The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana on July 5, 1946 · 1
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The South Bend Tribune from South Bend, Indiana · 1

South Bend, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1946
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SOUTHBEND. BY PAUL BIALLOX. OPA Question In the minds .of ,, people out here in the reat growing area of the nation hvther Mr Tnunan helped himself by vetoing OPA. The con-1 opinion was as confusing ?ich ,s considered nor? nai for Washington. The future vaa unpredictaWe, particularly ai to short foods such as meat, but ter and bread. It was plain only that Mr. Truman had become involved in a triiggle with Senator Taft. The white house had decided to enter a new. fray with the demo-repub-lican majority coalition. And in Sow PA flCW Vt of ' But H1 matter was not quite as simple as that. Actually Mr. Truman had delivered OPA to its uSTE1"' The net re8Ult u hat they wanted, -not what he wished. All through his speech ran the wo,n7 0,6 Taft amendment would have permitted producers to raise prices inordinately. The cost-plus system does allow over-esUmation of costs,' as witnesses to the experience of war con- testify Mr- Truman cited figures to prove his point VETO But Hien he '-vetoed the biU and left no thu uVer- His tlon wn.2.. re .backwards -from his yU accePtei his argu- wa a 1 hid1 1 Taft amendment S,4 must follow that Ifhat be did was twice as bad. lr Taft had opened-a sieve through Ai Mr ruman had removed the sieve and let the whole thing go down the drain. To' meet this glaring deficiency ' I. hJ8 argument Mr. Truman said coilreBa would act im-mediatelyj He had no reason for hope. - A solid thwacking an.ty f congress had already acted in the opposite way. They then quit for the week end in the face of his request as any con-gressman well khew in advance .that they would. He asked them , a simple renewal of OPA What had refused Jura an along), if he was actual- f6? this b had no to expect it. and was admittedly selecting a losing game fr bjmself by delivering the issue into their hands. - After that the speech got worse. ,pe then appealed to the POLICE LINK ENSVITH E THEFTS Mobs Attack Victims in Their Homes Suspect m Degn Case Awaits Jury Action. irirtire n pas, 13.J By Associated Press. CHICAGO, July 5. Capt Michael Ahem said today seven additional burglaries had been linked with Wiliam Heirens, 17-year-old University of Chicago student held m jail under $270,000 bond on 29 charges of burglary or assault. Heirens, whose finger and palm Prints were said by police and the match the prints found on the Suzanne Degnan $20,000 ransom note? was awaiting grand Jury action following his arraignment last Wednesday. States Attorney William J. Toughy said evidence in connection With the kidnaping and slaying of the Degnan child last Jan. 7 also was to be presented to the jury. The yputh has denied any connection with the crime. Ahem said, persons from whom the loot was taken in the seven additional burglaries he sgid had been attributed to Heirens identified articles yesterday. WELLS ATTACKS BRITISH ROYALTY By AmciiM Pm, WARSAW, July 5. At least 34 ipersons were reported today to have been killed and 42 wounded I at .the city of Kielce in Poland s bloodiest postwar pogrom, which was finally suppressed by govern-mnt forces in armored cars. Reinforced military units and security police patrolled Kielce's strets. Anti-Jewish rumors apparently touched off the outbreak i r Associs'e! prw. yesterday. One rumor was that a) PARIS. July PEACE PARLEY INVITATIONS BEING DRAFTED M misters Agree on All of Major Problem!. 