Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 7, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 7, 1895
Page 3
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^•^^^swW^ Do You Wear SHO • Of course you do! Too cool to go barefooted yet. I Do yo u know that we have a com- rplete line of ,,,, Men's and Ladies' Hisses and Childrens "il|||»"'l||l"""IJI' III"""!!''" Shoes! At Unheard of Prices. * It's folly to pay regular prices for your footwear, when you can coine rto us and get it at about half price. P rices Misses' fine white Conflnua- tion 48c Children's 75c Kid spring heel shoos. '$1.23 Ladies 1 $2.50 Kid shoes. Kid Oxford •fl8c Men's IS.SO Congress or Lace shoes. Boy's *1.50 Veal Calf Lace shoes. OUR GUARANTEE: Your Money's Worth or Your Money Back ! BOSTON Sample Shoe COMPANY. 322 FOURTH ST. SUNDAY MORNING. APRIL 7 ——^—— Fresh Qsh at Rothormel'a. See the bargains In hosiery at tho Trade Palace. Ben Fiaher, the druggist, will save jou money on palnta. Ben Fiaher. the druggist, has the Agency for Munyon's remedies. A ful' line always on hand. We have positions for three boys that will learn shorthand »t once— Hall'» Business College. The World Building, Loan amd In Troitment company, local offije, room 3, Spry building. Energetic agents wanted. We will close out a line of kid gloves worth from |1 to $2 « pair a 49 cents, Monday and Tuesday. Don' mlis this sale at the Trade Palace. . Wanted—Young ladle* to answe oorrespondence. Mu»t be single and good looking, and must wear shoes bought from the Boston Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourth St. Lost—Between 7th and 9tb streets on Market street, a small photograph of baby taken at Wallln's, Fort Wayne Infl. Finder please leave at 6*7 Mar ket street, and receive reward. .^r~^^^^^^^^^ •••g^S!^^^^^^^^^^^ •— ' ' Rev. Geo. W. Prislean Pastor M. E. Church. Xonla, O. Recommends Veno's Medicine. to Sick People—Many of Hi CoiijrreRftt 1011 Cured—Cripple Liay Down Their Canes ant Walk.—The Weak, Nervous and Dyspeptic Bejeice and Sinjf Praises tor Veno. TheK»v Ptlslean writes December 2Jth. 15, take pleasure and bellsve It my doty to add m Srttaoro'to B«t of other ministers ooncftro lig Teno's medicines I Unow Mrs. RHzfbe" Kirtc M> 3smu«l Phclos and Mr. Nat. William.* Thw we' weSbSw of the A. M. E. Church. Xenla, St Saw? 1 a« wwtot. During tho »tay of Dr. Ve- SoTnXenirtherweretreat*! by him for theu- matSsmof many ywra' ttundlmr, and after th {5?t tiMtmenv by VenoV Electric, n«id SSythrewawar tb*ir canes and crutches, an are now on the WM to recovery. TOW* CCKATITE 8TBCP (50c a bottle , mad from the famwwLlatidrtndod 'uiner^ Water, I S^anlokest cure In the world for nerrousneos d^MWla liver. Kidney, blood and stoma dSordCT* bai) noprtiw. *l*ei»l«wniw«, and whe nSed^rtS'YK«« ? S KLBCTBIC FLCID (50o a boi S«5r will cure the wowt and most desperate form of rhenroatlsm, sciatic*, lombajto. paralJUs, rtlfl loin" n«aral*l« and all nches and nans. TRIO'S UJ»G TOXIC (50o (V bottle), » quick andSSmanent"arefortWtandlun* trouble MthSia, bronchitis, hoactene«s, and coughs an °°sold by Johnston. X««fllnK «"d 'B*J|J" Dro«UU and go»rante«d to cure ormoier »e- undeo. T. 1'. A It will be noted by all officers ef Poata and Divisions that the printed copies of the Official Pro- ceedlDge contain a dlrec officers oJ Divisions of 3 oats throughout the United States, •"his feature will be continued from ear to year and will be very valuable when perfected us chairman of the arloua committees will be able to orrespond and to co-operate all hroughout the country. The death claim of the beneficiaries f Edward Binding of Sanantonla, Texas, has been paid in lull. His wife was beneficiary and had been Ivorced. Therefore the national .irectors preferred for the sake of afety that the court decide whether r not she waa entitled to the full ben- fit or whether it should be paid to he children. The court decided In avor of the divorced wife and the laim was paid. All aecretarles of divisions not yet upplled with registers should apply at once to the national secretary. A division register Rood for five years having space for 1,000 names costs $3.50 each while a post register good for the same length of time coats '5 cents. Post F had a very Interesting meet- ng last night, There will be a meet. Dgof importance Saturday, April 13. All members, and especially the dele- ates-elect to the State;;ConventlOD, are