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Denton, Texas
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ROUND ABOUT TOWN "I didn't learn 'how that fish thai Fred Rayzor caught Wed- nesday," said a local angler. "I saw him pull it out, but I didn't learn how big he expected to read I about it in the Record-Chronicle." Pcundabout knows nothing about it, since Fred' hasn't advised how many pounds it weighed. DENTON RECORD-CHRONICLE VOL. XXXIV NO. 8 DENTON, TEXAS, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 23, 1934 PuU Associated Press I-easefl Wire United Press Service EIGHT PAGES BACHELOR'S CONFERRED AT GRADUATION Pants Ablaze, Firemen Called 'By Associated Press) Dr.

J. E. Blair, member of the Teachers College faculty, believes thai the election of Legislature menibers is one of the most important things before the voters of any state, yet, he is of the opinion that other elections overshadow the closing of members of thiit body, saying, "I wonder sometimes if we do not. relatively speaking, attach too much importance to the race between candidates for Governor and TOO little to that of candidates 0 -membership in the Legislature, summer commencement exercises at Teachers College candidates for Governor make Wednesdav evening when the president, Dr. W.

J. Me- sweeping promises their Increase of 32 Over Number Awarded Last Year; Classwork Ends at Institution Thursday Until Fall. Two hundred and eighty-seven degrees, Including 220 B. S. degrees and 67 B.

A. degrees, were awarded at the forms" and in campaign speeches as to what they will do if elected, the majority of which promises they probably have no intention of carrying out, or which they, along with other thinking people, know i they have not the power to per- Connell, presided over the program. Last August 255 degrees were conferred. Miss Gladys Kelso, of the music faculty, opened the program piny- I TICONDEROGA, N. Fleury.

recluse, was cooking a meal in his tiny shack when his trousers caught fire. "Help! Help! My pants are on fire," he yipped as he ran out the door. He succeeded in extinguishing the blaze and returned to his meal. A few minutes later the village fire department sirens screaming. A neighbor had understood Fleury to say: "Help! Help! My camp's on fire." IHEO.

ROOSEVELT SEES 0. HEADED DICTATORSHIP Reptile Skull Said To Be 1 40,000,000 Ttt JmTflU LU 0 1 Hill UN TEXAN opened the program play- MT) 11 "March of the Qiri 1C I Wests" by Mendelssohn, after' 1XcU11 1 which Rev. E. E. White, pastor of the First Methodist Church, gave VJi LliC iT II Jb J.ViCL-iJV.UiOU IO-I-IT After a candidate is elected Gov- lhe invocation.

A violin solo, "The omor he may make recommenda-; old Refrain" by Fritz Kreisler, ticns to the Legislature, which it i a yed by Willard Crew, accompa- iramediately proceeds to ignore. Af- nie by Miss Anna Mary BevilL r--v 11 lin rtrri ITVG MIA ITDTT ter all. the Legislature is the key body in the enactment of remedial legislation. We might get better results if we would crive a little Panhandle; Heavy In Oklahoma City After the degrees were conferred Miss Kelso played two organ solos "Intermezzo" from "Caval- For Beauty's Sake are the worst, wealthy women pretty bad, but even the average woman spends one-eighth of her time primping. The Cosmeticians' Society estimated the time spent in beau-; incaticn, ranking wealthy women as spending one-sixth of their time and actresses at least a fourth.

What they failed to estimate is the time the American male, of all classes, spends waiting during the progress. We seem disposed to think that nool of it makes but little difference what awarded Noble M. Wright, 1933 graduate of the college. Rev. E.

E. White gave the benediction which concluded, the program. Classwork for the closed i at the college Thursday. sort of men we elect to the Legislature, or what they stand for, provided only that we can secure a Governor who makes great promises of what he will do "when I am vour Governor." AMARILLO, Aug. soaked the drought-stricken Texas Panhandle region last night, bol- i Qllt of Jungle stering spirits of fanners and stockmen'who have been hard hit by continued dry weaather.

