Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 1, 1929 · 42
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Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · 42

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 1, 1929
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rn'Tni i;f;i( mmhv srv-Tt f r r'ir Sunday. nr:cr".TiTT i- ror Win Marks Brums ? i 7 I( nl I am o 11(11 In ( liarloliss illi CHICAGO HAWKS MEET PIRATES iRisii iTero ELDER'S RUN Sat inn al lee Lean uc Card Far This Week HAWKS" Ni:V STAR COME TO BLOWS IN WILD CLASH i NOTRE DAME'S ONLY THREAT HERE THURSDAY V it hnw .11 S M" Mil I P.-,-. Ro Mil M III -III 111,11 nt lirtnill. T'AKT 3 r.cr 2 Fist -Fig hi 6-2 Over Fredenekson and Mates Enqer to Even Score With Rocknc's Men Fa: I to Display National Titular For in I I KHU I rx t iin,itt n n I irtn Htln.lt Hi ll'-on In Bcatinrj Army Griddcrs. Irish Play Lead Safe anil Are Outgamccl by Cadets Scorinri Sprint a Classic. Maroons at Montreal. Windy City Sextet. With Now Pilot and New Talent, To Give Bucs Severe Test.; Pc-.r ITALIANS LIKE GOLF Cham tiif illllf VTi Hy l..MO HI .N 1 UN. ONh game at home and one came abroad make up t lie YORK, Nov. 30. XTkv 1 La JEW ashed a lout; by tlie dull est bi ecc that vcr swept a football field, and with 82,000 voices set earning in his ears, comparatively light and perfectly balanced hockey burden which the Pirate icemen will be called upon to shoulder this week. On Tuesday, Manager 1 it to a 0 Jack Elder, of Notre IXinie, raced 09 yards to a touchdown against the Army this afternoon. Frank Carideo's foot added the additional point to ihe final scoie of 7 to 0 in favor of the men from South Bend. The great Chris Cagle, one of Army's all-time football heroes, playing his last, season lor West III Frank Fredenekson will lead I the Hues into Montreal for a do- J bate with the Maroons, who i spoiled ttie season opener here, ami on Thursday the revamped Chicniro Hawks, sporting a new i manager and more new talent , than in: v oilier club in the National League, will come here to j introduce their new performers to; the fans at Duquesne Garden. i " jr j, A Low: In view of the fact that the: Maroons were able to hand the i E'irutes a 5-2 setback on the ice i with which the Bucs are most in-1 Point, let tly a forward pass in the first, period, with one of his ov. n men drifting back over tlie Notre Dame non! line -a sure touchdown for the Soldiers, if that man caught the ball. But it fell, instead. Into the frost-benumbed lingers of .hick Klder, the hall' buck, who comes from Lebanon. Ky., and who is one of the fa: test men afoot in all tlie college world. He Is the A.. A. U. indoor sprint champion at 60 yards, and ttie only man timatelv acquainted, the Montreal purknieri. tins time acting as hosts, will lie odds-on favorites to make it two m a row over the locals on Tuesday. The Maroons, however, have been playing otl-and-on hockey. After winning Jr, ' ! '.' -5 X CiOU.S With ia.n; ,i:.r: ; ha., more than irh.ri.e,. te the a t than he was emb; .w'.ed, a .shiit-lest With Mum'v Ma.-K.ii . '.a: iier Pirate. The hr!,, .--i ;,:s v. err pried apa:t by the off.. .i Other piayn only ii; r Kioiai minutes r: rilor; and they renewed hot. lit sr. as so-.n as t hoy ; reached the p ni: ivx. Alter th y apii.rs wriv :... ;!; y were hanoe,; nv.-o: i : ar.a it is hkeiv tii.it 1- ; x t'.,;.-f. league ptes.oe:: w ... i. to hana each h tin- FAN TOS--KS lU'llll While the fighter:- v. ere :aa' led from the rink a ts:: in the . pailery added to t!:e ronfs,.':i by j throw itis a pop bo;:':-1 nh-iee i M a 11 1 :i $ o n and B-:-;.