The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1966 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1966
Page 5
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ft* Oft* - Myflnyfllt (Art.) Cburte Vm - totunUy. October «. MM CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION -AD cUiiffled MhrerUflni ««' be ID t»y 4 p.m preceding day ot Mbllcattw except tot Monday'* bine when Ad» ami b* IB be- fare MM Saturday. nB .. „,, Minimum ctaift .......... »\j™ l'gS.*S, IS *«"::::•• •64 CHEVROLET Impala'Con- vertible V8, automatlo trani., nW ? actual miles, dark blue, black top, radio and heater, white •ideiraU Urea, deaths . •Month per Un« '3 Un« m1nlnv im Count tour wottf* to ardma for On* or MW» Todttopp*! Mfon «»tr»- irll) »• cnuvrt to, Uu number ofUme. 3» »d .ppMnd «n<l Sjurtraent! of Mil mid«. Cub »• Und» Soft b».t>le*«<! «P •" wn ' Al?*' clMBfWl KlvMtlilM «>W murt oVnteeomMiiled W ;•«> £ct« may t» easflj computed from -*• t-B tablft. he -*• t-B a. AdTBrtUlng onttroa lot imfuJ" Vertlon take tha on* 4ma .ttble A proper ctaMlIled ttyle «nd type KeOourler News reeerwi the rl»bt to edit or reject u» ed. (Notice: Iw» Doe* ot a •tending classified advertisement may Ae changed in an; 3May period at • •charge of 69 centi. When additional changes are required, the advertisement wiD be billed as a new ad- jertteemeat.) 8369 MB ENJOY wearing ftese happy •.combinations o! separates that will give yoyn a total fashion look many times over. Pair off : a shirt and jacket or change to pants for the livelier look! No 8369 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18. Bust 30% to 38. Size 11, SIMi bust jacket, 2V< yards of 45"; skirt, 1% yards of 45"; pants, 2 yards of 45". • DON'T MISS the '66 Fall and Winter issue of Basic FASHION, cur complete pattern magazine. 50 cents. Send 50c tor cadi pattern. -*To Order Mail To:— Blythevillc Courier New Pattern Depr. 723 407 South Wacktr Or. Chicago, Illinois 60607 Name ..,....•.......••••••••••••• Addrea ,.• Stole *. Zip...... Pattern Ha. Sin Fashion Book D for Hist elaa nailing aU Me ftr eac/i pattern. SKILLED SERVICE DIRECTORY ^Adding MMhiMt Underwood — Olivetti Sales - Services - Rentals Business Machines Co. 2008 W. Main PO 8-8991 *-ao ok t Attention* * tailoring. Udl«» & men. Work guirentted. Qladyi Biker Ml Summit. PO 3-8997. t-U pk 10-14 "Appliance Rifini$hinjf tuteb eld to a**. Color •pwtel- to. «> ««.. . P-. - Auto Uphobftry CWhM Uiw CENTRAL MOTOR SALES Open 'til 9 PM Daih 63 PONT1AO v»t»Una 2 dooi H.T, nydrammtte, radio mnd beater, power steering and brake*, white tidewall tire*. cnaUm red leather Interior neeptionaUf nice ear .. »129» •6t CHEVROLETS. Unpalaa, t door B.T.'s, full power and air conditioner, low mileage, exceptional!? clean, guaranteed and all ue low bargain priced. Hear the Ark. State-m-La. tech game on KLCN-FM radio Sat. night at 7:30. '65 CHEVROLET Super Sports Convertible, power steering and brakes, white sidewal) Urn, radio and beater, low mileage .......... ...... SKI '61 CHEVROLET station wagon, 6 passnger, automatic, white wall tires ....... $1295 •84 OLDS 4 door H.T., full power and factory all conditioner, automatic trans, exceptionally clean, low mite- age, local car, new ear trade- in, foul! have to tee this cu to appreciate