It was indicated that the moisture Heaven will be inherited by every man who has heaven in his soul. Ward Beecher. List of T. C. Those receiving the bachelor of John Sullivan, was in Denton Wednesday afternoon.

Mr. Sullivan is one of the pioneers of that section, having been there now going on 74 years. He was bom that community. In recent definitely broke the drought in the North plains and H. T.

Collman. United States Weather Bureau ob- serv here, encouraged this sentiment by saying there were prospects of a 10-day "rainy spell." The feed-problem, which livestock men have faced with despair in recent weeks, changed perceptibly over night. Ranchers said if the Cress Cut; Lucille good season and frost came a 111 er iMaomi Baring vculd be good Gainesville; Vena Mae Brantley, Jwe ra in am ue Jefferson; Mozelle Bussey, Weatherford; Helen Mae Camp. Bridge- Christine Carter, Wichita Cornelia Chenault. Sweeny; The rain-makers haven't "besn talking much of late, but it may be thaD in the next few days the Indian sign will prevail cloudy all around and pouring down in the as it has been raining on sides in recent days.

Okla- City had a three-inch rain, ana in many sections of uie Plains country good rains were received. The cliain-prophet has had a general cleaning-up of his weather forecaster. It's all shiny now. after considerable burnishing, and it may be that, the watch-chain prophet is read to take a nevv start. The chain had become exceedingly murky and Duncan thought that the last cloud had affected it to such an extent that it just could- clear.

at home. Prospects were good for light feed crops in localities where hope gone, farmers reported, wheat will begin as 'armers car, work their KENOSHA. Wis. Donald Newport, 5, rigged a rope to a tree in his back yard and a Tarzan he swung back and forth' 1 over imaginary alligators and jungle beasts snapping from the; alley below. On one of his breath-taking' swings, along came an Donald crashed through the windshield and suffered severe cuts.

Romance in 90's Crawford, Shreveport, Grace Davis, Hillsboro; Maurine Dunbar, Pittsburgh; Clive Fambrough, Byers; Moselle Foreman, Blum; Maxine Foster, Woodson; Edith Gambill, Sanger: Fred Park- Still Raining in Oklahoma OKLAHOMA drenching Oklahoma City with the heaviest downpour er Giles, Fort Worth; Frankie since 1892. continued its relief pro- Grant, Belcheryille; i i Wheeler Giierryv Dcnton; Jane Hamilton, Demon; Eleanora Hardy, gram in the sunburned Southwest today. Most of and the North Denton; Opal Hartseli. Floydada; I Texas plains received a continued It belong now till the election Archie Holder. Lipan; Genevieve Housev.Tight, Wyh'e: Johnie Howell.

Oma Bang Johnson. Wichita Falls; Iva Kay. Fort Worth; Elizabeth Kelsay. Marlow, Lorene Lane. Prosper: Jessie Langston.

Dallas; Shirley Lingo. Denton; Aubrey Mason, Powell: Ernest Mas- last night and early this morning. In Oklahoma City the total rainfall up to 7 a. ro. today was 5.40 inches.

Only in the Southeastern Oklahoma area around Ardmore, Hugo, Durant and Madill was the hree months' drought unbroken. SARAJEVO, Yugo-Slavia Mehmed Meskovich, a 92-year-: old Moslem farmer living near? here, eloped with Meira 81 years old. The bride's relatives objected to Meskovich as "to old" for his 81-year-old spouse, and tried to block the marriage. Thereupon Maskovich drove his ox-cart steathily to his sweetheart's home at midnight and carried her og like a knight-lover of old. But the aged couples happiness was short-lived.

After a three day. honeymoon the biidegroom abandoned her. She' now is suing him for breach of rjromise. Says NRA And AAA Prefacing Way to New Rule. Former President's Son Attacks Program i Sees Contravening Of Fundamental Idea Of Government PROVIDENCE, R.

