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Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas • Page 6

Denton, Texas
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MX DEXTON, TEXAS, RECORD-CHROXICLE. MON DAY, JULY 30, 1934 its Plants By Alan Gould Not. so many years ago it vras considered qijite a feat for a young fallow of 25 or fewer summers to win or place veil up in a major folf tournament. Now it'is almost an unusual occurrence for anyone more than 25 to last i through a fast. battle vith the Exporters Start Desperate Drive For First Division A GOOD LOSER By AriKfenz By BILL PARKER Associated Press Sports Writer Skipper Dutch Lcrbeer's hustling Beaumont Exporters have started a desperate drive for a first division 'Hie blue ribbon event of Amer- berth in the Texas League flag' iaui amateur marathon, which, has 36 more play- mains to be played, but in aH the ing days scheduled.

The Export- other Juajor sectional tournaments ers furnished food for thought Sun- of the year the youngsters have day when they flashed a brilliant come to the fore. defense and strong offense to take A 17-year-old boy, Fred Haas Oklahoma City, 2 to 0 and 2 10 0. of New Orleans, won the Southern Joe Hare, backed by sparking sup- amateur. He is the youngest to hold port, won a mound duel from Char- the title since Bob Jones won at; ley Moncrief in the initial contest 15, same year Haas was born. when he stopped the Indians with Yates of Atlanta.

21, won i seven hits the National Intercollegiate and! A trio of speedy double plays saved was low amateur in the Masters' the combined pitching of Vic Pra. invitation tournament last spring I sier and Steve Larkin in the thrill- at. Augusta, packed nightcap in which Oklahoma MORE SmXE City was again limited to seven Eaton of Oklahoma City eel- hits. It marked Frasier's second co'n- ebrated his 2Ist birthday by win- secutive victory since being sent to the Western amateur. And -bear'in.

mind that the western district covers almost three-quarters of United States and ranks just by Detroit iri exchange for Red.Phillips. Determined to cling to their second place position the Galveston a notch below the national ama- Buccaneers whipped Fort Worth. 3 teUr. ieland Hammaii of Waco, Texas, 23, won the Trans-Mississjppi, beating none other than the. former Open champion, Johnny Goodman, in.

the: final, -iawsoh Little, the Califbmian to 1. Siim Jim Bivin smothered the Cats with four hits, which allowed the Buccaneers to make a clean sweep of three-game series. Bivin. baffling with a sharp breaking fanned nine batters. C.

J. Jonnard pitched well for the Cats who holds the British was but allowed three of Galveston's nine eliminated in the early, rounds in i hits to come in the fourth for one 'this fast Dallas competition. Walk- score, and three more in the eighth er cup players as well as finalists ih the national amateurs of other -years were among coiiiendei's tell these youthful shot" strange part is that none'of tfiese new kid champions have any reputations behind them. They're all'; newcomfijs, lending the. belief that, the national amateur this year willTreally a wide open affair, favorites and with the pcs- sibilities for surprising upsets from the windup; SOME DIXIE DEBS for the winning tallies.

Tulsa Gets Jolt Tulsa received a vere jolt by losing a doubieheader to Houston, 4 to 3 and 8 to 1. Pippen and Payne combined on the mound to pitch the Buffaloes to victory'in the first game which Houston won on eight hits. Mike Cvengros' southpay curves completely baffled the Oil- ers in the second melee- which Houston easily won by scoring "five runs in the fourth inning. A dosen persons were injured when the left-field bleachers col- m-m Famine Subject of Rev. White Tying tne words of Amos and David, "There is a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of The Lord." with the fact that America and other nations have been stricken with a famine.

Rev. Nazis Seek To AbduciWoundecl Austrian Envoy VIENNA. July Nazis early today raided the Gen- E. E. White, pastor of the' First' era! Hospital in an unsuccessful ef- drive of the youngsters has lapsed during progress of the been in evidence in I bleheader between San Antonio and tie 1 than in other sections, Dallas at Tech Field.

