The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1952
Page 12
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PAGE (AKK.) COUKrER HEWS FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1958 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ll»r jrr J llMfl prr tile rrr d37 .......... '>• I tjMtl per li«e ppr <lir .......... 'c 12 tiw»s per line pel da; ........ Sc Month prr line . ..... Mr ConBt Mr* affraK* wordi to the line. Arl ofderrrt lor Ihrer or ill limn and slopped hpfur* nplrjllou will br ckarced for ibe mimhet of limes Ihe sit ar,<i jdjinlrnnl ol nil All Jllb * Plans-Estimates For nr* construction. remodeling or ip*lr*. F.H.A OR O. I. F.OAW8 MO onUGATION fhonr SOW Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. RRKRKjKRATION eTl Hrrilra on Atr- ('mid I tinnin swcr r*I1 ftfiM ON CO., ?JU7 , Hl|t Plum* HflOKI' J.vli 21 ek If For So/e, M/sc, Hmpnlnl i-lrc. r jChr^p. Ph. 4m. rlatiififd mlllrd hr prnnnl rrslilln? outside Ihr rllT mint be »rcon»iunlfd hy i'A K.itu 'mij r.-"llj •>' r.inil"i<r<l li [hr ahoTt t»fclr L Adirrllftn- oidfrnl tnr Irteciilai *•- .... ••rlloin I»X? Ih' "ne llmr l»»lf. ' Full blnnrtrrt rnckere! fpanl»1 pups Vo rciponilhllit^ "ill I" nkm lol ; rh»ap. Pliono 6«(I5. 7 21 pk 23 '" "'" "" Mill IMT . . All a<1l »r* rrslttcted to th^r *l*iiiriritlo» strip and <7P C«»rlcr Srns rff-nri lli« rtRht P«. practically nrw ]2 foot ho« Phone MS V.', CHrr-oU. tts r:/n nf C, fi. Worn) Mnlor Co. Apartment far Rent burglar jirnnf hnfc- rtnors. Ftelphl paid. ' ' 124 !)V: 31 3 unf'irn!*hr Holly- Phone SR rcom fiirnlflipd re i»nrt Mill. Ho 3 room furnish' 1 '! n rt 1W)R W. Ash Elr< rfpernior. Phnnp 201 .vr nrvl 7 in p m. unfurn, apt. pvt bath, auto- hot wn.tcr heaiei Ph ^32^ 7 : 1B rk 8 13 Nlre 4 rni. nnini In. BPlns ror1e<-or;uf 2S12, nlle pll. 23F.6. 2 rm. lurn Api. n W. K!'. Ph. 3103. . . . I>ny ph 3:.fll» 1 23 P* .-^iUSED COMBINES '•*»•'• i f* 1 M ! If yon nond a pi'id usi'd self- propelled combine . . . see us first. Choose from Massey- liarris, International llarvos- ter, John Deero and C.ntc. 61 IMPLEMENT CO. N. Hi way fit Phone 2MI 7 Ifl and linth. n^ •ooci (iirnlTiire. «** rqiil Ph, 3373. F. Simon 921 cfc Modem »P*-. 3 rooi y dtcoraVtrt. RI Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, l>h. 2833. 8-4 ck tf S room npt. on Tlp^rn Strrrt. clo^e to school, ficrcr-ncd In hicfcponh. built-in CBhln^ts. Nrwly rlccorsr<Ml H"t wntfr. Ph. «52 or 2314. 828 rk tr 5crv/ce5 Room and bonrd. Men. A15 B WM^. Also meals to public. 115 W. Ash. 7:22 p*c 21 Bob iMalone. ?li. 2771. 