see? Wuelhcr sow, «ii9 di aud uo wonder. ll«r» wo» m»terl»l cr thought. She might rate mus«d to doubt that Earl'a lather ind over uiudo such a »H)y Kill— atberu rarely do ao. Sho "ailgnl IP.VB been considering Earl's ago ii connection with tho possibility, at least, lhai ho had been mnrrloil and divorced and could not remorry before a year had elapsed. Or, granting her trustfulness, or credulity, or both, and without occus- us her ot cupidity, she might have been siieeiilatlnt' ns to tho extent of lio (ortuno to nhlcli Earl was 60 eooa tu (all heir. Her answer Dually spoltcn. may or may not bo indk- atlvo of tho thought processes Umi contrived it, Ilin yon alu'i got a horao life nor anytliins. And you're crazy about me; and I'm crazy attoul you —see? N'ow. look nl It from tint point of view. And leave me tell you tills: A girl with your loo!;s acil shLne could sure go far— Irnvcl. KO tlio worlil -" "Ami come liorae," drcarticil Mary- Frnncea. 'anil bo rlcli aud.faiuou*,< bring presents to everybody. and and nil would be forgiven, and—" "Weil ycali, stiro. Now. after 1 got iliat teller from Uuti-jeslorday t cot to thinking—seo? 1 got to lake lila Ous Dac!c--EcGT Well, whai t was thinking was. whj couldn't you nnd 1 Just skip out, most any night uow. In tlic bus together. No parting, nor keeping In toucli through letters, llko you said-" "I dlrln't cay 'keeping in touch through letters.'" "Well, whatever It was. We'd t>e In Denver IB Eight ot a week. and—" "Elope?" stammered Mary- Francos. She bad, ot course, planned^ for sli bridesmaids, and ,Erm^ntri|do as maid ot honor. But —an elopement! Real romance! "Have you beard about Mary I-'rauces Fenwlck and tbat band some, famous actor! It Is—" "Well—c-r—boo—I've been mean Ing tor quito a while to tell you about that. As a matter o( fact, I'm not Used lo get married Jor about four months jet—«ei» By the K-VWE " B could bo engaged," sue Enid. And you could go on to Denver, and I could go to Hie girls' like I'd planned. It la going to be betlcr Iban ever thla year, and Mr. KID IB going lo arrange so lliat Erailntrude and I can bare ponies to ride and everything; and 1'vo got my knlcker suit already, anil ihcro'E going tu bo a swimming :oiircmnicut, nnd Cisuy eald 1 could wrrow ber rwlinnihig Bull, it Is so much ptelller than inlno. Wo'd a bf ret engagement, and vs'c could wrlto leiturs. nud I'd tlcdkatt liours to go off In the voods and think about you. It llio girls thought It was queer or anything. Krmlntruilo could kind ot tell then —lust bint, Jcu know—that - u i beautiful- tbou^ti kind of sorrow- fill secret. We' 1 bo laitbful all through the years, and—" "CJrlpos!" ho lutcrposeil. "What's the use ol all the agony? I'm not i CL writing letters. Never waa. 