-ir.c;,i ' Neither official s;hfred ;n,.;r but the piay had to he delay- a ' several minutes w Jr.'.c "lie ice w..s cleared of broken ph The Pirates ve:r sec?:- handicapped in the :n th.-. they were uitho.tt t r.e s.-ri;t -f f ' 1 " s from a tough club by a fairly comfortable margin, thev hand a de-j cision to a mediocre foe. Detroit. : after accepting four defeats, scored its first, triumph of the season at the expense of the Maroons last Thursday, and. should the Canucks be due for another; 'off" day Tuesday, the Pirate chances will be far from hopeless ! HAWKS STiaMiTHK.NFn Time was. and not so long ago. when the Chicago liawKS wer homeless and without much hoiio. in their own or any other country. Last season thev finished a poor last, in the league race, andi it was the custom of rival managers to dust off the "welcome" tiunai Ni-wsreel Photo l-y lr.tt'rn St- -fPlvM&Rl that, ever heat the famous Percy Williams. Canada's Olympic hero. ARMY IS SI RI'RISIiB F.lder was on his own one-yard line when he caught the ball. Cagle had tried the pass sort o eater-cornered, as you might say, to the far end of the Notre Dame goal, and one of his men had slipped quietly over there as the Soldiers swung out in forward pass formation. But the pass was short of the Soldier by 10 fet t and made to order lor Jack Elder. There were few Army tacklcis close to him as his sud fingcis closed about, the leather, and he turned away from those few along w hat. is the left field foul line when the Yankees are playing the old-fashioned game of baseball in the stadium. The Soldiers were taken completely by surprise. They had been driving resolutely at the KLDKK - Jack Elder, halfb-ck of the-Notre Dame eleven, whose . . . i. ion of a forward pass and dash the length of the field produced the only touchdown of the 7-0 Irish victory over the Army, r.t.ci h.-i kv for th.t.'v ve.leU ; A.v.i'tH an.l hat'eiy tn the third' pei.in:. and the b..!tli:in became rou flier as the stan.'a wore on. j ' ?tV Harold Dnrraph. s'-ri:-.!: rtcht wing, who is out ir,rief;n.'ely w:h a SKin ailment and a roitple of cracked ribs. Tex White attempted to fiil Dan nrh f place in the starting front line, but the Bucs' play lacked Its customary stntoothneas. Ren Manners star , eerier in the local amateur loop last season and cousin of Dmny Manners, former Pittsburgh Ice The Bruins, satisfied to nurse tho-.r lead, confined thetnseh es to loin; shot and stiif body cheek-lnp. but the Pirates asuin were the leading sufferers from penalties, Smith and Fraicrickson be-ine banished in iuick succession. The visitors, returning to their short-passing game, acam eapttal- si fx. r u V i?ed their advantage in man pouer. Clapper taking a pass from Wetland and Oliver taking an assist from Galbraith to increase the Boston advantage to 6-2. Near the close of the period the rough play readied the fight ins s'aj.e. and Lowrey and Taylor were sent to the cooler when they squared off to exchange blows. I.owery had no more than returned to the tee when he got info a fist fight with Mackay, and it Notre Dame goal and without the opposition that had been expected from the undefeated football tourists from Indiana. Before any West Pointer could make a lttnre at Elder, the sprinter had a ' good jump on them and ' was fairly burning up that chalked line toward the Army's goal. He kept so close to the line that it looked as if lie must go out of . bounds, but this youth's feet are not only fast, but sure. Three Soldiers whipped up in determined pursuit, and one got do: e enough to reach for Elder, but