The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on May 15, 1956 · Page 22
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 22

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1956
Page 22
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22 ¥ ¥ THff KANSAS CITY TIMES, TUESDAY, MAY 15, 1956. ATOMIC ENERGY BY REA Loans Approved for Elk River, Minn., Co-Operative to Build Power Plant to Serve Rura? Consumers. MORE TO FOLLOW' fcVbr&sk* aw* Michigan Firm« Clearance of Plftnfi for Nuclear Unit«. Washington, May 14. (AP) —Atomic energy noon will become available for generating electric power for rural consumers. Aneher Nelson, administrator f»f the Rural Electrification administration. today approved a loan to the Rural Co-operative Power association of Elk River, Minn., for building facilities for distribution of power made by atomic energy. Planned by Two More. Two other rural co-operatives ar* negotiating lor the same kind of power. They are the Consumers Public Power district of Columbus, Neb., and the Wolverine Electric Co-operative of Grand Rapids, Mich. On his last day as head of the REA, Nelson approved three big loans—totalling $24,170,000 — for new power generating facilities, including one to the Elk River co-operative. Nelson has resigned to seek the Republican nomination for governor of Minnesota. * The loans approved today: Elk River co-operative, $6,70*2.- CKX); the Brazos Electric Power co-operative of Waco, Tex., 7Vi million dollars, and Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association. Inc., Sterling. Colo., $9.968,000. The later two loans were for conventional steam generating plants. Seek AKC Agreement. Nelson said the Minnesota cooperative is negotiating a contract with the Atomic Energy commission for the construction of a nuclear furnace on a site 1o be provided by the co-operative. The AEC would finance and own the furnace but would sell steam to the co-operative for generation of power. Plans for the other two cooperatives to use atomic energy were outlined at an atomic power conference held by the REA. Officials of the Nebraska power district said they were negotiating with the AEC on an atomic power plant estimated to cost 25 million dollars. The Michigan co-operative is considering an experimental reactor plant. Edward E. Wolter, manager of the Elk River association, said the proposed atomic plant was "so simple that you walk in just once a .year for maintenance and to change the fuel.” Mrs. Earl Warren a Mother of the Year. Washington, May 14. (AP)— The Variety club of Washington today honored Mrs. Earl Warren, wife of the chief justice of the United States, as its “Mother of the Year.” Nearly 400 persons attended a luncheon given by the club, composed of persons connect, ed with show business, in honor of Mrs. Warren. Guests, in addition to Mrs. Warren, included her daughter Virginia, her daughter-in- law, Mrs. Earl Warren, jr., and the wives of several Supreme court justices. The club customarily names as its “Mother of the Year” a woman who is in the public eye. The selection last year was Mrs. Richard Nixon, the wife of the vice-president. FARM AID APPEAL Potomac Fever. W ASHINGTON, May 14— Former Governor Talmadge comes out for Adlai Stevenson. Adlai thinks this is a wonderful break—but he's not sure what Kefauver did to deserve it. Former Justice Byrnes says the Supreme court should be curbed. The court is too political. It insists on bringing up issues that the Democratic party can't straddle. Defense Secretary Wilson urges the Russians to build millions of automobiles. If we can’t out build the Reds in bombers, the least we ran do is tie them up in 5 p. m. traffic jams. One Washingtonian has read so many details of Ike’s medical reports that when he saw a set of X-ray plates in a doctor’s office, -he put out his hand and said: “Well, Jancy meeting you here, Mr. President.” The Democratic Digest says the Republicans have been losing elections under Tke. Democrats figure that if they can make Tke the underdog, they can claim November 7 that only the sympathy vote saved him. F letcher K nebel . (The Reoisier ruid Tribune Syndicate.) Fll\t:n OK PRIVINO CHARGES. L. C. Carpenter Sends Pie* („ Motorist Must Pay $100 on Traf. Rep. Ciarenee Cannon on Arid Missouri Areas. NOW MAPPING FUNDS BILL House Committee Chairman Urged 4» Write Relief Provisions Into Appropriations. Assist* nee in Seeding-, Water. Pest Control and CCC Grain Buying Suggested, v TROOPSHIP IIS WITH 1.600. Military Men Home From *Papan. Okinawa and Formosa. San Francisco, May 14.