Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 19, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 19, 1891
Page 6
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^fr-n^-y^, •„•-,-- r RELIGIOUS MATFERS. MORE THAN CONQUERER. Open the Rates, yo nngel bands! Klinn witlc tlm peul'ly poruil! A ^vcary ohiHl coines home to re.st, A riinsuiuoU i^O'il to join tlie blest, And enter life immortal. Open tl.c j-Mtes! the strife is pust 'With sin «nd sore temptation: I come to join the victor band. "Who elad hi robes of triumph stand; I eomu for coronation. Open the ^ates' that I may see, In vjlury everlasting, The form once marred und bruised for me. Tile Lord ivlio b!eil upon the tree. The death or (Julv'r.ys tasting. Open the Rates: that dear ones there I may at hist bu meeting? For tiiosc I !dve, gone on before, Now sini; upon that blissful shore, And wait to give me greeting. Open the gates: o earlh. farewell: .My soul on wings is flying; Farewell to heartaehc'S ami to tears, Farewell to doubts, and sins and fears, Farewell, farewell to dying. —li. M. Offorcl, in X. Y. Observer. REVERENCE. Sacred Scripture Texts That arc Spoken of In a Lijrlit and Irreverent JInnuer. It sometimes seems almost a thing- of trie past. Reverence for parents, for teachers, and pers»ns in exalted positions, used to be observed with the strictest care,. but at the'present day nothing 1 evinces the lax rule which obtains in many families of good standing as the viiter lack of respect or deference paid by the young to those who are older and wiser than themselves. Deplorable as we hold it to be that the old- time code of manner* and decorum is so rapidly passing away, there is yet a far m ore important consideration connected with the general lack of reverence prevailing with reference to sacred matters. \Ve read the other day: ' 'It is very easy to lower the standard of reverence for anything. .We have only to speak of it habitually in a light way. There is nothing like it to take the life ont of the most precious text of Scripture. TVe may repent of such sin with bitter weeping,_but those words can never be to us again what they were before. We may have cut down a bridge we shall some day vainly long to cross." We. must confess to having listened with astonishment to what were considered clever conundrums asked by professing Christians, and made by twisting and turning some Bible verse in the most ludicrous manner, and so making it serve to answer the laughable question. Years and years ago, in the thoughtless years of childhood, a companion much older than ourself repeated a portion of the Lord's Prayer, making the sweet, simple sentence to rhyme with a silly, irreverent line, and long after maturity had been reached the foolish rhyme would force itself into the mind when striving with all reverence to repeat the pure and hallowed prayer. And just so, there comes to be verse after verse which has been travestied and made the subject of riddle, until as the eyes fall upon it in the sacred volume, or as the minister reads it from the sacred desk, involuntarily into the mind darts the queer, grotesque use which has been made of the verse. Shame that it ever should be so. And great pity it is that anyone professing- love for the Word of God should be willing to repeat even a very so-called l; cute" conundrum, made by misapplying a text of Scripture capable of serving a double meaning-. We believe that trie Testaments of the Bible are the invaluable legacies by the study of which the life can be ennobled, •and through acceptance of their teachings the soul can be saved. They come to us from God. What would be thought of a man or woman who would be willing to take the sayings or precepts of a good parent and make fun, not exactly of them, but out of them? What right- minded person would regard other than with contempt such really contemptible lack of reverence and respect, such lack of delicacy, of filial feeling and regard? The trouble is that "the standard of reverence," as before quoted, has been lowered by allowing these things to be spoken of repeatedly, if not habitually, in a light way. A believer in the precious truths of the Bible should remember two things in this connection: First, a loose, light application of a Scriptural verse is generally the work of some one who is no lover of the precepts themselves, or of Him who gave them. And again, there comes a time when no other promises