It •63 CHEVROLET tapal» eoa- ;ible, 327-V8 engine, radio and heater, automatic black, real clean trans., $1495 •85 VOLKSWAGEN folly equipped including afr conditioner, Low mileage, one owner ...................... KW See One of These Men Today: *Jobn Nelson * Claude Williams * W.C. "Dub" Colston * Bruce Ritchey Equipment Rental BuIWoier-FTont-Btt* So* Air Compressors Ou & Electric Welders Wneelbarrows-Pic&s & Shoveto Water Pumps Heary Jacis - Cranes Trucus & Bandwrenchei Carpenters Tools Plumbers Mechanical Toon Yard & Garden Tools Wheelchair * Bollaway Bed Ask for anything not Usted rh FO 3-8292 or PO 3-3738 Kelton Francis FRANCIS AND POE 'Foam Robber ^ , ALL SIZES, GIL- Insurant* Call PO 3-4553 For Complete insurance Protection ?.J. POLLARD AGENCT Planned Protection Btrtbertlle Pedeni Bulldlnf Outboard Motor* Bxpert outboarc ttotor WABE III «P»1M. E Mai HABB- 10-8 ct tl Painting All painting guaranteed Call Barto Jackson. PO 3-7352. Ely., Ark. 8-2 pt 11-3 Ptcans ftaaa lor rell s pecins erected. Julclns Farm. 895-3013. 4-3 ct O Rug Cleaning . GENdAL BUS CI.EANEK8 We clean wall to wall carpets, other rugs, tile & hardwood. Also uoholatery. David Bonner, PO 3-1539. P 8-23 p* 10-2' Peerless Bug Cleaners pickup & Dellrery Service 119 8. PnnaiB - P". PO 2-M33 Sandblasting ISVWW W> remoTt run. eorrooon, 010 ptlnt and etc., from metal b» «ana- blaotlnff No item too large or tmoU J»o. 0. Seat Covers SEAT "COVERS, ?12.50 & UP INSTALLED, GILBERTS 600 E. MAIN, PO 3-6742. 8-21 ck 10-H Scotic Tank Service X clean septic tanks, cea pools, grease traps and sewer lines. All work guaranteed. Gene Nuckles 2007 W. Vine, BlytheviUe, Ark. Ph. PO 3-1482 8-20 pk 10-20 Structural Steel Wire rope, new & used angle pipe, plate. Channel, etc. Blythe- vtllii Iron & Metal PO 3-6836. 4-22 ok a Upholstering Custom upholstery of furniture & complete auto trim. Factory trained upholsters, 1 to 2 day service on furniture upholstery, 4 hr. service on seat covers. POTTS ITP- HOLSTEEt SHOP. 1415 Laurent St. Caxutherslvllle, Mo. ED 3-1316. 0-15 pk 10-16 Vacuum Cleaner* Ktrby Sales £ Service Martha Jordan - PO J-22«7 800 W. Moultrles 10-8 pk 1J-B Klrby Vacuum Cleaners. Call lor free home demonstration. Sadie Jordan. FO 3-3878 0-23 pk 10-23 ""Venitian Blind Work" Venetian blinds repaired. Gordon Harrli, 817 Chtckasawba St. PO 32898. 9-24 pk 10-24 Per Rent Furs. 5-rm. house & bath. Fenced back yard. 30! E. Kentucky, (80 per month. PO 3-4439 or PO ,1.821)2. 10-8 ck U 1-Mrm. house trailer on Cherry St. On private lot. »30 mo. PO 31843. 10-B ck tf POft ROTT—920 KIM high trade land. J. H. Oathlnn, Luitora, Ar' «W pk 114 3-bdrm. houH, wither conn. OM teat. Tub ind (hewer. 10J8 Me Htn«7 ftd. PO 2-4222. 10.8 ek tf 10x80 2-bdrm. trailer. Avill Oct. 10. PO 9-4IM or PO 14414. sntarln IINteT Court. 104 pk 104 3 bedroom, kltchen-dc-i, brick home. Good location 3 blocks Irom Falrvlew school, phone PO 3-2321. 10-7 dh 10-12 3 bdrm. house unf. newly decorated. Good eond. 511 Delmar, PO 3-6003 10-5 pk 11-6 Nic« little house, well built. So Division. In city limits with city water. Ideal for small family. Purn or unluu. PO 3-«261 Or PO 2-2223 10.5 ok « 2 bedrm. unfurn. 831 E. Walnut, f! PO 3-6040. house, ?90 mo. 10-4 ck tf 4 rm. house. 