(AP)— More than 1.600 U. S. military men came home today aboard the transport Gen. Hugh J. Gaffey. after tours of duty at outposts in the Pacific. The General Gafley. which railed at Yokohama. Okinawa and Formosa. carried 682 Marines. n06 Air Force, 399 Army and 27 Navy. TRADE REBUKES Dll ENVOYS. Ambassadors Are Ousted by Cuba and Dominican Republics. Havana, May 14.(AP)—-Cuba today declared the Dominican republic’s ambassador, persona non grata (unwelcome). The Dominican government promptly took similar action against the Cuban envoy. The press office at President Fulgencio Batista’s palace announced the move against Federico Llaverias, Dominican ambassador without disclosing any details. Informed official sources here aaid a conversation between Llaverias and Sen. Rolando Masferrer, chairman of a Senate investigating committee, may have caused Cuba's action. The informants said the conversation was recorded on tape and played back to the Senate committee. Llaverias reportedly told the senator the envoy would give him anything he wanted if he would be friendly to the Dominican government. A copy of the recording was sent to the peace commission of the Organization of American States. Other sources emphasized that the friction was between the envoy and the Cuban government and did not mean a break in Cuban-Dominican diplomatic relations. In Ciudad Trujillo, Herrera Baez. Dominican foreign minister. said Cuba had taken the step without previously notifying his government. Baez called it an unfriendly act. adding that his government was forced to take the same action against Orlando Daumy Amaut, Cuban ambassador. By L ew L arkin . (The Star’s Jefferson City Correspondent.} Jefferson City, May 14. —L. C. Carpenter, state commissioner of agriculture, today sent a telegram to Rep. Clarence Cannon in Washington, advising him of the drought conditions in parts of Missouri. The emergency drought committee met here last week and a subcommittee is now investigating conditions in northwestern and southeastern parts of Missouri. It will report back to the full committee Wednesday. Cannon is chairman of the House Appropriation committee. “Recent press reports indicate your appropriation committee now is considering the Department of Agriculture appropriation for the 1956-57 budget year,” Caipenter informed Cannon. '*You no doubt are fully aware ot the precarious position in which farmers in Missouri find themselves today because of declining farm prices, increasing farm operating costs and three years of drought that have brought various degrees of disaster. To add to the seriousness of the situation we appear to be confronted with further drought conditions. “Over 100 farmers appeared before the state drought committee Iasi week seeking to have their respective counties declared “drought disaster counties,” and eligible for state or federal assistance. “They are asking for federal assistance in forage seeding, pasture seeding, securing of an adequate water supply, and insect control. They also ask to be permitted to buy Commodity Credit corporation storage grains at current reduced prices less a drought relief subsidy, with the grains to be paid for in cash or kind within a period of three to five years. CHANGES //V m 7 u . FACULTY . Jack S. Sanders to Become First Resident in Medicine. (By The Star’s Own Service.) Columbia, Mo., May 14.—Jack Shelby Sanders of Kansas City, a Missouri graduate who took his medical degree at Harvard and now is interning at Kansas City General hospital, will become the first resident in medicine at the new University of Missouri hospitals. Dr. Sanders’s appointment is effective July 1, Jack Shelby Sanders, ffoe day the new 441-bed teaching hospital is to be occupied. He is the first resident named to the staff since the curriculum was expanded to the full four years of medical studies. President Elmer Ellis announced his appointment, along with scores of minor changes. fic Charges, Judge Says. Irving Lee Brady, 30, of 7717 West; Fifty-fifth street, yesterday received a total of $100 in fines, a 60-day driver's license suspension and a 1-day traffic school sentence. After pleading guilty, he was fined $25 for resisting arrest, $50 and the license suspension for drunken driving, and $25 and the traffic school sentence for careless driving. Donald E. Lyons, acting municipal judge, dismissed a speeding charge. Brady was arrested April 17 by Patrolman James Rowe, who said the man's motor car was speeding on the Paseo near Fourteenth street. Rowe lost sight of the car and later found it parked in front of 912 Highland avenue. Brady was crouched inside it, he said. • ----—-----♦-------------' READ AND USE STAR WANT ADS. NOW IBBIll Here’s the Story.. A shy «My, loaded with loot (THAT'S ME) meets a voluptuous gal who's cut* 1 THAT'S MITZI), th# daughter of o «ord shark (THAT'S NIVEN I .... On a Moonlight «**"% JV Cruise. end the Battl» Regent That Neither Se« Could Lose! 