7117 ck 8|17 Lmmdrr In my home. rh. GI-U Expert scrvlco on c cfindltLon rcfilKcrfttlo mrTrlal nnt! . Ph. 2SR6. II Cooltraior 1rn box—Good Rcafc bi\r^iln HS.OO. 101 E C If dition PHILLIPS' A sM-eel lit tli- lule nnnk'1 cart You'll Jlke this IM. r >0 tii-liivc E'lvinoiiOi. . . A hluc t-ilnnr Sedan R<iui|>i>r<l with a £nr>il liinlcr. Jlrive it loclay! Mn FOKJ) ...... $1015 romjiU'trly iMinlpprd, liiK IDJn Ford Ciislnin Tudor hats iivrr- 'Irivc, rail in HIM! ticatrr. I'nvr- ernl hy tlic famous Fonl V-8 engine! M7 NASH ....... $6-15 Tliis If)t7 Nush flub <'oiL[)c l« a nil K h 1 y it i re rn i-. <,'onip i n i\ntl Hrivr it Mils wcrk. There's iK-tljing urnnn with the price '10 CHKV ....... Sllll) t'nr ^ flat ?IOD you ran nun Mils 1!)1D Chevrolet Cluh C!cMi|ir. That's :i rca I buy! Ami uilh rnill'i nnd hciitcr. you get extra % r n]i]p. '17 KOKf) It's n 1911 Fonl (8) 2-Ton I'riirk with 2-S|ifeii axle. The i) ID tnr runs K<m<)—-ih<* tiren are Just fair. The jirice is terrlflet MR FOKJ) $595 A Uj.Tftn SlflMf Rody Trunk. 1 1 's u ROO ri - 1 nok i n K. SM r r t - riinuiiu trurk. flood tires. Heater. Now priced at only $595. Let's go. '-IS 001)015 $015 This (ruck IK n 1918 Onrlge 1-Ton rick up with an express liril, The tires Are nearly new. It's a bargain fur someone—• Ml! CIIKV SMS A ! 3 -Tim Pickup '1'rurh. Mrive it. 1'nil'11 agree n Itti us that Oils truck Is alinvf avcrapf \o jvrry rrsnrrl—except Phillips' lnw t low price. Save iMcncy ^Vlicn You B U y _ Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNMTURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 113 TT w din in rhon« 33M Plenty of Parking Space 300 Broadway empanu Phone 4453 GET MORE BEANS WITH A GLEANER COMBINE Jack Robinson Implement Co. Klylheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Wonted '-i tnn trilrlc. Cash. A. C. Duclos. IU. 1, BOX 235 B, Osceoln. 1'htmc 822R5. 121 J)k S7 me tills 24 (lay of July. 1952. O*:nr Alc-xnndrr. (Notary Puhlie) j My Conuni^ion cxpirc-si 9-12-53. '• fnr l rr COI,IJ'.( p rnodot . JJ-I. % . Courie OMrQ\r\t SAl,KRMAN ^'"nn^r^ upPkK'. Musi hav* qunllllrAtlonx »,;x News 722 rX 23 Since V-J Day tfis total plrctrl- cal jsenprathiK capacily in the US. NOTirK Notice Is hprrby yi\'i.-]i Dial the i undi'i si»nrcJ lins filed •* itli the ' Coitiijii.-<sioiioi' of Ht'vrniK's of tlie i Klntc (if Aikiiirsas for jicrrntt to sell • :MK! dispense lin-f aV i'cl;nt on Ibe I piTJiiiM-s Ocwribrtl us JilO N. 10th. | n'yMu'Villf. Mi.s\i-ssii»]>i County, i Thi- iiiuErr.siyii'.'cl strifes Ihsii In- is n C'iii/eii of Arkan^iis. »»f good tnor- > »] fh.'unctct 1 , that he hns never IIPPH ; roiivictocl of a felony or oihor crime i involving moral tiirpiuitlp; that no ; hreiise to sell boer by the undpr- iird has l>p.eti rovnVied within five ] years last jiast.; and that the un- siptipd lias never been convicted of violating the laws of this state. or any other state, .relative to the . e alc of nlrnlsolic liquors. Application ts for permit to be Issued for operation bc-giimlni; on the 1st rtay of AUK. \9~t2. and to expire on the 30 day of June. l ( J-'»3. S. Lucille Perry, Applicant i Sub-^crihed and sworn to before FOR SALE Concretr culverts. 12 inch to 48 Inch, |>l lin or rrcnforrrd. Also C'niirrrle Mnildtn- lilocVs clirap- •r than IIMU.AT fur burns, chirk- en houses, pump hoiisrs, I man I iioiise-i. U>ot slinls. \S> deliver, (.'all IM Tor free esllniatc. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. The Weather Is HOT But These Prices Are Hotter ! 1917 CHKVKOLKT 2-I)oor Sedan — radio, ?7QIJ healer, defrosler.. .a he:iiily for only I3w 1917 FORD V-8 Tudor Sedan—large healer, new scat covers, motor completely overhauled, real SfiAI» good rubber. A bnrgain for just 0*f D 1950 CHKVROI.KT '/j-Ton Pickup Truck — $QQC cnmc to the big lol on Walnut Street flvw 1!M9 CHKVIIOJ.KT '/ 2 -Ton I'icluip—save on *QQC licenses hy tiuyi'ig your truck in July v5J*l 3919 FORD V-8 '/i-Ton i'iekup Truck—make fhe riglit trade nt Sullivan-Nelson lnl NU-p Ini 50 lfv Ktrrrt fiu-in sell rhrap for r nKnr. Mnv ron^lr O. H O 12ISJ Cholrrn Mrrniihls, Tp . x 15r> ft, i-hooL hm . , , ;1own nnd 135 n nmnih Also rnic. lo rut pel »i Bronrlwa? and A.^h t'bnnp 9BU C Ahrnhirn 530 Ck 11 D-iy or Nl^lU Scrvlrf- 7[ia pit 30 E, R. Alley—nlr roniinlonlns rcrrU- frallon scrvlCR. Ph. 2^78 102 E. Ml.s- tourl. BlytheTlllf. Ark. 7,9 '! Attention Cptton Oln Owners: Spray painting—W> arc tfiuLppp paint your Rlns or nnyltilnc you to be EprRycd. Ph, 2353 or Manila • Watch and Jewelry Repair l-I>«y icr»lct on Jrwciry—3 A*jr on watch** «.nd clocki Giiarantecrt wnrX doni bj erpcrt rfp~lrw\en Lowest 'PAT o'BRYANT Main A Second OrorTT. lUtnrr. Etnrk. 4 ronmi. 2 tots. SrUlntr on nrrount ol bud tirRHh 104 So. 21st. DlrlliCTlllc, ATk 7|1 pk B.7 Lucian Gaines Furnilurf: Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms '/o down, balance in the fall Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Pb. G357. -Ifl? ck tf P6-p!cce ptlr?r<vnrr sc-t nnd Kllvpr chest. Cost JT19. Sell for Sfi5. Novir iiscrl. Xcw. 100 W. Ky. Mrs. Knr! PM1- Itpr^. 7-74 pic 2fi Nred jour radio repaired. Call nr;l Wfllton— K3I8 Dlpahlfrt Trtcran irrnlrs rftdlos at home. 313 N. 2nd. 7 ; 2 pic B2 Moving i Closed Vdn trucks Hauling s^lr— Oi-pi-mlnhle Rose. Phone B^>28. M UTMCT1 rHOTOSTATTC SKWY- IC». O'STBIN'S STUDIO. 113 ft MATN O\i»rMjteed pteno tunlni; und re- nlr. C«ll M71 d«j». 2059 nlglltl. 538 tf Modern 3 bedroom house hath at 905 Pecan Ave. Hardwood floors, floor furnace, ftO Still, elee. bol water heater. Kxlra larsce lot. This is Kood condition. 91800 cash will handle and assumption of .oan balance at ?f)2.r>0 per noiitli. Possession .July 28th, :iwncr leaving town. Mr. G.I.— I have a 'I rm. louse it bath, screened in nack porch, 30 gal. hot water heater. Close in on Vine. St. Price $5250. Closing cost about. SI GO. See or call JOHNNY MARR Kenltor . i;--• 112 So. 2nd. Phone 41!1 Residence Phone 2n9fl 7 ! 24 If For Safe, Real Estate Store Rna Sl^tc Line. : I'll one S7D5 Farm Loans Wanted •rii Ixmns Wanted )>v ri-|irpr,entnllvrs t«, 1.1FK INR11HANCK CO. or New York nnd able to mak« your old loan.^ I !I1S CHKVK01.KT ^-'I'on I'ickiip Truck — litre's a real money-maker at Iliis low price ... in-lfi FORD V-8 '/2-Ton I'ic-kup Truck— save S some money now on this special price ....... 