The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1932
Page 5
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EEI- - A -'.! - BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Voice!; J. R. Reelcctccl President. WILSON. Ark.—The Bank of Wil- M;II nt Its annual slccknolders' :-i.L-tin^ Tuesday p; ; urriliis. increasing the reserve to a I :i.-UI ol S40.0M. <.-!• SO per ci-sil of (he | ciplial stuck, declared a 10 per cent i d;vit!"ml to stockholders and missed i ft,WO > a !ilL ' account ul undivided J. u. Culioin \vafi re-eleclej president; I-'. A. (iillell. 1C. p. Cnlloin mi.l K. B, !«' Wilson Jr., vice prai- dciit;; It. K. Lcs Wilson ar., chair- i-i-iii ol' Ita liuaril of directors, which includes tcMuc.s the officers, C. J. L::wnince, J. U. Hen on. C. O. Williamson and ,1. c. Culloni. T. W. Hudson was elected cashier. Tilt- Bank ct Keker at .stockholders' mi-ellns Wednesday. lia»'<;.1 Us earnings lo the account 01 tin-jiliis anil luicljvhlccl [jufits, iu- cveusiii!; Uie revive u !iO pjr i-m ct the caplul stuck. an:l issued a itiilcmt-ut ivliir-h .shuu-.s 110 Mils :ib!o. no re-discounts and no" ever- Junior High Teams of Four Schools Play Here Junior high tennis of Doll. Yart:o, Armorcl and Manila will pluy 'In a round robin cajjc inwt nt the Armory here Saturday nlsht. IX-ll will meet Yarbro while Ar- morpl will tackle, tlic Mimlla liiv. Olllelals of ;hc schools hope to make a regular Salnrdny nislit event of (he khul. if a dllTereiit . diirinj oneh wt-i-k can be ]tl;iaincd U is [losslble that t\vo 'OlliiTs teams may join in the ivg- $10,OOC loi" hir weekly play. . . to- Wl«.« Er .. «•;,, rc . c-ccu-d ui-i'siilDiit. P. A. oillon and K. f[. Robinson, vice ]>iT.sUlents- J K. ciiHis. cashier. Dr. N. H. Ellis' 15. R. Mcors and R. E L-.-O Wil™ jr.. director. Hay U Society—Personal The Womans llissiotinry scci»ty "f Ihe -Methodist church met Vl the home of Mrs. j. n. nulliiiBlon \Vodncsd,iy afternoon, , «-|(i, Mrs Henry Iiuc-11 <is hostess. There wero Whiten mcnilwrs urgent. Jin.- program was co:i- ilucl?r> by Mcsdaines J. W. Gol(!en mid Builingioii. In the business session Uie ladies planner] a butterfly supper, whieli they will have £0on. Next Wednesday 'iillcr- iioon Mrs. Bert Hall will be hostc-s lo the W. M. s. at her home. * • • The W. M. u. met at lh» Baptist church Wednesday for their Hoyal Service nrosr.i:ii. Mrs. li. D. Hayes conducted (he ctevotional. loil.v.TOl by the Royal Service fcs- Hisi. subject, "The Church of Tu- jnoirow" \viUi Mrs. R. L. Gilbert as leader, assisted by Mesdnmes T. ''. Olllum. Viola Cnllins, F. Foster-. B. I. Allen, S. E. Ncltwry, A. C. Sanders, Vic Sielev and Rev. E. G, Waikcr. The W. M. U. chose as then 1 lyatchivord for the Ncvr Year, "Jesus SliaU Reign." Mrs. J. W. Johnson dismissed with prayer. The Dtmklin and FemUicol Coun!.• Epworth league met at the Methodist church here Monday evening with delegates from K^i:- iiell, Si-nath, HorucrsviUe, Ca- C/iitheisiillc. Brasp.adocio, S'.eele ant! Di-.jring, nuifcins a total o£ l"iO pvt'.scnl. Rev. Bnllington presided dmiug the bushic^s session at v/'nich rmfrs.-or Green of the Ca- HitliL'isville Junior colToye was elected president of (lie league union. After the business session Ih? Hayli i»^?i:e presented nn inter- ilr-v. llayden of LaMoiii, I v.-lio is the nih-sioijitiy for this . iion a', the country for Latter D.iy Snints church, was here Wednesday and Thursday visiting Will urinsinre. M. L. Dynum o! Tupelo. Miss., who has- been here visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McDonald l lor l»s home Tuesday evening Mr. .vnt'.m is n biolhcr of Mrs. McDonalds. Mr. and i^frs. Vic SiRlev cntcr- t.iined as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrj. J. A. Cltronlster o? Chaf- ii? anil MI.