The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on January 2, 1956 · Page 59
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 59

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, January 2, 1956
Page 59
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gßmammm n -, Ine Far Journey By Loula Grace Erdrnan. Copyright. 1955. by Loula Orace Erdman. (Continued from The Star, this morning.) Chapter XIII—(Continued). S HE read k through, the • bright expression on her face fading. It was replaced by a puzzled un belief, as if she did not at a trust the first reading she had given it. From somewhere ou1 of a great distance, she hearc Aunt Mae asking, '‘Is something wrong, Cath erine?” “I—I don't know,’* she said slowly. * She looked back at the letter again.' “Well, Catherine," her mother said, “don’t just sit staring at It. Who’s it from?" “It’s—it’s from Edward," she answered in a half-whisper "He—he can’t come for us now. “What’s wrong?" Aunt Mae asked. “He's—" • She looked from one woman to the other with the puzzled, vul nerable look of a hurt child. How could she tell them what she herself did not want to believe ‘It’s something about the claim,’ she explained. “He says he can’t get away for three months or more." She paused, glanced back at the letter. “He says that if he came right now we might stand to lose the claim entirely." This time she spoke with more firmness and conviction, but with no less hurt and disappointment. Again she checked the letter, skimming through it as if to find more to tell them. No—the rest of it she would keep for herself. “I can scarcely bear to think that we must wait, Catherine; but there’s no other way, believe me. I can’t leave now—we have too much at stake—some busi ness concerning the claim, and I must stay here until I clear it up. I’ll be there the first of August." The first of August. Three months! That was a lifetime. The terrible finality of it struck her with all the more force because, just outside the window where they sat, she could, see the wagon, packed and ready to go. She looked at it, her face stricken. The other women fol lowed her glance. “Well," Jessie broke in, "now that you aren’t going, we’ll just have Willie unpack that horrible wagon." Catherine stood up quickly, her eyes wide and dark in her white face. She faced her mother and began to speak, and it was as if the words were being drawn from some deep inner part of herself, from a reservoir unsuspected by anyone, even herself. Least of all, herself. “No," she said. “No—because I'm going. I'm ready, and I’m going on.” Jessie stared at her as if she was convinced the disappointment had made Catherine take leave of her senses. “How?” She flung the single crisp syllable at the girl, hoping tne force of it would bring her back to reason. “I don’t know—Ned and I will go alone, if necessary." Even as Catherine spoke, she knew she was saying a foolish thing. A woman and a five-year- old child did not travel alone more than four hundred miles overland. • "I’ll find another family that’s going," she finished uncertainly. “I suppose you think one will come down the road the first thing in the morning on its way to Mobeetie." Even in Catherine’s upset state she recognized the rightness of her mother's statement. Families going from Grafton to Mobeetie simply did not exist. “I’ll find a young boy to go with me," Catherine