The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1932
Page 2
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&'-^ l £lf • ~ • ' ' '•>••• • " ' BLYTHEYII-LE, ;(ABK.> COURIBR.NEWS FRIDAY. JANUARY 15, ^W,fe:>" V j^TTT^ ?rWtc; cub,,«n- .j.' Raj-mood Cur• do Thursday alt*moon, hid .two •liitoi- of iuesls, Mesdamts Victor <Bfv,^Onirford Ortehe, Marshall WtidflS. >P«iHoh -.Henderson, Frand« . OtrvenUr, Edwin Robinson, Elky^a. Jones, Dlnle Crawford and IfUc pbailine Robinson. .' In-the card'games played by the : four .tiblti ; ot players Mrs. Stephen ' H. Brooks w»n liosLjry tor the . dub fcw&rd 'and a double deck of ' ctrd{ went, to Mrs. Henderson for the.fuiect prize. -.':• Valentine decorations, nnd MUles .were, .attractively used nnd these : were* also seen In the refreshments 6t 'tjna fish sajad, pineapple coke topped uplt IV'whipped cream, pickles and not U-*. Tifo niw"7riemb'efs"lii this club ire ifct. L'.S.-'BTlecot and Mrs. E. E. ' . Members SMf, t*tlhh Drama •/Ths later English drama was studied by members of llw Rho Aipttfc chapter of the Epsllon Slg- • mt *lph» sorority In n meeting Jqrtjvenlng at the Hotel Noble Dr.- |dna Ntes, educational super- 'Siscj* iponsored the program. Bql Johnson, poet, whose piny "Evi Man In HU Humor" made '= hlmli'ldely known, was discussed -by IBs. Tom P. Jones. The cuval- ler'spyric was taken up by Miss Bowl Hess. Miss Cora Lee- Cole .matfStupii'iemented lier discussions 'vt -tils Puritan period of English i hlstc« with a discussion of Bun- Tin*, "Pilgrim Progress." A review ' :: pf IBs writing of Milton's "Pftrndiso . : LaslS was given by Miss AHheii - Edwfids. '•'-.MA f>clmn Lentz reviewed the mod^n play -'Crazy Quill" pfe- ',- sent^i In Memphis Saturday night •as ail closing number of the pro- A ituest was MUs Mattio R. Mel- tori, Sf Little Rock. • ;L .ft • • • Thuadiy Cl«b Will r»>i»ttiU«n tor Siw i .;.-:•' TbjJ Thursday Luncheon club, lit 'Its lieekly luncheon pirty yesterday! rttecldcd to dispense with u;nivs " 'elalxSate parties for tho remainder of the school year »'ilh each i hostess 'contributing an equal sum I 1? bi! given lor the tuition ol a 1 wprt%hlgh school student. Sltn- |. pie feenus will be served at the partld and less expensive prizes ghittin keeping with the plan to contJlbgtc to the tuition fund. llrj, R! F. Krrshner was hosier this jteek when she also hnd a her quests Mrs. George R. < hourrof Rldgetop, Tenn.. Mrs. W B. T&ner and Mrs. James H. Bel "Trie prize, a vase, went to Mrs Ross-TD. Hughes. - S ' ' ' KrOfx Women WU1 Pay Tiltlfn With »ai*T front •' Prftecds of tlv?. Bingo parly, t .be it/en at the social hall of th Criurfli ol the Immaculate Con ceptSn Monday evening/ will I* usedfJor payment of tuition of the wfoPERreo?TUMip BLOW m» TO GARRY Our WE PPIRlTOf A BRIGHT (WEAR. MlK. MNNlSfJ OETAIL^ARC IN KltPING WITH LfcAP YEAR TRADITION? r TM6 1 EFT, GKEM SOUGH CREW •AND STONG- COLORED SWIN MAWATAHORtD COSTUME — WE SORT JACKET •IIASONE VUGt IAPEL WHICH WAV BE HIITTONfD U 7«t CENTER, MHIMR/ 81U£ LK5IIT- WEIGHT WOOl£N I5 5 UjtDTOR^ OND- fROCKWITW WHITE HWtMCOLWRAHO