The accident women's champion, i occurred while the Mission? were tS HIS ILL or- FAIR To BREAK. HtS OWN MARK OF IQ33, WHEN HE ED LSA6OE REVERSES WAS- HIJAJ6 VIC Cv -TviE BoS-f 'IN IQO5 WAUJOPSD By I -9 Jarh ieson of Dallas, is only 15. V.I4&. Harper of Portsmouth, 17. Virginia women's cham- and a.

day. later her brother, Chandler, at 20. became the possessors of his third Virginia men's championship. Dorothy Kii-by' of At. lantaj .13, holds the Georgia wo- crown.

1 idday Hbrner. is the Ten- Street, 19, of is the champion busy winning the first game, 6 to 5, behind the good pitching of Abe MCler." San" Antonio came back to win the final game 14 to 6, pounding three Dallas hurlers for sixteen hits. Dallas played under protest after the fourth inning. Both teams agred to stop at 11:30. o'clock to allow Dallas to catch a train, but Umpires Defate and Ballanfant forced" them to play claiming that Dallas 'of Young Edwin Me- tried to stall fourth inning i i i i-T 1 j-t-T Shreveport recently Louisiana championship.

Howard Bondage" Frances T)ee Bavls; News; Comedy. Marx Broth- Sport Re- Song: BUY IT IN T3ENTON SAVE ON SEASONABLE MERCHANDISE with the score San Antonio. 10 to 2 in favor of Snibot Captures In Boat Regatta By HUGH S. FULLERTOX JR- Assoeiated Press Sports Writer The Detroit Tigers regained the American League lead over the past week-end and picked up the niar- a full game over the Yankees. They got into the '-goofiest" sort of an affair hi the first half cf yesterday's bill with the White Sox.

Leading 5-0 going into the fifth, iiey fell behind when the hose scored six runs. The stunt was repeated the seventh, Chicago scor- (Schoolboy) Rowe, who had pitched a three-hit game the day jefore, was called in to check the Sox's eighth inning rally and won another lor himself by belting a home run to put the Tigers on the right side of a 16-15 score. The second game was a different tale when. Les Tietje outpltched Fred Marberry to give Chicago a victory. The Athletics came to Detroit's aid by smashing the Yanks down into 6-3 defeat as they put on a five-run inning behind Alton Benton's six-hit flinging: The, third place Indians registered the day's big gain when they twice defeated St.

Louis 11 to 5 and 6 to 3. and placed themselves 5 1-2 games behind the lead. The double defeated dropped St. Louis to seventh place, -two points behind Washington, whose game with Boston was rained out. National Shifts The National League's Sunday program brought several shifts in the but none of them bore upon the.

New York-Chicago battle for the lead as both the top 1 ranking clubs divided double foils. The Giants dropped the opener to the Phillies 4 to. Camilli's homer as Methodist Church, said "Economically, socially, morally- and spiritually, a bad day has overtaken us" in his sermon Sunday. White said that vegetation looks like the dead of winter, that and beast are famishing while hundreds are reported overcome with heat, but that the most destructive drouth which is upon the people is that, as individuals and as nations, people are paying for their transgressions. Ke said that people are given to sensual pleasures, to lustful pursuits and to idol indifference, and that America is trying to drink and gamble itself back to prosperity.

never has and never will be done. We are strangely hungry beings, who are constantly seeking to satisfy hungers. Our worth is determined by the number and nature of the desires we seek to satisfy. We are capable of low hungers, and turn to feed their lustful desires bringing ruin upon our own lives fort to abduct Or. Anton Rintelen, former Austrian minister to Rome, who was found to be lying there, seriously wounded, despite Uic original- report last Thursday that he had committed suicide.

Rintelen. known to have Pro-Nazi leanings, was announced as "new chancellor" by the Nazis when they assassinated Chancellor Dollfuss last Wednesday. Rintelen was immediately arrested and the announcement was given out that he had shot himself fatally in jail. When the raiding party entered the hospital, a nurse notified the police who arrived in time to capture several of the raiders. The rest escaped.

