The Evening Sun from Hanover, Pennsylvania on May 6, 1937 · 9
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The Evening Sun from Hanover, Pennsylvania · 9

Hanover, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1937
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PAGE NINE CIround the World Today ,,r0TX. Pledgee V. S. Co-oprration O.VDON, May 8 AP). Norman ' received last night final as-ances of British and general rooean co-operauon with the ",.1 State In solving world ,nomic problems. Since the J.ted States Ambassador-at-Large , ' jjn in London he has talked i-h leading European statesmen ih. pledge of co-operation he is k-itd to convey to President Last doubts as to the dltv of these assurances, It Is V here, were dispelled by agree-1. of the 22 participating .mtrles to sign tomorrow the In--a-lonal sugar conference pact signed to stabilize that Industry's eduction and marketing. j5 Houses Destroyed By Fire CAIRO, Egypt, May 6 (AP). destroyed 385 houses In the age of El Bakatush, In Lower 'vot and left twelve persons id 'thirteen seriously Injured and ,00 homeless yesterday. The overnment sent tents and food. six More Catholics Sentenced KOBLENZ, Germany, May 6 AP), Nazi campaign against al-flfd Immorality In Catholic or-iwzatlons continued with the sending of six persona to terms as iig as five years In the penl-'ntiary. The states attorney -erely blamed Catholic superiors lr tolerating "evils which he said ley knew existed. Capuclne Brother Aelchlor drew a five-year prison irm on charges of delinquencies ending over ten years. Heinrich einke, monastery tailor, was giv-s three-year term. The others itenced were Franciscan broth-re In Munich, a Catholic religious structor was sentenced to two (ars In Jail on sex-offense charges. Australia Get 1st Beer Girl ADELAIDE, Australia, May 6 (AP. Australia's first "beer girl is Miss liidley Bllleneuve, who Is working i a beer saleswoman for a local ewery because women are too t- to order beer from men. J illie Blanche Llnebaugh, Lock aven, were entertained on Sun-iv at the home of the latters andparents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Shue. Seven chemistry students from :e Red Lion High school toured ie paper plant of the P. H. Glat-Iter Company on Wednesday el-moon. The students were taken irough the plant by an employe, hey were chaperoned by Harvey Becker, principal of the Red Lion igh school. John B. Miller and Luther H. ohe, who will be In charge of the itries for the York county track ad field meet at Red Lion on Sat- rday, attended a meeting on Wed-ssday night at the Red Lion High ihool building to arrange for the Christen Nad Ship HAMBURG. Germany, Mav 6 AP). Relchsfuehrer Adolf Hitler attended the christening yesterdav of the steamer Wilhelm Gustloff. something new In Germany's merchant marine. Purely a pleasure craft, the Wilhelm Gustloff was designed and built for the Nazi "strength through Joy movement Just to give vacationing Nazis ocean-going luxury. (Thu movement is a phase of the German labor front designed to keep workers happy by providing holiday and recreation.) Robert Ley. German trades union commissioner, christened the vessel as a memorial to the Nazi foreign agent, Wilhelm Gustloff, who was slain last year In Switzerland. Philippine Police Killed MANILA, May 6 (AP). Newspaper correspondents have reported three Philippine constabulary men were killed when ambushed by Moro outlaws In the Bavang district, Lanao province. Dispatches said the soldiers were shot down while getting water at a mountain spring. The outlaws escaped. Admits Ban Juan Bombing SAN JUAN. P. R May 8 (AP),-Police