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PRICE THREE CENTS VOL. 26, NO. 129 MADISON, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1930 Km Hughes Elected 1931 Edgewood Grid Captain Badger-Purple Fray Antidote for Two Elevens Should Give Fans Opportunity to Size Team Merit Clash Between Stars of RENTNER 4 By CLA'RE Bl'RCKY NEA Service Sports Writer IrtOR thooe of you now burning up. now shivering with that well- known autumnal fever call Al-Americanalysis, let this doctor preschibe one big dose of the Northwestern-Wis-consin football game of Nov. 15 at Dyche Stadium, Evanston.

Instant relief from the malady, at least for the remainder of this season, is the guarantee with the prescription, though some physicians may look upon the cure as being more deadly than the disease. My only requrst in the event of fatal results is that the grand 'jury to hear the charges of malpractice be sclceted from the 55.000 spectators privileged to witness that contest. Acquittal could be their only verdict. 4- 4 4- rE only good reason one might advance for Northwestern not winning an undisputed Big Ten championship is that Michigan refuses to lose a conference tilt. The WTldcats and Wolverines probably will tie for first honors.

In 1926, Northwestern and Michigan Grid Fever Up Players of Honorary Wocdworth at running guard is another Jack Cannoo, Notre Dames 1929 All-American. In fact. Red learned to play without a headgear by his aasocia tion with Cannon in the last game of Northwerterns 1929 calendar. Hanley, a brother of the coach, has been regular quarterback for two eea-sons but this year was moved to half to make room for Reb Russell. He does much of the team-directing even now, and throws most of the forwrrd passes, OTHER veterans on the Wildcat-team are Dallas Marvll and Jack Rfipy, dependable tackles of one and twp years experience, and Larry regular end serving in his third campaign.

Coach Hanley considers his strongest backfield combination the one with Bruder and Lee Hanley at the halves, with Pug Rentner and Reb Russell, so-promores. playing fullback and quarterback, respectively. One may realize the capabilities of Rentner and Russell if he understands that two veteran back of last year are doing substitute work for these youngsters. Chris Cnglc Joins New York Gian Is NEW YORK (A3) The name of Chris Cagle, former Army football star, today was on the roster of the New York Giants, National league professio a 1 team. Cagle, at present coaching football at Mississippi A.

and was signed yesterday. He ls expected to make his professional debut against the Green Bay Packers here a week from Saturday. Liftman Forffione May Be Re-Mat eh ed MILWAUKEE OP) A return mirtch here between Tait LtUman. Cudahy middleweight, and Vincent Forglor.e. Fhiladelprla fighter, ws indicated today by Richie Mitchell.

Littman a manager. Mitchell said he had signed a contract tailing for a 10-round fight between the two and that consummation of the deal awaited only Forgiones signature. Mit chell said wished to stage the fight because of the ending of the bout between the two last Monday night when Littman won by a technical knockout tn the first round. break, fer his all-around kicking, passing, running end blocking ability is above par on any course. 5 4 RUDERS peculiar taste for plaster casts, bandages and pills has made it necessary for Coach Dick Hanley to a few boys to learn the signals and fill out the team while the captain paid his annual call at the hospital ward.

This Hanley has managed to do, and so well that no opponent has been able to touch Northwestern this semester. Three fellows Frank Baker, end. Wade (Red) Woodworth, guard, and Lee Hanley, quarter or half started their careers with Bruder and managed to accomplish great feats without the aid of either iodine of smelling salts. Baker leads the conference in Individual scoring because of his remarkable ability to get into the clear for forward passes and carry them away for touchdowns. His defensive play leaves nothing to be desired.

He was an All-Western selection last year and appears as good as any for one All-America wingpost now. Showing a decided Improvement the Badgers went through defensive and offensive drill against the Frosh late yesterday afternoon. The play t1' Cardinal squad was at least 50 per cent better than on either of the two previous nights, and there was a bit of snap to their work, but even with this change, the Wisconsin football team that faces the Purple Wildcats Saturday will have to flash 100 per cent more Improvement if they are to he returned victors In the game. sf Jim Wtmmer, quarterback, looked good in the scrimmage, especially on pass defense, and Doug Simmons, who replaced Moose Kruger at center, after the latter got a nasty bump, also showed to advantage. But the Frosh com-pie ted all too many passes to give the aide line spectators any idea of secur- lty, while the running plays as demon strated bv the Yearlings were stopped cold by the Badger defense.

