The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1932
Page 6
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£V- IY- >: B&4Cfi Stt '.' -——.—.- 1''-•--"-_'__*"-'-•-"- '_-":"'"-.•—•"•:••------. " ' ---r—-. _„ Helen Finds Time For Many Sports Oberammergau'i Winter Visitors Se« Rehearials 10.' Alois Lanj, the Chrlsius of Ihe Passion Play, has the part of Simon, the priest. Hu-jo Ruiz, (he Caiaphas of 1930, will p] Girl Star In Many Spoils Hopes lo Go Si ill Further In Golf. HV WILLIAM UliAl'CIIKK NEA Service. Sports Killlnr kEW YORK.—H ih.; ta,, ink,' enough time from hor.Hback rlci- b'l) and trapfhootlng. it's j«M jx>s- , siblc that Miss Helen -nini.." Hicks will win nil Hie women's . . matches there .nre lo 1-? won this! - year. . Billis is sctliiiK out on tlie trail or conquest- Jan. 20 when .slit-1 Jtnv3'. New York for Florida .tlviv-! inB the car l^r dad [;ave her af-1 •ter she won the women's National ; last, fall. She 1 will put in tin it: •- \vec-ks of practice fit St. A .'•' line mill on Feb. 15 will tel off the fireworks by competing !n the - Florida stale event al. Palm' Bench. - .Thai Is, of courss. provided ' Hictv dj?sn'c suddenly decide lo •take up horse shoes, cro's-cosmlry . - running or lo beeon:-? the stroke ... par of the Cornell crew. By which '•'.even Dr. Watson might deduct thai .trie lltile girl tors in fos 1 ouldcov - recreation In a big way. .^ . Billie has n chance this year lo :' paral.',:rin some respects tlie'ciran '.-'sweep made by Bobby Jones two •". ytais a?o. She is aiming; al • the : women's National, ll-.e Brills!, women's, the Canadian ami Easlerii championships. H there were a 1 - couple of Open chr.mpionships in - England or orer here she would le.o up for Ihein, loo. •'.' And while it will be impossible fcr ter lo dupllcalc Jones' Walker ' Cup victories, she v.'lll captain a team of women lhat will encase '. the British ladles in- May nl the . StK'inton Club In Kngland. If-she can win the Brittbh wo- r.-.tji';, her fame In ;;o!f will lie - unique No American has won il. . Ti-.frc has always teen a Cecil •Lcitch, a Joyce Welhcred , or nu "Enid Wilson, to stem Ihe American aUack. . ' . •;::'. Tile British lille Is Billlo's vcak- -.'nc:r;. ;She. has won Ihe Florida .-: Slate,' Olrt Dominion. New York State!'- -Metropolilan, Canadian, Efislern and National bill sllll lacks ;• the British crown. That was Glenna ColleU's weakness, loo—Glenn:, . tiled to'win ft-four times. ;'. : .-"Iliav" a lalling for the British." rays. Billie.'.''That goo<l luck piece ; Enid Wilson.;. i la si year's British : .champion) gnve me is among my clearest ire.ts'ur^. OK typifies tin; red British sportsmanship — and besides I feel that It is going to -be lucky for me." . The luck piece is a sovereign, presented to . Billie alter she beat •'. t'ne British champion, 2 and 1, al . the Buffalo Country Club in 1931. /"The program Billie has cut out - for. herself i; one of the most ambitious, ever attempted by a feminine :slar. But, when Kb. 11 rolls around, she will be 21 years old—and she's a big girl r.ow, and it's tjme to tc gelling serious. BUSINESS is NO 'CBEKAMMEROAU, (UP) — Bib Jcphthah, while Klnra Mayr, " benefit ol winter visnors hsl year alternated a , in I'JM and its technical e(|uii)- •'>. "J'-'isiHiian's Wifc"'iii[-nt has been Improved v.