The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin on February 3, 1984 · 17
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The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin · 17

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1984
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cT f-l -.1 THE CAPITAL TIMES, Friday, Feb. 3, 1984 17 Coho ssdmm MM M stsite imtchery revised downward REVISED FIGURES Indicate 80.030 yearling coho salmon died of asphyxiation recently at the Lake Mills state fish hatchery down (Tom the original estimate of 109,0301 The loss followed a break in the hatchery's main supply pipe that completely cut off the fresh water to the rearing raceways When first discovered, thousands of coho already were in trouble from lack of oxygen, said hatchery manager Ken Wolff. "Fortunately, the Lake Mills Fire Department and Water Utility attached 030 feet of firehose to a nearby hydrant to supply enough water to save 147,080 fish out of 9,080 present. Gordy Freigel, DNR southern district fish specialist, said the six-inch plastic water supply pipe that broke was Installed two years ago by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service before turning the hatchery over to the DNR. A rock pressing against the buried pipe, plus vibrations from the water flow caused the break. "The repaired section is now completely surrounded by a cushion of sand," Prelgelsaid. Despite the loss, Great Lakes Fishery director Lee Kernen estimates about 838,080 to 988,030 coho will be stocked., Cost of the Lake Mills trouble was set at 138,080 for lost fish and clean up work. PERCH AREE Bullheads dont bite in winter, according to experts. "Nerta," says Everett Ossmann of Madison. "Thirty three years ago during the Yahara Fishermans Club's first ice fishing contest on Lake Win-gra, 1 missed winning first place with a big crappie when some guy came in with a one-pound bullhead caught near the Arboretum dredge holes.1 "Since then, bullheads are out and perch are in, says . Arden Marotz, chairman of this years Yahara Fishermans big Percharee set for Feb. 13 on Lakes Mendota and Monona. Cut- Lsnrn wKh Ken Chrtotsnesn The contest is expected to attract some of the best perch anglers around Contestants and others will vie for 11,939 in cash and prises being offered to holders of a 1 entry ticket available at most area bait shops. Tickets also will be available on Percharee dy at weigh-in stations located at Law Park and Wyldhaven on Lake Monona; Tenney, Warner, and the County Park on Lake Mendota, plus Governors Island and the Tent Colony. Club president Phil Paynter aaid last years Percharee proceeds were used to help Madison purchase two new steel piers for the Warner Park boat launch. Cash and manpower went to Monona to correct the dangerous access to Lake Monona at Wyldhaven. The Percharee also raised 8330 for scholarships to conservation-minded students at UW-Stevens Point and helped improve the poor bait launch site below the Sauk City power dam, plus' more. MAN BEATS MACHINE - Never challenge ice fisherman Jim Lunde of Stoughton to an ice a ugering cob-test YouH lose every time. During last Sunday's Stoughton Conservation Clubs Fisheree, Lunde beat all comers on Lake Kegonsa, including a gasoline driven ice auger, by cutting a four-inch t