The Californian from Salinas, California on May 13, 1970 · 30
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The Californian from Salinas, California · 30

Salinas, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1970
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VUTP "'Tr " "T w T w "'" "W -r'TW w t ' t t -f r T ' -rr -o 34SAt!fMS CAlirCRNiAN Wadmday. May I). 1970 "APOLLO MOONSHIP FAILS!" "ASTRONAUTS IN DANGER!" "MAY BE TRAPPED!" From These Heodlines Comes . . . fflKOI !S UP TKSRS rami 0K2S! 'larccnsj' is dazzling! . 3 t A v:v;d experience. jjst -c!2:nthril!irg!Ac!iff- r a barer in space!" ' IM - . Il CREGCRY PICK RICHARD CRLHSA. CAVlOJAHSStN.w.. lAY.isrRANCiscjs CEKE HACKVAN vtR00NO 3 ASTRONAUTS FIGHT SPACE... ANDTIME... FOR THEIR LIVES, "MAROONED" IS "SCIENCE-REAL" -CO-HIT- THEGOODr ' J THE BADs fi)C 'theuglykIi t J f r i , I I t'H.IIO AMiSIS rmrrm L5J CHILDREN 12 i UNDER FREE! IN CAR HEATERS FREE! THE REST FAMILY PIZZA! nrrm l-J SATES OPEN loti, Theotre 7:30 SHOW IEGINS AT 1:30 Mo den Self-Service Seock lor " B'O, PM' Jack Card. ft s r nnEO unoER LEnniEn X; SEE THE MOTORCYCLE GANG THAT MAKE "HELLS ANGELS" LOOK LIKE LOSERS! CO-HIT BLOOD, GUTS AND GORE "THE WILD BUNCH" NOW-ALL NEW! the BEATLES SINGING THEIR SONGS DOING THEIR THING! "LET IT BE!" (IN "APPLE" COLOR!) Committee to Consider Low-Rent Housing TONIGHT 8:55 TONIGHT 8:55 -RIOTOUS 2ND HIT- JAMES COBURN GODFREY CAMBRIDGE Air Force To Probe Test Crash Mcxican-Amcncan Assembly Held; Gutierrez Elected By (own: in hut A Meit;in Anii-ruan Cul lurt as--nibly mas told bI All-mu ARDS AHI (1 11) Tlit 1 Slnt, miit!y, Alibis A fdMxlb Tho IM ,'urst I" Saula Crux :u) par- Fume s investigating itu- 0Jar uJmvl t'lc.aJ lf uu.'ll" J,bUT ,ljl,Mon cause if I large cargo piano 4..,,, lr, n .rtl.i, rn,. Music Foslnal Monitors of the Salmas Neigh- housing nut horny, whnh is pro-to,rhid lieilermenl Committee Pslf)g lao to-si todrm, will to? a skod to decide whether towiihouve-sijto umu to to. siat-.. . , , , . , lon-d oor three or more Mtos, ho cty should riuost M umu majurl(y 0, hl ultl u. Atr of tow -rent public housing when proenies earmarked fur demo-Vau- o. mi go cargo piano dl,,lts , Hann.-f, follo-o ihoy moot tomorrow t 7.30 burnt or replaeenieM. crash Tuosday that lok tho life aml Ivmus I'owoll a local tow- pm. in tto-city hall conference Ouupants of demulndu-d units uf four lSi intluillni. I)w lTi room. would to giu-n -first call" on nillJ ... Tho housing oftor made last " &"! ,uli,rrr I U'U month by the Montiwy County )(mngi n Barbara. j The results of the Assniatod v is ihe only) T(j( Iu.t,(.rm(Jflt (olim,In.s The highly noKlifiod. oor-''S,t1,ll''1,M1lHl.y rei-ommondation will then go lo sized plane, calh-d the "Guppy , the City Council, which would UR. plowcnl into a The 150 units would bo served for Salmas from the public housing units provided nai deciMim. ! Aviation Administration. , , . , , , for Monterey County hy the fod- ,1;iM-d on a new federal court! The victims were id.