The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1931
Page 5
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JUNE 16, 1031 BLYTHEVILLE, (AKKJ COURIKR CLASSIFIED ADS T»o cjnts * word lot first Insertion iud one ctut t word (cc each lubMqueut UuetUou. No advertisement taken (or less than 5Qc. Count [lie word* aud send. tUe oish. 1'hone 300 1'OK SALE Sl'KCIAL BAHRAIN'S IN 1'Aliai LANDS CJ acres all ill cultivation on hard roail, SEO acre. 80 acres, -HI in cultivation, on hard roja, J42.5D acre. J2(j uci-Cs, 280 in cultivation, on hard road, ¥-15.00 acre. Oli acres, 5C in cultivation, price 5W acre, w aciC'i,, 38 m cultivation, price »Jj acre. Ail can be sole! on terms. J W. Buele'i 1 , Blj'thevillc, Ark. 1SC-K18 i-'Uit KENT I'OK KENT- Furnished lOia Weil Wiilnut. room Hat. UC-'IT Apartment for rent . P-K17 :OCm AND BOARD—Home tookec! meals, clean airy rooms. Mrs. T R. Watson, 112 East Cherry SI Phone ei02. lOp-klB WANTED WANTED—Market pri ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hai- t\itry, 21U B. 1-ourth St. aC-'If "n"ANTED — Family washings o: general housework. Mrs. Dora l\-Jzell, 2207 13th St. TF PAGE F1VB IIKKIN liniK '1OIIAY iir.iui, inm»i-:>i hoiir. ikm n rnilCii nirt'fr nlll help hrr fnrnct Lor l'[>i>L-lr>.>, liiir Itir 'fOMMl V.'II.SdN ill,,, I, ...iK^K.-a I,, hpr h,,ir-^l,-,,-r. lUi:\l». Vaiinit I'HIIX- TISS (i AYI.UItll inirn Munition «i IK-rjl utilll Ircnp IrnrtiM lhi:t he I> rli-U 1'lf.nllj- xrnlr 'I'ui lil-j JtiL, llrrjl r In- Totnn xvllh ••„, tarnjit U nil lrlf« !,«• hiu-ccciU. rrrnKp llipy n^.slrrn liiu nij- ililnFiK il id JoFnii c\ 11 I ii him Aflcr J rpnrc fu . 1:1 ilf- c»ltl ivlillc Kcrlc- IH-K lilm |i> Uri'nk nll'frlrO nnj llic Jfii*lnr uMiiki i*x IJIT hln^ln^ ilnjii ore T. VVI.CM 'riiiiiiuj- ronlUrii Ihnt Mm lie rrfn nnil hiiirtH ti :uii>tlier Juli, relc i vith i J'rrtirr.s4 uvt-r liur ml:ilr i'.!iv JII:ADI: :mj ,- ( ,j,i,.s \v:iT{ r,ir n ill\nri-<>. SlniiL>- iji [u llcrjl'si hi-.-irl IIH Klip luil Jrrnr U cr>lnR in \ilu i-.iuy's luve. J1IIS. KVKIt- ln »hr Is r Ijl iiir llj jr Inilll un :i hiilj vlvlnu fr n t]U[Ulsi . nil li'lrphn Ili WANTED — Hay to bale. C. Ci. Smith, Phone 827 or 1M2-F2. li-CC-TF WAUN'ING OllOEK CHANCERY COURT, CH1CKA- SAWliA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Walter E. Taylor, as Stale Bank Commissioner, Plaintilf, No. 41)07 vs. Myrtle. Colbert Ellis and 11. A. EHis, Dclendant. The defendants, Myrtle Colbert Ellis and R. A. Ellis are warned lu appear within thirty days in tile court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Walter E Taylor, as Stale Bank Coininissious.'r. V. Dated 0-1-1331. * v R. L. GAINES, Clerk. Marcus Uvrard, Ally. Ad Lit cm. 2-0-1C-23 Closing Stock Prices ' ' r' _ A. T. *; T ......... 170 5-B Anaconda Copper ...... 22 1-8 Auburn ............... 167 3-1 Caterpillar Tractor ____ 23 1-2 Chrysler ................ 19 1-4 Cities Service .......... 11 3-3 Coca Cola ............ 143 1-2 Continental Baking ____ 13 General Eleceric ...... 39 1-2 General Motors ....... 34 l-'J Montgomery Ward ____ 10 Mew York Central .... 83 Packard Radio Simmons Standard of N. J ....... 35 1-J Texas Corp ............ a) 1--1 U. S. Steel ............ 