3 4 Ed S-'vidPrski was back at bis guard berth once more and is fit and ready for the battle with the Cats. "Swider" is a colorful lineman, fast down the field under punts, and he uses all of his 170 pounds to advantage against his larger and heavier opponents. There will he no checking of play Saturday. In past games, there has been a deal of this and the quarterback's judgment was "frequently overruled, twit that is a thing of the past. The field general will run the ball club and checking of signals while In the huddle will not be tolerated, save.

In rare instance, where something unusual has occurred. The signals and plays used can be discussed when the boys are In a group followTng a time out, but then and then only. 4 There has been altogether too much checking of signals in earli'w games, and Wisconsin, as a team, hasn't bene-fitted by the change. This would be true of any ball club, and few teaws allow such maneuvers, but ycur correspondent feels that the coaches should e'ect the most colorful and brainy player for the position and allow him to run the club. Then if there is to be criticism regarding the choice of plays, a moot question always, the responsibility may be centered at any rate.

George Little, director of athletics at Isconsin, was back in his glory last George donned an old pair of trousers and a sweat shirt and aided In drilling the Frosh on the Northwest-efo style of aerial attack. Little al-svavs was a great believer in the passing game, and Vis percentage of 3 In 11 years of coaching was in large measure due to his rbilitv to build a strong aerial attack Little was one of the roaches who taught Michigan their passing attack, and with this, a fair line and a good kicker, the Wolves managed to win more than their share of Biff Ten football title. i The Badgers are about through with their preparations for Northwestern. The bovs cant stand much more work and still be at their physical peak for the strenuous tussl with the Wildcats and the tapering oft process will begin today. Friday, a brief workout, and then the bovs will entrain for Evanston and a good rest in a secluded hotel should have them at their best for the Dick Hanley coached team.

4- -5- With the six day bicscle races on in Chicago, its a good thing that Knute Rockne, Notre Dame mentor, has a comparatively easy game with Drake this Saturday. Rockne is one of the most enthusiastic bike followers in the country and he can also be found at the six day grinds, enjoying himself hugely. He catches an early train out of South Bend and is thus able to see the boys in the sprints at right. ft Joe Spfinauor, WIBA football an-nonneer. was referee in a game of football at Stanley, on Armistice Pay between the Medford and Black River Falls game.

The game ended in -a seoreless tie, hut Joe claims that Medford has a team of giants, bigger than the varsity. Steinaucr wants all nine of the Medford boys who graduate this June to enroll at Wisconsin, and he rlaims that the material would then be wonderful here. Maybe Joe is right. One boy who walks six miles to and from school each day, plays football after school is out and then returns home to milk 11 rows, caught Joe's attention. He weighs over 200 pounds, Is six feet two and Joe claims that he can use the hidden hall trick on each play bv wrapping his huge -ham of a hand around the pigskin.

Some discount must be allowed for Steinauer's Imagination, but the basic facts at least are true. 4 4 4 The Delavan Red Devils will play the Fort Atkinson Blackhawks tonight at, Fort Atkinson in a pro football game that begins at 8 o'clock. The Fort eleven has been fortified by the addition of several former Wisconsin university stars, namely Harold Rebholz, Buck Sheehan and Jack Linden. Whitey Ketelaar, former Badger tackle, is one of the bulwarks of the qrtavan Red Devils, which have a brilliant record to date this season. The protests of many sport followers -garding the $3,000 given to Marty Brill, Notre Dame backfield star, by his father, at the rate of $1,000 a touchdown against Pennsylvania, appear rather far fetched to the writer.

Many and many a time Wisconsin plavcrs have been given suits, shoes and other articles of wearing apparel, for scoring the first touchdown against some Big Ten team. The practice may not he a good one from the standpoint of team spirit, but It apparently has done no particular harm In the past, and if Papa Brill wants to encourage his boy to play football for Notre Dame I not see where that is an infringement on the amateur code. It so happens that Martys dad happens to have a considerable amount of coin of the realm and the amount, $3,000, is not more than pin money to Mr. Brill. He got more than his moneys worth In watching his boy perform, as the son had attended Pennsylvania, but was not rated good enough to make the team.

