The Times from San Mateo, California on July 20, 1973 · Page 1
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 1

San Mateo, California
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Friday, July 20, 1973
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Final New York Stocks (See Page 24) Peninsula Weather Cloudy tonight and clearing in most - areas Saturday. Warmer. Low tonight 53 - 58. lllgh tomorrow coast 53 - 68, Interior 70 - 78. West: winds 10 - 20 mph. WxcWimt SAN MATEO TIMES AND DAILY NEWS LEA MR THE ADVANCE - STAR 15c PER COPY - 52.75 PEft MONTH Vol. 73, Ho. 173 4 Sectioni : 40 'PAGES SAN MATEO,, CALIFORNIA,' FRIDAY, JULY .20, 1973 Development Leader's Son Dies in Crash The 32 - year - old son of Henry "Bud" Bostwick, executive director of the San Mateo County Development Association, was killed early today when his car careened out of, control on Wth Avenue Freeway and rolled over near Alameda de Las Pui - gas in .San Mateo. - Police said that Henry Peter Bostwick of Half Moon Bay. had apparently fallen asleep while Japanese Jet Seized; Heads ForMideast AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) Japan Airlines .said three armed men hijacked a Boeing 747 jetliner Friday, and airport authorities in Rome reported the. jumbo jet apparently nvas headed for the Mideast. The. plane was commandeered: - shortly after takeoff at Amsterdam. It then flew over Italy and toward tlie Mideast, where' Palestinian guerrillas have diverted planes in pre: vious hijackings. Amsterdam's JAL office said the plane had 123 passengers and a crew of 22 aboard when it was iiyjaeked, but JAL's Tokyo headquarters said there were 123 passengers and a crew of 21. The airport authorities in Rome said the plane's course possibly would take it to Damascus. The plane had enough fuel to stay in the air for 12 hours, enough time to fly to any point in the Mideast, a JAL spokesman - in Amsterdam said. The spokesman said the contact from the plane after the hijack was made by one of the three air pirates. He declined io give further details. The airline said the - plane was hijacked about 30 minutes; after it toon ott trom aihwi - dam's Schiphol International Airport, where it had arrived from Paris. A spokesman in Paris said there there 56 passengers - and a crew of 22' aboard: when the nlane left Paris for Amster dam. The spokesman said "no notafele ' - personalities boarded the plane in Paris." A spokesman at JAL's headquarters in Tokyo .said initially that the airline believed the hijackers were Palestinian guer rillas, twt tJUS - ffiiuia noi ve um - cially confirmed. Bay Area Rationing Of Bacon SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Safewav Stores will ration ba con .purchases, to two pounds r oustomer .durine. a tern - porary - 'shortage," a spokesman for 2:3' - retail stores in the San Francisco division announced today. William ' Gross director of public: relations, said, the rationing went into effect today at all Safeway Stores - from King City io Eureka in ' California and also Hawaii. 'He said other' Safeway divisions might impose simitar limits "on shoppers. .. . Gross said no' other .products are being - ra'tibnined - by the store. He explained the rationing is 'necessary, because 1he nation's price freeze forced. - many pork ntfidueers and urocessors in the - Midwest ' to - stop production! temporarily. driving westbound on the free - way just before 4 a.m. He was rushed by. ambulance! ,to' Chope Community' Hospital,! where he was pronounced dead at 4:25 a.m.. Young. Bostwick was alone in the vehicle 'when the :crash oc c - urred'.. according to the Califor - j nia Highway Patrol. The auto" was badly damaged in the accident and 50 feet of Freeway divider ' was smashed, officers said. The victim was the son of I Henry and Betty Bostwick, 926 j Peninsula Ave., ban Mateo, tie also survived by a brother, Barry, an actor, currently star ing in "Grease ' in Los Ange les: and by two daughters of am earlier marriage, Lee and Tan ya. He was a graduate of San Ma teo' High School, and w,as em