requested lo be present. All members who expect to attend the State Convention to be held at Indianapolis, May 4th, are requested to notify George Barron, chairman of Transportation committee, during the week and attend the meeting next Saturday night. .In H KltfT Did you ever stop and think how our lives are affected by some seem- ngly trifling circumstance? It Is amusing to think what might h\ve occurred bat for eome more or Ises irifllng circumstance. If tbe nose of 31eopatra had been shorter the whole faco of the earth would have been different. It-la said that a glass of wine too much changed the course of French history; many persons who have carelessly picked up a scrap of lltoratnre on Dr. vVhoeler'e Nerve VI- tallxor have been cured of what they considered an incurable disease by Us use. C. S. Chambers, Atlanta, III., was a sufferer from nervous prostration. A friend, who had knowledge of Dr. Wheeier's Nerve Vltalizer, gave him a small sample. • Its use stirred up now hope in his mind; he used two 'nil sized bottles and was cured— fate directed this wonderful medi- sine to his notice. Your fate may be urging your attention to the same remedy, if you ara troubled with nervous prostration, spasms, fits,' sleep- leesness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Bon Fisher, the Druggist. ' Had Adventure Euonffti. Henry Jazurka a thirteen-year-old boy who went to Chicago, on a tour in search of adventure sometime ago, came home yesterday on a freight train, and reported for dinner. He IB now located permanently with his parents. How'* This! We otter One Hundred Dollars Reward lor any case or Catarrh that cannot be cured ' by Hall a Catarrh Cure. , F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Props., Toledo, 0. •We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by their firm. WEST & TROAX, Wholesale Drastfsta, Toledo. 0 WALDINO, XINNAN * MABVIN, Wholesale Druu gl«t. Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of thei>yMeiB. ITIce ~'x per bottle. Sold by all ilrugflsta. Twtlmonlals free. Address to Men. This afternoon at three o'clock In the railroad Y. M. C. A, rooms, tbe Rev. M. D. Baumgardner of Swantoa, Ohio, will speak. This will be ol special Interest to railroad men. The State Commander writes us from Lincoln, Neb , as follows: "After trying other medicines for what seemed to be a rery obstinate cough incur two children we tried Dr. King's New Discovery and at the end of two days the cough entirely left them. We will not bo without it hereafter, aa our experience proves that it cures where all other remedies fall."—Signed F. W. Stevens. State Com. Why not give this great medicine a trial, M It 1§ guaranteed and trial bottles are free atB.F, Koesllng'a drug store. Regular size 50o and f 1. A l,o««»»port Dimace Dull- The oase of Mrs. Deer va the Lo- ganaport street railway company for damages for alleged Injuries, will come up in the Howard county court April 16lh, Ithavlng been continued. G. A. Gelger, tbe cigar manufacturer, IB putting an addition on hii residence on the West Side. BLOOD AND NERVE. Spring LmiKllude-Chronle Catarrh- Tired. Kervona .Wen and Women. Weakness of the nervous system not only produces catarrh of the mucous prostration in some cases and different degrees of nervous debility, neuralgia, sleeplessness and tired-out feelings which occur especially during the spring. People who have had la grippe during the winter generally suffer from nervous depression In consequence, especially the following spring. If the blood be impure because of poor circulation, then tne want ot nervous energy Is the cause. The nerves furnish the force which makes the blood circulate. If the nerves be weak or overworked, or Impaired in any way, poor circulation Is the result. All the mucous membranes lining every organ of the body become congested, producing a condition kno wn as chronic catarrh. Depression of the nervous system at the approach or spring is a fertile source of blood impurities. General lassitude, dull, heavy sensations, continual tired feelings, with irregular appetite, and sometimes loss of sleep. Pe ru-ua meets every indication and proves itself to be perfectly adapted to all their varied peculiarities. Pe-ru-na .nvigorates the system, rejuvenates the feelings, restores the normal appetite and procures regular sleep. The Pe-ru-ua Drug Manufacturing Do. ot Columbus, Ohio, are offering