Papa Brill then decided to send him some place where he could play football, and he chose an excellent school, one where Brill would have the toughest sort ef cempetition for a regular job. -ft The boy made good with a bang and an his return to Philadelphia he star- Little Aids Frosh Squad 011 Of fen se Cardinal Line Halls Cat Running Attack; Wim-mer Shows Class By HANK CASSERLY (The Capital Times Sports Editor) THE air was full of footballs at Camp Randall yesterday after-, noon, but Wisconsin fans couldnt discover much solace in that fact, for the passes were of the Hanley to Baker and the Russell to Oliphant type, as flashed by the Freshmen in aerial drill against the Badger varsity. Little Drills Frosh George Little, director of athletic ftt Wisconsin, and football coach at Michigan during the heyday of the Wolverine passing com- binations, donned an old pair of trousers and a sweat shirt and assisted Coach Guy Sundt in developing the Yearling pass attack along the- lines used bv Dick Hanleys Wildcats, end the first year players with whitg sweaters on which ywere written the names of the Pur- '0- JLittle pie players, passed and passed, with altogether too much success to please the Wisconsin coaching staff. Shifts in the Badger backfield failed to stop the barrage of footballs hurled by the pseudo Wildcats, and several forwards, followed by laterals were completed that were touchdowns in any league. Hanley uses this style of play and against Minnesota, a forward, plus a lateral resulted In a long romp for a touchdown.

Stop Purple Running Plays On running plays the Cardinal jer-seyed players stopped the Wildcat running attack, the line functioning well for the most part, and managed to sift through to halt the ball carrying backs. In this respect Milo Lubrato- FOOTBAIX BROADCASTS (Central Standard Time) NBC CHAIN 12:15 p. m. Yale va. rrlnreion WEAF, WEEI.


m. Navy vs. Southern Methodist WJZ, WHAM, KWK. CBS CHAIN 12:45 p. m.

Fordham Marys WABC, WCAO. WKRC, vs. Ct. WNAC, WXYZ, WEAN, WMAL, WKBW, WBBM, WLBW, KOIL, KMOX, WFBL, WrG, WWNC, WBCM, WBT, WCAU, wsm WGST, A I IT, Among broadcasts by individual stations are to be th following: 12:45 p. m.

Fordham vs. St. Mary MOR. 12:45 p. m.

Ohio Slate vs. Pittsburgh WLW. 1:45 p. m. Hlinois vs, Chicago WMAQ.

1:45 p. nt. Wisconsin v. Northwestern KYW, WTM.T, WBBM. 1:45 p.

m. Minnesota vs. Michigan JR, WCCO, KSTr. 1:45 p. m.

Missouri vs. Nebraska WDAF. 2:00 p. m. Alabama vs.

L. S. U. WAPI. vich and Greg Rabat played a stellar part, breaking through to down the ball carrier time and time again for a loss.

Jim Wimmer, one of the Wisconsin quarterbacks looked good on pass defense as did Doug Simmons, who was sent into the scrimmage after Kenneth Moose Kruger, veteran center, had received a nasty bump w'hich resulted in his being sent to the showers by Trainer Bill Fallon. Simmons backed up the line well and save for a few occasions was able to knock down the Purple passes, but it was the long tosses that resulted in ruin for the Badgers, the fast Frosh backs impersonating Russell, Hanley, Bruder and Moore getting behind the Wisconsin secondary defense to snare passes, and if this maintains Saturday's clash, the handwriting may be read early In the game. Team Spirit Improves The Badgers showed Improvement in team spirit yesterday and the drill was far better than those of the two preceding nights, but there is room for vast improvement, and the boys will have to step on it by Saturday, else the game at Dyche stadium will turn into a rout, with the Cardinal colors dragging in the mud and the Purple floating in the breeze. Can't Be as Bad in Game The only encouraging fact that may gleaned following the first three fdays of practice this week at Camp Randa is the fact, that it would be almost impossible for any ball club to look as unimpressive as have the Badgers, and by all odds of Fate, the boys should step out and play a rattling good game, having gotten all the bad football out of their systems. Iiantey Peeved Coach Dick Hanley has closed the gates at Dyche stadium tight all week.