'No'lber thing, you'r« overlooking tin nmln Issue—oe«T What about the aol? Whnl's going to happen to tho Rot, with, you-oft'In tljat damn—pardon'nioi^chjiip and nie in Denver without a' 1 partner nor anything? Trouble with you. hon you gut no Imagination. Wo're crazy about one another—see? You being EU poetical and pretty and all How'd 1 feel thinking about you left alone out here, prey to any evils and temptations that nitgh couio along, and not a happy home llfo nor anything? A successfu pcrfor-Bcr, he'« got to put ho bean into It 03 well as bis legs—see? Or It won't eet across. It won't across." "Von mean," Interpreted Mary Frances, "that If 1 don't go wilb you it will ruin your prolesslono career?" "Hell!" said a sorely oiertrled and perhaps a slightly ovorwrousb Mr. DeArmount. "I got DO professional career ot present, navo I?' "Well," rebuked Mary-Francea. "1 rnuet nay, Earl—" "Now, bon, don't get «or«. Doii'i lo IU 1 ebouldn't at talked thai way. You'll to excuet uio, 1 usi rorcot myself. What 1 mean 0 i v (B—w«ll, bow I mean Ii—I ecu you, Franklo; boitcst 1 do." Tho crown was heavy for her uctty young head. Her clttn vent tluivu Instead of uu.-'Intuitively elie new that ulie had won tho guerdon of womankind, "1 uevd you." Hut bo Iroublo was, though, she was nwuro ot lo worth and unawnro «t ts dnni;ors. she did not want It. •li'enor was nnt tior gnuuU'n, »JT ain't," Earl went on, "that 1 *• don't see your point of vlo» ind all llko Hint. Hut I'm a Kcnllo- ntin. it you know Anything nbout inr by this time you must know Ibat. I'm a gentleman—see? Am) : Blvo you my word ol honor—my .ioly word ot honor—that Fu Ireal you eqiiaro, eec? Strnljjlit, «eo? And when 1 mean straight 1 don't menu maybe. And you won't 05 much tuoro anxlou3 than 1 am for llio llnal—lliat Is lo Buy. tur ibo liriul ilmo to como when wo can get married and cverylMnp, oncn nnd aboreboard,-eeo? Uutll tlist tlrao comes, I'm telling you, Franklo— pals, huddles, absoluloly. No more and no Icis, BOO?" "Well," demurred Mary-Fruuces, "I'll think it ovtr agnln. Cut i don't much bollovo I'd better go." ; Think Itovcr—luilil Say, listen, Franfclc. It this was any olbcr tjlrl Inn you I'd think you wna stringing mo—sco? I'lAi'lug mo for a tucker. 1 know you nln'L 1 know bow pure and sincere am] nnscUish you are and ovcryttiini;. Hut, Just the eame you'vo been tlilnklng this matter over for weeks now—soeT Wo haven't gel any more tlma lo waste —sec? Iloro It IB Jiina already and we got lo go to Denver, ant get the guy thcro lo llx ua up on an act, and we got to rehearse I and gat to Chicago In tlmt tor l decent booking in the fall. Now liko 1 was saying. We're crarj flboul ono ntiotlier. All right. Why can't we tako tlio buss an<H«klp most any night now? YoV'coiili tell your (oiks you nas spending the nlghl wilh your chum, and we'i heat It, 1 can't keep on sticking around here—sec? Come on, now iwul llio I'rorulBoT" "I'll elvo jou uiy answer oil Ttie+ ny nlelit." "Nlj, bun. Now. Now or uovcr —that's a good rulo, Von KOI lo lake un your mind, anil llmi'o all bcro la lo li-sco? I got lo beat !•. ut hero lijr iho middle of tho \vgek t ilia Inkst." b:iro lo Hunk It ovor eonio uore," t.Mil M.iry-Frnncoa. "1 ]u«t avo to." "How about tomorrow ulubt. Man- loy, ihcnr "Well—" Mnry-l''raucca acceded "Ermiiilruilo. I hnvo promlaoit tu give him my nimwcr this very ilBhl")— "lumorrow ulfilit, thoii, jclovcd." , "Yes or no, \hor., tomorrow ulfiht. No klddll)i;7 No roollllBl" "1 I'loinlEo,-" sM Miry-Kruncw. 