ployed at the Music 'Box in the Tanforan Shopping Center. The elder Bostwick is execu tive director of the San Mateo! County Development Associa tion, and has been prominent in' local civic and commercial at - fairs' for many years. . Mrs. BosMvick has also been a local leadef , a chaiitman of volunteers for the American Red Gross, .a president - of . the assistance League of San Mateo Coiin - :y, - a:iu active in the annual Bay Area domino tournament. Funeral arrangements . are pending. Living Costs Up Sharply During June WASHINGTON (AP) - High er retail prices, for food, fuels and househom servtces snovea the cost of living up seven - tenths of one' per cent in June before President Nixon froze prices, the government said today. It marked . the firth straight month of sharply high er consumer prices. The big - gains were again led by higher .grocery store prices which rose. 1,7 per cent in June and were 'nearly 16 per cent higher than a year ago: Fruits and vegetables rose 4.9 per cent last month, the sharp est jump since a 5.6 per cent increase in December' 1871. The Bureau of Labor Stafis - . tics said last month':; . cost of living figures - were collected before the 60 - day price .'freeze went into effect June 13. . Consumer prices rose during the five - months of the largely voluntary - Phase 3 economic controls, at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 8.3 per cent compared to. an annual - rate jump of 3.6 ,per cent under the 14 months of tighter fnase z controls which the Nixon administration lifted in .January. : President Nixon's new Phase 4 economic controls lifted the freeze on food immediately and on most other sectors of the economy Aug. 12. This is ex - (Please See Page I, Column 1) Beef Phase - IV may create further Ibeef ' shortages. This was the reaction of Burlingame officials representing various segments - ot - the beef, cattle industry. The July. Iflth . - announcement - "of ' Treasury Secretary Shultzjm iPhase :1V guidelines removes the price freeze on all food and meat , products; except beef. This will allow, processors to '"pass through" price increases on - raw farm, products, except' - beef. The March 26th ceilings on' - beef, however, wili rematri - uief - . feet until September 12." - , . A spokesman, for the Western States Meat Packers Association - - in Burlingame stated, that, t'On, today's' live cattle market arid - with, a oeihng on. carcass beef, " many meat - packers are'operat - : WAVE FOR THE NURSES President Nixon waves to nurses as he departs Eetlhesda Naval Hospital after a week - long bout with viral pneumonia RieJit is Dr. Walter Tkach, personal physician to President Nixon. ' (AP Wirephoto) S.M. Man Stabbed As Witness Seeks Aid By UN DAY While a woman watching from window, desperately tried to convince a. was an emergency,, and. the victim screamed for help - .'in - brightly lit downtown. San Mateo, a robber stabbed a servtce'station operator in" the 'heart' early to - day. ' - . - .. The attendant, Gabriel Hal - perin. 56. was reported this morning to be in serious condition in the' intensive care unit at Mills . Memorial Hospital, after surgery. Halperin was .the. Icne.'attend - ant, at the Phillip's 66 service station at. 221 South ElCamino Real when the robbery - attack took place at 2:03 a.m. '. Jn addition to the single chest stsh wound which reached the ' heart, Halperin suffered slash wounds of the fingers from a knife 'approximately, eight uirJi - 'es - long. Police are seeding a Negro male, between - 25 and 30 years of .age, about five feet, nine inches tall, 165' pounds, with black hair and .brown eyes, wearing, a hrown - sweater, light brown pants and brouti shoes. The San Mateo police report today says th;it. the telephone operator refused to believe at; first a witness who tried to! reach - police - as., she heard screams' - for help and looking out a window saw - the victim, being, led around by the. suspect. "She would not believe it - was an emergency,". police report; . As she' called, the witness could - see the suspect forcing - tbe