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The Californian from Salinas, California • Page 13
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The Californian from Salinas, California • Page 13

The Californiani
Salinas, California
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Page 17 Pages 18-20 Friday, July 5, I9s5 Sahnm 13 TVComics Entertainment TM nny onn gsib Talk show host keeps listeners up late I PAcinr -ti i in rii(a i iu MuMUit ik the jianrl, (unending the MumJlrai lM ll.e Ulr) ttk" a lead in lu hit that "Talk To Mr tthrfl Ihe tflutir Ijitltt, hi program KcH xotir tint la ihik tf) in Iflrlll, ml ore gelling cttilrf," he atil i jfr diMnit" At KAZD 3 KM, a publir radio 1.1 (ton hrailratini on 4 watt, Muldavin ik volun lef hokl a( a three hour week I) rail in ho on aging grow mg and making trantition Muldavin, who hr i over experienced a major tranition in hik lilr about ninr ago llrdrrid rt) rrlifr From hit oh at ex eculive vice David OigII k. .1 rrvtal and kiUi-r ki'r on Itodeo Drive t-r ly If ill-Since Ihrn. ome hi many project include writing a Cookbook III lcf "ItuniJI Oil." working a devil advocate lr Jrrr Brown' presidential campaign. trvmg hi hand in hr recording industry and losing his shul i. working with yoiilh through (hr Santa Mono ra I 'olicr Depart inrnl and various writing projects During the show.

Muldavin draw on hi experience and mn mu with other peev pie to deal with tnpirs such as cuts in Social Security. Alzheimer's disease and feelings about old people having sex If ut to judge Ity his callers. he has attracted a listening audience ol voting and old branching out from topics which focus on old people, Muldavm has introduced programs dealing with homosexuality, the erosion of eullure and his belief that killing has heeomc a habit. Passionate is a word Moldavia uses ollen and it is a good word to describe him. As his face crinkles with a smile, he gestures as he speaks energeti-rally about his favorite themes: I have a need to say look out he says.

"I have a need to say we have to take some active participation in what's going on. old enough to remember us. I'm old enough to remember this country and the change is heartbreaking. Ubirirr Muldavm bk to va the kbow for hik caller tt hen Ihe telephone light IJjhek he ktupk talking and grtk ready to itr Alone the stadia, Muldavm Kick to turn oil all the light except one over Ihe rofllfo! panel On 4 recent program Mulda vm topic wa real play and fanlaky Ihe host ud exam file of real plav in hik own de on hept 2, al 3 4f a 4 million elra terrekfrt al bring on a nine year rafch found earth, he aid, 4k if read-mg a new repot! He kaid ratlh wak not quite kuitahle lor The people, hut hualar Mul davm hoinei wak per led ion They landed in Gu Muldavin Id) nosttil After one year, they ocru pied Indh nostriU and had har-V ruled crops, he kaid In an interview later, who werkk a clerk al Marco Pelo'k and I'Jaa Pipe Tobacco in Ihe Carmel Ilaia, said lanta and make believe have always been a pari o( hi hie becaukC real fanlaty brings out Ihe brtl in him to hen he really needs to think hard about something, he said, he talk to The People or his leddv hears a psychologist woul 1 sav All you're doing is talking to yourself," he said, "Hut 'ne problem with me lalkmi, to myself i that I'm so weirr and I'm so scattered it doesn't work Hut if I talk to Thv People. or talk to Ihe bears or some of the creatures, works for me Hosting a public vadio program on aging has been a dream ol Muldav'n's, hut the age discrimmalio-i he detected while trying to a job in this area caused to make the program happ' to hen he mi vrd to this area.

Muldavm sn-J. despite his 30 years expc lence as a buyer with major stores, the only job an nient agency could find for -iim was as a Santa Claus at Macy's. Muld ivm found his ow clerk jobs. I ut he says the fact that someone of his age and experience: is working at an entry-level job makes him morally suspect. "If you're at rny age and ou're gonna take a lousy job, Muldavin said.

you either Guy Muldavin comes alive at the KAZU microphone. have been in prison, or there is something mentally wrong with vou. or you're a drunk," Muldavm says he just wants to slay in the mainstream of society "as he grows older. His radio program started out as a show (or others like himself "You know he said, "we're not in polyester suits swinging golf clubs or taking tours. Some of us don't have any dough, we don't have retirement.

we don have all of this. We want to work. We want to work," Whether he is selling, riling or talking on the radio. Muldavin works with seemingly endless energy. And he is playing too all the time he is fantasizing.

"We have a responsibility to fantasize for those people who have not been given the opportunity to fantasize," Muldavin said. If people can imagine really feel the end of discrimination. the end of world hunger or the start of world peace, lie said, then it can happen. "If you really create," he said, things start happening. Giving a waller a chance to air views.

The host contemplates a callers opinion. -w Polyester knit is back on the fashion scene Spot I right Get the scoop on ice cream American Health Magazine Heres the scoop on ice cream. We lick almost 18 pounds of it a year, more than any other people on earth. Its the hottest dessert in America. And the more fat its got, the more we love it.

