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Indiana Gazettei
Indiana, Pennsylvania
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Iron The Wni Pg by Betty Oafcnam 1991 IMvt'Mi PtMa Synrfkt A few Navy and Coast Guard ranks Our Department of Defense Meet Gen. Powell The president Army, Marine and Air Force officers' I ranks 2nd lieutenant gold CD 1st lieutenant silver Seaman apprentice Article II of the Constitution gives the president the power to be the commander in chief of the armed forces. President Bush is our ill The chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Colin Powell, age 54, was born in New York City. He graduated from City University of New York with a degree in geology.

He also has a master's degree in business. He President Bush commander in chief. Captain Petty officer 2nd class Department of Defense Gen. Powell Major gold has been in the Army for more than 32 years. He is married and has three children.

His hobby is fixing old cars. The Department of Defense is the part of the government that is in charge of the armed forces. Lt. colonel silver The president appoints a civilian secretary of defense to head the Chief petty officer A few Air Force ranks talks with a woman serving in the Army in Saudi Arabia. Women played an important role in this operation.

department. Dick Cheney is the secretary of defense. Mr. Cheney used to be a U.S. congressman from Wyoming before he took Airman Meet Gen.

Schwarzkopf Dick Cheney over tne job. Colonel Brigadier general Major general it Lt. general General Sergeant Sometimes the president appoints an officer to command forces assigned to certain missions. Gen. H.

Norman Schwarzkopf (swartz-kofl) was the commander of Operation Desert Storm. The Joint Chiefs A special group called the Joint Chiefs of Staff advises the president and the secretary of defense about military matters. It also passes down commands to military forces serving under it. The Joint Chiefs is made up of the head of the Army, Air Force, Navy operations and the Marine Corps. These are the top military officers who command their branch of the service.

Master sergeant Some Marine ranks Gen. Schwarzkopf ThJ generaI fa from West Point. He later got a master's degree in mechanical engineering. He has been in the Army for more than 34 years. He has the nickname "Stormin' Norman." He is married and has three children.

His hobbies include magic and classical music. He also enjoys the outdoors. A few Army enlisted I ranks A The chairman Over these officers is our country's top military commander. His title is chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Private Corporal Corporal Some Navy officers' insignia Sources: Veterans Administration, Department of Defense and the individual branches of the armed services.

Gunnery sergeant Admiral Ensign Lieutenant Commander Captain Rear Admiral Sergeant.

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