said stubbornly. “A fine, scandal that would start," Jessie pointed out. “If he 1s old enough to be of any help, he’d be too old to travel with you*." Catherine turned wearily. She thought suddenly that it had always been like this. There was no quarreling with her mother’s rightness, for it was based on logic. She turned and started out of the room. “Don’t take it so hard, Catherine." Jessie said softly. Once she had gained her point she was always quiet and composed. “He’ll be here in a few months. Then you can go back with him. Perhaps by that time things will work out so you won’t have to go overland." Catherine did not trust herself to answer. She walked out of the room. She made her way to the wagon, its canvas rippling slightly In the late afternoon breeze like a ship straining at anchor. In the lot Prince and Lady stood regarding her with a sort of inquiry on their benign faces. When are we going to be off? They seemed to ask. Even the boxes and trunks inside the wagon and had their own questions to ask. “Well, when do we start?" they seemed to say. Catherine went around to the back of the wagon. She put her head down on the box of cooking things. She shut her eyes, trying to think. She would ask Aunt Mae to go frith her. No, that was impos sible. Two women could lot drive to Texas alone. It was as her mother had said—She might as well give up the idea entirely In another three months or so, Edward would come for her. Three months! Again the period stretched before her, long and impossible. “Miss Catherine," a soft voice said at her elbow, “I heard I’m sorry." It was Della. ’Miss Mae told me. It’s too bad, honey." Even Della did not question for one moment that the trip wag now impossible. Della, who perhaps above all others sensed how much it meant to her. A rebellion rose up in Catherine that Della, too, should fail her. “Della," she began, a crazy half-formed plan beating in her brain. “Della—why don’t you and Hiram go with me" The colored woman looked at Catherine, a long, compassionate, understanding look. Finally she spoke. “You know we can’t do that, honey," she said with gentle sadness. “We got to stay here and look after Miss Jessie." Yes Catherine knew that. She ran her hand across her forehead wearily. Of course—it’s just that I can’t think straight right now'." “I know, honey," Della told her. “But you keep on thinking something will come to you." Catherine was still thinking— a little more calmly now, and with less sense of panic, when Uncle Willie came out to her. Ned was at his side, his eyes filled with tears he had not quite decided to shed. Mama," he said, “Grandma says we aren’t going—that Papa sn’t coming." “What’s happened, Catherine?" Uncle Willie asked. “I couldn’t make much sense out of what Jessie was telling me." It’s Edward—he can’t leave now. He can’t come for me until August." She began to cry. She had not cried before, but now the tears came—freely, like a child’s tears at a grief too deep for bearing, beyond understanding, beyond help. Uncle Willie watched her moment. Finally he spoke; very gravely, very slowly—not at all the way he usually talked. “Catherine," he said, “if you want me, I’ll go to Texas with you." She looked up quickly, light dawning in her face, hope struggling with unbelief. You mean?" she asked, as if she did not quite dare to believe what she had heard. I said I’d drive you to Texas," he repeated. TO LOOK OVER A FORTJJISE. Irish Woman Is Offered Wealth if She Will Live in U. S. Dublin, Ireland, Jan. 2.