Aug. Theodore Roosevelt, president of the National Republican Club, said today that the NRA and AAA were preparing the way for a dictatorship in the United States. NRA and AAA contravene specifically certain of our! fundamental concepts of government." he said, "addressing a Republican rally at Crescent Park. "By "arrogating" to itself powers surrounding business codes. Roose- had assumed "executive legislative', administering and judging, which in its essence is dictraltotrship and nothing else." Opposes NKA and AAA He voiced cppositioin to NRA and AAA on grounds they had hinder- ed recovery, bred monopoly, darn- aged small business, made the far- i mer "dependent on the government: fa alms," because thev were con- COUr I rvlrtr-Q nt- NEW YORK.

Aug. Prom the dinosaur "Valley of Death" in Wyoming has been taken the skull of a rare reptile that waddled 1 the swamps 140,000.000 years ago. Announcement of the rind came today from F. Trubee Davidson, president of the American Museum of Natural History. The skull is that of a barosau- rus.

a huge and little-known dinosaur of which there is no complete fossil in existence. With this discovery, reported to the museum by Dr. Barnum Brown, leader of an expedition which is penetrating the sensational dinosaur graveyard in the Bit? Horn Mountain region of Wyoming, science establishes the corpus delicti of barosaurus. Brosaurus was a semi-equatic reptile, museum officials said. Its chief peculiarity was the extreme elongation of the neck vertebrae.

They look like sections of a stove-pipe. KJONE 21 RECAPTURED Taken by Officers Near Therma, N. Stanton Convicted Of Slaying Swisher County Sheriff. DENli READY F8P, ffl-OFF, BIG IE RATON, N. Aug (Perchmouth) Stanton and Andrew Nelson, who escaped from the jail at Lubbock June 24, were captured early today by Sheriff G.

R. Fletcher of Colfae County near Therma, N. 100 miles southwest of here, and were brought here to await the arrival of Texas officials. Stanton. convicted of the murder of a West Texas sheriff.

awaiting the setting of a date for his execution when he and four other prisoners sawed their way out of the Lubbock jail, seized a bank official and justice of the peace as hostages and fled. Stanton sought a week ago in the vicinity of Mora, N. where he and Willie Doupe, also a Lubbock jail fugitive, were said to have been camping. They eluded of- ficers at that time. Doupe was not Administration with Stanton and Nelson when officers came upon them today.

i Officials Admit Disagreement On Re-modeling NRA Bentm County Thursday saw just one day intervening before the Saturday run-ofl primary and politics was making a last valiant effort to oust the weather as the chief topic of public concern. County candidates mustered their arguments for two final broadsides, tonight and here on WASHINGTON. officials concerned with reorganization. of the NRA v- agreed today there had been dif- Nelson sen'ing a rob- ferences of opinion over transfonn- bery sentence in Lubbock. ing the emergency recovery machine In July, 1933, Stanton was arrest- into a more permanent outfit, but ed bv New Mexico officers in Lin- predicted an early settlement, coin 'County New Mexico, following While refusing to be quoted, these tradictory in operatioin.

and: "Above all, I am opposed and and always "will be opposed to both because they damage our American system of government, infringe the liberties of prepare the way or dictatorship." cur people and for an autocracy Uili CC Vd. Ai Vifc.W-— sey, Wylie; Merrell, Mer- Qo me localities in arid South- tens; Walter Travis Moore, Whites- western section? of the state, how- rCk3TiT.lDiieo on is over, and regardless of people will the same official. So why get 'heated' over it to such an extent that friendly relations over years might be disturbed. We will have ta continue living here among our friends, so why not keep 'em. Politics is politics, but friends are something else.

Roundabout, personally, has always had the idea that "if you can't lick 'em, jine 'em," is the thing to do, because, in the end. that's what one must do. Texas people accept the majority that's the Democratic idea. The majority should rule, and after the election is over, whether it goes your way or not, 'he best thing for the citizen to do. it seems to Roundabout.

is to help the winner to give his very best to the people he represents in the office. An official is supposed to represent his entire constituency and that is what he should do. Naturally people differ in that's what makes politics. With entire accord, there be no political differences. The winners should not the losers should not complain nor explain.