1906 W. Vine. PO 37414 or PO 3-2350 10-3 ck H 4-rm. turn, house. PO 3-1687. 10.1 ck 10-9 3-bedroom house trailer, completely furnished. Call PO 3r0942. 10-4 pk 10-12 Unfurnished 3 rooms & bath. Duplex apt. Also parking space for two trailer* on private lot. Call PO 3-8457. 10-4 pk 11-3 6 rm. & 4 rm. furn. apts. Gas heat. 623 W. Walnut PO 2-2319. 10-3 pk 10-11 3 room furnished house with shower. PO 3-6272. S-30 pk 10-31 Pum. house 52014 Park, Avail. Oct. 8. $65 mo. PO 3-eS67 or PO3-6878 9-28 ck tf 1—3-bdrm house. FO 3-8780. 9-22 pk 10-22 2 bdrm. mobile home. Mathls Trailer Ct. South Hwy. 61. 9-21 ck tf One bedroom trailer, close to base. LE 2-8129. 9-20 pk 10-21 4 room furn. house ?50 mo. LE 2-8251. 9-20 pk 10-28 2 bedroom furnished nous* $60 per mo. PO 3-0422, 3-7919. 9-14 pk 10-14 6 rooms & bath at Gosnell, $1200 equity. Pymts. $42.04. Loan $2822.22 LE 2-5854. 9-13 pk 10-14 Tjnfurn. house, 5 rooms • A bath 405 East Rose. PO 3-9130. 9-9 pk 10-10 2-3 room furn. apte. Utilities . PO 3-6417 or PO 3-6304. 8-8 pk 10-9 4 rm. unfum. house with bath $40 mo. FO 3-«738. 8-13 ck tf Unfum. house A newly decorated ipt PO 3-9225. 4-9 ck tt New 2 bdrm trailer. Arcadia Motel 5-24 cS tl 2 BH mobile home. Close in town Wt. furn. PO 3-3331 or FO 2-2112. 12-17 ck tt Per Rent—Apartments ^ large fum. rms. Lights, gas water pd. Private bath, couple only. $68 per mo or $18 week. PO 3-3483 or PO 3-8452 10-7 ck tf 3 room furn. apt. Couple only 701 Chlckasawba, PO 3-9311. 10-7 cK tf 2-room modem furn. apt. tjtl. furn. 1 person $12.50 per week, 2 persons $15.00 per week, 3 persons $17.50 per week. Also 3-rm modern furn. apt. utl. furn. $22.50 per wk. Call PO 2-2112 or PO 3-3331. 10-6 ck tf 3-room furn. apt. close In. Call PO 3-6387. 10-6 ck tf 3-rm. fum. apt. $17.50 a week, Utl. fum. PO 3-4645. 10-8 pk 10-13 2 rms furn. $27.50. 2 bdrm. trailer $15 week PO 3-9029. 10-5 pk 10-13 Newly decorated 3 brirm. furn. duplex. Nice location. PO 3-7366 or PO 2-2553. 10-5 pk 10-21 Fum. 1 bedrm. duplex 1112 W. Alb. PO 3-9175. 10-5 pk 11-S Nice 3 rms with bath fum. cottage. No children or dogs. Ill E. Davis St. PO 3-4050. 10-5 ck tf Nicely furn. 4 im. duplex. 1703 Hearn. PO 2-2440. 10-4 pk 10-12 Nice 4-rm. fum. apt. Washer conn. 324 Dounn, FO 3-4630. 8-27 ck tf 3 room furn. apt. Air cond. & utl. $75 month Phone day FO 3-6961, nights PO 3-4791 9-27 ck tf Modern 2-bdrm & den duplex apt. Unfurn. $70; turn. (90. Day PO 30954, night* 3-6247. 6-27 ck tf Nice 2-bdrm. duplex, newly decorated Inside and out. Hearn Street, FO 3-7414, FO 2-1843 or PO 2-2350. «-24 ck tf 5-rm. unfum upstairs. Gas heat, garage, screen porch. Excel, cond. Ideal location for 1 or 3 adulta. 201% K. 9th. PO 2-29Z1. 9-7 ck tf Efficiency apt. complete!; turn uuS equipped. Utt. turn. By day week or month. PO 1-8108. 1-21 ek tf Modem fum. apt,, 3 rm, and bath, gat equipment, air conditioned. Couple only. F. Slaon. Ph. PO 3-3181 or FO 3-SJ73. 1-17 ek tf a BK turn. not,, u Ml Boy UMeTfO utl, .fum. Drum- i-t e* u Per Sale Old Town Caooe, foM ccndinoa 0411 PO «474t, 10-4 9k 11-4 Service Specials! BRAKE ADJUSTMENT IdjiHt brake Ihoei. felt Brakes Inspect arake Llnlnis, Inspect H;a. System. SHOCKS 2 51988 For 10 Guaranteed 24 Months or 24,000 Miles [•(STALED FREE «o Hone; Down—$1.25 Wk. WHEEL ALIGNMENT $C8S Correct Caster, Camber, lot-IB Top-Out. Center Stesrlnf, Adjiut Steering. Most Americans Can 17.50 wttb At> cond. '5 BRAKES RELINED Most $1O'& Cars 10 No Money Down—S1.2S Wk M acres uusiHippl county- IT miles touts ot Uanlla. IT acres cotton allotment. HIM bouse all in cultivation. Priced af 118,000. con- tsct Jim Earls. PO Box M, Blythe- vllle or caU PO 3-4350 or PO 31631. 