The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1966 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1966
Page 5
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Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News — Tuesday, December 20, 1968 ~ Pag* Flvt (A Cegocry of Entertainment '"' O «^ ** »*!;«»**! «»••.' > ' ."• ' Walt Disney, creator of. Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, innovator of the Davy Crockett cult, and undisputed king of the family movie and the world of fantasy for years, was a household word in this country for decades. A movie carrying his name tag was usually an instant success. His comic strips delighted readers for years. And his massive playground at Anaheim, Calif., attracts kings ana commoners a 1 i k e. His entertainment empire dates back to his first real success, creation of the animated mouse depicted with him at right in 1931. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Disney's first feature-length animated film, followed by more animations and eventual films using live people, and equally successful ones employing nature itself. Disney's biggest project and the one bringing him most satisfaction was his 300-acre Disneyland at Anaheim, Calif., where the world could come in actual contact with fantasy and history as never before. Few men, if any, have left such a mark on the entertainment world as Walt Disney. Though aimed primarily at children, his endeavors not only won the approval of adults, but were grossly enjoyed by them as well. Like Mickey, above, the world notes well his last stage exit. Christmas: Time To Psychoanalize? By JOY MILLER NEW YORK (AP) - 'This the season to be jolly, but not everybody is. In fact, says Dr. Harold Greenwald, a psychoanalyst, there are more depressed people around during this happy Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, Dec. 20, the 354th day of 1966. There are holiday season than he can remember. "Usually people look forward to Christmas and put their feelings in abeyance for the duration, but this year they're not," he says. He explains the psychological impact of Christmas this way: "Christmas heightens all feelings — plus or minus. Like alcohol. Their general anxiety increases for the lonely, the divorced, the people who can't be with someone they're interested in. "It's particularly depressing for those who don't have anyone or for girls involved with married men, or for mothers with She is wishing for COMFY® SLIPPERS 11 days left in the year. | sons and wives with husbands Today's highlight in history: away at war •• On this date in 1860, South Carolina secedes from the Union— the first state to do so. On this date: In 1803, the United States took possession of Louisiana which it had purchased from France for $15 milion. In 1813, Congres established a system of Internal Revenue. In 1835, Texas declared its independence of Mexico. In 1922, Russian republics combined into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Ten years ago — The Japan Parliament elected Tanzan Ishibashi premier. The new 72-year old premier was considered less pro-Amrican than his predecessor, Ichiro Hatoyama. Five years ago — The U.N. General Assembly, over the strong protests of the Soviet Union, voted in favor of a resolution calling on Communist China to free Tibet. One year ago — Communist Chinese Premier Chou En-lai declared the only way to peac- fully and the Vietnam war was through the withdrawal of U.S. forces: from Vietnam. But why is this feeling more intense this year? Greenwald theorizes that after World War II there was a general feeling of optimism that "we had thrown of the old and it was going to be a new world. As it becomes more and more melancholia came to Greenwald when the number of people calling him for professional appointments increased sharply. Usually they drop off during the holidays, but this season his calls have tripled. He queried the professional Remember Pay Your Paper Boy obvious that this is not happen- i gr° u P s lle teaches and discov- ing, people get more and more depressed. Increasingly, Christmas has become a stock-taking time." This year, he says, people depressed about the war and the economy. Many families are widely separated. "There's increased emphasis on things," Greenwald says. "The Christmas advertising gel more and more magnificent. So many expensive gifts are offered you are made to feel like a Scrooge if you can't buy expensive gifts for everyone. "I went shopping Saturday and people looked like lemmings rushing off to drown ered that many psychoanalysts were experiencing the same thing. What are people calling about? "Family crises are heightened at this time," he says, "one of the greatest complaints of our time is that we don't talk, we don't communicate. The approach of Christmas brings this out in high relief, this noncom- munication, this building of bar- Magellan did not actually sail around the worjd. He was killed on the island of Mactan, near Cebu, in the Philippines. One of themselves in a sea of expen-jhis stops did accomplish sive items." ! feat of circumnavigating The first inkling of the current I earth. Merle Norman Franchise Studio 1213 W. Main Phent PO 3-1913 OPEN 8:30-5:30 , IV1RY DAY $5.00 To $8.50 Many Styles And Colors To Choose From! S13 W. Main St. Ttlephon* PO 2-2741 FREE GIFT WRAPPING VIGILANCE of an Air Force air policeman on guard in the rain at Da Nang Air Base, Viet Nam, is silhouetted in the lights of a runway vehicle. The monsoon season puts air policemen to the test, due to increased insurgent activity under the cover of driving rains. By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer Second of five articles on Walt Pisney HOLLYWOOD (AP) - The wellspring of Walt Disney's unique talent long puzzled both admirers and critics. Certainly nothing in his fami- ly'background