The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1931
Page 3
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TUF>l)AV. JUNE 1C, 1931 BLYTHEyiLLR, JARK.) COURIER NEWS On Dr, Morgan's Cooperative Farm LIFE JE FBi Hieiv Jobs Permanently Gene They Learn New 'Iracles and Feed Selves. 1 , H\- XKA Service niliV.INGHAM. Ala. — A man who. as a motherless boy. left the <!iu;;v coal mine vlllnces tint dot the hills around Birmingham and IcWiht his own v.-av npw:i.-<l In thr v.-orlil, has rioue hack to hh pec- pi:- v;ith one of the. i.lranp?st relief i'Xi;e:i!iK-nU that hns come on ol (his jobless CM a ol depress)C!1. He is Rev. \Viiii.ini T. Morgan, paster of ti'.? Fiiii- Cumberland ricsbyteriau Church of this city, v.-l-.o hrji taken K\xn himrelf the trv.k ol Khabllitatini: unemployed coal mini-is whore families faced Tli"ir jobs nre rvrmuncv.lly efne, he says. Thr-ro isn't uiiy chance to set them Inrl:. because time.; havn i-haiHjod. Tile wltoiv use of IMS pumped from Lcuisi- nra fii'lds has cut do;ui the con- su-.iplior. of teal. Railroads, former lar^e consm-icrs, have suffered lieavily frcm bus nnd Irur-k competition. Mills ami faclor:>?s are turning to hydroelectric power. A3 Itic result, mnny mines have closed and a number have already teen lleinj T:\iijlit Xeiv Trades So Dr. Morgan is out- cf train these ccal miners, practically none of whom know any other trade, how tn mnko a livins for thcm- re'.vcs and their f^milx-3 at o'.er jobs-. On a 10-acre tract purchased with funds donated by nirmlng- liam friends, he lies put 200 men to work on a cooperative farm—because the ir.^n and their families must be fed while they arc going to school. Then men are growing enough beans, tomatoes, peas ?.n<! o(h?r vegetables for their current use while their women are fteltln: ready lo can Hie surplus to feed Ihe colony next winter. Rciirjh buildings fire b:uig con- T.spical coal miners whose jobs are permanently gone are shown at the upper left, while below ar some of these men growiiv; fcod for themselves and Ihelr families. Upper rinht I over left, Hev Morgan. right are the farm cooks aiv people debi.s of gratitude of 50 years standing. As a boy, I grew up in these hills'. Mother died. when she was 20 and I v,as throe. ! Father, who worked in the mines.! was helpless in the care of a small' boy. Many days 1 played about tile mine while \v worked. Other days I roamed the hills, learning to swear and to fight. "Hungry often, and with j jurkdlL-'.Iim. tne.inwhllo. over plpn- '• jliiu's. express companies and wire | rt-iiimimirnlions, but Us contiol In! | thus- lii-Ms Is very limited mid has' |Ut-f:i rxrriixt lo no v.reul cxli-iii.' i - Kiilrly ncls, however, have b?- ' rcimi- iLi-rriisinsly druMIc anil their; I inlcir.Miicnt by (lie I, C. C. iiic-i i j lx\'n followed by n lii'nu-ndna'; u 1 -! jdiitlliui in I'.iihx-d nccldnils. Aulo, | |inulii-. ii.iln control devices and! .Continued from ,,,ge One, i KSr?"i?Zi£ri \ ••' notation of orders wns pin nt • glues (mind defective bv nvnnih-' l(f ''KM a day. Hacked liy UICM- pi'J-j.slon liisncUori has dr-crt-avd laim''™ s !i-iis ami ralsetl from Its ori^l- ;il ::u of five- to seven, i • cuiniHlRsicm plowed Into Its lask X',000 lo 1U.OOO and the nuuib-r of accidents clue lo n! .-hmved Hint It mranl buslines.! 2 " i r Ihe w:ir mid tin- pi-rlcd ot' ftiulls has dropped Irom i;:io n; rniiH-iit cotilrol the Transpijrta- '.u Arl of 1920 |;avi' the I. C. C. s primer lo Ilx nilulmum as well s maximum rate. 1 ,—dr.sinned to ••'"•'. r.'.te iviir; nnd wiistoftil com- v'.liicn. its cfliitrnl over security •MII-.- nnd the conslriicllon ov l::iiukv.nneiil of lines, its Miix?rvl- 'IIK nvi-i 1 luterlockiiiij dlrectorales nd Us insiiuctions lo recapture lali uf lallrund earniiiBs over G :< i cent last -yrar the I. C. C. oIliTlcd S200.0DO lu Ones ami sent nvrnl men to prison for various :r<iisos. Italic Silfcly AHs The coiiimi.wlon has been (jlveli TOMOltltow: Tin 1 lu-rs nr llu> I. C. C. TAW.f.T TO IKlN'OIt NIIJISI-: WINUY, (tll)il'l will Ix- siiimiu'i in [lie lm> 1,1 tin? In 'Onnllmii'd (roin pam one) iuii'ii'ii wr-nkm-ss'.'s which com.