The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1932
Page 3
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JANUARY If., 1032 BUYTHEVIILE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE Sp?akinq Charles FiWugh Talnwn I of tty US Weathe phere is, according to caleiilttleii, leu than one 15-thousandth u druse as at sm level, nnd »t the JOQ-mlb level, about one two-millionth ns deiiw. Thlj Is n prolly good vacuum, (hough for bettor produced nowadays In certain Ittlcs. At ttw bottom 1) « layer Cillfd ih« "trophosphfre," Cller- nl).v, "tiimlnt iphere"), In which lire «!r h«» upward onrl dewnwtrd movements nnd clitntss of temperature associated therewith, »nd which enjoys a monoiwly of stornit, wrA; Fahrenheit, In mldrtl* latl-lust two ymi »nd the young two- tud's, and muoh low«r over the pl« u« iwponalbla by their dtnund equatorial regions. In th« it rat o-for boolu on economic*, biography, sphere there Is no »uoh verticil Russia, government, sclenco and change In temperature— at taut world viroblemj," said »s far up. us nwisuremenli have spiiildtni. D« MolnM. la., member Industrial operations. Even <U nn ordinary clouds, rain, sno* 1 and nljltudc of 2000 miles ft well-, other manifestations Hint are K«n-i known English authority, Dr. J. ernlly cbssllled as "w.?alhcr." This ". Jcnns, ralculute thai llierc nvc| layer Ims un nvcrage depth of be- Although nearly thc whole sin- reslrlal regliins In which n grca , . , - faic of the globe, incliiitiii? both,deal of exploring remains to b3J>>tl" something like 300.000 mole- Iwcni six j pol-s. lias i:<)w Lion re.u'bcJ by: rtone. One of these Is the Interior 1 c "li' s of atmospheric Bases per It llos » "• ' ' tin; bottom cubic centimeter — as compared sphci " Work of Unit Reflected in ."Plows._tl,m ; ^till thu<e tcr-.of the jjlobe, ajiother incline in . Contagiously th , h mlth wor i :ers ln coop .. ra . | parlevels ot'tnc ntm third the ni>- Diicases, ! lion with school teachers.' Sanitation Improved Included In the linproveninit of Th?l. Imaltli conditions In M>s-;home cnmiitlons Is IcsUn? o! wa- ^!p;'l county have substantially : k , r SU pp llcs .ii, s[a ii n tlon of snnl- Iw-itvo-l 1:1 tl- past four years tnry oliulool . to |i L .t s . milk supjilles ,-p-o the esJabliilimcjit of lie lmi - rovc(L i| w(> iiings screened, sia- .,- i, ( ait>, unit Is vcrineil by b ,, s m;idc , Silllillll . y nml ml | sn , KVS physicians who report a decline In , C()rrci . tci , - p,,,,,,,. food han6nnt , c:,'!s csorcliilly for COIH.IBIOUS dls-. placcs niu , V}MK prixluclng food w^s- . , . fur sale -.ind public milk supply • Vit:. in-minilMHon as the greal-. bi;( , s vmc TO|! „ j,,,^ . C J -., ;L |, n «t the limith null, whch;^,, , , ,' cllll , clles VT . S oprned. Here in f=eptember: itorc .,, • c h ^ |llcd ,„ thc lie-sphere. The greatest distance any human bc-lnfi has ycl been able to ""' himself nml his nu- (mil seven miles. Above culled the fsproad-out sphere"), with 30,,OCO,000 In the wince the winds move only horl- tame volunw of air near the zouially. and thewfotv. as the • Implies, occur In lnyers. Tills tame volunw of earth's surface. Up to heights been made. TOMORROW: oft Us work. Haw a tornado PubKc'i Readinc jUbit* Chanced in Five Years CHICAGO. lUI')— R«dlnK habits ct ins executive council of I lie American Library AsjoclPllon, of iO miles or Ktslon pxlends to mi unknown so, the atmosuhere has been ex- 'height. plored by means of .mall balloon*. a " tl llic )" lbll changed completely In the la-sl five than 10 nil'. 