The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina on October 17, 1935 · Page 8
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The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina · Page 8

Burlington, North Carolina
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Thursday, October 17, 1935
Page 8
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THE DAILY TIMES - NEWS 12 PAGES GrtrM.Ur fair tooltMj , . 1 ' : i AJamancs County" Only Daily Newspaper Devoted to the Upbll il ding of a Bigger Better Burlington wt - 4 - tnxr4 - - Published Daily Except Sunday yOL. 52 associated PR3BS service BURLINGTON, N. C. THURSDAY, OCTOBKlt 1771935 per copy full k. e. a. service k. 2i i ITALIAN COMMANDER READY TO QUIT British Soldiers Reported Killed In Italian Conflict Ominoui Tenaio nGrows After Rumori of Casualties Suffered by British Camel Corps Along Somaliland Border Fly; Heport is Both Verified and Denied; Gas Shells Dropped; Italian Advance Bogs Down As Rains Make Border Country a Sea of Mud. Zeila, British Somalilrtnd, Oct 17. (AP) Tribesmen reported today to the district commissioner here that the 17th British camel corps guarding the Somali - land frontier suffered casualties duriiif? an Italian advance in the Ogaden desert. (The desert of Ogaden province runs along the border of British Somaliland close to the point where Italian Somaliland Joins with the British territory. Italian forces have been reported penetrating northwestward, close to the British tjom - alUand barrier, in a drive directed at the Addis Ababa - JJIbouU. Railroad.) Believed Uninlentiotial Details of the alleged incident were lacking, but authorities said they believed that If such a thing were true it would have been due either to the Itailans unintentionally running over the boundary of their territory or to mistaking the British camel corps for Ethiopian rfarcea trying to get around their Sank. The Italian push, under the command or den. Rudolfo Graiiaiu. is being covered toy tanks and airplanes and has been .conducted close to the frontier in order to gain control of the oases used Jointly by the native tribes roaming both sides of the frontier. .The border has never been defined conUnuouisly through the sandy, shrub and, consequently, the camel corps has been posted to prevent the entrance of refug Com the Halo - Ethiopian war lone. Italian Advance Held Up The Irijesuien who reported the aliased clash - also - stated that ne Italian. advance Hid been held up in Ogaden because of . enewed rami which - made - it iniposflrle'"f or ' the - tanks to move. "They asserted that five of the mobile forts had been bogged down near the - wells at Udi.' (The Havas correspondent at Djibouti, French Somaliland, reported he was Informed tliat Italian airplanes bad dropped gas bombs on the camel corps outfit in British Somaliland and that a, larae numbr - T of camels were Idled "by the gas. The Havas report did not slate whether there had " been any casualties among .the men.) Britain Denies Report " Traidon, Oct. 17. (1 The Brlt - 1:' colonial office stated tonny it ' nas unable to confirm or deny a 'report from Zeila, British Somaliland, that Italians had fired on a British camel corps unit. , "PersonaUy, we do not believe 11," said an official, "but we cannot say definitely one way or the other." The colonial oflice said that the esmel corps in British Somaliland was composed of local native troops uncharged with poll work with its headquarters at Burao, British Somaliland, 15 miles southeast of the principal port, Berbera. The colonial office said it .was In close touch with Zeila and should' have any authentic report made there but that there was absolutely ne confirmation or the at - ck report. Foreign office officials said they did not believe the camel corps report. One of these officials stated oe had heard it was a rumor, had made a most careful check, and bad been unable to gjt any substantiation. The same official said he believed that the news, if true would be available to official sources in London by now. Negress Is Beaten To Death By Her Convict - Husband - Lumberton, Oct. IT. (API - Nora Brawn, 26 roar old negro woman, died last night following a beating given her n the state prison camp four miles west of here by her hus