30 1-8 71-4 15 5-8 12 1-2 MMV e;o o.v \vn'ii TUT. STOKY CHAPTER Xl.ll ITjTCIUlY wus EO delighted to bc-a ^ from Irene that bo complete! torgot bis hockey game ami diil tio go hack, lie promised to drive In mediately to Olil Town anil Irc-n iold him sbe'il he vrniliug at til store. Derry drove with reckless spec- mi a pavement mado glassy by sudden drop in temperature folios ing a thaw. As n matter of fnct, Ii arrived loo soon for Irene. Slio wss liavhiB n very ialcres Ing lime with tbe yoimy sto clerk. Tbo youth was obviously tr in:; to cover up an excitement Iti even Ireno foiintl a littlo surpr hiK, but tbe more she pressed Ii] with questions In an effort to ma' bim talk the more frequently be fur swercd in monosyllables. Sbo grew a little uneasy at last ibliainl, dliln't £ho?" "SomethliiK Hko itiat." Ireno laughed. "1 suppose I np- ear lo have n lot ot curiosity loul Iier, don't IV Yon sec, slie inie from New York, loo. 'Flint's y home, you know. Ami I'm en- igeil to n western boy and when 1 card ..." she pansi.-il ami Eigheil •Istfully. "I wonder If east unt! •est nrc so different." "It's nil America," said Iho cutb. Yes, yon arc nsnt," Irene asre-ei) wcelly. "Hut It's just too tr.d, sn't it? \Vns lie very uinrli broken ip? Her Imslmid, I mean. Yon ;uow bim, don't you?" "Yes." "Ob, you elo! Tell mo about lilni,' be bcygcel eagerly. "Nothing lo tell." "Hasn't lie found anyone to con ;ole bim?" "Don't us'i me." "Well—oil, I sc-e, you have soin ot iboso old-fasliioncil heart e-an lies. 1 think I'll buy SOMIU. I iuv old-fashionee' tllillss. And 1 hat 0 Ihiuk of a marriat;e bre-akin^ ti[ 1 tliluk people sbould know wliai t leok out for when they're- Iblnkln of getting married, don't yon That's why 1'el like to know wli lliosc two weren't bappy. It help me to ke-op frotn making tb same mistake." • » • rpHE yonns man did not answe •*- nnil Irene was cerlnln then Ilia he would not discuss tbe Prcntis family affairs. Hut sbo persisted I kcr-ning nti her running comment hoping he'd slip and give her ton Information If bo had any. Cc tainly she couldn't expect Derry tell' ber • any tiling that would c co'uragc ber lo make an overln to Gaylord. >fler sbe bail broken with Dcrry lie would hecouic engaged tc Ilo camo In, (lushed mill sparkling eye. "\Yell," Ircno sahl as they imbed Into bis car, "you don't (o have had such n hard lln'.o. on wrole lint you were worn to n iinlow." "lint dial's all over now Hint ou'ro here." l>erry Itiughcd. "Ob, oy. ,1111 1 liappy!" Ilo turned untl llircw nn ami round her. "Sloii!" Bbc ualJ shiirply. "Someno will eeo us." "\Yhnt doc-s It innllc-r? You'll b out; to me In just n Ittllo while." "Oil, It tUL-IIIS U llttlo \Vllilo tO ouV" 1 Derry was puzzloel. "Say, yoi idn't eomo nil the \viiy out hero to narrt-l v.itb me, did yuuV .shed. • • • [HKNK sriulrnied out of his nnns i 'Have some fcnKe," chu iichnon "We'll, and who In Aoa Crcwo?" "Ills father owns tbo uloio. It'K a habit, 1 guess, because/ tboy ilon't uivo lo Inlher wllb a place liko bat. They struck oil out nt Scnr- field last year." "Why, I UioiiEht he was ]us( a ' clerk-" . ''Was ho (hero wlitm yon lelo- phoneil to mo?" "Yos. but 1 called myself Miss Everett. Unless bo knons a lot about the I'reiitlsses lio'il liarJIy kmw my real name." "llul you said you (bought bo recognized you," "lie lonkcd at mo ralbor qnccrly." "If he knew you it's no wonder." Deny Informed her. "He's n great friend of Gaylord'a." when it occurred to her ibat possi bly lie bad recognized tier. Slio started talkhiR about New York, leading up to it by cnuiniu-- ing the climate tlierc with tbc cli- nintc in Oaltdale. it wan very rold jn Oakdale, wasn't it? She'd been told so. Out of this she Unshed question at lii HI that hail nothlnt: to do with wcuehcr. "Have you ever?' 1 she nsked bluntly, "met Gaylord 1'reutiss' wife?" Tbe young mar. started Itut he was not so much caught oK guard Irene had expected be would Foinmy. Hbe must settle that quick- y before anything happened In inako Tomiiiv realize that it was IJcryl ho loved. But. tjeforc sbo sol tied 11 she wanted 10 know (lint sbe was not passing np a chance for a reconciliation with Gaylord. Bho was tempted for a moment to appeal to Caylord, to telephone :;hc f l him. "Have- you forgotten vbae Unylord will do If he flmte out wc'vo seen eticb oilier?" "1 hoiicd you'd f!