Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 23, 1897 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1897
Page 20
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WAILY PHAROS TffURSDAT, DEC. 23, 1897. »•». 1, 1/OOTHAIK. ' JOHN W. BARKIS. Ban»*H. VDITOK8 AMD FBOPKHTOHg. TBBM8 OF 8UB8CB.IPTION — Dally pe week, 10 cent*; per month 40 oenti: per yea •trtotly in advance) J4.50 The Weekly Phttro* and the Salurds Pharoa, the two formfnp the aeral-Weekl •rflttoo. aL» a year, itrtctly ID advance. Entered at the Loeangport, Ind.,po«t<5ffloe a* lecono clam mail matter, SB provided by law DEMOCRATIC DISTRICT CO.NTEHTIO To the Democrat* of'the -Elerenth Congressional Dlslrict: Pursuant to the order or the Dem •cratic state central committee, tb delegates to the district convention •re called to meet In the city o Peru on Tuesday, January lltb, 1898, at 10 o'clock &. m., for the purpose o •electing one member of the Demo cratic state central committee fo •aid district for the ensuing two years. The basis of representation In said convention, as fixed by said committee, will be one delegate for •ach 200 votes or fraction of '100 or •ver cast for the head of the Bryan electoral ticket. A general Invitation Is extended to the Democrats of the district to at tend this convention. The delegatas to said convention will be selected In each county on or Before January Sth, 1898,.by county »r township meetings, accord Ing to local custom and upon the call of the chairmen of the several counties. S. OE. COOK, Chairman Congressional Com. Hnntingtoo, Ind., Dec.18,1897. SFKATOK 'WoieoTT threatens to resign in case PresidentMcRlnley approves Banket Gage's gold standard programme. YES, that was a pow'ful explosion •f pent up indignation. Several suspender buttons were found on Sixth itreet yesterday evening. THE Dlngley deficit continues to f row. The Dlngley deficit promises to exceed In one year the aggregate deficit of the Wilson tariff In three years, But the country will get along all right unless the gold con- jpirators should, for the purpose of Intimidating congress, make another raid on the gold ressrve. Then would •onue another bond sale. THE Dlngley tariff law does not benefit .the people engaged In agricultural pursuits to any extent whatever. Today farmers are getting better prices for some kinds of grain. The man with ordinary common •ense knows that the extraordinary foreign demand is the real cause for the Increase In prices of farxn pro- iucts. Had there been no change in the tariff, prices o? farm products would have ruledjthe same as now. Had Bryan been-elected wheat, corn, oats, •eef and pork would have commanded the same price that now prevails. Judging from the cut in wages oiade by the protected cotton manufacturers, the Dlngley tariff law has •ot even benefitted manufacturers, AN OPEN LETTER Tirom Mias Sachner, of Co! O, to Ailing Women. To all wam«n who are fords me great pleasure to teli-^jcon of the benefit I have derived frofaijtak- foig Lydia. E. Pinkham's "Vf%*e$&blo Compound. /I can hardly nnd-^«w£s to express my gratitude ^cr 'th^iwoD giren to suffering women in-*BKt excellent remedy. Before taking: ±n* Compound I was thin, sallow,and nervous. I was troubled with leucorrhoea, and my men- Etna al periods were -very irregular. I tried three physicians and gradually grew worse. About a year ago I was advised by * friend to try Mrs. Pinkham's Sana|i,ve Wash and Vegetable Compound, which I did. After using three bottles", at the Vegetable Compound and qiiepack- ag'e of Sanative Wash, I am now en joy- ing better health than I ever did, and attribute the «ame ;to your wiJnjderfiil remedies. 1 cannot find words.to*±- press what a Godsend they have been to me. J; Whenever I begin to feel nervous and 111, I know I have a never-failing phy- •loian at hand. It would afford ma pleasure to know that my words had directed some suffering sister to health and strength through those most excellent remedies.—Miss MAT SACHNBB, Rich S* -, Columbus, O-. ;- not Indignant at-the o wholesale pardon of bank-wreWers by President McKlnley? .Do they ,npt, n a word, already declare thejWlTure of the administration, alike -in domestic and in foreign pollcyi-to regard the will or to respect tbe^rigiitB of the people?" ~'^ : : It then goes on to say that"WUllam Tennlngs Bryan Is better fltted'J'tnan any other Democrat to lead -iia the new revolt against Republican faith- essness and failure. It admltg :: J,bat hie hold upon the Democratic "party n the nation is stronger than£ever, and that those Democrats who voted or McKlnley on the Issue of national honor and sound money have no reas- in for satisfaction with their cholc e ,nd that Republican stupidity, ^is igaln solidifying the Democracy^The World, which supported Cinley, might have foreseen all the vils of which it complains. It knew he character of the selfish Interests hat supported McKinley. It knew hat every trust