The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 8, 1966 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1966
Page 4
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BlrUjtville (Ark.) Courier News - WuHay, October », 19W- Pig* Doesn't Hurt Osceola 2 in Row for Bucs :. C»shell Hlgfi's Pirates *6n their second straight foAtbal) game lait flight *hen they trivel* t« MlssbuH ah'd thrcW it wet blanket Ah oldeoh's hOmecbfflIni party 29-6. It was also Goihell' secoftd c6Hs&Utlve sHUtBUt: keiser lo'st a. tieaftbreSker 6f heartbfeakers when Hughes registered a fcti tflilmjih IH tlie, last id seconds. And dsceflla, Back after a wee* liyoif, didn't show any flis In rUshlhg to a 34-7 win o'Vef Pocahontk were guhhinfc for their aecin wih of the season. They jiist couldn't |et th breaks; They plowed inside th Hughe's ii) six titoes and could n't develop It any further. ":. Gostitllgot going in the first qUa'i-ter with a Hard-HlttiHg drive (hit HieasUreii about 70 :yafds\ EU$hi Lee, the tiolVe'l ed tackle *lib lodks like tie * 'b6ffi in 1 (tie bsltiifleld iibw', t6p- ped the jiiuSh *itfi.a fohr-yard plunge for the initial touchdown. 1 ' Chuck Gentry kicked the extra point, 7-0. ; ' Tne\ Pirates of J. A. Smith 'itayed right with it and produced another TD .In thi first period, this time Craig Pierce pushing across the goal line from the one. , Mike Ward made -it 20-6 (plus, .Gentry's boot) when .he raced six yards for a sii-p'ointer be- .fore the half terminated. * 4 * , G6srielt tickle Mike Mckee, with a g60d display of defensive -charging, nailed a Gideon Ball ciffier ift the thifd. quarter to •nojch a two-point safety. -, Score: 22-0. '-, Lee put the game away in the -fourth quarter when he pounded 24 yards for his second TD <6f tfie night. Again Gentry's .kick was good. Lee booked 107 yards rush- Ing, Pierce dfiirtg a cdmmend- ;abie job with 103. Butch Koons •carried 95 yards and Gentry 31. ''„ * * * » Lee was a fidss In the line on r.d*fens*, too. He was in on 16 Cackles. Teammate fion Mea. . "Ail the boys did real good," 'Smith said. "It was a good team effSrt. We came out in pretty good shape for a change. < Gideon threatened in the lasl ^quarter as SmitR gave his hehch 'hands a chance, the win put fcGoshel! at 3-3 for the season ^osfiell has a date at Wilson •next week. ", Just a few feet fr6hi the gridiron at Gideon, last night there '3 T as a carnival, with a lerHs i^-heel and all tne usual )l£nts "and noise. The Gideon coach Jequested the carnival .close during the game. His reuqest was fhumbe'd down. •; * * * ;. Osceola pulled off a 14-0 lead tfter the half against Pokie and •it was easy after that. * Phillip Mofro* had his pass- throwing afe in fifie shape. In ihe first quarter he arid Larry Gladden made a 20-yard con Iftection and it netted six points. '* In the second quarter he found Gladden in a receptive mood fence more. On this flip, Gladden Bad to race about 35 yards after Catching the ball to Score. Mor- Jfow kicked four extra points ilso in four tries. .',* Ronnie Jacob's attempt after •(he final TD *as not successful. * * * •• Mule Bennett plunged four yards for the first touchdown in the third quarter. He was back' td by Rfinnie CuftWright's 2k ,j>ard dash intft th* Pokie end lone. •5 Jim Early sc6red the oppofl' |nt's TD in the fourth quarter »nd it was 28-7 before Teddy JF'ruitt added the finishing touch With an eight-yard touchdown effort. ',1 Howard Cissell's Seminoles ire 2-0 in the 2-A Conference .flow. Test No. 3 is at.Piggott '.