(AP)— Mrs. Anna Lockhart will leave for Doylestown, Pa., at the end of this month still undecided as to whether she will make herjhat she must live in his old home in the United States to home near Doylestown. qualify for a fortune. Mrs. Lockhart’s uncle, 93-year- old Russell Pickering, who'died December 7, left three quarters of a half-mlllion-dollar estate to her, but imposed the condition Mrs. Lockhart will be accompanied to the United States by her husband, Maj. W. A. J. Lockhart. Mrs. Lockhart has three children, Charles, 22, Brian, 20, and Caroline, 16. The decision facing her is difficult because the family is well established in a home here, a farm and a porticoed Georgian mansion on a hill in Glenealy, a County Wicklow market town. READ AND USE STAR WANT ADS. Television and radio schedule* are furnished by stations and are subject to change without notice. TELEVISION WDAF-TV (4) J :00 Mich. St. v|, U. C. t. A. TONIGHT KCMO-TV (SI Movie, "Roncho Grande." KMBC-TV (9) Mickey Mouse Club. :00 Rose Bowl. :30 Tony Martin. :45 News, Swayze. News; Weather; Sports. Robin Hood. Robin Hood. Little Rascals. Topper. Topper. They started two days later, early in the morning. Uncle Willie was driving. Ned sat beside him, very straight and proud. Catherine was inside the wagon on a low rocking chair. The latter was Uncle Willie’s Idea. “It will be more comfortable," he told her. “A wagon seat gets mighty rough, especially If you aren’t accustomed to one." ‘I’ll find a cushion y :00 Caesar's Hour. • :30 Caesar's Hour, Burns ond Allen. Telent Scouts. TV Reader's Digest. Howard Barlow Concert, Rounseville, Moylan fi 00 Medic. 87;30 Robert Montgomery. 1 love Lucy. December Bride. 1 Spy Medical Horizons. WDAF-TV (41 KCMO-TV (5) TUES KMIC-TV («) 6:43 Sunny Side Up. ■e :00 Todov. / :25 Almanac. :30 Today. *55 Morning Show. News. Morning Shew. News. Q 00 Today. V;25 Today In Kansas City, *30 Today. 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KCKN—Candle Light Serenade. 4:15 P. M. WDAF—News; Sports. KCMO—Eorly Evening. KMBC—Show Time. 4:30 P. M. WDAF—News, Morgan Beatty. KCMO—Bing Crosby. 4:45 P. M. WDAF—One Man's Family. KCMO—News, Ed Murrow. KMBC—Sports, Bill Stem. 4:51 P. M. WHB—News. 7:00 P. M. WDAF—Henry J. Taylor. WHB—Wayne Stitt. KCMO—My Son Jeep. KMBC—News; Edward Morgan. KCKN—News; K. C., K., C. of C. 7:15 P. M. WDAF—Boston Symphony. RADIO f:fi P. M. WHB—Now». WDAF 610-WHB 710--KCMO 810--KMBC 980-KCKN 1340--KUDL 1380--KPRS 1590 WOAF-Totthe E^nin*. a eusmon for it "I KCMO—Johnny Dollar. 1 V KMBC—Les Elgart Rec ; News. Jessie said. She went into the KCKN—Candle Light Serenade, and came bark with a! 7:30 p- M„ , . • , . , , , . : WHB — Top Tune Porode. small cushion which she placed j KCMO—Talent Scouts. on the chair. In the two days since Catherine and Uncle Willie had announced that they were going on anyway, Jessie had settled into a frozen calmness—an attitude born not so much of resignation as of a knowledge that protests were of no avail. Strangely enough Catherine, braced for stormy opposition, found this even harder to bear. Freed of the necessity for answering her mother’s arguments against the trip, she had more leisure to think about the manifold hazards of the journey she was about to undertake, to