Just let the voters decide the matter and then join hands and work for the betterment of our city, county, state and nation. S. B. Edwards, an attorney of Fort Worth, will speak this Thursday night fit 8 o'clock on the East Court Lawn. Mr.

Edwards will speak in behalf of the candidacy of Tom F. Hunter for Governor. The speaker of 1he evening will be introduced to the Denton audience by J. T. McAlister.

Rush to Judgment On New Deal To Be Asked By raising the purchase price of basic articles. Rocsevelt said, entire income of the "little man" was being used to pay the bill. "The 'forgotten man' has been remembered, and to his great damage," he said. "I not see that the farm policy' could be considered as anything but a colossal failure." Of NRA. he said that it had hindered prosperity- lawn Friday, to close as hotly-contested local campaigns as have stirred Denton County voters in a long time.

Supplies Matic Ready W. E. Mann, county- chairman, said Thursday morning half the election boxes and supplies had been taken to county preoinct boxes by election officials to make prep- I a gun battle in which a deputy officials said they felt published sheriff and Glenn Hunsucker. Stan- reports that a serious rift h- ton's companion, were slain. He was to Texas then and convict- ed of the murder of a County.

Texas, sheriff. Swisher oirred between Hugh S. Johnson on the one hand and other presidential advisors, including Donald R. Richberg and Secretary Perkins Qunuv. i The'two fugitives will be held on.the other.had_gone too far here for Lubbock and Tulia officers who are reported en route here.

Surrender Quietly The two men surrendered without a struggle in Therma but en Richberg, director pf the national emei-gency which discussed the reorganization with President Roosevelt Tuesday before the latter left for the Rainey'funeral, expressed confidence the discussions route to the jail here put up two would "proceed to a point- of defin- fiehts in the car with R. i ite action, but how rapid dont Fletcher and Deputy Frank Griggs, knew." during which Stanton succeeded in Miss Perkins declined to choking Sheriff Fletcher before his ment. t-Hp arations and for Saturday's balloting, of the remainder were grip could be released. At Cimma- rcn. Sheriff Fletcher picked up Deputy Sheriff Fred Lambert 'and there Roosevelt Hurries Back EN ROUTE WITH" PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT TO WASHINGTON, nvnppfprt tn hp removed Thursday, i was no further trouble.

P-ta be the Deputy Sheriffs.C. A. Bernard and Aug Roosevelt VrL-Jrv S- B. Hopkins were left at Therma to back to the White ward" rect a search for Dw -P 5 al today as fresh reports sprang u.Pr..oi U.PI, -ur wd. CQ facing a r0 bbei-y charge in a giia'fp over ttie ieor- as.

who was believed to have been-; ganizatiori of "NRA. with Stanton and Nelson, shortly; chief executive, who paid his before their capture. jast respects to the late Speaker The arrests came after Sheriff! Henry T. RaJncy. yesterday, ion as chairman was won in the first- primary and his name does lot appear on the-run-off ticket.

1 Three Escape from Blue Ridee Farm Partial Tax Exemptions Despite the suggestion of officials that congestion could be avoided 'and the work speeded if farmers wait as long as possible to seek interim certificates, Wednesday and Thursday saw growers descend on, the Bankhead administrator's office in crowds to apply for the temporary forms which will enable them to sell staple with 50 per cent Bankhead tax exemption. Just how rapidly the work could be done was uncertain as the job of filing the applications started. The interim, or temporary certificates, are based on the data given ever, were soaked, Clinton and Waatherford getting 3 inches and Mar.sram, 2.40 inches. 1 Heavy rains fell in the Oklahoma pxtenriing into i Fcrgan, had 2.55 inches and Guymon. .45.

Fears of some Oklahoma farmers and gardeners that nature would go too far and send too much, rain were dispelled by the Federal Weather Bureau at Oklahoma City, which said the rains were about over for the time being. WASHINGTON, Aug. 23. The American Liberty League began rieicner ruueivcu a. The location of voting oooJis park near Therma? and will also be the same as learned stant on -had been seen at i 10 Tvi HUNTSVTLLE.

