The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1931
Page 6
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rnnnrrcR NKWS Hei- Hopes Are liven Older Thau W. L Himself; Believes in Her Son. MUTCH'S NOTE; Tills. Is the 'flirt of four stories direct firm (Ijc tra'jilr^ can:|i f.f lieaOttVI,; challfnfrr Veiling KUIMIii.<r, Am- >rjca's hops lo regain (he llllr frf m Max Schrnplinir. The slnvles will loudi en Slrililinir'K previous cluncts and failures. lilr condition ant] training activities, hi 1 ; father ami miillirr, :tml Hie «iilrr'« (b irvnliuis anil luvri'S-ilons of till- Georgian's rlianc-rs (o drfrnl Ihc cli3lni>I<;n July It at Cleveland, * * » nv fLAiiii; nt'itf-KY NKA Service Sports U'rit'T GEAUOA LAKE PARK, O.— "If it's a bov .he'r. noil!? to become heavyweight champion of the world." Tic was 3 boy. aril tlir words that Mi filriWUn! snnV:> 27 years ngo In Balnbridtjc. Ga.. before he was Ijorn appear Jmt about ready to conic fuse?. Sometimes the £o?.l Ins seamed rear for W. U (Youns) Striblini. i)r. Then It faded— a mlrnjc. Now It Is near apaln— Jnlv 3 at Cleveland— when thin noc.d-lcokiiur. likeable Georgian meets "Max Schmel- IIIE, lo box 1R rounds or less for tl'fl title. He hns booted Ills Important opportunities— with Mike McTic.ue, one-time miitdlcwelrht clininutoti: \Ylth Paul Bcrlonbach and Tommy Lbuphran, former light heavyweight kines, and wllh Jack Sliar- Vev— <nic Uv o'lf* fcr 10 years. Still, should pvervbfl'lv Vo «onr on Ihe youni; man? Blinnkln't lie for 1 commended for building himself new chanres with swiff <-niiii>l> r .cks on the heels of llvsc failures? This Is his |I!K chance— ami ifer- hnos Hie Insi cNnce IIP will iired. ,1 hope hc.rjr'ts IhcM Hils time. When Slrib Was Bad-And Also Good llnth fauiralili! iiii:l unfVu'oi.-iljli! atlnilluu called (o AV. I.. Strlhltn", Jr., as :i result of th bunt* jm-lurnl p.Sinvt'. His dance, \silh Sluirkey and hh wait-/, with DcKuh caused iMviple lt> cast man) sluniiii: rri:vulK. Hut il WIK ilillVr.-nt ill ll:i Sr HI, Vi.n 1'ora! and Uriffillis fr.iys. Willie was (Ixlilini; foul In lliii'ie oiigngrmr-itt!; anil liivausr lir was lie is c'lthin the .sliul at Srhmrlint's crnwn failure deep iliuj ittitude. Thi're wos nn nnmrenl "nason for his lettlnur McTIeur-'s title vel awav r "*"\ Mm. t.honeh h* ac.hi- allv did hfivn |i-n riiatnpinnshin for roiii'iiitf li|;li(. was chnriPltiB and rcchanping his decision. I nm infnrmcfl that there ' v "" 1 n mn;-ipnt in ti^il ''oul when Strih hid tlv anclnnt Trlsh- he didn't, and the opiwrtuntty "Didn't t'ipy nrrupn vnii oT 'fnlnt heart' |ti I tin B"rV»nh"irh fijlit?" I n?k<vt hini tlie otlirr t\t\v. They nccusecl me of lols •• ol thinis. 1 'rcnliort W. I,.. "l)iit It wasn't ns bnd ns that. I rililn'l hek l'"0it r>!id I'll «cvr lack it In this ll f .?. The fan-; couldn't understand thit T didn't ha'v a pair of lees under me anil that T was fiohtliiR r.n hcnrt. alone. Wllhout n hearl. I couldn't hive (tone IS rounds 'vith n p\iv hUth\c ns hard or, wns thixl nteht." Maybe, that exnlanntion suits yon? and nnylw it. tlr^sn'l . Anyhow. we'll pass on to tile T.oiighrnn and Sharkcy figlits. Accordinc to Pa StnhKiw. n series of- Ind breaks tabbed nn 1" front, of W. L. in both IM?e fielil-'i. The young man injured his shoulder while trnlninT for LmiRhrwi. In spite of this. 1-a started out to beat Tommy, snys Pa. only lo wrench his lnrf<* «hcultler. Ue wa- r : throH^li after that. '.' "W. L. aeeravatod Hiil same shoulder injury while ccltin? readv ' for the Sharl-ey fi<;lit," explained Pa. "1 wanted lo cn!l off the fight • and I nr=fnod it out with liolh Dcmusey and Carey, co-nrcmoters of Hie fisht. Tlicv finally made us sec that we'd Iv? disaupoiutlns a let of our own hmne folhp, so we went tliroiiph with it. Pirsl. ihPiteh, t>-,->v f>ld th(-v'd give us a flpht in New York Inter. "The bov vvis in no shaue to I'D his >"«l. b»t. 1-n went thro:n:h with It. With his 'pff a"'i r.rnctlr-illv Useless, he fou^li*. Shnrkev well enoiwh to have, nn even brenk g.i- inz into the lentil re.'ind. W. L. lost Ib^? t n n^h. acrord'n? tn the .referpp. but it u'ti^ r>p=o. Tf hlf= . shC'*;in D w^s disiniy>'ntin?, what • about Rha rlr ev. v'-^ '•id t'.vo S"0d hands to n-rht. with?" ••nsiev and lo;ikvd b?tler doini; it It t hudn't Irlod so iiard In win by n kayo." Anyhow, he's tlic rhallenfiev for the heiivyu'clijhl champlonshli). I think he'll set there liiii; limp, and ;nc u !('.t of ether. 1 ! in my tat. TOMORROW; Slribline's lilivsl-i l ami niviilal :DIII||||UII fur llu-j • Relief Hurling Saves Nnts; MiT.ks Pennant to carry a water hole, or i oftyi u duo to The p|.iycr eiii'onn'.cring such a hazard usually Is keyed up to n hijli tension. Invarlablv Iris 'nxic'y will cause him lo look up beic-re Ihc cliibhrr.d has a oliancs lo da it? jurt. the tall across the Imai-d Pierslng or hunyiiitt the •.-i-ot -it « w.-.ltr ho!t! often bri'm>s un n" s!hi tupiicd shot or scmethin;; cqii-tnv Raising Wi'.li Victory. The Athletics won yesterday but. so did Ihe porsisic'it Demlors who -- • i-f'..,-,. tt) 1»> downHirtcd by the ; irriiollliuj pace sel bv thn champion lii>:\'lfi<) and American leaders. The Card". I Nrtloiinl pi-ce snitprs were Idle VTsterday. while the Chlc-uigci Cute lost liic only pimp plaved In Ihe rhc.ult In the Boston Braves. Uni'p Wall-ore Ihnitcii I he- Cleveland Indians to five hitr, as Ihe Muck* ra'B"il their world scrips (l:v et Philadelphia and celebrated mior.illy with :M to 1 triumph, losincr hnr'cr. It HOW THEY STAND Twenty-one Second Round M?iclipe Comnleiecj. Two 1 hi I'd Rounds Finished. Twenty-one matches in Ihe second round of 11'.? annual handicap tournament of Hie lilylh.v.'illc- {•nuntry <'li:tj have been completed. The third round opens this week. Of Ihe twenty one matches completed, olcu'ii matches were won by default. Two ihhd round matcher, have been finished with W. .1. Pollard's viclorv over II'. P. Kirshner the cii'.iilanriim,' match of so far. Second round inlcrcsl include (he of E. B. Thomas by and Bruno Tanner by Ihc round miik-hes of climlnnllon 1). A. i.i'ncii Enieit Roe. Hnndlcfi]i BRUSHING UP SPORTS tl Routhurn I3irtni!ii;iin]ii Atlanta Memphis Netv Orleans I Jit!" Rock .......... .Mobile Nashville W. -12 S3 30 29 20 27 27 H3 American Philadelphia V.':v.hl!i[;ton Nc'u- York . ni!H'cla:id . . J.inston ..... Chicago ____ St. Louis W. 39 31 . 27 26 . 20 10 21 17 Pet .GG7 .574 .500 .483 .475 AbS .44S .390 p-t .7SO .380 31 .354 National CetUllf; ivns WnlbevR's tenth victory of the I St. year. Lnui~ York firs! wicker, hit! rhicnqo FAlU'RG To •„ CARRY A WATER Hole OFTEJ! IS DUE TO NENTAL 'Brooklyn .. ]MKbnr<;!i .. I'hibdrlphin .162 .42(1 .400 .340 "l tills .Tulv But tt was Willie's not h 1 * clinches ; holds that IITOV?!?'. eonnle of Ml honk'' e> -n irv^ ; \i" Otto Von Porat and Phil Pc-i nnd a wcU-feiizht encounter nith Tuffv Griffiths wnre rcu'vjnslb'.p. An^t'i^r tour of t*in link 'owns. fol!ow(Hl bv a iannt th^n'.iqii F.'irno" in which lie twir.