promoter, every cor- oratlon manager, every labor crush- r, every tax dodging plutocrat, sup orted McKinley through selfish mo- ives, and in tbe expectation that heir interests would be cared - for. nd tbe administration is doing the est it can to please these selfish in erests. ' Colorado Senator Speaks at New England Society Celebration. GOME DAEK HUfTS OF THE PUTUEE, HAS anybody heard any complaints from the hundreds of thousands of railroad men who voted tor McKln toy and sound monej last year? The railroad earnings, which have stead lly Increased since the revival of prosperity immediately following the election of J896v continue to grow, the November earnings of 104 railroads showing an increase of 21 per cent over November of the preceding year.—Journal. And to what i« the increase In earnings attributable? Would not the •ame foreign demand for our surplus products have existed, had Bryan instead of McKlnley been elected? Would not the crop conditions have been tbe same? While railroad earnings have increased abnormally, Is it tiue that the wages of railway em ployes have oeen correspondingly increased? Natural conditions are most favorable for the railroads. Hx> act of the McKlnley administration, however, brought them about. The foreigners who own most of the •took of our railway will harvest rich dividends and they will be paid in gold. Their good fortune Is not due to McKioleyism. It is due to the favors of nature and a great demand abroad for what we have to sell. Predictions Verified. The lifew York World very seriously asks: What are the people thinking and talking about in connection with national politics? "Are they not," it inquires, "dis- cnasing the Dinjjtey tariff, which strangles commerce while robbing the consumers? Are they not laughing at the comical dilemma of the Republicans, who got Into power by bowling against the Cleveland deficit and bare ever since been increasing' it? Are they not; denouncing the pension excesses ami condemning the Hawaiian job? Ara they not awake to. the increase and the shameful immunity of unlawful trusts and mo- •apolierfiuDo t&ty not resent the elevation of a plutogcrat*' agent to tbe bench of tbe supreme court? Are •Will Admit "Motivt" Testimony. Chicago, Dec. 23.—Judge Gary JJecrided esterday to admit evidence regarding be love affairs of Adolph L,uet§;ert as encllngr to shcra' a motive for the crime charged. \V»lrott-Tracy Fight Chicago, Dec. 2a.—The fight ^twe,en Walcott and Tracy has been finally set for Monday night. Both men continued their training, and are in excellent condition. Jnlia Mnrlowe, Actress, Is 111. Cincinnati. Dec, 1*3.—Julia Marlowe, who -was billed to play here this week at th« Grand, is ill with malarial fever. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS.' A whipping post bill has been introduced in the Virginia senate. The final day's work of the American Federation of Labor at Nashville was uneventful. Martin Rood shot two and captured five burglars single-handed in his store at Canaan. Conn. At the annual meeting- of the New York base ball club a dividend of S per cent, was declared. Charles Page Bryan has been unanimously indorsed for minister to China by both houses of the Illinois legislature. Five destroyed J100.000 worth of property of the A. H. Andrews company at Fisk and Twenty-second streets; ..Chicago, yesterday. O. E. Woodbury, an old mechanic of Madison, Wis.. it is found, was the author of the famous campaign son£ of 1S40, "Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too." William Sauser, son of W. G. Sauer, a Detroit publisher, is under arrest at Kansas City charged with complicity in a bank robbery at Vermilion. Kan. Barrios, president of the republic of Guatemala, has just shot six of his political enemies to death, and has ; 22$ more to draw from when he feels like it. An expert accountant tells Governor Holcomb that "irregularities" in the penitentiary management have cost-Nebraska S53T.S71.S7, littie of which is recoverable. W. F. Rockwell, a prominent manufacturer of Meriden, Conn., proposes that congress should fund the pensions, paying: each pensioner the present worth of his pension as calculated by life insurance methods. James Murray, an attorney of Boone, la., went to Chicago and made himself known to his brothers. John and x i«w- rence. And there was much rejoicing, -for James had been mourned as dead twenty-three years. } Three younp men were arrested in a swamp near Stevens Point, Wis,. where they had a camp aad were fortified with suns and revolvers. The arrest was made at the Instance of neighbors. who said that the boys nad terrorized locality. . /;_:'"" * r ~' Intimate* That National Policies Are Again on .Sectional Lin*s with the West and South Acting Together—I>omestic Differences Crystaliy.inp—A. Dofens* of the W«st anil Some Ships at the Other Fellow —Winds Up »<•'<»> Patriotic Words. New York. Dec. 23.