band, Russell, who Is serving a. terra for - assaulting an onicer. Coroner D. W. Biggs said he was informed the woman went to the camp to visit her husband, a trusty and the camp - cook, and found him in a field where he was picking peas. They ouarreUedt, he said, and Brown beat her severely before anyone could Interfere. ' An Imuiest was called for tonight 'North Carolina Day' Observed At Fair In Raleigh Raleigh. Oct 17. (AP) - State Birrs were closed today as "North Carolina Day" was observed at the State Pair. Continuation of the harness races, a parade or livestock Dotore tno grandstand and a number or special featiuoi were on the day's program, Fair officials said Ihcy CTiiectert the largest attendance of Ihe week. LEAGUE BANK IS URGED TO BRING ON SANCTIONS Some Nations Balk at Losing Trade with Italy. BOYCOTTMOVE IS DEADLOCKED' Geneva, Oct. !7. r.P) The suc - flestloil of a League of Nations bank, to help nations establish s financial and economic boycott the league's "mutual aid" i mittee. This proposal was made by De - mctrlos Maxlmos of Greece after the general sanctions committee. coined by the possibiUty of parliamentary revolts against sanctions, adjourned without - , a der.isinn. Too Many Balklnr The league experts who seek to n'mlsh Italy for its attack on Ethiopia by instituting a "buy nothing from Italy" campaign were worried by reports that some nations' parliaments would not carry out Maximns suen - ested that a If bank could float loans and make credit available to states hard hil bl'.an economic revolt against Italy, a boycott; - wnicn in some would ruin their trade. Nicholas Titulescu of Rumania suggested that befoTe economic ' - sancttons - actually werepunriui' effect, a country whose trade was losing mined could arrange with another country for tile sale of products which she was unable' to place, in Italy. Maxlmos' bonk project would operate for Greece, fur example, by permitting that nation to net credit from the new international limitation. In order to buy the cotton which Is necessary for - Creek industries. WoqW "Make It Up" This credit, asserted Titnlesni, would make up lor the loss which Greece would experience through losing her tobacco sales to Italy. The British proposed the establishment or a permanent committee to watch the situation and deal with difficulties as they might A draftlnz committee will brine indefinite mutual aid proposals for f tic approval of the plenarv coin - 'mittee tomorrow. The submission or these various proposals to the drafting committee Indicated, it was authoritatively stated, the acceptance in principle of the mutual aid Idea. 'Woman In Red' In Dillinger Case Is To Be Deported Chicago. Oct. 17 (AP) Mrs. Anna Sage, the ''Woman In Red." In the DilUwer case, lost her fight against deportation today when Federal Judge John P. Barnes dismissed a habeas corpus petition filed In her behalf. Judge Barnes ordered lier remanded to immigration officials. have admitted, wbo led Dilllnaer and killed by "G - Men" and police lasi summer, fihe wru; fYrrlra - nrl de ported to Rumania because of two convictions on charges of operating disorderly houses in Indiana. ELECTRIFICATION PROCEEDS Rnlelah. Oct. 17. KP1 Dudlev Bag - ley. chairman of the slate rural electrification authority, has been notified the Virginia Electric and Power company had acquired rights lor lumLsnrng current to the communities of Powellsville, Harrells - viUc and Coleraln In HeTtrord county. FEDERAL FUNDS ALLOTTED CITY FOR UNDERPASS The Works Progress Administration today approved a project for this city Involving file construction of an underpass, to be located approximately at the origin of Church street under the Southern Railway. Works Progress funds In ihe sum or 152,000 and state funds totalling 352,IX are 'included In the allotment. Meager details were available today regarding the work, but further Information will v. forthcoming on Friday. CHANCELLOR AND CABINET! OF AUSTRIA QUITJ'OSTS Schuschnigg Immed iately Commissioned Form New Regime. NEAR - MARTIAL LAW PREVAILS ViemiH, Oct. IT. (AP) Chancellor Kurt btiiiuscti - rtigg and his cahinet resigned todav. President Miklns immediately commissioned Schuschnigg tn farm a new The ballhauiplatz and other por tions of the center 01 :nc city ivt excited at dusl; by