™ fcmht Pr.Mio Cani°ri. and Wllll" wcrkerl liis way Into a bout -.vit 1 ' Y«n Po^ai srheol tfar^bur. Yon kn-w all ihniil that; SlriWine rammed hh pon'n- ized left fist halfway down. Von Porat's throat and knocked him cold In the first round You also know all about how Iv: Vent back 'to England and left- hooked Scolt to the floor five tlniss before Phalntlne Phil was counted out in the second round. And vot probably recall how he fooled around with bifr Arthur DeKuh content to outooiiit h!u>. and thei 1 llad to whale Tuffy Grifliths las winter to bring himself back Into ecod (traces again. Some sav he. should have knocked out Griffiths. . "Tnnt was -just Ihc trouble," ravs W. L. ."I tried 100 hard lo knock ..out. Griffiths; I could bave won . ]i!:iyrr : nuv \>r. <ho]:phiy hi.- shoulder.:" 1:1. nn cffcrt to K'.-t thp bill iiit'.i (h.-i air. Uropping the shouldrr n;c.i':-.' that the 'clnbhean wili .-.i.riiy tlic jreiind behind ihe till, ca rhin: it ! en the up swinj ar.d lopiiinp; it into '• SroKli'.r. Relax \\lien (rouble Try o s.viiij an ;ir,nothly us you kno-.v • av.d ilu- ho.xio.i l-.aU- u;.7iu u> dkappear. To:lt. Mack e. I'-'mie rnn. Fr"d Marlirrry. stout henrled j iVa'.lihiBlRn relict hurler. lurn.^il : h-- t>-^ nr-ui-.s ]n n-.e crnrial seventh Innlni; of a hard rr.ufin 5 -.n-r> .it W:isl>in-'.lo'i ye'.lerday. The j 1 '.rov;us had scored thieo run. 1 : to I t''* ttie score when MarUerry re-' • lirvexl Brov.n willi two on and' j rr.o O'-it to retire the side and hold i Mic Browtir, scoreless the rest of- ll:e wnv. The Nals won, -i to 3. ! ! Tlv: Detroit Tigers went to work' ! cai-lv to beat the Yankees at New ; i York. Shi; score. 8 to S. WhHchill' ! nnd Ulile held Ihc Yanks hi hand 1 while Ihc Tic.:rs pounded Use offerings of Huffing lo ns^iii'ic an! early loud. Johnson 111 a home • run. ; Tl-o RUtle of the Sox. Rns, Sax j rcntinucd at Boston with the Rrd. HPSP playinfT at lion 1 ? bcstitif; the i I V.'hitc !Ir:o from Chicai'n. The! ••Ramc was proloii^etl lbre.'.i!;li i iiniini's before ths colored Stock: int-s won. S to 2. Two errors, a'-it Chicago and Ibe r)ostn:i nravrr base on balls nnd n scratch hit. '''""• n t(1 3 - Tbr Braves cot to | put Boston ahead at the finish. ! Rnb Saitlh'.'; pitching In tho filth : Kllr? was Ihe winning and Kra:-.-: umlng for fo-ir runs and icnt him ler the losing hurler. Both wer-.t. lp ' 1; e showers. , the rente. I rll p nroohlvn-Pillsburqh game. Shc-vdcl'r, slow ball pmvpd loo' 1 '" 1 °n!v other ?ame schdulcd In iow for the hard Mussing nrums i''U 1 National league, was prslpuwixl cause of rain. GAMES TODAY Sfllillirrn T.catTNe Memphis at Atlanta. NIelit gnme. l.iil'.-: Roi-k at Bivininchnni. Only names scheduled. American l.c:isue f^hicico n(. lie.ston. St. l.onh at Washington. Driroil. :il New York. Clr-velaiiO at riii Tt'.'ston nt Chiraco. >V'v York at Cincinnati. Philndehihin nt St. Louis. . Hrooklyii at Piltsuurgh. allowances are not listed in the rrailts of the second round below: Ernest Roe won nvcr nriino Tan- tier. thrcL' and two. Virgil Greene won over Lino Ilubbavd, by delimit. Htoll Harris won over G. G. Ilitbbnrd by default. Jeff Roland \von over John Snvdrr, bv defunlt. C .n. Rnhcock won over Janws Dt iver. bv tlefanlt. T.ov Wise won o'"--r C. A. Cnn- ninyliam. hv default. T'nnnnl Oooch won over E. I). Hnllp.rd, two up. B. A. r.vneh won over E. n. Tt'miins, 1 and 4. P'lin PTnrrh "-in r.ver O. E. K~-k -»in-<m nn,] two. n F Klviinn;- won O'vr A. G. I.inie Iw default. O. M. T^nvtn- won over N'. IT. IF^in. by di'fiinlt. Dr. If !