Hanley is in a precarious position. He knows that the Purple student body, alumni and general public have gated Wisconsin into the also ran class and that Notre Dame is apparently the objective of his team. Maroons in Years First Cage Drill Wisconsin High Basket ball Squad in Opening Meeting Tonight BY BILL McILRATII Assistant Sports Editor LECTION of Fons Hughes, chubby lh fullback, to the captaincy of the 1931 football team, was the climax to the Edgewood grid season yesterday, and brought about the basketball material for the first time, this year. Meanwhile, Coach Russell Rippe at Wisconsin High was chec'ang over his equipment for the first meeting of the Blue and White cage artists in the Prep gym this afternoon. Coach Earl Wilke announced last night that the Cathoic Preps are sitting in a good way this season, as far as the.

cage sport Is concerned, with three 1929 lettermen and two 1929 subs still eligible for competiuon. Three Vets Back Buergin, forward; McCann, guard; and Ripp, forward and center, constitute the letter-winning nucleus for the coming season. Schwartz and Ryan were subs on last years squad, and were listed last night among the nearly 30 men who turned out for the opening drill. Of the II first-string football players, only Hughes and Kramer, did not turn out or the cage contingent. Shipley and Jordan, a oair of great backs, are inexp-rienced, but constitute good material for the basketball squad.

Shipley Is fast and clevc- with the ball, while Jordan in heavy, and may be rounded into a great guard. McMann, burly tackle on the grid team is another prospect, and Meyer and Devener. two more football linesrffen showed up. Storey Turns Out Storey, 200-pound tackle, was present at the cage meet.rg, and Coach Wi'ke hopes to make a heavy guard out of him, if he proves able to handle his feet well. Two newcomers, with good records behind them, but as yet untried with Edgewood, were also present.

McDermott, who was high scorer in his conference when he played with Oregon last year is one prospect. Hansen, who transferred from Oshkosh, is another. With five men of some degree of experience to build around, and with two good prospects as yet untried. Coach Wilke possesses a fine basis on which to work with the inexperienced material for this year. The club promises great defensive possibilities, with prospects in offense still somewhat hazy.

Others Stiu On Grid At the other three Madison High sehools, football drill is still ruling. West is practising strenuously for a final spurt of ell i hats left in the squad, against Central Saturday. It will be the last game of the season lor West, and Coach Tlomton expects to allow his men to fight with everything they have left in them, in a last effort to make a score this season. Central is scrimmaging heavily under Coach Mike" Coskey, who expects a good battle with Wert, in spite of the fact that the Orange and Black grld-ders are long favorites to cop. East is practicing icr its most Crucial tilt of the season, against the league-leading Washington Park eleven here Saturday.

It was announce! last night that the Park-East game at Breese Stevens field will be played at 11 o'clock instead of 10, as first announced. Muni Major Caffe Loop Opens Card Tonight at 7-30 o'clock the Municipal Major league basketball season will get imdeiway, when the Bank of Wisconsin and the Jewel Tea Co. lock horns on one side of the floor and the Karstens Clothiers and Joe and Don's battle on the other. Kennedy Dairy and the South Side will play one of the 8:30 games while the Four Lakes Paint3 and the Schultz Tire Co. drew the assignment for the second fracas.

man, Cale 7 Zs vs. Four Horsemen Is Battle Scheme Fried NEW YORK (A5) A game ith the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame on one side Benny Friedman and Red Cagle on the other is one of the prospects which is likely to become a fact under the guidance of the football division of Mayor Walkers committee on unemployment relief. A battle between New Yoik university, which already has offered the services of its team, and Colgate, high scoring aggregation of the East, is another. tied the natives, and undoubtedly Rockne used the fact that Brill as a home town boy who hadn't made the grade to point his athletes for the game. Undoubtedly Brill's mates gave him more opportunities to carry the ball than usual, just because they like Marty, but the fact that his Dad rewarded him with a sum of money, which the writer understands went to defray the expenses of the Irish band, does not in any way affect his amateur standing according to your correspondents lights.

Staggmcn Set For Illini Foe; Hope for Win Zujqike Shifts Lineup for Maroons; Sees Chance For Eleven CHICAGO Satisfied that the Marcon flanker formation is shipshape for the Illinois game Saturday, Coach Stagg began defensive preparations for Zuppke passes and end runs yester-tiay. A long drill against Troth formations of the downstaters formations showed decided improvement in the Maroon defense. Most of the pats plays were broken up amd the end runs fared but little better. Cowley and Wien, the two best wingmen, will both be in shape for Saturdays game. An even battle is generally predicted and student opinion is that Chicago will click for the first time on its diversified pass attack.

The Maroon running attack hit a snag, however, when the doctors said that the speedy Bob Wallace may not see action because of a leg infection. Chicago had hoped to get him away for some end runs and off tackle romps after the Illini had tired. Buzzell, who made his debut against Purdue in a sensational manner, is counted on for some yardage, and both Knudson and Temple ere expected to the line for better results than heretofore. Zuppke Shifts Lineup CHAMPAIGN, III. Realizing that the 1930 season will be Coach Zuppkes poorest unless the Illini beat Chicago and Ohio State, the Illinois squad went through its final scrimmage against the freshmen Wednesday In preparation for the Chicago game at the Midway Saturday.