sudden roov incnls of police detachments. .Armed with rifles and niacin; marched lnlo LnooTtani public buildings throughout the city. It was the first Intimation 1 1 the general public that ft political move was on foot, Chancellor Schuschnigg. who sumed nrtlne a little more than veer ago after the assassination of the late Chancellor Englemcrt Doll - fuss, went directly to the president with his resignation. He submitted his new cabinet list almost, nt once. The most signiGcant of his changes were the elimination of Emil Fey, former vice chancellor or Austria, from the post of minister of the interior, the remove of Josef Reither as minister of agriculture, and the removal of Baron Odo Neustaedter - Steunner as mfn - ter Df social welfare. Meanwhile, Vienna became tense n - e more as strone military and police forces patrolled the streets. WALLACEHITS ATBREATTPRICE Kruno Jmrilfkalion for Price In - crease, Rut Rakers Raising Refal Price Are Branded Profiteers. Washing, Oct. 17. (API - While declaring there Is some justification for an increase In bread prices. Secretary Wallace was on record today with an assertion that If the increase is as much as one cent a loaf, the bakers owe an explanation to the public. "The most up - to - date flguros we have' he told reporters, "make us WOUtter It bakers' increase in costs warrant an Increase in price of a cent a loaf.1' Reports to the secretary of agriculture and his aides Indicate that bakers Intended to boost their prices os much as a cent' a loaf ihroughoul. the nation, it was said. This iumo. the officials said would cost consumers millions of dollars annually. In response to questions. Wallace told reporters that the baking Industry hod begun lis aisuiuenls for a price Increase last month "when prices were lower than a ycaT ago." - While there is some Justification for an increase," lie said, "it seems to me the bakers owe some explanation io ihe public as iu why iiie increase of as much as a cent at this time." Agriculture department figures, the secretary said, estiunUcd Llial on September 24, the cost of ingredients in a loaf or bread was 052 of a ccot greater than at the tune last year. The flour in - ;e was .Ha of a cent, sugar .01, malt .01, shortening .13 and dried milk .u. ARMS FIRMS TO REPROSECUTED Violated Arms Embargo to South American IVarrint Countries and Now Are Indicted by DrLean. New York. Oct. 17. (AP) - Fot - .er U. 3. District Attorney Martin Conooy has been authorised by Acting Attorney - General Douglas D. McLean to prosecute several large airplane and arms corporations in the United States for al - cged violation or an arms embar - :o to South America, it wai dls - itosed In federal court today. Ing of a commission la court sign - ed by McLean. - ine commission cnarges violation t a iolnt resolution passed in congress May 28, 1034, to prohibit sale ol arms and munitions ot in the United States under certain conditions, or to have con - I spired In connection with such a :sale or arms to Bolivia and Para guay, the combatant nations. Firms and Individuals listed as liable to prosecution Curfls - Wright Export Com.. Curtis - Wright Airplane compajiy, Curtis - Wright Aeronautical Corp. curtis Aeroplane ana Motor to., Curtis - Wright corporation. Colt jPatent Firearms Manufacturing Co.. American Arms corporation, tSe Ferro Co., Inc., Hugh I. Wells, Wayne D. Cannon. Clarence D. WeJMter ana others, WHEN LEAGUE OF NATIONS atmnspheTo of ertreme Arllclo XVI nt the covenant, 1n the stirring drama were In an Argentine, president of tbo league council: (4) Sir Authony Eden, Sate. Fiffy - un France Timid About Offering Its Support To England Against Italy ETHIOPIANS TO BE'GUERILLAS' Selassie. TelLs Warriors Only by Va live Tactics Can They tscafte Carnage of Italian Armies Addis Ababa. Ol - I. 1' i tersl Emneror Haile Selassie (day counseled his warriors to " Kevieivinp; ills rraops. in the capital, Necus said: employ guerrilla Itirhrs anri be patient. Disperse wiienever ou see an enemy niane. Discard white being an easy target, for the Ital - Sealed on his throne, with Ras Mulugela. minister ot wnr, nearby, Selassie watched 50.000 nalne riors march and rido uast Oi them whipping themselves Into a frenzy of bnrhnric enthusiasm. A number Of llie fierce - looking