The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin on March 9, 1984 · 20
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The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin · 20

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1984
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f I I i 20 THE CAPITAL TIMES, Friday, March 9, 1 984 7-foot, 180-poamd sturgeon mo longer si manor PERSISTENT RUMORS that a monster fish with a shark-like tail patrolled the waters of Lake Mendota near Governors Island became fact recently when John Roberts netted a huge sturgeon. "The big prehistoric throwback measured 7 feet long and weighed an estimated 180 pounds," said Roberts, a rough fish removal contractor for the Department of Natural Resources. The headstrong fish had to be untangled and returned to its element twice In as many days after blundering into an entrapment-type gill net set beneath the ice for carp and buffalo. To add credence to the story, Roberts snapped some pictures of the behemoth. "If they turn out. I'm the prop used for comparts i lying on the ice behind the critter," said Dave Olson of Stoughton, a partner in the netting operation, who is 5-9. TOLD OF THE BIG fish, Gordy Priegel, DNR district fish specialist, said. "Its definitely a female. Male sturgeons never reach that size. Also, our records indicate shes about 65 years old one of a number taken from Lake Winnebago in 1934 and stocked in Lake Mendota. Neither Mendota or Monona had sturgeon at the time." Later, more sturgeon were rescued from the polluted Fox River and wish Kan Christensen stocked in both lakes. "Some of those fish weighed 30 pounds each, recalled Harold Starkweather, who helped with the stocking. According to Emery Balnbridge, retired principal of Cherokee Heights School, One of the sturgeon, a 40-pounder was finally caught In Squaw Bay by a tip-up fisherman In 1956. The poor fish lay on the ice for some time while its captor, a local contractor, tried to buy it by calling local warden, the late A1 Koppenhaver. Als response to the offer was sharp and to the point: " 'Return that protected fish at once or see me in court.'" ALTHOUGH The Capital Times had the story, 12-year-old George Butovsky saved the day. I think I got a picture of that fish in my new box camera. Will you develop the film? Bulovsky, who now lives in Lodi, says, "I still have clippings of that picture and story. It ran front page in the Sports Section. During the summer of I960, Delbert DeForest of Madison discovered that sturgeon are very adept at picking up a smelt or sucker with their tube ' mouth. DeForest was throwing both for northern on Lake Mendota when a sturgeon estimated to weigh 80 pounds picked up his smelt and headed across the lake. After a long battle, the line was cut, releasing the fish. Compared to the boat's oar, it measured 68 inches. To the uninitiated, sturgeon do ' have a shark-Uke tail and rough hide Instead of scales. Theyre also prone to scaring the daylights out of unsuspecting anglers who happen to be near when they perform their belly flop jumps. Occasionally, one is severely cut when hit by a speeding motorboat while sunning near the surface. WHERE THEYRE BITING -Ice anglers temporarily saved by the recent cold spell are catching medium-sized MuegUls and crapples in the Vilas Fork lagoon. After being accused of ruining the lagoons ice for skaters with their fishing holes, Harold (Babe) Rohr of South Madison, with the backing of other fishermen replied, "Cant you read those signs near shore? They say Danger, Thin Ice, No Skating Allowed. " On Lake Mendota, Steve and For comparison sake: Dave Olson of Stoughton Is 5-foot-9 the Lake Mendota sturgeon Is a 7-footer. Charles Schmikla report crappies and perch are hitting at times near the Hatch Cover. When the crappies , are in, theyre easily seen in the clear water. I Near Governors Island, ice fisherman Harold West did the near impossible before the game fish season closed by catching two smallmouth bass on light bluegill tackle in 18 feet of water. "The largest, said West, "weighed five pounds, the other two. I lost another that was too big for my six-inch fishing hole. The rare catch countered DNR studies indicating smallmouth bass become inactive in winter. Gene Prescott, a tip-up fisherman, also upset the claim by catching a six-pound smallmouth near the Rock Pile in Lake Monona a few years back. Before the cold snap, anglers risked a cold dunking catching big bluegills in the. northeast bay of Cherokee Lake. "That's where I fell in, said Jim Christenson after breaking through thin ice near a spring. Christenson and others vacated the area temporarily when perch, crappies and white bass were found under safe ice below the Cherokee Park playground. BErigr PtevIsiv Wisconin