Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California on October 25, 1905 · Page 9
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Santa Cruz Sentinel from Santa Cruz, California · Page 9

Santa Cruz, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1905
Page 9
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Wednesday Ocfoter 25, 1905. SANTA CRUZ SENTINEL. Page Nine fro . VU THE o 8a I m Mi ?! m is G. A. DEITEB, Agent. WILL TUNNEL NILES FOOTHILLS WESTERN PACIFIC CONSTRUCTION WORK TO HE STARTED SHORTLY. An important piece of construction work that is to be started within a few days on the Western Pacific's line, is a tunnel that is to penetrate the Niles foothills east of San Jose, and afford the road an easy grade through the high ground in the eastern end of Alameda county. The line will follow the course of the Niles canyon for some distance and then enter a tunnel of considerable length. It is estimated that the building of the tunnel will require at least a year and in order that the line may be brought to completion with as little delay as possible, no time is to be lost in starting work on the Niles tunnel. It was announced Saturday that the necessary men and machinery will be on the ground within a few days, and 4hat construction work will be started immediately. The Western Pacific's terminal properties on the Oakland water front are at present the scene of much activity. Loads of ties and other construction material are being delivered there almost daily, and construction forces will) soon be at work in that neighborhood. Plans for the big subway that is to carry the Western Pacific tracks from the main line on Third St. in Oakland, southward to the water front, have not yet been completed, but the engineers of the company expect to have the plans in readiness to permit the contractors to start work within a week or two. No one would ever be bothered with constipation if everyone knew how naturally and quickly Burdock Blood Bitters regulates the stomach and bowels. The Ocean Shore Railway Co. has leased the granary next the bank and are converting the same into an emergency hospital. There will undoubtedly be many calls for medical aid .before the railroad Is put through as the work is exceedingly dangerous. Halfmoon Bay Advocalte. Scald heaa is an eczema of the scalp very severe sometimes, but it can be cured. Doan s Ointment, quick and permanent in its results. At any drug store, 50 cents. NOVEMBER SUGGESTION. The November issue of Suggestion (Chicago) a magazine of the New Psychology for thinkers, discusses the following subjects: "Auto-Suggestion, Drugless Healing, Suggestive Therapeutics, Nature Cure, Law of Suggestion in health and business, Business Psychology, Psychic Research, W:ill Power, Dual Personality, .Personal Magnetism, Thought Force, Hygiene, the Realization of Mental Ideals, Telepathy, Psychic Powers of the Mind to Overcome Disease, Bad Habits, etc. Cures croup, sore throat, pulmonary troubles. Monarch over pain of every sort. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. "I hear you are at work on a new novel." "Yes," said the popular novelist. "Who is to bring it out?" "I don't know yet. The highest bonus I have been' offered so far Is only $70,000, and unless the publishers show an inclination to be more liberal I nuay burn it. I can't afford to cheapen my work in the estimation of the public." Ex. of all whiskies 1 for the club, the home or medical use, JESSE MOORE Humor and Philosophy By DUNCAN M. SMITH IN DEMAND. Important? Say! He thinks he is the whole pay Check, Boss of the quarter deck, . Monarch of all he surveys, The hero of fourteen plays, Director general of the ring, A good thing, An Imported sugar plum And then some. Still, for a commonplace chap, It must be admitted that he has a snap And dead loads of sport The only man at the summer resort I He walks about And picks them out; . , . They hang on his words and his glance And on his arm if they get a chance. Morning, noon and night, , He can't get out of their sight. The abundance makes him groan, For he can't get a chance to see one alone. His puny wit Makes a wondrous hit; His cheapest chaff Causes them to laugh, And If he cuts his finger They linger Close by And wonder If he will die. There are some good things going, But for an all round showing It must be confessed This is the best That simple, blundering man Has discovered since first the world began. He stands as one above Common mortals a very Napoleon of love. But wait! His triumph was fair and tall, And great Will be his fall. The football team with colors gay Will drift In some day, And then the girls unblushingly will c la Ira They never met him and don't even know his name. Out on First. "It is hard work for him to tell a story." "I notice he never responds to an encore." "No, he is no second story worker." Wise. "Taking anything for your cold?" "Yes." "What?" "Taking it easy and not taking every crank remedy." To Put Him Vise, "lie doesn't know how to spend money." "It won't take the girl he marries long to remedy that defect in his early education." Later On. To buy Its first shoes for the baby Makes papa the proudest of men. But it gives him a pain when it comes to the strain Of purchasing kickers for ten. Mean Old Thing I "What would you do, dear, if I wm to run away and leave you alone in our little home?" "Change my address immediately." Discrimination. "They