-S Bessie 1'erauson o' Maiden. Miss Ferguson will si» :ii- wrrk here with Mrc. Sigler. Ficd Kon^irk of HI. I.nnis. v.l-.o is the arci!:li-et f'jr tin: iif.v yr fii-iiuol. v.-a= l-.ere Wednesday. Ocil Braiimmi returned Wcd- r.esrtiiy from Jcffertoii City. Mo V.T-II he lias l«en iiUsiulir.s i moetir.i; ot the State Board o pharmacy. Filipino Hawaiian Workers Destitute lly W*\. K. McKKMNKY Srcr«;iry Aiilrrliun HrldBO l.cjjui' This is the second ol three hands eMilalnlnji tl:e liolil-up lit ni> Iniinp. Alter the hold-up the player should be eaierul not to t;»ke n llnessc the wioni; wny. As n imil'.cr ot fael, »lnn ginue can b;' made wllhoul n lines 1 !!: and name may be losl if n linefse is taken and fails, r.o fluesw uM be iiuide, even tlwuijli 11 tlil prcduee an eslra trick. Price fniprovcmcnt h!as Added Millions to Value of Crop. NKW OHLHANS, Jnil. 15. lUl') — Advances in cotton prices (he past iioiilh have adJeil $25.0CO,Oi)i) 10 [lie value of laniiL-rs •stocks.'rj[iri">fiH-.i- livcs ol the New Orleans cotten e.x- changc .s.lid today. In spite tf lucir desperale. nred ol ready '•ash, southern grown--, have uana^ed to retain 4J p;-i- csnt or i.L'3U,WO bales of this year's c:op. 1'hiir elfotts have been reivardecl a gain uf S3.25 ,1 u.-ile in sial )riees since Ik-cember 9. Birects of (lie soulh's holding movement have surprised many :raclers, who iKlicvcd the avcraga farmer was so impoverished and his credit so exhausted iie would lie obliged to sell promptly at any ivailaWe market to obtain cash. Statisticians report Hint, only a iltle man- thiin O.OOO.UOt) bales of his jr-nr's lii.SOO.M'J bale crop have 'cached the haniis ol merchants. (Continued from pase one) second floor, forcing cccimanU of he second tlcor to leave tin- biiil-.l- ns. Many workers, en their way home when (lie fire broke out. ijathsred on the sidewalks and in he si reel, though they roul:l see )iit little but tile smok? pouring rom opeiiL-d windows, which nually faded away. A fire ot more disastrous ell»ct visited The fashion in 1929. It. \vas discovered at, almost, ihc same hour or the nlshl. a Ulllc after 6 o'cloelc. In l»th instances Hie store l?a:l bj=n clescfl. only a feiv ininiiies ivhDii tiic flre was discovered. William Lany, o-.vner of (lie store, was in Mein- p!ii;> when lie was rc.-ic)ic<l by plionc ma informed the store was afire ast night. Cavtd'n Family Airay Firemen, who had plenty of -vatchers during the early night ikiK, had tiw scons aliiicst all tn themselves when the Gaskin residence was burninj. Thuy answu- «l (ho alarm in a riownpciir of r.iiii ami had hsen on (he job but a few ninnies when an even heavier rain •Ginpanicd by a sloul wind bare down on Ihcm. The rain did nat reach the fire, which culled the interior of (he building, with much eiTect. Mr. and Mrs. Gaskin were nat home, having motored to Memphis yesterday morning, and their children were spending the nij;ht with their grandparents. Neighbors said that Ihc fire \va<= first noticed in the midst of the thunderstorm and dnrlnir a shr.n, electrical display which gave rise lo Ihc belief thai- liijhlniiis might have been rpsponsiblo for the loss. TUIIKKVS WON'T "fio \VJJ.n' GOLD BEACH. Ore.. (UP)_TlK stale uan:c coininis.sloii has 15 "«ild turkeys" that refuse lo go wild. Three times tho birds hav? b^cn i-emovert into Ihe wilderness Within a sort time (hey Invt found their way" back lo llic farm wl:;rc (hey wen? raised. MftKII.A. l'1-.ilippine IfUnds. lU !