The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1935 · Page 11
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1935
Page 11
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THURSDAY MORNING, JAN. 17, 1935 POTTSTOWN MERCURY. POrrSTOWN, PA. í’hone 2?6? PAGF. F.l.F.VTN This Page Shows You at Once Which Way Opportunity Breezes Blow Today is the Day ORIGINAL BETTY BOOP TO SING AT HIPPODROME (Continued from Pajfc Four) ♦ought to the founders of »tie lew State for treason, and Gen. 3eorge Washington placed a price •>n the hoad of Ethan Allen and TLs “Green Mountain Boys." * * * Jan. 17, 1861—Mrs. Eliza Gilbert lied, in Brooklyn, N. Y„ aged 42. The name concealed the identity ■>f one of the most remarkable women of all time. As Lola Montex, dancer, she had captivated a king Df Bavaria, an emperor of Russia, i reigning prince of Poland, a lord- Lieutenant of Ireland, Alexandre Dumas, Franz Liszt and many another. As 30-year-old paramour of Louis of Bavaria she ruled the country. When nobles ancj clergy oae against her, Louis abdicated rather than undo her good works. She spent her last years in the U. S.. uplifting fallen women. ♦ * * NOTABLE NATIVITIES Benjamin Fraiiklin^-b--4406, who many consider the greatest American. He was editor, statesman philanthropist, author, inventor, scientist, statesman, libertarian, philosopher and free lover. Also, he invented the rocking-chair. David George, known as David Lloyd-George, b. 1863. statesman deemed the greatest Welshman. Ha wasn’t born in Wales! Anton Chekov, b. 1860, Russian novelist and dramatist . . . Co^a Wilson Stewart, b. 1875, founder of the "moonlight-school” movement . . . Glenn L. Martin, b. 1886, pioneer flier and airplane designer . . . Frank Hague, Mayor of Jersey City whose influence as a political boss has national ramifications. $ nfr # vot in: wrong ir you BELIEVE— That no President ever renounced the U. S. and turned against it. John Tyler did! The 10th President, who died 73 years ago todav, took sides with the Confederates in 1861 and was elected to the Confederate Congress from Virginia. Also you’re wrong if you believe: That King George is the richest Briton. He isn’t. The richest Briton has no title. He's Joseph Rank, a flour miller! ♦. • * Write a wrong: Address Clark Kinnaird care of The Mercury, ./or proof of any statement, send stemped envelope. ----------—• The original Betty Boop, Little Ann Little, who sang a aong and landed in court, will come to che New Hippodrome theater Saturday with an all-star revue. Miss Little was haled before the bar of Jus- tlce by Miss Helen Morgan who claimed she was stealing Miss Morgan's style of singing. Miss Little, however, proved to the satisfaction _______ of a judge that she had been "booping” long before Miss Morgan. In the revue, presented by Manny King, famous stage headliner for 20 years, Miss Little will sing the same song that won the case for her. She will show how the “sound sequences" are made for Betty Boop cartoons. Farmers' Market CLOSING STOCK MARKET PRICES (By Associated Press) Alaska Jun 17 5-S Alleghany 1 1-3 Amn Can 111 8-8 Am & For Pow 4 1-4 An, Pow it ht 3 1-4 Johns Mftnvle 51 1-3 Kell? Sprg 1 3-8 Kelvlnator 17 1-4 Kenneeott 18 1-3 Libbey-O Ol 3« 3-4 Am Rad 8t<l San 14-3-» Llfg «t Myrs B 108 Î-4 Am Holl Mlll 31 Ï-8 Lo«ws 33 A n 8mlt «te Ref 36 3-1 MeLelland Strs 13 J-B Am Tel it Tel 104 1-4 Mont Ward 37 1-4 Am Tom B 83 An» Wat Wrk* 13 1-3 Anaconda 10 3-4 Am« III N 6 3-8 Arm TU Pr pf 68 1-3 Atchison 49 5-8 At'an Ref 3 41-8 A rillt Corp 4 3-4 Baldwin Loco 6 3-4 Balt A Ohio 13 Rarmda.ll 8 1-3 Bandii Aviat IS 3-8 Bri hi Rtl 30 7-8 ïk.rden 34 1-2 5ntt* Mtf 37 1-8 