\cd tliat with :ihn," Dcrry paid anxiously. "I thought ho might li:i\o consented to yo'.ir coining back." 'Yon did?" Irene said Ecornlnlly. '"Flicn you're cetlatnly EtupUl. Why sboulil 1 got off (be train hero at Old Town It 1 bad Oaylord'a permission to come back?" "I tlionnlit ot that," Derry defended himself, "anil I thought It might be- H> we could drive in together and decide what to do. 1 thought you mlg'ht (eel a lltllo embarrassed perhaps—" "You mean people have, liccn talking abont me?" Ireno asked. '•They'd have to say something,' Dcrry evaded. "Hut you'll bo wel como at my Iiomo. Alother will be glad to have you." Irene l.roko Into a jibing laugh "Yon don't suppose I've como hero to slay, do yon?" she nskcd. "Dciry don't lie an utter fool." "I was too glad to boar you voice to think much ol anything,' Dcrry told her. "I've told Motlic ivo're going to lx> married." "Dcrry, you didn't! What dl sbe say?" •Tin afraid she didn't like It. a him at once and cast herself upon his mercy. She ceiuld do Ibe ie- pentaut act very beautifully, sre lob! herself, and the j n Unylord misbt buy her something especially nice. There Ibonglits were sandwiched in between remarks to the store "No," he said shortly, but Irene I clerk. She bad LI bit ot difficulty in be | not giving ber identity away but she was agreeably excited over ber new plans and did not li^c ii at was not quite convinced .that was telling tbe truth. "I heard about her on tbe train." she went on blandly. "Sbe left her alt when Derry appeared. first, to Icll you tlio truth, but—" "Yes. 1 know." sho cut In You've always been allowed t have your own way, Oerry, now you think yon can do as- yo nleaso anil make your parent like it." "It's my life," Dcrry Insisted. "Yes," Ire-no agreed, "but yo won't live long If you don't sin driving. I've n bunch that kill i there knows who 1 am." "Kidv" IJerry repeated. "That Asa CreVi'e." 'I'rUKS for hcaven'o fako hurry niul let's get away from be-rc," Ireno Implored. "We'll pnib- bly freeze lo iloalh If wo i;tny out us in this weather, lint t think e ',i i>_,iirt r .ji r |vo down lo the p=nk i tbo river. It's sure to IKJ dev •rtnl." "LKin't you think we'd belter en onic?" Dcrry protected. "It will oon ljt> dinner time. Aren't you red after your trip?" "There's plenty of time lo rest." rctie said In a tono Hint carried lib It a rebuke, "and I'vo nonic- lifng very in'.vorlaiit to loll you. Terry." Her volco liad changed. Ha Irrl- ability w'as gone und En tin niae'o bore was a nolo of tenderness vblcb mis nono the loss sweet lo Kerry's cais^bccpuso it was falso. rcno was especially good at pro- ending emotions sbo did not Icel. Uerry waa BO rcliovcil to lind llmt ;Tte w.i3 no longer cruss be did not worry over what sbo wauled lo tell lim. It sccmcil lo 111 in that tboy lad a world ot Important things to Fay to each other. In fact, he had something cspcclnlly Important to say lo Irene. Goinclhlng he'd been ;otng to writo when bo composed ilui dally letter to ber after dinner. Tills new habit of staying home ut night to wrlto Treno had been ono of the arguments bo bad used to bring bis r.iolher to ngrco to bis proposed marriage to Irene, Did she want him to be footloose again, running around with first this girl and then that one? Wasn't