say that Rafael Lugo Julbe, seventeen years old, confessed ho placed a May Day bomb In the office of the newspaper "El Imparclal for $3.50. Three persona were Injured and the city shaken by the blast. Julbe. police said, told them he placed the bomb at the request of s striking pressman The pressman denied It. British Flier Seta Record HESTON, England, May 8 (AP). H. L. Brook, British flier, set a new record from Capetown, South Africa, to England, when he landed his plane here yesterday. His time was four days and 20 minutes, beating Amy Molllson's record of four days, 16 hours and 17 minutes. SPRING GROVE (Continued From Page Two) leet. The local high school will be i class C competition. The grade hools will be In class D. The May meeting of the Womens :isslonary society of St. Paul's itheran church will be held at 30 oclock on Friday night in the lapel. The subject of the program ill be "The Negro's Contribution, he leaders will be Mrs. A. L. Men-, Mrs. J. C. Overmlller, Mrs, dam B. Shue, Mrs. Sterling Bren-rman, and Mrs, Charles L. Stauf- Mr. and Mrs. John Sauter moved leir household effects yesterday om the home of the former's irents, Mr. and Mrs. Malvln A. niter, Menges Mills, to an apart-snt at the home of Mrs. Sallle itland. COMPLETE Dental Service Filling Inlays, Silver Fillings, Porcelain Fillings. Bridgework Cleaning Crowns Plates of all type Broken Plate Repaired - Extraction (Extractions free with plates and bridgework.) OR. GLICK, Dentist J Baltimore St, Hanover, Pa. Phone 808 Honrst 1:30 a. m. to 8:30 p. m. Thursday 8:30 a. m. to 1 Noon OmMon, Wed, Sat. Evenings GETTYSBURG (Continued From Page Two) temoon at the home of Mrs. John Sperry, Carlisle street. Ths club will hold a luncheon meeting next week, when the members will be guests of Mrs. William G. Weaver, Graeffenburg Inn, Caledonia. Mrs. Mark K Eckert, Springs avenue, was a visitor today in Harrisburg. Next week Mrs. Eckert will leave for Philadelphia where she will attend the annual convention of the State Federation of Pennsylvania Women, which will be held In the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, from Monday to Friday, Inclusive. Mrs. Eckert Is recording secretary of the federation. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller and family, Lancaster, will visit over the week-end at the home of Mr. Millers mother, Mrs. Robert C. Miller, Graeffenburg Inn, Caledonia. Mr. and Mrs. Miller will be accompanied by members of a bridge club to which they belong. Mark Seminary Week Delivering his first In a series of three lectures at the annual Gettysburg Seminary Week. Dr. Robert E. Speer, New York City, executive secretary of the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian church, last evening In the Christ Lutheran church, expressed a note of optimism In the progress being made by Christianity in the world of today. Dr. Speer's address closed the first days program. The speaker of th evening was Introduced by Dr. John Aberly, president of the seminary, who had charge of the service last evening. NO ADVANCE In the price of WALL PAIPEM 2c PER ROLL For a LIMITED TIME. Our stock Is eomplels and suggest that you boy now before the new pricts become effective. EXPERT WORKMEN TO HANG YOUR PAPER ASK FOR AN ESTIMATE Roy W. Spangler Opp. Hotel Richard McAllister 3 YORK ST, HANOVER, FA. T AJXTRAl EXTRA I Famous Reading Anthracite prices lowest in 19 years." It's true! You can now buy the cleanest kind of comfortable Winter warmth at sensationally low prices. But hurry. Enjoy real money savings by ordering a good supply of this Better Pennsylvania Hard Coal today. -- HOKE BAIR d rsMr. COAL