Because of the extraordinary measures of defense against a threatened Nazi putsch taken throughout the city last night, the General Hospital temporarily was left without its strong guard while police and heimvrehr members were of Catholic storm troops, the semi- military organization which he leads, vice chancellor could practically checkmate this power by his own control of the police, gendarmerie, and large heimwehr force. That the heimwehr, which is Fascist, does not propose to yield one iota of its power is indicated by two facts: First, the Tyrolese heimwehr, in a manifestor, demanded that the gren and white heimwehr flag be made the second national emblem besides the present national colors of white and red, "as a token that our sacrifices have not been in second, Emil Fey. minister of security, in addressing the Vienna heimwehr yesterday in the Dolifuss memorial declared, "If we want to carry out the Dollfuss testament we must preserve, extend, and, with an iron will, hold together the heimwehr which is one of the strongest props of Austria. The heimwehr and its leader. Prince Von Starhemberg, still have great tasks to fulfill." E.

S. Rowlett Dies in Tennessee Eugene S. Rowlett, 76, brother of L. P. Rowiett and Mrs.

J. H. Johnson of Denton, died today at his home in Murfreesboro, Term. He. is J.L\*±LL1 VI TT i concentrated around such strategic survived by his wife arid seven chil- and the lives of others.

The result public buildings. as the war minis- dren. lii'oo TO Ivi Otl of many misspent lives are in Amer- try and police headquarters. ica today," the pastor said. Swept Off Feet White said that people are danger of being swept off their in hi this strikingly fast- world.

He said men are drilling 10 miles into the depth of the earth seeking to discover, hidden treasures, and. that they invent balloons to sail 10 and 15 miles into the stratosphere to make tests in the regions above. The polar regions with their perpetual mountains of ice and snow no long- Denton; 3. Herman Mavhew, Fort 1 (d.) No sign or similar structure Worth. Class 8: 2nd heat: 1.

Arthur shall extend toward the street far- bjow but came back to win 2 to 0 Jan-is. Dallas; 2. Jack Barbee. Ft. ther lh an he cnur tra ffic lince I when Carl Hub'bell broke his three- Worth; no third place awarded, i or slniifar 1 thing Class 1st heat: 1.

Charles an inanner electric or tele- Smoct. Denton; 2 Herman Mayhew, 1 phone.pole. er hold their secrets, and excavations reveal the habits of the buried civilizations of the past, he stated. The minister closed his sermon saying, "In these days of drouth and of soul hungers, may we know that it is to seek and find our God. There are those whose 'souls-have 2 Dolph followed hard after God' and who he deciding have found in him.

the only lasting joy and satisfaction in life. You, too, may find that- same satisfac- Fort Worth; 3. Worth Boggeman, Fort Worth. Class 2nd heat: 1. Charles Smoot, Denton: Fort Worth; 3.

Worth Eoggeman, Fort Worth. Class C. runabout: 1. S. O.

Wilson, Dallas; 2 W. O. Dorris. Dallas; 3." John Cornett, Dallas. Fami- Section Three: When any such sign or similar structure is erected, or i raaint-ainrd in violation of the prp- visions hereof the person or persons who erect-Ed, cr are maintaining such sign' or similar structure skall, after ten days notice by the Building Inspector, remove the such person or parsons fail to so remove the same after the notice aforesaid ly runabout: 1.

J. TJBowling; 2.. Joe then shall the dutv of the Eyiiding Inspector to remove the same, or cause the. same to be done, torce necessary to remove Dean; 3. Wally Groves, all of Dallas Free for all runabout: 1.

L. D. De- "naes, Dallas; 2. John Comett, Dal- 3. S.

O. Wilson, Dallas. Free for all hydro: 1. Worth Goggeman, Ft. Worth; 2.

Charles Smoot, Denton; 3 Herman Mayhew, Fort Worth; Section Four: No sign, advertisement, bill board, pole, or other similar structure shall be erected or maintained within five (5) eet fire hydrant, nor in. any other place -which, in the judgment, of-the interfere hv- OR GASOLINE OE OTHER SEE US For Electric Hoze, Nozzles. Sprinklers, Thermos Jugs, Water Coolers. JACOBSEN Hardware Co, Telpehone 724 Honors for the Denton Boat Club were not allowed to lag Sunday afternoon at Lake Dallas when Charles Smoot, local motor boat captured two first places and two second places in a regatta that included entries from, most of the larger cities of Texas. Smoot was first in both heats of Class second in Class first heat, and second in the free for all even for hydros.