-ith the opening play on Feb. : proceeds of Hi- fallen Piny the .soldi,:-, ulinmi'.: over (,.<• the loin- con'f.i. .. I," f'-Il from the I. in <•'•-. f.ilkii to s i-m;-.' i.isi, orj r, I Co. KiHlnH-.ifivi 1 WH':lil c; 0:ii-. ; k lirxl Texas Fleas [she Up Company M 31 "M.,,.1 » \ , t n • wiii.;,! i:> Manly A;f or Kaxtng AUSTIN', r.-.f. .-;i> ly" art r.r In*-,; : ;•.;• its pr..-,•.;;,-• in ,-.,:• ;. . ".liicl:." -Mi:-: •• • •.: . - i-aluinns nul only locate Ihcsu' prns- |Ji'i-(s f,,r you bill also assure an immediate interview nilli au I-ilrr- ;-.lcit prosjiec-J at (he creates! -,:„. ">C or liinu iinrl cllorl. M-fiotierts. refcrne; Jcrnisni "id Ivy, scorer. on in; ilv,' iJwtl'.:; ::ri John Ruhl ir rldestcp, Ucrk sr-l "left." Head Courl/ir News want nd-. \va-i star Kirkrr ! .7ii!it!!iy hukcr. li-.f lad who buot- j r-d !hr- wlnnlni; field goal fo Southern California iigainst Notre 10 Jjoinls utter -.. 10 nltcmpts. Two ! i>( Ills Ihrce failures were blockc-.l 1 - nut Johnnv's fault. :he lost lew years, he may reach Iho spol where even moneyless ennls can be miiile lo pay. For further iiaiilculnis .iliont 1 Miieyless tpnnls that pays, you night try asking Bill Tilden or Henri Cochet. Neither of these chaps e\-tr was photographed in breadline. ""'p'-cn un Vines ElUworth Vines was naltom' .•"itiSles champion last year. Unlil recenliy he was a sludcnt :-.l the tjnivcrsily ol Southern Ca!ilornia. Ellsworth worked 0:1 the side, .sell- 1113 bcnrts, He tried to kc;p up hi; tennis along «-iih his u-crk anU studies and found he couldn't So ho announced that he would hnv? lo give up his sludies so he co'.Ud play tennis. - That polsriEmly r?call' J the statement ajeribcd to George Loll a couple of sexwns r.-;c: "I am colng lo give up Ihis giinie hc- forc I become a tennis bura." in the light, of Vines' decision hbi proves.': ircw now en will be Interesting to watch. - "NKtr.v.iily I want to do cvory- • thin; possible to help win back the Davis Cup," says Vim.<, "if 1 ';. arn ,V the ' , - enough to- te named team. And in the spri ''Imtr.lhs- I fee) that I rannot •jUEli-e to both studies and trnnls • Mr. ' Vines and Afr. Lo;t sc.?ras entertain jomcvvhat different viewpoints, eh, Mortimer? spring do on His Hands -,- Vines.' business at Southern Ca\- .Ifoinla vras selling bonds, a rack '.'' et lo which many prominent athletes turn.. But "there was no busi- -nt£3. Vinis wasted a lot of linn .trying to peddle the certificate! Even an athbte. and a likcabl chap of Vires" kind, could no - sell them. Novr he will keep hunting the elusive bond <vr>!omcr, w'" no-time out for studies. You will know the depression ». - ending, perheps, when Vints start; - piaying more tennis, for he will bi - able lo play rr.ore tennis only whet . he finds people are buyln? tond: ,'•.again. It's as simple as that! !. Th« TiM«n Gwtirc- Vinei, by-the way, came very : -near Uimini!.. professional lasl year. Bill Tilden is said to be trn , Isd who tendered the young man a fst offer. Vines held out even r sfter the offer had h?cii trebled. Considering that even a lennis % champion, has to eat, Vines' re- Hurry OelFel, Aincrlcnii League um|)lre. wn.