hole through 28 inches of rock hard ice in Just 19 seconds. "My auger is rarer sharp and set to cut deep," Lunde said. The fast cut setting is not recommended for the average ice fisherman. Two Madison fishermen took the walleye contest, Ed Atkinson with an 8-po under and Douglas Carlstrom with a 7-pounder. Both were caught in 19 feet of water off Colladays Point Unless noted, the following winners are from Stoughton. Mike Maves, Ray Holtan and Douglas Carlstrom all tied for first place with catches of panfish weighing 9 pounds, 9 ounces. Steve Jones placed second with John Romaker of McFarland third. In the fun category, Dave Lunde won the booby prize with a 24-inch blueglll reportedly caught while trolling. Fisheree chairman Roger Hanson winked when he said the fish was caught on a four inch Jerk bait WHERE THEYRE BITING - Crappies and big perch are being taken by Dave Raynoha in 39 feet of water on a jigging Rapala near the white fish shack located on Lake Monona off Olin Park. White bass plus crappies also are hitting Rapalas and Swedish Pimples Jigged near the Picnic Point drop-off on Lake Mendota. ' 1 A big school of medium size Mendota perch feeding on minnows was located three blocks east of Brearly SL in 20 feet of water by Joe Socha and Eric Olssoa In Turville's Bay, Doral Richardson of ML Horeb picked up a near limit of good sized bluegills on wax-worms. Others with good catches Include Paul Jenkins of Brooklyn, Bob Jenkins of Windsor, and Scott AlbrichL Thanks to .the Grignano Construction Co., Turvilles Bay anglers are pernptted to use the companys driveway to reach parking spots along the railroad tracks. But the privilege may be lost if careless parkers continue to block driveways and supply piles. KEN CHRISTENSENThe Capital Times George Eberhard of Madison checks out his perch-fishing hot spot on Lake Mendota in preparation for the Yaraha Fishermans Gub Percharee on Feb. 12. S Dcsbetbnll College den i-n at mm i i44i Mart 041 at Wliceml Pm 041 1 1441 at 0iaiH4 taai I (Ml at Lancaatar (Ml Cuaa Cltv (Ml at lanWwaitam (441 laa Oraat (Ml at MMara! Saint (Ml LakaaMa Lumatan it Morahotl SS. J V LakaaMa Luttwran wan. 34-14. Saynatta 41. Oraan Laka J. JV Saynatta wan. . m n. Maaaadwaatta 71 Sam It. 44 Tama la it It. Sanawantura44 w. VlraMatS Mutaarail Saeatanlea (741 at ManHealia (Ml Aravta (Ml at Ma 14-71 Maty Kama (741 al BamtvtM 114-71 BaMavHIa (4-71 at Slack Hawk 141 Mkany ia-11) at Maw Olarua (Ml Ata.-Blrmtaaiiam 44. jackamvMM 41 Lamar 44. McMaaaa It. M venaerWII 7, Wleateeleel . 44 Waka Saraat Ik Oaarata Tata 74 OT . Start"' tSKTsni'al Maly Craaa (lawal Uaa Sraklay 44. la. lillnala 44 MltaataK taatattlOT JanaavIHa Satkac at kkakiaan Kaaawaak . Mlckiaan it. 71 Micwaan 47 M.Oakata4JiN. OakataM. 47 -OMa SI. tk WHacanaki 74 UW-SarkaWa U lna-Fwru (St. Worn) at tar- City Hawatan 77. Taaaa ASM 44 Taxoa-CI Saaa 7. lltali 41 WlcMla It. 44 Tutaa44 Sarwaat , Air Sana it Tan Dtaaa It. 47 Arlnna 44. CaWanMa 44 BrlaNam vauna 44. Haw Mai lea 77 ' Cal.-lrvtne 14k Lana Baactl 41. 44 Sraana St. 7t Sacmc 47 ' Mali St. Tl Nav.-Laa vaaaa S, Maw Maalea St. SI OrseonH Ik Ora yen 14 San Jaaa St. at SvMerten St. 4 Stanford 44. Arliana St. M UCLA 7t WaaMnatan St. 4 Ulan SI. 7. Cal.