Bklyn-Man T 38 1-J Calli Pack 37 1-3 Pac 13 7-8 ötlaMM 33 1-4 Curo de Paaro 41 Ch«s ft Ohio 43 Chi «t N W 4 3 8 Nash Mot 18 7-8 Nat Biscuit 38 1-1 Nat Dairy Prod 18 1-4 Nit Distil 38 3-8 N V Cent 18 1-3 N Y N H A H 7 Noranda Mines 33 1-4 Nor Amn Aviat 3 1-3 North Amn 13 8-8 Norlhn Pae 18 1-3 Ohio Oil 10 1-8 Ov ens 111 O! 88 Puckard 4 7-8 Pi>ram Pub ctf 3 1-4 Park Utah 3 Fenn HR 22 Htelpg Dodge 14 1-4 Phillips Pt 14 3-4 Pub Ser M J 36 3-8 Radio S Repub Btl 13 3-4 Hej Tob B 47 3-4 PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 16 (AP) -Supplies of MU8HROOMS were nomewhtt lighter today and most atock wan firm under moderate demands. Pennsylvania 3-lb. basket 50a65c; poor low a-s 25c. Pennsylvania hothouse TOMATOES, 15- lb. basket $2a2.75. WHITE POTATOES In liberal supply. Old, demand moderately, market about steady; Terminal Maine Oreen Mountains U. 8, No. 1, 100-lb, sacks, 90ca$l. Idaho Russet Burbanks, U. S. No. 1, 100-lb sacks, 9t.83al.90. 10-lb. wicks, 22c. Dock sales, boat receipt«, Maine Oreen Mountains U. S. No. 1 and partly graded, 100-lb. sacks, 80a85c. Street Bales. Pennsylvania Russet Rural» and Green Mountain» U. S. No. I, and partly graded. 100-lb. sacks, mostly 60a 75c, few 80a85c, very few higher, poorer low as 40c. U. S. No 2. 35a40c, 15-lb. sacks, bakers 22c, N, J,, Delaware and Maryland redskins U. S. No. 1. 100-lb. sacks, 60a75c. New. Terminal supplies Sight, demand very light, market dull Florida bu. bratea Blls* Triumphs U. 8, No. 1, very few Rales 81.40. Street sales, Florida bu crates BHss Triumphs U. 8 No. 1, glal.50, mostly around $1.25; U. S. No. 2. |lal.29. APPLES dull and unchanged Most stock, bu. 91al.25. Few fine quality Staymana and Delicious high as $1.65 Poor and small of all varieties 75a90c. Few small New Jersey Kleffer PEARS, bu. 40a50c CELERY, bunch laliuc; Pennsylvania -Danish tyue cabbage 60-lb. sack 40c SWEET POTATOES siow. Tr. Tr. NO. 1 ®4 basket 60a75c; bu. 9U1.25 20a40c; White PAR- 30a60c; All yams, bu. 50ca$i. White TURNIP8. bu. SNIPS 40a60c; CARROTS BEETS 30a50c. EGGS. 3019. Steady to firm, prices unchanged. WHEAT. No. 2, garlicky, domestic spot and January delivery 97c CORN. No 2. yellow Western, old $1.03%; new 93c; No. 3 yellow, West em 91c. OATS, No. 2, white. 70a7l,/*lc. BUTTER top grades 34a374c; 92 score, 33Vjc; 91 score 32'4 e; 90 score, 31Hc, LIVE POULTRY, fowls. Plymouth Rock, fancy 20c; mixed colors 18al9c DRESSED POULTRY, fowls, Ifl^a 20!yc; chickens. Western I9a25'iic; old roosters lS’^alSUc. ;>Capons 24a31c. Turkeys, old toms and hens 24laa25c, FLOUR, CHEESE, unchanged. DEATHSFINANCIAL MERCHANDISE Death!» I FALLEN ASLEEP BECHTEL—Tn Amltyville, on Tuesday, January 15th. 1935, Anna L. (nee Levant Bechtel, wife of Horace W. Bechtel, aged 62 years. 2 months, 27 days The relatives and friends of the family are rrspeotfully invited to nttend the funeral from funeral home of H. R Houck and Son. 112 North Washington street. Potts town, on 8unday, January 20th, 1035, at 2 o’clock. Interment Oak Grove cemetery. Parkerford. Friends may call Saturday evening 7-8:30. KINCKINER —In South Pottatown, on January the 15th inst., 1935. James S., husband of Minnie B. (Hetzell Kinektnes, aged 48 years, 8 months and 17 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from hla late residence, 208 River road, South Pottstown, on Saturday, January 19, at 2 p. m. Interment In Mt. Eton cemetery Friends may call Friday evening. 7 to 8:30 o’clock. FALLEN ASLEEP Saturday. January 12, 1935 MYERS—Carrie Myers (nee Kummerer) wife of John R. Myers, in her 47th year. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, from the funeral home of H. R. Houck and Son. 112 North Washington street, on Friday, January 18 1935 at 10 o’clock. Further services in Union Chapel, Boyertown Interment In adjoining cemetery. Friends may call Thursday evenTTig7~7-H:30. FALLEN ASLEEP Monday, January 14, 1935 KERPERr-Sarah M. Kerper (nee Fosnocht), wife of George M. Kerper, aged 71 years, 1 month and 12 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, from her late home. 807 Queen street, on Friday. January 18. 1935. at 1:30 o’clock. Interment in Edgewood cemetery. Friends may call Thursday evening 7-8.30 CROSBY AT HIS BEST IN ‘HERE IS MY HEART’ Bine Crosby’s genuine talent for comedy, which ha« been receiving more and more pronounced attention in each of his recent pictures, finally is accorded its just due in his charming new Paramount picture “Here Is My Heart,” at the Strand theater, today, tomorrow and Saturday. Supported by an able cast that includes Kitty Carlisle, Alison Skipworth, Roland Young and Reginald Owen, Crosby not only warbles his way to triumph with his unique singing voice in the new picture, but contributes a comedy performance that should remain as a standard for Hollywood’s best comedy performers for some time to come. The story, adapted from the frivolous play by Alfred Savoir. is that of a millionaire crooner in search of fun. He falls seriously and incurably in love at first sight of an expatriated Russian princess. An amusing, deftly written and paced story, good music and an excellent cost have been welded into an extremely effective whole in “Here Is My „Heart” by Frank Tuttle. for whom no praise is too lavish. It's a swell show and you have nobody but yourself to blame if you miss it! Chi M BtPAfP pf 3 7-8 &eh*U DiiUl 26 Chrysler 38 1-4 Seer* Roeb 38 1-4 Colgate Palm 1Î 1-J 8ocony-Vae 13 3-4 Cclum O it El « 7-8 Scu Pae 16 1-4 Co ml Solv 21 1-8 Pku Rly 13 5-8 Ccmrlth & Sou 1 1-8 Sperry Corp 8 7-8 Cor Oas 30 1-2 Std Brands 17 7-8 Con Oil 7 3-4 Std Oil Cal 30 5-8 Cont Oil Del 17 5-8 Std Oil Ind 34 1-3 Corn Prod 64 1-8 Cuban Am Sug 5 3-4 Cur? Wright 2 5-8 Del L»k W W if 1-4 Dome Mines 36 1-4 Douglas Alrr 21 S-8 DuPont de N 94 St-1 Oil N J 41 3-4 tìtrrl Prod 59 Studebaker 3 1-4 Tejis Corp 19 7-8 Tide Wat As 8 7-8 Transamerlea 5 1-2 L’j Carbide 44 7-8 Exitman Kod 113 »-4 Uni. Airerft 13 a-8 El Auto Lt 35 1-3 Even* Prod 19 3-4 Oen Elee 31 3-4 Den Mot 31 1-4 Gilletee 13 3-4 G(0dnch 10 1-8 Goodyr T&R 23 Ot No Ry pf 14 1-2 O wen Sug 27 Ht we Soànd 46 1-4 Hudson Mot 10 3-4 Jnt Nik Can 23 3-4 Ini Tel ic Tel 9 Unit Corp 3 5-8 Unit Gas it Imp 13 1-4 U 8 Rubber 14 5-8 U S Rub 1 pf 37 5-8 0 S Smelt* Ref 109 :-4 C S Steel 37 1-4 Vck Chem 34 3-6 Warner Plct 3 5-8 West Un Tel 31 Westtngh EtfcM 38 V.'llson A 26 3-4 V'oolth 52 LANCASTER LIVESTOCK LANCASTER. Jan. 16 (API—CATTLE. 113; fat steers, 25c lower than Friday; heifers, cows and hulls steady, stockers and feeders in light supply. CALVES 113, active, steady; choice veale.s $10. HOGS, 164 fairly active; choice Westerns *8.75a9 SHEE® and LAMBS, 63; choice lambs HOalO 50. FALLEN ASLEEP January 15, 1935 BICKEL--Mrs. Susan (Buchert). widow of Nathaniel Bickel, aged 92 years, 11 months and 23 days. Funeral will be held at the convenience of the family from the funeral parlors of Wesley O. Harley. 12 South Franklin street, on Friday, January 18. 