examine her own wisdom in setting forth. When the time came for the departure, they all gathered around the wagon, even Della and Hiram. The two Negroes were crying openly, the simple unrestrained grief of children. Hiram ran his hands over his hat brim—back and forth, back and forth. “Good-by, Ned," Jessie said, kissing the child. “Good-by, Grandma," he said, kissing her. He ran to Aunt Mae, kissed her. Then he went to Della and hugged her around the knees. She bent and kissed him on the top of his head. Good-by, honey-lamb," she said. “Good-by, Della. Good-by, Hiram." Then he went to Uneie Willie. “Lift me up," he demanded, “and lets’ go." His mind was far too much taken with the journey’s promise to waste time on farewells. “Good-by, Catherine," Jessie said. She kissed Catherine. The girl put her arms around her mother. could feel the woman trembling as she always did in times of great stress. But still, her eyes were dry. That, too, was like her. Good-by, Mother," Catherine said thickly. Uncle Willie came to them. “Don’t worry, Jessie," he said gravely. He looked at her directly—a message, understood by both of them, seemed to pass from one to the other. “I’ll look after her," he said. The words took on more the tone of a vow than that of a simple promise. Yes, I know," Jessie told him. Catherine kissed her mother again. Then she kissed Aunt Mae and Della. She went back to her mother. I'll write to you, Mother," she said. “When I get to Texas. Don’t expect letters while we are on the roa<V” I won’t—take care of yourself." “I will." “Don’t led Ned forget me..." “You know he wouldn’t do that . . ." Words were hard to say, there at the last. Part of her was wanting to go, traveling toward Edward; part of her was want ing to stay here, among iamil iar things, among the easy safe ways of home and the people she had known and loved all her life. The struggle was an ache in her heart, a constriction in her throat. KMBC—Howard Barlow Concert, Roun*eville, Tenor. 7:55 P. M. WHS—News. 1:00 P. M. WDAF—Telephone Hour. Brian Sullivan, Tenor. WHB—Top Tune Parode. KCMO—News; Jack Corson. KMBC—News; Sound Mirror. KCKN—Jax Wax. 8:30 P. M. WDAF—Bond of America. KCMO—Party Lino. KMBC—Off Beot. 8:55 P. M. WHB-KCMO—News 9:00 P. M. WDAF—Fibber McGee and Molly. WHB—Top Tune Parade. KCMO—Philo Vance KMBC—Guy Lombardo Records. KCKN—News; Jax Wax. 9:15 P. M. WDAF—News. 9:30 P. M. WDAF—Parade of Bands. KCMO—News; Sports. KMBC—News; Weather 9:45 P. M, KCMO—Stand By for Melody. KMBC—B. B. Dilson. 9:55 P. M. WHB—News. 10:00 P. M. WDAF—News; Weather. WHB—Night Club of the Air KCMO—Amos, Andy Music HalL KCKN—Newt, Jox Wax. 10:15 P. M. WDAF—Sports; Classic Hour. 10:25 P. M. KCMO—Kansas City ot Night. 10:30 P. M. KCMO—Curt Massey. KMBC—The King ot Hearts. 10:55 P. M. WHB—Newt. KCMO—Kansas City ot Night. 11:00 P. M. WHB—Night Club ot the Air. KCMO—Music 'Til Midnight. 11:30 P. M. WDAF—Serenade in Blue. KMBC—Serenade in the Night. 11:45 P. M. WDAF—Dedicated to T om . 11:51 P. M. WHB— Newt. 12:00 Mldelgbt. WHB—Night Club of the Air— Schedule Continues Ail Night. KCMO—Night Owl Club— Schedule Continues AM Night. TUESDAY. 5:00 A. M. WHB—All Night Juke Box. KCMO—Hillbilly Hits. 5:30 A. M. KMBC—R. F. D. 4:00 A. M WDAF—Farm Digest; Newt. WHB—News; Musical Clock. KCMO—News; Farm Reporter. KMBC—Weather; Farm Facts. KCKN—Top o' the Morning. KUDL—Risin' With Roch. 4:10 A. M. WDAF—Livestock Markets. KMBC—Songs of the West. 4:15 A M. WDAF—Morning Rural Route. KCMO—Eye Opener 6:20 A. M. KMBC.