than those of the Bible can sustain the 'fainting, dying heart: no other, words comfort and support the spirit when the dark' valley of the shadow of death is reached. And yet, some of the most solemn words of the Bible havo been used time and again to make the thoughtless laugh, and so cause them to forget or overlook the real, intense meaning of the literal sense. We must sometimes hear such things; but they never need be repeated. Parents, especially, who wish their children to grow up with an idea of reverence for .the Bible and for sacred things should never allow themselves to speak lightly of texts of Scripture, or of all things to repeat a witticism based on some verse of the Bible. No one can afford to make light of the life-boat which offers the only chance of ever reaching the shore in safety. When the time comes to lean hard on the rod and staff which 'alone can comfort and support, it will be a bitter thing to reflect that when in health and strength all thought of coining dependence was cast to the winds, while the helpful verse was perverted to serve a double meaning and cause a careless laugh.—Christian at Work, Miail we decide the division of interests in the home, keeping a loving-, fim touch on each? We all see homes and husbands s-.:'!i'ar from too much housekeeping. \Vc all know woinrn who perceive no ciiSo-oncc, between housekeeping and homekceping. That man whose wife knows the difference between the two professions, and chooses to belong to the first, is a fortunate man. Perhaps no question that faces a wife is harder to decide than how she shall be a perfect mother and yet a perfect wife. It is so hard for a mother to educate herself to a little wholesome neglect of her children, that she may be the companion of their father. Yet how can a man find companionship in his home if the mother of his children becomes their nurse at the expense of every other duty or pleasure? The saddest experience that can come to any husband or wife is an acquiescent separation, and this experience is lived in too many homes. One, and sometimes both, are looking forward to the time when the first clays of their married life will be lived over again; when there will be more money to hire servants, or when the children will be grown. If we could count on the future there would be a degree of safety in trusting this future time for happiness. But death, mental growth for one and not for the other, and loss of mental power and the terrible possibilities that stand in the path of that future. Each month, yes, each day, is a link in a chain, or a bar between two souls who are interdependent for their happiness, responsible for the happiness of all who share the home or house they create. A mother who sacrifices her husband's companionship to the children that are alike the bond and the burden of each is not a wise mother; the short-sightedness that is at the root of her misconception prevents the clear spiritual perception necessary to the true mother. The first essential in every true home is love, and it is not the quantity in the home, but the quality and disposition of it, that makes happiness. No outer and visible bond can hold the souls of a husband and wife in unison, Compan- j ionship, close and intimate, that has in it the spiritual power to shut out every object in life attimes-except each other, and find Heaven, and God in those moments, is the only true relation between husband and wife. The children are better loved, more wisely governed, more spiritually trained, when two souls made one by love are their guardians. That is a home rather than a house where such love is, and the children are nearer perfection when it is a united force, not a divided power, that makes the law and light under which they live.—Christian Union. A MEDLEY OF THOUGHTS. INDIANA. What A TRUE HOUSE SPIRIT. An Essential Feature to the Happiness ol Any Household In Love. I The hardest questions that come to is are those that strive to settle a balance, fair and just, between our several duties. How far are we justified in excluding- all outside questions from our active interest? And, still harder, how "What a Jumble the Work of Our Minds 'PVoulfl be If Seen at One Time. Some one has said: "If all the thoughts which pass through our minds in a single year could be set before us, what a medley would '^iey make!" W T hat a. jumble would there be of good thoughts and bad ones. How many of them would