victim into the brightly lit service station', office. Then a - fight developed in the office. The attendant, who twice':before had called' out for - help,. thus arousr mg the . witness interest. screamed - for help as he fought the attacker. , It is a heavily patroled area.' and usually . well - frequented. Shortages Are ;ing ata loss. " - .He stated further. ; that ."The - WestiWvStates'Meat - " - Packers' - Association - members ' are' - - dismayed' at - the action t'ak - ;. eti and it will create further ; shortages, in'the months aheadl" - ; Meat packers - continued to operate during I'hse 3 '4 in the. ' hopes that some relief would be - ' forthcoming in Phase IV. Phase; IV has. brought no. change at all for '.the beef industry. The packers association" spokesman fur - ' : ther commented", ;"A - number.of packing plants: 'have .. already : shut'.'down - and - this, - reeenti - go'v - ::1 ' erhmental acu'on may - bring oh . .further .curtailment ' of ; opera - ; , lions.."' . - . - ' - - - : . ' ": 'California 'Gattlemen's' Assd - .. , ciation: offidalsicomnwnted'that'" - ;1 ."due lo' recent actions taken; by . even - at 2 a.m. - .A - poirce - - sponded and. found Che victim f the ".'telephone inside the station. Scattered on the floor were a number of $5 and 51 bills. . Seeing the police car drive - up,' the victim hung up Ihei'phone." "I've "been robbedj' he said. ?'He went that way,"' pointing west, he added, saying it was. a man wearing a stocking mask. He told the officer he had been stabbed, . and the police officer,' John E. 'Cook. immediately - rendered first aid. Sgt. Bill C. Hurley . arrived and took Halperin to the nearly Liz Taylor Are Reunited U Ramc!t&?' - - VJIW&VS ,'. - . " I Speaking with apparent deep! Vietnam War. had been leaked . JIOME fUPI) - A and - trembling Elizabeth - Taylor was - , reunited' today - with an equally nervous - Richard' Burton in this eternal: city where .their flaming romance that scandalized Italy was ignited 11 years ago during - the filming of the movie ''Cleopatra.'" There was a 'hug and .a kiss and - 'the'two - drove jn'td - Rome in a Rolls - Royce without - a' formaJ statement.' , . , - , The ' - , Burtons parted July' .3 when. - Miss Taylor.' walked - out of their New York'.hctei: suite with a - statement that she. had separated: but. hoped' - 'with - all her - heart - to. - return - to the man she;. loved. - . ". ? ;." UPI ' Senior Editor Robert .Muse!, - a longtime friend Wi the. Burtons. ." reported in. London that the ' temporary, separation was an. : expression . . - of .jiher concern ovcf''his - rflaose..'.intr heavy drinking. He is - reported' ;o Have "dried cut". since the Julv 3 Miss' Taylor,.. accompanied, by1. Mills .Memorial Hospital emergency ward. .. ' There ' the story and deserip - ,tion was - riven - police; but the victim, lapsed into deep shock after a few - word's. He: did tell police that the suspect, now sought for attempted murder. grabbed him at kiiife point and' escorted him into - the station. - thai the victim grabbed the knife with his left hand, that a - scuffle ensued, that the sus pect broke away, stabbed him in .the cnest ana ran ott. Police said they found some dues. and Burton two does and a cat, arrived in Rome aboard a .private., jet! today to patch up the marriage.1 She "had been in Los Angeles visiting 'her ailing mother and Burton had been in Moscow attending' a film festival.' Miss' Taylor stayed - aboard her' jet for more than 20 minutes before disembarking' to! meet Burton, who :iiad been waiting more than an hour in a green Rolls - Royce outside the airport. - - '... '..'' Miss Taylor - wore blue - jeans: a matchmg jean jacket - and glasses .as she strode through the' lounge toward - the :.waltine car. - Burton - ,: - wearing ..a - rea sports - 'jacket . and - ':a 1 white - - polo shirt.' did .'not leave .the. car1 to greet Ih'is - ' wife and nervously tapped : his fingers - ; on" 'the leather. iipholsterv, srlancing out the rear window. ..looking " for her,. ." A crowd of about 100 newsmen surrounded Miss Taylor . "as she walked toward1 the (Please See.Pflge l, Column ' Seen the Federal - . Government sin - ' gling - :OUt:..the.':beef. industry as the whi pping.' - '.boy. ' cattle, produ - . cei's are - ..somewhat, reluctant to expanit : .and - iiicrease. proditc - 1,! ' tioii.!'