Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 7, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 7, 1895
Page 2
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. jj) at Tired Feeling «* a certain indication of impure and Impoverished blood. It your blood could •Iwaya be rich and pure, lull of the red corpuscles upon which Its vitality depends, you would never be weak, or tferrous! Boils, pimpled, ncroiula, Halt rheum, would never trouble you. But Our mode of living, nhut in all winter in poorly ventilated homes and shops, depleted the blood and there is loan of •ppetite, and weakness. Hood's Sarsaparilla In the standard remedy for this ! condition. It purifleg, vitalizes and enriched tho blood, overcomes that tired feeling, builds up the nerves and gives perfect health. Read this: **Our daughter, Blanche, when four years of age had a humor break out on her hands and face, which our physician pronounced eczema. If the cold air reached her face or hnnds they would •well up, look almost purple, and headed blisters would form and break, I Discharging a watery fluid, and the burning and itching would drive her nearly wild. Unless we Incased her little hands she would tear patches of ikln from her face aud hands. We tried many doctors and many remedies and at last gave the case up as hopeless. But our daughter Cora tried Hood's Barsaparilla, to euro a scrofulous lump near the left breast which caused her much pain arid after taking 4 bottles it disappeared. Blanche, who is now eleven, had spent seven years of suffering, so I concluded to give her Hood's Barsaparilla. She took 5 bottles and her face ia smooth and soft as a baby's, the color of a rose petal. Her hands are soft and white, where four months ago they were blue and red and calloused nearly like leather. I cannot express my gratitude by pec or mouth. It Heema a miracle and our friends are Burprined." MRS. ANNA L. CLABK, 401E. 4th St., Duluth, Minn. A BETTEE FEELING. Produced in Commercial Circles By Many Favorable Conditions. Evidence of a Marked Improvement Over 1894 —The East Shows the Greater Gain. B. Be suro to get Hood's and only Hood's. WORK MORE DEVILTRY. iHliiiiil Truin Jlufoliri*;* Slip tho Shor- Ul'H mid Kill a J'roiiuhur. HESKKS.SEY, O. T., April G.—Three oi 'the Dover train robbers are still at llargc. One liits dJMippuiirvil, and is (supposed to have died from the effects jof -wounds received at the hands oi United States marshals Thursday. Hut body is believed to have been secreted jor buried by his pals. Friday eveniny the remainder ot the lgang escaped from the brush where [they wero surrounded by u number of (deputies and mn.de their way to the -house of IJev. Godfrey, u, Baptist [preacher; and demanded their supper. jAitcr obtaining it they robbed the preacher of his money and valuables, 'took two of his best horses' and rode ;away. After the robbers had gone Mr. God- |frey mounted another horse and started 'in pursuit of the- outlaws. Jlis body found this morning about 5 miles from. his.home, riddled with bullets. N OT WHAT WE SAY, but what Hood's Sarsaparilla Does, that •tdl« the story of its merit and success .Remember HOOD'S CURES, The farmers have 'orgrarnxua a posse o£ about 1UO, and with deputy marshals are giving' the outlaws a close chase. They lire now in the (.Moss mountains where yood hiding- places can be found. If the posse can locate •them there is not the slightest doubt "but that they will be strung 1 up to the nearest true. Mr. Godfrey leaves a wife and several children.. nocking tiTtlic tlulteil Stilton. MONTJIKAT., Can., April 0.—-It is stated that the exodus from the parishes below Quebec to the United States lias again set in. It is learned that during the past week 110 families and seventy unmarried young men left by the Quebec Central railway alone. Ship null Crew 'liOKt. GLOUCESTER, Mass., April 0. — Tho schooner Mildred V. Lee, one of the &taneb.est vessels of the New England fishing 'licet, with u crew of sixteen men, is now to be added to the already large number of Gloucester lost fishermen. ' Njmlu Hours Bad-Mows. MXBKID, April 0,— The news received here that bands of insurgents have appeared in the' center of the island of Cuba is disquieting, as it was thought that the rebellion was confined to the eastern coasj. NEW YORK, April 6.—11. G. Dun & Co.'s weekly review of trade says: "Commercial failures In the flrst quarter of 1895 numbered 3.802. with liabilities of 8-17,815,- (JS3, averaging 812,000 each. There were also tnfrty-nve bunk failures, with liabilities of 8U!,6ii2,537, or about $3«0,000 each. "TLo decrease In the number of commercial failures compared with the flrst quarter of lust year is but 1L7 per cent., while the fle- creas'o In liabilities is $16,300,000 or 25.4 per cent. ADout 30 per cent In manufacturing and 20 per cent. In trading. Marked Improvement, "Thero 1» gratifying evidence that in most trades and districts inarkeci improvement over 18M In ruallzud. though on the whole, trade Is smaller than In 1801 Everywhere, also, the occurrence of Easter In March last year, but in April this year, is found to account for much difference In the volume of retail trade, especially ia dry foods and millinery, and tho severe weather and backwardness I it the season, also retarded recovery-. While tbc volume of trade, In quan- | titles of goods sold, is ncvenke- i loss larger ilmn last year. but ! on the whole smaller tnan in iRM. the mala difference in comparison with 1893 is found in the gen-.