1935, Interment will be made In Swamp Lutheran cemetery. FREE MOVIE TICKETS TODAY! The Mercury will Award two Movie Tickets , Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Read the classified ads very thoroughly today, for in one of them appears the name of a Mercury reader. If it happens to be your name, you will receive two theatre tickets. The Person Whose Name Appears on This Page Must Apply the Same Day at The Mercury Office for the Tickets. STRAND—Thursday, Friday and Saturday BING CROSBY—KITTY CARLISLE -------------IN --------------“HERE IS MY HEART” ^\\\VVV\\\\\VV\\\\V\V\\VmVV\VVVV\\\W\VVVVV\VN‘ Investments. Stocks, Bonds *91 Wanted—To Bay FOR SALE—Two shares of First National Bank of Bally, Pa Make offer Write Mercury Box A-43 Money to Loan—Mortfa*es 40 CASH TO PAY 1934 BELLS If you are employed, you can oorrow $300 or lesa from us—and take all the time you need to repay 1 to 20 months. Come in, write, or 'phone PERSONAL FINANCE CO. 200 High sirm Phone 2007. Wt PAT market price1» for aU kinds of Sunk Pott**own Junk Co , U© Sout* Franklin street. Nathar Pollock, Prop,, phone 1371. NEED MONET» WHAT HAVE TOtJ TO SPOT CASH? CALL DANIEL 18 8 CHARLOTTI ST PHOH« 4*7 FO» MERCHANDISE Articles for Sale AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles for Sale II 1933 Studebaker Dictator sedan. Low mlleagp, like new, Two 1934 Chevrolet trucks with dual rear axles. These cars must be seen to be appreciated. Reiser Bros., 950 High St. Phone 832, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING* 'N FORMATION Ali ac lb are restricted tc then t/ropei classification and to the regular Mercury style of type The publishers reserve the right to edit or “elect anv (Masstiled advertising yopy Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for only the number of times the ad appea'ed and adjustment made at th* rate earned CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES , Daily rate Der line for consecutive insertion* ■ FALLEN ASLEEP Saturday. Jan. 12, 1935 YEROEY Reuben H. Yergey, husband of the late Amelia (nee Kause) aged 80 years. 3 months and 19 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, from the funeral home of H. R. Houck and Son, 112 N. Washington street, on Thursday, Jan. 17, 1935 at 2 o'clock. Interment In Pottstown West End cemetery. Friends may call Wednesday evening 7-8:30. MRS, DOTOTHY LAW NEW NOBLE TEMPLAR LANCASTER DRIVER HELD FOR EAGLE MAN’S DEATH After the testimony of two witness« at the lifqTiest into the death of E. Eea Swamer. Eagie hotel proprietor. Raymond Wendell, of Lancaster R. D.. driver of the automobile which struck Swamer's car on Christmas morning at Coatesville, was held by a Chester county coroner’s jury for the action of the district attorney. The jury, which conducted an inquest at the direction of Deputy Coroner Herbert C. Ford, found thnt Swarner’s death was the result of injuries received in a collision between his automobile and one driven by Wendell and .“from the testimony of several witnesses we relieve the collision was caused by Wendell driving in the wrong laae of traffic and contrary to law.” The jury added a recommendation hat Wendell be held for action by the district attorney. Mrs. Dorothy Law was installed noble templar at a meeting of Reynolds Temple, Ladies’ of the Golden Eagle, in the Kylp building. Mrs. Mayme Bell was installing officer. Others seated were Mrs. Lillian Schlegel, past templar; Mrs. Mary Quinter, vice templar; Mrs. Annie Linsanbigler, marshal of ceremonies; Mrs. Ethel Favinger, priestess; Mrs. Catherine Quinter, prophetess; Mrs. Mary Bell, guardian of records; Mrs. Jesse Clouser, guardian of exchequer; Mrs. Augusta Kelley, guardian of finance; Mrs. Dorothy Law, pianist; Mrs. Catherine Quinter and Mrs. Sallie Kienle, trustees. Following the business session a postponed New Year’s party took place. Gifts were exchanged and refreshments served. TREASURY STATEMENT WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 (Æ*)—The position of the Treasury on January 14 was: receipts $10,317503.23; expenditures $30,702.278,95; balance $2,460,517,536.27; customs receipts for the month $12,359,55051. WILLIAM M’LAIN HEADS KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS William McLain was elected chancellor commander of Knights of Pythias in the O. of I. A. building. He will be installed February 5 by Irvin Knerr, Zeiglerville, district deputy grand chancellor. Others named were: WDliam Youse, vice chancellor commander; Charles Keiser, prelate; Charles Rick, master of works; George R. Boyer, master at arms; John Hillegass, inner guard; John Herner, outer guard; William E. Schmearer, representative to grand lodge; Charles Keiser, trustee, three years. John Herner, chairman, William Schmearer and F. J. Fenstermacher were named to the committee on delinquent members. Herner presided during the session. I 2 Lines day days 3 days 4 days 6 lays 10 days 3 30 54.72 .84 1.081.20 4 40 72.96 1.121.44 1.60 5 50 90 1.20 1.401.802.00 ñ «01.08 i .44 1.682.16-».40 770 1.2« 1.681.96 2.52 2.80 « 801.44 1.922.24 2.88 3.20 WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACE YOUR VDS The Claimed Advertising Department is situated at Hanover and King streets PHONE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD Phone ¿263 WEISINQ—In St. Paul. Minn., on the 12th Inst.. Adam Welslng, 59, of Montana. Relatives and friends are In« vlted to attend the funeral, without further notice, from the residence of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. O. Bonz. Limerick, on Friday, January 18th, 1935, at 2 o’clock p. m. Interment In St. James. Llm> erlck, cemetery. Friends may call Thursday evening. 7 to 9 o’clock. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN GOOD USED CARS 1934—Tirraplin« Sedan— Demonstrator; low mileag«, new ear guarantee, 1931—Hudson Eight Sedan. 1930—Essex Coach. 1929—Hudson Sedan. 1929—Hudson Coupe. 1929—98-A Whippet Six Sedan. 1929—96 - A Whippet Coach. 1927—Buick 4-pass. Coupe. All cars priced reasonable and can be financed to suit buyer, JACKSON MOTOR CO. AUTOMOTIVE Repairing—Serrice Stations 16 RADIATOR REPAIRING ACETYLENE welding, auto repairing. Thoa. Stler- helm, 20 S. Evans St. Phone 1877 970 High St. Hudaon Phone 2280 Terraplan« ANY RADIATOR TROUBLE? See Penn Auto Radiator Shop, 43 High. Teir i«34 Will your auto paaa inspection? Repairing at low cost. ’‘Bills” Oarage, rear 118 N. Charlotte St. FOR SALE—Two show case«, Dayton comp, «scale. Schrafft'* ?9c candy, now 29c and 49c, Buntes, S5c now 39c. Apply 25 N Charlotte St. FOR SALE 14-foot beer bar and double coffee urn. Four tables Ac 8 chains, 3 soda Ice boxes C B. Yetter, 257 Queen St., rear of Penney’* REBUILT BICYCLES Se FXJRNITURe" Special tire sale. 75c each. Full line of new bicycle part#, also bicycle repairing. FURNITURE A full line of odd furniture at the lowest prices. Come and look around. Also hardware, paints, dishes and clothing. Chair caneing, 2c per hole, c. B. Yetter. 257 Queen St.. rear of Penney’s, ~~ ~~ YOU always have what I can wm.l Best prices paid for paper, rags,] ¡iron and other jnnk. HENRY POLLOCK Water St, Phone 2m* ANY PERSON having household good* or farming implements and poultry to sell call 60«-R REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flat» 14 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 2nd ■ floor front, all conv. Apply 430 King street. For Fender and Body Straightening and Refinishing call REHMANN Se THOMAS Rear 31 E. Main St.. S. Pottstown. Phone 2339. General auto repairing. Official spectlon station 1465. Prices reas. W Wolfe, 258 E. 3rd St. Phone 59-J. in- A. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Service Offered 18 USED CAR VALUEfc 35 from whicb you may choose KRAUSE * LUDW1CK ird and Hanover Sts Phone t>64 See us rot GOOD USED CARfc HERTING A DAVIDHEISEB 22-24 High St Phone 181 1931 Hudson 8 Standard sedan. 1100 down, balance In 12 months Guaranteed A-l condition Jackson Motor Co.. 970 High St Phone 2280 1929 Hudson sedan, good rubber, extra fine shape. Paul Spaar, Chapel, Pa. Phone Pennsburg 79-K-2 WHEN YOUR RADIO GOES DEAD call RALPH MELLON Certified Radlo-Trtcian PHONE 1142-M 25 King ftt^ Washing machines and vacuum cleaners repaired Wringer rolls and parts Phone 1642* W Sweeper Service Co. 806 N Evans street. FOR SALE—Used hot air heater In good condition. Cheap. One used Vogel antl-freeze toilet outfit. One used 24- inch pedestal lavatory outfit with fixtures complete to floor, price $10. Wm. Boa 1 ton. Chestnut & Evans Sts. Grunow new and used electric re­ ggerà tors and radios, D. G. Schelfley, 34 High street. USED ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS Guaranteed. Very reasonable. Sanatoga Radio Co. FOR SAL* _____ NEW AND USED FURNITURE Used Furniture in Excellent Condition WILKE’S STORAGE HOUSE 823-24 Queen Street Phone 1012 FURNITURE I at FURNITURE! FREESES FURNITURE STORE 18 S. Charlotte Street A very complete line of new and used furniture at lowest prices in town. K King St. FALLEN ASLEEP Sunday, Jan. 13, 1935 SCHERER—Merrill L. Scherer, husband of Adda M. (nee Schanley) Scherer aged 39 years, 3 months and 10 days. The relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, without .further notice, from the funeral home of H. R. Houck and Son. 112 N. Washington street on Friday, Jan. 18. 1935 at 2:30 o’clock. Interment In Edgewood cemetery. Friend^ may call Thursday evening 7-8:30. ANNOUNCEMENTS Card of Thanks HOLLOWAY—We wish to express our sincere thanks to our relatives and friends who so kindly assisted us during the Illness of M. Rosella Holloway and those who expressed t.helr sympathy In our recent bereavement with flowers and the use of their cars. MR. H^RRY A. HOLLOWAY AND DAUGHTER ELEANOR AND SISTER IDA. DEATHS Deaths I LUTZ—In Pottstown. on the 16th Inst.. Casper, husband of the late Barbara (Kramer) Lutz, aged 83 years, 7 months. Relatives and friends respectfully are invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, from the funeral home of Howard J. Barnett, 258 Beech street, on Monday morning, January 21st, at 9 o'clock. High requiem mas;» In St. Aloyslus Catholic church at 10 o’clock. Interment In St. Aloyslus Catholic cemetery. Friends may call Sunday eve> nlng. 7 to 9 o’clock. CARLSON MONUMENTAL CO. 509 N. Charlotte St. Phone 1677-W CEMETERY MEMORIAL» Visit o«ur Display Yard. AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles for Sale 11 USED CAR SPECIALS 1932 Dodge Sedan 1933 Chevrolet %-ton Panel 1933 Chevrolet 1^-ton Truck 1931 Pontiac Sedan. NAGLE MOTORS, INC. 1340 High Street Phone 782. 1933 CHEVROLET TRUCK — Va ton dual wheel stake body, $500.00. Appiy Pottstown Finance Co., 304 High street. GOOD WILL USED CARS POTTSTOWN MOTORS INC 444 High Street Phone 1730 INVESTIGATE 1934 Oldsmobile Six Four Door Sedan with Built-in Trunk, radio, heater and many other accessories. Painted black. Driven 8000 miles. We will take your car in trade and finance the unpaid balance. KRAUSE & HERBEIN Phone Boyertown I or Pottstown 502-M EXPERT watch, clock and Jewelry repairing, Prices reasonable. Satisfaction guaranteed. A, E. Wlllauer, 234 High street. Phone 321-W. EXPERT—Watch and clock repairing. Work guaranteed Reasonable price. WM, R. WELSH 146 High Street Cleaning Dyeing. Renovating 20 CARPET CLEANING-And rer rears ¿»xpertence. Albert H 96 S Keim St. Phone 870-J