The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1966 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1966
Page 11
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Blythevlll* (Ark.Y Courier News -Tuesday, October 28, HW-Pigt Thirteen OUR WARDING HOUSE - With Major Hooplc OUT OUR WAY ly J. H Wllliomi YEAH, BUT TO MAKE SURE IT WOULPNfT BE JUSTAMOTHER AWAY FROM HOME % ROUMP TRIP.THIS TIME I LEFT SO OFTEM OWE MORE HOMECOMING SHOULDN'T EM e« W *»4crtf6 WH6RE TM* ACORNS . 1 tMftt PACIFIC tfcwo flM6 ASKS «« flOSSTWriS. FINE WATCHDOG BE \ WET HAVE.' HE CAREFUL; 1 DIDM'T EVEM AAAXEA— WE HAVE PROWLERS TIZZY by Kate Osann "That new girl at school is so infuriating! Keeping a secret gives her more pleasure than passing it along!" "I'm concentrating on being polita, Janet, so pleasa,' don't ask me stupid questions!" ~ D Z ui BELIEVE AWYTHIWS THESE DAVS! H o THIS TIME IT'S MYjVOU WERE AN ONLY I CAN SURE STAND BEING SPOfLCD TURN TO SET CTCHILDFOR AVFARANO AJALS REMEMBER? IT'S MY TURN U AS NEARLY AS I COULD A4AKE H OUT; THEY'LL BE HERE AS SOON A9 A LlTfLe, AMP 6RAMPA AMP GRAMMA SPOILED FIRST.' ^.. THEV PECIPE WHO THOU6HTOFTHE IPEAFIRST/ SA6UARO J. HOUSTON KNOW HOW/ SOOKITlLBETOO UTE! Television—T6night, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 6 and WHBQ Channel 13 § < WRRC Chuuief 3 TUCs- Oct. 25 A:00 Higbw&y Patrol 6:30 Damn 7:30 Red areiton Hr, 8;;M Puttlcoat Junct fl:00 CBS News Spec. 9:30 Views of Cand. 10:00 Ten O'OOClC News 10:10 Wc»tht*r 10:13 L&te MOT Id l]..'. 1 ) News ft We»tbej 12;(Ki fitm Off WH Oct. 2<t ft -1i A oor» ciOuu* 7.DO Good morn. Uem 7:50 CBS NerWB B 15 Cant, Klingered 9:00 I Love Lucy 8:30 Real McCoys 10:00 Anaj or Mnvo-.rry 10:30 Dick Van D?k* 11:00 Love of Utt 1135 CBS News 11:30 Search for Tom 11:45 Guiding ug&* 13:00 December Brldi 12:30 A8 tbe World T i:uo 1:30 2:00 To Tell thi T. 2:25 New* 3:30 Edga of Nlgdl 3-nn Recret Storm 3:^0 Esrly Morlt 5:00 WREC-TV NfiWt 5:2J Weat&ar 5:30 waller uruu*il» 6:00 Highway Patrol 6:30 Lost in apace 7:30 Beverly HlllbUl. 8:00 Friends and Nab. .9:00 Danny Kaye Sb. »0:00 Ten Ortnc* nBW« 10:10 Weatner 10:20 Lute MotlB 11:55 New* & wiwiher 11:00 Atnn Cm WMCT—Uiannel fc Tue s . Oct. 25 6:00 News Report 6:10 Trt state Report 8:15 Weav&er Report 0:20 Sports H*pon, fl:25 Camitr*. • *«Dt fi:30 Qlrl from UNCLE 7:30 Occas. Wife 8:0u Tuts, wive Movie 10:00 NCWB 10:15 Norm pmw»» 10:2u 'roany IB oporU 10:25 W««tn»r 10:30 lonigni oaov 12:05 TV Ohaoel Wed. Oct. 28 7:00 TOCTHV 7:25 Today In Mld-S. 7:29 TtxUl 8:25 Today With Pet 8:30 Tod»» 9:00 Bye QueM B:25 NBO Neva Rpt 9:30 Concantratiun 10:00 Chain Letter 10:30 Showdown 11:00 Jeonard* 11:3u Swinging Ooun. 11:53 Miafln- •*•*" 12:00 Merv. Griffin Sh. 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 12:55 NBO News 1:OD uays or our Lire* 1:30 Doctors 2:0u Anomer wurld 2:30 You Don't Saj 3:00 Match Game 3:30 Mike Douglas 5:00 Lawman 5:30 Puntlev-BrlrJtley fl:ou News tteport 6:10 'iTi-mate Kvpart 6:15 Weather Report 6:20 Sports Report 6:^.1 camera Rt-port 6:30 The Virginian 8:00 Bob Hope Thea B:00 I Spy 10:00 Ten O'CLOCK Hewi 10:15 Norm Brswar 10:20 Today In SportB io:aa Weatnai 12:00 News 12:05 TV- Chapel 10-30 Tonignt aiiow WHBQ—Channel 13 Tuej;. Oct - 25 6:30 Combat 7:30 The Rounders 8:00 Frultts Ot South. 