-ntifH-d era! Ihj)artment of Housing and mH now U as Van II. Shepard, 43. Jii.nt a , V a s; 7JS wtlifundV'cm granted ujon council resolution Barbara, the pilot and Aero-1, iir AnLi(m. H with funding expected for 19.0- raI,.r ian vla a n-fin-ndum. I The county housing authority The units are being offered is asking that the nifuest to pilot to Salinas based on a substan-'made no later than late June Barbara: and Warren Walker, Hal Indication of need, accord-'or July mg to John Junes, executive director of the Monterey County Housing Authority. They would remain under the , urn ,ik Riouhs, Malgo Ton-lies. Margo Torres, Vuki Brown. Lynn Baker. Ks-I says: Slephame Wheeler, Vicki siliolaisJiips to the I'imnsily of Unmn. Short Stones: Kathy California at Berkeley, .Quigley, Joseph Aguirre, Mar- . , !go Toires, ( liarh8 LJlevan, Joe choir In Future Karmen of America, coii!H-lition, Ih-bhie Masters Alisal tliaptcr, reiciu-d a sec-oml plate In swine alntw mail-ship; Manuel liawsa a setund Senior ChildlHiod Reunion Bay was held reet-nily at AhsaL Toward Hu end of the day, the annual Senior Auction was held in m 'dairy showmanship; Karen Hie amphitheater. Istaph-tun and Iaul Ituhardwm were fifth and sixth in lamia Hie winners of the first an-.shuwmansliip. In novice judging Kendricks was lirsl. nnwav and!( "icl,-t lmra W "amMVd runway and llf ,iu have torn announced al Alisal. Ken Itiat non third, and ltd 11117 1.1 WUU1114I, VMHVfi HUII1U fisiiti,n ai,mi.Ksiicni-r at t ln! ill - probably hold a public hearing hurst into flames during !Mb Lj n.- m l u"! !m . Fa 'o,-try : m order of first on. Whitehead, fifth f on the item before making a f-,fr tertificatnm by the Federal ' iVr f JL na dettsion. Aviation Administration. j'r (, ''ni,llbll ',ir , e .1 Based on a new federal court i The victims were identified ? ! UJ'V. m Appaloosa Group Announces All-Breed Playday Winners Ixinghorn Airna was the sdc(i;F;rt;;J;z'.VV0v" of Saturdays All Breed I1ayday. tr, Mrm s.ic jsponsoix'd by the Salinas alley! n ,na unar uuicn i-nanp. cn jAppahmsa Association. I High point winners included f .' is t., "Mh-" liutch Rhillips, 11 and un.B-r irroup; Sliida Stlairi. I2 H Wmtmrn. Jo Ann Htnvin, GLOBE "Th PruSfft' An- t tM..,.,.! iu' lifN R . 10. "Lrt II 6.' 155. gpd MarVlfl MUCll lo n4 undf Cihy CawIiHo. and Aver irutm ICmdy , iM4 Prnt T(chr Aivocon n- . . . , tvn IS I VIA In card md '' Other WIJlfHTS, ill OTUlT Ol Iinit Cfinwli Isyior, Pst prmtit, Os Ur my bn OWainad by Colton lh fUi-j LOHnr II nd Over Clrnc Hi Joftn Stm&clL Library t 75l4b5l.;UinJUn uHia, IfUIUUt, mb, Mdrvin Sdacci, Jo Aon Hanum Flag Rac bisks pact II and uooy Ciody Sanch?. II and undr Cinrty Sancha. Choryl StUcci, Cathy Cawliito. U- Cathy CtiHo, Butch HhiHip. IJ 14 lCroi Oay. Pithy Sthnvar. Shia-j Shiaia SUcci, bhiala Since, Lynn la SHarci. 151 Dabhi LoHar.'RigKk. 151 Chnytia Taylor. DaD Joyca Manning, Pat Pranfia. 18 ra LoMar. Joyce Mannina II and and ovar Maryin bilacci, C la rant ovar Claranca Houmf, IraAtfl Hosjwar, Jo Ann Hannan. iWmburn, Marvin Siiacci, ) Pol a Banding Raiay Paca II and ondar Butch Philhpft.1 Opan Chnwt.a Taylor and Rick Cheryl Stiacci. Cathy CawtiHo. 