~ n:iv'i u-^n ever G. G. r-i'd'U. Dn-eo and Iwo. r:. I,. T-iiit/-"" 1 '' 1 ' won over J. P. jinn-Hi,], hv default. Flovd Aclfn WCM nv.- 1 !- o. O. Unrdn""iv. fi>'p and four. Hiivll Phiilins won over R. N. V?--"n. ">. aiid fmir. Whit Gooihiian won over J. A. W'l'cri^an. nnr nil. Charlci Btikcr won over Victor nr^v. two vn. K. i.. mi-it-! '/on over R. D. C. F. CrhiJi'r. ir., won ovor O. W McCutclien, dcfaull. H\ - ron ATnrs^ won over C. Vfl'mor .default. Marsh Cillawnv won over Crawford, c lx and Hve. Tliinl Itouud W. .1. Pollard won over K'"linpr. MTPC and two. Clmrlra Hiker won over six and five. Burton and Terry Meet In Armory Ring Tonight Eddie Terry. ^, ! lightweight, will step inlo the 'I Armory ling here tonight. Thurs- Ira dny night he will meet Ervln Berlier in the headline bout of a | Memphis card. R. F. j Don Burton. Blytheville lightweight, who used to bear the non Elkins.' de plume of "One-Round" and fast St. Louis | descent which may alter the prc- -— '-'- "-- fiKht dope. A arcclgc fight, at lenst that's the advance dope, is to bring together Notnn figure Lambert, in local fairly familiar ring circles, and T\-> u~ similar oppose , Spot field, fust ball pilchbr. The boys asked (o settle (heir argument in tiie ring and both say j Missouri boy evidently expects to [polish olf Burlon with little (rouble In Southern League ""' ">c local boy, face to face j with the best chance of his off YESTERDAY OFF---M ... (slhacr nml on c:lr£!C1 ' '° <*o something, Ycsterdny was an off day In the m ^' comc throuaH In good fashion. Southern league with no gnmcs At lcilst thnt ' s the possibility that scheduled. The schedule is rcsum- Tm y m »st reckon wilh-whicli he ed today with Ihe league leading appears ready lo' do with all con- Barons ptavins at Little Rock and, fidencc. the Memphis Chicks in n night Burton kayoed Billy ByrJ of atch names is. slated to (they'll pitch plenty of leather to- Terry here tonight. The [night. Lambert is a lightweight game nt Atlanta. Cooler Plays Manila at Manila Wednesday COOTER. Mo.—The Cooler semipro ball club will play Manila at. Manila Wednesday afternoon. The. locals, with their usual -quota of reinforcements from Tennessee, expect to humble the Manila boys in decisive fashion. MADRID PLANS SKYSCRAPER MADRID. (UP)—Madrid, one of the few Euro;>ean cities to have a skyscraper, plans to build another ne. A corporation was recently ormed to erect a bis theater and ffice building. It would be In sto- ies high, or two stories higher ian t'ne National Telephone Company's building. New Ashford Will Have Electric Lights! NEW ASHFORD. Mass.. iUP>- 'iils town. IrnditiomUy t'np first I il tte country to report returns'- in jircsidrnllal electiot-.;. k • noing mcdern." ' Until now. New Ashford -has struggled alon; without such iw«- farglcd devices as telephones, electric lights, trolly cars or railroad trains. 15«t the selectmen hav? coti- tr.c Pittsfieid Ele:lric Com- ! psny for nn exlersicn of lighting j service lo Ihis Berkshire Hills Iram- :ci. There are Icaicrs here. iiros;:ccti\e cus- Dr. Benjamin J. Chwson. of th^ University ol Minnrs^ia N'e-.llcal Ecliool. announces tlu di«;ov;ry of n vaccine for tr.e trraln-.-nt rhenmntlsm. Studenfs Stiidv Wonls Of Southern Border AT.nUQUERKE. N. M.. (Up iiEiish words that are iv'U'.iir lo cw Mexico and the Soi'tlnvo-.! • they hnve Rro\vii out of tb 1 hiRling of Spanish, EncIWi nnd a number of Indian didVe;-; -r,' i:e:;n st!]dic^ by students nf <;-i Universitv of New Mexico. Graduate students are nssu:n t In Hie work, whleli xvlll be n p.i : of a historical rUetionarv of A:r,- er:can English. This dictionaiy i; !