Klder wasn't at the end of the reach. He was three feet away, and flying. He crossed the Army goal, standing up. and bounced the leal her egg up and down on the frozen ground, almost derisively. IRISH OFF FORM Oddly enough, that run ul Elder's was the only time Notre Dame had the ball threatenintj Army's goal. The South Bend team did not look like the national championship contender that it undoubtedly is. It was hero, made his debut as a pro and performed in a creditable manner. He was sipned Friday n.cht. J Eddie Shore, long known us the i league's bad boy. appeared in a j new role, that of Masked Marvel, j and led the Brum att.uk He' sported a leather head ar.d faee ; gear to protect features battered 1 up in an earlier frav. i The Bru'ns distributed the 1r six : goals evenly over the three pe- i nods, and most of them '"ore tallied while one or nmre Bucs i languished in the penaity box. I The officials iena;:ed the Pirates freely and were hissed and jeered throughout the encatrernem. J UTTI.E ACTION AT START ! Both teams concentrated on de- 1 fense at the start of the f.rst ; period, and there was eotnpara- j tively little action until some eight minutes of play had elapsed. At j this stape of the fray Hitchman took the players and officials sev H1 sign and start figuring how much two more points would boost them in the standings when the Hawks were scheduled to come to town. But these da.vs are no more eral minutes to separate them The fighting was renewed when the players reached the penalty box and a fan in the gallery added to the confusion by throwing a bott'e at the officials. Lowrey arm Mackay crew major penalties, anu the game was held up while the broken glass was removed from the ice Neither Mallinson nor Eer'.anquette -as struck bv the bo' tie. Only two minutes of play re-rr.a.ried, and when jousting was renewed it was comparatively tame and without scoring until the finish. Knutc Happy Over Victory H iintlniird frum I'mr- On-, Thl I'urt.t 'worse luck- lor the Jriawks nave a home, a large following and what is of still greater importance. was banished for tripptnu. and the Bucs rushed to th attack. Fred-erickson. skafm? up the center lane, dropped Thompson. Boston goalie, to his knees with a low. hot shot, and Lowrey, following his boss through, clubbed the disc from the poaler's bancs Into the cage even as he reached to cover St." About three minutes later M tilts a winning team. Realizing that many of the performers on the Chicago roster were no asset to any major league ice club, Tom i soundly outplayed by the Soldiers from that, time to the finish, but it struck an observer that Notre Dame was playing the lead safe and tailing few chances. Maybe, the boys wanted to give Knute Rockne a victory in the last big game of the .season to cheer him up and were afraid to rluo'cI--wiib the lead As far as that goes. Irish Get Grid Trophy fConllnufd fron! I'hitp Onf, I'-irl On-,) Ramblers today cinched the trophy for Notre Dame. Dr. Dickinson said. The Dickinson national rating for 1929 follows: Team. Points. Notre Dame 25.00 season is finished "for now I can settle down and get in shape to start moving around again." He described tlie season as the toughest a Notre Dame team has been through, and said he didn't, believe he ever would attempt another schedule so difficult. "Nine tough games," he said, "not a soft one on the list. It, was hard for the boys, too- no home games, and that makes a lot of difference, you know. The :Tj " ; , j( ,m f v;r; 'r- ?t ' and Fredenekson were sen; to the ! , cooler, and the Bruins, sporf.ns a j 's