Aug. The East Texas piney woods were searched today by state prison guards for three escaped convicts, who made a successful dash from the Blue Ridge prison farm at Fort a hail of bul- lying foundations today for a campaign across the continent to recruit 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 prop- Bend Coun ty Avowedly non-partisan and "not nurnoer nti-Roosevelt," it set out to com- prandsco Lara, a life termer, was mar.d all possible influence in the' rec aptured when shot in the leg warming debate over whether the 353,000 Bales of Cotton Are Ginned 1 is "robbing Pester administration to pay Paul." At the head stand leaders in' both Casimiro Cortex, serving five years for burglary; Max Cantu, five year for burglary and Manuel Satulla five years for robbery, are still al major parties popularly identified large. as Alfred E. Smith and John W. Davis.

Democrats, who lost the presidency to Hoover and Ccolidge: James W. Wadsworth and Nathan L. Miller. Republican strong vtl TC, A LLIIV4. til CO 1 1U.AJL by the grower in signing his appli- compared with 459.528 running blank for the regular exemp- i bales, including 9,807 half bales, to ion under the Bankhead law.

and ne date a year ago. will grant cotton tax exemption up Ginnings by states (with com- to 50 per cent of the total he ap- parative figures for the same date men in New York. Already tnere are rumblings of "Liberal" arraignment of the move that Jouett Shouse announced last night as one to combat radical- isni." It was he who prior to Aug. 16 was reported today 1 the league as not Anti-Roosevelt," by the census bureau to have total-1 but rather intended to serve as a ed 353,888 running bales, counting' 4.424 round bales as half bales. WASHINGTON.

Aug. Cotton of this year's crop ginned Fletcher received a telephone call ec is 'original plans to go directly "uly 28 primary. In Denton. Ward the southeast ward, will ballot in he Handy Motor Co. building; Ward 2.

the northeast ward, in he store just south of McCombs Grocery on North Locust Ward 3, the northwest ward, in the oasement of the municipal building and Ward 4, the southwest ward, in the building adjoining Buttrill's Jroccry on West Oak Street. Denton, Ward 2, Mrs. Fred McCullar; Denton. Ward 1. O.

J. Camp; Denton, Ward 3, Mrs. F. V. Garrison; Denton, Ward 4, W.

L. McCormick: East Pilot Point. Lee Massey; Lewisville, R. A. Brumley; Little Em, Waide House; Roancke.

J. M. Medlin: Double his summer home at Hyde Park, and returned to Washington during the afterncon. i instead in order, to attend to some While Sheriff Fletcher was looking urgent matters. The recovery pro- in a Therma dance hall for the gram- was one of the items slated men.

a answering the descrlp-1 cr presidential attention, lion of Stanton's, drove through the The drought was another matter town. with which the president had to Seen in Town With another view of the Three or four times the car drove drought's devastating effects in the back and fourth along the block otherwise rich midwest. Mr. Rocse- Street of the town, volt wiled Secretary Wallace aboard to fortify administration efTons to nally stopping in front of a The sat tt 1 7 fC'? some time, undecided what they should do. Frightened by two cars that came up.

the men drove across town and out on the EHzabsthtown highway about a quarter of a mile where they parked. Fletcher. Hopkins and Griggs Hitler for Pagan Faith re- plied for, Farmers who can -wait until their regular Bankhead certificates come, probably next month, shouid wait until then without going through the rather lengthy procedure of seeking partial exemption, the officials "here continue to urge. Thci Texas Legislature convenes this coniine; Monday for the purpose of issuing more relief bonds but Governor Ferguson has left it, open in the call for such other matter? as may be deemed proper. The pvcrage citizen, no doubt, hopes that the Legislature will attend to" tlie matters of the Special adjourn, but if it doc? that it may be termed an unusual session.