vs. Illinois Teams: Wisconsin (8-19, 4-13), Illinois (23-4, 14-3). Date: Saturday, March 10, 12:05 p.m. Site: Assembly Hall, Champaign, I1L Broadcast: Radio, WTSO, WIBA. Coaches: Wisconsin, Steve Yoder (16-39, second year). Illinois, Lou Henson (167-99, ninth year). , . Illinois probable starters: Forwards, Efrem Winters (6-9 sophomore) and Doug Altenberger (6-4 sophomore); center, George Montgomery (6-8 junior); Bruce Douglas (6-3 sophomore) and Quinn Richardson (5-11 senior). Wisconsins probable starters: Forwards, Cory Blackwell (6-5 junior) and Scott Roth (6-7 junior); center, John Ploss (6-9 junior); guards, Rick Olson (6-1 sophomore) and David Miller (6-4 sophomore). Illinois update: The Illini need only a victory over the Badgers to clinch at least a tie for the Big Ten title with Purdue. The Boilermakers close out their season Sunday at Minnesota. In the event of a tie, Illinois will get the conferences automatic qualifying spot for the NCAA Tournament. Illinois has not won the Big Ten since 1952. The Illini are coming off big victories over Ohio State and Indiana last week. Bruce Douglas earned player of the week honors, scoring 24 points against OSU and 28 against Indiana. In the two games he made 24 of 34 field-goal attempts. For the season, Douglas ranks 14th in the scoring race with a 13.2 average. He leads the conference in steals (2.9) and is second in assists (5.4). Illinois leading scorer is Efrem Winters with a 14.8 average. Wisconsin update: A loss against Illinois would give the Badgers an 8-20 overall record, identical to last year. It also would assure them of their third straight last-place finish. Cory Blackwell, however, remains on track in his quest to become only the third player in Big Ten history to lead the conference in both scoring and rebounding in the same season. His 18 points against Purdue Tuesday gives him a total of 332 in conference play, 13 more than second-place Tony Campbell of Ohio State. His 150 rebounds are 11 more than M ichigans Roy Tarpley. Series: Illinois leads the all-time series 78-53, including a hard-fought 63-62 overtime victory over the Badgers earlier this season. The Illini hold a 48-15 advantage over the Badgers at Champaign. Blackwell From Page 15 Willis of Michigan State, who will play Sunday against Iowa. "I hope George doesnt catch me, he said. "I want it as bad as he does. Maybe more so. I dont care so much about the scoring, but the rebounding crown would be very satisfying to me, especially because of my size. A lot of players probably underestimated me. They might not have jumped as hard, assuming that they could reach over me to get the ball. "But it really doesnt make any difference how high you jump, as long as you block out and get there first. The titles are sort of important to me. But what surprises me is that the people behind me havent made much of a charge. Right now, though, Im more concerned with beating Illinois than anything else. That would be a bigger accomplishment for me." A MUCH BIGGER question looms: Will Blackwell skip his final year of college eligibility and enter his name in the National Basketball Association draft? He has until May 5 to make up his mind. In many ways, I still feel like a freshman I feel like I just got t ' -. Spencer leads qualifiers DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -Honda driver Freddie Spencer wheeled to the top spot for Sundays Daytona 200 motorcycle race with a record lap around Daytona International Speedways 3.87-mile bike circuit. The defending world champion drove a new Honda V-4 with a 2-cycle engine around the demanding course Thursday in 1 minute, 59.201 seconds, which translates to an average of 116.878 mph. Cory Blackwell here," Blackwell said. But Ive been talking with my mom, and as soon as the Illinois game is over. Ill talk with her some more and well assess what we should do. Im going to have to sit down and think about it for a couple of weeks. It's a hard decision because I want to graduate, and I like playing college basketball. But Ive had a dream for 12 years (to play in the NBA), and if Im able to reach it, I want to. - A lot will depend on the other players who will be coming out for this draft. If there are a lot of aircraft carriers, Ill just wait for next year when it would be better for me. Im not in a rush to do anything. I want to make a decision that Ill be happy with, and I dont want to look back and say, Man, why didnt I do this? or Why did I do that? Im just going to take my time. Ive been trying to avoid all the questions, and Ive been pretty evasive with my answers. Im looking for the best situation for me. So I plan on talking with my mom, saying a few prayers, and hopefully, IH come up with the right decision. For now, though, I just want to go out and beat