-tanta Samara 77 WaMnatan 7. ta. Calltaml47 Man 47 WyammaTt Hawaii 44 Prep boys Ala BtaM CHimwa Satalt Mamorlol (441 at NtadtSn LaFottatta (Ml 1 Janaavllla Sorter (4-41 at NtadNen Waat (7-71 Moklaan Mamorlol (4-41 at Janaavllla Cral (Ml Sun Srolrl (Ml al Modlten Coat IMI MMtflatan (7-41 al Fart Atklnaan (4-il Mane no Orova (4-11 at 4 Iowan ton (4-1! Manraa (1-71 at iouk SroIrla (4-71 CaaHal Cantaranca OaForaat (Ml at Mount Horeb (Ml Lodi (4-l at Calwmbu (4-11 Varana (7-71 at Waunaka (7-71 Wlacanaln Halehta (4-41 at McFarland (Ml DaarlleM (7-71 at Lake Mill (Ml LakaaMa I jttwran (11-41 at Huallatard (7-1) Martball id-11 al Waterloo (4-41 Salmyra-Eaale (441 at WllHam Bay (t-lll Jadnaan Creak (Ml at Combrtdae (7-71 MSN : Bwck'a Sauora Oorden 4t Bowt-A-Vord Lonea lit Ineaatmant Hawea 4t Oraan Darby Four 4t; Oraan Darby On 77, Sacky be coca 74. Canadlsa: Buacnk Bov 4t A me Wi Braat Inn Sevan 74; Mr. Babarta 44, LMdtcaot Inauranc 44j , Oraan Darby 44. wnitabaua Buck 44. Cbarakaai Alaaanaar Orant 44. Sim Wlacanaln HWtesera 47 (all; ttoda 4t Malakbartioad Hauaa 41 Irian Waters 44. Sdaa Camaany 47. Canker: Frederick Feed talrlta 47. Crystal earners 47 1 ttarrla Ct. Aaartmanta 4t Saradlaa Launaa 4ti Jaey 40 Untvaraltv Ta 47. Saatara: Avenue Bor 44. stamina Bor 4t; Fata)-are 4t wmtanauaa Slha Sti Local is WSSU 77. Hataf-tan Lob 41. Block Baer Launaa 44, Hammerin' : Loum Tevam 47. TOS ear cels 77i Irian Wetare 47. Tubby S 47. Juatnar: Crvatal Camara SI. Bust's Bar 47; Joe Harts 7. Mr. SaBarta 47; Hill I Metric 4t Inarts Sub 7S. Mandats: BonnattS Country Club 4t Bodnar Snorts al; MOH Shorm CLub4t Loadstone 41; Buck's 4t WtaataaOntM. Manamlaaa: Ancbar tavlnae st Form SO; Snail-Blrrankott 44. laarta Fub 74; Suburbia's Bast at Scttoeek lea Cream 7. Mamakaaaa: Cllften-Oundaraan St Sadaar Bawl 74; Kuav.-a 4t Sultana at SwMi 74; University Ta 47. Ovardaaa 7S. Nava: Oraund Round 41. Ad I toff Mi Rtosan'i RandavauaiS. RatdaraTS; WlnrdaTt Ntcotst Two 3S. Ottawa: Raakataallara 47. Cauanatakl's 77; Itaw Braoka 77. Mick All-Star Bor Ml Hlabboltara 4t Snorts Fub 71 , , WOMIN Art mm: Chet Vout 24 Fredrick One S; Rutile Tovtrn One K 9 ports Products tt; Reeky Reeece 38 19th inmne it. CdtHemle: Bennett's A Blooms Chiropractic 17; I ports Fub One 29, Mothers Fub Twe 18; U.W. ProvL lent IS. Crenki Heodwti 9. Oeertle: Will St. Fub Four 37, Schenk tar Two IS; Oorden F letch 44 ForodlM Leungs 4; I It, Snow on Teeli J. 41. JV II i 71 Combrtdot a JV - Loke Mills eeaim Combrto-Prtostond 34 Rrlncoton 34 JV Prlnco-ton won. 31-14 wetertee 17, Pedbolend 31. JV Woterloe won, IMS. Bloomington IS, Renton IS. JV Bloomington , won. 25-11. RemevelJ 94 MentlceMo 34. J V Montkoito wen, ocotonlea It, Albony 33. JV Albonv won, 37-29. IS t 14 t 41 S S IS IS St MONONAGRGVG (fo-f-pts) McChosnty2-5 9. Atoir.ton 5-4 to. Olerme l-t-4 McCenell 7-3-17, Mor Bon 9-2-9. Totals 19-12-42. STOUGHTON ScMeMf 7-MS, Smith t-9-2, Ahnt 1-S-l KitttossnO4 RtooM-l). Totals 19-3-39. TeM leute MO t, S 1 1. FTM MO I, S I. JVt 9touRhton 22-14 Schroeder rolls lofftty 790; Pigorsdfs 626 tops women f . is 9 -IS s MIOOLRTON - tta-tt-otal - Labmon tM Mill! aon l-S-l Kranti 4-7-t Brunner 1-74, Scbrolar 1-7-4, Hody l-S-l ibstarack 1-1-7. TatolsS-17-70. SORT ATKItttOSt Clanmy 14-t Want 44-10, ScboSar 7-1-1 Kattar l-B-t tlmmarman 7-7-17, Bole 44-lt Hallanback IL Merits 1-4-7. Tstele 7S-4-S4. Tital touts M It F IS. FTM M t F 4. JVi Fort AHdnssn S44t ( 