12 J4 Schrivar; Botch Phillip and Shtala Kim Roftar. Dana Tucfcar, Lynn Stlacci; Kim Patar and &andi Bur- R,gg. 151 Joyca Manning. Charyl; matar IS A FRIENDLY CALL ENOUGH? Tht et etighbort will be g'ed to meet you. And ttiey'll went to visit with you , . . I ter. F ght now, they need something more a list of schools and churches, utility companies' tsisphona numbers... all tht Information one needs on arriving in a strange city. So be a friend Indeed. A Welcome Wagon hostess will call at your raquast to provide all this and gifts as well. Make your welcome warmer when new neighbors arrtve. Call Welcome Wagon at 422-3 SIS nr:-Gi m MAIM IT. FI. U'CU m um ONE SHOWING ONLY JUSTINE 7:15 MASH 9:1 S ,V)!!iO'tiiliW prvrt M-A-s-nn H STARRING tuion COULD ALSO- JUSTINE DANOMG Thurs., FfU SotH Sun. 9 P.M. to 2 A.M. to tho old favorites of tho RAY JENSEN TRIO Popular done music In tho Glen Miller style. Try Our Authentic MEXICAN FOOD Romantic Guitar music wrhile you dint by Rafael Anelles, Monterrey, Mexico. Cocktail Lounge Open 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD Your Hottau, Rotamary Your Chef, Ramon 425 North Main Street, Salinas Ph. 424-1641 Alie In Tht Seeut.ful Del Monte Center, Monterey g,i;f1ll,"jHj,!ljj''t,,jjfffJH,f(jtIOljj.JJ)J .iji;i!iiliiilliiiiiiii!ii.iiiliilihiiiiHiillHl!iiiiiii MENU .iliiilllllliill.liiiiliiiiiiililliiulllliilli.llimjlillijiiliililiiiiliiililil1 'Iiuii'.li VeSaliiias 0fcvvMocanSe .cv rt0VX ENCHILADA PLATE Taco, 2 Enchiladas, Rice and Beans TAMALE PLATE Taco, Tamale, Rice and Beans PEPE TACO DINNER PLATE Taco, Tamale, Enchilada, Rice and Beans SI. 25 $1.25 I $1.40 I Tik . Of.OSF1' vW,vVr'cv: .: . r Take Ouf or Dine In con n' O' O' Direct from its long-run roadshow engagements! ii THE PRE$IDENT'S ANALYST" APTOS TWIN THEATRE RANCHO DEL MAR CENTER, APTOS MoooS : FIRST TIMES . t ANYWHERE o vaith a puj!: O r-nMPANlQH S "Feature teeeeoooooo PARTE lUTRSfV MFC Plff T Of uoscov NOW SHOWING 1 ACADEMY WINNER! u TICKETS AVAILABLE AT GADSBYS MUSIC STORE ;v; 4 KAY fJFOFORD -!!! IF FPAfjn ACADEMY AWARD BEST ACTRESS BARBRA STREISAND i TECHNICOLOR PANAVISION Suggested for GENERAL eudtencet :a VAI TFR PIJWO!!,', m( Two PAT mooucrn or LEO TOLSTOY S WARflfJpEACE n ease eru - m cos. on s M. TV mtm tee r tm wai? ntao oviwom m earnn - m cox on . ntoMee comimsmi 8 P.M. NIGHTLY ALL SAT. & SUN. 2 P.M. & 8 P.M. 'XT SEATS $2.50 EL REY First Run! SOPHIA LOREN Ui-llffaa (G) Color Continuous Sot. A Sun SKYVIEWSHOW TIME 8:15 : Burt Lancaster Castle Keep (R) , Panavision Technicolor Fret Heoters Free Kiddielond IG' Snipes1 Eiifte! Its Free! Its something for your kids to remember us by when the Super Shef quarter-pound pure beef hamburger and all its trimmings are gone. The red and blue Hi-Flier kite. . Free, when you buy a Super Shef at participating Burger Chefs. . Burger Chef goes all out to please Your family. 1346 SOUTH MAIN ST. Family Restaurants ;IU f ;f i if i ,tf f f f mi- 1 H i ' f f i if! i f f Ji , !.)!lfjl'!!l!i,'ijjf!ltlil!ii,lj i! jlliiii if h 1 illi bill 1 1 BiliiiHbii :.:i!liT(li'ili!l!'li,tiiu.((iiili lib iiiiiuiiuni.iiiiiiiiibiMiiiiii

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