be foolish, vain, sinful, thoughts? Who would wish even his closest friend to know what each one had been? What Christian would not be greatly grieved and humbled by the knowledge that all these weak and wicked thoughts were the •children of his own brain? And yet, not a single thought has flitted through our minds unknown to God! Remembering that "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he;" and that as Jesus knew the thoughts of the caviling scribes, so He knows the thoughts of our hearts, how careful should we be in regard to all our thoughts. There are innumerable subjects worthy of the closest thought of intelligent beings. We should allow our minds, even compel them, to dwell on these subjects. Especially should the goodness of God, the tenderness of Jesus, the love of the Spirit, receive frequent serious, prayful consideration. The Psalmist says: "We have thought of Thy loving-kindness." What a delightful theme for thy pious mind! How exhaustless! He loved us with an everlasting love; loved us while we were yet sinners; loved us when in our deepest penitence we felt ourselves unworthy of the love of God or man! Let us think of His lovingkindness; when we sit in His temple; when we enter our closets; when we lie down, and when we rise up. When sinful thoughts intrude upon us. let us compel them to give place to thoughts of God's loving- kindness.—United Presbyterian. RAM'S HORN ITEMS. Stinginess costs more than extravagance. The way to find God is to turn away from sin. If God is God anywhere He is God. everywhere. A Christian life that is not a busy one is an empty one. If there is sin in the heart there will be sin in the life. The virtues and vices sometimes live very close together. No man ever finds out much about himself until he finds God. The only real strong • people in this world are the people of God. A good name is a good thing to have, but a good heart is better. Great things are given to man by his doing little things for God. The Bible has no promise for the pretending Christian who goes in bad company. .- When you find it dark everywhere else look straight up. It is always light there. There is such a thing as mistaking our own wilfulness for religious earnestness. The highest attainable success in God's service is accomplished ivhen we are faithful. Never ask the devil to dinner unless' you are willing to take him for regular boarder. Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to be successful, but all men .are commanded /to'; be faithful; Sl-.arju'r; Got Ills Money. 'oi.:-!, Ind.. April IS.—Several days ago E. V. Favrington. probate judge at l j n.".t(in, iliun., wrote to tsupiirhiU'p.de^t Colbert for information concerning tli-j whereabouts -of his son Sabin. He said the young man had left home with 81,200 to*attend the horse side lit Cambridge City and -•with Xhe exception of a postal card mailed at Indianapolis nothing had been heard of him. The letter and dispatch were turned over to Chief Splann and Friday young Mr. Farrington was brought to police headquarters. At the superintendent's suggestion he wrote a letter to his father, explaining that lie is well and in time will return home. The police authorities say that the young man will not go home because he has lost the 81,200 at the hands of a lot o.f sharpers, and is ashamed to face his family. AVhent i'rospt.'cts. IxDJAX.-u'oi.is, Ind., April IS.—Central Indiana reports that the growth in wheat for the last week or ten days has been slow. It will not average from more than 5 to 7 inches in height. The crop is not as far advanced as a year ago. Few oats have been put into the ground yet, and but little plowing except on sod ground and uplands. The wheat generally looks e?;ceedingly well, and as soon as the ground begins to warm up a rapid growth will be the result. In southern Indiana wheat has made rapid growth daring the last ten days and a great deal of it now is "jointed." Death of Col. diaries Offdcn Wood. WASHINGTON, April IS.—Col. Charles Ogden Wood, of Indiana, died-at his .rooms in this city Friday of pneumonia. He took the Second company of Indiana volunteers into Camp Morton and was for a time major of the regiment raised by Gen. Lew Wallace. Subsequently he was appointed a lieutenant in the regular army and served as an officer of the Ninth infantry throughout the war. His remains will be interred at Arlington Sunday afternoon. Bold Diamond Robbery. FORT WAYXE, Ind., April 18.