Choppy water from a stiff east -r T-I i.i^ uiMJtiOO n. j.o i iivoA troubleJor.the^dmers (ISSUED.THEREFOR BY THE and nemiitu Mayhcw of Daliao aud iis'sjfiscrfuit THE CITY Hugh Lee Gibbs of Houston both toot spills. It was estimated by officials that some 2,590 persons attended the regatta in which between 25 and 30 boats were entered. Bob Mitchell of Dallas sent his T-77 to victory in the Class A event while Mrs. Ruth Herring of Forfc Worth, national professional Class A champion, took third.

Prizes totaling $315 were awarded winners in the nine events. The regatta was sponsored by the Denton Boat Club and the lake committee i of the Chamber of Commerce. Complete Results Summary: Class 1. Bob Mitchell, Dallas; Wilson, Fort Worth; 3. Ruth Herring.

Fort Worth. Class 1st heat: 1. Anthony Hopp. Dallas; 2. Charles Srnoot, AX OKDINAXCE IT UNLAWFUL TO ERECT.

ESTABLISH OR MAINTAIN. ANY SIGN, ADVERTISEMENT. Advertisement, hill board or similar BOARD 'OR SIMILAR STRUCTURE, structure, or gasoline pump or sim- Building Inspector, vvith proper access to said fire by: the; Section Five: Each time any sign, ilar structure, is erected contrary to Icsing streak by holding the to four hits in a duel with game Phils Syl Johnson. The Cubs reversed the They almost. ruined Chuck bressens de- i but as Cincinnati manager by trimming the Reds 7 to 5 in a free hitting contest which saw Pat Malone as a more effective fling- er than Si Johnson, Cincinnati saved the afteipiece, 4 to 2.

as Chick Hafey swatted a homer at the.right time to help Tony Freitas put. The third-place Cardinals bumped Pittsburgh around 9 to 5 with a 16-liit attack featiired by Jim Collins' 23rd circuit swat. That Constable IVo. 1 Si 3" iT 1 03 CQ rr SIMILAR STRUCTURE. BETWEEN tln provisions hereof shall constitute- THE PROPERTY LINES OP ANY a separate and distinct cffenss: and STREET.

AVENUE. ALLEY. ROAD each day such sign, advertisement. OR THOROUGHFARE WITHIN THE! bili board or similar structure is p2r- LIMITS OF THE CITY OF DENTON. milted to be maintained or stand in TEXAS; PROVIDING' RULES AND violation hereof, shall constitute a REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE i separate and distinct offense.

SIZE AND OF ERECTION I Section Six: Any parson, persons. OR MAINTENANCE OF SUCH SIGNS i firm or corporation violating any of OF. SIMILAR STRUCTURES: PRO- th provisions hereof shall be deem- V.rDING NO SUCH LAB STRUCTUR; TR -PTPRT asy sum han Two Hundred Dollars. The fact that the coupled with Boston's bril- jliantly pitched, double victory over "put the Bucs in fifth place behind the At the time. the Dodgers dropped back of the Phils into seventh.


BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COMMISSION OF THE CITY DENTON. TEXAS: Section One: It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to establish or maintain any sign, advertisement, bill board or ether similar structure, or gasoline pump or other similar structure between the property lines of anv street, avenue, alley, road or thoroughfare, with in the City of Denton. as hereinafter provided. Section Two: No person, firm or corporation shall erect any sign or and the same is hereby, suspended and the provisions hereof shall be in full force upon the adoption and publication hereof. Adopted day of Julv.

1934, LEE E. JOHNSON, Chairman. City Commission. City of Denton. Texas.

ATTEST: J. W. ERWIN. City Secretary. 61-63 U.

S. Gets New Chance in Tennis WIMBLEDON, July UP) M. Lott Jr. and Lester Stofeen, as expscted. today defeated Harold G.

N. Lee and George Patrick Hughes in the doubles encounter cf the Davis cup challenge round. 7-6. 6-0, 4-6, 9-7. to give the United States a fighting chance against Great "Britain in the five similar structure w'ithout having first TO with the visions: (a) No sign or other similar structure shall bs erected unless the lowest part thereof shall be at least seven foot above the sidewalk or ground level directly under said sign.