il better for him to ho at home? When be woe married and .settled down he would get somewhere hi life. A single fellow bad a hard lime. People, wouldn'l let him nlone . . . and ao on. .So they drove lo tbo river, Dcrr? and Irene, e-acb thinking of "smno- tbing Important" 10 tell the other. (To I If r—*!an»a) New York Cotton NEW YORK, June IB. Ccntun closed steady. Open High Low July B55 883 852 Get 801 ... KOI Dec 013 015 016 Jan 027 054 9'JO Mar !HD 074 l)4(i May %7 994 806 Snots steady, up 30 nt 8D5. (UP) — Close 831 010 043 954 974 1)93 cry is alwa.'s interesting and the New Orleans Cotton 4ft .NE ujllo .NEW ORLEANS, June Hi. nion elotcri steady. Open High July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 800 893 917 0:14 947 OGO 884 019 043 937 975 OD3 Low 851 MO 911 021 P4S OliS Spots Mcady, up 25 at SIJ8. Close 831 918 i!12 iiaab 975 002 BY SISTER MARY N'K.V Service Writer One of tile most attractive ways to serve fish during warm wea- hcr is on a Piank cook- Holianclaise sauce in a separate riish. The plank can be bordered with a piping of mashed potato or alternate the timbalcs with niounels ol potato marbles. If potatoes are net wanted, clfts- strt of rice puritiing made witli iniU: and served wilh fruit brings tliu jnfal into ',vho!csei:r,e balance.-. A ve^eia!j'e Kalae! i3 always good il fruit is not used for dessert a frail salad is an excellent choice. Use care not- to over-crowd :nc-:i!. The temptation to use when serving this type of variety of vegetables is apt to be- jalad, graham bread anil cream cheese sandwiches, blackberry shortcake with cream, lemonade. DINNER—Planked salmon with potato marbles and spinach thn- balcs, salad of tomatoes slutted wifh celery and cabbage, cantaloupe sherbet, macaroons, milk, coftee. lall one but a too copious nrranyc- !i:ent makes serving dijficult, the table. Pennsylvania Labor Test Astounded Experts Strawberry Pickers Busy in Patches GRAND MOUND, Wash CUP) -Strawberry picking in one of the nation's hr.cst terry patclics is un- elctway here. Kume 3,000 workers sire employed ill fields of (his section. The daily -payroll amounts to more than SC (ICO. There arc 2,000 acres of bcrrjcs in tins section, while GOO acres will come into bearing next year. Ten years ago. this section was worthless prairie land. The gavel covered earth was formed from Rla- cicrs which formed over the country thousands of ycnvs ago. By aecidcnt it was discovered etlcct en serving is decidedly sumptuous. Delightful color contrasts can be worked out with apiKtiz- = reiulls. BliEAKFAST—an^arcel cherries, Planked salmon stEaks \\ilh cereal. crL:vn:, crisp toast, milk, spinach timbalcs are colorful and collcc. inviting while the fooel value oft LUNCHEON — Jellied vegetable tlie combination is unusually great. Tile use of plank is not imperative, although il is a convenience and tends to keep foods hot. If a plank is nol used, til-: fish slices can be broiled and scrveet on n hot platter surrounded with the UmbHius. Crisp parsley and lemons \ecelgcs add more; color when the dish is served. 