Heating. Plumbing. Roofing 22 1933 PONTIAC 8 Sedan, like new. $550; late 1930 Ford Sport Coupe, fine condition. $185; 1932 Ford 8 Tudor Sedan, very good $325; 3930 Ford Fordor Sedan. $175. Many other cars and trucks. Also used parts and tires. C. W. Hunsberger, Green Lane. Pa. NAGLE MOTOR©. INC Dodge and Plymouth Car* 1340 High Street (at Roaedalai Beli obone 782 PLUMBING AND HEATING And high-pressure boiler repairs. Mrs. B. B. Breedln Work guaranteed. Herman Conklin, 106 Walnut street. Phone 266-W, Quiet May OU Burners and Fuel Oil tot all make» oí burnera E O. Bturges êt Bro. tnc.. 62 N York St. paone 187 Moving, Trucking, Storage 25 FOR SALE—Llvlag room suite, slant top desk, utility cabinets, beds and bureaus. Paul Prior, 41 E. Second St. FOR SALE— 1 steam and 1 hot water boller, 1 sink, 3 gas ränge«. 3 oll stovee, Robert P. Ecker. 107 Htgb St Fuel, Feed, Fertilizer* 56 COAL! COAL! Rice .............$4,25 Chestnut ....$8 75 Buckwheat ... 5,50 Stove ..............9.00 Pea ................. 7.50 Egg ..................8.75 We handle Lytle hard white ash and Kemble medium red ash. Our motto: Quality and clean coal. We handle the best EARL DOHTRJER AND HEFNER Phone 854-W Pottstown Landing Good clean long-burning White Ash Coal. Weight slip with every order. TIME ONLY! Stove coal, $8.25 (Cash only); Nut and Stove (mixed), $8.25 (Cash only). 2-ton or more, 25c ton off. W. W. Relgner, 173 N, Franklin street. Phone 2152-J, Colliery coal direct from mines. Del any amt. anywher* Potts 556-R-2 Trainer and Yooom. Doug Lass villa. FOU RENT Very desirable large apartment. Phone 260, FOR RENT—Desirable rooms, 2d floor front, suitable for offices, Kuip Wan.-V K. Anoros, 218 High St. or Dan. Swaveiy. FOR RENT—Furnished I High street. Apply 410 apartment, 412 t Eigb i street. Houses for Rent n FOR RENT—7-room house, reasonable. ■ Located at 863 South street. Apply 256 High street. FOR RE NT—House at 424 All conveniences. Apply street after 4 p. m. Beech St. 422 Beech 79 MT. VERNON ST.—House, hardwood ■ floors, hot water and garage. Also new single dwelling, all conv., electric stove located at Sanatoga. Apply Jas. E. Christman & Son, 300 High St, GOOD HOUSES 8, 8, 9 and 10 rooms, Modern and first class cond. Good locations, rents reasonable. All con». Apply 47 S. 3rd St., phone 890 Desirable single brick dwelling, hot water heat. 2 baths, 944 High St. Possession at once. Security Trust Co., agent for Major Paul Brown. FOR RENT—House, 69 North Hanover ■ street. Apply 117 North Hanover street. FOR RENT—Two 7-room brick house«, modem improvements on East Main St., 8 Pottstown. Apply Joseph 9. Haws. 307 8. Hanover street. FOR RENT—House, 109 N. Hanover St. Apply Charle» McCarthy. 85 North Hanover street. à HELP WANTED* ad in the Classified Section will bring dependable help of anv kind Business Property for Sale 82 "Station;1^ lunch room A itviug uuai» ter», selling 300 to 400 gals, of gas dally. Sacrifice, clearing $50 weekly. Write Mercury Box A-39, FOR SALE—Confectionery store, corner property, all conv. Cheap. M. Yonkovltch, phone 1171. FIREWOOD-Any kind, any size, loads $2.00-$3,00 <b $6.00. Charles Troop. Phone Pughtown 24-R-il, Houses for Sale *4 HARRY HERPST 464 N. Evans St. Padded ran service, movtngs. All make» electric refrigerators moved. Phone 947. Repairing and Refinishlng 29 OENERAL EXPERT UPHOLSTERING New furniture repairing, sterilizing, specialist on slip covers. Known for quality and reasonable prlcoa. H. Kappes, 214 Chestnut St, Phone 2157, EXPERT UPHOLSTERING New furniture, general repairing, slip covers Get my estimate. J. Metr 822-24 Queen street. Phone 1012. EMPLOYMENT “FOR SALE—Cheap, plenty of