became so wrouirht - uo with war frensy they strove to reach the tnrone to mam: peisunal pic - ;esia - tlons ot loyalty to their emperor. The imperial cnards were forced to belabor them with stuves to drive them away from the throne. One detachment of fferce - vls?ged Gofa tribesmen outdid all the rest of the paraders iri demonstrating They ran at full speed the lost quarter muc oi inn route alio, on reaching the throne, leaped into the oir with blocd - curdlinc war cries. A:U:r the t:: - Ll.ihuio; bade .farewell to 1.000 ol his imperial guaiTl. who shortly will proceed to We lront. Ethiopians Mowed Down Attempting To Take Alcsum rpsrjptident in Ethiopia of Paris Soir said today sn nttocting force of Ethiopinns seeding to recapture the Holy Cty or Aksutn were slain almost to a man by Italian machine gun fire. The Ethiopian allock took place last night at an outpust of the northern Italian army near the Botlt river, the correspondent said. Grim British EnmitySpeeds ItalylnHomeDefenseDrive Rome. Ckit. 17. - AP) Ilaiy directed attention to its home defense today as informed sources express - Great Britain. Air force and non - commissioned oflicers of the class og 1906 tmeti born In that year) were called out. Ofllclals of the ministries of corporations, agriculture, finance, communications and merchant marine, conferred 'on detailed measure; for facing the food supplies situation, in ease League of Nations sanctions are applied, and for defense acainst nations putting sanction into practice. Fcsslmism Prevails. Pessimism rBplMtcd the earlier optimism as the dominant mood in the cnpltal's political quarters. Inforcd sources said frankly that they wore worried lesl the tension mounting between Britain And Italy slinuld crj'stalUe with unror - aeen rapidity. Great Britain t'm uoriraj'ed In tension. Leaeue of Nations leaders opening the way tor sanctions against m Baron Pomrieo Alois!, or lialy: s formally agreed tint Praraier Mussolini U.S. CONFERS ON WAR ISSUE I - 'rcncb Ambassador C Qnfers - - With Hull and Other OfflctMv.on Pass - : Ibilily of II. S. ruiiitivc Action. Washington, Oct. 17. (T) A general discussion of the Eurupeau situation with special reference io French and American interests was held today by Anrlre de LabOUlave, th French Ambassador. Secretary Hull, and other State Department officials. Ttift ambassador returned vesterday from five weeks spent in Paris and paid lus fust official calbi, lasting nearly two hours, on Secretary Hull, under Secrctarj - Phillips, and Assistant Secretaiy Buyre. After conferring with Hull and Phillips, tile atnbnssndor told newsmen he hsd not discussed any mn - Jnr niows to be made by cither ma - ior iiRllon and that their cnvei - satlons had been confine ! to generalities and to a resume of the situation. Answering guestlons bascj on ports that Orcnt Britain : Prnnre nlanned to seek Ameril enopemtlon In the application of sanctions against naiy, me batsadcr d - claled he had no Instructions fTom his gnverimient on that question and laid not discussed it with Secretary Hull or Secretary Phillips. Defense Rests In 'Emasculation' Slaying Of Bauer Chicago. Oct. n. - m - Manuo - ville W. Zenge's defense, seeking to save him from the electric chair for the emasculation slaying of Dr. Walter J. Bauer, rested at 2:15 The 26 - year - old Canton. Kn., carpenter, charged with nbducting ricd Zenge's childhood sweetheart, Ion citizens, just before the defense closed, as a law - abiding young man town, these circles as seeking to blockade Italy and hampering the peace efforts or Premier Laval of France. Officially, however, little importance was attached to French moves for settlement of the crisis. Authorities emphasized, that Italy was taking no part In any peace negotiations. They said Britain appeared unlikely to change its attitude In favor of punishment for the campaign of occupation In Ethiopian. Tmwmrird hy Lcague7 Although il was considered generally that LcBgue of Nations sanctions would probably (ail to hurt Italy, Just how far Britain itself might go was regarded frankly as a problem, The authoritntive Editor Vlrginio Gayda. who often reflects moot accurately government opinion, wrote In an article in the Glomale dTtalia Hint sanctions were "alin - ping toward the extreme evenlual - l'y: - BRANDED ITALY GUILTY are shown here in their historic scHKlnn Italy as the accessor io.lha Ethiopian war. Playliif; major roles (2) Prr - mler i.nva! of Ernnce: (3) Dr. Burtons Ituiz - Gulaazu of British representative! and (d) Tekla Hmrarlnte, Utbtonlan dele - bad committed i i act of war against them which obliged thera lilvr FRENCH AID IN CASE OF BRUSH NOT PROMISED Antagonism Gveater Between British and Italians. PEACE EFFORTS ARE NULLIFIED Pa,b, Ocl. If MV - Authoritative sources said today ihat Premier Laval has piomised Great Britain an answer by Monday m c question of French aim to the British Me(II - lerrancun Heet in case of conflict with Italy. The premier s reply, it dkalcd by Ihcsc sou ly to be favorable. es. Is likc - Paris, Oct. 17. (AP) Premier Laval, said reliable sources today, has veftisod to promise French aid to the BiiU'h fleet if the laller is attacked by itaiy oeioit; nt. - 6u.. t n,,HrtT,c nrflrsi naval ctlfOTCC - tnent of its sanctioits against Italy. On the other hand French om - port that Ihe premier tolfl Ambus - rmi..le:'. - 0'wii.e - M.. lor tin: J , - nlication of sanctions and nssume any immediate responsibil - ; ity under the leafilie covenant in If the Btltlsh and Ttnliun flecls Clasll under present. r.:cim.s .lues, .said a report ntlribuled zed circles. l - Tance w'ID "isj of Italian asgTession but. ralher. n JCT i:,:irl - - - : - . J L - .f. - l - 1 Tliis TEsponsc. supposedly - cive:i I regaldKl bT the Frcnrh pre.s as . tween the Fiench and the BriLisli ! positions. tj.,.a. jiflAriilx fttLemoted minimise the crisis sa.yius: 'The aovemments are on uxcellen. The situation was described a "daTk," nev - Ertheless. . In ofllc:r l cir ,1 the result of Great Britain1 - .stiffness' and Mussolini's failure to oiler a compromise proposal. Premier Laval's unwillingness "to follow Great Britain blindly" BIS attributed to French fears that the British wnuld try a bockade which would lead to war, althoush officials said that Great - Hritaln had promised to do nothing be - vond what was authorized within At Geneva, the French refused to consider a blockade, since they reirard such measure as a military sanction and have mdlcatcn unwillingness to embark on military uyaitisL iiaiv. Premier Laval, faced with an Itao - Britlsh ists over the Ethiopian wnr, plans lo lay tile problem of going the whole way 'with Brit - Thc" British VCTnment's re fusal to withdraw its warships from the Mediterranean and Its success In pushing lanollona through' the League of Nations were . regarded tn these quarters as putting n choice between Britain and Italy equarely up to the French. nt ftnnnv.i whan thev fnvnkerl S. C. LCAFlING CTTADF.L Orangebur. S. C. Oct. 7. tfPl South Carolina's Gamecocks had Ihe Cttsdrl null - d(r,s cornered at the end f (he hair today. to 0, as the iwo ieauis met in a rivalry dating back 3D year. HORSES DOPED Laurel, HIJ.. Cel. 17. (fly - Kace track officials here discovered today fViat two horses, fivnrlics in the. fifth race for this aflcrnoon. had been given deadening dope. V. D, C. TO 7il RET NEXT IK DURHAM IVInslon - Salem, Oct. 17 W The North Carolina, division, United Daughters of Ihe Con - roderacy, selected Durham for ilieii iOsR meeting at the rinsing scssinn today nf the annual convention here. . HAGEN TAKES LEAD ' Twin Hills (;olf Course, Oklahoma City. Okla., Ocl. 1!. WV - Walter lagen, the venerable Delruil (r'apsliwjter, loday strolled his amiable way over the Twin Hihs course for a record - breaking Ii7 to Like a tlirtc - slroke lead on the Held in Ihe Notlonnl P. G. A. tournament qualifying play. THE WEATHER North Carolina: Generally fair tonight; slightly warmer In north - uest portion: Fririav onrtlv elouriv ana siianuy il mils Sandy Hook lo flalteras: Moderate northeast and east winds over south portiun and gentle variable winds tonight becoming moderate to li'esh southwest on Friday over north portion, weather fair tonight and Friday. Hattetas to Jacksonville: Fresh tn moderately strong northeasterly winds diminishing hy Friday; weather partly overcast tonight and Friday, Temperatures Charlotte. Oct. n. - JV - OfliciaI weather bureau records of temperature and rainfall for the 24 hours ending at 0 a. ai. In the principal cotton growing areas and else - Station High Low Rainfall