8-19 ck 10-11 BEAUTIFUL BRICK HOME ! bedrooms,. > batns.. lane den with flreplaw Lot 134x11! tt. 1316 W. Walnut Call or see Harvey Morris. PO 3-8101. »•» <* O 330 N. Broadway—Phone PO 3-8116 "PLENTY FRH PARKING" 1966 Honda cycle, 300 Dream, 4 months old. Must sell, Sacrifice MOO Day PO 3-4528 or night PO 3-0928 10-7 ck 10-12 1955 Trl-Pacer. 150 HP-custom, 15 hrs., since major over haul. Fiber glass wings & tall section. PO 37416 Price $3200.00. 10-5 pk 10-13 Victorian couch, rose antique velvet upholstery with ladies & gentlemens chair to match. Perfect condition. Antique walnut drop front desk, reflnished. Mrs. Ray Harrison, PO 3-4128. 10-5 pk 10-10 Must sell - 1065 37 i 8 coronado Mobile Home. PO 2-9048. 10-5 pk 10-13 Shetland pony. 5 years old, saddle and bridle real gentle to children. Phone PO 3-7277 or night PO 3-9453. 9-1 ck tf John Deere 951 2-row cotton picker. Only picked 328 bales cotton. 6 steel bed cotton trailers to go with picker. Phone OIj 5-81B5 Wilson, Ark.. KE 7-4204 Joiner, Ark. 10-5 ck 11-5 ELECTROLUX Grady Lw - PO 3-9585 10-4 pfc 11-S 2 bale cotton trailer, good cond. $135. PO 3-847S. 10-4 cfe tf A K C Reg. minature poodle puppies. $60 LE 2-5639. 10-3 pk 10-11 Cub scout uniform complete outfit. Good cond. PO 3-0885. 9-30 pk tf 85 eat steel enrusge carrels, free deliver; PC 3-7161 «3 1-3 ct tl Used refrig., deep freezes, T.V.'s stores, washing machines. Used parts, new antennaes, $10.95. FIRST CURVE EAST MAIN 9-28 to 10-28 WATER POMPS Sales ana service ror uouia Deming Lero and Modern Water softeners Hubbard Hardware 213 W Main Oak standards for truck & trailer heds Williams Machine Shop Steele. Mo. 9-26 pk 10-26 Antique coaches, table, trunks, chairs, beds, silver wear, round bacfc trunks all kinds of .used furniture. Repossessed meat & drink boxes, reach in coolers. We buy antiques & used furniture. 2 miles south of Coca Cola Bottling Co. Blythevllle Trading Post on Elm St. PO 3-7228. 9-22 pk 10-22 Electrolus, tne best In home care ecmipment. also a fine commercial cleaner. Grady Lee, PO 3-9585. 9-20 pk 10-21 36 ft. grain trailer. Call PO 3— after 5 pjn. . 9-17 pk 10-18 Practically new refrigerator, stove other household Items. PO 3-9363. One row International cottoi 1 picker ready to pick. Take up pay mente. PO 3-3061. 9-12 pk 10-1 Due to a. full time Job forced to sell good business at cost grossing appr. $50,000 Will net appr, 310.000. PO 3-9740. 9-12 pk 10-12 Used truck tires, various sizes, reasonable. Seckham Moving Storage. 9-9 ck tf Money ordem, City Drug. 7 days per week. 3-3 cfc W Household goods for sale. Refrigerators, stoves, 2 end tables, 2 table lamps, 1 Blodgett Pizza oven, double burner. All very. reasonable. Beckham Moving & Storage. PO 38923. 8-19 ck tf FOR SALE ELECTROLUX Vacuum Cleaners: Floor Polishers and Bug BhampooerB, or for service call or write, GEORGE BROWNINO Phone Webster 2-9630. 820 Valley Drive, Jonesboro. 