-ral decline of prices, wlilcii makes trade in value smaller oven where it is clearly us lurgu or larger in Quantity. , Greatest GulllH in tho )5:tHt, "Accounts from the chie! centers of wholesale trade are also encouraging this week. There Is not only hopc'ul spirit, but ronl Rain in business, though not equally disturbed seo- (truphlcally or as to branches of trade. Payments through tho principal clearing houses for the JJrst week of April iiuvo been 7 per cent, larger than last yuar and 18.8 per cent, smaller than in 1893. Instructive comparisons of dully averages by months show thut all sections have been galuluB, but the east rather more Uian othars. The Industries. "The best news from tho industries Is that labor troubles have been settled or avoided, MiiDonlcg iron and custom woolen mills being again In active operation. Next in importance is the demand fo:- many manufactured products, which gives creator reason to hope that recent advances from the bottom may prove successful JlOOtH MIHl StlOeM. "The success o' Jiho shoe manufacturers in prices'grows more complete, ana some •who first asked SJ4 cents udvunce now ask 7H cents, with more orders comi.up than appeared wben jobbers resisted- It Is conceded that orders are on the whole smaller tnaa usual bo- cause of cbe severe winter. Leather is as stiff as ever, aud there is no yielding in hides. '•Wheat receipts at the west were'Staall last •Keek, but in March larger than last year, wits Atlantic eiports about the saine. Conflicting accounts give no clear light as yet on the pros- peat -for the next crop. The demand for money Is somewhat better, but since April 1. less increase kt noted In commercial loans.' 1 Braditreet'i View. Bradstreet's says: "The appearance of more settled weather, together with tie announced Increase In prices for Bessemer pig Iron and steel billets, continued strength of cotton, stimulating manufacturers to demand higher prices for fall delivery, rain in northwestern wheat regions whore greatly needed, further increases in wagos of industrial employes, heavier shipments of wheat abroad and the rush of the volume of the week's bank clearings above S1.000,«W;000, lire evidences of a continued bettor feeling in trade circles and returning contldcace In many lines of business." ENGLAND AND NICARAGUA. yjvtutvmujtuiimii^^^^*^*^*^*^*"'' * * * T * - ™ lYOUNG MOTHERS: t .'. . . We Offer You o Remedy Which j 1 Insures Safety to Life of MotherandChild. j ' "NinTNFR 1( N fto bs Confinement | I lllVJ 1 rlCl\ V> .« n-n.i- I1.....8 I I t After uslnc ono bottlo of "MOTHERS' S FiiiE.VD" I sufforcil but llttlo pain, and did not experience that wenkuops afterward, Ssunl1 in auoli Ctt»es.-MBS. ASKIE GAOE, Baxter SprliiBS, Kan. Sen*, by Mull or Express, on receipt of price, •cr bottle Uool; to MotliovH milled Fruc. Sold by Jill DrUBBists. BBADFIELD EEOULATOH CO., Atlanta, Gn. John Bull Disclaims Any Intention of Acquiring Territory, WASHIXGTOS, April 0.—The announcement is made that Great Britain will not seek in her present controversy with Nicaragua to acquire any part of toe latter's country. The importance of this declaration, of which Secreting' Grcsuam was advised Thursday, lies in the fact that the belief has existed here for several weeks that back of Great Britain's claim for dam- ag-es against Xic.ara.jrua lay her purpose of taking forcible possession oi certain of Nicaragua's territory. D^fitultcr for a Lurjrn Sum. LANCASTER, Pa., April 0.—Thomas 31. Grady, for many years cashier of the First national bank of Marietta, Pa., is a defaulter for a lar;re amount, estimated at about .S-0,000. The directors and bank examiner are now working on the books. Grady has disappeared. The money is supposed to have been, lost in stock exchange speculations. "will >'ot Clono. NEW YOKK, April 6.—The impression conveyed by dispatches that the Jire- voort house would permanently close on April 1">, is incorrect, according- to J. B. Hendricksou, who has for twenty years been connected with the management of the house. He says the house will continue running, but that there will be a change of management. >*ew Muiiufuoturlnt; Center. NEW LENOX, 111., April G.—A Chicago corporation has options on considerable tracts of land in Will county near New Lenox and Spencer and the intersection of the Wabasli and the Rock Island railroads. The purpose of tho proposed purchase is supposed to be the establishment of a manufacturing center. Fatally Injured. JEFFEKSOXYILLE, Ind., April C.— Charles Cassidy, of this city, ag-ed 71, was struck by a suburban train of the Pennsylvania road and fatally injured. BLIZZARD IN THE WEST. Heavy Snow and Wind In Colorado and New Mexico. DKWEK, Col., April G.—The storm Friday night was not severe in the vicinity of Denver, but in the eastern part • of the state it was a genu ine blizzard. Julesburg, Limon, Granada and Akron all report that the storm was the worst of the season. A verv high wind drifted the snow atid sand on the railroads, blocking traffic, .It is believed that many rang-e • cattle perished, as they had not recovered from the effects of the blizzard last Sunday and Monday. KATOX, N. M., April 6.