-i--Tl-.c lot of many rilipSr.o -v&rk- ns in Hawaii. vicli::)s of uncnni'oy- n LIU. v.rii desirilji-il by Faus'.o K. C{iKilcic. v.rnerai secretary 01 the C,ni;'.;l Olinitc, later organiz.itinn ii l'i!'pine--> in Hawaii, in a letter ID Ki'.aeci. prcsHlcnl. of the Ci:r.tldr ^^'.id many of his cc-un- Irymen »cic forced lo roam the .:r.c:.', ai!:i ollcii limes ixsort to ln-Sin'i)!,' for !oCKl lie faid soir.e jobless Fib ' by hri--.' l.'-b;v Eroii|>:: .ir dcnianus. I'l'niic Xn. I.cltcr Ih-:i>rrnl l-Al.i, IUVKU. Mnsx "UI'i-A b'.- '"• with only a tdi-plicn:- number fu " an address, ibiivir:-;! :u tiic P'-iU'i- |»rty by the "wyciu; ati- rtri w" man of the F.ill Kivcr post office. 67-4 VA-1 0-9-7 *K-Q-5 AQ.J- 10-6-3 ¥6-3-2 * K-9-6 *J-9 NORTH fe 5 Ul U) S H Drnlcr SOUTH AK-8-5 VK-8-5- *7-3 *0-7-32 AA-9-2 ¥Q-J 4A-10-8.4 4A-10-6-4 -«ii) dlnmond. H mlgtil look rullitr IcmpthiK lo the declarer to phiy u small diamond, bill K lie does so Wesl will win Hie Irick wllh Un- king and lush his Iwo ijoiKl siwdes ind would In this miumcr delenl he declarer's conlrnct Uo Irieks. Tlio dcelaivr should refuse Ihe flncsse. going right up with his ucu mid now leading Ills Jack of hearts. A small club is then led lo dummy s kins nml the two good lu-fuls eash- ed in dummy, declarer discarding Iwo diamonds. 'Hie queen of clubs Is led from dummy, followed by tin- live of clubs which Is won by (he declarer wllh the IICD. Declarer rashes his ten of clubs and ginnls West the last. Irick with Hit- Ion of diamonds. liy first holillnij up on Uie spado suit until the third round, secondly by finessing Into the safe Jiand. unil thirdly by refusing the dln- mond ilnesse, the dcclnrer 1ms iniule bis contract ,ir llireo no trump (Copyright, 1D31, NBA Service, i'nc.) The Itidilinc At cit!:er auction or contract South would open with one no trump. Al auction this would close the bidding bill ul contract Norlh would jump to three no trump, which would be the contract. Tile Play Remember lhat the best attack at no trump when your partner has not bid is to open your longest ind strongest suit. West's longest jiicl strongest suil is spades. In ycs- taday's hand the fourth best was opened, but lodny we find Wesfs suit headed by three touching hon- ois. When n suit is headed by three touching honors, the top honor should he..opened ralhcr than the fourth best, therefore West's o|>cu- Ing is the queen of spades and East would play the encouraging eight. Before playing^ to this, let us count ni> the declarer's tricks. There is one spade, one heart, one diamond and if the clubs break four club tricks, or seven tricks in ill. It is necessary for (lie declarer o m'ake two extra heart or diamond tricks in order to produce Wine. He should refuse (o win thu first spade trick in an endeavor (o cxliiinst the East hand of spades, !iwl the deuce is the proper plav. .Vest would continue the spades bv eading the jack. East should piny Ilis king so as to unblock the suil, and South should refuse to win the trick, playing the nine. East would return the five of spades which declarer would win with (he nee and a small diamond would be discarded from dummy. Generally speaking, the declarer should stall to establish 11,3 suit in which lie hums the most cards. Heie we find the declarer witli eight diamonds and six hearts but in order to establish the diamonds the tinesse must be taken into West wiio is still marked with two long spades, therefore the