5- The foreign sat bi boy had been kidnaped and held ini Vitat ona today ,or a t'neral Eu LUar two day by a Jew- iropean peace conference to be held d - smashed. - T a rnvPt8l!im atarted about nute tton which lMtedtoe into tCf?ay and contiued well erly hours this morning, the HZ into the afternoon as a call went lomatic reprerentsUve. of GreM reinforcements. I Britain. France, Soviet Russia and brought lBtmi?re(l car were Hie United States reached agree-brought into play sgamst the mnt on Italian reparations, the final major point blocking prep. ratUtk a A . r 'r 'MPLACETEETH IN EXTENDER, PORTERIIRGES Tafl Prepares to Open War on OPA f Measure WSUCNCPCX serA " u u ,L.u ilii u ; w mobs. j 62 Under Arrest j Authorities reported 62 sus- aration of treaty drafts, and fixed tor fo Peace conference. pected of participating in the po- ?v,ty tortign minsters as- grom were rounded up last nirhtuernbed tbi morning to draw up and said further arrests were invitaLon for sub- derway. The streets were cleared.' the iTv ir chiefa ,aler It was officially announced that au responsible for the outbreak would face military tribunals. A checkup of dead and wounded Ve vast majority of. whom were Jews, may show higher casualties. It was reported that some security police and militiamen 11, . uuuuamen were o- killed or wounded battling thelSSaLHSun?r and Bulgaria, mobs. s thy will submit to the confer- Reports from Kielce, a farm Md lndutrial center of 60,000, said it was the bloodiest po- P I mil In Ta1..j t . . T ' igrom in Poland in years About ?UnBraaiL Byelo-Russia, Cana- Hei Accuses Crown 800 of th citys population re,df: tch5alovaki. Ethio- in Link With f Blackshirts. By United Prei.. LONDON, July 5. H. G. Wells, law W'hich could not, or was not being enforced when it was law. I cannot recollect a president before, asking public adherence in peacetime to a law which did not -exist, certainly not to a law which a large number or the people and a majority of congress obviously have not liked. aUTOPA.Wr" Truman got rid i POLITICS A to the other v Sid f 11 What might be very loosely termed as the demo-republican side), the presidents action certainly required opponents of OPA to prove their theory. A Ert many peo! pie have believed that if the whole setup of government restrictions was abolished, and we returned to peacetime methods, a spotty price situation might prevail for & few weeks, but production would be encouraged and as soon as we get production, prices will come down. As goods become plentiful and competition is restored, the natural brakes of the capitalistic system would apply. It was up I to business to make this prove to' be true. 4 - To present my point clearly to your minds, let me say this: Had i-bfen in Mr. Trumans shoes I would have signed the bill and issued my protest simultaneously. This Is what his congressional leaders advised him to do. Incidentally, - this would have been also the best politics. Mr. Truman is not running for election this year, but his democratic majority is facing the. electorate. h WinS 1118 leSislat-ion. Mr. Truman has embarrassed that majority. Good politics called for mm to save what he could of OPA -not necessarily what he would like to have and help his congress, for he has -majorities in both houses. The .only immediate cheer I heard came from C. L O. President Phillip Murray who called Mr. Truman's step a stabilizing influence." It was 100 per cent the opposite out here. a non-existent bearing his 80th birthday but still itching for a fight, today launched a savage attack upon the British royal family, calling for investiga- oa what he said were rumors that it was linked with the British blackshirt movement of Sir Oswald Mosley. ' Writing in the w-eekly Socialist Leader, organ of the independent labor, party, he proposed that some -district in America where the people appear hungry for uniforms and titles should be made into a royal reserve for the vari ous courts in exile. Genuine democratic communi-ties. Wells wrote, throughout the world need to know what a go-00 J0 this hushed up business of the huge Mosley funds and how far -our own royal family la involved in this affair. - 1 If it is involved then there is every reason why the House of Hanover should follow the House of Savoy into the shadows of exile