CUFFS'ANDA HUGE CJACKCKJE- (?IB80N BOW WE SWATM RIGHT ISOF nit WITH ^ BROWW CR£P£ 610US-E. TM£ JACttT IS" SORT ANDTRI6 Yarbn School ' •• ' Rubell Quails, leader, Bunch, Irene Sadler, Earllne Sadler, members, • ; MUs Delia Purlte wis chdsin as captain, Miss Alice M.ulc Ross, lieu- t S ».nl. and Miss Lou Eva Phillips, BitsoJ Neica Mostly Personal 1 H, f. Khsluic-r and Uyron Morse nre attending to business In Memphis today. Mr. and Mrs. Everett B, Gee went lo Memphis-, -lud.ay.ri (p Bice, Mrs. OecV mother v,'ho:is?(<spoj» hero, loru.ylilt.. '•':•,••,;,. ' /l! J!}" Mr. mi** «••••*• - • — -*• . --. r- ( . dnuuhlcis, Mrs'. Ivy Seay and'Ml* Mildred Culler, ol 1'romlsed-Laud accompanied-by Mrs. J. H. .FUirer eturncil toU»y. Irom Paraggul Uicic ihey visited relatives.. -, Mr. and Mrs. Cnrt WomKCk le! Wednesday, by' automobile, • lo Houston,. Texas,., where ..the};. , wll make (heir home. "'" '" Mrs. J. C. Walson, of Caruthcrs vlllc, Is visiting Ill-re today, O I'. Moss, T. O. Seal, E. R Mii'-on nnd Lloyil Hill attende Osceola , Society— Personal Mre, D. S. Lancy cnlerlalned Hie FO table bridge club to which she •longs at li«r home hero Thursday ftemooii. Guest* besides club inem- btrs were Mrs. W. R. Dyjss nnd Mrs. Herbert Shlppcn. High score prize wns won by Miss ilai-y Catherine Ward mid Mrs. C. I. Driver cut consolation favor. A leliclous salad course was served ollowlng the game. 1 • • Mrs. W. L. : Moore, who has been seriously. Ill ol Influenza at her horns lere was reiwrted a great deal bet e;r.i tills morning. j! Godfrey. White Is a business vlsl- ior I" Crawfordsvlll'j, Ind., this week. He'is accompanied by i,. S. Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoc Haydc-ri re- lur'dcd to Caruthersvllle Tnursday evening alter attending the funeral 6f Mrs. Hayucn's erandmoUisr, Mrs. Nnncy Sawyer, here Wednesday. Mrs. I., n. Swift and Mrs. D. S. Lancy have us their nuest this week, their relative, Morris Nunn of Nevada, Mo. Miss Catherine Huglicy Is vislliiiB her lather In DyersbUrB, Tcnn., tills week. " 10 business In Canilhcrsvllle last i M| .; s Margijet .".talc, who. Is iilgl't' spending t!ie:wliiier with her daugh- J. A. Leech will return tomorrow te!i M [S . Charles Shontz and Utr. from French Lick and Indiana- shontz In L6ui»/illf; Ky., Is here polls, Ind., where he attended to j or a f ew - dayVatlindlng to busi- uubincss Jor BcveraVdaj's. He will ness . '•'-,\:\"j- be. met by Mrs. Leccn, who has T. W. Pot : torj'"*hb has been 111 been iiiTiiiiucari, Ky., «!jern\ days his home-here", this week Is'eon- derubly hnproybdi' j W. T. D.ivls',arid;Harry Spjars, emphls attorheys".. who attended u'rt liorir Wednesday, sustained ove or less serious injuries ivhen iclr nutoiroblle-turned over at'the urve which crossed the railroad nek just beyond the Crlttendcn oimly line on I heir-re turn to Mem- late Wednesday, evening. Mr. avis' Ince was cinY-jii several plnc- s and lie siiirL''Wk Injury and >fr. Spears sustained n painful scalp our.d. •-;.'• ' ;)ul '.who',, will '»lso'..return';, tomor- .•ow." .' ' x - ' , .'