1(115 CHICVUOI.ICT 1-Tiin I.W1! Cab & Chassis S Truck — li extra good 750x20 (ires ............ [I not efin ent da of rmncr your with no appraisal fee. mules I. and Co. Hlytticvlllp. ArVr, Ofdrr Phone .1322 \V. T Burnett Russell E. Rlalr.s 1 22ck B 21 Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection Gl,»NCO* HOT«I BIIIl.DIMO 114 T* Alh St tr Lost & Founrf Tnllow Rol-1 Bnloc* wrlrt Lost Tlm'rsilny betwcon courl- nn<l Sterllnp'fi. Reward, rhone T-2, 1 ! pit 29 .- .iell i oil 85 Real ESTATE Farms—City Prooerty LOANS K l»lrrMl»ci Iv ftujlng or i«IUai a** Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Btdg. Ph. 6868l fllnlnrl ^ COlJiVTllV Cl.UIi DRIVK 2->'ear <>]d f 2 bcflrot)nrt home (7r>XI<iO lot) with fpntcd back yard. Nice brec/.e- way, attached ^nrnKC. laundry room off kitchen. Already financed \vilb -I ]ier cent loan. Quick possession. E. M. TERRY Phone 23SI-2BM 7'24 ck 28 f;W ek II I i^n ho(lrf>OTT H rqullv \vHti i iKlO nnlhly 1 JUST SUMMER TROUBLE You con expect your car In misbehave some when it's PO darn hot (you don't feel sn ^ond yourself, do you?}, lint you can prevent serious trouble with the engine, the radiator and the tires—most common hot weather ailments—by letting Chamblin's friendly servicemen check your car. Keirnlarly. And especially before you head out on that vacation trip. Try us. Mrttabed iH Service ^HP^ t 2 Kf L«h a» *attf«««l ft A»fc Stt^«^ • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * A* . . hrrlroiiin ho . cllrnt loiMtlmi. Already rinmu-fd ,tlle (or uninl] cSnwn pAymrni. David Kent Instate rhoni* ?6:i3 or 2-tRft R M. Heck, Plione 2flm Rnm Ootlwln. Ptiono 412^ Hertrrxim. clos^ to buslnrs-'i cll.strlr.t. rrfi^r ficttlcri working lady. Phone 3748. T 2-1 pk ^8 Nlre cool bedroom, i W. Ash. I'h. 2209. adjoining bath. i;i9 pic Hrrtroom convenient to bnih 611 W Mnln. Ph 3^25 1 H etc Bill Hfdroom. priv low In. Pbone te halh and Wonted to Buy PHOTO mcrrvoires T«br VacoMen... All Trpw of Cameras • nd Suppllei at Barney's Barney's Drug CAMERA HF.AIHUJAHTF.RS i*M W. Miln rimnc 7.H1 Sf> EASIEST BIN OF ALL TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, while we still have famous -SIOUX- Steel grain bins! DISTRIBUTOR Blythcvillc Soybean Corp. 1SOO West Main—niytbeville I'honcs (iS56 & fiS57 CHKVKOf.KT I'/i-Ton LWB Truck with 2-speed axle. Has 12 fool body— 700x20 front tires, SI QC 750x20. on (lie rear. What a buy for ......... IS3 Many Others to Choose From EASY OMAC PAYMENT PLA^ Remember, yo« can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Rij Used Car Lot •» Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 From Venus the earth at its I The bas=oon can be used for com- btightest would appear about .six i ic effects in orchestration and hencu times as brilliant as Venus ever does I has been called the humorist of to us. I the orchestra. WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL vHOT or COLD! A Slice or Trucklocid! SPECIAL PRICES PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street Blvtheville JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS HIGHEST PRICE PAID For tin. wire and all kindu of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwny A Manllrie Drire Phone 8902 ^;i5 ck tf CCMPllTI JHIIT MtTAk. IHOf ITKUCnilAt 11IIL • GH AND ILiCTHK WftDIMO • GIN lirAlKS • KLACKSMITH- INO • HAKDWAKI • MACHlHi tlPAHS BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 will r CASH for STUDIO. 