free, post-paid, two medical books, one on catarrh and catarrhal diseases, the ottier on spring medicines and, spring diseases. These 1 books contain the very latest and most reliable information on these important subjects. For free book on cancer address Dr. Hartman, Columhue Ohio. ftonaa. Next Tuesday nlgbt our people will have the great est musical ir^at ever had in our city. When Sousa and his band were here last fall the performance was great But this time he has added another soloist In the person ot Miss Carrie Dukes tbe world's greatest violinist. The soarano soloist has been changed and the great dramatic soprano Carrie' Barnard has replaced tho former prima dona. Manager Patterson has a magnificent program for our people. The advance sale began yesterday with a great demand for good chairs. THE CHUBCI1EH CHURCH OF CmtiST (Scientist-Service!i will be held in their new rooms In tbe Miigee block, corner of Sixth nnd Broadway. Bible Class at 10:30 Bnndsy morning. All ore cordially Invited to attend. EVANGELICAL CHUttcB-Rev. S.J. Zelchial, pastor Sstvlces today as lodows: Sabbath school nt9;30o. m preaching at 10:g) a. m by the nastor Y P. A. at C p. ra. Preachlni? In the evening at 7 p. ra. All are cordially Invited. BHOADWAT PRESBYTERIAN CKURCH-BOV H. A, Perclval pastor. Preaching at 11 a m and 7 p m by the pastor- Sunday School at 9.SO. a m Y P S C B. meeting at «. Strangers and. other's are. cordially InvlteJ to attend. UHTYKRSAM3T CHURCH- H«T. T. S. GllthTle pastor. Service today at 11 a. m. and t urn byHev, J. T. Carney of Muncle. Sunday school at 10 a. m.. Edward Canls Supt. Young people's meeting at 0 p. m. All ore invited. FIRST PRKSB-CTERIAN CHURCH—Bev. D. P. Putnam pastor. Services nt Jl B. m. 7 p., m.. Breaching oy Rev, L. M. Schofield. a former nastor ot this church. Sunday school at 9:30 a. ro. Yount! people's meeting at C p. m. A cordial welcome lor all. A M E CHORCH—C'rnerof Clcott and Market street'Rev R. MeDanlel pastor. Preaching at it) SO a. ra andV : 30p, m. by tbe pastor. Sunday school at 3 p. m. Teachers' meeting even Wednesday evening. Prayer meeting every Thursday evening. All are cordially Invited BROADWAY M. E. CacRca-Rev, H. J. NorrJs pastor. Preaching at Jl a. m. and.:30p, m. bv Rev Morris Baumgardner of Swanton, (X ClasH meeting at 9 a m. Sunday School nt 9:4o a. in. Junior League at 3 p. m. Senior League at 6:30 p. m. conducted by Mr. Arthur Baker. AH are invited. CHRISTIAN CauRCH-Corner Ninth and Spear streets. Rev. T. S. Freeman, pastor. Senrtws at ll a. m and 7p.m. Sunday School atftSC R m.7 G N. Berry. SUPL Y. P. S.C E. at 545 p. ra. Morning suojoct ''BeadlTiMS lor Work"" In the evening Bev. W. R. Lowewill preach inWect "The Christian Church-What We Believe. 1 All Invited, ST LUKE'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHUBCH. BUT J C Ksnflmnn, pastor, Serrtce* at 11 a. m. Snnday school at 930, Junior Endeavor at 2:30, Young people's society of Christian Endeavor at 6 and evening service* a; 7:W. Morning subject "The frlumpha Entry" During tne coming week -'Holy Week" there will be services every eveming at 7:30 i'c ock Rev. Dr. Gotwald of Springfield, Ohio, will be here after Friday evening and remain over Easter Sunday. Everybody welcome. CDANCE FOK LOGAXSPOKT CONTRACTORS The specifications for the new Big Four shops at Wabish are ready and as boon as the citizens' committee which'is to furnish the ground can give a warrant? deed for same the contract will be let to the lowest bidder. The main structure will be of 240 feet frontage and will have two wings, each 230 feet long.' The building will be of stone or brick and will be twenty feet high. As some of our contractor's have recently secured big poles outside of tbe city they may try their luck on this, too. PAX HANDLE CHANGES On account of tbe resignation of W. I. Brown as chief clerk to Trainmaster May several promotions were announced yesterday. E F. Kearney is promoted to chlet clerk. Lew King to car tracer and Chas. Girrett sue ceeds to the clerkship vacated by Mr. King. Mr. Brown will retire as soon as stenographer Bruce Sheppard returns from his wedding trip. • A FAST RON. One nf the fastest freight runs that ever was made on tbe Chicago division of the Pan Handle was made Thursday evening by engineer Cba?. Klosane and conductor J. S. Carnell. They left Chicago on the second section of train 82 at 4:SO p. m. arriving here at 