'KC1I.Y snld, "You know. Ann, I ' do ti'el snrt ot better," and mshcil nivay tho boivl, vni|ilU'<l now of Its hoi. Bllmulntlng nillh. unit " hlcil at the lail crumbs ol lonsu "Not," oho oxiiLilncd. "that you nlu'l cold— not alter to evcrytlilng you'vo said and all, aro youl Cora on, now. Give, me your Tri and we'll seal It. like you say, a sweet little kiss." "(lulto i liltlo one," stipulated BTary-J-'rances. Karl said, "Urlpcsl" when tni M'tlo kiss was over, but ho went 01 to say. "Sometimes it kind o sccnia to mo Hint you Just tako nil out In talking. Franklo." "Earl!" said Mary-Francos "Heart's dearest!" "Sure, 1 know. I'm glad you'r that type and all— seal Dut wba uinnlt>r nnybe. lmt, well, Just mmnklcr, You hnvo been good for no. augcl." Aim uslifd, "1, or llio liot milk after you'd eaten nothlnt: uluco yea- lerday?" and ndded. "Slslor'n r,lrl," nnd l'!r[;<:<[ u p llio howl and plnlo :o-wii5h tlieni along with the other UlHhes I'llt.l in tlio sink. "I'll iml .t'tno on, 1 Cecily ^'hoil. "I SUJHIOSO wo'Il linvo to tlo those dlnR dlshen tonight. Murf Finnccs n tor once, Itavo wuBlied them it wouldn't hnvo hurt . "It Is on and holilm*. I'll wnsti them; you dry Ilium. Mnry-1'raiiccd wonlil have, l( you'd told licr. Hlio Junt doesn't thlnk.'- "Well. wn Ihoiiiiht. Wo had lo, vhen wo wero lier ago." "1 know. Uul wo were dlffcront." "Yes. bin why were \vo? I think wo aro different yet. And what li tlto niallcr ivlth UB, anyway? Other Elrla grow up and havo jobs, nnd boy trlcnds, nnd gooil tlmoa, mid aro happy, rttter a whllo Ihoy gel engaged, nuil then thoy get married and havo babies' n'lid keep on boliu; bappy. l.nok at ua. UuarreltiiK with our tjocuis and everything. Just a mess." "Well— Don't pour that water over them, honey. It's too hat. Never tnlnd, it was only a jelly glass. What was I snyliiRl Oh. yes. We've bad worries and responsibilities all along. Sometimes I think i'litl wu right when ho E.iM that wo ijlnp't havo any delinllo point tltf/ wo could place and begin to ):^?«—" "Hope! Shnot. Ann—tfi'-t'a what wo do best. That's what we'vo always (loiio— wait nrmmd and hot loivly tio|:c. Vou told ciio yourself, half nn hour aso. not. to liono. it Id tho best bit ot advice I've hail. I.OL'!I at Grand and Itosallo—hoping. Two summer homes, anil—" "Poor dears." said Ann. (To lie ('.out--no!) PAGE SEVEK DfJH BOARDING HOUSE PEAP-BGAT t ,^ nim& VOGUUO //Ik' /ki -TO BE ids AMp BV WKA-f RiatlT HAS A GARGOVLE umre r A -"fc> COME HERE BEFORE WrfSViV |M w/ , iV.,t-r WERE FaTJ Tl1*T, |U A .APLEHTy./ r #f^ 'CRAM.BRCJtWER, UlKlLH GBAT? M> imtct. NK. y-fg"-. BOOTS AND LIEU BUDJJIE5 ByMartif Oil, OH I FOR RENT—GOj Cliickasawba si., Five Rooms and Bath. Apply ut c New" York Store. 15C-KII OR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phone G83. 13P-K2U WANTED •VAMTED -Washings. Mrs. Mary Klmball. SIX) Lilly street. Call K-TP WANTED— Fresh Cream. St. Louis prices paid. BlyUicvillc. Bennett's Dairy, 7C-K31 WANTED — Unfurnished 4 or 5 room licnse or apartment close in. Phone 170 or 311-W. 13C-K10 WANTED TO EXCHANGE—Team of mules for truck. J. C. Ellis. Route 2, Box 114. HC-K21 WANTED TO THADE—Ford truck lor Horse antl Wagon. Buchan an Coal Co. MP-K1S LOST-AND FOUND LOST -- Bunch of keys marked with owner's name. Waller Husk. 123. 