(text Friday night. Osceola .has a B game at home Monday Ilight at 7 against Lepanto. Linebackers Larry Poynor and Barry Phillips made outstanding plays. Phillips wasn't bad on offense, either. He ripped off. the first touchdown of the night but had it wiped off 6n a pen-ally. B'iil oiltesp-le'l YeUftwjaclcets, with their backs td the will it Keise;h tiu-Hed back MUghes at the ftVfe-^fa toe as tfl» 3-B A-State Biz: Kickoff 7:30 p.m. (CST) at Kays Stadium, Jonesboro . . . Winless Louisiana Tech boasts 4-2 lead in rivalry, catches Arkansas State Indians well rested after week layoff . . . A-St»te offense faces stern 'challenge, with qb Tim Keane and hb Terry Gwin, SLC's top passer and rusher, respectively, In . spotlight ... Indians' total offense average 41« yards In two romps and gets Tech in •hip-shape except for mon- »ter defender Gwin Wood, out with knee injury ... Arkansas secondary expects big workout . . . Tech qb •> Phil Robertson completed 14 of 35 paisea for 183 yards in loss to mighty Alabama. Friday'* NBA Inhibition By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 1* *»K* UZ game was drawing to a close, but they ran one play and fumbled at the one. Even then they didn't drop their heads. Hughes bucked the Ke;isef line three Jiffies Without Bending It and on the fourth attempt, thSre was a fumble. After the Big plieUp was picked apart, the officials decided HiigHfes tackle Ricky Beehe had recovered it for six points and the game. it was a tough setback for tile Mississippi Cdiirity' kids who Keifee.r defensive. stal*4rL were Herman Lee* Barry Bow man aiid Sam Stewart, tK heart of the line. The Jackets have Crawfords ville fiext Friday at 7:il6. ft 1 Reiser's homecoming. keiser shows 14 for the sea son. The lone triumph wis 27-16 decision over Hafdin Academy of Mehiphii THe're wis Ho re^6r't from th other games played in the are last night. SHORT , JEFFERSON. CITY;. Mo. (AP)-Coiumbia Hickman defeated Jefferson City 27-6 in a high schftol f66tball gaiht Frii flay Bight, ending Jeffefsdn City's wiflnlfig slreik at 7l gaftes. • PAWTUCKETi R. I. (AP) - th* Rhode Uland Steelert have withdrawn ffofn ths Atlantic Coast Football L*«|ue fof .financial reasons. "Our financial condition at the mo- ffteiit is hot good," club. President George Duffy said after ah emergency meeting Friday, ''it wouldn't be fair to play our home games and then liave without fulfilling the away gahie commitments." BALttM&RE (AP)-Pfesiderit Caivin Griffith of ,lhe Mlnhes6ta Twins said Friday night that spoftscaster Ray Scott has informed hini that he will not be a part of the Twifls' broadcasting tearn. next season. "I h*Ve lib !de*a why Ray wants to quit," Griffith said. "He is phe of the top broadcasters In the business." BALTIMORE (AP) — The World Series brings out the best in base'ba'll playefs/ For Curt Blefary it does evefc more. It brings out hives oh his back. "the hives started fight after we clinched the.pennant)!' the BalUrhofe 6utfieldef said as the Orioles engaged in an dff- day workout Friday. "I was more ne'fvous for the World Sfcfi^s tliart When I broke into the big leagues," Blefary said. the red welts tm his back proved the statefiieht by the 23-year-old outfielder. COBLE'S FISHERMAN'S CALENDAR Jims forjicii j i When Fiih Bite Bi»" FOR THE WlEK OCTOBER 9 THRU 16 7:54 AM MON 10 >• 8:51 AM TUE 11 AM WED 12 10:37 AM tMU 13 FRl H PM 15 v» ivU PM SUN 16 PM Ail tim« li given Iii Central StiBliariJ. tint. .Afla one Mnif for »ti» Elstcrn linie zone; subtract one h6uf for Rocky Mountain Hfne; t^b hours for Pacific time. In localities uSino djylijht saving lime, add ens hcur to time found above. CojS'yrigril 196S Blicker the Fiih — Better the Day far Fishing A FEW FLIGHTS OF DUCKS ARE MAKING THfitR appearance in Arkansas and four public shooting areas now being flboded by th* Baffle and Fish Commission are Bayou Metb, Rainey Brake, Nlfnfod, and Bayou de View. Gafne bl&logist Dave Donaldson said that floAding of tome of the shooting areas has been held up to accomddate squirrel hunters. Other shbfttlng areas to b« flooded as soon as niihor repairs to the levees and other structures are cbittpleted. . Donaldson, who makes bwnonthly