% called fcr .jnr.v duly the oilier day In 7n- dinii!>|K>lls. . . . G^tcl Is ' a •billiard roferec . . . nml nn- noniicer. at toxins: matehci, during the winter. . . . Gcorce Kotsonaris. heavyweight wrestler, is n former movie actor . . . and Bull Montana, jimvU 1 nclor, Is a fonncr v.-rcijlji-, . . Mickey' Cochranc didn't see any bandits In his tour of ,lnpnn willi the American barnstormers . . ., hut he saw enough In the Inst world series to last him for qiiiU! a whl!,j . . . Mickey's ClUchtng in ihc series was one ol the worst jobs he ever tinned wl . . . and had a dispiriting; effecl on his tram . . . bm I K feels better now . . . maybe he only needed n change . n lot of olhor ball players will be needing the chnnjjo'ir those l>ay cuts go lliroush. HV r:i,AHii-: i iCo|iyrljlit,iu:<l,NF:A Service, lnc.>l Tl',» tass-iip In Hie ivincr circle! In baskr-lbul] corresponds to Hie 1 klrkoff i,, foalball. II linta l!n: thrill of chureint' opj.oni»us Hint Hie football klck-otf pm^s, but it ps (he iicccplvd metliijil of'.sturtlns , ;— I'll 'liirf Winning C'.uy Fli'tchcr, 2:01, iillc for i\ams lime because of sickness. Is huct lacins In Italy nml nccnlly notched (.wo trinmplis on p_ JIHan Ir.Kk. n Some coaches. Including Dr Meanwcll of Wisconsin and Bmn fnsal lites An nc-.v ilgnlficance. Al lhat time Vines had hardly n>y iiion?> p nt all. mul n \vn-, ho- fore lie hail won Ihe nnlionnl championship. !le Bumbled his chances lo cnrn i living in the event thai he should win Ihe championship gainst the pro offer. So far he linsu't easted vc-rv hRntlsomrly. But perhaps Vines' reward is on' he way. If hejulfllls the promise' as n player that he has E'ven ln : .voTfci; KALK NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: Thill I, Ihe under.'.lgnutl, us Covn- mis;.ioiuT of the Chancery Court of HIL- Chickasnwba District of Mlt-5l«slnpl County. Arkansas, nct- )ln;r under nuii by virtue of I'M j authority ol a certain decree dated i September in, 1031 and recorded ' in Clii'.nrci-y lircnnl 10. Page 12 ,of the rctorih u! said ctuinty at •Blytheville. Arkansas, in a cans: i therein peixlinr, wherein '(he Mis- i£ourl State Lifr> Insurnn:c C'oai- '.pniiy,. ul. al.. ucro plnintlffr, ann •F. Vt. Claire, ol nl, were ilcfrnd- ! raits, will mi Saturday, February 1 ):i, 10.12, v.-ittiin legal hours, at the from ct-or of Ihc Court Honro i in the City of Blytheville, Mis; siwippl Co'.iuiy. Arfeiinsas, otter !or 'sab tti ihc highest bidder t!u ' following (!r:rrlbed real estate in j the ChlCf;.i:,::-,vlu District, of -Missis- i ^-ik-. --•-•vS^^ff^ f ""^^^^^^^K'i $£Z£^\ f -^^^^ '" ^^rrty" -^^^^^^^^Sf''^ W^WP:^- 5ESi»?'_-™~M^'?" 1 ^^=^-— .-*• --', '•' '• - •- - -"••"• ,, { .