Illinois. Sportsvue Brewer games. In Madison, WKOW-Channel 27 plans to air 26 regular season games. The rest of its package, Sportsvue promised, will consist of 20 American League baseball games, 20 National Hockey League games, 10 National Basketball Association games, 10 Marquette University events (mainly basketball) and 40 University of Wisconsin events. The UW events, according to Sportsvue, will be primarily hockey and basketball. But, according to UW TV-Radio coordinator Bob Leu,- the school has only agreed with Sportsvue to supply them with x-number of events. And athletic director Elroy Hlrsch has called the talks "preliminary. "I would hope that they could be characterized as being somewhat more detailed and in-depth than preliminary, Barbera said. "But obviously from his comments, he is in a wait-and-see posture. ' Obviously Sportsvue is very interested in (the University of) Wisconsin. It can help this product become more widely penetrated. The UW is said to be pushing for inclusion of so-called non-income sports, while Sportsvue says its willing to accept the minor sports only if they are coupled with enough hockey and basketball Were looking for product, Barbera said. We know that wrestling or womens basketball from the UW is not going to drive the network from a success standpoint But it does help us fill out our schedule with what we consider to be local sports and thats what we want to provide to the greatest extent possible. Even though this is a premium product Sportsvue is in an ideal position to offer that exposure to sports that are not necessarily considered income sports at the university. We do intend to do things like gymnastics or wrestling or swimming or womens basketball, so that we can create for them the kind of exposure that theyre looking for. The next problem for Sportsvue is its inability to get into either Milwau- From Page 15 'People have bought cable TV because of the sports product Our research really showed us two things. First, that the sports fan in Wisconsin wanted to see more sports on TV, but it's more local sports . . . Hie whole purpose of Sportsvue is not to take something away from the fan but to give him more.' Larry Barbera of Sportsvue kee or, for now, Dane County. Milwaukee is not yet wired for cable and because of the cost involved Wamer-Amex, which holds the citys franchise, may not install for some time. Barbera says Sportsvue has a working agreement with Wamer-Amex and when it does get around to giving the city cable, Sportsvue will be there. In the meantime, Sportsvue is talking to pay-TV systems that are broadcast in the city. The Dane County dilemma boils down to haggling with local cable operators. Barbera calls negotiations nearly completed. But with opening day just a few weeks away, Complete Channel TV the cable company which serves Madison and most of Dane County doesnt have a contract with Sportsvue. Jeanne Favini, program director for Complete Channel, says her company has resented some of Sports-vues sales tactics including the ads which guaranteed UW sports. That notwithstanding, -Complete Channel will eventually offer Sportsvue to its customers. All that remains, she said, are some contractual details. "I dont think theres much question that we will carry the service, Favini said. But we have not been delighted with their marketing efforts. When you do a state-wide marketing campaign that affects a handful of different cable operators all of whom operate their businesses Schultz, Pigorsch lead Lee Schultz had a 715 series to lead a the men and Karen Pigorsch posted a Jim wim ov. sm : Tom Evtnon . 545 in lead the women in ritv and At bowlimo orikn, MiMiotoi uia io u4a uie women in cny ana Ribbon: Bowline ort not, Dan Manufoc. area bowling action Thursday night during w. Bob Hoixbouor m (23-23M7, orv n-Schultz, bowling in the Windsor At kudi-s unh. con.i League in Rudes Lanes in DeForest, wmoMr?' had a 268 game en route to his second national honor count of the season. Pigorsch, rolling in the Five O- . Jim Clock League at Middletons Bowling Green, had a 236 same in recording 434 scbui bis. jtrrv Anon tot ai Acker . , A! 1 ? uulo Ml. TMmBorcf: Lorry Gehri 414, Bill Brlmmor 404. her llth national of the season. ai rrairis lambs OrooiXboo: Roleh Blonchotto 450, Stovo Jotcktl A wmm ' 444. Howl Mttfcrwo 433. Clootie: Hoixnoool 3099-1054. jot Feltx 42, Tom HUchcocfc 472, Bill Anttico 453, Don At LODI BOWL, LoOl Schoonhorr 452, Dwoin Hoixnoool 451, Storllno DtGo- Stowroltor: Brion Bohoty 422, Jim Comcrou 409. Her 443, Jim Jonxor 440, John Kohl 435, Mork Minor JohnKoxtIMI. 