• ... Mrs. P. A. Laslcy returned : to Little Rock today alter » b^w', slny In the city having come oner for the runeral of Mrs. Nancy I Snrjfer of Osceola, Wednesday. She l accompanied Mre. Cecil Driver, >(• Little llock, who iilso came over or the luneriil nnd has been vis- ling in Osccoln since Wednesday. , p.' r. Moss Is alleuding to busi- icis In keimclt lo[|;iy. Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Tidwcll nnd H(r|ilyiii»ve moved to their home at Dell nfter residing here recently. Miss Mnillc R. Mellon of Littlo Hock, district home dcmonstra- .lon ?>8Bent, Is attending to busl- its' 3nvMlsslssippi coinuy for sev- ci'4 .|tt>X OSCEOLA, Ark., Jon. 14.—Rev Ed/ t. Hurst, paator ol the First Baptist church of Paragould, will preach Sunday morning nl the Firsl Baptist'' church here. Courier News Want Ada Pay. Robirl Thompson, Fny Etchteson Jtinlor Bunch, Clyde balnes, Hll drcd Bunch and Burl Boyd. Corn j. jWi-'Wjdner, Earl Johnson, Clyd 1 Gained 1 , Cliiude Saiiricrs and Ar man Reams. Poultry: Trecy Sand -,. - .crs, Wanna Mullins, Truly Reams •ere elected lot- 1933: J. D. Smith, j Helen Ayers. Lorenc Widner, Rub jrcsidenlj .Albert Sunders,, vice,Parrlsh, Cclin Reams, Irene Sad resident; Pay Etchleson, secretary; her, JEnrllnc Sadler, Vern Lee Pick Bonnie wheeler, treei'.iver; Mildred ett, Mildred Hunch, Juan'.ta Boy Buncli, reporter. I two JBttb sisters of the club who The Mid-Week Diidge clul) hnd *' wlllifraduate from high school in id mini luncheon party lor this Uay* The depleted treasury, caus- school year yesterday at the home ed bS the closing of a bank, has of Mrs. W. L. Horner. In the fu- maciti it necessar}' that funds be t nre the club will meat-on Thurs- ralse* imrr.edlately if tlvs cd«ca- ciay afternoons-and' no rcircsh- 'tiontfplan is carried, out without merits will be served, the hostess modfication and the increased ex- for each party donating an ;eqmi poises of tuition has nmde the sum which will be used to piiy llic probfen more acute. luition for a high school ctudsn • Prjfcs for the party have been!In tho new private school to be dom&d by local merchants who! operated January 22. have* contributed an Interesting I An appetizing two course mem assorttnent of gifts. . was served al two small tables nr Fi&y cents admission will be ranged in the living room will charged with playing beginning at I clusters of red berries for cplorfu B o'clock and continuing until 10;- decorations. , . 30. V In the bridge games Mrs. B. A 'JJ ... I Lynch won the prize, bath powder Girt *co»t Troop I The :on!y guest was Mrs. P. A Fon£d at Yirbro. I Laslcy, of Little Rock, house.' lirfc C. L. Wylie and Mrs. L. J. I guesl of Mrs. 11. A. Smith. - Laverty, chairman and vice chair-1 . . « inan fif the Adult Community Com- I Attends Celebration rniltc* of Girl Scouts in this city. I p. N. Luttrcll returned today a£S>t£d in the formation of a troop] from Covlngton. Tcun.. where he at "thf Yarbro school. I attcnrteti tl>c cclcbrntion of his Prrtr to the election Mrs. Wy-1 mother's BOlh birthday nnnlvcrs- r lie sfioke of Ihe dulies of a Girl jury. j Scou£*nd related some