The Californian from Salinas, California on January 1, 1983 · 25
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The Californian from Salinas, California · 25

Salinas, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 1, 1983
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T .v En tertalnmen t Saturday, Jan. 1, 1983 Salinas Californian 25 Nothing costs 'Midnight Idol' his lustre By ROBERT MACY Associated Press Writer LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) Big jets cooled their wheels as the sleek maroon and white helicopter piloted by Wayne Newton slipped across the busy traffic pattern at McCarran International Airport. Newton thanked the controllers for the clearance. You betcha, came the reply. Weve gotta protect our Midnight Idol. Despite the most harrowing and controversial two years of his life, one thing is certain Newton has lost none of his lustre in this entertainment mecca. Death threats and a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit he is pressing against NBC have taken their toll on the popular star who turned 40 in April. Yet he-found time in 1982 to entertain 43 weeks, do 30 charity performances, sell one Strip hotel, buy into two others and begin an international time-share resort chain. Now hes betting a fortune his city will rebound from economic problems he blames on bottom-line barons who have forgotten what made Las Vegas great. Newton is upset that only four hotels still feature name entertainers in a town long known as the city of the stars. Theyve taken their own inability and lack of creativity and blamed it all on the entertainers, he says of hotel chiefs who have opted for production shows in the wake of escalating star salaries. He will earn between $12 million and $14 million in 1982 a far cry from the $350 a week he and brother Jerry drew while doing six shows a night, six nights a week at the Fremont Hotel lounge. That was 1957, when the star-struck teen-ager from North Phoenix High bypassed a shot at West Point and quit school late in his junior year to head for the dusty desert town. Las Vegas has grown ten-fold since those days; Newtons stature many times that. Theyve named a major street after him and kept some hotels alive because of his drawing power and political clout. But hes paying a price for the high visibility: Death threats have prompted the hiring of karate-trained bodyguards and elaborate security devices at his high-walled, $8 million, 52-acre Casa de Shenandoah ranch on the citys southeast side. His purchase of the Aladdin in October of 1980 led to allegations by NBC that mob money was involved; allegations hes challenging in a bitter, costly defamation lawsuit against the network. And, as the citys most celebrated of celebrities, hes taking on corporate chiefs he says could conceivably ruin this town by shunning entertainers and caring more about the bottom line than the customer. The death threats, sparked by a sour business deal and television reports he would testify against the mob, have given him a new perspective on his fame. "If anyone ever harmed a hair on my daughter or wifes head, it wouldnt be worth it, he says of Erin, 6, and Elaine, his wife of 15 years. The threats have subsided now, but worries over his family continue to gnaw at him. Newton discussed his frantic past year during a quiet afternoon interview in the den of his Southern-style mansion, one of eight homes in the oasis-like, showplace ranch complex where his parents and a Movie guide enda hotels. He opens at the Sahara Jan. 6 and may play as many as 20 weeks there in 1983. Were putting together an entertainment policy that will make the town proud and bring it back to what its supposed to be, he says of his pact with Lowden. Well be signing some of the stars who helped make this town great, Newton said. After all, you can go anywhere in this town and the gamblings the same the tables, the slots, the odds. The reason you go to one particular hotel is to be entertained. Its so elementary, its frightening. Weve got so much going for us, the Roanoke, Va. native says of his adopted hometown. Wayne Newton host of employees also live. The dens walls are filled with heady reminders of Newtons clout in the political and show business arenas: autographed pictures and letters from presidents past and present, citations noting his numerous charity activities. Newton was involved in two 1982 pre-election visits by President Reagan to Nevada: A fundraiser at Newtons ranch and an entertainment gala involving Newton and Reagan, which played a major role in Republican Chic Hechts upset victory over four-term Sen. Howard Cannon for a Nevada U.S. Senate seat. Newtons Washington connections carry little weight with one of the maids who run his mansion. I came home recently from a concert in Chicago, got in about 8 a.m., and told the maid not to awaken me, Newton laughed. Well, the White House called three times and, sure enough, she didn't wake me. Erin finds her famous father more accessible. She ran in one morning to tell me there was a baby hippopotamus on our lawn, Newton said. I got out of bed and took her outside. It was a baby rabbit. While Elaine, the beautiful