and leave England free to return to her old and persistent republican tradition, the tradition of Ohver Gromwen. Milton. Shelley and the regicides who dealt with tne treacheries and treason of King Charles I Wells said that 50 years ago I was the only English republican alive, but now the whole world la going republican. attack on the British monarchy was almost unprece- hia 8U8gestion of a link with the British fascist party, out-lawed during-the war, was the 111 Pubc which had ever been made. 1 Jews. - ' w r'jf,a. France. Great Britain. Greece, 10000 Ji1 N6 Neur Zu, iand icere summoned to strike today, fanning the ugly feelings Poland vers summed tZ TfrifcUkreine, theWUn!on ofSouthAfri! - VUUi States and Yugoslavia, will not have the final say on the treaties. Russia has insisted on strict the United Press said.) Jews were snatched from street Invay Jcoach8- Mobsadbernc to i the teiW of the at Hie headquarters of theIoscow agreement of last Decem-central Jewish committee of Kielce br under which the big four are rpUld after H Jews1? crlw up the final treaties after appeaJed to security police and,at,Jdyln Hie advice of the peace militiAmn a rAnfavanaa militiamen for assistance. The government clamped down a curfew effective at 7 p. m. The disorder came as the government announced that early returns from the Polish referendum last Sun-d?y.gavf Hie government a substantial lead on all three questions presented. Tb government announced yesterday , that with approximately a quarter of the votes counted the three questions presented to the electorate had a heavy yea mi-iority, with the count for the one-touse legislature running, about three to one. This question waa the only one on which the opposite ttad a Ur!inS a no conferenpe. Preas for Final Treaties. Secretary of States J.rmes T. Byrnes, British foreign secretary Ernest Bevin and French Foreign Minister Georges Bidault all have indicated that they Intend to press for serious consideration of the advice of the conferees when the council meets again after the peace conference to complete the final treaties. The ministers settled their last major conflict. Italian reparations by Peement providing that Italy must pay Russia $100,000.- 00 from munitions factories, from her assets abroad and from cur-rent production over a seven-year -re. , . Itay was given a two-year no?n1!ttoU1 of votea F! of "tor be comPiled before H payments from current pro-July 12 and no claims of victory duction, however. have been advanced as yet by any . Tb only item now on the aren-P y or bloc. The voters were-?? which still might cause trou- , FmU Porter ca; crrea. lodsy a the CTA rmtmfrr fcj f.Z ts ,2r-c 11 wsta Prewdeat I ImI M TriT Tw it V pnur-o ri gerajrr RaS art A. T.1 1 ft. Ol TUU M-kg fvr m ;!r He $ r festrea I tie anos'.e tm-u4 A. v-wjtsu joe d ora rJ ,r Tnrw Itj litre; rti- Ujmb edjklsdKeeest ; (S5nsi t-'cs krx til nrraie ) k Vf X and rwrewy mtr.fnxtlMi -y In tbs EarUry -'-Tito for the Taft an wbrnry arwnditJiExts te u .rnce garirrl b-Z. j 3 ttejwe Ir flmp. It 44 M rrpmmett t Uitkrt rprcwl ef h 14 as M repcrt4 cn.t by the caitaai. I t3 hope Uat netma 3 B. . b-3 that wQ rosLfcs-ta ja utter Here Selltncr rrrtat: -- -1 A , Asa feta snraaagw. an that tKAstr vnars..rat:a feature rj u eL.m Pertor tl not '.abort .a a rrr juo- of U bX be r farsa aa ebjertjatatos. n waa n dost snore la r.3 lie f 250,000 BLAZE KtB r,urM ByaUieata JWMjjtio. IB WS t. a pvt Btncu, BILBOS VICTORY UNDER PROTEST By International Kawa Sarvica. t JACKSON, Miss., July 5. . A protest will be filed tomorrow questioning the renomination of Senator Theodore G. Bilbo. Nelson 1. Levings, former naval commander, and the number four candidate in the race for Bilbo's seat in last Tuesdays democratic primary in Mississippi, announced be will file a protest charging alleged irregularities in Harrison county. DESTROYS club By Intrhational Nwa 8mca. GLENDALE. Calif, July 5. Fire department investigators to-daLu?ht Hie origin of a fire