census studies from the alf, has noted -that some gftdwall, blue-winged teal, baldpate, and a very light Sprinkling of mallards have been seen., With the recent cold wave stemming from Canada, flights of ducks should begin winging toward Arkansas shortly. Donaldson expects large flights of ducks to appear here bft- • tween Nov. 1 and Nov. 10. Bayou Meto is probably the top public shooting are* because of its size—34,000 acres. But Some of the Other areas, such as Black River, Harris Brake, Bois d'Arc, and Shirley Bay, also provide good shooting. * * • * THE FIRST HALF OF THE SPLIT DOVE SEASON ended at sunset Oct. 5, and hunters h»v« enjoyed 6n« of th« finest seasons. Birds, especially young ones, 'were plentiful over much of the central portion of the state and along th« southern and eastern portion of the Mississippi delta. The second half of the dove season is Dec. 18 through J«n. 11. Twelve doves may be taken daily from one-half hour prior to sunrise and up to lunset. The poiseiiion limit is 24. • FOR THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR, A SPECIAL nine-day te*I duck hunt was held in September for study purposes. During the first hunt more than 5,000 hunters applied for the permit, although only a few hunted. This year permit holders numbered slightly over 2,000 and again'only a few hunters were activa. Just why a larga portion of teal permit.holders didn't take part in the experimental season isn't known, but those who hunted the speedy little bird really enjoyed a fine season. • HUNTERS' LOG. SQUIRREL—Statewide season now open. Special hunt at Wapanocca Wildlife Refuge through Oct. 10. (Fret reluge per-, anit required. White River Wildlife Refuge—to Oct. 19. No permit needed. St. Francis National Forest—to Oct. 15. RABBIT—Season now open, through Feb. 15. DEER, Archery—Statewide season now open, through Jan. 31. Madison County Crossbow Hunt-to Oct. 31. St. Francis National Forest-to Oct. 31. Whitt River Wildlife JUfuge-Oct IS-Oct. 30. No permit required. TURKEY, Archcry-Seaioa now opw.ln areai that were open during April gun hunt, St. Francis National Foreit Closed. TURKEY, Firearms-Oneway hunt scheduled Oct. ». • JUU. 4 GAUQiUUfr-taapa DO* ofto. tivoufh Nov. 1 OPPOSING FORCI Dodgers Hove Problems LA Cracking? BALTIMORE (AP) = 'A lot of things happened to us this 'ear that never hapened be- rei" Sandy Koufax said And there probably was no Setter way to sum up the Los Angeles Dpdgefs' problems SS hey sent Claude Osteen to the hoilnd agains Baltimore's Waly Bunker today in the third janie of the World Series the Dodgers will try t6 ac comfilish sbmething that has never happened before in Series listory — coming from behind 6 win after losing the first two [anies at home Four teams Have reversed an 1-2 tailspin arid gone on to th world championship since the ieries became a best-of-seven showdb\vn — the 1955 Dodgers, 956 and 1958 Yankees aiid 1965 Jodgers — But all Idst their irst tw6 games on the road In addition, Dodger Manager Valt Alston admitted af'tef Thursday's 6-0 loss, in which the Dodgers committed a record' ying six errors, that "We've ieen two do\vn before but we've iSvef 106ked tliis bad" The D6dgefs n6t- only Idoked ad dil tlie field, but oh paper as well. They collected just seven its in the first two games for a itiful 115 average compared with 246 for the Orioles, who ave yet to make an efrof And Bob Johnson, One of the Orioles' reserve infielders said e thought he detected a crack n the Dodgers' spirit during the comedy of errors that look ilace under the California sun Tiursday "After Lou Johnson made an ut." Johnson said, "He walked ith his head down and the um- re had to hurry him off the ield "That exemplifies their spir- s. If that wasn't enough, the Dodgers wer« getting their first ook » Memorial Stadium, » INSULATE u^ PIPES! ; r PREVENT