The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1966 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 22, 1966
Page 5
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Sculpting Rainbows Blythevllle (Ark.) Courier News - Tuesday, November 22, MM- f»f» It's art, nor a balancing act, that has Yani Novak, 22-year-old dancer and model from San Francisco, up in the air at right. Her perch is the latest work of a friend, sculptor Charles Ross, who works in a unique mate- rial—Plexiglass. When filled with distilled water, his three : dimensional geometric shapes act as prisms, scattering light and producing a rainbow effect. Capacity of this 15'/2-foot tower, erected at Napa, Calif., is 28 gallons—including four gallons of antifreeze as protection against the winter cold. Left, Yani polishes a Plexiglass panel for a fewer segment. Below, Yani and Ross swish rubbing alcohol around the inside of an assembled prism to remove dust and smudges before filling it with distilled water. Multitudes Visit JFK Grave By ROBERT E. GEIGER /but the new one to be instated WASHINGTON (AP) — Some- in the memorial has been tested times the visitors come in military cadence, or with the quick and happy step of school children, or in the contemplative way of the thoughtful citizen. They still throng to the grave of John F. Kennedy, assassinated in Dallas, Tex., three years ago today. By count and estimate more in hurricane - force wind and simulated rain storms. John Carl Warnecke, the architect who designed the memorial, attempted to keep it as simple as the expenditure of more than $2 million- permitted. * * * A gray slate marker set flush with the ground will identify the than 16 million persons have; president's grave and those of climbed the grassy slopes of' the children — Patrick Bouvier Arlington National Cemetery to' Kennedy and baby girl Kennethe graves of Kennedy and two dy. of his children. In the first few The president's marker will weeks there;be engraved with the words: were more than 50,000 a day.i John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1917- Now there are about 15,000 daily, but a pleasant Indian summer or spring day, or a holiday 1963. The eternal flame may be seen on a clear night from the will draw many more thou-1 Lincoln Memorial, perhaps a sands. i mile or more across the Poto- Visitors often wait an hour or '. mac River, two in line. Not long ago,; In its new location, the grave wreath-laying ceremonies were, and the flickering flame will be averaging 15 a day. i in a straight line from the Lin- A new granite and marble' coin Memorial to the Custis Lee memorial authorized by Con-; Mansion at the crest of the hill gress is nearing completion. ] overlooking the cemetery. The The simple grave outlined by a! mansion was built in 1802 by low white picket fence stands George Washington Parke Cus- today in sharp contrast to Ihe i tis. adopted grandson of Presi- gleaming marble of the new, dent George Washington, memorial a few feet away. i Thousands of mementos have The new site, to which the i been tossed upon Kennedy's bodies of Kennedy and his two j grave in the three years since children, who died in infancy, j the assassination. They give will be moved next spring, in- • some hint o flhe moods of the eludes a circular walkway, j people who visit the grave and more than 200 feet across and i [lie emotions that stir them. an inscription wall of granite upon Which are engraved quotations from the Kennedy inaugural speech of Jan. 20, 1961. A baby's shoe, a religious medal, a scarlet flower, the berets and caps of military men, a The eternal flame lighted by | torn page from a Bible with a Kennedy's widow during the I marked passage were part of burial service will be moved to j one day's offerings, the new site and remain a cen-l The mementos are gathered tral symbol. The light has gone daily, packed and sent to the out on occasion since the burial | White House. The great and file famous, Icings and emperors, the ordinary and the obscure citizens of the world have been drawn to the grave. What brings them? Many motives. A busload of children arrives on its Washington sightseeing tour. They pile out laughing and chattering with cameras dangling on their arms. A group of nuns makes the walk around the grave, solemn and silent. A cluster of businessmen, taking time out from a convention, arrives. They talk casually among themselves but stop for a moment in silence. A woman came to the grave in a heavy downpour of rain. She told a cemetery worker: "I came all the way from Canada to see this grave and no rain is going to slop me now, or anything else.'' Another visitor, asked what had drawn him to the grave, said of Kennedy: "He was a man of grace. He died too young, too needlessT). That has haunted me ever since he was killed. I wanted to come and see the place where he is buried." Most of those coming alone appear thoughtful or sad as they reach tiie grave. Many shed a tear. Astrological Forecast By Oinoll Righter (MeNaoiBt IrMlcaU, Iu.1 i determln* roar forecast. Boca iragrapn opt elu4« your I •»gr»5>b oppoiltt date* wntak •"- -»ui VStB t WEDNESDAY GENERAL Although there is a undercurrent of charming pleasures and the desires to have a happy time, on the surface there are some pretty difficult conditions requiring careful and meticulous handling. These m a y be hard to put into motion due to an impatience to get things done and an irritability with whatever stands in the way. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) If you insist on being so forceful with other you can easily spoil your cfiamies with one whom you admire a good deal. Take it easy. Taking the time to improve your appearance is very important. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) If you remain calm, you find you can rid yourself of annoy ing, bothersome little tilings in your way. Be very helpful to those who quietly come to you for assistance. Show that you are a true humanitarian. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) something out of you in either a business or personal way that is entirely your own affair. Step out socially tonight. Stay out of arguments and you will not get into trouble. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) It's wise to wait a better time for going ahead with that project since this could get you into trouble with higher-up right now. Be sure to get that important bill paid. Don't make credit problems for yourself. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Find some system that will QUICK QUIZ Q - Does the size of a seed br ' m Z 5™ P rest 'Sf a f "^ Ff' have any bearing on the size of sons y° u have Just met and who Living with People Practice courtesy and rise when on older person enters the room. For Bids FOR . Crockett Lands Sealed bids will be received by the undersigned Trustee for purchase of lands formerly owned by Ida B. Crockett, Deceased, either in parcels or the entire tract, Tract contains 145 acres, more or less and is located about 3 miles north of Blytheville, and about one-half mile south of Yar- bro overpass—being bounded on west by U.S. Highway 61 and on north by county gravel road. Tract is traversed from north to south by Frisco Railroad. Includes 7-room residence and accessory buildings. Separate bids may be submitted by any bidder, for all or less than all, and for cash or terms, as permitted by bid proposal forms. Bid proposal forms may be secured from Marcus Evrard, Attorney, for Excutor, in Title Insurance Building, 118 West Walnut Street, Blytheville, Arkansas and from the undersigned Trustee. Bids must be filed on or before December 10, 1966, at 10:00 O'clock A.M., with undersigned Trustee, or with Geraldine Liston, Circuit Clerk, Blytheville, Arkansas. J. F. ETCHIESON, Trustee 118 North 1st St. — Blyth«yill«, Ark. the plant that will grow from it? A — No. The tallest tree in the world, the California redwood, grows from a very small seed. The large seed of a wa- termellon will produce only a low vine. Q — What are the markings of a purebred Siamese cat? A — Their coats range from very pale cream, through beige to brown with blue or seal points. Siamese cats all have blue eyes. A third characteristic is the voice, very loud and mournful. Q — Wiio was the first American to climb Mount Everest? A — James W. Whitaker in 1963. Q — Does a bivalve have a heart? A — Each has a heart which lies in the body close to the hinge of the shell. Q — What percentage of a watermelon is water? A — About 93 per cent of the pulp of the ripe fruit is water. About 2 per cent is sugar. Q — How long did the Hundred Years' War actually last? A — This struggle between England and France actually lasted 116 years, from 1337 to 1453. could be instrumental in furthering your career. Study more if you want to attain more, become happier. Be more serious. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to 'Sept. 22) Being contrary and trying to throw off on others your own obligations is wrong and gets you nothing at all except loss. Show associates that you are conscientious. You will get ahead much faster. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Disagreeing with some partner could certainly start a chain of unpleasant events that are best avoided. Be the peacemaker, since others are feeling pretty upset. Keep calm, cool and poised. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Don't get excited because there is so much work to do, otherwise you make serious errors so double-check all. Show that you have practical sense. Others will then cooperate with you very willingly. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Anything that requires your spending an exorbitant amount of money should be forgotten, avoided. Keep your feet' 4iMiMWH^ ~srooy..,. Ripe Husband Needs Bath l I/an tHjuren ISC.) ll;ii]il|||llllll||]HUUIllliillllll(l|llllll|HIIIH DEAR ABBY: When Alt- worthy and I went together I kept wanting to tell him I thought he should either bathe more often or use a deodorant, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. We've been married a year, he still has the same problem, and I still don't know how to tell him. Now that winter, is here I can't keep all the windows open. Once when a men's deodorant was being advertised on TV, I laughingly said, "Att- worthy, you should try that." His back went up, and he said "What for? I sit at a desk all day and I don't perspire. Besides, I bathe every week." I tried to tell him it wouldn't hurt to use it just to be "sure," but he blew up, so I changed the subject. How can I tell him, Abby? It's getting worse. ATTWORTHY'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: Like this: "I love you, darling, but you are getting a little ripe for me. Everybody perspires, including you, and the odor of perspiration is offensive. Try this men's deodorant (have some in your hand when you make your speech.) Use it for ME, if not for yourself." And if he blows up, tell him to cool off in the bathtub. DEAR ABBY: A letter in your column really hit home with me, and I hope you will publish my letter as your column really hit home with erate at home, you find that a big argument ensues. Show courtesy and you find that everyone follows suit. Then your mind is clear and you can further your finest business aims. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb 19) Dashing hither and yon can only cause you to make errors and get very little done so plan your time and activities wisely first. Show courtesy to underlings in business. You get far better results. PISCES: Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) It may be that some inward fear is what is keeping you from having greater success in a business, career way. Get rid of it. Improve your health. Get material matters working in a quiet, sure fashion. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY h eor she will be one of those very ambitious young ones who wants to get into the world of activity, earning money very early in life. Teach to be patient, get a good education first, if the greatest potential in this chart is to be realized. A highly talented nature here. Help will come to on the ground. Actually, you i your progeny from various ar- need to economize more just at this time. Be wise. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 ot Jan- 120) Unless you are very consid- eas, provided you early show how to impress others favr- ably, make the most of opportunities at hand. NOW! Your DX Dealer has the season's most, ,.~~f vM GETAWAY CHASE GAME! only 4 98 TH I-SAIIOK PURCHASE Each Getaway Chase Game set includes two authentic scale model cars, remote switches, almost 24 feet of roads, five getaway routes on a plastic game board. 3-D buildings add fun to the chase, create a colorful setting. Each battery-operated car (batteries not included) races at scale speeds up 1o 60 MPH. Getaway Chase Game is great family fun and can be played by as many as four players. See your DX dealer for Getaway Chase Game — the season's most wanted toy. Pick one up now from: Rounsavall's DX 6th & Chickasawha Sts. Ph. PO 3-9525 Lloyd's Gro. SDK Air-Base Hi-Way Ph. LE 2-8613 me, and I hope you will publish my letter as a tip-off to other mothers who were as naive as mine: A little girl signed "SQUASHED" wrote to you, complaining about overly-affectionate relatives. If "SQUASHED is a girl, her problem might be more serious than you treated it. I am a grown woman now, but when I was about 8 years old I complained to my mother about an "overly - affectionate" uncle. She laughed it off with, "0, don't be silly. Uncle loves you." To this day my mother does not know that my "loving" uncle tried to climb into bed with me one night when he was visiting us, and I fled, terrified, to my older sister's room to safety. When I am a mother you can be sure I will keep an eye on relatives who get too "affectionate" with my children. GOOD MEMORY DEAR ABBY: My granddaddy on my mother's side gave mom a brand ne wear. He told her it was for her use only and not to let daddy use it because daddy thinks he's a great auto mechanic and if he ever got his hands on that car he'd be tinkering with It in no time. Mom is being pestered to death. Do you think (be should let daddy have a set of keys to her car? If she did and granddaddy ever found out, there would be a war. CAR TROUBLE DEAR CAR: If your mother accepted the car with the understanding that she was not to let your daddy touch it, she should keep that promise. With all due respect to your granddad, dy's generosity, gifts that could start a "war" should be neither offered nor accepted. Troubled? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope. For Abby's booklet, "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send $1.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. Read Courier News Classifieds HERMON JONES BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE O». 1430 OnJOD &?» Phont 374*4400 UrmpAU 4. Tenn«m GUI tot tn» CooiultatUD, insurants for "Sst&U PlftBattiB Key Man, "artneraalp ui Oot- por&tloa. Group. Pension. Rattn. rnent and Hftgpttallmttan. WANTED! Men - Women from ages 18 and over. Pre- Lincoln Service hu helped pare now for U. S. Civil Ser- thousands prepare for these vice job openings during the tests every year since 1948. next 12 months. It is one of the largest and Government positions pay oldest privately owned schools high starting salaries. They of its kind and is not connect- provide much greater scour- ed with the Government. ity than private employment Jor FREE booklet on Govern- ind excellent opportunity for men t j 0 t, S| including list of advancement. Many positions pos iti 0 ns and salaries, fill out require little or no specialized coupon and mall »t once — education or experience. TODAY You al5 ° * et detalta five pass. Don't delay — ACT NOW! LINCOLN SERVICE, Dept, 3-3B Pckin, Illinois I am very much Interested. Please send me absolutely FREE (1) A list of U.S. Government Positions and Salaries; (2) Information on How to Qualify for a U.S. Government Job. Name A*. Street Phont City Statl (D3B) ATTENTION CITIZENS OF BLYTHEVILLE and surrounding area. When KATZ JEWELERS moved to their new location at 221 West Main Street, we wanted to see just how much extra walking traffic passed our store, and the only way KATZ JEWELERS could tell was by putting something special in our windows to' attract attention . . . KATZ JEWELERS wanted something honest with- out any gimmicks ... We decided on DIAMONDS, not just some that we wanted to get rid of, but ALL OUR DIAMONDS, including our stock of KEEPSAKE, STARFIRE and LOVEBRIGHT DIA- MONDS ... We did not mark them up for this event, so that we could come down to a sale price . . . For all these diamonds have manufacturer's retail prices on them .. . We put them in our window and cut prices HONESTLY and FAIRLY, from $20 to $100 on sets . . . KATZ JEWELERS wanted to run this for one month only, but honestly, we have been selling so many diamonds at these prices that KATZ JEWELERS decided to continue the sale into Christmas . . . The volume of diamonds that we have sold has told us it was the right thing to do ... So now, we have decided to advertise and try to let everyone know of this TREMENDOUS EVENT for huge savings ... You can charge them without being penalized with carrying charges, or pay cash . .. Remember, this is an honest SALE to save you extra money . . . Check KATZ JEWELERS diamond window and the entire diamond stock In the store and see if this is not a true fact... No high pressure selling, for you will be able to see for yourself. LARRY KATZ — KATZ JEWELERS, 221 West Main, Blytheville, Ark. Next door to Martin's Men's Store.

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