—At the dinner o£ the Xe\v England society here last night Senator Wolcott, of Colorado, was the principal speaker. He began with a humorous reference to the resignation with which the exiles from New England bore their banishment, and then spoke of an alleged desire of the Can- adiar government to acquire the state Of llaine and portions of New Hampshire and Vermont in exchange for territory in western Canada. Serious thought on the subject of a possible cession of a part of New England brought "a realization of what it would mean to this people to face the possibility of changing by the shadow of a. hair the control of these states or the sacrifice of a chip of its native granite, however, barren. • " * Not only does this sentiment pervade the land, but we seem at times to be developing an inclination to invite some other country to differ with us in order that we may demonstrate our united aggressiveness. Senator Seems to See Trouble Ahead. "In certain directions our domestic differences are crystalizing and not disintegrating. For more than a generation -we have waited for the day when parties would divide solely on national Questions, and when the old sectional issues growing out of the war and.the race problem would be buried. The time came. The parties met on a broad economic question, and lo! we emerge from the contest threatened with another bitter sectional division. The far west, largely the child of the east and pulsing, with its blood, joins~hands with the south. The new alignment is not only debtor against creditor, class against class, but in a land pervaded with equal devotion to what its people believe in as the truest welfare of the whole country, great majorities in one section face equally great majorities in another. .Silver .Sentiment in tlie \Vest. "The west is-not decadent; its views are of men virile, industrious and genuine, and their beliefs are honest. They would scorn any sort of evasion of an obligation. They are patriotic men. * ' * They are Americans; to a.pro- portion greater—far greater—than in the east, native-born American citizens. The views they cherish are held with practical unanimity. So universal a feeling as that which pervades .the great west cannot all be \vrong. You cannot dispose of a conviction held by millions of intelligent people by calling it a craze, and some day you may find it worth your xvhile to look for the truth where it i* usually hidden—some •i-here between extremes REFtKCTS OX TtAIlLWAT MA Hints That the Ahilito to Make Money >'ot Menu KiiiniK-inl Wisdom. "Somehow it is not readily recognized in the west that ability to reorganize western railroad and swell its stock and securities several millions every time-i is foreclosed necessarily indicates an equal ability to determine the wises economic policy for the farmer who lives along the right of way. And men who would no more dream of entrusting their banker with the duty o£ formulating their financial views than the> would of entrusting the man of whom they bought a shotgun with the command of the armies of their country are naturally inclined to fear -that in this part of the moral vineyard there is tendency to assume that the possesion of great wealth means necessarily the possession of great wisdom. "It is only a few years ago that England was 'uncommon proud' of that west which her sons had so largely peopled, and her resources, lavishly ventured, has done so much to develop. Perhaps they are only sttpersensitive westerners who fancy they see in certain quarters a subtle change—an inclination to criticise, an inability to find much to commend, and a tendency to look still further to the eastward for methods and ideals fit to follow. I hope it is all a_raistake. .Coi}tenirnp£i_cann«; The China and Cut'Glass That we are giving away make splendid CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. We Take No Chances Weather too Uncertain AMAZING REDUCTIONS In Holiday Gifts READ EVERY LINE Especially the Closing Paragraph. SPECIAL 38c or two for 75c choice of all our initial silk liandkerchieis, the very finest, full size, magnificent silk embroidered full size letters, solid silk embroidery, absolnteJjr none reserved, worth up to §1.00. Choice 38c. AN EPOCH IN LOW PRICES And Valuable guide for useful gifts for Christmas Leather Traveling Bags, the Glory of a Life time Men's 50 and 750 cashmere Hose for 250. NECKWEAR Our enoraions display divided into two lots. Choice 25 and 50c. 25c tor men's 50 and 75c Imported Cashmere hose. Mufflers and Dress Shirt Protectors A real surprise—25c for 50 and 75c men's finest wool hose, all colors. SUSPENDERS. For Ladies' and Gentlemen, is a most desirable present, and very highly as it is a token of a life time. Our Lucky Purchase »f Hartman & Go's sample line enables us to place with Soli* Leather and Eeal Alligator Valises, English frames and gold plate* trimmings at 50c on the dollar, or 50c to $9.00, worth •! to «18. Just think