—A fierce storm of snow and wind broke upon this section Friday and continued for five hours. The nig-ht was the coldest of the winter. About 2 inches of snow fell and has drifted badly, but so Jar traffic has not been disturbed. >>ew» from littwull. WASHINGTON, April 6. —The last mail from Hawaii brings an interesting budget of general information. President Dole has restored the. writ of habeas corpus and abolished martial law in the island of Ou.hu. embracing Honolulu, indicating- that security again reigns. "The dangerous persons act' 1 was adopted before the mail left. It is a radical law against those who conspire to overrule the government and who come from other countries to foment disorder. GALESBI;iio7~M ic'h'Y,"April G.—"A young man accompanied by a woman arrived here Thursday night and registered at the Beunct house as Frank Uowhin, of South Haven. The name of the woman was not given. Friday evening they were both found dead iu bed The cause of death is unknown. I'rinccHS Cotomm Divorced., ROUE, April G.—Mrs. Mackay is now at Monte Carlo, whence she returns to London for the season. The lionian courts have jnst pronounced a decree of separation in favor of her daughter. Princess Colonna., who is also in- trusted with the custody of her children. The IStrouKlioIrt of ttexlth Is soon carried by the ns»ault«of malaria, tut It Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is emplojoJ us a bulwark against tue disease, absolute safety Is attained. Tlie most virulent forms of disease bred by mliisoiii. tainted air and water, soon vield to tbo creative and combative Inllnence of this efficient safeguard, which fortlllos the system as no other medicine np to date has ever done. It conn i cracks a tendency to rheumatism, neurtilcla and kidney coniplilnt* overcomes Indication, nervousness, constipation und liver troubles, Improves the appetite and promotes dlces'lon. XakliiB for all In all, It Is prooably tbe most use- lul family remedy In existence. »no Is popular as well as elfpctlve. Use It systematically, not at Irregular Intervals. _ Rlnehart's Worm Lozenges are the only kind that remove the worm nest with the worms. Sold by B. F. Keee- ling and Keystone drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor' KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement »nd tends to personal enjoyment when sightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, witb less expenditure, l>7 more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Fig3- Its excellence is due to its presenting • •in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ana permanently curing constipation. £t has given satisfaction to millions and met n-ithithe approval of the medical profession, because it nets on the Kidneys, Liver aud Bowels without weak sniug them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c ana $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syvup of Figs, and being well informed, von will not accept any substitute if ofiereA A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without an ideal pOMPLEXIQUl || POWDER. II j POZZONTS Combines every element ofj [ beauty and purity. It is beautt- j fying, soothing, healing, healthful, and Harmless, and when rightly used is invisible, A most j delicate and desirable protection [ t« the face in this climate. lasist apon having tho gsnulno. IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWH£R£. Y. B, Co. appeared tMs da y i^e me, a Justice of the Peace of the above State ana Countyand belnduly .worn according to law, deposes and saysthat ^ *»?«** >*£!}* an eX&Ct copy of theletterreeeivedfrom H. Schoen^^^^^ { SEAL- } ' .. • Mr. M. SHONFIELD, Manner of N. Y B. Co. Loganaport. . < pur chase amountins to $31,000, I have shipped by fast freight Dear Sir.—I have bouprht today, the whole stock of I. Broo'sman & Son, of this city nt .Oc on tne dollar, une nai u v sell first . c)a8g to losan, port, so inausurate a bi g sale at once. You can sell the goods at 33= on the doltar. Th.s w^allow us 3 per cent ^ d at the ^^ "vhole county. I^spectfally Your.s, merchandise to the people of Cass county at such ridiculously low prices that will make the N. Y. B. Co. known, ana B et y on tne waae o* out , HKRSIAS SOHOBKWBLO. The ABO YE TELLS THE TALE! THIS SLAUGHTER OF PRICES UNPARALLELED! Never equaled before, never equaled again. Note these Telling, Daring Low Prices: A gentleman's fine Dress Suit, worth $18, $20 A workingmaji's suit, worth $12 and $15 at A nice suit, worth $10 at ........... •. Boy's and Children's suits at these same low prices. Men's working pants worth $1.50. . . .. Men's hats worth $1.50, $2 and $2 50 at Men's underwear, worth 75c and $1 at Men's heavy blue overalls worth 50c and 75c at Odd coats for boys, ages 14 to 19, worth $1.50, 82, $2,50 and $3 . '- 59 33 19 . . -29 .. .48 .$5 73 $2.98 cents cents cents cents cents This Sale Starts Friday, March 29th, and Continues Until the Stock is Sold! The New York Bankrupt Company, 324 Fourth Street, Logan sport, Indiana.

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