^/ MILES AN HOUR WNY. BELIEVE THATfl PERSON fALLIN<J- FROM A HIGH ALTITUDt DROPS AT SUCi! ' TERRIFIC' SPEED THflT lie IS KILLED BEFORE- 1 RrTACf IING T!)E GROUND. THEY ARE WRONG : IHE ARMY Al R CORPS PROVED THAT MAXIMUM SPEED Of 118 MILES AN HOUR 15 REACHED AFTER II SECONDS OR 1200 FEET, OF FALLINCr WITH PARACHUTE UN OPENED. PHILLIPS 66 CA50LINC STARTS MOTORS WITH SPLIT-SFCOND SPEED. EVEN AFTER CARS STAND OUTJNTfiE COLD ALL NIGIIT. HIGH TEST IS WHAT M€S IT. AMD PHILLIPS HAS HIM TEST APLENTY! .TT5 WINTER-GRAVITY NOW. RANGES FROM (>*j .TO *° . Arransas. .. Southcat! Quarter of the Stiulli- Quaiter of Sccilnn 20 iii Township 15 North, Range R East, coi'.lalnlng 33'i acres more or lts : ;. Kaiil :-:i!c will b: made tipoi: ;: credit o[ Direu months, and (!« purchaser till be require:! Is exec:il c biind v.iih fccurily lo l;e r.p- proved by ihe undersigned nsissloiier for Ihc p-jrclinse' pvicc- of said land. Said .made tor ;he purpo« li!|1 -" <! t mclu »' th; ' Cubans Nearly : *- -„*« ^ ~.^, „ Bnnic. Bavry would h',ve f-i-,'- :W1 ' iN ' KSS 1:1 >' h: "-" HAVANA, Cuba. lUI'i—It WPA ^xifcie a nussic !oii«i-'. ai:t!^n-n in :hc Pro Arts Thcr-tcv her;. a:-.fl L.i:tic::co Tibfct-tt l:n:l just Song ^"'" c - "avi-y would h llV e ,-lav •started from out-of-bounds by ih- lU!M _I, wrv'' 1 '/"" w '»''l»l. r Hie lov:, and thcie- af'.cr by th? team .scored upon Bu! the referee still njiens {be roiurst by tossing the bull upivirr) vhe joinid of r,nldcu iiolL'^. hissing ranu 1 T:Sb;i: b-^.vcly full hnl ni.s cncici::: and .ip-.:-irci.uIve lh?i he ;as r.;ai:i at .1 toss to ui..!u-lr.::ci .he hissing during the cpiuin? of his soiig. It w(.s nc: until after thi- con- "tt tliat hp lor.rnod o: llic c,ld '• '..-til custom oi hissinj i,j rail, :-:h ether's uitcntlon '.o Hie lac*.! -ri nbcuhili. >i. : encc .^ho^M nre-.' between two players of llu rivr.. te;uns. This nlso is the procedure a( Iho start of Ihe second half, m- of rafli quarter when nirart?rs arc played. The ccnlcr toss-up also follow.', every goal, n free throv followlnc; a technical, fosil cr nfier tlie fr,?e 'Ihrow followiiiK technical foul If more Irian <:ne has ':n<!er been called, and niter the last i: >' fivo throw following a fiotibl^ foil n.ile will br of ratlnfvhi? tove mli'. :.':". C«::imls.v.oncr : i!. I.OSDON. 'Ui'l-One 0! I.on- c^on's nubv.ays Ins inlrcdnc'ai liis'.- •:^:s" snioklm; cars "For Lndtc\ Ouiy." „ Y.M. C, A. Aids City's Melting Pot CHICAGO. iUP>—Chicsiro's !.i- mmii Maxwell strsct :i:.?r. ; :.-; :-.:! los'. mnny of it^ Jcwisii mprc-;iii:i, , and in th^ir place have co'iir ^:>x- lc,-iu=. niitrws, Italinns. an:l o'.hcr Rvonp?. to make it. on: :>f ;!i^ COFiucpohtr.n Fpotr. In Chl- l.iko carp of the ncc.t's of Trio ; children of Ihc district, the V. M •C. A. has opened a p.ev br.-r.r-li. i the C i!i of Mrs. Enianu:! M?.;i;:-'. It will depart from the cuit•:„:,:•.• Y. M. C. A. pvcccdure in thai ;>!•, as well ns boys will 1:50 the t'.r.H- :. Men and women als; v.-;'l b' .•:•(! by virtue of (lie author- it crr;ain decree tiraci! K-:y- len-.biT '3. 