of, tor 25c and 50c choice, none reserved, our entir* stock of Neckties, Tecks, Bows, Ties, Four-in-hand, Doubles, large and small, worth 50c to $1.00, choice ol all 25 and 50 cents. Our stock and prices in this line is too large and varied to in separate lots as above lines and to slaughter at the popular prioet above 25c and 50c, but the cut will be equally great. We are swe to save you half. At 25c, most elegant Gold Plated Suspender trimmings, silk mixed webbing. . . •1.00 for choice ot our »1.50 and $2.00 Finest Suspenders. last but Smoking Jackets, Slippers, Shirts, Night Shirts. Hosiery, Underwear, Knit Jackets, Garters ; not least, our great slaughter sale of Overcoats, Suits and Reefers for Boy's and Children ant will comtinue until further notice. Also ladies $5.00 colored shoes, the $5.00 kind at 13.00. The Otto Shoe and Clothing Co. A wonderful treat—For a Quarter, choice ot the finest Wool Hosiery ever imported, costing up U> j6.00 per dozen tc import, none reserved, choice of all, 25c. DON'T MtllT A Common Case «f Piles. It May Lead to Serious Results. When people generally understand that all such fatal diseases>as fistula, ulcer of the, rectum, fissure, etc., almost invariably begin in [a simple case ot piles, they will learn the wisdom of taking prompt treatment for the first appearance of troubles in this quarter. Tbe Pyramid Pile iure will certainly cure, every form of piles, itching, Weeding, protruding or "blind piles, and hundreds of ives have been saved by using this cheap, but effective remedy right at the start, because at such a time a single package will effect a cure, while in the old chronic, deep-seated cases, several packages are sometimes necessary before a lasting cure ia effected. Physicians are using the Pyramid Pile Cure In preference to surgical operations and with uniform success. For sale by druggists everywhere at 5o cents and •! per package. Send for free book on. cause and cnre of piles. Address Pyramid Co., Manball, Mich., formerly Albion, Sffich. . tome to tms lano,Dy sections, ana it'can never come except under conditions which bear equally on the whole people. "Only the other day a cabinet officer came over here to enlighten one of your great commercial bodies, and with a gifted Chicago imagination quoted Walt Whitman; told you how our fathers, when George the Third was king, 'Dashed the cup from their lips,' a precedent I am "lad to see has not been followed at this dinner, and talked about 'obstruction' at Washing-ton, havins reference to the senate. It is rather a r.ew use of the term to call a man who does not vote as you want him to an obstructionist, and in the last 100 years -the balance and check upon hasty'legis- lation which the deliberation of the senate have furnished have been of infinite advantage to the country. "The century now ending has been full of growth and glory. It has witnessed the republic rise from insignificance and povery tO ( wealth and g-reatness. Most of us here tonight can recall the dark days of doubt, and from them have seen the people emerge triumphant a nation of freedom—all free. A continent's width may divide us, but the same flag greets us at the dawn, the forty-five stars all blazoned alike upon its azure field—all yours and all ours. In days of peace as in time of war the altar of patriotism is an altar of sacrifice, and please God we will start the new century on its journey to the stars laden with the hopes and aspirations of a\ happy ajiJ a united MEN AND WOMEN SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & Rauoli 420 BROADWAY. Now Open For Inspection Our Christmas Line of Silver Plated Novelties S PRY'S Broadway & Pearl St Notice of Election. The annual meeting of the share holders of Tbe City National Bank of Logansport, Indiana, for the election of nine" directors for the nsuing year, will be held at their office on Tuesday, January llth., 1898, from tea o'clock a. m. to four o'clock p. m. F. R. Fowler, cashier. 1897 DECEMEE. 1807 Su. 12 19 Mo. Tu. 13 20 21 28 We. Th 1 I 2 8 15 22 29 9 16 23 30 Fr. ~3 10 17 31 Sa. 11 TAILOR Can Suit You in Style and Prices, NO PAIN!NO DANGER! Teeth txtractcd without pain or after effects, such as gore month, sore gums, etc. Absolutely sale and pafnles, Eczema in any part of the body Is Instantly relleyed and permanently cored by Doan'i Ointment, tbe sovereign remedy for all itchinew of! the akin. f The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit; The finest «JK) best method ofCBOWN end BRIDtiE Work. HF~Xo cluuxe for extracting without p»in when new teeth are to be nipptfed . Dr. W; T: Hurtt. [DENTIST!^ 3111-3 Fourth St. Mor RE/ROVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tncker where yon are i»vited to call and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings - coatings that beat. W.D. Craig, Pearl StNert to Dr. Bell's OOo*. and Orer- cannot be

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