17 M 1747 14 S I M 44 BBLOIT MdMOBIAL f-n-ttl Cetemon a-l-ia, Flnnusn 4-4-IA Owana S-4-10. Wolf 744. Road 7-M Tetott M4I7. MADISOtt LA FOLLITTR Sorbacker 441t Laraan 44-lt Fadkanhauar 144 Halium 1-4-t Whlta 744, Caatay 4414. Tamil 77444. Total fault BM t ML IS. FTM BM It ML 0. JVt BM 74. ML 77. Su Fralrlt 17 17 I It 47 Mkdltss Beet m It M 1441 BUSS SRAIRIB (fe-ft-slt) I lastansasraor 4-1-7. BreaM 4-4-74. Manley 744 Muallar 4-7-1 Sdcbamat I4t Branaaan 1-1-1 Hvke 4-7-7. Totola 14-1447. MADIODSt BAIT O'Mollay 7-74 Dolan 7-7-14 Bround 7414 Sataraan 4-7-lt Bembreuab 0-1-1. Hu4 Olattan 4-1-1. Total, If-IMI. Saulad out lleatsnsaargir. Total foul SSI. Ml 14 STM 4St Ml 14 JV Sun Srolrl won. (MORE SCOROSCOPE, Page 18) Prep girls Baleit Tumor (4-71 at Bvensvill (4-71 Bradtwad (1-41 al Bated Catholic (441 Clinton 7-41 at Bio Soot (471 OrfordvlHo Sarkvtaw 144) at Edaarton (HI taulb Central Caataronca Nekaosa (7-4) at Adome-Sriandalila (Ml Bsadibura (7-7) al Baraboo (11-4) Tbaredny rssolfs OrOordvtna Sarkulaw 44 Edaarton 77. JV Edo-9fl0A wen 33S Richland Cantar 44 Rayall44. JV Richland Can-far won. ST-1. be loll Tumor 77, Evonavlll St JV Evansville wen, 41-77. Mineral Fatal 71 lowo-Oronl 71. JV lewa-Oront won, 7474. ST1ZDCBGEQ3XI1&? Today Television I: V p.m. Pro Basketbill Atlants Hawks it Philadelphia 78ers, WTBS. 7:M p.m. College Hockey Wisconsin at North Dakota, hannel 3. Radio 7:K p.m. College Hockey Wisconsin at North Dakota, WTSO-AM1070, WIBA-AM1310. Saturday Television ' Noon - College Basketball - Virginia at Duke, ESPN. 12: Mp.m. College Basketball Kentucky at Alabama, Channel IS. 1 p.m. College Basketball Boston College at Pittsburgh, Channel S. 2 p.m. Aato Racing 24 hours at Daytona, WTBS. 2:32 p.m. Pro Bowling The $150,000 Miller High Life Classic from Miami, ' Channel 27. ' . ' 3 p.m. College Basketball Purdue at Iowa, Channel 3, ESPN. 3 p.m. College Basketball St Johns atPePaul, Channel U. 4 p.m. Wide WarM af Sparta Donald Curry (17-0, 12 KOs) defends his WBA welterweight title against Marlon Starling (SO-1, 1$ KOs) in a scheduled 15-round title bout live horn Atlantic City. , p.m. College Basketball Virginia Commonwealth at Jacksonville, , ESPN. 7 pM. College Basketball Notre Dame at South Carolina, USA. 7:M prl Pro Basketball Philadelphia 7ters at Atlanta Hawks, WTBS. 7:3$ p.m. College Hockey Wisconsin at North Dakota, Channel I I p.m. College Basketball Illinois at Northwestern, WGN, ESPN. If :M p.m. College Basketball Indiana at Wisconsin, Channel 21. . r Radio 12:51p.m. College Basketball Indiana at Wisconsin, WTSQ-AM1070. 1 p.m. - College Basketball - Indiana at Wisconan, WIBA-AM1110. 7:15 p.m. College Hockey Wisconsin at North Dakota, WTSO-AM1070, WIBA-AM1310. - Sunday ' Television . a.m. College Basketball Indiana at Wisconsin. Channel 21. Neea College Basketball Oregon State at Michigan State, Channel S. Noon Pro Basketball Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics, ESPN. ' ; 1p.m. College Basketball Wichita State at Kansas, Channel 15. i 1 pjn. SapentarB From Key Blscayne, Fla. t 2 pjw. Golf Bing Crosby National Pro-Am, Channel 3. . 2:09 pm AakeRaclag Coverage of the 24 hiwr Daytona, WTBJ. .1 2:2Bp.R4 Bexlag US. va. Soviet Union, Channel 27. ' 3 pm SpkftiwmM World Ciq dding. plus World Professional Figure Skating Championship. Channel 15. 