15C-K19 Call -- --- -L STOLEN—Purse containing valuable papers and aluminum cigarette cnsc. Parties known. Two Dollar Reward, if cigarette case returned nnd no questions asked. Mrs. Afay Winters. 6C-KTF LOST—Brown Icatlicr zipper purse between Kentucky avenue and business section. Reward. Phone 23. 15C-K15 STRAYED OH STOLEN-Two German Police dc-s, fcmal c fawn ami black and tan male A N Churcli. 5U1 Lilly. 15C-K19 LOST—Tioston Terrier, ,malc, brltu rile and white. Bonim's. 15C-K2C November 16, 1331 Treasury Department. O-Ilcc of Iho Comptroller of the Currency. Notice Is hcrcuy given to all poisons who may navo claims afealnst "The Firit National Bank ut Ulythcville, Ancansas," that the j;aine must l« pu-seiited to U. L luiLidlcy, Rccetvu'. wilh Ihc lega pruol tncieot, within three montlit trom this date or they nuy tu J. W. POLE, Co.'iipt roller of (he Currency 11-160— K2-16-K Court Recess {or Coughers to Cough BLACKPOOL, Ens. (UP)—There vas so much coughing in tile conn- court that Judge Bradley an- lOunccd that at 3 p.m. he would sot aside one minute for coughing. At 3 o'clock a hard cou^h from man in court reminded the judge o[ his promise, and there was a use of a minute—but no one coughed I Courier News Want Arts Pay. GOULD BUYS MOUNTAIN- NICE, France, (UP)—Prank J. Gould lias just nought n mountain —Hie famous Col Cnrticr, which rises to a'n nllititdc or 9,000 feet and Li encrusted the j'ear around with snow. The aim .of the purchase is to foster winter sporls. Ha:: First Pipe Line PROVIDENCE, R. I. IUP)—Tlia first petroleum j>it>c line In New England now is In operation between this city nnd Worcester, Massachusetts. H is to be extended 10 Springfield, Mass. Ilaniliurr ll.irluir Slums Sluinii HAMBURG, Cienrmny, (UP) — The world crisis and Bsncral dc- nrrssion of shtppliif \v;« lull i>nr- tlciilnrly in tills harbor, wlih-r showei} a loss of 1.100.000 tons in imports nnti 7HJ.OOO tons in irarts. Tim total ImpoiUs were Duly 11,100,000 Ions against rj.200,(JOO Inns yrar. ivhllc f.vnorls were 0,100,000 ngnlnst C.800,000. HUGE HOG KU.l.U) HADFOKD. Va., (UP) — F. L.j Joni'5, ncRro, killed :i llircc-yi-ni-1 o!d 1'olnnd China lioj wdgliiiitj 815! I>ound3. FRECKLES AND By KUw< 1HE06DISS CLUB 16 SAVED!! O'SWS CLE\fER A^E^Hoc> of RAISIWS TH£ EISHTY FIVE CEUTS,BY csu-ivis does oiJ n;s WEW S/ELOCIPEOE, to OODLE WHO? (JOT A BAO , *" g \ To BHAS, DUf / CCKlT Ui^e I SUESS >tO J To BSte / SAY.' I MAO -MS IDSA CLU3 op OORS OUSHTA A AA6WSER.;. ALL BK3 ct-oas yoo'«e otJ -me K-vjeiTw 1 ABE 6OW3 It) Be OF GGIUS ,VAD£ A HotJ«?Afty F;RST....LCW rv£. DOIJS FOR we wee R "TlllS CUOB CF OURS.' SET THIS GREAT. HAS SAVTEO TWE CLUB WASH TUHHfi WELL-1 ADMITS »T-H!\S STOCK so pftR. BUI i I\RS HUNCH—W IF I'M RHWT, ITS 'N' IF I'M WRONG, IVS OES -j TOO BfYD. f\NP AROUMP. BUT OH 1 H0'.'.l TrtOB FAvCes FALL SEE THE MESSAGE. VTS \N COPE.' PUZZLE. FANS! FOR SEE. IF '(OU

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