FREEZING -j,'N BRIEF COLD SNAPS FIBER GLASS INSULATION park more siiilable to ihe Ofi- ple&' lonf-ball talents than the National League Champions' bunt-ahd-run tactics Still the picture wasn't al bleak for Alston "it's riot so much where you play," he said 'We've jUSt got to play better baseball." The Dodiers did just that last year after Don Dfysdale ahc Koufax lost the fifst two gatnes a Minneapolis. Moving batik to their own park, the Bodgefs faced a win-br-else proposition — and the stopper wa% Osteen, who shut out the Twins 4-0. "Osteeti's a great comfieti- 6r," Alston said. "He has gfeal spu-it. He also has real poise. I've never seen him upset. Bui his competitive spirit is whal really sets him apart." . Osteen felt he had the odds «n his side. "When you know that we're not accustomed to playing like we have been I feel everything's going with fne,'' he said. "We just don't play that way 4 We don't go out and beat ourselves thfee days in a row." . A crowd of standing. • f&dffl only proportions, expected to reach 55,000, began td pout into the ball park early for the Osteen-Bunker , matchup. Game time was 11 a.m., CST with national television coverage on NBC. KNAPP SHOES Malcolm R. Johnston 1104 Laurant Ave. Caruthersville, Mo. : ondren & Sons Hdw. and Gift* •Tree F»rklnr In lUar" 811 W. M«ln-rt. Pp. Mill Our Reputation for QUALITY We are specialiits in ftilty guaranteed ^*wwn^^ monuments r ~~\ sculpturedfrom fBARREl is,;™ I CUILD I JNO. C. McHANEY AND SONS, INC. "Your Monument Men" S. Hwy. 61 — BlythevlUf Ph. PO 2-2601 Open Sunday Afternooni Big Chance for Joe and Crew It's the Jet-Age in AFL 6y MIKE BECHT Associated Press Sports Writer Fbr thS first time in their Brief histor'y, the New Y6rk Jets play a crucial game—the official sports cliche reserved far games between' title contenders. ' THe Jets step) ihtb iKe spot light tonjglit against the San Diego Chargers, an old hand at Ihe big game, in a Shea StadiUIn Struggle between the remaining Unbeaten teams in tto Ameri- 6an FdBtball League. New York, trying to febbuniji Prom a 24-24 tie .at Boston last Sunday, take a 3*1 mark and the Eastern Division lead agaiftst- thfe annual Western Division, champion CBargefs, .4-0, in, one of three Saturday night AFL girtes; Boston plays at Buffalo and DenVer travels; to Kansas fcity in the other Hvo. Televlsidrt fans will s>e Mlafflt at Oakland on NBC-TV Sunday aflerHooH. , . * *. * New Yprki whose ..beii previous record was 7-7, has its finest chance to gain, some re ; venge for its i-12-i yecord against the Chargers since. New York first fielde'a aft AFL team I in 1&6B. Tlie IBsses IjiClUded sUcli beatings as 48'-i3, 40-U, 53-1 38' 3, 34-9 ( and 3fr7. The Jets teke' tfie league's leading offense SBiJ Into the game, .• although the Charg: ers have yielded only 37 pohits: Steelers Are In Good Shdp6 For Upset Win at Cleveland CLEVELAND, Qhiri (AP) The Pittsburgh Steelers come steamiflg- up th'e turnpike for tonight's game with the Cleveland Browns, and they make h'b Bones about it-they'fe looking For an upset victory over, the ea'vuy favored Browns. Plttehiifgn coacfi Bill Ailstin says his' Steelers are in good sfiape aiid are prime for victory. TThe Browns also are in pre.tty jood physleai condition, but that isn't, what concerns-coach Blanton Collier..He is more interested in the team's mental condition at the moment. * * * . Iii their first Four games', the Irowhs have looked good on occasion' biit fiave had s&me a , : One' of the players^-! guess t was Dick Schafrath—Said that we haven't jeiied," Coi'lier'l-e- markea; "Well, this w.aUld.Be a good that.' time for us to do jiist The coach said the B'rowris lave 'played pretftr good football most of the time but little things have hunt us. fen of tfie iien will carry 6Ut assignmehts, iut the llth man can mess up an entire play." Some §6,000 