Atlanta 72 Augusta 'il Birmingham ...70 Cliarlotlc .. ..06 Chicago ., 50 ColumbLt 7ft Denver 5G Detroit 6t Evansville , , . .86 Galveston - , , ,30 Greensboro ... .63 Jacksonville . , .80 Kej West 04 IXi n.eks ..80 64 Memohls Meridian .. ..86 Min - .tl 80 Mobile 84 New Orleans ..Bt New York ... - 60 Raleigh 60 San Antonio ..BO San Francisco 70 finartallhUTg ,.70 Tamp 82 Washington ....80 wiitningion .... u DEFYING DUCE, BONO SAYS WAR 'DISASTER' Ethiopian Invasion Impossible ; Troops Falling Sick. DIFFICULTIES ARE ENORMOUS Copyrlghi, 1015. by Assoeiaied FrtM Addis Ababa, Oct. 17. Tho Eihinpintt government istte an official communique todaystating it was informed there were "siriive differences of opinion" between Premier Mussolini and Gen. Emilio tie Buno, his commander in Ethiopia, wading the mtter to otter lis resignation. The official couiniuniaue was is sued shortly alter Emperor Haile aeiassic informed the Associated Press; "I will not discuss peace while n single Italian soldier re mains on mv soli." "Enslaved" By Italians At the same time, government officials stated that Ethiopians who hare escaped from Tigre province, which has been occupied by Do Bono's forces, said that Ethiopian men, women, and even children were being compelled by their con - liuerors lo work: like slaves on road construction. The communique stated: "Informed persons say grave differences of opinion exist between Mussiilnl and his general staff Ut Eritrea. Mussolini is mnsc displeased with the stagnation of military operations around Aduwa, seriously affecting the prestige of the Eri - trcan army." "The king of Italy is reporled to have intervened In order to terminate th deispute." Conquest Enormously Difficult ' The communique continues: "Mussolini It was asserted remonstrated violenty with General De'JSoiio, even threatening to re - inorc him, whereupon the general Is reporled to have resitmd, suyins thai owing to topographical difficulties, tllf enormous number nf sick, the food and water supply dif - nculties, and the determined resistance of the Ethiopians had lowered the morale of the Italians - and fie would not assume tile responsibility or launching an adventure leading Id disaster. " Ethiopians from Tjte pruvinca reported that all their ardmala have been seized for - the Italian army and a famine or Hie population Ls considered inevitable. Ethiopians in the capital commented indignantly: "So that is the way Mussolini expects to win away the Ticreaiis from their lovsltv m 1 the emncror." The A. P. crrnni"i' ed the emperor that Great Britata the Medittrranrnn. The emperor exclaimed: "This proves Oreat Britain Is determined, not merely by words but by tile might of her navy and army, to compell all outlaws to respect tha covenant or International Justice and he principle of I'lfpaLeousness on which the security of the woTld rests." Reenforccmenls Rushed Addis AoaDa, ixi. 17. (AP) The Ethiopian government ordered na,w cavalry and infantry detachments to - hasten to the support ol Its northern and southern armies today, to meet an anticipated Italian advance into tha With the Ethiopian wamorj manifestly eager to wield their spcttTs, and the Italian forces re ported consolidated In their posi - lions for resumption of the general invasion, an end to Hie tnarkitig - llme period nf the warfare was considered definitely In sight - Meager reports from the northern front indicated that from 200, - 000 to 300.000 Ethiopian braves were defending the defiles on Italy's Ime of niETCh into the Hinterlands. PARTICIPATION OF U. S. IN OLYMPIC GAMES IS OPPOSED Atlantic Citj N,' J, Oct 17, (AP) - The American Fed - , ration' of I - ahnr rated today to oppose tfab country's participation In the Olympic tamo next year. The federation convention ilso Tried that A. F. ot I. members should not parUci - juu. In the fame, that a labor boycott an Nad roods and services be in tec Filled ind AH unions should eAhtiib - tc to the fund for help of C5 en ii mi trade union refugees. William . Green, federation president. Introduced to the convention Thomas Kennedy, wcretaiy - treasurer or the United Mine Workers, a 'the man I hope will be the nett governor of Fennsyl - Fftnl." " ' Kennedy now Ii lieutenant fovernor.

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