We think were getting a higher quality, more healthful ice cream when we buy a more expensive and richer brand. But, nutritionally speaking, the cream of the crop is the bottom of the barrel. Says Cornell University nutritionist Christina Stark, "What were actually getting is more fat, more cholesterol and more calories. Federal standards dictate that ice cream contain 10 percent butterfat or more. Premium and super-premium brands, however, go as high as 20 percent creamier but heart-riskier and are more expensive.

Premium brands are also denser: 25 percent air vs. 50 percent for regular ice cream. A premium serving averages almost twice as many calories, fat and cholesterol as a workday brand. Although far from a diet food, ice cream, in general, is not the worst choice for dessert. A half-cup has about 135 calories fewer than a cup of whole milk (150).

Milk provides more nutrients, yet ice creams got some protein and about 10 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance for calcium and riboflavin. In fact, compared with other desserts, two scoops of ice cream have 'ygmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaKzmmZ Joan Kennedy feels betrayed The ex-wife of Sen, Edward M. Kannady says she feels betrayed f-y a forthcoming biography written by her former aide that reportedly details her feelings about the death of Mary Jo Kopochno at Choppaquiddiek. Joan Kannady, 48, told The Boston Globe in an interview published Thursday that she tried to talk her formt-r administrative assistant, Morels Chollis, out ol writing the book, Living with the Kennedys: The Joan Kennedy Story. "1 told h'-r I felt so betrayed, said Mrs.

Kennedy. I think it is a real breach of confidentiality. In no way have I authorized or contributed to this publication. The Globe quotes the publisher, Simon and Schuster, as saying the book tells "what really happens when a beautiful, cloistered debutante from a Catholic college marries into Americas most relentlessly ambitious political clan one whose men were as rampantly acquisitive in their pursuit of women as they were of power. Clint Eastwood, who roams the movie screen muttering make my day, has as much place in a college classroom as the poet who "wandered lonely as a cloud, says a Miami University professor.

Paul Smith, an assistant professor of English, is offering a course this fall on Eastwoods movies and the American psyche. He says he doesnt like the characters Eastwood portrays "I find that macho image revolting but "I think I can make an intellectual case for teaching this kind of thing better than my colleagues can make a case for teaching (William) Wordtworth. Compiled from Gannett and A news services By ELIZABETH SPORKIN Gannett News Service NEW YORK The end of the 60s also marked the demise of the material that was the subject of seemingly endless jokes, right? Wrong! Faster than you can say clammy, spongy, "shiny, "tacky, Perma-Prest and 2 for $9.99, dou-'ble-knit polyester is springing back onto the fashion scene. The stuff of inexpensive leisure suits and stretch pants already is the last word in London, and its beginning to invade the trendiest closets in America as the newest twist in the 1960s fashion revival. The double-knits that everybody used to cringe from thats the new look for avant-garde dressers, said Ellyn Waldman of Geon Industries, a hip junior-sportswear firm whose fall line includes double-knit stirrup pants, cardigans and turtlenecks.

Waldman said her firm is getting an excellent reaction to the line from retail buyers. Sophisticated people like it as a goof, she said. Others take it seriously because it doesnt wrinkle. So it works out for everybody. It had to come back, said Elyse Adams, senior buyer for Unique Clothing Warehouse here, a trendy store thats stocking up on $9.99 never-be fore-worn polyester bell-bottoms from the 1960s and brand-new $14.99 stirrup pants.

Although Adams said some customers are "40-year-old women who are excited to find some real cheap polyester pants, the look is most ardently embraced by young members of the counterculture. "You don't have to be natural about what you wear any more, Adams said. "People love punk wigs and wild makeup. Added Unique owner Harvey Russack: Double-knit clothes are a form of social protest because anyone in their right mind wouldn't want to wear them. But todays counterculture is tomorrow's mass culture.

Appropriately, the folks at Celanese Fibers Operations have projected double-knits as a widespread fashion trend for even the most conventional of young people by fall 1986. Said Alison Webb, Celaneses manager of fashion services: Ms. Average American isnt going to wear double-knits, but her daughter might. The only problem is its reputation. Weve spent the last decade teaching American consumers that synthetic is a dirty word, said fashion forecaster David Wolfe, a believer in polyester.

Now we have to re-educate them. fewer calcnes than a piece of apple pie or cho yellow cake But ice milks oven better, with about one-third the fat, cholesterol and calories. Soft-serve ice cream, usually made from skn milk, also has fewer calories and about 25 percent as much fat, with more protein, calcium and vifjimin B-2 per serving. The r.ew kid in town is frozen tofu. Its lr rtose-free for those who cant diges milk.

It has no cholesterol. But it plenty of fat and sugar about 65 percent more calories than ice creajn. It has a bit more protein than ice 'iream but one-fifth the calcium. Frozen yogurt, on the other hand, has more protein and calcium, yet ony one-third the fat of ice cream. Fi uit-flavored yogurt is slightly higher in calories, due to the sugar.

The better choices are probably milk and some frozen yogurts, ays Stark. Even regular ice creams irent bad. Its the extra-rich ice creams that pile on the fat calories. lORIGINAL, DEFECTIV3 1.

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