slories about I There were 10 guests : tlie ifst Girl Scouts. patrols were formed as fol- of the Vailey. He'.cn Ayers, aisisUint leader, Mary Sue Gee LorsrR Widnfr, Viola Jotmson and ValorS Reecc, members; Wild ROSE pair* Ethel Gee, leader, Gladyr Jewel Krutch and Lou Eva Phillip The Yarbro 4-H. : club met Mnn- J Gard'ehins nnd Canning: Rut day for election of oiUcers as tol- Widner, Mary Ferguson, Ethel Gc Mildred Buncli, yreslcieti): ! Ccllji-Heiims and Addle Parrisi jd Bunch, presldetij;! Ccll^Rciims nn<l •, vtco uresldcvU', tA\\ j I'ig: 1 oViirgia Pan lene Sadler, Eva Phillips, secretary and trcas- ! lips, Nudine •ish, Evelyn Phi Willis, Gracy Haime urer.. These members were enrolled | and diaries Wilson. Calf : Virgin In various departments: Cation, Courier News!Want Ads Pay. OUR BUTTER FILLED COFFEE CAKE I'reah front Oar Grins Twice A. M and 4 P. M. TASTY BAKERY Fhonc 408 ill Ihe sons and daughters except for a daughter, Mrs. S. E. Glass. ,f Cleveland, Ohio. assistant leadet|.;Lou Eva' LONDON. (UP)—Thcro is a vr» tree in Scollanil, called the "For- -tosall.". for. which Is , clnin:ra llw )gc of ,abpul 2,Gi» years. t* ft. I I |!v: UP Marlboro Shirts $1 While or Colors Sexton Silk Underwear ,S/ ... One.or Two Piece Sexton Pajamas'$1 New Tics $1 Phone 53 HUDSON TAILOR SHOP ^ •* Only a Few of These Suites Left Out of a Solid Car Load Get Yours Now If You Wont fo Get the Bargain of Your Life 3 Piece Bed Room Suite Waltutt Finish 4 Posted Bed . * 32-ih'cli Chest of Drawers . ;•; 44-jniph ^Vanity DrpssciAviilii\ Vene-tiaii>Jtfii ; r Q r '^ .:-^ '•* ' 2 PIECE LIVING ROOM SUITE Uiiliol^tcrcd \in 'Gunuhio Silfc Moliair,'-* l\c- vcrsiblo Cusliioiis, Spring Kdgc Construc- linu, Nucliman SpriiiKs TlinuiKlioiil. Hc;\n- tiftilly Kinisiliod. Wc'vo Never Seen Any" $ ,.95 thing to "EtilUil Tl Low Price. Suili'.s ;il Such 320 West Slain HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. PIG6LY1KWI66LY 1 Bargains For Saturday and Monday Green Cabbage "^ Ib. 2!c Pound 24c Spring Brook Good Creamery Grape Fuuit ^L 6 for 25c Coffee Minaret 3 ib. Limit Pound 22c BANANAS ^'^K CORN Nl) - 2Sland 2Sland TW ns 25 c FIG BARS U.1IP APPLE BUTTER PEANUT BUTTER 2 It 23 I'intoes, Navies or Great Northerns. Lb. LETTUCE Cris Cris " PIE CHERRIES^ N». 2 Can CATSUP Murlhii Ann • "J fT Urge Itottlc IJ WESSON OIL " int Cun GRAHAM CUACKERLS , C -^ 15 l Pure Cane, With Groceries, Limit 10 Ibs. 42c Pork & Beans for So.2Cau Standard, P & G or Crystal White 10 Bars 28c Good Luck. 6 Small or OAC . . a I Jirgc Cans L\J INARET SRO«MS- Special5S1 ZH29 c PICKLES Swcctor ^;.K25 c SAUERKRAUT Li TUO c Chocolate Diops COCOA •Mother's 2-Lb. Box OATS C. C. 55-0/:. Carton 19 C PEACHES Evaporated :d lit 1,1). 11 PICKLES Qiiiirl J;i p ? re> <s - | - 1> - 15kt - 71c (.'nni|iuiincl, 8-I.i>. IJkt. Krcsh Killed Pig Hams Ib. I2!c Fresh Killed I'ii; Shoulders Ib.lOc Kresh Killctl Spare Ribs lb.9c Pure Lard The Best Pound 6!c Sliced Bacon it Is Fine All Pork Pound 7ic Slrcak-O-l,ean Ikst Sides Vresh Killeil Neck Bones lb.4c Wisconsin Cheese 2'

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