have an anticigarette law in his state." "That is hard on the uncles." Handing Him One, It Jars a fellow . up when he Thinks he is as , solid as can be With some sweet little miss when she Sends back his , presents c.o.d. 0 & PERT PARAGRAPHS. It is said that money is only good for the things you cau buy with it, but that depends on what you buy. One of the hardest creatures in the world to traiu up In the way that he should go is a rich uncle. Doubtless the reason that wisdom cryeth in the streets is that cunning has stolen its pocketbook. COMPLETION OF OCEAN SHORE WILL INAUGURATE A NEW ERA FOR THE CO AST ALONG ITS ! ENTIRE LENGTH. MAYFIELD. The Ocean Shore railroad, which road proposes to connect San Francisco and Santa Cruz by an electric road skirting the coast line of the Pacific, will be a huge and costly piece of engineering work when finally completed. And if the Ocean Shore cars can pass over its entire length of road in the time now set by the promoters it will surprise not a few men who claim to be able to judge correctly about railroad construction work. After leaving the Southern Pacific station at Colma, the wagon road, which is taken for the coast ride, and runs in a southwesterly direction, begins to ascend a high hill, and such an elevation is attained within a few miles of that starting point that a fine view of the ocean and shore is had on the one hand, and of the town and country below on the other. Although the country through which the wagon road winds in a most sinuous way is a succession of high, rolling hills and cliffs, rent by great ravines, canyons and water courses, I was surprised to see that it was .one vast garden as far as the eye could reach, probably thousands of acres cultivated in a most systematic and thorough manner, growing cabbage, cauliflower, string beans, peas, artichokes, beets, other vegetables and occasional patches of corn. The unusually rank growth of everything indicates that the soil is of an alluvial loam formation of remarkable fertility. But still greater was my surprise to note that throughout that great expanse of productive land there were only a few shacks in which the toilers of the soil live, in but rare instances could the habitations be classed as houses. There are no pretty cottage homes to be seen from the road. ' , Irrigation is practiced quite extensively to force vegetable growth, and here and there the chug-chug of modern gasoline pumping plants can be heard, which are used to bring water from wells to the surface and poured into ditches radiating in every direction. The entire country over which we passed is rough, broken and torn asunder, as if cast up and shattered by a great convulsion of nature. Towering cliffs overhang and shadow the waters of the Pacific. Its waves beat with monotonous roar against giant rocks that it would seem no human power could remove. There are rifts in the earth apparently fathomless that if a railroad is to pass over them they must he spanned by bridges, for it would be impossible to fill them. Scarce, indeed, are the level stretches, and insufficient it would appear upon which to make stations for the new road. Such is the character of the country over which the route of the Ocean Shore road will pass from near Oceanview to Point San Pedro, a distance of perhaps less than twenty miles. The obstacles to surmount in building that short stretch of railroad I should think would chill the courage of the most daring engineer. South of the point, although there are occasional stretches of rugged coast line, the work of construction will not be so difficult The first railroad and surveying camp reached is only a short distance from Colma. It is at such an altitude on a side hill above the ocean that the men and horses at work on the beach below seem like pigmies. Descending to the valley level, near the ocean, the next camp is 'found at the north wall of Point San Pedro. Here a sheer wall of rock and earth reaches to such a height that it must be pierced to give a passage way for the new railroad. Another camp is located on the south side of th) point. At both stations great gangs of men will be assembled and the In Cattle can be prevented. CUTTER'S BLACK LtG VACCINt, California's favorite, the most tuo cessful, easiest used and lowest priced reliable vaccine made. Powder.stringorpill form. Writ for free Black Leg Booklet. THE CUTTER LABORATORY San Francisco If your druggist does not stock ou." vacciues, order direct from u. 0 WOMEN'S NEGLECT SUFFERINGTHESUREPENALTY Healtn Tdus Lost Is Restored by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. How many women do you know who are perfectly well and strong? We hear every day the same story over and over again. " I do not feel well ; I am bo tired all the timel" More than likely you speak the same words yourself, and no doubt you feel far from well. The cause may be easily traced to some derangement of the female organs which manifests itself in depression of spirits, reluctance to go anywhere or do anything, backache, bearing-down pains, flatulency, nervousness, sleeplessness, leucorrhoea. These symptoms are but warnings that there is danger ahead, and unlesi heeded a life of suffering or a serious operation is the inevitable result. The never-failing remedy for all these symptoms is Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Miss Kate McDonald, of Woodbridge, N. J., writes : Dear Mrs. Pinkham : " I think tkat a woman naturally dislikes to make her troubles known to the public, but restored health has meant so much to me that 1 cannot help from telling mine for the saks of other suffering women. " For a long time I suffered untold agony with a uterine trouble and irregularities, which made me a physical wreck, and no one thought I would recover, but Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound has entirely cured me, and made me well and strong, and I feel it my duty to tell other suffering women What a splendid medicine it is." If you are ill, don't hesitate to get a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound at once, and write to Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., for special advice it is free and always helpful. work of tunneling the barrier will proceed from both sides. The difficulty of getting supplies and materials to the various camps along the route will doubtless cause material delay in completing the road. Everything needed by the men or for construc tive purposes is hauled in by great i freight wagons drawn by six, eight and ten-horse teams. Colma is the nearest accessible base for "supplies at present. That the completion of the Ocean Shore road will inaugurate a new era for the coast side along its entire j length is unquestioned. Rough as is, the land bordering on the proposed road, it produces a wealth of products that now must be hauled by wagons over steep, tortuous mountain roads to find a market. When it is possible to ship these products by rail they will reach the market in far less time and in much better condition than is now possible. The new road will also enhance the popularity and population of existing resorts along its way and cause a number of new towns to spring into existence. L. B. WOODRUFF. A JUDICIOUS INQUIRY. A well known traveling man who visits the drug trade says he has often heard druggists inquire of customers who asked for a cough medicine, whether it was wanted for a child 01 for an adult, and if for a child they almost invariably recommended Cham berlain's Cough Remedy. The reason for this is that they know there is no danger from it and that it always cures. There is not the least dangei In giving it, and for coughs, colds and croup it is unsurpassed. For sale by J. G. Tanner and The Model Drug Sjtpne. MONTEREY TEACHERS. The Monterey Co. Teachers' Institute convened in annual session in the Presbyterian Church, Monterey, on Monday morning. All succeeding sessions will be held in Bagby's opera house. Subscribe for the ."Sentinel" 44. 44. ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ELECTRICAL FIXTURES NAiring, Repairing, Etc. 7 BAIRD & DAVIS ELECTRIC CO. Successors to SANTA CRUZ ELECTRICAL CO. 354 PACIFIC AV. TEL. BLACK 062 I I TRANSPORT ' TJON. LRAVE SANTA CRUZ FOR- SAN FRANCISCO COOS 15AY-3 A. M. Oct. 2. 10, 18, 5; Nov. 3. BONITA-3 A. M. Oct: C, 14, 2'-', 30, No. 7. . FOR LOS ANGELES Calling nt Monterey, San Simeon, Cayoces, Port Harford (San Luis Obispo),, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Hueneme, East Man Pedro, San Pedro and Newport. COOS BAY 4 P. M. Oct. 5, 13, 21. 2 Nov. 6. BON1TA-4 P. M. Oct. 1, 9, 17, 25; Not. (Steamer Bonlta only.) The steamer SANTA CRUZ carrying freight and combustibles only, arrives from San Francisco nbout 4 A. M. every Wednesday and "Saturday, and leaves for Han Francisco at 4 P. M. the same days. Steamers connect at San Francisco witn company's steamers for ports in British Columbia, l'uget Sound, South Eastern Alaska, Nome, St. Michael, Humboldt Bay and Mexico. For further Information obtain folders. , Right is reserved to change steamers o sailing dates. TICKET AND FREIGHT OFFICES: SANTA CRUZ. (189 Pacific Avenue. C. D. DUNANN, General Passenger Agent. 10 Market St., San Francisco. HARVEY'S PESCADERO STAGE LINE A stage leaves' Santa Cruz daily at 9 A, M. and 2 1'. M. for Pescadero, returning at 11 A. M. and 4:35 P. M. each day. Offices at Mano & Demiclielll's and Egglea-tou's Candy Store, Lower Plaza. JAMES A. HARVEY, Phone Red 382. Proprietor. SANTA CBUZ FIRE DEP'T Robert S. Tait, Chief Engineer. Fred L. Lewis, Assistant. Telephone, Main 12. ELECTRIC ALARM SIGNALS. 2 Pacific Av. and Church St. 3 Pope House and vicinity. 4 Locust and Vine Sts. 5 Loma Prieta's mill site. 6 Ocean St. and Soquel Av. 7 Mission Orchard. 1-2 Upper Plaza Mission Hill. 1-3 Spruce, and Cedar Sts. 1-4 Third and Main Sts. Beach Hill. 5 Ocean and Franklin Sts. C Kron's Tannery. 7 Sea Beach Hotel. 8 Leibbrandt Av. and Third St, 9 Bay and Mission Sts. 2-1 Lower Plaza Pacific Av. Water St. 2-3 California Av. and Walnut 2-4 Water and Garfield Sts. 2-5 Washington and Yreka Sts.. 2-6 Soquel and Riverside Avs. 2-7 Bay St. and Lighthouse Av. 2-8 M. E. Church Church St. and Av. 3.2 Walnut and Chestnut Avs. 3.4 Opera House Park St. 3-5 , Market and Grant Sts. 3-6 Bay and Columbia Sts. 37 Cooper and Front Sts. 3-8 Riverside Av. and Barson St. 3- 9 Elm St. and Pacific Av. 4- 1 Laurel and Center Sts. 4-2 Lincoln and Washington Sts. 4- 3 Union Depot and Chinatown. 5- 1 Fire Drill. ftft ft ftftft ft 1 YOU FURNISH THE GIRL AND WE WILL FURNISH THE HOUSE Call on ue for ' rVlXPsIT EL-S E. Jeffreys & Sons, IRA-IRA PACIFIC AV. Tel. John 21 Res. Til. John 411 JOB PRINTING Executed with neatness and dispatch at the "Sentinel" office. ft ft ftftftftft ft) ft f M

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