- Mi;h llv; failure of probity In Hie raiduct ol public Inist. Mnm-cuy trs-, or even the shock lu moinl M-mlbllltios Is perhaps u |KI:,.^IIV] tiling, lint the breaking :luwn of lln- fiilth of n jwople In I!'.' iu.iii'MV of ihi-tr government and In tin- integrity of their In- Mil in ions, the lowerlnii of respect for tin- ifmid.mln ft honor which I life In that sulrll, mill In thai splr- "".it we pay tribute to his memory.'^ Coj^s Cautioned lo Handle ,'. Typewriters Less Roughly "•" j liOSTON, mj>) — Henvyhnudcd 'jUoiton police nfflcors must .treat their tyiKwrllcrs imnchlnes, not . I girls) more Kditly. Heccnl general orders Irom PO;, lice Commisslouer Euf.cnc 0. Hulti* • man conltiinrd this uAiio'iiitlon: "Considerable damane has been, caused by the o)H-rators ppundlng . keys tco hard. This destructive' i practlc,? must stop. Oon't pound"" the OTTEK TltlO UKi:S IIOTT1.E ' MEMPHIS, iUI>>— Three young' ' oltas. discovered by •'-.' Howaml Crrnslmw wlillc picnicking near" ' MS, (Ui'i--A lirou/.e piovaii In lil |; li places, are crimes 1 dedicati-d lu-re this, for whi,-h |iiinlshtuenl can ilev.^r. iraunry of n hi-ro-i SIUIMI-." | of. Mr. iTnover do:«;rll)C(l Ifantlm! IS18. The woiiiini lo be hnnorcd us a of "imj'.onatc pitrlol- face and clothes dirty. Aunt Teni- sity." (Continued from' Page Onei rnd credits "far below any neces- pie took me to her lion.™ nnd fed bathed me and spanked me for flslitiiiG." Aunt Temple, though black in- Says Revival AVill Cnme "Over 05 per cent of our families have cither an income or a breadwinner employed." he said. slead of white, was a mother to "Our people are working Imrd and that small boy and Dr. Morgan! are resolutely enjaged, Individual- still loves her as such. An old col- !y and collectively, in overliauliut- or,?d "mammy" now—and dressed and improving their methods and wfallh. a decrease in poverty, nn n fi-eat reduction In crime. Ai Dils p!i>!> will be carried out if we Just keep 0:1 giving Hie American people a chance. It.s impulsive force is In the character anil L-iJiitl of our pt:o]ilc. Thev have iilrcady dout a better job for 120.- OOO.OUO people ll'.nn any other nation In all history." ST. I.OUIS COSTS DOWN ST. LOUIS. (UP)—The cost ol living here is less than it, has been since 1D17, according to a study made by the Chamber of Commerce research department. The estimate showed the average cost ]wr family is SI,205 a year, compared with 31,130 In June, 1017. The peak was in Jim;, 1020. him. But they say liut old Aunt Tcmpic is the proudest of all. erously furnisUed by a mine com- pan^ for llO'.lsillir the colonists. l,e.lrnin» tn Read anil \Vrilc Most of all. every man. -.vniran and chilri who d'jc-s not know rum lo r.-?5d and \vrlLe will be so taught. Thsie ^ill aim be cportunlties for more advanced education. Everv man v.'orkinc on the ct>- oiK'ralive nroject is Riven to understand thai lie is working for himself. Xohwly cets any salary, except one foreman and Mn pay is le^s than many newsboys earn. At noon, tr.o workers are sorvjd a Vi'holcscnie meal in army style. They line up for mess and art saved rat-ens prepared on donates stoves by th'rcj? ex-mariue cooks. Clothing, collected thrc'.icl: Eir- mincham churches, has been hroufht out by the truck load and distributed amons the vvOi-ien nnd chikiren. replacing the flour-sack par;u:nt5 lhat them wore. Dcctors donale their cervices and r. dental clinic has been owned. Many of tV:e Tiiinrrs ncvrr sa-.v a dcnlist before. Absolutclv nothing is v:aMrd Men loo o'.d or to feeble for heavy labor aie put to -.vork at straiffht- onini; old nails to be nfecd n^ain on Ihe construction jobs and similar liflit tasks. S "Our work here is to prepare [tirr-e people 'o live. *n meet the changed conditions in tl-?ir lives," says "R:v. Mcrpm. "It is possible I m passiUK a bill at