.'. '. - : . !l'.'":v ' - - v - : George :W.'Strath'e'arn, manager of. the CaliforuiBerf'Councfi warned: .''TlieW.lsaoodpMsi - :: bihty of marked beef rtarges and higher prices when tbe,U - Ving is Utted. 'nie'mdustry - heeds the freedom of the market place the ! law of supply and. der '! mand, - in or&r to. pro(ki;am: - pie supplies ; of :,l)eef , Gbverii - ' ment .panipulatipVaiidntwIs v may cause beet; pribes to in - - 1 crease' to a higher levels the : ,utur' than they . wouWhaye - .it controls had not beenlimposed." Nixon Scoffs at Suggestion He Might Resign ' WASHINGTON (UP I) - I President Uixon said today any suggestion, that he might resign the presidency is "just plain poppycock. :;Lct others wallow in Water gate,'' Nixon said with emotion. "We are going to do the job we were elected to do. " The President made the remarks in a spontaneous speech to a gathering of White House officials, suffers and secretaries on the steps outside; his Oval Office after leaving! Bethesda Naval Hospital where he had spent the last eight days! recovering - from viral pneumc - ! nia. On his - return to the White House in a motorcade frcm Bethesda in suburban Mary land, Nixon forcefully served notice to me country ana to his critics that he was staying in the White House. ''Some very well - intentioned: people think the burdens of the office ... . me rougn assaults bring on - illness." he said. "Some have suggested that I slow down . . . bome ivave suggested that 1 resign.". He then . declared, using a wave of his hand for emphasis: "Anv suggestion that this President is going to slow down or leave this office that he was elected to is just plain 'poppycock." - were going lo May on uuv 1 He added "We realize in this;,, - .. Ufilm rir Affah - s office, where the great decisions are goir.g to be made. that we must give the job. all It - was one - of the few. times that Nixon in person has mentioned Watergate, which has engulfed his administration former, top'advisers and aides , j t a,i,.,,nf.o L - nrMTiflHtwl emotion, Mxon made it c,ear Lake Tragedy Related By Survivor; 4 Drown YELLOWSTONE NATIONAI PARK. Wvj. .1 HI - Kim. Jones. 16, - chu; - ned for an hour in icy Yellowstone. - Lake urging a companion Explorer Scout to keep up with him in their Strug - , of his trek was made in dark - gle to reach shore. ness and he startled one bear - Bui Bob - 'Safran. 1G. grew tired! and 'desperate. "He .said,: 'Buddy, don't leave me,' and I - said. '1 won't.' Then I reached .back to help him. and he was gene and that was the last - I ever saw of - him." Jones said Friday in describing a deriiess ordeal in - which he ran 17 miles barefoot through - bear country to get - help lor his companions dying in the storm - swept lake. The teen - agers' were - members of .a Scout group which spt out Wednesdav to paddle across the lake' urcanoes and - kayaks. They were in the .middle:, of. the; lake when - a, storm ' struck. - Four. - of the nine all from - Albuquer que, N - M. drowned'. ' "We had just gotten to. the middleof the lake and it just'hk like - .a - i'bC'tnb:' - ' Jones said. dldn'f.know it - at ..the - time but the - : - . scattered; us all - over me iac .. ... - . ;'. "We; started'; Staking - on waiter. AWirst.Iwas - .really - scar'edtBob arid: I swam about a half - mile together and: - then he started really 'turnihg'' purple." " Jones , kep swimming. ' "fiverv time I ; would ' stop movingly arms', in the . - water they .woulcTfreeze - up; - . - ,.ne sara "i n old buddy, you'dl; better - keep moving because if vou - don!t; - .vouTe:;dead; " "I "remember1 crawlihE'uo.oh the shore and giving - thanks to that he was not going to be forced out of office .by the scandal. He led into his remarks by saying he was not going to follow his doctors' orders lo slow down nd get more rest. "I feel we have so little time in the position we have and so much to do. At the end of three and one - half years, when we Witness Tells Nixon's Fears On Watergate WASHINGTON (IfPI mer Assistant Attorney General Robert C. Mardian testified today that when the Pentagon Papers, were published. President Nixon believed ''his very ability to govern was threatened, the peace 'of the world was threatened.'