1531 and recorded :•: C!-.r.:tccry Hrccrd 10. P.IE> 10 c,: t.;e rctortis i.\ sai;l c-uu'.y nl E;V- tl'.cvi:]?, Ar' ill a caiir-c li-.t; 1 .i;i pondnif; wherein Ihe Misso;::-, Einte Life Ii-stiranre CoinpariV, <: • .. v.rv!- pinur.ifls and U. O. stern- I:CI-T. it si., were def:n:!r.nts, MI;; '-•:-. o.-'.tiirdny, February 13. 1!V.. v.itl'jn \(.;v\ l,ou:s, r.l li-.o :"-.•:• ds.or of the Court lio:if: in t: City cf Blytheville. M:^:^-i; .- Lot Two <2i ot the Xnttli;.-:- Quarter of Gccilon 22, To.u:- ;!-.:p 15 NcrtlH Rnnge 10 E.\--. Recording to the Survcv .; Cinlis J. Little at P.-.JI- M ,-: the Plat B:ok in t!i: i-ni.c- ..-; tin- Clrrk ot the Circuit (:,-:.: of Ihi! Chlckasawbs U:>iri.- . PHILl-UP WITH PHILLIPS . THE CA80UHE OF CONTROLLED VQUTILITY laboratory ( csi 5 prove ihat ihc vobtiliiy of Phillips GO Gasoline is (,<>.(, per ccnc hij-hcr than iho average of 28 com WIHIVC sasolines-baied on d.'stilhtion at 212 decrees "HIGHEST TEST" price of ordinary gasolin© WAHNIXO <nmi:u V;hs;::r P. McCai! nnri j ,li:..-i M;Call arc wanirl lo .-.;:;,•--,- V.o chnuccry Cour: ;-i ti-.e C:-,!ck?.--\wta District of Mifs>- =-.'":i C;i:n(y. Arknrur.;. v,-:;:-.::i days and answer tlie crni- filed ::.oiv or less. Saul Fair v.-jll bo m.i:l" 'credit of three month.-.. • C'.ile bond -,si!li sec;i:;;i of said land. Said rcib . , s ngalnst tl:em by ~!;e 'rnnde for the psir u n , iation of iii> .irviKc. ,.., , , , nil, dr.;,- cr Jai,, !a ,-y. ennse. WITNESS my Ivf.nd Sllcll co,i,,,,L«: D ner <lay of Janiinrv, ia: nm! n,, , INSTANT LUBRECATION to match INSTANT STARTING This new and fmcr lubricant is a triumph of scientific jc- fmin;.!'.szrroco,'r/icM R>]ar _ antccs that it will rc:-,-..-,:n pcr- fcttly fluij cvrn \.':.m !he thermometer is 3; Mn . freeing. It Inbru-r.-cs cHi- ciwllyatt!-,evi:.vf : st,iiov<:- mcnl of Ihc oil |vo-.,-.-. Prelect y-ur «r nr.d pq ~: ;r >- 0 ur pnc'rtrtbrolc «•;;;, ;V, wo/Ws finest oil lor you: r.:i,l ar . 30: o quart. Hundreds of thousands of motorists, like yourself, have discovered the perfect answer to (he problem of slow, hard starting in winter. That is proved by the soaring sales of Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. Test solves the problem. And Phillips 66 is made by the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoiine. Its high test is like an insurance pohcy against loss of time and temper in Carting on cold days. Against bills for towing and charges for mechanics. Every droo packs a wallop hke a heavyweight champion, and sends cold motor's into action the instant your toe touches the starter There is no sputtering, spitting, and coughing. Your engine runs along as smoothly as if it had been warming up for an hour. Besides, you get faster p^ck-up, peppier get-away, and quieter operation. You get insurance of all that, without a penny premium, when you fill up with "highest test" Phillips 66 at any Orange and Black 66 shield. For those who prefer it... Phillips 66 Ethyl ... at the regular price of Ethyl Gasoline

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