9-8 pi: 10-9 Rye grass for winter • lawna Byrum Hdw. 116 E. Main. 8-19 ck 10-19 Used REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL & WHITE 807 W Main Cull hen*. Me. HainD Egg F-arm PO 3-7960. 3-8 ck tl 2 way radio system. PO 3-8057 or PO 3-7999. 9-15 pk 10-15 Dog houses, porch swings, bird houses reas. George Narx, 201 N. 22nd. St. PO 3-6738. 8-12 pk 10-12 We make p ; ; .-"BM-tio copies. Money loaneci .-n diamonds. We buy old gold nogs. O'Steen'n Jewelry 105 W. Main. Used , Pngioau-ft atnom^tlc wash- are. Used Maytag washers All rtrtctls guaranteed. 8ALSBLL A WHTIB 307 W. UalD For Sal* Real 3-bedroom furn. bouse with room for Beauty Shop (or can be used for den). PO 3-8068. 925 E. Main. 10-8 pk 10-12 221 BAST KENTUCKY. LIVING BOOM, DINING ROOM, KITCHEN. AND TWO BEDROMS. TWO FULL BATHS. PAYMENTS ONLY $37.67 BUY EQUITY AND ASSUME PRES. ENT LOAN. 1023 APAMS- 14 MORE YEARS TO 00 ON THIS 41J% V.A. LOAN AND THIS THREE - BEDROOM HOME IS YOURS. NEAR ALL SCHOOLS. QUIET STREET AND GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD. 2400 KENWOOD. TWO BEDROOMS, NICE LIVING ROOM AND LARGE KITCHEN & DINING AREA. LARGE FENCED BACK YARD. HAS GARDEN SPACE, TOO. PAYMENTS ABOUT $75.00. HAVE SOME SELECT INCOME PROPERTY, TOO. BUY A DUPLEX AND LET ONE SIDE HELP PAY FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE. RAYMOND ZACHERY, REALTOR 420 PARK ST. PHONE PO 3-8815 ONE BLOCK WEST OP THE POST OFFICE 10-8 pk 10-20 FOR SALE 132 S. Cresent - 2 bedroom and den liA baths, brick home with carport Payments $112.98. Buy equity and take over loan. 1925 Hearn - 2 bedroom, largs den dining room. You may buy equity on low interest or refinance for $525 down. 1012 Pecan - Buy this equity for $950.00, be close to schools, on i paved street, have a roomy housi and have a payment of only $91.76 903 N. Parkslde - It's brtct, has fenced yard, 3 bedroom. Large kitchen and dining room Big utility room plus outside storage. $525 will handle. IN MANILA — Large ble home on corner lot with double garage only tvro years old. Three bedrooms and study, carpeting, drapes, air conditioned, well cared for home. By appointment. $33,00.00 MaxLogan Realtor Botcdd B. Knop, Salesman Hits PO 3-4233 Milton Snow. Salesman Nlte PO 3-4613 10-7 Ck 10-15 160 wooded acres - spring water no buildings. Partly fenced. Good hunting. 5 miles north Ravenden Springs, Ark. $32.00 per acre PO 3-8769. 10-5 pk 10-1,' 2 bdrm. house, 1508 W. Hoi:. Buy equity and assume pymts., $75 mo. DR. garage, breezeway & yard PO 2-2S71. 10-3 pk 11-4 2 bdrm, pannelled den & kit, LR <fc DR comb. Small equity, pymts S72.68 mo. 385 Summit, PO 3-7733, 10-3 pk 11-4 5 rm house, 317 Walker Blvd. 9-22 pk 10-22 160 Acres—Walter Palmer cedar 6-8998, Paragould, Ark. after 6 p.m 9-29 pk 10-29 57 acres land, 50 ft. W. of Highway 55 S. of Steels. Jenkins Farm 695-3612. 4-3 ck tf FOR SALE SAVE ALL CLOSING COST and take advantage of LOW INTEREST RATE LOAN by purchasing one of the following homes: 3 BR and Den, l 1 ,^ bath, less than 1 blk. from grade school. Pmts. $100.37 includes all taxes and Ins. EQUITY $850.00. Nice 3BR brick, !',< bath!. Home In excellent condition. Pmts. $86.00. GI loan established. Best location to town. EQUITY S750.00. 