two-man advantage, ken! up a i ' steady bombardment until they I ' forged Into the Had. Shore took i a pass from Carton at the goal j J mouth to knot the count, and 1 j Weiland tallied on a trieky v.aliop J 1 to sway the advar.tape to the vis- ( itors as the period closed Fhore j fed the puck to Weiland as the , latter swept in from the boards. ; Shaughnessy did his rebuilding in i a big way when he was signed as ' the new pilot of the Hawks. Tom had a fairly good founda-ion upon which to build in Chuck Gardiner, one of tlie best, goalies in hockey, and Taylor and Went-woith, defense men of average ibility. The Hawks were without . apable defense spares, however, and Manager Shaughnessy took are of this deficiency in his cus-, tomary big way by signing Taffy ! Abel, about the biggest man in n; r: sor.. f "St; Si.-r- 'rent C;r-kVfinfl, f mrVi f-rv - re. I 12. Hiif r.r;.d.n, SliJAi. J,Tl?rleK?,',o, ''.Mr from Orf'T. "-11: y.nr- -isn-fpi i 3.1, WV.nd, fr- m 5 pT-n'-ie" -Bri.in 2. Hitc'r.-'.t-raUri. Jarvis, harry -'r.r! n.'f.nr t; . DapjuT. tvir . '-. o;tvpr, front i&lt'rar.h. T.Ki'.e Sr; ;th. frilt- r:r k.'n, L-.i-tr ri.nr '(-na::," r MfijilT-n ami fifTamiurye r: 2 ( ":.:rd the Soldiers played a line of football that was pieltv much to the conservative side. As the game ended, a big crowd of Notre Dame rooters poured out on the field and unrooted one set of goal posts, heaving them about the yard in triumph behind the band. Special policemen were hurriedly rallied to the defense of the other posts, which are the personal property of Col. Jack Ruppert. and the cops fought valiantly with tlie de; poilers, but finally gave in. The rooters took '' those posts, too, and carried them off the premises. rolifi'he 1!''."e I'pe.'ern! Service. Inc.l home crowd and the home band on your own field give you quile. an advantage. But tlie boys have done splendidly. It was a great team and one founded on close friendships among the LOSE. 3-1 AMIRICANS end Miller had h'tie t;u:;'f- tf save. BBl'I.NS ADD TO I f AD The advantage .n pU u. aecond period, which the Bruins increase their act.ntagf to 4-2, went with the penalties each team rushing from a .shortage of man power, and the per.al- 1 MONTREAL. Quebec. Nov 30. ! -AP.i The Montreal C.ina- '. diens downed the N w York Ajiiericaiis. 3 goal;- to 1. m a National Hockey L(-ague gitine here ; tonight. j The locals had a two-goal lead ! at the end of the second period as a resu.t SORTERS The Chicago Hawks, who oppose the Pirates at Duqucsne Garden next Thursday night, finished in the cellar in the National League race last season, but have flashed plenty of power in their early games in the new race and give promise of being the loop's 1929-30 sensation. Art Somers, husky center, obtained from the Vancouver Club of the Pacific Coast League, is one of the reasons for the rejuvenation. He is the only rookie up amonj the leaders in the individual scoring race. HUNTING (ft risiiiNc io of counters by Morenz Mantha. Kaily in the i Wa.-.nte increased the lead to tl.iee. but this at,;! oyi thu-'J pt Canadif Purdue 2ih60 Pittsburgh 22.00 Caliiomu 20.00 Illinois 18.70 Southern California 17.75 Nebraska lfi 82 Texas Ctu i. turn 1.51 houihern Methodist 1(1.31 To!ne lfi. 27 Pennsylvania 15.00 Purdue was ranked ahead of Pittj-bunth. Dickinson said, because of what lie termed ttie stipe; lori'y of Western Conference ! football over that, played by Eastern elevens this fall. Western Conference teams won nine major mt'Tsectional contests. Four of . inch were victories over Eastern teams. Of the five non-eonfer-euee gani.