1 nnil wns less thnu elsht miles bt fore Professor Pleciml made his remarkable ascent last May, | ttrunients. Al greater helehts It Thc atmosphere Is, liowcvcr, .sup-[is studied by observations of the lo extend upward some auroia ("northern lights"), shoot- '~sj&\ I tiig slars and their trails, vurloai '-*'-• J • • pivnioineua, the Irunsnilsl' 1 In itie trophosiihpra the lem|x-r-1 »° ft rs, uecordlinf to 11^ iHatlontl ntiiri' of [he air decrcuscs rapidly Conference of Librarians In uninml snmll SIM o! self-ieglslcilng in- »'Hh Iwicase In height; so tliut, whites and negroes lias included In a wide-spread ! '.•aim i;vt r this lureo couiitv ( i - every hamlet has sion of radio signals, and In other [ot . rs , 11nll)ljj neionauls nUvnys en- \vnys. coiinter [riijld wealhcr a ts* miles leaclic Kci i ihousands of mrtcs—iiob«\y knows Unrlor Hie educational aclivil!es> just haw far. Through the greiUcr there were 5.5P.G biillclius dl&tribui-; part of its vertical extent It cou- 't'rt. 12JO cii-culur letters wrlusn,' tatr-s very little matter. .35 lectures given and C3 henllh ex-1 Air, like all, gases if, liiqlily ,i- are ricnam arped to llillits lna<ll; ' « ; «"»l>msslble. The lowest pin ol n'r-i, from idrendrd f-nn- oth( '' nellvltles of the croup ili-Uhc atmosphere, prised down from (s'oncsbt "cWnl\ari- : cl»dc examinations for life extcn- i above, is relatively dense With i homo livrii" ch'iid \"* ::io:1 - m ^- lu '" c - v ' Prisoners nnd increased ultlludc the density falls il. improvement of health • t°°* 1'Mdlers. spocial « 0 rk In m- olf so rapidly dial ni a "' ESnce tlie ycnr 1002 It has l>?en ubove the earth, 'llili full In lem- Ss dl-' pel-Mure goes on mitll. ul Hie top known inttl.llw vldcd Into at least .two layers, or of the Irophosphcm, thc thermo- shclls .having different character- mi'lei- ietu!s 60 to 70 degrees below „ : beieulusis control with 311 exam- three liclSlit of and P. half miles (he air Is session Iwrc. How to keep niodfiii books of th; yuimgcr Bsiicrallun from llic liuiiils u( )jraml|Hirenls .lias bcnjnie n problem. The £0]>hl$tlcnted t«ite ot youth must be snttsllcd by ox|ilorv- tlvo ami dcullnl accounu of life uncl work! ]ivnb]fins that, these |KO- pic of on older generation »r( «c-' ciMomeil (o, tire llbciVlau", (omv.l. "The circulation In ovcry public j library nliuoil luiii doubled In thn Banded Hawk Flew From Quebec to IDiiwU KEMITON, III. it)P>—A banded which fle» r lo tills vicinity ironi Katnonruskn Quebec, tvas .siiol on a fiirni near here recently by William 11. Malonc. sent the band to thc liu- of Survey HI Washington, t>. C.. an:!' wiis Informed [lmt the hawk wns banded by Willie la Brie. In Canada, during (lie irliitf ot last year. The Bureau of Biological Survey maintains records of bands placed on various birds, In an dlorl to study their habits with regards to sections of the country lo which they fly. OKLAHOMA cmr,,0kla.; tUP>>• —Th« mlctd* rat« in Oklahoma""-,^ tor lin Ineniwd more than one • to etch. 100,000 population over the. 1MJ0 figure. The number rJ- tulcldcs In 1931 was 2TO, or 1J^ - ; for etch 100,000 population, eom- »r«d with 2« fcr 1830, or 10.J lor'--• ach 100,000 