that OawT1 1 destryed the swank Oakmont Country club yesterday ht an estimated loss of $250,000 CCkled ta Hie clubhouse tounge while the clubs fairways were jammed with holiday golfers. wiled on Polands new western boundaries and upon the govem-mnt s nationalization acts as well as on the question of a unicameral legislature. ri A aovemment spokesman categorically denied last night Vice- Premier Stanislaw Mikolaiczyks ole was the Issue of freedom of navigation on the- Danube. ac-rsto-sl list Ume inrlafi L which n.tUw a wivrs Uiu Uiy f-,1 urMkrr.i rrfrraryt Hi tsiamsturere of av-ppL-g ivi th, oksatos . A the ORA. -1 fey rjwcisj ynnrg The twuMwtfe fow4 to msue'V?1. A Am 1 Hiat ent prtors were w ""rbf the pewwsr t kut 15 per Ur g irT TreLt ed lUmna a.a5 rctr cr K.ciff ut it t - V o piiM if hut ter t utisr Vm (ww !bJft' pirmmoru was .aJy SKwarters ikuM a"! untr 1 ftr.U s pc--3 as , u.e oktHatt ! ignr -.Uoncf euS&er ! a ssiUrr Rncrs on ran cl ti, as.. canr-H gods esy Ut bwa aho.i aame as last ww5g t wholesaler. I The pens la aTparer Uy wa is A butcher. atkso-( . r ht frit n Ue tA awat yew incxuuasm mum atoia ,XV rt tilirre. to the bouw 83 thers, i t'ji . l u ecvts-, rarsis w-jj e. bouarwim WbuM betmU price ra aaS U week or so dCrelcp lltli btryug , ... t are to Is rm.orei. men would begin to dAv I. rrrw4 12 u S A spokeemaa for MidAWtt T waaU butof cjcrrs CYeafr.trk-a lac, . k crT- -$e. eri4 ta er.y t- rn tr. ui that the prices would drop of thrtr Uj S3ttX Uat U own accord whm prtktottWt. ZSiZ P t of Jrg. sufficifTtjy fcjgb. , j ,Uriaa. I Fber rrpreartlatfeea wrOd rtrtn hot A oot toy that the meat eu.-gly was TnC.l tonm-uo toe improved over last unrea. muimuSmu awd Pi the utotaa4al Cr' rmr Lt rerwh tr4 ctltle u lu Vysr) twatere earner thia wee A Tto f "1 ftra Us i j " fll tea, i lr. tj. . r.ia nince, fcluiUy labelled ts unfair .vfU.Vlrea .of Maf. chairman tra ioaay e got red under th , Z J tst-l , n sta .verity l jaader on him by RepresenUtive rCUJ masure putPly 1 DJfctflr L. Jatk-' BatA'ey. f Kentarky, w Illinois miLit J!. May D Ky.) in the totrrestoof South Bend area rett " otraue nenkJ under congreaonal lnve.u.atton ' The former chief of army erd- '" - - f- recr.rej n ia crorsrjtto, fwticesl frwiiisi ef tia November, ,1 $42. j-our-couaty area here rfre;r3 against r j Meader grerioualy K tatrwi Increase or tiktre The laat time they discussed this of H influential ho 8 $ Turkey rrJZ.rr, L w. question the minister, committee.' onThTf H1 May t iWIrnei uTSl , w were setUed on a propoeal that G,r,n- Hje mnufteturer 1 . 'J1? military com- fl8r8 wptoe,wi - - 3 of navigation on the river should be observed. Bevin announced. hrfLthat 3 of hi PTtUan,ih('eVr that he wanted more been arrested in the Poznan 'v to utui7 the question and district Just before the referendum. FRENCH PREFER SOFT DRINK BAR By Intcras-lonal News Service. PARIS, July 5 There was danger in France today that American soft drinks will replace champagne as the favorite beverage- for swank social affairs. The threat became evident at a mammoth party staged in the U. S. embassy by Ambassador and airs. Jefferson Caffery as the windup to Fourth of July celebrations. , More than 2.000 persons attended, and rushed the iced, soft drink counter about three to one over the champagne bar. . m MIU not made known hia position SIX WORKMEN DIE IN BLAST OF gas PIPE LINE By Aswlat4 PnM. LASALLE. Til ti July i 8 Six ;, f.'11 1Ul w .