heart suit and not the diamond suit Is the one which tlie declarer should start, out to establish. His proper piny is the mieen of hearts, allowing it to ride through, playing the seven from dummy. East, would win the trick with the king and would return a Unit FOR OF INnlEB Iwo Hundred Nova Scotia School Children Have Narrow Escape. TRURO ,Novn Scolln, Jan. 15 (Upl_T U . n hundnid M hool chll- tlrcn nnrrawly cscaiml denlh laic yestei'liiy wiis-n n dnm broke nnd the wider .swept IhroiiBh fl\'o towns uiul washed Ihclr school house amiy sliorlly nfter they had been dismissed. The lorreul swept nloug n 25- iiitk! front, destroying property worth several liunilred tliousiinil dollurs and Ihretiteiiing ninny lives. One innii Is dead and seven inissliiB. Today crews of men were slrui;- gllng lo divert the flood waters to streams nnd rivers. Three Iron bridges, a flour-mill, several stores mid ninny dwellings weru swept away. : L CItOWS ATTACK ITALIAN LAD BRESCMA, Ttnly, (UP)—Friuiccs- co Roncetti, n iwnsiiiit, snw n larce niunlwr of crows gnlhercd logether In n vnlley. ns.if holdlns a conference. /\s lie ciime nc-ur, Hie crows altackcd hi niwilli their beaks. He defended himself with ii .sickle, telling several crows and uiShlenUig off the rest. All In Inlotlu] poboci'kre mntui »«kinr you 111. T>k<Kt •a*, depcndrik. bullve. Kr«pjyo ttaht. CttoZScbot. ALRIGHT The AU-VtgHotk Laxatw* IT SN'OWKl) DUST AilTANUM. Wnsh.. (UP) — It siKiwi-rl diisl at Wltlr: Hollow. Jnixwl with itnst foil for an hour ifit piio-s ns to origin of the ycl- o-.v v;as thai it mikht have jccn carried by winds fro:n t!in pting Kilaiuva. volcnno in Ha- vaii. 55.3IS I'ailcil .in Ti-sls ITARRTSBURO. P;. IUP)—O[ Ihe 211.000 Pcnnsylvanians who \verc oxntnlnc:! Icr driver's licenses dur- tiic lir.,t 11 mohllis ol 1931, 50,315 failstf lo pass His lest, thy Pcnnsylv.inu Ilurcaii of Motor V 'lrs reported. BWWWUWWWUW. Carefully and scientifically fed live-stock and poultry offer cotton farmers a profitable side-line. Fanners vim :ire now despondent over the cotton prices \\-ill liml it lo tlicir advantage to begin lo study tho live-stock nnd iwullry business. If you ;tvc inU'ivstetl call at our store and let us tell you about feeds for cows, hogs and chickens. PURINA CHOWS AUK SCIENTIFICALLY PRODUCT.!) TO [NTKKASE THK FKKUEKS PROFITS. EL t'ASO, Tox. (UP)-Mrs. Kc- fi'b'io C. d,-> I'crnnndcz. of JutiR-2. P-ivc bin hto Siniiw-w twins. The t,™;es, e;ris. died five minutes at- tcr birth. They were joined at the oacK, ixt'. ciiKnvtsc were normal. Slight? Cheaper porli, Iieef, milk find cres are in tlic .CHKCKKKBOAKI) BAG. Let us lignrc with you on your fcctlins; problems. None loo large nor too Kinall. Tltcru is a way out of the "cotton trouble" — try it. If you arc one of the millions whomust getup several times a night, your trouble is prob- •iblyilue to an irritation of the bladder and kidneys which can be corrected. Just try taking Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules regularly. For 236 years this fine, old prep- oration has been widely prescribed for this very purpow. It has helped millions of others; wty not you? 35c & GOLD'MEDAL HAARLEM Oil CAPSULES* G. H. GREAR Osccola Corporation Will Help Finance Farm Bureau Members. OHCKOI.A. Ark.. Jmi. l5.