-s that P.g Ten ti-anis i .u. tlii'-e of them were to Notre Dame. Nat ional supremacy, graded B. j the Dh kmson -.ystein. shifted to1 the M-.u.iie West, from the Pa-: tut h- Coast, where the Itissman j trophy was awarded to Southern ; California last year, j Tlie Tro.;aii eleven, defeated 'his fall by California and Notre ' Dame. must rlefeat Carnegie I.ch. December 14. to rniuntai! Rith piaie. A Camc'-ie 'I cell vir- oi-y would eliminate the Coast '..in from the first 11 teams and rank Minnesota eleventh. ! ; 'ed sliortlv !u laliied on t iitra. ;se w was t i by H players." j Almost in the same breath as ; when he said he was glad the j season was over, Rockne ex- 1 claimed, "it will be great next, j year, playing in our own stadium. ' I'm sorry that the boys who will ; graduate will not have a chance to play in the new stadium." TO BE WELL SOON Rockne said he expected to be out of bed in about two weeks, then will spend about a month regaining his strength before leaving for Florida with his family. His physician, Dr. Robert, I, Sensenich, said the noted coach was progressing rapidly, havinu shown steady improvement sine-- ties were so frequent tr.at ot,-sextet had an advantage over the ether most of the tune. While Jarvis larqu!' h"d in !r-cooler. Oliver and Caisoj. t:-gltieered a combination ta-i- that resulted it", a -.tore aiter ie-. en minutes of the .''an?a had elapsed. Carson carried the disc UP the ice, passed to Oliver as they crossed the last blue l.ne, I and the latter had a clear path j to the cage. j the ice sport. Taffy was obtained . rom the Rangers. FRONT LINE REVAMPED j Tlie. Hawks' front line has been completely revamped. March, ! Ilipley and Arbour, who used to do the starling for Chicago, now are the reserve line, and Somers. at Cenier, and Couture and CJott-eijg. at the wings, have been incorporated into the starting trio Couture and Gottzelig are holdover Hawks who have shown great improvement, and Somers, ob tamed (rom Vancouver, is the only rookie to boast a place among the league' leadin goal-getters at this time Tommy (,'nok. obtained from the i'nlsa Oilers, and the leading scorer in the American Association hut season, is another rookie t h. :. u:.av Ha.r., ris. h! Hi the (.' ot ii.s be-The lineup J.ithl:- i o;a ason cf for extra pom!, but as both tenuis were offside, he got another chance. This time the kick was good. SENATORS SM'HUOR Detroit Tops Georgetown HUNTING PKSMIiVO It R r2-iiLp iiiontllly rnWH- were quick to re- ; The Pirates !' ltiH l'lrt-1 onllnui-d From rainuifii lull "l p-um.- ba.-.f bet! INK. er. t.'.rlr.it. ljtrtir. Listun, on the play pre eked lit t'C tn 1 1( Illl'I'l Ii, .(-;:. r vulvar. I i,';triift Saw r' Ma' k i ! In ariuh I'iii to their superiority in the aerial game, the Senator-, outnihed the Titaiis They ouch ! VI yards from senium:' ue uii-' aecunte:: ior n fir-t oov.ns v, in,-,he b'-st the Titan.- could do v.a ftl yards from sci'inimage and live : first downs. Tlie lineup; i cm to Kfit lnh Hi.il Komi taliate. Rush:; nhen Hitchn,,,-tripping Milk; piay in Bruit: : minutes. Jum.; rtit.xed the a im own f b'u: alter the Bo le; a fine stop oi h ' Briden drew tapid succe.-.siur the period, and viously had recovered a fumble by Parsaca to gte Geoigetov. r-po'.-ession of the ball on the Titan four-yard line. The Detroit touchdowns came in rapid order in the third period. ' Following Par.-aca"s punt to the tr. h, In? tw(1 wlinlA yiMrn ill h y 1 s initial (i:;','e, two pe i. alt.es ir 14 A-n - 1U .1. IS. i'.-jr, t i-r.- i near the close A the Brums, quick , FREE UJ I-iiiif a,.r-i nr: ar.-J le:. f - l.l.