435, Rich Anderson 430, Jim Provost 427, Don Gmtlndor 421, Lowell Movto 414, Dovo Stokoton 412, Elmor Hoioor M7. Roc: Joe Boilontf 410. AT VERONA BOWL, VOTOM Blwo Ribbon: DovoDodoo4iO. Xitvicr alums Attempt to Botlnettmi: Steve Bryan 454, Todd Mever 445. Tri-City MofchOHto: Grow Nikotoison 449, Elmor Not revive football program S.jmptN Ml. At KIVIAA BOWL. look City CINCINNATI (AP) Xavier Uni- "y, versitys Musketeer Club is working mw: etam, oum ssx vw amuck so. mv to bring back college football to the KrMSM- At kamm owl wm. school by raising $500,000, starting by as. ? Corlyn chr soliciting contributions from former o,: v football Dlavers Mortlnatll 07 (W-JIMM), Mary Saffroo SSI. Mary F Bwrkero 553, Diane DovMtoon 535. Ooie Loibowitt 525. At PRAIRIE LANES, SM Prlrto Hamilton County Municipal Judge T'i.v.l;tl!.yt,tritin . F David Albanese is club chairman S5ffiA"WK'E and said letters were going out to the J Ann Mover S3A Rwthonn Swtntow 531. Swoot players this week. Xavier, which began fielding foot- Ilxed ball teams in 1900, dropped the sport- in 1973, saying it was losing more . n Dlw toy to. sn. . than $1 million a year. Since then. At oowuw own muium several groups have tried to revive maim' Mtuam!? m 'ioltMa football without success. p quite differently without consulting them, it causes some problems. "After working in cable for a couple of years now, Pm starting to get nervous about people who promise things that arent actually true. Nearly all of the events on Sportsvue will be carried live and, unlike ESPN, USA or most other cable sports networks, there will be no taped repeats. Thats because Sportsvue will be transmitted to local cable companies via satellite and the prohibitive cost of satellite-time makes repeat programming unfeasible. Barbera said, however, that local cable companies would be encouraged to rebroadcast any of Sports-vues programming because, subscribers probably would balk at spending $8-11 a month for a premium channel thats only on 10 percent of the year. Whats more, there will be commercials on Sportsvue. Barbera said the ads will come only at natural breaks in the games and will not disrupt the programming. "Athletics is conducive for the placement of advertising, said Barbera. If any of us watened a game that did not have advertising in it, wed find that maybe the game would get boring because they are so many natural breaks whether its pitching changes, injuries, the seventh-inning stretch, between innings or between quarters. . Our research would' indicate that advertising doesnt bother the sports fan, that its something that hes conditioned to and something I suppose that he accepts. Some pay-sports networks have failed, such as Chicagos Sportsvision. v Others in New York and Philadelphia have survived. Hanging in the balance here may be the future of Milwaukee pro sports. There has been talk that if Sportsvue fails, the Bucks will relocate perhaps In Minneapolis. But Barbera said that profits from the recent sale of other cable-TV holdings will enable the team to weather at least a short period of losses with Sportsvue. "The Bucks are a 50-percent partner in this venture, Barbera said. So obviously its Important to their overall success, from the standpoint of the ability to produce revenue. But recently Total TV (Fitzgeralds cable company) has been sold and the Bucks were an Investor in Total TV. They gained, and I cant tell you how much but they certainly gained financially from the sale and it was a good investment for them. John Steinmiller, the vice president of operations for the Bucks, indicated that it provided them a flexibilty from a financial standpoint that they did not enjoy before. In the end, Sportsvues chances for success boil down to the fact that there are 459,000 cable households in Wisconsin. Sportsvue expects to have access to as many as 375,000 of them by the end of the year with up to 50,0Q0 subscribers. Barbera says the network now has access to 175,000 cable subscribers. He doesnt know how many have ordered Sportsvue. "Lets face it, not everybody is a sports fan, but within every family is a sports fan, said Barbera. We think that those sports fans be they female or be they young adults or be they teen-agers can have a big influence as to whether the service is purchased. Our research statewide indicates that as many as four households out of 10 that are currently receiving cable are either very interested in this product or somewhat interested. Get Your Bike Tuned Up during March for only $H 09l ($49 Value) . Adjust front & rear brakes and tighten brake levers. Adjust both deraillers r (or 3 speed, unit) S True Wheels Adjust Cones Tighten headset & handlebar stem MIDDLETON Tighten Crank . Inflate tires to proper pressure & check wear, cuts and bruises. Oil bike Safety check-tighten loose nuts & bolts, pedal, etc. Parts are extra. SHOP 6649 University Ave., Middleton Mon.-Fri. 9-9; Sat. 9-5; Sun. 12-5

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