3 bedroom Home located on X. W. Parkway. Can be unixlil for loss than replacement value. $1500 cash will landle. .Modern 2 bedroom homo oejUed on \V. llrarp This ' has many attractive i'eatnres. Worth seeing. Can ! io financed. See or call MAX I .(1C! AN'. RF.AI.TOR Lynch Rldp. Ph. 2034 721 cl< 2S For Rent 5 rnom unfiiTiilshrd Jir m,\n. riinn.' r^:<«. .1 roo:n \infurril-hrrt ^; \\.Hrr At".' ft linliooin. Uvini; tomn i.ilvl!i^'.^ n :i;onlh mil 884,^ 3 room liifuc Motlrrti conv quif I lor M Ion. I. O Thonu' N TTAnklln. ph ilM « 5 rm tinfurn home and ha Fnr infnrin.ition—81A Chlckft.'s Kor r\\irrl baUrrr rh,ir?in c— for AM. kittds nf nulnmnhilc •ifrvirc. ynu r^n rrl\ <m T. I. Pray Mntnr ('n. Prole-el your Investment in your ear—conic to us (or skillful service. T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. C'hrj»l«r-rl.Tm««lli llf«lrr in E. Mita rfc.«t -ma FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Female Help :inur-[l tilth: rhlb l ai KBC Club, H»y. 18 1-25 p'n FALL PLANTING SEED HAIHY VKTCH. S K 10 11 \VHKAT, UAUl.KY KK.S- CI T E AND CI.OVKHS NK\V CHOP SKKD BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 6SSfi-t>Sri7 i Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Exlra Charge Kor Night Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st Wylhcviile LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONIES 4475 NU-NA/A LAUNDRY CLEANER We Give Baffle SWmps Your Truck Is Here! $195 To $1095! Ilorncr-Wilsnn offers yon pickups from ?2fl5 to $1095 —JAVU Trucks (l'/ ; <!t 2-Ton si/es with 2-spced axles . . . and some with new beds) priced from $195 to ?i!9ri! Come to Kast .Main in lilythevillc. • Ifl.'iO STviDIOUAKICK 1-Ton Pickup — an extra clenn. locallv-owned, city-driven truck! • Ul.ill CI1KVH(M,KT 2-Ton Truck with 2-spccd axle. • 1!>5(! CMKVJIOI.KT 2-Ton SW15—clean, very good tires. • 111 lit CHGVKOr.KT 1'/2-Ton L\VH—new bed, good til es. • HUM (JMC 2-Tnn Truck—2'speed axle, good rubber. • I SUB GMC 1 'i-Ton Truck—new b?d.. .2-speed nxle. • 1!!")1 CHK\ : IlOMiT P1CKUI'—deluxe cah, perfect I ires. • 1!M(i KOHI) I'/j-Ton IAVB Truck —good rubber, good bed. • HUB KOHI) ",2-Ton I*ick\ip — truly in wonderful shape. • 1!IIS .MACK 2-Ton LWH—good rubber, new paint, bartjiiin. • 1!H!I CMC 'i-Ton Pickup—in perfect condition. • I!H!I K01U) I'/i-Ton I.WH — good tires, 2-speed a\le. ROOD SKI.KCTION OF T.ATE MOilKI, CARS HORNER-WlLSON- 4 EAST — : MAIN Rocket Olclsmohilc — G.MC Trucks Phone 20SS Used Car Lot — 1'hone 6151

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