8.45. This will compare favorably with the average passenger run. GOT AN INJUNCTION. Judge N. O. Rosa on behalf of the Pan Handle company on Friday filed a complaint in the Grant circuit court for a temporary restraining order ONE IN DEATH. Sensational Suicide in San Francisco of a Bride and Groom. H the It «»J Dw •« *»<* *»* *<>•• Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111., writes that he had a severe kidney trouble for many years, with severe pains In bla back and also that hi* bladder was affected. He tried many eo-called Kidney cures but without any good result. About a year ago he began use of Electric Blttere and found relief 'at once. Electric Blttera l» especially adapted to cure of all kidney and liver troubles and often glVefl almost Instant relief. One trial will prove our statement. Price only 50c for large bottle. At B. F. Keesllng'a drug atore. Get a cake of H. '* H. carpet cleaner. It will make old carpet* and rugs look like new. For sale at the Trade Palace. against tne city of Marlon in matter of opening a street through the company's right of way. A temporary restraining order was granted. President McKeen of the Vandalla, Is In Cuba. The Wabash is greatly improving its road bed. On most of tbe sections extra help is employed replacing the old and worn out ties with new ones and making other repairs. Engineers S. W. Shaver and B. B. Ideaod conductors Jus. Sullivan and Theo. Sample returned home irom •English Lake yesterday morning having slaughtered a large - number of ducks and snipe. The first section of Pan Handle passenger train No. Skilled a horse yesterday morning which had become fastened in a culvert ' near Kenneth. The front trucks of the baggage car left the track delaying the train half an hour. Chas. Happ, the Pan Handle ma. chlnist is again out on the streets after a lengthy attack of grip. He had just recovered from a selge of rheumatism when he was attacked by the grip which In a measure revived the old malady. He is now, however, in a fair way to recover. The Pan Handle round house office i< undergoing its annual renovating. The cleanly washed windows and bright freah paint have had a disastrous effect on John Hawkins whose eyes are In flamed from the sunlight streaming through the windows. He IB thinking of laying off until he geti used to the change. Indianapolis Journal: J. M, Burwlck who Is well known among trainmen at Logansport and Terre Haute, and'by many others in the State, passed east through Indianapolis yesterday on his way to New York city, where he will spend a month's leave of absence In evangelistic work among railroad men under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association. He will also attend on bis trip the International convention of the American associations, which is to be held at Springfield, Mass., May 8 to 12. The rumor thfct a number of Pan Handle engineers and trainmen would be laid off soon IB denied by an official. It la said thet several conductors pro- sented a petition to Trainmaster May to reduce the number of crewe on the Chicago division but that they left with their wi«bel ungratlfied. The official quoted above said that although business was not aa good a« it might be employes were making a fair living and that the company would not lay off some of their employes In order to let the remainder get In more time. Besides the business Is likely to pick up almost any time in which case »he company will need them all whereas If a dozen or »ore crews would be let out as many more would have to be hired and broken In with the revival of traffic. _ Mrs. M. F. Arnold,' of Indianapolis, took five bottles of I<cmoa Laxative and is permanently cored of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She ad^ vise* ladies to try a fifty cent bottle. Their Union Being Bitterly Opposed by Young Woman's Parents They Decide to Die Together. SAX FBAXCISCO, April G,—Two persons, a man and a woman, were found dead in a room in the Palace hotel Friday afternoon. A bullet in the heart had killed the woman and a bullet in tho brain had ended the We of the man. The couple came to the hotel Thursday iiifrht and registered as "Mr. Reta and wife, San Francisco.'' They took a room, and that was the last seen of them until their bodies were found. Told of Htrr Deikth. Late in the afternoon a young woman entered the hotel in a highly excited condition and asked for her