8:30 Love on Roi. fop fl:00 The Pucltive iO:00 Mldsouth Ne«o 10:15 Moving We&tnei 10:20 Late Show Wed. Oct. 2fi 7:00 Cartoon Time 8:30 Jack LaLanne 9:00 Town & Country 9:30 Girl Talk 10:00 SupennXt. Sweep 10:30 Dating Gamo 11:00 Donna Reed 11:30 father Knows B. 12:00 Ben Casey 1:00 Newlywed Gam* 1:30 A Time For UB 1:55 News 2:00 General Hospital 2:30 The Nurses 3:uu nmnouHe 4:30 Adventure Tlma 5:00 N*WS 5:10 Weathnr 5:15 News 5:30 Rawhide 6:30 Batman 7:00 The Monroes 8:00 The Man Who Never Was 8:30 reyton Place 9:00 Tony Bennett 30:0u iwio-^utn wuwa 10:20 Late Show 10:15 Moving Weather BueU W. Carter, MFA Agent 607 N. 6th Next Door to Dixie Pig Phone PO 3-3361 i|[ Consult us with • tel CONFIDEniCE We are specialists in fully . , guaranteed monuments I oAKRt sculptured from Select I GUILD I Barre Granii* Monuments Jno.C.McHaney&Sons "Your Monument Men" S. Hwy. Bl I'll- l'-J -----I ALLEN PETROLEUM CO. 2604 W. Rose—Blytheville, Ark. Mr. Farmer: One Stop Headquarters for your Mech. Cotton Pickers Needs! SHELL COTTON PICKER SPINDLE OIL SHELL COTTON PICKER SPINDLE GREASE SHELL HIGH TEMPERATURE BEARING GREASE E-Z PICK WATER DETERGENT PRAM OIL FILTERS COMPLETE LINE OF LUBE OILS AND GREASES GASOLINE DIESEL FUEL TRACTOR FUEL Free Delivery - Ph. PO 2-2005 Storage Tank Fiirnlihed At No Charge When You Buy From Ui. JOMM GENERAL MACHINE WORK & WELDING • TOOL AND DIE WORK • HEAT TREATING • ENGINEERING And DESIGNING 6ARKSDALE 325 South Broadway Manufacturing and Machine Works PO 2-2911 Under New Management MILDRED JOHNSON, Mgr. CATFISH ^ w ,«'2.0 Arcadia Restaurant RED ROOSTER INN Interstate 55 At No. 9 Overpass Serving the Finest Char-Broiled Steaks and Hamburgers Between Memphis and St. Country Ham - Regular Dinners Daily Special Sunday Dinner For Churcn-Goers Logan's Texaco Service "fruit Your Cor to tn« Man Who Wean the Star Phone PO 3-9715 WHY? WMY PEOPLE ALWAYS SATHER AROUND TME WATER COOLER TO TALK? OUR THROATS GIVE ME ONE (3OOD REASON I HMM T V. > THATBEB2. I PBETT/cDO/Cii BUT I PON'T NEBP THE MOWEV, HcKEE! ANC I'VE A PROBLEM. OF MV OWN'. I STOPP8P IN THIS CITV ON A SUDDEN IMPULSE TO MflKB A-#50,000 GIFT TO CHARITY,,, I CAN'T PflV IT T WITHOU BY CHECIc WITH- IPENTITV flT1MEgANK,AWP OUT KEVBALIN6 BEIWS SWARMEP By THEPONOR! HOP. K 6AWKINS HOPPE5! WY FIUAL. FFER^.Ffl MOR& THftN FOR THAT SUM: flMP BRIM6 IT TO MV PRIVATE CAR IM ON THAT RAILTOAP TILL PETAIL& OF THE SALE CflN B6 IRON6P OUT! - br NU. I.e. T.M. to. Ui IV. Off I REMEMBER THAT.. / THATB NOT UNUSUAL, HOW DO VDU SET \THERE'S NO SET THE TIME-MACHINE RULE...irs JUST/..UKE THE TIME THE EPISOPE BUT I PIDNT KNOW I OOOLA..MORE OFTEN TD GO TO A PLACE SORT OF AN WE PUT OOP IN 1 OF CRUSOE'S \OU DIPN'T KNOW V THAN NOT.WE PONT. SHAKESPEBRE'SS ISUANPi MACBETH... REMEMBER: LIK6OHGOLLYP .X EPUCATED GUESS... WHAT tOU WERE DOING.'

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