the recent se;to feed hungry men in a man-l s!o!1 °f t\\c lijisbturc creatina a ner e.s to make them confirmed I sta fe Buroaii of Criminal Irien'.ifi- paupers. lo cause lhe:n to lose all self--.e=pcct and al! dr^ire lo pro- viile fov tliomselvrs. That Is ex- nclly what v.'c do not want to do. "Thf-j-e is such a thine as feeding •a hungry man and while doing so to prepare hira to earn hi. 1 : nwn living, to retain his self-respect and to stroii=t!wn his inanliocd. That is what v,- 5 are tryini; to do." Perscnn v.ho saw tlicfe people a month aco Iritdqintir aloiis counlry rcnrts tn attcnr! one of Dr. Mor-'s first meetiriRs sr,y a ereat chan?? is visible in them. Worn out women, witii babie.s in their anu. c . and men downcast with the State Convention 01'Officers Will 1 Not Be Hold Her; The annual convention of th-state Peace Officers association will not be held here this summer. Al- lhouc,h the officers in eor.ven'.nn p.t North I,it;:e Rock list yc-nr vol:d t" visit Blyt'r.evillc for their annual meeting. M. G. Gocdwin. chief of police, received a letter tcxiay from J. E. Collins. 5?rrc!ary-tr.->a?m-er of ra^qet ,. nc rts?c , c | a [r on S ( a; i 112 t | 1a t the es- man> oi !c( , ut , ve ^^ of thc , )0!jj . had d; _ ; cidcd Lo transfer the co:ivc:itien 13 Little P.ock. Mr. Collins Dialed that for various reasons th? executive bojrrt bad acrced to Iransfer UIR cnnv n n- lion. One m'o:i advanced by Mr. Collins was 'rat the orcranizaMOu hnd bfcn mer?e:l with thc Sheriff association and it was imixirtant that the firsl me-riiiT of the group be l;e!d in f.Utlr Rork. He also Ftatrl that scrw in the tn:d ( .:<d to of their hungry children, little tiupainted church r.n the top cf the hill when; Hcv. Morgan explained ills pian to Tcday thfsc same' men and women are busy and hfipjiy. welkin? on I'.--' co-o|::rr,liv{ farm and 'Inrninn to be self-supoorling. I'egan as Coal Miner Dr .Morgan, himself an excoat ir,::ier and Ihe son of a Ibns line of i his a ]v-n'h! 1 i!rss bov lie bro!;e a'.vay lo fiehl the world alone- and licked li^ I-'.:v ro:ir vcais he siirorintcnd- TOURIST TRADE THK1VF.S cd an i:!(ii:s'rial school where voca-1 PHOENIX, Arl7. (UP)—There i liadrs vvrrc taught, worked no depression tn thc tourist busi- his w.iv thrcurl; college, silent two miners, has co:ro back to after 30 years. As sociation's trcasary had Siesn sppnt cition. With the funds of the as- : a:ia!ion dcplelod it was deemed neressnrv lo hold tin ct-nvention al Ihe capital. ColMm letter s;atr:I. Texas Starts Five Year Test for Better Pecans AUSTIN. Tex.. <UP) — A fivn- v test to produce a r.upcr nccnn has teen started by State Dr-n.artrnent of under direction of its pecan i-f-rl. J. II. Burkott. The plan is to select ' several Promising untested varieties and 'raft n dozen varieties on a sin»lc doe. nioiiff with one or two nuts of known quality as a basis for comparisons. Tn a few years each experimcnlal j tree will be nroducinir several rtlt-1 ferent varieties and the variety sliowinjr the best average I'csuits '-'•'ill be adopted fo i-standardizcd production. Thc work Is hcins undertaken for the dual purpose of (;eUtr)C an improved m:t and to get a standardized one for innrketinc facility. up saviuns i;i our -r AS? insistent promoter of enterprise snd optiii-.:s:ii. Consumption of retail gocds in i!iany lines is proceeding at a hi~iicr rate than la:-.! year. The harvest prospects indicate recovery from the drought and increased employment in hr.nd-I *ROR ^AAAPT" QM/"\ Iin7 tin crop. Revolutions in many D ^DO/V1MKI OHWCO countries have spent themselves, nr.d stability is on the ascendancy Th? underlying; forces of recovery arc assertini; themselves." The president said rcores of "theoretical panaceas" and "economic patent medicines" are bein" urycd on him anj many, apparently acquiring "an iisfjctlon" from Russia's five-year plan are sug- gestin^ an advance plan for future development, ot Ih? Unite;! Stales. Outlines Amcriran Plan "I am