The varsity had difficulty making any headwav through the heavy freshmen line. With Tom Wileon and Capt. Robinson still on the injured lirt. Coach Zuppke put Caslon Bennett, former reserve end and Art Schultz on the first team. The first team was composed of Bennett and Swanson, ends: Hills and Stan Bodman, tackle; Jensen and Ovel-men, guards; Huddlestun, center, Munich, quarter back; Berry and Yanus-kus, half backs; and Schultz, full back.

It Is expected that 3,000 students will make the trip to Chicago for the game Saturday. Overalls Bring Win For Iotva We si cyans MT. PLEASANT, la. (p) Overalls, to Sigurd Sandberg, Iowa Wesleyans 195 pound tackle, are ills team's good luck omen. Befoie each game the Tigers have played at home In the last two years.

Sandy has donned his denim suit. Not once In that time has Wesleyan met defeat here. Such faithfulness deserves reward, said Sandy when the Tigers left for Davenport to meet St. Ambrose In a game which might have tossed Wesleyan out of the state pennant race. He took his overalls along.

Tlie Tigers won, 40 to 8. Hilltoppers Train for Detroit Contest MILWAUKEE (A3) The Marquette university football team today plunged into scrimmage against the freshmen in preparation for their game with the University of Detroit here Saturday, Coach Frank J. Murray, who said previously that he would rert his team end take no chances of injuries by scrimmage, changed plans yesterday and the varsity out for line plunging. Proceeds of the game will be used to aid the jobless in Milwaukee county. his rise in Big Ten football officiating circles has been so rapid.

For years Huegel was rated as the best official in Wisconsin, but he was unable to get Big Ten assignments. He broke in at times, but it wasnt until team games became customary that he proved his true worth, and then the rert was easy with Western conference coaches asking for his services. The esteem in which Dr. Huegel ls held by Major John Griffiths, commissioner of athletics in the Big Ten, and coaches Dick Hanley of Northwestern and Glenn Thistlethwaite of Wisconsin, la shown by his being named to referee this crucial contest Saturday, Never before has a man been named from a small town to work In a game in which the state university is located in the said city, but the penalties will be called Saturday by Doc Huegel in an impartial manner, and It will te justitoo bad if Wisconsin happens to be offside, or becomes too rough. The same goes for Northwestern, and a a result, the game will be well officiated, as both Thistlethwaite and Hanley realize.

Northwestern Offers to $100,000 for Charity mr rhared the title, but the Wildcats gracefully relinquished claims to the championship to Michigan, who had played more games. This generous act came even after the Purple had triumphed over the Maize and Blue. No one Is expecting authorities of either school to waive any rights to the championship this fall. If they should, this doctor for one will, feel called upon to make a cerebral examination of the offending parties. Most widely publicized of the Wildcats Is their captain.

Hank Bruder, a youth who contemplates foregoing that ancient custom of breaking bread for fear of puncturing himself with a fork and being pent to the hospital for repairs. In three varsity seasons, Bruder has known practically every human ailment, from corns to dandruff. In between broken legs, smallpox, and a few such minor afflictions as passers hangnail and punters bunion, Bruder has been pomething of a pain to visiting elevens. If he can avoid wearing spectacles until after the Notre Dame contest, the choosers of honorary elevens are sure to give him a nice Cards-Gopliers In Clash for Slab Bacon Dr. R.

B. Foucli Donates Trophy for Wisconsin and Minnesota Grid Battles MINNEAPOLIS (A3) Football games between the Universities of Minnesota and Wisconsin hereafter will be more than gridiron contests they will be struggles for the honor of bringing home the bacon. Dr. R. B.

Fouch, dentist of Minneapolis, who graduated from Minnesota in 1914, today said he had donated the bacon" as a trephy to be fought for between the Gophers and Badgers starting with their football game at Madison Nov. 22. The bacon" slab was carved by Dr. Fouch from black walnut wood. The genera alumni association at Minnesota decided to use it as a trophy and sent a challenge to Wisconsin to try and take it out of the Gophers possession.