sister. She described the couple, and a visit to the room disclosed tho particulars of the tratredy. The girl identified^the dead womanasher sister. Miss H. Wolf, living- at 1303 Leaven worth street- She had on. Friday morning received a note from her sister, written at the Palace, hotel, saying that she and her husband were about to die together and that they wished to be buried together. Sbo and Reta hail been married, the note said, and as her family had always opposed the marriage, they decided to die tog-ether. • •Don't Part Lc. From the position of the bodies, it is probable that the mau placed a pistol to the heart of the woman and fired the fatal shot as she lay in bed. lie then fired a bullet into his own brain. The death of both . must, have been nearly,'if not quite, instantaneous. In tbe room was found a note on. which was written: -Don't part us." The father of the dead woman is Dr. Joseph Wolf. Who tho Mnn Was. Carlo Enrico Reta arrived in this city nine months ago. lie had no means of earning a livelihood except by giving- instructions in the Italian language. This _ is bow lie became acquainted with Adele Wolf, the girl who was found dead at bis side. His love was reciprocated by bis pupil, but her mother refused to entertain any idea of marriage. Win Parent* Wealthy Irallann. Beta was a musician, a gentleman by birth and breeding and very popular in the Italian colony. He gave up his commission in ,the Italian army when he came to this country, but his card still bore his title. Reta's family in Italy is a wealthy one. but the young man himself had little money. Kiitlitir of thii Di-ail Woman. Joseph Wolf, the father of the dead girl, is now in Carlsbad, Germany, be- in"- separated from his family. The dead'sir! had been to Europe with her mother, and was well educated, especially iii music, her voice being far above the average. ~"Furuonocl. M.VDISOX, Wis., April C.—Gov. Upham pardoned James M. Allen, who was serving a seven-year term in state prison, having been sect up from Vernon county three years ago. Allen was a school-teacher and was charged with cruelly beating one of bis pupils at a schoolhouse near Viroqua. The pupil died, it is claimed, from the effects ol the beating. It seems to be the general opinion that Allen was not responsible for the boy's death. At lite Murdered Wife'i Funora). OKLAHOMA CITY, 0. T., April O.—Tbo funeral of Mrs. Harry St. John, who was shot by her husband Wednesday, •was held here and attended by.iin immense throng. Young St. John, distracted with grief, was present, as was his father, ex-Gov. John P. St. John, who arrived from, the east. Colored Murderer Hanged. ATLANTA, Gu., April 6.—Richard Gates (colored) was banged at La Grange Friday for the murder of Lee Sledge, another negro, in a jealous frenzy. Tbe hanging was in private Gates died claiming that he was going straight to Heaven. EART DISEASE, I many other .-uiraents when they have la'k-cn bold of tbo system, never ?cts better ot its own accord, but Constantly s»«-<«r* worse. There are thousaUQs who know they have a defective heart, bnt will not admit the faci. They . don't want their friends to worry, and Don't kn<nc trhat t» take for it, as they have been told time and ajain that heart disease iras incurable. Such was th« case of Mr. Silas Farley of Dye.sville, Ohio who writes Juno is, 1S94, as follows: "I had heart ditteaxe for XS year*, my heart hurting mo almost continually. Tho first 15 years I doctored all the time. trying several physicians and remedial, until my last doctor told mo It was only & question of time M I could not bo cured. I gradually grew worse, very weak, , and completely discouraged, until i' lived, propped half up in bed, because I couldn't lie dtnnt nor sit up- Thinking my time had . come 1 told my family what I wanted done when I was pone. But on the first day of March on ' the recommendation of Mrs. Fannie Jones, of Anderso-., Ind., I commenced takinc X>r. Jffi'le*' XCH> Cure, for fit* Heart and wonderful to toll, in ten day? I was •workins at liS^t, \vori; and on March 19 commenced framing a barn, which is heavy work, and I hav'nt lost a any since. I am SS years old, G f t- -IH inches and weiph 2o01bs- I believe JT «m /"".V cared, and I :\m now only anxious ti.i:n everyone shall know o; your wonderful remedies." Dyesville, Ohio. Sn-vs F.VIU.EY. Dr. Miles Heart Cure is sold on a Guarantee that the tirst. bottle will bcno8u C bottles to* 5 c.d 'for- M»n«I WATERLOO, la., April 0.