The regular session of the Legislature will convene in January. IRKUTSK, Pine trees, a year ago in parenthesis), were: Alabama. 2.612 Arizona, 2,850 (1): Florida. 857. (581); Georgia.

12,482 (44.973); Louisiana. 3.422 (854): Mississippi. 489 (454): Texas. 330,395 all other states, 815 (1.798). forum and a force before Congress for those who want to guard their personal and property rights.

A week ago he told President Roosevelt about it in words like these: "The league will become a real factor in assisting toward recovery and the restoration of prosperous conditions for all our people." V. S. to Reduce Cuban Sugar Duty WASHINGTON, Aug. The government apparently is go ing to surrender a substantial chunk of revenue to Cuba in an effort to help American farms and factories regain export markets in the island. All indications today were that the United States will slash duties on Cuban sugar by about $19,000,000 in a reciprocal trade treaty which is to be signed and proclaimed here tomorrow.

If the trade scheme works out, this money and more will come back as increased income for American farmers and industry. Roancke M.ccuin~ uouoit; BERLIN. Aug. O-k Juss Schoppaul- Bolivar R. B.

followed while Bernard remained 1val of e3ri faith in Germany rUrLsineor- Stonv L. Smith; in town. Two trucks were sent out, today at he door of i Allen Will Take College Presidency WACO. Aug. years of continuous service at Baylor University had been ended today by Dr.

William Simms Alien, who resigned as vice president and dean to accept the presidency of the ucall l'U tiLULf wii; ui low mountains, beautiful valleys to- I ohn Stetson University at De- Reactions Vary As Uncle Sam Seeks to Spread Recovery Salve Over Strike-Pocked Situation Lloyd. Joel Phillips: Hebron; Harrv Lord; West School, George Habern; Aubrey. W. P. Ratchford; Mustang.

J. L. Moore; Lake School, S. L. Carpenter.

Lake Dallas, J. A. Stockard: Ar- gylc, Roy Wallace: Parvin, Tom Wnketcn. G. S.

Williams; Justin, Galley Y. Lcuty: Sanger. N. C. Batis; West Pilot Point.

Leo Selz: Slidell. Luther Atchcson: Drop, A. B. Minnerly: Krum, B. F.

Wil son; ponder. George Owens: Plainview, M. H. Hare: Dickson, Tom Adcock; Shiloh, Clyde Simmons; Corinth, J. H.

Wiley. Short Ballot The Saturday ballot, only about one-third as long as the first primary ticket, will carry the following names, in the order listed here: V. Allred, Tom F. Hunter. Lieutenant Governor Walter Woodward.

William McCraw. Railroad A. (Continued on Fage Five) to block the highway. Meanwhile. Stanton left the machine and walked back to town, Said P.

Orlowsky. a pagamst leader, at a convention of the leaving Nelson in the car. As Stan- provm- ton entered the dance hall, Ber- azi nard and other covered him with guns and he surrendered. Fletcher drove his car alongside "Cotton's blooming and taking on more life, hog prices are up as are cattle, bananas have gone down, so shouldn't we feel a lot better." said Fred W. Hayden, Point, here Thursday.

"The will soon be over. We'll better road connections to Pilot Point soon. There's much to be thankful for." Distances are far here and names have to be long to reach the next town: Pctrovsky, Jsavod and VtrhrU'Utlinsk. A mess of nationalities on this train, EnsrlHli, German, Russian, Swiss, Schccks, American Indiana, Japanese and the smartest of all is Chinese, a noted authority on Far Eastern affairs. Nothing in the smarter than one Cbina- and nothing dumber than two.

Mr, Roosevelt told me to scout land. Fla. Dr. Allen said his resignation become effective Sept. 1, after which he would depart for Florida.

He was preferred the position by the Stetson board of trustees several days ago. 230 ABSENTEE BALLOTS CAST A of 230 absentee votes and Hm some new brain material. I amj, inrt fcecn in the runo fj iec- this bird tion at lnc OSC the period of voting Wednesday, it is announced by Erl Ross, deputy county clerk. A few others may come in the mail and will bftumed over to the election judges, he said, (By Associated Press) Uncle "Sam generously spread his recaovery salves over the nation's strike-pocked labor situation today and prepared further applications. Reactions varied.