The slab Ls two feet long and one foot wide, has a football in the center. The word Bacon" at each end and the initial on the football The becomes a when Minnesota wins a football game from Wisconsin, the Gophers will keep the bacon with right side up. And Wisconsin will show the when the Badgers triumph. Entries Numerous For Bradley Charity LEXINGTON, Ky. OP) The Orphanage Stakes, feature of Col.

E. R. Bradleys charity race meeting at Idle Hour Monday, wltl probably be divided nits two sections because of the large number of entri-s expected Colon-1 Bradley said today that In the event th- race was run in two sections, a purse of $5,000 will go to the winner of each and duplicate trophies will be awarded. The race is for two-year-olds at the mile distance. Advance Fund Chest Zuppke, Page lo Leave Big Ten for Coast, is Report CHICAGO OP) Two Ten coaches, Bob Zuppke of Illinois and Pat Page of Indiana, today were involved football rumors but both denied any knowledge of them.

One report had it that Coach Zuppke was being considered for coach of the University of California learn and another had Coach Pat Page taking a similar position at the University of California, southern branch. New York Hockey Teams in Opener Toronto Maple Leafs at Home to Americans; Rangers Meet Falcons at Detroit NEW YORK C45) Two more teams joint the active lirt of the National Hockey league tonight with the New York representatives providing the opposition for both openings. The Toronto Maple Leafs, whose Jmeup 'has been considerably strengthened this season by the addition of Frank King Clancy, former Ottawa defence star, at the cost of two players and $35,000 cash, play their first game of the year at home against the New York Americans, a revamped club which started off well Tuesday night by holding the powerful Boston Brums to a 1 to 0 count. The New York Rangers, who got off on the right foot by walloping the Philadelphia Quakers, move on to Detroit tonight to assist the renamed Falcons, formerly the Cougars, in their opening. Pitcher Carroll Goes Under Knife CINCINNATI, O.045) Sidney 'Weil, president of the Cincinnati Reds, Wednesday said he received information that Owen Carroll, form American league pitcher who was purchased by the Reds late last season, had been operated on for aopcndicitis at Newark, N.

J. Carrolls condition was reported favorable. Huegel to Referee in Badger -Wildcat Clash Big Ten and Notre Dame Must Agree to Changes In Irish-Cat Tilt In 31 By The Associated Pressl EVANSTON orthweste university has answered the plea for charity football by offering an immediate advance of $100,000 to the Illinois state unemployment commission providing certain requests were granted for the Notre Dame-Northwestern game in 1931. The provisions, named by the executive committee of the universitys board of trustees last night, were that the Western conference and Notre Dame agree to the transfer of the game from Notre Dame stadium to Soldier Field, Chicago; that Notre Dame agree to give Northwestern the extra proceeds available by such a transfer to a larger stadium up to $100,000, and that the South Park Board of Chicago rent Soldier Field free of all charges for the contest. By Its offer.

Northwestern would take a chance on obtaining all or part of the $100,000 from the extra receipts after it and Notre Dame received their shares of what the game would bring if played at Notre Dame's stadium. Notre Dame and the South Park Board were almost certain to accept the provisions although there-Temam-ed some doubt as to the reaction of the Western Conference today. The Conference, through its faculty committee, refused to allow the proposed transfer of the Notre Dame-Northwestern game this year from Dyche stadium (Northwestern's home fieldj to Soldier Field for charitable purposes. Gopher Golf Queen Marries Attorney MINNEAPOLIS OP) Gertrude Boothby, woman state amateur golf champion, and Hayes Dansingburg, an attorney, both of Rochester. wre married at the home of Mr.

Dansmg-burg's brother, the Rev. Paul Dansingburg, here Tuesday night. Their friends were not told of the marriage until after the ceremony and the couple had started a motor trio to the east. Local Dentist Honored by Being Named Official In Saturday's Big gest Game WHEN Wisconsin and Northwestern football eleven, lme up before 49,000 gridiron fans Saturday afternoon at Dj che stadium, Evanrton, Dr. Ray Huegel, local dentist will act as referee.

This is a signal honor for the young Madison dentist, who starred as a halfback at Marquette university of Milwaukee for three years, back in 1911-12-13. It also is a tough spot for the local man, who has become known as one of the best versed officials in the Western conference during the past three years. For instance a decision, absolutely just, rendered by Doc Huegel, which might turn the tide of the battle toward Northwestern, might have a tendency to bring forth abuse from the uninitiated. But Doc doesn't worry about that. He calls em as he sees them, and thats the reason j..

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