. Mardian said Nixon directed him in San Clemenle. Calif., in July,. 1971. to get the so - called K - : - . t r. :ares from Assist - ml Director mViXn C Culliuan anri turn fhpm nVpr tn Adviser John D. Ebrlichman. Mardian testified the tapes recordings of telephone conver I - n(ad htfm authorifi by presidential recuest ot National Securit; Adviser Henry A. Kissinger. were made certain White House staffers and reporters to determine, how - .o pml God to be alive. I was harting pretty, bad. but I ran most of the IT miles to the ranger sts - tior." . Jones was barefooted and in the midst of bear country. Some Save C - This bear came . uo and slapped' the bottom of the tree with his - paw and dameci near knocked me out of it." said Jones,' v. - ho sat on a tree limb for an hour and the bear grew weary and wandered away. The teen - ager reached a rang er - station at neon Thursday Rangers returned1 to the lake and picked up four scouts who made it safely to shore. Drowned were Safran, Burris Wolsieffcr, 2G, Tom Gower. 16. and 'Darwin - ' Seamons micMOs. Of those 'Who struggled in the water; ' only. Jones' survived. Park '."rangers estimated' a person 'could stay alive 30 minutes hi", the. cold .'lake . water. But Jones' was in the water for about 90 minutes. i iews HELP! Column. today, may Births Business ... Classified.. Comics ... . Editorial 29 .... - 25 ..3(M0 t 26 18 .: . 19 .12 - 13 Features iGardens . Obituaries look back we don't want to feel that one day we might have done something more' for peace in the world. ".he said. The President said he was not trying to appear heroic. He said everyone in the White House "feels that way." Nixon was applauded enthusiastically as he delivered (Please See Page 2, Column 71 Median told the Senate Watergate committee's televised, hearings - that Sullivan had asked him what to do about "some very sensitive national security surveillance logs" in his possession. He said - Sullivan feared FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover "might use these tapes for itie purpose of preserving his position as director of the FBI," Mardian testified he was summoned to the Western White House by courier plane on a day's notice to meet with Nixon. There he said, Nixon (Please See Page 2, Column I) Liddy Balks At Oath: May Face Citation WASHINGTON' f AP) - Wa tergate conspirator &. Gordon Liddy retusea to tai;c mc cam before .a House . subcommittee today and Chairman Lucien Nedzi. D - Mlch.. said the panel would ""take all necessary steps to effect a citation" against Liddy for contempt or Congress. Nedzi. unose panel is investigating possible CIA connections to the Watergate scandal and other unlawful activities, said the' decision followed a very lengthy presentation by Liddy's attorney in which it was "argued that Liddy was" within his rights not to be sworn. Nedzi had said in - advance he. didn't expect Liddy to break his silence. "I guess everybody's heard rumors that Mr. Liddy is on the verge of making some ; statements. the Michigan Democrat said, "but T say thai without any official knowledge cl any kind." The Armed Services subcom - mjttee on intelligence had sub poenaed Liddy to testify about the burglary at the otlice ot Daniel Ells'berg's .psychiatrist. Br, Lewis Fielding. - Testimony has linked the CIA to equipment used in the burglary. Nedzi - said Liddy's lawyer. Peter A. Marouus. gave a half - (Please See Page 2, Column 21 Index he found on Page 5. Peninsula News 27,! 28 Restaurants, Clubs ..15 - 17 Sports ......... Stocks '. rV"; Radio Theaters - .. 21 - 23 .24 14 1(1 - 11 4 7 - 9 Women's News..

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