provided any hint of future greatness as creator of a -new art form, the animated film, as well as superlative showman in a variety of other mediums. He came from humble beginnings. His father was of Irish stock, born jn Canada and raised in a big family on a Kansas farm. Elias Disney dabbled in a variety of enterprises, usually with scant success. He was a carpenter-contractor in Chicago, where Walt was born-. Later the elder Disney went broke with a Missouri farm, then became a newspaper dealer in Kansas City, Mo. Flora Call Disney, Walt's mother, came from simple German stock; she was a patient, understanding woman who tempered her husband's harshness toward their four sons. They also had a daughter. Neither parent was artistic in nature, and Elias Disney displayed impatience with Walter's ambitions to study art. "But I. wanted to draw," he told me a few months ago as he reminisced about his youth. "The thing I wanted most was to be a political cartoonist. My father fancied himself as kind of a Socialist , and he subscribed to Socialist newspapers of the time. I studied their cartoons and tried to copy ttie style.. "After I got back from the war (in 1919), I tried to get a job cartooning for the Kansas City Star. The editor liked my samples, but the paper already had a political cartoonist." Historians may ruminate on what might have happened if Disney had won employment as a political cartoonist. But he didn't. He found a job with an advertising agency, drawing plows and threshers for catalogues. He was dropped in the seasonal slump following Christmas. Disney's next job started his career. He was hired by the Kansas City Film Ad Co. to draw advertising cartoons that played in movie houses. Young Walt found the oldtimers in the firm using the old method of cutting out paper figures, sticking pins in the joints and making them move. "I thought there must have been a better way to make cartoons," he said later, "so I went to the public library and asked for all the books they had about cartooning. I found a better method, showed it to the boss and he installed it." The restless urge to do tilings better marked the Disney style throughout his career. He was constantly tinkering with the animation medium. He introduced sound to cartoons with "Steamboat Willie" starring Mickey Mouse in 1928. "Flowers and Trees" in 1932 brought the first cartoon in color. Another notable advance was "The Three Little Pigs" in 1933; it was the first time well- rounded characters had been used in cartoons. "Snow White' (1937) marked the triumph of character, this time in the human form. The art of animation reached its heights in "Fantasia" (1940). Walt Disney continued making animated features, but he realized he had extended the medium to its creative limits. He turned iiis vast energies to the limitless possibilities of making films with real actors. Where did he get his capacity for hard work? "My father came from a big family, and all of them had to helpout on the farm," Walt told me. "When my brothers and I ivere growing up, my father expected all of us to pitch in and ivor'-, too. It became .a way of ife lor us, - —I I never knew anything els" NEXT: Cr ; and triumph in Disney's career. How to make a $ 100 impression for only $12.50 Give the new Parker 75 International ball pen in solid sterling silver. Here is the aristocrat among ball pens, distinguished for its rapier- slim styling, balance and beauty. Deeply .engraved and subtly antiqued, it matches the standard in fountain pen excellence, the. Parker 75. Guaranteed for life. If it fails to perform flawlessly, with normal refill replacement, Parker will replace it free. Also available in 14K gold-fill at $20, in Vermeil (14K gold-fill on sterling silver) at $25. Other International ball pens from $5 to $25. P//T7V! WALGREEN J. lil^lt AGENCY PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER A PRODUCT OF <J> THE PARKER PEN COMPANY Drugs QUICK QUIZ Q —What, was the date of the Jewish New Year begin- ning September 1966? A — The Jewish year 572T began at sunset Sept. 14. The day is called Rosh Hashanah. Q _ whom would the president of the United States notify were he to submit his resignation? A — The secretary of state. Q — By what name is "the "Big Dipper," known in Japan? A — "The Emperor's Carriage." Q — What work of fiction is the best all-time best - selling novel? A — "Peyton Place," by Mrs. Grace Metalious. which had a total of about 10 million sales by 1965. Q — What does the famous Bayeux Tapestry depict? A — It is a reresentation ,of the conquest of England by the Normans. Tradition ascribes, it to Queen Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror. She is-said to have presented it to the Cathedral of Bayeux. UNSUNG HEROES of the war in Viet Nam are the skilled • ground crews that service fantastically complicated elec- ' tronic equipment, often under almost battle-liue conditions, to keep today's superfast and sophisticated jet fighters operationally ready at all times. Sgt. Lewis B." Alexander of Cleveland, Oliio, goes over the radar set of a supersonic F-4c Phantom II at Saigon's Tan Son Nhut airport. CARD OF THANKS The family of the late Robert Gray.would like to say., thank you t othose who brought food and flowers and for the',, comforting words of Rev. Guin Renshaw, Rev. W. J. Clayton" end Rev. Paul Kirfcindall during our sorrow. Also for -the splendid services of Cobb Funeral Home. All of these will', never be forgotten. May God bless each and every one of you. Pot Gray, Wife Charlie and Bobbie, Sons AT STEWARTS DIAL THE FUME HEIGHT High for Pipes Medium for Cigars tow for Cigarettes USES ODORLESS TASTELESS BUTANE GAS WONT TAINT TOBACCO FLAVOR. THE PERFECT PIPE LIGHTER. SEE THC LARGE ASSORTMENT AVAILABLEAT Stewart Prescription Drug Store 220 E. Main

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