fans are expected t.6 jam Municipal Stadium 'or the Saturday evening game with Pittsburgh, which has. be- :6me a fixture oh the Browns' schedule'in recent-years. In re- par season games between 7 the ;*6 clUbs, the Browns hold a leavy advafitaie — 24 victories to eight fbl- tbe Steelgfs. * * * In Sunday's key NFL fames,' Hasterh Conference-leading St. is, bidding for its fifth straight victory, entertains New fork, 0-3-1, and Green Bay's Western Conference . ace-set- -ers put their 4-6 mark on the ine at San Francisco. Elsewhere, Baltimore, 2-1; Is it ChicagOj i-2; Los Angeles, 3-1 at Detroit, 2-2; Philadelhia, 2-2 at Dallas, 3-0 $nd Atlanta, fr4 at Washington, 2-2. •The Cardinals, le.d by quarter- j aek'Charlie J6h«s6fi, a tena-i cious defense and rookie break ; away threats Johnny Roland afld R6y SHiv^fs, are. sblid' favorites over a New York club that has yielded 149 pbirits in four starts.. They have never beateh the GiSftts at St. Louis, however, and dropped both 1965 meeting^ 14-ib aiid 28-115. Green Say; ttie NFL's stingiest defensive club, is a two- touchdown pick over the 49ers, who forced the" Packets into a Western Conference jayflff last yeaf By tying th&n 24-24 6fl the final weekend of the season. * * * ; .The Bears,. >h6 edged Minnesota 13:10'.last Sunday for their first victory, are slight underdogs to Baltimore in their home opener...In the clubs' set ohd 1965 meeting Colt .quarterback John..Unitas .suffered a knee injury, that sidelined him for the remainder of the 1 season. Joe Namathi of course, does the throwing for the jets with Dot) Mayriardi Georgft Sauer ana Pete Lammons catching. Matt Snell is the running threat. Johnny Sample, who leads the leagUe with five Intercep'tidns, 'a 6h6 of the defensive standouts; * * * Saii Die|6 can tourilef with either John Had! 6r Hew s8nsa- Teiisi Sunday tion Steve Tensi became a factor last when he came off the bench and led the Chargers to 44-li) with four Lince Al- tbfy over Miahil toiicfidown pa'sses. woHh §U11 is arouiiB to iriake the big recep'tion. The Jets alfto vfili have to st6p a funWiig altigk, that bosists K<Sith tincolrt. ^aul Lowei G*ne Foster .and Jirfi A3dis6H: r _ The Chargers" a)s_8 haVe LBsiie Diincari, who has intercepted three pa'sses and is the AFL's belt gunt fetuFne'r. ' Should the Chargers' lose the big one, Kansis . City stands .pull even with them. The.. Chiefss, ,3-Ji after losing to Buffalo 29-14 last Sunday, ,are the heavy favorite against Dfen- ver. The Chiefs . have ,_ the league's top passer in Leh l3aw- son, but the Broncos, 1-3, might offer stiffer resistefifte Jafter upsetting Houston) '4$$. •'":. • . ' . * *•• * .-. •* OMenBing , cftampion Buffalo, with Jack feitlfi rejuvefiated. aims for its fourth straight vic- torj> after tw.6 losses in its chase after the Jets the Bills must top Jifft tope; Who has run for 349 yard's;. Best in the" league- Miami again will be tifyihg for iis fe vittbfy after foiir defeats while pakl&fld, 14 tries to pick up some ground *iih its passing attaek th*t hSs put Art Piswell oft the tog df the AFL with 25 f6ceptiohs. ALLEN PETROLEUM CO. 2604 W. Rose—Blytheyille, Ark. Mr. Former: One Sfop Heacfquarters for your Mech. Cotton Ptckers Needs! • SHELL COTTON PK&ER SlE > i*fi)LlE OIL • SMELL COTTON PICKJEIS Sl?INtiLl! G1RBASE • SHELL HIGH TEMPERATURE BEARING GREASE • E-Z PICK WATER MfERGBNT • PRAM OIL FILTERS ' • COMPLETE LINE OF Llli&E 6it§ ANJ& GiREASES • GASOLINE • DIESEL FUEL • TRACTOR FUEL Free Delivery - Ph. PO 24005 Storage Tank Furnished At No Charge When You Buy Frorti Ul. JOBBER JOBBER f/ecf to a Second Term City Attorney (Pol. Ad Paid For By E<Ss«l Harber) 2-Woy Radio - Better Customer Service Gene Hood Flying Pf PMDABU -.1- IXPfR/fNCfD — IHSURtD Blyth«vill« - Phoni PO 3-3410, PO 3-4242 Manila — Phon* 561-4532

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