—Two young men entered the pawnbroker shop of Horace Merriotte last Tuesday at the noon hour and asked to be shown some high-priced diamonds. While they were examining the stones the proprietor left the men alone for a moment- When he returned they had fled, taking with'them about 81,000 worth of the best diamonds. The police officers kept the robbery a secret, hoping to capture the thieves, but their efforts have been unsuccessful. Indicted for Burglary. APor.iS, Ind., April 18.—Lemuel E. Kheinhold, the attorney, was arrested Friday afternoon on five indictments, charging him with conspira- with, the Hprton gang, of burglars to rob numerous houses in this city. Bheinhold claims that he is the victim of a consniracy on the part of detectives against whom lie has filed numerous damage suits for false arrests. In default of bond he was sent to jail. >"o Strike Looked For. BRAZIL, Ind., April IS.—The block coal miners, of Clay county, met here Friday. A committee appointed to wait upon the operators reported that no definite conclusion was arrived at, as the operators would not consider an advance, but are willing to pay the present price and sign a contract to that effect. The outlook is favorable for an amicable settlement and no strike is anticipated. Killed Her Child. IXDIASAPOLIS, Ind.. April IS.—During the morning Mrs. Dr. George Murphy, ol Leo township, Allen county, killed her daughter, aged 5 vears, .by shooting her through the brain. She also attempted to kill other members of the family, but was disarmed. She claims the children would be better off in the other world. One year ago she attempted the lives of her children. KeaKEstato Huom at Marion. MAKIOX, Ind., April IS.—The entire Winchell first addition to this city was sold Friday to the South Side Land association for 835,000, half of which was paid in cash. Mason, Wiley and Butler also sold 100 lots on the west side to the New York excursionists for 830,000. These arc among the greatest real- estate transactions in the history oi Marion. Died 'of a Broken Heart. MARTlifSViM.E. Ind., April IS.—John Patterson, an Owen county farmer, deserted his wife last November, and no word has since been heard concerning him. His wife worried continually about her husband, and died on Thurs- dav of a broken heart. An Old Settler Dead. VALPARAISO, Ind., Apvil 38. — Mrs. Nahum Cross died Friday. Over hall of her^ife of 70 years had been spent in this county. She died of pneumonia. Her husband is very prominent in temperance circles. His Skull Crushed in the Wheel. MILAN, Ind., April 18.—Charles Clements was seized with an epileptic fit while driving in a cart. He was thrown onto the wheel and his skull crushed. AT IT AGAIN. Is Going On in Various Cities and Towns. The Striking Cokers Engage in More Eioting, Deputy Sheriff Dangerously Injured by a Mob—State Troops to Be Called For. SITUATION GHOWIXG DESPERATE. SCOTTDALE, Pa., April IS.—The coke region is again the scene of lawlessness and excitement is at fever heat. Friday night a band of about 100 strikers assaulted the Leisenrinjr Ko. 2 plant ol the Frick Coke Company. Shots were exchang-ed, and for a time the fig-lit waged fm-iously. The guards held their ground, and finally compelled the mob to beat a retreat, but not until one of the deputies was dangerously injured, and, it is thought, can not recover. Sheriff McCormick up to this time has been trying to deal patiently with, this lawless element and.to avoid if possible being charged, with using undue authority, but he has about concluded to surrender and call on the government for state troops. His deputies' lives have been placed in peril a number of times during- the past three or four days. At the offices of the Frick and McClure companies word is. given out that a few more men reported for work at a number of the plants now running and that the shipments of coke will be increased a few cars. The various meetings held by the labor leaders seem to have no effect, at least not getting any of the men at work to quit. Master Workmen Wise and Hay have returned from the Whitney and Lippincott works, near Latrobe, where they held meetings Friday. They are greatly depressed over the failure to accomplish anything. The men remaining out demand that those at work be brought out and the Italians driven away within two days, or all the men would claim their jobs. The situation .with the leaders is becoming painfully serious and looks more like defeat every day, SCOTTDALE, Pa!,'April 18.