—Farm Bulletin. * 4:25 A. M. WDAF—R. F. D. Kansas City. KMBC —Tour Farm and Ours. 4:30 A. M. WDAF— Youth tor Christ. KMBC—Markets; Farm Front. KUDL—News; Risin' With Roch. K PR S—Moments of Meditation. 4:45 A. M. WDAF— Sun-Uppers; Weather. KCMO—Market Summary. KMBC—Better Farming. 4:50 A. M. KCMO—Farm Editor. KMBC—Farm Counselor. 4:55 A. M. WHB—News. 7:00 A. M. WDAF—Aiex Dreier. WHB—Musical Clock. KCMO—News; Weather. JJMBC—Time for Torev KCKN—News; lop o' Morning. KPRS—Sunrise Serenade. 7:15 A. M. WDAF—Pat Dunn Sings. KCMO—Dal Staflard. KMBC—News; Weather. 7:30 A. M. WDAF—News; Syncopated Clock. KMBC—-Time for Torey; Sports. KUDL—News; Risin' With Roch. KPRS—News 7:45 A. M. KCMO-KCKN—News. KMBC—Time for Torey; News. KPRS—Sunrise Serenade. 8:00 A. M. WDAF—News; Weathxr. WHB—News; Johnny Poors©«, KCMO—Dal Stollard. KMBC—Time for Torey; Weather. KCKN—Top o’ the Mom ng. 8:15 A. M. WDAF—Syncopated Clock KMBC—Torey; Mayor Reports. 8:30 A. M. KMBC—The Happy Home. KUDL—News; Risin' With Roch. KPRS—Platter Parade 8:45 A. M. KMBC—Time for Torey. 8:55 A. M. WHB-KCMO—New* 9:00 A. M. WDAF—1Weekday. WHB—Johnny Pearson. KCMO—Arthur Godfrey. KMBC—Breakfast Club. KCKN—News; Past and Present. KUDL—Jack Barr. 9:30 A. M. KUDL—New«; Jack Barr. KPRS—Bandstand. 9:55 A. M. WHI—News. 10:00 A. M. WDAF—Weekday. WHB—Johnny Pearson. KCMO—Arthur Godfrey. KMBC—My True Story. KCKN—Woman's World. KUDL—Sam Bradley and Ballroom. KPRS—Sweet Chariot. 10:15 A. M. KPRS—Music of Future. 10:30 A. M. KCMO—Make Up Your Mind. KMBC—When a Girl Marries. KCKN—Treasure Chest. KUDL—News; Bradley'» Ballroom. KPRS—Inspirational Hour, 10:45 A. M. WDAF—Fibber McGee and Molly. KCMO—Kitchen Club. KMBC—Whispering Streets. 10:55 A. M. WHB—News. 11:00 A. M. WDAF—Woman's Advisor. WHB—Dave Croninger. KCMO—Wendy Warren. KMBC—Bucky Walters Tune Time. KCKN—News; Record Rack. KPRS—Tune Teasers. 11:15 A. M. WDAF—Piano and Organ Time. KCMO—Howard Miller. KP R S—Madhouse. 11:10 A. M. WDAF—Unity Viewpoint. KCMO—Romance of Helen Trent. KUDL—News,- Bradley's Ballroom. KPRS—News. 11:4i A. ftft. WDAF—Highlights. KCMO—Our Gal Sunday. KCKN—News. KPRS—Forenoon Melodies. 11:55 A. M. WHB—News. 12:00 Noee. WDAF-KCMO-KMBC—News. WHB—Eddie Clarke. KCKN—Mark's Matinee. KUDL—Western Juke Box. KPRS—Jazi at Philharmonic. 12:10 P. M. WDAF—Weather; On the Ferm. KCMO—Farm Topics. KMBC—Feed Lot Chat; Roundup. 12:20 P. M. WDAF—Business of Farming. KCMO—Markets; What s New? 12:30 P. M. WDAF—Markets; Noon-Timers. KCMO—Weather; Markets KMBC—Livestock; Roundup KUDL—News; Mon on the Street. KPRS— Midday Melodies. 12:45 P. M. KCMO—Over the Bock Fence. 12:50 P. M. K M BC—Markets. 12:55 P. M. WDAF—News; Weather. WHB-KCMO—New« 1:00 P. M. WDAF—Weekday. WHB—Eddie Clarke. KCMO—Back to the Bible. KMBC—News; Roundup. KCKN—Mark's Mgtinee. KUDL—Western Juke Box. KPRS—Shoppers' Express 1:30 P. M. 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WDAF— Norman Vincent Peole. KPRS—Party Line. 4:30 P. M. WDAF—Lone Ranger KUDL—News; Barr's Top Fifty. KPRI—1390 Club 4:41 P. M. KPRS—Gospel Train. 4:55 P. M. WDAF—Top of the Evening. WHB-KCMO—News. KMBC—Well Street Finel. KUDL—Sports. 5:00 P. M. WDAF—News; Top of Evening. WHB—Woyne Stitt. KCMO—Harold Cntloy. KMBC—News; Sports; Music. KCKN—News; Musical Caravan. KUDL—Rollin' Heme. 5:15 P. M. KCMO—News, Allan Jackson. 