2BR and Den brick. Recently redecorated inside and out. Possession Oct. 1st. Pmts. S89.83. EQUITY $600. Lovely 3 BR two story home with den 114 bath, central air cond., built-in range and oven. & many other modern features. Owner will trade for smaller hame. Call for apt. We have several larger homes In the $20,000 plus catagory located North Central and No., west sections. Shown by apt., only. Call for Information. KEMP WHISENHUNT Realtor Mi «M eut ruuacini. to build I LO 9-MM. OM«ala. For Sal* Cart & Trucks 1862 Volks Good cond. new engine $695. Day PO 3-452S or night PO 30989. 10-7 ck 10-23 '58 Dodge 3/4 T. pickup »350. PO 3-T40S. 10-4 pk 10-9 1953 Dodge pickup. Phone PO 3-6976. 10-4, dh U Take up payments on 1063 Falcon Sta. Wag. Good • cond. will take older car or pick-up for equity. See at Parker St. Manila. William Russell P.O. Box 542. g-14 dh tl Pn. PO Jo« Whisenhunt, Salesman Nlte Ph. PO 3-1660 Kemp Whisenhunt. Jr.. Salesman Nlte Ph. PO 3-8833 BUI Haney Salesman Nite Ph. PO 3-8872 9-23 ck tf 2 barm, 1 batn, den (extra bdrm), modern kitchen with bullt-lns well located to all schools at 709 Adams St. $2,300 equity -,nd assume 814% PHA at $108 mo. Drapes and window air cond. included. PO 3-1631 for appointment to show. S-22 pk 10-22 Immediate possession, 218 Walker Street. 3 bdrm. brick, 2 baths. Located 1$ block off East Main. Well shaded back yard. Malcolm Greenway PO 3-7070. 9-20 ck tt SEEDING AND DEFOLIATING BY AIR EOR MORE PROFITS JOHN BRIGHT FLYING SERVICE CALL JO 4-2475 1961 Volks. Excel, cond. New engine. $695. PO 3-0624. 0-21 pk 10-18 Help Wanted Female We need help for our fabulous fall & Christmas business. No Investment, no delivering. Age 18 to 80, car necessary. Sarah Coventry Inc. PO 3-1763. 9-20 to 10-20 Car hops, experience nol necessary, we will train, must apply in person, Kream Kastle Drive-In, 112 N. Division. 10-8 ck tt Male~ Farm labor wanted. Exper. tractor driver. Good pay. good living conditions. E. E. Elam, Tomato Ark. Call PO 3-7570. 9-12 pk 10-13 Electronics repairman. Large loca retail coop. High school & experience required. Employee benefits i; advancement opportunities. Writ- Box W.W. c/o Courier News. 9-30 ck 10-31 Help Wanted Male or Female WANTED—Man or lady who cares lor their lamtly.' wants the liner things in life not content with $100 per week. Wants their own business ran be their own boss. For interview write M. P. Taylor, Boi 37S or CaU WE 2-4969 Jonesboro. 8-3 ck tf Situation War.fed Will do child care In my home 410 Summit. PO 3-3809. 9-13 Pk 10-1! Lost & Pound f*~~^, —. — ~— f-~~. Lost — billfold on Davis Important papers. Call PO 3-1946 after 3 p.m. Reward 10-5 pk 10-13 Lost $80.00 at William Haynes Groc. Store Monday. Reward. Call Mary Warren, PO 2-2867. 10-5 dh tf LOST—Brown & white beagle pup. Sore on right back leg. Reward. PO 3-4743. 8-22 pk 10-22 Notice Mobile home for rent, extra large 2-bdrm., $85 . mo. Two repossessed. taXe up payments. Several other units and rental purchase plans. Hannon & Eons Mobile Home Sales PO 3-6840. 