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Woman Reading Water Meters Sues, Saying Dog Bit Her Ankle A $5.000 damage suit was ¿V filed by a woman water meter recorder against the owners of a dog, which allegedly bit her on the right ankle when she visited a Johnson County home io read the water meter. The suit was filed yesterday in the district court of Olathe. Mrs. Vera O’Brien, an employee of the Kansas City Suburban Water company, stated that the incident had caused her to be so nervous on subsequent visits to other homes that her efficiency as a meter reader was impaired. Mrs. O'Brien, whose home is at 5120 Riggs street, Johnson County, alleges a dog owned by Mr. and Mrs. Hailey Chesser, 7100 Antioch road, injured her as she approached the Chesser home April 17. She alleged she received no warning that the dog might bite her and the visit to the home was necessary so that the Chessers might continue to be supplied with water from the Suburban Water company. Permanent scars will remain after the lacerations on the ankle heal, the petition states. Half the total sought is for actual damages and the remainder for exemplary damages. DAVID NIVEN and the Technicolor, 7:00 * 10:16 CO-FEATURE “THE SCARLET HOUR” The BIRDS Ï BEES ¿hxJjuk, 546 MINN., K. C., K.—OFEN 11 :4ft FREE PARKING AFTER 3 P. M. 8:41 Onlj FORBIDDEN PLANET” CINEMASCOPE AND COLO!? WALTER riDGEON k ANN FRANCIS AND ROBBV THE ROBOT 1:10-4:10-7:05-10:05 CO-FEATURE WALK THE DARK STREET 12:00-2:55-5:55-8:50 TQ BURLESK Continuous 11:30 A. M. Till Midnit« U*h » CINTRftl oh ©u* *t*®i ff\f PERSON! Tl<£ T*ij>ße TltfißÄi! LESLIE LYHN I0HI SUMMERS • KANDY KANE n us ’FOLLIES BER6ERE" EXC/r/NG ILEENi DUPREE LOTUS WING-HILLARY DAWN MICKEY KIDWELL •R THE iCWfK HEO-HOn FUN-FILLEOl MltMNITE SHOW SATURDAY! OGUE H »WAT AT 35TH LO 1-5*2* LAST DAY . . . J. Arthur Rank's “TOUCH S GO” SHOWS AT 7:00 I 9:00 STARTS TOMORROW ALEC GUINNESS THE LADY KILLERS” GLEN 1309 WESTPORT RIL NOW A Searing1 IP , . 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RITZ Marjori* Main 7:00-5 0:10 “Kettles in the Ozark«" Ivonne De Carlo—8:4-0 3301 E. 12th St. “FLAME of the ISLANDS'* “VANISHING BODY” I«UI “ISLE OF THE DEAD»» llinL “HOUSE Of WAX” I mien.-Hardesty ‘Phantom ot Rim* Morgue* KANSAS CITI, KANS.—NEIGHBORHOOD. I KANSAS CITY, KANS.—NEIGHBORHOOD. PARK 2712 Strong TONIGHT ONLY—SPANISH DIALOGUE FERNANDO CASANOVA GLORIA LOZANO u • -----.ta a/amuvrvivju “EL VENGADOR SOLITARIO ?* VOX 1405 S.W. BlTd. “KETTI.ES IN THE OZARKS“ '7 & 10:10 “THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS” 8:27 GAUNTIER 13th Si Qnlndaro “THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS” 8:28 “KETTLES LN THE OZARKS” 7 £ 10:11 JAYHAWK 18th £ Central ‘THRESHOLD of SPACE” 9:30 Onlv "HELEN OF tROY” 7:35 Only DO you need repair work done around the house? Find reliable worker« through the i Want Ads. MOTION PICTURES—N. K. C. I MOTION PICTURES—N. K. C. ENDS TONIGHT BING CROSBY. DONALD O’CONNOR, MITZI GAYNOR, JEAN MARIE TECHNICOLOR AMUR “ANYTHING GOES” 7:30-9:4» MOTION PICTURES—OUTDOORS. MOTION PICTURES—OUTDOOR SHAWNEE 1 Ml. SO. OF SHAWNEE, KAS.t ON HIWAY fl OPEN Si IB—START 9:40 2 Cartoons—Kiddles Fra* “PICNIC" William Holdan Kim Novak 9:00 ONLY TECHNICOLOR LEX BARKER — PATRICIA MEDINA “DUEL ON THE MISSISSIPPI'’ 7:40 11:20 Teeftnl- «rtor Leawood I20TH ST. A STATI LINE WH. 1-3013 JANE WYMAN — ROCK HUDSON In Color—9:30 Only “ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS” “Man From Bitter Ridge” Lex Barker M¡*ra Corda y 7:45 11:00 63 RD ST. MARTIN * LEWIS Humphrey Bogart Mo. Hr. 50 at 63d St. Gene Open 6:30—Start 7:45 Tierney ‘MONEY FROM HOME’ ‘Left Hand of God’ Color »:3S Only Cinema Scope Color 7 :i K-11:20 40 71 Bypass Start 7;40 WM. HOLDEN ROZ. RUSSELL KIM NOVAK r.'^Ä™"0UEL u th. MISSISSIPPI” “PICNIC" Color C inemaSeope 9:20 Only Colo? ?î4ë-ll:3 O t

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