1'Iankrd Salmon The following rceips Is for salmon but any variety ol lish car. be UM-d—binall bunt-it iicsli-waler / and deep-sea fish, as well : etcep- sca fish cut in steaks and fillets Two slices salmon, 3 hard cook- HAItrUSEURG, Pa., (UP) — A to determine the will to work among men fed free ut the Welfare Restaurant here turned out differently than expected, for it was necessary to restrain the men rather than to urge them to work. The experiment was centered on preparation of two plots of ground ler cultivation. Trucks were stationed at the ccimnodutlon of men who \visht-d to work on liie basis of two hours' labor for each meal served them. ] Previously meals had been serveet free and without labor to those who applied . Several hundred men ap[M:ared QS volunteers for the work tit hand It was necessary to turn away the r.ged and' the infirm. Farther selection reduced the working force to 50, and that number worked through a light rainlall in cleaning the plot iir.d clearing away wctds nnrl bushes. The crops raised on the plots will be used by the restaurant in its free meals. An average of 1M meals daily have be-cn served since January 1. Radio sets equipped with sending keys that automatically produce distress calls arc being put on O.UH BOARDING HOUSE lOrtert-TfT ? see us ALL COMING flii-T MoRsX /W n rtHev'Lt. " A. LOOSE |M House , MAkE "TrC CURE? Ifvi'-tvOO ?m LEAPS A^OUL !' •file (JLlARAW'fiAJS WILL B£ UF'f£I>., AMP I Tbf<"rt<e MOMEAY -frfe \.Jrl6LE PACK OF ''foU OUT" ( SAV -^-IrlAT MEDICAL SPoiiT-FROM MV \ LooK FOR ME [BACK V WALK IS A otrT OF on -file "F BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin i RENO IN "Wt "TOW VtAJ VStSE TORE- 1 Cf-Mt M, Yf£Y K, \ COOYO' bcrriei «ou!il thrive in the sanity, rocky soil. The laneis ot scc- liun now afford the finest llavorcd cd eggs, 1 cup white sauce, 1 lemon. Brush both sides ot each slice of salmon with olive oil and brown on bath sides in a hot frying pan. Remove to hot oiled plonk, placing one bleak on plank. Sprinkle with lemon juice and cover with a layer of eggs cut in blKes^-anet I" tnoLslcncd with white sauce. Cover with second slice of prinkle with lemon salmon and juice. Surround v.illi tnnbaics, Barnis.h with wcdb-s eif icmon anel sprigs of parsley and serve. Spirnch Timbalcs Two ixnmds spinach, 1 teaspoon salt, 1-2 tcas}xxm sugar, 1-3 1-ja- .spcon i>e WMIHNGTON. SlaK Department its dipluinatlc officers throughout the wurlil to convey on behalf of the Natiui'.nl Recreation Assoeia- i;iv:tation to the first Nai ;;ial Heercalion Cont,;vence to be 2 tablespoons lemon jnicr. 'j c-ggs (yolks). Wash spliiach through many waters anet remove coartc stals.s an;! stems. Cook In water which ethics to leaves. Cook uncovered (UI>) — The I and ae!d sak when about half has instructed ecoked. Ltt water cook away as much as pottibie lUllionl binning. Drain ann chop very (inc. yeason with lemon juice, sugar and pepper and add cg;| yolks well beaten. Turn into talk-red held in Los Angeles in July, 1033. molds. Place several folds cl pa. per in a pan of hot water and bak/ In .'014 abcut 12,400.000 net tons, or 50 per cent ol the world's sea- B0i;ij tr.crrhnnl tonnage, \vas ol British icgislvy. In oven for fifteen minutes, takin care that Hie water surrounding the timbalc3 a'oei not ir.olil ana srrvc on p'l boil. Uu- Serve FltKCKLKS AND HIS FHIKNDS (JUITE A STIR! irAA&INE HIRAM A VE5 SEREE-- ttt'S EVEM GOT SERVANTS AND A COOrS OM IT. SORE I KNOW \NHERE FRECM-E5 MCGOOSEv; LWES/ '"" IfHE DIRECTIONS " IF THiT ISNT FELLER HA.V1M' . T'HEV HULL CAR JIST FOR HIMSELF • — BETCHA U's SOME RMLROAD MONKEY GUESS ------ \NOeMDER \MHAtHE \JANTS • OF FRECKLES. PULLS]. SHADVS1DE; PRESiDENT. WASH TUHHS SHOTS RINO COT i\s WASH AND e&sv 'BORROW" WE CHICACTO ^ OA,N6'S VlM£ tCXl A OET-f\WW/. THER& tS NO TIME To WftfiM UP THE. KOTOft —EASV GIVES UtR THE GUN. 0000 DVD «aroR- UMOOPE&! FF-WE •SSUE.Y CLIMB 8W1K AQOfVRD ftH'J VVMT !)EJ=CT£ LV FOR 1v\E GARAGED MOB To REfXCH TttEM IM ROvJ BOftTS. SPUvSHl Tut OV£R MOTOR UPiS FWVtO, PIStOl SHOTS W!> t it EtFOftu i'*'-** TO LtP.VC. THVi FtSY

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