-The iicli-iis of « J50.000 Agrluilliuiil U'l-dll Covixirntlon, thinimh which f*Mith Mississippi Coiinly fiinn hu- lyau inciiibeis exiwl to ilnaneo l»e I!M:> ci-oii, wus oi'Kiuilrt-il ul n fuvui bureau inecllni; lieio livsl niKhl mid n lui-ge P.HI of the iii-ci-wnry Inltini sim-jt subserllml. Tin- new orsiinlMllon .which «'ill have headquiuteis In Ooi-cola. will IK- known us (ho Honiu Ml»- slssippl Cminty AiirlrullunU Credit CdiiKHntlon. U will function exclusively for nccimiodaUon uf limn bun-ail nu-mlH-rs. W .li. Dyoss was elected prosl- iti'iit. of lla- j,ew rorporiillflii, A. I-', Bpli'M-, vice president and Clu\s. H. Colnmin. wcrclary-lreiisiner. rirase In nwrrltgos In the big cllles as 40 per cent more lli.iu In lliv country. The ix-rlod wllnrsfod a ot 40,000 now-born elillilri-n o\cr Illii! MVIIW porloil ,,t 1830. Till,,. „,,. rllos chlelly ti> llui rural dlMrlcls "nil small towns. Only HJHH oi-nlli.s wej-e |rror<l«l for (lie livst ,.,T", llls 0( IMI - " s n »»i"»l ° Sllmc 1Kllo<l ol Head Cpurfcr Nours want ndi. Alt'. Dyes told .slix-kholdi-i.-i that S12.SOO had IKCII set aside for Mm iii-w corporation from .-.lute funds iiiiKli- iivnllnWu (Intiiigli last year's leuWiUlvc act, and would bo 1m- uii'illiilrly avniliiblv lo the new or- K:inl/.,'illuti upon, subscript Ion or a like inuDUiil of locul slock. Birth Rate in Germany Shows Big Decline . acrmnny, (Ul') — Clrr- iniiny's bhth 111!,, Is on the decline. oeiordlni; to re|»rl.i by the Relcli'.s Hiir'.-.-.ii ot Slallslles (or the first .six nuiulhs ol 1931, 1" ihnt in-ilod thcic were M.WJ fewer maniages (linn during tin- same pctlod of IVM. Stalisiles nlve the iK-rceiilage, of the dc- Dry R«kkr» Give Birds Bit Feast IJENU, Oregon, (UP) — It a Imil (or birds. Olftcers seized « si 111 on n high i\lmo,st liuicce.s.Mblu biille. A (on ol com HIM hulf u ton o[ siiijur uiillliiK lo mix Inlo wlihhec wtrc i']K'ncd--M'al(cied iiboul, and (lie lilnnl deslroyed. fVtilliorccl folk-.i Ic.-isliil. WOOLWICH, tilj.,'; (UP)i-8«i'- Icn'ce ot-4'1 dayB' • detent lot! •• w«ii'' promulialed on.» gvuintr 61 thi Roy»l Aililkry Deiwt tot t»Wuw Ihe car of aiwtlicr soldier. . Swttl Crtam B«tl*r Me Lk. BENNETTS I'AS'l'KUKMKI) MILK. 10o qurt DfUrtrwl l'h«e 74 99c iM!N(,' THIS All WITH YOU 99c THIS AD IS WORTH $3.01 Thi^ Advcrllsi-mt-iK ami ««| f KnlilU-s lU'itn-p to Out- of Our (U-nulne $-1.00 hi'lr-Hlllnjf Fuundiln IVn anil AulumuOv Tcncll Sots »"""»- Mfommm^^m j^\,,, MUrd MlUi mtf- tin- klin of the nvrrni* prn. J-'ll- li'il with ^ ^)HHln fvcd, .hard un- brr»kabl<- karn-l. ' aihi« of ihc lead uulo- nutically Sets An- in lU-auttrnt Shades—^Ijirlilt-, K w |. Jmic, (i rco i, nitie Onyv MMITS-NO MOKK THAN ONK SKT TO KACH COUTON A One-Yeur (ituirMitltt! In Wrilinu Wllh Uiich Kut Offer (iiMMl Only Suttirdiiy, Jmuinry Kith These Set's Muku Menl (Jiffs. ROBINSON DRUG CO. The Rcxall Store Phone 'tit This Offer Will MM itt- Kepc-aled Add Illc for Mull Orders FOR SATURDAY & MONDAY Ncw Western Red Triumph • Lb. l'/ 2 c SUGAR Pure Ciitie Fine (iranuliiled In (Jliith Kajr 1C Lbs, 45c New Texas Green LETTUCE « l«ir«e Crisp Heads Each 7'/ 2 c KIDNEY BEANS ;! Cans 19c CRACKERS Country Club 2-l.\i. liox HOMINY No. 2 Can Kach MACARONI Or Sim Hulk.' Poiiiul BREAD Country Club "•" Milk Made Sliced or Unsliccd 12-Oz. Loaf 5c 224k Loaf 9c FIG BARS ,,10 C SPINACH l-'n-sh, Crisp Lb. 0 PRUNES Niee Hi/0 ,,,, 6' Finn-)' Hmpcrors IOC Lb. 1« MALT Country Chib Can ORANGES New Florida 10 Lbs.'. Early June No. 2 Can PEARS I'resh liating Lb. COCOA Mother's 2- U). Can J liottle Verrnunl Maid Maple Syuo imil 1 I'kir- C. C. Pancake Klour for Shoulder, Lli. - - - liie Thii'k Kib, I-I). - 12 l-2c Chndi, Lb. - - - - lOi: Uriskel .Very Mealy round SALT MEAT Pound 4c Pound 12ic LAMB ROAST Pound 10c BACON SM " 5 - u> - lOc KROGER STORE

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