Soon after the administration ordered reduced in the cotton garment industry yesterday the NRA Labor Board agreed to insist on reopening the automobile manufacturers' code. The American Federation of Labor seeks wage and hour revisions in the motor car factories. George A. Sioan. president of the cotton-textile institution, said at New York that "imperial government economists' 1 have determined the impending nation-wide strike of cotton, textile workers to be unjustified.

He asserted no field had increased its workers' benefits under as much the NRA as had the cotton textile industry. Uncle Sam's bureau of labor sta- tistics is making a detailed study of the effect of NRA codes on em- ployment. wage's and hours in va- nous industries, including the textile, for future guidance Missing British Aviator Located Nazi revolution created the prsrrqusities for a revolution, of ielty values known as religion. Acknowledgement of the sacred of the German race and blood has alone possible an cbjec-iye attitude toward Christianity." Striking parllcl uttemces by Mueller tend to confirm advances made by the faith movement-. The reichsbisViop sought fugitive, was once the object 0 is charged with unification cf of a man-hunt in Denton County! thg Gerrnan protestant church, 'or the Stanton car and arrested Nelson.

Once Sought In Denton County "Perchmcuth" Stanton, often east part of the county. Following the slaying of Deputy (Continued on Page Five) Owners, Tenants May Use Meat of Killed Animals ANGMAGSALTK. Greenland, Aug John Grierson is ready to- Robert Bruere, chairman of the day to fly Greenland's ice cap on cotton textile industrial relations his way to board, has completed a statement half breed which is believed to offer an alternative to the textile strike. He is seeking the approval of other government officials before making it public. America, thanks to a Eskimo minister who found him lost and shivering in a desolate fjord.

The British aviator, who has spent a month flying the Atlantic by stages, became lost on the bleak Numerous inquiries are made daily concerning the use of meat from condemned cattle in drotight areas, according to Mrs. Edna W. Trigg. county home agent. She has answered questions that apply to those animals fit for human con- i sumption but unfit forshipping.

The questions asked each day and eternal folk values, above ties of soil and blcod." He indicated the government favored the protestant over the Catholic Church, declaring "The evangelical Church in consequence of its close bonds of unity with the National Socialist third reich can not entere into a concordat with the could hardly sign a pact with itself." (A concordat signed last year with the Vatican has not been ratified). Banks Will Close for Election Day Denton banks will close all day it is iuiu animus in his home? Yes. Can Labor called the Aluminum Com- Eastern coast of Greenland Tues- farmer sell these cans? No. Can a pany of America's rejection of the labor department's peace proposals a "challenge of the authority vested in the Federal government by Congress." In its statement the National Council of Aluminum Later he flew to Angmagsalik. day.

Unaware that he was near farmer give them to his tenants? this little settlement, the flier sent out an S. O. S. and landed. He was found the next morning by the minister, the Rev.

Rosing. Workers denied that the plan to their strike involves a closed shop as the company said. Things "look very much better" to the mediators seeking a solution of the Chicago union bus drivers' strike. Grierson said he had no idea of his position and had resigned himself to a wait of a week for rescuers. The fiier had only pemmican to eat.

but had a 10-day supply of that. He spent a chilly night in his plane, getting little sleep. i I JJLiti Lli IV iHO Yes. Can a farmer cany meat of condemned animals to cold storage and take some from cold storage as needed for his and tenants' families? Yes. Can condemned animals be canned in a community cannery? The Texas relief commission says "No." Can a farmer give fresh meat from condemned cattle to his tenants? Yes.

Can a farmer give fresh meat from condemned animals to his neighbors? No. WEST TEXAS: Partly cloudy and Friday. OKLAHOMA AND EAST TEXAS: Partly cloudy to ctondy tortisjht and Friday. lijht to moderate southerly winds on the.

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