—Charles Adams, convicted of manslaughter in killing- Stephen Howard, was sentenced to the penitentiary for four years and to pay a flue of 8200 and costs, which •will amount to about 81,750. Gold for South. America. WASIUXGTOJ?, April 6.—The treasury department is advised that 5115,000 in gold -was -withdrawn at New YTork Thursday for export to South America. TOD Bra't Hart to Swear Off Bays the St. Louis Journal of Agriculture in an editorial about BTo-To Bac the famous tobacco habit cure. "We know of many cases cured by No-To Bac, one, a prominent St. Louis arch. Itect. nmoked and chewed for twenty yeara; two boxes cured him so tha even the smell of tobacco makes him sick." No-to-Bac sold and guaran teed by B. F. Ke»sltng druggist. 2Ti cure no pay. Book f 63 Sterling Remedy Co., New York <jr Chicago. Bneklen'a Arnica Salve. Tbe best salve In the world for cute bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hand* chilblains, corns, and all skin erup tions, and positively cures piles, or ni pay required. It U guaranteed *o give perfect satisfaction or money re funded. Price 25:cents per boy. Fo sale by B. F. K«sllng. , Easter capes, walsu and skirts Plenty for all and prices the lowest- Trade Palace. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Restores Health How to MaKe Money. I understand now why I could not make money with the plater that I lad. There are so many things about . he plating business that I did not understand. It was not until I saw he advertisement of Gray & Co.. Pla- Ing Works, Columbus, Onto, that I ommencod to make money. Ths Royal Plater is sent by this house and all the trade secrete connected with he plating business, such as are necessary In the great gold and elver pla- ing factories are given free- As eoon I got the Royal Plater I made money right along. Last week I cleared ;72.50, and everybody Is delighted with my work. Anyone who has trou ble with their plating machine*, at I . lave, should send to the above 6rm and 'obtain their circulars, and they' will bo able to matte lots of money at I have done. The Royal Plater !• Hted out complete, everything ready for business; you do not have to speid a cent for materials. During thete hard times this Information Is valuable _ - "YleM Not. to SbforUine." 1 was afflicted with catarrh la»t autumn. During the month of Octo- aer I could neither taste nor amell and could hear but little. Ely's Cream Balm cured It— Marcus Geo. ShauU, Rah way, N. J. I suffered from catarrh of the worrt kind ever since a boy, and I never hoped for cure, but Elj's Cream Balm seems to do even that. Many acquaintances have used It with excellent reaultf.— Oscar Oatrum, 45 Warren avenue, Chicago, 111. Cream Balm Is agre«able. _ Seth M. Velsey can loan you money on olty property at 6 per cent. Call and «ee him at 204 Fourth §tre»t. Have You Kidney Tronble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold by BESJ FIUHBtt. Druattot. CHICAGO, March 7, 18M. In this City with acute nepnrltli and cjriUlU on- nanamaUonolthe bladder a.d Wdneja). A*H« 5re»crlWng the uiual remedies wliboutarall 8a»- SalE was suwerted, and th« Improrcmem "»»•» marked atttrtbeflwt dose, and a oomplet«C(Wi followed so apeedllr; that I at once commenoed «n Investigation otlW merits and have «lnce pr»- scrtbeau in almost ererr knotrn lorm rt '.*<**n bladder, urethra!. Taglnal and oUatrhal ttoobtoj. followed in e*ch-|n«taoeJ tij the bw>ple»« rraOU. ACB*eot«nuresls{lnvo!untarj now of urine) l» mi-own family was »en math Improved W aiew doses, and radical!! cored In le« than a w»»fc Worn practical experience In » n<"nber ot ft«d ca,« of leucorrhoea I am free w "W that I haw Sand no remedj tnat U ew*l to SiVJXt . .^ fore iven » I*"* and no remej tnat e Aad while I have never before given » * sional ludoreement to H proprietary remedy, LtJT and «lthout reserve ln»t i oonj veritable boon to humanJtj <V* narert proiennJoaal t«ta, , It U better than it U i» Ul all -. genlto-unnarj r orcauiiiu»' ..troubles, In ^SXSS^JS^*^.--- fnTirand eatt*4l7. The deUclotw t«*t« of tto SdiSne £ aucTin IU tawrjta Pr«crfbm« tt tor children. lamatpTMentaringS*J£-JaKa^w flSeneetbatlUoaU continue to we »t In *UB cue*, f eeUmi confident (Bat li will meet all Indications In racbcuei. «• (Signed) ,.. iChlMCO,IIL BEN FISHER.

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