3:2pm Wide World of Sports Final round coverage of the Super-bikers the International All-Around Motorcyle Championship. Citannel 27. I pm - Pro Hockey - Quebec Nordiques at Buffalo Sabres, USA. 7 pm Pro Basketball Loa Angeles Lakers at San Antoino Spurs, ESPN. Sportsvue eyes April 3 start MILWAUKEE (AP) - The Sportsvue cable television network is considering other means of delivering its signal to Milwaukee until the city is wired for cable, its president said , Thursday. -Joe ONeill said the TVQ and SelecTV, which deliver a scrambled signal over the airwaves instead sending a signal over cable wires, are being considered. The joint venture of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team and Milwaukee Brewers baseball team has said it will go on the air April 3 and deliver about 200 live sports events a year. ONeill said Sportsvue has contracts with 45 Total TV outlets throughout the state and with the Viacom cable system, which serves northern and southern Milwaukee suburbs. He said it was negotiating with RVS Cablevision, which serves several western Milwaukee suburbs. Were also talking to systems that cover Racine, Madison and the city and suburbs of Green Bay, he said. The network has said it will broadcast 40 University of Wisconsin events, primarily basketball and hockey gaities. ONeill conceded Thursday that Sportsvue has not yet reached a contract agreement with the school, but said he saw no problem reaching an agreement Weve met with university officials on three or four occasions, he said. ONeill said television rights to UW football games will not be determined until a court battle between the National Collegiate Athletic Association and its members is resolved next month by the U.S. Supreme Court. By JEFF RICHGELS Special to The Capital Timc - Todd Schroeder equaled the Madison Bowling Associations second-highest series of the season with a 790 Thursday to highlight city and area bowling. Schroeder had games of 243, 288 and 299 ip the Bowl-A-Vard Lanes Four Lakes League for his second national This season. Schroeder tied Marc McDowell on the mens season honor roll, six pins behind Dave Rasmussen. Rick Richter bowled 722 (249-229-244) in the Nakoma Lanes SL James League for his first national of the season. Karen ' Pigorsch led the women with 628' (209-212-205), her 10th national t$s season,- in the Bowling Green 5 Oclock League. . Other womens nationals were Mary Spftlers 808-224, her second of the season, in the Badger Bowl Ivy League; Chris Weitzel 807, her firsL in the Viking Lanes Ladies League; . and Lucy Kaltenberg 602, her second, in the Waun-A-Bowl Funtime League. In the Village Lanes Golfers 3-Man League, Dave Schell started with a 125 game, then rolled the first 10 strikes his second game before leaving a 4-8-7 and covering the 4-7 for a 286. He finished with 235 for a 648 series. Ssllt sick -us : Virginia Guasttlia 3-7-10, Tom Buddon 3-7-10. Top lO MEN Todd Schraadar 790 Rick Richtgr 722 Mitch Mcp-Icb ... 