(b) No pole, post or support of such shall be larger in diameter foan six (6) inches. fc) No sign or similar structure be erected so that it will obstruct the vision at street intersections. THE PEOPLE OF DENTO? AXD DENTON COUNTY: thank you sincerely for the support which you gave in the primary election in my raw for the office of County Superin ten dent. I wish to solicit the continued support of all of you who hav helped me so far and to ask for th votes and influence of you who hav previously supported some othe candidate. C.

M. MIZELL 300 (Political Advertisement) Old Tickets Recall Elections Of Old Jn Denton County As Denton voted in the 1934 primary, out of its past history came a reminder of other days and other, and lively, campaigns. the papers of the late C. C. Whitlock of Denton, Mrs.

A. B. Wrutlock" found, and brought to the Record-Chronicle to display, two old Democratic tickets, one dates 1879, one 1837. On the former, O. M.

Roberts of Smith County sought the office of governor. Seekers after local posts included: for district judge, John L. Lovejoy C. C. Potter and W.

O. Davis; for representative, W. A. Kendall and S. A.

Venters. On the latter ticket, L. S. Ross sought the governor's office; for flotortal representative was Alvin C. Owsley; J.

W. Jagoe for local representative; F. M. Davidson for county judge; J. T.

Bottorf for county attorney; William Sparks for sheriff. Ward 2, Den. Garza Argyle Ward 1, Den. Ward 3, Den. Corinth 47 34 4 14 56 3 226 12 38 94 212 6 273 51 28 107 425 15 193 0 56 89 155 56 Restoration Rumors Restoration rumors flared through the city again with the arrival of unverified reports from Lacenburg, near Vienna," Hapsburg summer palace was being renovated prior to its rebccupetion.

It is re- called that Emperor Charles and the Empress Bita, mother of the Archduke Otto, spent some time there after the revolution ol 1918. A world war field marshal was placed under arrest for Nazi activity. He is Karl Bardolff, one-time chief of the military cabinet of the Grandduke Franz Ferdinand. Usually, when the possibility of a Nazi- controlled Austrian cabinet has been discussed, the name of Bardqlff has cropped up as the possible minister of war. Under the leadership of Dr.

Kurt Schuschnigg, newly-appointed chancellor, the fourth cabinet within a week began its work. Dollfuss was still chancellor last Wednesday. For a few hours he was succeeded by Schuschnigg. He in turn yielded to Prince Ernst Von Starhemberg as the acting chancellor. Now Schus- chnigg is back in power.

Take Oath of Office" He and his fellow ministers appeared before President Wilhelm MiMas in the early morning hours and took the oath of office. Von Starhemberg again serving as vice chancellor. While Schuschnigg has an army Other sisters and a brother surviving besides those here are Hrs. S. E.

Keith of Fort Worth, Mrs. John Porter of Johnson County and T. L. Rowlett of Louisville, Ky. BUY IT DENTON 1 --1- CV- Tread Straight Brownbilt Shoe Store WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE Ignition Parts Phone 323 Cut Rate Auto Supply Company Look first in stcret.

Quickly sooihe burnin formenh and promote irrMed skin iuUh- PEOPLES ICE CO. Phone 130 Dependable Year 'Round Ice Service 1929 Ford coupe $95 1930 Hupmobile Coupe 1933 Master Eagle Chevrolet MARK WALDRIP Phone 66G 1706 N. Elm LOW COST VACATIONS ANDQOOO FiSHlNG A TELEPHONE has more than paid for itself by bringing in order? for butter, eggs, poultry and garden produce in season. Market information, procured by telephone, has saved much for farmers when buying and given them extra profits when selling. The telephone effects other economies by running errands, saving time, and bringing help in emergencies.

Ccoskkr its val'-s per penny of cost. Nothing does so much for so little. FF AT BROOKS These hot days drop in at BROOKS 7 FRIGIDAIRE SODA FOUNTAIN and get your favDrite drink or ice cream. We have men' running our fountain that have had years of experience and really know how to mix drinks. An unusually clean fountain and men with health certificates really mean something here.

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