-r c group of 1 wmr contrart held by one at rws a, wtet TUC WFATUrD companies In which Camon u u b-rerd k&c WtlATHER. lUl t-terwl1 rv-toy'; Campbell, upon the requret of'Zl, V?. PTm-tion eweters , Meader. read into Lto recced the .f 881 M ( -X TT,U.' 8 Hrb-e eoerTLapctt.TTvVt 'e'r'v " - we arm- r aatksn dated aa haeir-g token pUcetff! Cly a& VaS-'JT? - bftWMH Hm tiWIftM Its m . to J. f f 4 I led hU Halloo to Nor. JJ, jpa crercrstina y:,rl tn senate tea as vt-mrtima profits or a group of 1 Rlinoia companies which Chalr-maa James iL Mead (D. N. T.) naa denounced for war profiteer- He said that it was "all rirbt witA him wljen congressmen, cab- rent , th" fnciai. workmen were killed and tenljT rQrRerous occaiionAi' awwu?nSJ11X TIED rr yestoday in PU M.S4. TOLEDO. ,0, July 8 lr - - - - - j Oimpbeu I added that It Iwaa!bua 8n1 lree t 'csVcperfrlTav 4 1 perfectly all right" for congreaa-'d mass meeUrg today' to tto Oeurey of lto uTT csticmal markets was rrfie-jel ts a decl.ri of t. top quota W Oman Understands Apologies ior Blindness By Assbclated Preaa. son, Patrick, two, have been v thelr of the housing shortage. P g in all-night theaters because Today, Hie. McKeevers have a borne. They were taken in by Mrs Dessia Saul, who. heard of their distress from friends. When Mr. Saul first contacted mm, McKeever wanted to be sure taderstoci You know Tm blind, dont you?" he asked, .it might create aome difficulty in your household. Tvow. dont you worry. Ifa per- fectly all right," replied Mrs. Saul, whose career aa a nurse waa cut short byther poison. You see. Im blind, too. an explosion en a high-pressure 7heUfnrJFr ,P, bne. ner here. - -- iur congress- 4W mass roeeurg today . of tb , 5, burld someimn to ask for introductions hutWtH eow2iatory panel, but fit- U A. IV Af CT g n r of the victima 325 feet. when It become. Insistent; tS! U held (to t ,t migM - - V iJUTERS oD!d,.Wre Jame Ferdinand mething rise again." Uiai.i - 1 11 ' Raetxold. aged 54. of Beatrice, u ,1 krI5-S . w. tto.i. sur,r. in cp qiwtatowi to ! m T It ns -- is wre I w, tr., zraTz tu? : tusrrRs rrrrrj ,bnl?Vln vE aeary- 40 and rm fograham. 28, of Geneseo. dri8n Marsh, 35. and Robert Walstrom. 2 of Belvidere fid Lenn Dale Swan, 39, cl Truro, A 620-pound pressure blew i a pipe end off the 24-inch lies on a iannnear neighboring Peru. HI toeaald bad. attempted to hold the pressure while they removed a 30-foot section. . 7 FL11 X COAT RULE BEGINS. By Associated Prwa s SY10 P L. July 5. Petty-coat tula cam. to tba Philippines today when Mr. Virginia Oteyu d pula assumed office here as the nret woman mayor in Philippine utorT- Her tost action was the lfsiifice cf a procliaitlca tia. rang gun-carrying. Committee Counsel G . , . , Meader Inquired whether It was f to E that you got j hot der r" hlJ conversa- tion with May becaure !yw tbought you were being iubjted to political pressure." , . 3eU" aaJd CMSFtxa, 1 waa 10 r Tetty officer of JJJ.C-' 1 don t think it was Campbell previously had related that Mar introduced him by telephone to Camon. described by army officer aa the braina, t-hlad the lUinola munitions combine. t , Campbell said that after the tn- troductien Camon cam to fc office. Ha said ha believed that he tod given him a note of introduction to Brig. Gen. Thoms. B. Ham- trJti cfeitf jcf tba Chicago erd-' nanea officeJ 7 . 1 ! & wSjSK LEGAL STAFF TO CS ; FIGHT vmni!5 mTW area TTrrt asit s t.. Landlord Observes His OPA Freedom Or I'mh fms 8LATTLL, WariL, July L-. Isdepeadeaea Day had 1 doable weals g for Landlord Saoreei J. Deyta. i , Dayte raged his Wants lata ml ccfereare" yesterday h4 aasousced ha wa rcls Vratlsg his Ivirfirad.,,, T relieved ever the end f tba OFA, and feeiag bLU ta w aey vwi hastens, tteet yumr west area Of 1 rent ta free, be till FIGHT EVICTIONS y tswssjtewu tern, DETROrT. Mich-. July S . .-n united AuUxncbJe Workers-C J O U mtatortrg a .U- ef Urym today to tgfct evtcuoa ta vwtky rest cases la Detm. , b O. lca Prea jc-j RIcAard T. Leonard said fct a-Bundg this phase ef the utica's protest raspa-ga against kae ef prlca ctactroi it tto legal wa be prepared Monday to tog: represmCrg toranu Uree;.e3 w-ih eviction. , Leonard Is dirertor cf the H- A. W.'i poetical action' and MfdUtit tefsmanA. i Tto ttaiee leader sad tto free. UsaisU wnu$ fm la Wrml TrobtfjT rai a t "Se a ...ei I M a sk..,ta e b....m . a- -.. e a j 2 4k. A a. a. s a,.,. ..- w I a S- . S tow . Ell I . M ? w a,.n M s,.i H a M it: ; : :: 2 ; s1 uUi y' ,1 : 'T: OFA Mt exmtP&Ld I A. M J; iC

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