692 Kyi Wiueow 692 Mika Braoka 686 Julian Eahl Larry Adlor., Gray Basa Stsrs Elliot Jim Armbracht ArmbmcM 474 TartUaM: Mart lelame 41. Urban Zlmmarman 404. AIMIhr Mtrcbaatt: Nall Evan 424 Slava Fortin 414. Al SCHWOEOLER SARK TOWN! W7RMA: Jim tlv 414 Rm Slmonlnl 411. Al NAKOMA LANRS 71. Jim: Rick Rlcft tor 777.74a. UHatmamtaiid: Mary Soullk 444 Re Krani 474 Jo HIM 411 . Women At ORIAM LARIS tmllv: Lori Wot tor 957, Nfcfcv Quor-torn SSL Coroi ItOwoil 939. FtroloHt; Mort Btonkwv hotm 931 Ltrtdo Eltborry 939. DoyRroomort: Pot Avon 934. AIRORTMOATI LARRI TwHUMort: Chrit Smitft 539. DrtRort: Etttol Lo dim 947, Marilyn Mulatto 54& Hoton Motttor 997, Corot Ewold 9S3. AICAIIROLAN89 Ouoont; Fortin TpRtdormy 3473499. Rhonda Roit 993 Dtono Mothowt 999, Lor rain Homon 57X Lott Wilt 994, Ratty Goary 992, Moroo Puriotl 944, Movl Conrad 940, Pot Donmon 934, Oar Taytor 931. Colony Fort otto: Glnny Whit 943, Carolina 9totoon 941, Mor lotto Smith 941, Ratio Rouchor 950, Dot Coonon 933. Mart Roit 933, Marcia Wlliiamt 929. Al RAOOIRROWL looutitt II: Toroto gnotihort 994. Ivy: Mary Soillort 400-234. Ouo Kowint 992, Mory Lyont 999, Sut ftchliior 947. AtRURROAKtROWL Rorty Rirdt: Joon Hots 539. Ftno: Judy Zlrtoi 534. Al 9CNWOROLRR PARK TOWN! Oyotlot: Jo Koltor 971, Hoton Rty 943. Wotlown , art: Out Forlti 949 Gall Ftoc 930. At NAKOMA LANRS Owlntlnd 40: Roto Lombordlno 975. Crocfcor-iocfct: tdlo Andorton SSI. Cock toil; Foot Liooort 543. tatty Koboto 934, Jana Lorton 927. i Mixed At 9CHWOROLBR PARK TOWN1 CMtO: 5tovo Elliott 479; Vicki Miliar 979, Lori William 999, Sandy Sortnton 593, Poo Chariot 944, Jovco Rotonou 941, Diono Toylor 933 Mary Lu Zoilort 930. Area Al f SARTAN ROWL, McFarland wauaaia Man: Tam I towary 4. Jim Walaa 7l Grow Johnson 421, Tom Schmoitor 424 Tom Ring 423, Cortor Smith 407. ' At VIKING LANRS Stoutllfon Ctotttc: Rint't Power Center 1737-949. Steve Knickmotor 404. 0edr: Sorentont Sfondord 2,024-974. Dovt Ruchwold 471-257, Dine Rroti 449 Rob Slinde 430 Todd Moo 422. Jim Hoffmon 401. Womont: Chrit Weltiel 407, Mory Sundbv 950, Judy Oiten 991, Lonno Frotn 940. Al RRAIRIB LANES, Sun Rrolrlo Celtic: Don Ochoonhorr 427, Stove Hotinootl 421 Dwoin Hoionooot 421, Ken Woerpet 419, Loo Button 419, Emit Krwoeer 414, Sttrllno DoGoitor 4H Pot Kohl 411, Rruco Additon 4 14. , Jot Folft 409. Roc: Duono Wo itch 429. Rill Dtnoer 4M. At SPORT ROWL Middleton TrlCtty Morthontt: Mike Rrookt 494. Al Amdohl 454. Rob Krohn 449, Terry Timm 420, Jerry Moly 417, Rob Ruff 415. Rutlnottmon: Gil Wonoiok 419. Todd Mover 411 Sol Fronko 411, Stove Brvnd 404. Rowdy Retlort: Terry Horder 997, Coco Hein 949, Mory Joon ' Lomborty 942. At BOWLING GREEN, MlddNtOW Altov Oom: Vol Mortinetli 543, ta Sotterly 941, Jon Thometon 940, Keren Soderhoim 930. 0:00: Phil Gouttod 447, John Moyert Jr. 442, Ron Sowotky 410, Oorreii Theobold 404; Koran Pieortch 424 (209-212-20ft, Judy Dohmen 534, Dote Lotbowttt 927. Stoned Retlort: Oorit Alton 944. At VERONA ROWL VoroM Blue Ribbon: Dean Luehtintor 417. At KAMM ROWL Vtrono Koffee Ktutcb: Lourei Ruttt 971. Tbtrtfv Deien: Groo Rott 403, Jot Wunnlcke 441, Greg Dorgo 439, Dick MOV 419. At WAUN-A-BOWL Wounokoo Ctottlc: HAR Corgott 3,012, Ron Franklin 1,071. Lorry Adler 493, Dennit Potkey 477, Roy Mwlcohy 447, Frank Endret 444, Jim Brown 444, Al Acker 439, Lorry Korli 434 Mork Hoog 434 Ron Bymet 427 Mort Olton 431, Bud Ronoord 411. Vom Motor 49A BrUco Otto 4MI Oovo Miller 407, Grog Heween 405. Tboodercoft: Eotf Side Cobinot One 1000-943. Jeff Owofcgwekl 439, Randy Rrerelon 431. Milch HeltonOrond 411. Funtime: Lucy Koltonborg402. At RUDRO LANES OgForatt Minor: ScoH Miller 409. Af LODI ROWL Lodi Stow Re! tort: Don Joltings 440, Brton Bohaty 413. Aral Walton 424, Mork Olton 419 Tarry Subbort 411, John Koioi 40ft. Sun Prairie skates past Lancers Karan PigoradiM MarySptiUra. Chris Waitul ...... Lucy Kaltenbarg. Tarasa EngsUunt Rhonda Rsia Sub Kowing.., Diana Mathaara.. Vidd Millar Roaa Lombardino.. WOMEN Sun Prairie got two second-period goals from Rob Crothers and went on to beat Madison LaFollette, 4-1, in a Big Eight Conference hockey game Thursday at the Sun Prairie Ice Arena. The victory snapped the Cardinals two-game losing streak and boosted them into a tie for third place with Madison Memorial at 3-2. Darryl Suchomel and Joe Butcher also scored for Sijn Prairie, while Rob Hart scored for the Lancers. Sun Prairie goalie Bob Sessions had 37 saves. 1 In the only other area game, Hagen' Harker scored a hat track to spark Beloit Memorial to an 8-2 victory ovef visiting Stoughton. Prep hockey Modltoo Lo Poftotto S S I 1 tua BfalaU f f Plrtl piriodV sP "tab Crathort (uooulstod). 5:43; Rob Crathort (MlkoDoon, Don Rosintkil, 14.94. Third period: SP Dorrv) Suchomot (Joe Butch-or), 11:00; ML Rob Hort (BobWonloul, 13:44; SP Joo Butcher (Suchomel), 13:51. M Sovet: Bret Hervot (U 31, Rob Sottlont (SP) 17. Fonoltlot: ML 2, SP 7. Stoughton 113 Rolelt Momortot 9 4 2 S Plrtt period: RM Hogon Harker Bob PotglQM, Houck), 7:43; Rob Polgloso (Roth), 4:03. . Second period: BM Kirk Ruche (Houck, Rob Criswell), 1224; Hooen Harker (Roth), 1129; Rob Crltwoll (Buchs, PolgloM), 1029; Kirk Ruche (Criswell, Honamon), 4 02; 9 Brian Lyme (Rrod Hulls Andy Ren ion), :04. Third period: BM Hogon Harker (Criswell), 12:23; $ Brad Hulls (Lvtne), 11:34; BM Scott Honomon (Ruche), 7:39. Sovet: Gory Scholl (S) 34, Mom Loorko (BM) 17. Fonoltlot: S 3. RM 3. Men At DREAM LANES tub Miaor: Don Harrison 420, Roger Westfolt 401. A ties: Jim Johnson 449, Ruts Wei herl 420, Steve Koots 4)4. Moonlight: Neil Winger 414, Otto Horwlg 403. NORTMOATB LANES Minors: Grog Schtrmerhorn 444, Ctote Mima 401. At BOWL-A-VARD LANHft Four Lofcot: Prairie Lonet 3,049-1,093. Todd Schroeder 790 (243-2SS-259), Armond Mlndok 477, Bill Roeth 440, Jim Soof 441, Wollv Warner 411. OM Pino Preduett: Julie Kohl 444, Dove tarret 491, Flovd Love . 439, Steve Schroeder 41 1 . At CASINO LANES St. Johns: John Fronko 404, Ken Schmout 400. Metro: John Goilihor 457, John Plotrxkowskl 414 Bill Nelson 41 1, Dove Rockett 409. At VILLAOB LANES Menene: Pete Sufka 421. Getters: Mitch Morts 491 Jbff Richgett 444 Dove Schell 444 Steve Schaffer 439 Steve Seellgor 424 Wet Drottor 414 Brad Presses tin 405. Af RAOOER ROWL Rodger: Rob Koui 432 Tom Ktawitter 40S. Rodger: Kyle Witkow 491 John1 Fassbinder 443. Don Krug 414 Lance Von Pledersom 414. AtRURROAKtROWL Rig Ton: Checkerboard Tavern 2941-1122. Jim Come see a camper that can be used both on land AND water! X-C SKI SALE Now in Progress" SkiPockoM Starting at 78 Rental Repair Sales FONTANA II 949 E. Washington 257-0608 0i Ftfgf : r--t "frfSWa, It can be towed to and hooked up at any campground. It has , all the features of a fully equipped RV camper except it wont sink when you put in the water. Your Larson, Checkmate, Silverline, Sylvan, Mercury Outboard and MerCruiser dealer. OUTBOARDS 12 & 18 at the River. Open Daily & Saturday 10-4, Sunday Noon to 4 221-3807

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