10-8 ck 10-12 Now! Never Clean Your Toilet Again! ipuraSani does it for you automatically! $1.98 Economy Size Scientific DuraSanl cleans your toilet for you — automatically! Simply hang it inside (lush-tank. Each flush releases exclusive formula Into bowl. Special detergents, silicones. To prevent hard, water rings, keep bathroom air pu«— fresh! OuraSani tints water sanitary blue al it works for you. Cleans! Deodofies: 100% guaranteed. Must keep your toilet clean automatically—or every Benny back. Harmless to septic tanks. Non totie. Get OuraSani today — niver clean your toilet again—ever! — ORDER TODAY — 2008 W. Chickasawba Phone PO 3-1766 , Your LEADERS LANE NOWELL JACK EMERY These two men were leaders in new and used car sales for the month of September at Bob Sullivan Chevrolet-Cadillac Company. Mr. Nowell was a leader in New car sales and Mr. Emery was a leader in OK Used car sales. For the best deal possible on a beautiful new '67 Chevrolet or an OK used car see one of these men today .... They have your car and your terms. See the Beautiful new CAMARO by Chevrolet now on display. BOB SULLIVAN CHEVROLET-CADILLAC CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone PO 3-4578 Manila Sehool Dist. 15 will accent bids on the Brinkley (Lost Cane) School property. Three dwelling houses, one brick school building, one gymnasium and one water pumping -system. All buildings tfill have to be moved. Land will not be sold. Supt. Roy Asnabranner, Manila. Ark. will accept the bids - bids will be opened 10:00 A.M. Thursday October 13. Board reserves the right to reject any or and all bids. 8-7 ck B-15 HODGE BROS. SHOES Shoes, handbags, hose & hats. fl53 E. Main. Open until 8 p.m. Frl. 10-1 ck tf I am responsible only for the debts contracted by myseU. Arnold C. Benson. 10-1 pk 10-10 NEW LOCATION. Anderson's Coal Co. S. Elm St. PO 3-9607. Delivery anywhere, town or country. 9-24 pk 10-25 Will do child care In my home. PO 3-9063, 1031 Hardln. 9-30 pb 10-31 Tbe MlsslBElppi Countj OnlOL Mjsslon needs your surplus clotblcg housetsld items, Hardware, rum- Iture, etc. Pleate call PO 3-8380 o: ring to 410 E ^aln 4-18 cSc tl I buy, sal] and trade old coins ill Demon PO 3-4395 5-18 ck tf LEDBETTERS DISCOUNT SHOES AIR BASE HIGHWAY 3-11 Ck tt Warned Man or woman with good car or truck to deliver motor route for the Courier News. $100.00 per monih above expenses. Call Ted Brown PO 3-4461. 10- 7 dh 10-13 Wanted to Buy WANTED: Used furniture. HalseU i; White. Ph. 3-6096 or PO 2-2045. Private Rooms Bdrm. in private hora«. PO 3-3395 10-7 ck tf Room & hoard. 115 W. Ash. Mrs. Cassidy. 9-19 pk 10-20 Private rm. & doubls rm., men only. Ill E. Davis. PO 3-40508-17 ct « A special gland between the eyes of the sea turtle rids its body of salt absorbed from food taken at sea. Robert Myers Plumbing • Central Heat & Air • Chain Link Fence • Plumbing e 5 Yr. Financing FREE ESTIMATES Phone PO 3-7243 -ELECT Jimmie Your Progressive Mayor Election Tuesday, November 8 (Pol. Ad Paid For By Jtaimle Edwards'! Dealer in Manila, Ark. Drive a Few Mile! SAVE A LOT OF DOLLARS Biggest Selection! Biggest Bargains! In This Entire Area! Home Laundry Equipment 25 Models To Choose From • Demonstrator models are in OPERATION on our display floor! Let us show you how they operate! Choose from, Top Loaders. Front Loaders, Under-Counter Models Stack-ons, Single or Multi-speed Models! If it's THE BEST in HOME LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT... WE HAVE IT J Pay a Few Pennies a Day on Our Easy Terms!

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