and FEED 1 READING phone 503 Hanover Prppo ra bow o aafey hagar-Hp Haal Bagalatlaa By taatalliag a Baadtag Aathnetta Haas Caatral The choir at last evening's service consisted of members from the seminary. The ushers were also seminary studenis. A large group of persons Including seminary students, alumni end guests, was in attendance. This morning s program opened with matins m the seminary chapel at 8 45 o'clock under the direction of Dr. Abdel Rojs Wentz, a member of the faculty at the seminary. Dr. Speer again addressed the group at 9 o'clock on the topic, "What Is Christianity T" Dr Paul E. Scherer, pastor of the Holy Trinity church. New York City, began his senes of three lectures on the general subject "Give Us God" at 10 o'clock In the chapel Dr. Speer gave his concluding lecture on "The Death of Christ In Human Experience at 11 o'clock. The annual seminary alumni luncheon was held at 12 JO o'clock In the refectory with the meeting of the alumni association foilowmg at which Dr. M. Stanley Kemp, an alumnus, gave the principal address. At 2.45 o'clock a memorial service was held for Dr. Jeremiah Zimmerman, late of New York City, and Dr. Luther Kuhlman, Gettysburg, graduates of both the college and seminary here. The addresses for this service were delivered by Dr. Robert Forten-baugh, head of the History department at the college, and Dr. John Aberiy, seminary president. Dr. George A. Barton, of the Episcopal Divinity school. Baltimore. Md mike at JJQ o'clock in the chapel, j The seminary chorus will conclude 'the day's program with a recital , t 7.45 o'clock in the Christ Lutheran church. A surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rose, Gettysburg. In honor of their daughter. Mary Elizabeth Rase, who celebrated her sixth birthday on Sunday. An enjoyable afternoon was spent In playing games. Refreshments were served to the following guests: Marv Elizabeth Rose, Barbara Ann Little, Jean Small, Mary Louise Bisbing. Rosetta Catherine Miller, Junior Bisbing. Jole Lltgher snd Joseph Redding. Attend League Meeting Mrs. Charles T. Ziegler. Mrs. Clyde Berger. Mr. Marie Ziegler, Mrs. Roy 7. inn, Mrs. Rasmus 8. Saby. Mrs. Anna Plank. Mrs. Benjamin Parvtn, and Mrs. Kenderton S. Lynch, members of the Oettva-burg Mothers Club left this morning for Shippensburg, where thev are attending the final meeting of the Cumberland Valley League of Federated Clubs. At the morning session. Mrs. Lynch, first vice president of the league, mad ths response to the address of welcome, snd during th reports of department chairmen, Mrs. Saby presented s report fntm the American Home department of which she is chairman. At the afternoon session, UNSAFE TIRES ARE A MENACE TO PUBLIC SAFETY. LET US REPLACE THEM WITH LIFE-SAVING GOODRICH SILVERT0WNS Golden Ply Blow-out Protection Free! YBSSIR! Weve started a battle to th finish against unsafe tires. If you used tire now if you are going to need them in the next few months don't taka chancaa. Com in now and let us equip your car with Goodrich Safety Silvtrtowna, Remember, Bflvertowm art tha only tires that give you the raai blow-out protection of the Life-Saver Golden Ply, a layer of special rubber and full-floating cords, scientifically treated to resist the terrific blowout-canting heat generated tnakSa all tires by todays high speed. Goodrich Safety Sil-vert owns cost much lees than other super-quality tires. Play afh. Sea us today. (I'M DECLARED &) V Reid what EDDIE RICKEMBACKER Famous War Ace, says: The B. F. Goodrich Company ha taken an important step to halt the dangers of high-speed blow-outs that kill or Injure thousands every year. They have