population. STAINLESS vf \«iy Simt (ocntuU ,, iaoc pkt la xm, loo, if you " Courier New« Want Ads P«> District No. 2 and 3 Would you Ilka lo receive notice from the Bhcrlff. that your property Is being advertised for Mil'? Well, that Is exactly 'what' will happen lo you unless your tax Is paid before the 20th of. this month. C. J. EVRARI), , ' Collector. Shonyo Miss Carolyn Pride, clr.'k. Vaceinalioll \Vch:tnned The most vivid results of -the program were seen !n the past year, thc activities of previous years havins filtered into practically every home in iho county. Where at firs! it was Olfticiilt to obtain consent for people to to •vaer.inatcd or innoculated, they now come daily to tile local olficc to take ths scrum. Educating the . urop'c to this form of immuniza-1 tion hns been one ot the moit difficult tasks. in 1931 there were 9,565 complete anti-typhoid sulmlnisl'raUonb givn, alone with '1810 smallpox and 3118 diphtheria. Ti:e Ihrec d!s- (iiws annually cause a number of; deaths In lliis country, hut the: number has been decreasing tor • the past three y°ars. In tho pas', year there were 155 cases of smallpox. 155 of typhoid fever and 81 of diphtheria 'in the county. The child liysicn.? program takes in prfiiatal, infant and preschool and school children with home visits, instruction of mid-wives, examination of children .talks to claiK. exclusion for communicn- I We disease and improvement ot <<"fccl9 as the chief works. Last . 5,488 defecis) v.'ere found by | of -5834 children. Bat- litse ricfecft'is WE CARRY STOCK OF MOTOR Oil, A COMPLETE TIUS CRKA'T HAV O LINE Wax Free Motor Oil Thc ncc of all crankcase lubricants is now obtmiialile ;tt Hlytlicvillfi's most tonvenient rilling station S. A. K. 20 S. A. B. 30 S. A. K. Ifl Phone 711 MAIN Service Station Announcement Wo have moved our -entire wholesale stock to South Railroad Street, one block from the Friseo Freight Offiee. Thus combining our Grocery and Produce Departments, At oiir disposal are- ' 3 TWO MODERN REFRIGERATING UNITS FOR PERISHABLE MERCHANDISE. .and we will call deliver your ear. GROCERY Bargains For Saturday and Monday Kvajiorated. J'agc. 3 Tail ICC or G Small Cans U Domino, in Clf,llt fi;ick 4OC As. -10 Ccnuine Pink. Tall Can. 2 for Str.lilcv's HcsL Nu. 2'/i Can. 3 for TOMATOES Ar ^ 0 - B ig, If lun.shmc Krispicsl CC 1-1,1). Box It) Scarthli-W T>1C (i Boxes TOASTIKS or KC!|HBK'S ere Ccni nn!\cs. -T i'li^s. £J VORYSNOW"""""""^ CLEANSER SALT Gold Medal. Chinal ^Vare Large Box B FTTTEU A!l ' Bl ' and =- l<urc S )7 C llllUll. Creamery. I.h. Li POTATOES PDRE CARE FLOUR FUfiELARD K. C. Stamped Heet ^ l I.h. PGM CHOPS HENS AND FRYERS l'Hiiff. l-cir. 1.1). 17c; Shoutik-r, I.h. lie; Choos, t,b. 13c; " Stew, Lb. I INCREASED STORAGE SPACE, '..ENABLING IIS TO CARRY MORE COMPLETE STOCKS. FOUR FAST DELIVERY TRUCKS .OPERATING ON A REGULAR SCHEDULE OVER A 40 MILE RADIUS. •:t-. •TWO SEPARATE DEPARTMENTS MAINTAINED AS ONE COMPLETE UNIT. . These facilities mean that we are now in a position to serve merchants of this trade territory in an even speedier and more satisfactory manner than we have in past years. ; : WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT US AT OUR NEW LOCATION. ; MERCHANT/ GCCCER C€. r C. L Wilson, Mgr, Phones 111-115 DISTRIBUTORS FOR WHITEWATER ROSE AND OPTIMA FLOURS

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