>"lrs<! cemriled tintVr the ri:r(,-;:w :f the University of Chl.-ani. Early newspapers. r1!.ir.-\. a^ icllrrs are bflnir studied bv i; ;i Undents In the hunt tor K:u;-.s; words peculiar to this jcciio;] Re-Decoration Costs Liberty PHOENIX, Ariz. (UP)—Edward *. Davis, a painter, painted the house of Waller I. Ettlemnn and lien sprayed the paint job. in spots villi slain. The judge said il wa> malicious mischief, sent him to jail 'or four months and fined him $200. Tampa. Fla., on the first fight card of the season here and later met Eddie Stewart at Memphis. He is easily the under dog tonight despite his rapid improve- intnt this season. The local lijrlit- wcight hns an unorthodox style lhat may puzzle the visitor for a round or two and then again it may make Burton thai inucli easier for Ilia clever Terry. Tommy Scaton, Inixora lightweight, undefeated here this summer, will be out for his third victory when he meets smiling Irish Cobb of New Madrid- It appears that the IjUxoran should have It over Cobb with ease but the New Madrid boy claims to be of Irish MEMPHIS, iUP)— L. M. \ iiins, 50. electrical cn;:i:-.,vr Icirned his flying by corrf.-.p,.r.d em? school courses, hns uiu't ]- : .-. self in airplane costing sjvv i/'J, ixnve.eri by a motorcj.'le and is expected to trairl ',', •.•''•\.-^ an lion.'. Williams «ii' ; i..u-,. :t l tested by o licensed pilot. Union of South ,\5 r ;, mines yielded in.llfi r,-if. • -[. I <-s of sold dlll 4 .]!^ 1030. Americans favorite household package Shows Uses Of State Tax Funds OLYMPIA, Wash., (UP) — i^or these taxpayers, who want to know "v;li(-re every nickel of their money goer.," the sfate tax commission compiled n neat chart showing r.])--* partiomncnt of each ta>: dollar. It was found that education received .» rents, the state necessitated four cents, countries demanded 23 cents niul cities and towns 24 cents. oi 1 welter and Reid is bigger. IIow- eier Keid's ring experience will begin when he crawls between the ropes tonight. The bout Is down' for four rounds. Another bout will finish out the ear>l with the possibility of a bat- ile roval. Dethe R1TZ THEATER Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday OLYMPIA. Wnsh., (UP) - pression apparently was felt b; Vrtshington -motorists this year Half-year reeicpts of the motor vehicl.T division fell-off $300000 as compared lo a • correspondin" pe-- iod of !930 ; state figures showed June 21 St. Louis AND KKTUUN Baseball -' vs. Yankees June 21 it. I/mis offors many other attractions for the visitor. For full information as to schedules, etc.. ASK TIIR FRISCO AGENT Blytheville, Ark. i ROUND TRIP FARE HOSIE THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Sec Man Pays .\ f'ricc— Woman Pays A Penalty— Scared To Death He'd Fall in Love! MA£ MUBRAy.W>i.JJft'.r»««2i " ' tl<'l!i>it»KJDMn', -" ~~~ " ifiOh .11111 .1 Siturrb Oast. Yrar's diralcst N'ovol Itcrt.lnfS 1931's Supreme \Vo- rr.m's Picture! Cliarlrs Ko»rn I'reclnrlinu A Radio Picture Also Comedy and News Malinee—2:30 O'clock 10-30e Night 7:15—15 and -10c. Coming — Clivc Brook in "LAWYERS SECRET". Coming — Joan Crawford in "LAUGHING SINXKP.S". Ivan Lcbcdeff Mae Murray Claudia Norman Kerry Irene Ilimtic I.nwcll . Sherman Also Comedy and FaWcs, Arlm.—Matinee and 10 and 25c.

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