5:30 P. M. WDAF—Tag of Evening. WHB—Wayne Stitt. KCMO—Sports. KM8C—Just Fine Musk. KCKN—Sports; Musical Corey—. 8:45 P. M l . WDAF—News; Sports. KCMO—News, Lowell Thomas. H”' Weekday - WDAF-RADIO 9 <o 10:45 a. m.-l to 2:30 p. m.-Monday thru Friday WHB—Woyne Stitt. KCMO-KMBC—News, Sport*. KCKN—Candle Light Serenade. 4:15 P. M. KCMO—Eorly Evening, KMBC—Show Time. 4:30 P. M. WDA£—News, Morgon Beatty. KCMO—Bmg Crosby. 4i4S P. M. WDAF—One Man's Family. KCMO—News, Ed Murrow. KMBC—Sports, Bill Stern. 4:1» P. M. WHS—News. 7:00 P. M. WDAF- ■ People Are Funny. WHB—Wayne Stitt. KCMO—My Son Jeep, ^word Morgan. KCKN—Newt; K. C, K., C. ef C. 7:15 P. M. KCMO—Johnny Dollar. KMBC—World and You; Newt. KCKN—Candle Light Serenade. 7:20 P. M. WDAF—Dragnet. WHB—Top Tune Parade. KCMO«—Suspense. KMBC—Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. WHU.J* '• “• _ 8:00 P. M. "i£AF—News; Radio Theoter. WHB—Top Tune Parade. kCKN—iex Wax. KCMO—Party line. 8:85 P. M. WDAP-WHB-KCMO—News. 9:00 P. M. WDAF—Fibber McGee and Molly “Hi—Top Tune Porode. KCMO—Bold Venture. iruS- loTbar^P »«cords. KCKN—News; Jax Wax. 9:1» P. M. WDAF—News; Horseh Comments 9:30 P. M. KMBC—News; Weather, ' 9:45 P. M. *?y for Melody. KMBC—B. I. Dilson. 9:55 P. M. WHB—News. »0:00 P. M. ^E b P*T.Niw,j- Weather. WHB—Night Club o# the Air. iSluu Andy. KCKN—N*ws; Jax Was. 10:15 P. M. WDAF—Sports; Classic Hour. 10:25 P. M. KCMO—Kansas City ot Niahf. 10:30 P. M. KCMO—Curt Massey. KMBC—The King of Hearts. 10:55 P. M WHB -New», KMBC—Kansas City ot Night. 11:00 P. M. WHB—Night Club of the AD 11:15 P. M. KCMO—Music 'Til Midnight. 11:30 P. M WDAF—Forward March. KMBC—Serenade in the NlgM. 11:45 P. M. . WDAF—Dedicated to You. 11:55 P. M. WHB—News 12:00 Midnight. WHB— Night Club of the Ain— w ieheduie Continues All Night. KCMO—Night Owl Club— Schedule Continue* AM Night T ONIGHT’S best television bets as previewed by TV Key’s staff In Hollywood and New York: Burns and Alien. —Ronnie has a new girl to study dramatics with and she likes those love scenes. Gracie doesn’t mind watching them kiss, but the girl’s father does. First part of the show is the brightest, with byplay between Gracie and Ronnie; 7 o’clock channel 5. Caesar’s Hour. —Sid manages to get in all this year’s hit tunes—and a few of iast year’s —while cavorting in costume as Cyrarto de Bergerac. The commuters have a lengthy but frequently amusing bit of nonsense about the angry wind-up to a New Year’s Eve party, in which Carl Reiner gets the lion’s share of the laughs. Nanette Fabray handles “the old soft shoe” in professional musicomedy fashion; 7 o’clock, channel 4. I Love Lucy.—If you’re the type that gets seasick, then tune in. Fred and Lucy use the DVEL ASKED BY A1S EDITOR . President of Uruguay Is Challenged to “Affair of Honor." Montevideo, Uruguay, Jan. -2 (AP)—Luis Batlle Berres, Uruguayan chief of state who recently visited the United States, was challenged to a duel today by a weekly newspaper editor. The challenge from Washington Guadalupe followed an exchange between his publication, El Nacional, and the president’s daily newspaper, Accion. El Nacional accused President Batlle Berres of “protecting private interests." In a signed column in Accion, Batlle Berres said “apparently we are in the Staten Island ferry to test some sea-sickness pills, and you can guess the rest. Enough laughs and a good workout’of Lucy's amazing orbs; 8 o’clock channel 5. Montgomery Presents.