able to propose an American plan ta ^011. We plan to take c?.re c' 20,000,000 Increase in population in the next 20 y=ars. We plan to buiid for thiin 4,003.000 new and better homes, thousands ol ncnv and still more beautiful city buildings, thousands of factories: to Increase [he capacity of cur railways: to add thousands of mites of highways and wat-rnvays: to install 25.000.000 electrical horsepower: to grow 20 p?r cent mere {arm products. Wo plan to provide nev. parks, schools, colleges and churches for this 20,000.000 people. We plan mere leisure for men and Cornell ami better opjxjrtunitles for i'.s enjoyment. We not only plan lo provide for all the new genera- lieu, hut we shall, by scientific rcffarch and invention, lilt thc f.audard of living and security of iife lo the whole people: we plan to secure a greater aifiusion efj Be Smart \A/EAR Bob Smart Shoes! They ' ^ pep up your step and your style! They toe the mark for Good Looks, Comfort, Value.They put you on a footiog with Ihe best dressed men — with no need for footing an expensive shoe bill, Careful, conscientious shoe making — soled for satisfaction. All sizes, al widlhj — for all occasions — and al j fcr "Thty Tee ifjt Mark for Style, Cyst foii and Value' JOE ISAACS yeais in 'he War Dopj.rtmcnt as a - u ajor of infantry connected with '.ilic posl-«ar vocational educational program and then turned lo the inlnL'try. "I feel now," he says, "that al last I am able to pay back to thc« ness, operators of Arizona resoits point out. Last year 1.230.000 more persons visited scenic spots in the {tale than did in 1929. and early summer travel this year Indicates that the business of going places and seeing tilings is belter than One GO cent one-half pound T!ox of Mary Garden Candy With cncli Purchase of vSix Gallons of Gasoline or over or §1.00 in DIXIE SERVICE STATION Phone 315 Hroatlwav & Ash i;. Miss Oerti-iKlL- li. Plnlu-rly. Inn" and "d.-ep rcllgjiims f'ecllni;." Qulncy city hospital unuluat.', who }[•> diwi-,i with a i|iU)lat!un from woi-V.;d dny inn! night in charnc tl-.? l;i-1 public Mati-menl of I lard- jOf nil emcreency hc-spltul here, im; whi,-li ik-ciared "Christ was the till! lll'J tllr " | health | died a fowjwmMalcr. ' UK/, o In thc ways of i;oace nnd I Courier News Want Ads Pay. : Mr. Hoover added: "lie gave his here tuid which uet'c nilscd on a Imllto, follow him nliuul th.2 house nnd yaid like puppies. .The otter Is almost extinct In tills section of the country. 666 - MO.IIID Olt TABLETS . dcndly i-pldemlc. Her pi-Inn- or jiwuv and ivc who seek HHIrvi-s n IIr.iil:irhc nr Ncuraljli was undermined nnd sin: lo n-nder his name nlorlous must: hi 30 minutes, ihti-ks i> Cold th« ' '" " - 'first day, and dieck-i Malarll 111 HIITC days. filill Snlvc for Kiiby's. Cold .. you* cukn •»/••/—• Don't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh Irritants "Reach for a LUCKY instead" What is the effect of irritation upon the throat? Here are the exact words of a noted authority retained by us to study this question. He writes — "First, the vocal chords, on account of their delicacy of stnic- ti!ve,«'OUidfjethe/irsUissiiesto give indication of irritation, evidenced by the huskincss of the smoker's voice, the result of relaxed tension and slower •vibration of the vocal chords. The site of irritation would be the tissues adjacent to the vocal chords compris* ing the larynx, there/ore the general focal point of the irritation would be in the voice box represented externally by the Adam's Apple." So —Consider your Adam's Apple. Be careful in your choice of cigarettes. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants. Reach for a LUCKY instead. Dance Orchci- tra, ci-cry T«CJ* «Ja>, Thursday and Saturday Averting over N. B. C. net- tvorki. • Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows-Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection-against irritation—against cough

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