-'e-l . . I 'c,rrSivnr:. he returned from Chicago, when-he directed his team to victoiy over Southern California. Dr Sensenich agreed that, unless something absolutely unforseen occurs, Rockne should be out of bed In two weeks. He sat with his eyes dosed for a few moments after the game was finished, a smile on his face, evidently enjoying to the fullest extent his team's final triumph of the season. A few moment:' later, he reached for his eepht tie and plared a call for New York asking for Assistant Coach T'cn Lieb. who has been 'Hoi km '- . 11.. I A I) Si., Bor- 1 W ne.-l) . . Georgetown 16-yard line, elr oppor-,t.ed their to take ad', antage of U tunitv. promptly boo; , H.c, . . it. r. TORONTO BEATS DhTIlOIT TOP.fjN'ICi. Or-t . N'-v. 30 AP.' 'The Torvl.to Map T.e:,f? 'J' t' iiteri the Octroi' C'-'.g:-: - h'-re i it .'.r.i.n-r it km : Alio has added much to the Chicago power The Hawks' Improvement Is shown in a very convincing manner in the club standings. The Chicagoans have been battling everybody to a standstill, and their reward is a place up near the top They figure to give the Bucs their fill of battle Thursday, Manager Fredenekson and his men regard tlie duel with Chicago as f ' the utmost Importance Indicv.. is are that, the Detroi' Cougars and the Hawks are the aggregations that the Bucs will have to beat out to get Into the Stanley cup play-offs and tht Pirates do not Intend to be 'J 'I In commenting upon the award of the trophy. Dr. Frank O. Dickinson said: T do not proclaim Notre Dame national champion; neither do I claim that Coach Rocknc's Ramblers could Defeat those teams ranked lover This ruling means that Notre Dame had to overcome s'roueer opposition as mea-Mif-d by the Dickinson system. "The national rating is 'lie product of welding individual conference and sectional rathiK by means of interscrtional games." Dickinson eald. a U. 1 ha deau fumble') and lost a yard. M"oiey's put.t a: blocked and Voutig Detroit eii-i. as the ball rolled uiotig 'he !,-.' utie, touched it f ,r ;, .').' s ' u, ' 'in". ii Par-'lii'H dropki1 i.eu the ex'ra pn'.nt. 'Three plays after the kickoif. I'aisaca inteieepfeii .Sehalzis lateral pass and dashed 42 yards for nt ff.pirpn i hip Tirurifi:t(io Hhoath hiitf., wlfli tt'j In. t.lMd of I.u.'t ifrel nhd Mfi ti ri tin trit.ril to nt t'.iri'i t -.? iiT !!! IfIf fllT'tlfiini. 1 '.H lililfp 1h Jir.r h:lt ' ft n,'"(l for fH'.t'l'rif,, tVMii vvl Pri!ittliiM trip. ' 'hi thn nntl Plirb m' "i ! .(! Mull nil: -r it-ihi to HUNTING A. FISHING IK'l Irim-ll HIil., llontun, MnM. lead back, to a two-goal maig::; Oainor saw Wehat,d free t.ea: '.!: ca'te as he -arm- up "' t hnig .mi pa let: th" : 1 in a p- ".-!.'" : V ' u: he v ' The ofhnais tot ie j'-d :,: J); sed throughout the 20 ni.t. ,te.-b.v the fans, who tnought that they were handing out penalties to j the. Bucs entirely too freely. The plajexs of both clubs sac- i 'HI. H" body" on the field this sen M..irT 'Ii'.-'.- K'ei,. i h'l-v .. ...u,t. e.i -Ii. said he would congral.ul; t roni (tlr-jf, o i i w ni 1 1 a I i d O'JT'AWA No-, 30 -AP --Th'' j-iau .Senalois went down tode-leat before the Mori real Maroons. 3 to 2, in a National Professional try sfttr touehilown l'r.uai 'i Klf Kb j. and added: "I think I'll talk to a lew of my boys, too." the second Titan touchdown. The uflnia.'i A-i?.rpt. Jot MM'.i"lir M-'h-im-i; Ufnitl.-p, 1-r. 1". A. hirnt-'-rt. ' i-i!' Hiate; n-'i j'ik. K . n-iKM't, nifh. Igan; Uneaman, ii. V. Hsxn.it, 01-14 Hi, Hockey League game here tonight. Detroit fullback mibsed the kick ti

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