good cars with ruined finish. Pottstown Auto Refinlshlng Co. will make ’em like new again at little cost or time." 1930 Packard conv coupe Packard i sedan In good condition Motor Sales & Service Penn and Queen Sta rhliNUto öELDOM sta> tost aitei . Lost and Found’ ad *et* to worn Motorcycles and Bicycles 15 Announcing the new 1935 Harley ; Davidson motorcycles. Now on dls. at ¡Milton P. Wensel shrm. on Ridge road i at Brownback’s Ch. Pb. Llnfleld 14-R-4. Help Wanted— Female 32 NURSE, R. N,, In small- convalescent home. 15 beds. For general day duty. $35 month and maintenance. Address Box A-49, Mercury office. WANTED—Girl for general housework, 3 in family, not under 20 years of age, only experienced need apply. 845 N. Evans St. Phone 17^5-W. Help Wanted—Male33 MAN WANTED for Rawleigh Route of 800 families. Write today. Rawleigh Co,, Dept, PNA-442-SA, Chester, Pa FIREWOOD FOR SAL* 1^-ton truck load, $4.00. Phone Pottstown 3S3-R. More heat. Less ash. Hard White Ash coal direct from mines. Buck, $5.50; rice, $4, pea. $7.50; egg. stove, nut, $8.50. 50 cents discount on orders over one ton. Prompt service. K. Christman. Phone 583J3. Why buy coal from other coal truckers and have a cellar full of worrl- ment. Guaran. weight slip with order. Nut $8.50. Pea *7.50. Stove $8.50, B. W $6 Phone 1150-J. Good, hard, colliery coal. Buck $5.50; Pea $7.50; Nut $8.50; Stove $8.50; Rice $4,25. E. Orerholtser, 1118 Queen street. Phone 772-W. COAL! COAL! Buckwheat .. $5.50 Chestnut ....88.25 Pea ...... 7,25 Stov« ............. 8.25 Wt, Blip with order. 4-ton lots cheaper. 25 Chestnut St Phone 1895-J Good Things to Eat 57 With your beer. HENRICKS LITTLE DUTCH PRETZELS, can’t be beat Sold in all stores. Specials at the Stores 64 MAKE YOUR HOME really modem and attractive. Enamel bath tuba, kitchen sinks and necessities for the lavatory at lowest prices tn town Lester R Daub, 114 South Hanover street. FOR SALE—10-room brick house, all conv. Located 34 King St. Phon* 131-J or apply 34 King Street. FOR SALE—Single seven-room house, all convenience*. 2-car garage, price $2500 00. Easy terms, Also some line building lota between Rosed ale and Sunny brook. Stanley Swine hart, 73T Walnut street. AUCTIONS—LEGALS Auction Sales RALPH T. RICHARDS Oen era 1 Auctioneer. Fagleysvtlle. Pa. Buyer of bulls and butcher cow*. Phone 525-J-3 Pottstown n>LL YOUR proposition m a Classified ad and vou'U sr*t result* tf they're to he had» Legal Notices »1 ESTATE NOTICE Estate of Lewis R. March, late of Borough of Pottstown, Montgomery county, deceased. Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary upon the above estate have been granted to the undersigned, all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, imd those having legal claims against the same, will present them without delay In proper order for settlement to LUCY MARCH ROYER, Excrx. 440 Riverside Drive. New York City, Jesse R. Evans, Attorney. Exchange Bldg. MICKEY MOUSE In the Dog-House by WALT DISNEY The Magic Diamond Although it ranks second in the United States in the production of asbestos, bauxite, mineral paints nnd fuller’s earth, Georgia i«s of minor importance in the value of its mineral output. 9 6 7 How many three-flgure combinations. in any direction, can you And to total 17? In « t New York Two Can Live Almost as Cheaply as On* at the PRINCE GEORGE HOTEL Alburn M. Gutterson, Mansgtr JUST OFF FIFTH AVENUE, AT 14 EAST 28th ST. 1000 rooms with private bath. Near large department stores, Empire State B’ldg, Holland Tunnel. SEND FOR NEW BOOKLET ROOM WITH PRIVATI BATH Sin git Rooms as FOR TWO PERSONS /»u1 at $2.00

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