— “Three Men From Tomorrow." Montgomery puts up a stalwart defense this week for the 97 per cent of American youth that is not delinquent; as typified in the stories of three American boys. This one is nicely told and believable; ^:30 o’clock channel 4. Studio One. —“Dino." Writer Reginald Rose has devised another powerfully dramatic study of a tortured young boy, with a history of murder and delinquency behind him; and what results from the application of affection, understanding and psychiatry. The result is a drama with meaning for all of us. Excellent cast, including Ralph Meeker and Sal Mineo; 9 o’clock channel 5. presence of low-minded people; only those who have dirty souls can write such things." Guadalupe then issued the challenge. Look & Listen KCMO-Rodio—810 on your dial At 8:30 tonight and .every week night listen in on a real Party lino . . you call in the questions . . someone's got the answer! Then for a session of songs and fun . . don't miss the premiere of the Curt Massey Show on KCMO-Radio at 10:30 every week night. # KCMO-TV—Channel 5 If you've ever been to Europe or ore going . . by all means join I Love Lucy tonight at 8 on Channel 5 as the Ricar- does and the Mertzes get set to sail. Everyone's tglking about juvenile delinquency . , and a few folks are doing something about it . . tonight's Studio One ot 9 on Channel 5 stars Rolph Meeker in an unusual drama on this present doy problem. It's called "Dino!" KCMO-FM—94.9 Megacycles Kansas City's only hi-fidelity Fine Music station . , KCMO-FM broadcasts from 3:30 to 11:00 P. M. daily . . write for free programs schedule. Everyone here ot KCMO wishes you and /ours a hoppy happy New Year! Much Ado About SHAKESPEARE Beginning I P. M. Jan. 7 KCMO-TV Tonight on TV with Carolyn Benton Cockefair Much Ado About Carpel-Everyday With the Nation’s Finest Carpets at R. D. MANN CTT 928-32 Central VI. 2-1111 TV and APPLIANCES Wi GUARANTEE THE WORLD'S HIGHEST TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES! HAROLD ENSLEY "Th« Sportsman's Friend” TELEVISION 9Q95 RECONDITION'KD—FROM **a OPEN EVENLNUS AND SIN DAYS Mmum 2554 McGee Trafficway BA. 1-3202 Presented by YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER ‘Tour Wert Buys . Dollar Wist.'' TreJdij APPLIANCE Co 4 626 Troavf- : 341 1 Prospect >U:u 3-3960 WAbash 4-1234 ow é^rnie ^Jsouaci I 9:30 a. m.-Monday thru Friday-WDAF-TV tt9M the Motti! \\ TIME FOR TOREY" Beginning Jnnuarg 2 on KMBC-KFBM WHY SHOP THE TOWN? SEE ’EM ALL AT JACK BORING’S.. OPEN TOMORROW 9 A. M. ’TIT Cl p If _ VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE TONIGHT AT 10:05 P. M.-CHANNEL 4 (Continued in The Star tomorrow morning.) TV'S MOST RELAXED SHOW tomorrow with Terry TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT-CHANNEL 4 HBMMM DURING JACK BORING S AFTER-INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE AUTOMATIC WASHER AND AUTOMATIC GAS DRYER NO DOWN PAYMENT up to 5 YEARS TO PAY 3 PAYMENTS 'TIL MARCH. 1956 R6G. $239.95 DRYER SAVE $51.07 AT JACK BORING'S-—ONLY THE MIDDLE WEST’S LARGEST EXCLUSIVE APPLIANCE & TV STORES Sum -KflNS£c,TY 4609 TR00ST OUJiex M0 Westport 1-6500 Afjpßuutcc- KANSAS c,TY. i8th & CENTRAL nilATII Finley 2-7245 S • ¿Si* PLEASE NOTE: OUR BUSINESS WAS BUILT ON GOOD SERVICE!

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