—Dynamite was exploded in several parts of the coke region Friday night. The only serious damage was at the Kyle works, where a large water tank was demolished. PUREST 'AND BEST LESS THAN HALF THF PRICE: OF OTHER BRANDS -i-POUNDS,20*-!- HALVESJO* QUARTERS^ SOLD IN CANS ONLY " What's that ? A new invention •which works all the year round? Surprisin'—these days are not Jike the old times. Bleedin' was the only remedy them days. But now, as you say, Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is a true remedy for the blood." It's not like the sarsaparillas, that are said to be good for the blood in March, April and May. The " Golden Medical Discovery " works equally well at all times, in all seasons and in all cases of 'blood-taints, or humors, no matter what their na£ne or nature. "Golden Medical Discovery" is the only Blood and Liver medicine, Bold by druggists, guaranteed to benefit or cure irt. every case, on fair trial, or money paid for it -will be promptly refunded. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Proprietors, No. 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. Xn-o Children JTatally Crushed. MEERILL, Wis., April IS,—Friday morning two children of C. W. Fuller, aged 3 and 5 years, were playing in the street, near a pile of lumber, when it fell, crushing both. The elder, a girl, died within a few minutes and the little boy sustained a fracture of the skull and arm and cannot live. Burglars Blake a Rich Eftul. NOBWALK, Conn., April IS.—Burglars set fire to a barn in the outskirts ol this city Friday night, and while tha people were watching the blaze broke open a jewelry store and secured S15,- 000. Killed by the Cars. FORT WATXE, Ind., April 18.— Calv'n Shrader, !a section hand on the Nickel Plate road, was run over by a train Friday and instantly killed. .., Man and Money Gone. , COSSERSVILIJS, Ind., April IS. —C. Hempson, manager here of Poorman's bicycle agency, is missing, together with 3500 of agency money. • ~~ ^^—^~ Found Dead. SHELBTVILLE, Ind., April IS.—On Friday Isaac .Tindall, aged 7S, was found-dead in his garden where he had work. THE SKIN- Is an important factor in keeping good health; if it does not act In th« way intended by nature, its function* »re performed by other organ*,— the Kidneys and the Lungs; and th« result is a breakdown of general healtti. Swift's Specific Is the remedy of nature to stimulate the skin to proper action. It ne-re* falls in. this, and aliraya accomplished file purpose, Send for our trwitiie on the Blood Mtd Skin Disease*. Swore Sptaano Co., Atlanta, Oft ESTABL!SHEDI85I( 180 So. Chicago, I'is, (ClarkSI Tie Regular Old-EstabMefl PHYSICIAN AND SURGED Is stlil Treating with the Greatest SKILL and SUCCESi i A -g- «ir. \f j CMc,. MODS and Private Discs flSrNERVOUS DEBILITY, Lost Manhood, Failing Memory, Exhausting Drains, Terrible Dreams, Head and Back Ache and alJ the effects leading to early decay and perhaps Con- ^umption or Insanity, treated scienlificaJly by new methods with never-failing success, i®-SYPHILIS and all bad Blood and Skin Diseases permanently cured. 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Leave Losansport, 3:45p.m.. 7:50 a. m Arrive LaTayette, 4:55 p.m.. 9:2()a.m L. V. & V. S. R. Leave LfiFarette, EastBoand ,.. I:£0p.tn West Boairf ' .5.-JO p.m H. C. PARKER. Traffic Manager, C, K DALY, Gea. Pass. & Ticket. Agt. '.NBIANAPOLlS, IXD. 8:19 a.rn 8:55 a.m A Chicago druggist retailed 2000000 of B. F. Keeslingand Cullen -& Console Agents in Logansport. I^CtTRE KTJPTUKi *5o° % $£ I DR. HORNE'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES Have Cured 10,OOP Ruptures in 13 Years, "I sufferM] with ft rtoublc rupture 5 j-rars. Tour Electric Truss mired me In 3y° months. ,1.O. PBitPOT," Sept 24, '90. Cbnttanooga, Tone. "Your filnct-Io Truss cured my mptiiro after suffering 15 years. MRS. A, DOUGH-TV. " Alisecon, K. J. Oct. 8, '80. "I am curfifl flonnfl and well by wenrlne your Electrlo Truss. K. HARVEY." Davis City. Jovn. Aupr. 1", '30. The only cenntno Elopl-rle Triia* m"! Belt ComMncA Inthc world. flO-pnt:f!IhiitrutA'rf l>«ol;M'Ntfrc(?*HeiJ • DR. HORNE, INVENTOR, ISO WABASHAVE.. CHIC* W. L. DOUGLAS fmeclal- Has for Gentlemen, Ladles,ctc.,nrownr- rauted. nnd HO stamped on bottom. Address W. L. UOUGLAS, Brockton, Ma»», Sold by J. B. WINTERS Broadwav

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