mobilised an army of 36,000 dealers to remove unsafe, tread-worn tire and replace them with new, safe, full-treaded tires. I salute every Goodrich dealer because victory for them mesne safer driving for American motorist. THE NEW (Goodrich SAFEiy Silvertown WITH GOLDEN Kt I10W-00T PROTECTION S YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD HERE! NO RED TAPE NO DELAYS OYLER TIRE COMPANY 51 BALTIMORE STREET Also 100 York Street Phone 404 phone 88 HANOVER, PA. Gettysburg, a. plans were made for ths formation of an Adams Countv federation, composed of th three federated clubs of the county. A list of officers approved by the three clubs will be voted upon bv th representative of the clubs present and the formulation of by-law for the new federation will be discussed. Mr. Lester L. Lam pert. East Broadway, entertained yesterdav afternoon at a luncheon bridge at th Graeffenburg Inn. Caledonia. Tli coters at th luncheon numbered twenty-nine, six tables of card being In play. Favors for high scorns wet received by Mrs WU-ltam O Weaver. Mrs. J. L Barton, Mrs. Francis C. Mason. Mrs. Edmund W. Thomas, Miss Virginia Barton, Mrs. Mark K. Eckert, and Mrs. Wslter Africa. Quests from out-of-town Included Mrs, T. K. King, Marlon. Va.. who Is visiting at the home of her brother-in-law snd sister. Dr. and Mra. Henry W. A. Hanson. College campus: Mrs. Hershey and Miss Virginia Hershev, York Springs, and Miss Snyder, New Oxford. ALABAMA QUITS DRY-STATE RANKS Sale Of Legal Liquor Begin In That Stat For First Tim In Twenty-Two Year Voted Local Option , MONTGOMERY, Ala., May -Alabama left th rank of th nations dry State yesterday with the sal of legal liquor for the first time In twenty-two years. V. P. Screws. Montgomery Police Com rniiM oner, made Uie initial purchase at the State-operated store, opened her by authority of local option vote March 10, From seventy-five to on hundred persons crowdrii about the doors. Liquor stores In th other twenty-three co untie which voted wet are to he opened as fa-t as arrange- menta permit, said W O. Baldwin, jcha.rmm of the Stale Alcoholic Beeiace Contiul Board, t The Alabama mmenirnt left only .fli States technically dry. They , are Katuna, Oklahoma, TVnnessee, Miasjwippl and Oeorgla. Each now permits the ai of at least 3 2 brer. e - dlCU iTh DR. S. G. NAYLOR Osteopathic rhnMan Foot Correction Rectal Diseases tt Carlisle SI, J. C. Penney Bldg, (2nd floor), llanovor, Pa TELEPHONE 717 YORKTO WNE wmmmitmm u wn Mm u service: STORES IMVWMMm ElmdaleFull Standard Quality rgj ript Tomatoes 3 Ha 2 ass 20c Pun economical tonranient Sbstrfnt Evap. Milk 4l,nc,u25c Elmdale tender whole kernels Shoe Pcq Corn 22nm19c Fancy u bolt grain (not broktn) Shurfine Rice mQc Endorsed by tbt Amtrican Mtdical Association Jakn Jil Syrup. . 5ftM,31c Land OLakts Americas Finest Sweet Cream Butter 39c (QUANTUM I IXTNA) THIS GEKITNE ZENITH UTILITY CARD TABLE IvM lip y$n A rtf. tfrplp wf liplatPM, MlMN totf Nelli tf8l kfilM Mivy kn ImM rtvntf (tf to fc op iHtf It tottftatf to Atofw Hltf Mtftf to PWPM4 M E. MM artrp plFtw P toff, to totMp NtMN --$1.59 WITH tfMNTV IHUNFINI COFFtftf Atf SHURFINE COFFEE . 1 25c UN tfN TH WONLD1 HNlf tfOMBIt (THU OFFIN BKNlNM JUNB I. HIT) VIKING COFFEE 1"' 19c VONKTdWNBPUU ftTRBNOTH-CLeUDV AMMONIA v , . tbot tTAUrriNt MANIHMALLOW FILLIP MAY BtOSSOMS lb tfXHKANT BNANOwvCANOV ORANGE SUCES . . ... ft BANOV CALIFORNIA DRIED AFRXCOTS ...... I FUR FLAVOR B D CANO V SPEARMINT LEAVES . . 12 n I FINN DALI "FARM FRIBH'CRUtHBt GOLDEN BANTAM CORN 2 b. 2 cm IMURFINB-FOR IURI OANINO 15C CAKE FLOUR A$2l0 tTAUFPIRB ROUGH TOR-TAITV 19C CINCER SNAPS 12 ei ylg 1 SC RIUOVI COIMSTICI THB PANITARY W4V-I0FUN IOC CLEANSING TISSUE . . . k ef 200 j OC LBNOBO WITH MOCHAvRABM I O IN A Rl UtABLI OLAtl JAR 25c TREET-US COFFEE 29c RICH ANO FUU. FLAVORBO 10c DE-LISH-US COFFEE Ik 21c BHURFINI LARtfB LUKIOUBTRl I RlFN0 25C CALIFORNIA APRICOTS . Ig N l tu 2 1 C $HVRFINB Plain or todized SALT 2 Ik Ctrl 6c HITY PINE WHITE FLOAT1NO SOAP IB A HIGH ORAOl NIUTRAl BOAR PUITAOLB FOR ALL FURFOtBI BO FUR IT FLOATS! KLEIN'S f,Red Rot' Brtttd COCOA k tu FOR MARINO MOMI MAll BOAR SHURFINE LYE 1 1 3 cm 25c MtCORMICKB PURE MUSTARD ! iv IOC Five BILCCTBO FRUITtRAV TO MRVi BMURFINt FRUIT COCKTAIL Ik 1 tall eta 15c FAMOUI FOR THilH MILO FLAVORlHURF'NI STUFFED OLIVES . . ket 10-15"25C FINN OALI "FARM FRBSN' -BWIIT WISCONSIN PEAS Ik 2 eia 15c MO. Bit! CANt-RBO BOUR PITTED PIE CHERRIES 2k nil 29c WHUIS T1M RORAX POWDER TOMATO PURER . . . Jure lure moms coo-eo SWEET POTATOES . . eiev nme uutAaie-oeueieui mot VIENNA SAUSAGE . PIMM DAIS "PAAM PPtM- M1XED VEGETABLES MADI PPM PUPS All MAT (NS PULI KUNZLIRS FRANKFURTS Ml 15c . u 6c Hi. 1 fit. ms 15c OR OOLO-BHURFin m 10e 2 L 2 (im 23c R AROIO) . . 1 25c POTATOES. V. 3. No. I Grait 10 Iks 27c DOTS GIRLS HVVtra YOUR OPPORTUNITY TQ OWN A PAIR OP "IRVIN slAFFIf OHAMPION HIP tAl.t-aARINa ROU.BR KATBI POR ONLY M WITH BVBRV PURCHAIC OP TWO PA6KAOBI OP OIUCIOUI RBAKFAIT POOa TMBBI BKATBB WIRC DBIIRNBO ANO IN-DORBBO OV IRVINO JAFFB. WNN(R RF THRBB OLYMPIC BNATIN MAMFlOMBHIFB FOR VMB UNITBO BTATBI ANO ORB. BBNT WORLO1 CMAMFION toULTIR- -VOUR 99c WITH WIRY PUR OH ABB OF- 1 PRO. BHURFINI CORN PLAKII . f 1PKQ. BHURUFINC WHIAT PUFF! O - F9 ui ite 41 Clapps original Baby Food for National Baby Week Baby Foods 3 -25c Tkt btant Mtn likaCampbtllt Pork & Deans 3 - 20c Ktlloggscriipcruncby Rice Krispics 10e ! Dolts No. I Grads tall slzt ca n Hawaiian Pineapple Gems -10o Stllurs original ' - Lebanon Doloona kel gtwt 21c Large No. 2t can Raycrtsl big and plump Royal Ann Cherries . 23c TWflf FRICBB CFFsetiva MAY Ah ANO MR Wt RBlIRVt TM RitfHT TO LIMIT QUAMTI. TIBB HANOVER YORKTOW NE SERVICE STORES t4rc List ed Here KELLERS GROCERY HOMER L. GISE LEESES GROCERY 416 York Street 852 Broadway 43 Baltimore St. CLAIR Y. WILLET ALLISON BOWMAN WILLIAM J. WILLET 733 York Street 334 E. Middle St. 842 Frederick St. M. J. TAWNEY & SON E. S. RUDISILL STORMS Cash Grocery 650' Third St. 118 High St. Bonneanvllle, Pa Tbe newest and smarted ttyle e. the morkefl In Coronation Rod or Royal Bluo tolls trimmed witk gold, ... A vory snort 9lltl FolS dtp port wirti Roslblo lootfwr tolot lor tilro comfort, , . , A gift sko will oppeotlotoi HOSIERY SPECIAL! GENUINE RINOLESS fall fasilaaad fUkt tllKI Center Square at Frederick St. HANOVER, PA. SPECIAL! Bay now and make your dollars count. The cheapest thing you can buy for your car 1 the best tire midi DUNLOP with 4B year of tire building expert ence, ha proven that It has the world ft tire. DUNLOP hold 94 of the world' record for speed and endurance. BUDGET PLAN Dunlop Tire Shop Edw. F. Stermer, Mgr. Cor. Locust and Broad way, Hanover, Open every night until I eelerk BUY m HANOVER Property, located at HO Mo-Allbiter Street. Double 12-room house, 2-car garsg. Priced right. Good Terms, gee CLAYTON E. MOUL Beal Estate Insuranca. Hartman Building, YORK, SPRING GROVE, FENNA. CARD PARTY and OTHER GAMES In Irishtown, Pa. TUESDAY, MAY 11 Beginning at 1:13 P, M. All Gamea 25 Very large selection at prise Benefit of Conewsgo Chapel Ichoel 3 Grey Let All Go To Goose (nn BOWEAUVII.LE, PA. FRIDAY and SATURDAY May 7 and 8 JONES HAPPY COLORED DANCE BAND wiU furnish music while yon Dina and Dance. E. E. BECK, Prop.

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