daughter of a Japanese industrialist, serves coffee, Erin flits about the spacious mansion. At one point she interrupted the interview to ask her famous father Do you have to go to work tonight? Yes, replies Newton, who will earn more in his 100 minutes on the Caesars Palace stage that evening than the average American earns in a year. The ranch includes peacocks roaming around two willow-lined lakes. Some of Newton's 160 prize Arabian horses are housed in a stable up the brick road from the antebellum mansion (Every Southern boy dreams of owning one). The remainder of the horses are kept at a second Newton ranch a 218-acre spread about 70 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Newton says he is entering into a partnership with Paul Lowden, who owns the Sahara and Haci- Sallnas Cinema I. 363 Mom St. "Pursuit of 0 B Cooper," 7 10 p m. , ond "E.T. The Extro-Terrestnal." 9 OS p m.. both rated PG. Cinema 7 517 S Moin St. "First Blood " 6 30 ond 10 05 p m., ond "Night Hawks." 8 19 p m.. both rated R. Northridge Cinemas. Norfhridge Shopping Center "The Dark Crystal rated PG, 12, 1 50. 3 40. 5 30. 7 30 ond 9 30 p m. Once Upon A Mouse." 12 05, 2 OS. 4 05 6 35 and 8 35 p m., and "Peter Pan." 12 30. 2 30. 4 30, 7 and 9pm, both rated G. "Tootsie," rated PG, 12 30. 3. 5 30 8 and 10 20 p m "48 Hours." rated R, 12 15. 2 15. 4 15. 6 15. 8 15 ond 10.15 p m. Best Friends. rated PG. 1 10. 3 20 5 30. 7 50 ond 10 p m Airplone li." rated PG. 12 30, 2 15. 4. 5 45. 7 45 and 9 45 Six Weeks 3 20 ond 7 30 p m ond On Golden Pond." 1 15. 5 25 ond 9 35 p m., both rated PG "The Toy." rated PG. 12 2. 4, 6 05 8 10 and 10 20 p m. Salmas Auto Movies. E Market St ond Simas "E T The Extra-Terrestrial " 7 ond 10 30 p m. ond "Drogonsloyer," 8 55 pm, both rated PG. "Post Times At Ridgemont High," 7 and 10 34 p m.. and "Trail of The Pink Panther." 9 05 p m., both rated R The Empire Strikes Bock " 7 ond 10 28 p m , ond ' Star Trek II 8 50 p m. both roted PG. "Incubus, ' 7 pm, The Fifth Floor." 8 50 p m.. ond "Beyond The Door." 10 23 p m . oil roted R Skyview Drive In Sanborn Road ond Garner Avenue - "Fast Times ot Ridgemont High." 7 ond 10 58 p m. , and "Conon The Barbarian 8 5)p.m . both rated R Monterey Peninsula Cormel Village Theater, Dolores ond Seventh Street Six Weeks rated PG. 1 30 3 30 7 and 9 05 p m Carmel Center Cmemos Hwy. 1 ond Rio Rood - 'Tootsie." rated PG 2 15 4 30 7 ond 9 25 p m "The Verdict. ' rated R. 1 30 3 50 6 30 and 9pm Cinema 70. Del Monte Shopping Center -- Best Friends roted PG 1 45 4 7 ond 9 15pm Dream Theater. 301 Prescott ot Lighthouse Ave "Peter Pan, rated G, 1 1 30 I 30 3 30 6 30 and 8 IS p m "Still of The Night," rated PG 1 30 and 7pm, and Diner,' rated R, 3 15 and 8 45 p.m. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show, rated R, 10 p m. ond midnight. "AC' DC Let There Be Rock." rated PG, 3 45, 10 pm and midnight. Golden Bough, Monte Verde Avenue. between 8th ond 9th sts.. Finest in Adult Entertainment Rated XXX 'INTIMATE ILLUSIONS" A "EXPECTATIONS" I (. Franklin Monterey MS 1771 Special Coupie Discount m eludes concessions located on the street Del Mon,. Bivd behind McDonald s -Late showing Frl. A Sat. Cormel. "Honkytook Man." rated PG 2 4 15 7 and 9 15 p m Hill 7) Soledad Drive, 'Atlantic City." 2 30 and 7 pm., ond An Officer And A Gentleman 4 20 and 0 50 p m., both rated R. Regency 426 Alvarado St. 'The Toy " roted PG. 1 15. 3 15 5 15 7 15 ond 9 15 pm State, 417 Alvarado St Air plone H " roted PG, 1. 2 45, 4 30. 6 15, 8 ond 9 45 p m. "48 Hours," rated R 1 30, 3 25, 5 15 7 15 and 9 15 p.m. "Kiss Me Goodby " rated PG, 1 15 3 15. 5 7 ond 9 pm. Valley Cinema Mid Valley Shopping Center "The Dark Crystal," rated PG, 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 pm. Open daily 4 a.m 363 Main St. 422-4343 61 7 South Mtm St CINEMA 7 Theatre 7S7423I NQWSHQWmg TO JU SYlVtSTCft STALLONE Nm-SH. 1.30. tins S 7 59. I.IS, 11.00 Mo Sat 9 05! Son 1 00. 5 00. 9:00 PURSUIT OF D.B. COOPER Mon-Sat: 7:10Sum 3:10, 7:10 1 FOR 1 THURS ONir i "NIGHT HAWKS" Mw-Sal: 9.29Sn. 1 00 4.3S. 0 10 ALL SCATS 1 CVCRV ETC -t CHINESE DINNERS Orders To Take out Hi Phone 449-2400 Wen son A Susie Louie SoOcUoUA 9hK 1 260 N. MAIN ST. SALINAS Open 11:30 A.M. to'9:30 P.M. CLOSED TU BOATS Good Mexican Food with a touch of Old Mexico The most extensive menu of Mexican dishes ovaiioble in Saltnos. Come in and compare our modest prices. : Food to Go, Too! Open Seven Days A Week Rosita's Armory Cafe 231 Selines Strut Phene 4J4-703T JLW" Your Host: Jess Juarez , a S Jaime Juarez PER. CARLO AD ENDS TONIGHT Starts 7:00 ft's Awesome, Totally Awesome! riu. "CONAN THE BARBARIAN" r SPANISH SPEAKING SUN.-WED. RIOMA FILMS, S.A. pretanU tu artiste eicluttvo mL . A COLORES , PLUS EL GIRO EL PINTO Y EL COLORADO LUXURY THEATRES end DELUXE DRIVE-INS NORTHRiDGE 1st lwo ShomngsONLY$2 52 UnlessOtherwiie footed DUDLEY MOORE MARY TYLER MOORE A UNIVERSAL RELEASE (nORTHRiDCE E1 PhHron SHOWS AT 3:20 A 7:30 Also Showing ON GOLDEN POND (PG) 1:15 5:25 & 9:35 4 4221911 XTRA- , FjJiiiat TEES1,L I S7RSK.L5, ALACK. fc Drive-Ins Open 6:30 Weekenas6 :4S Weeknighti i( ( RICHARD PRYOR 1 JACKIE GLEASON fi ChiMrer Undrrl2 Free Unless Noted BLTRIPLE-THREATOF RRORANimiSPEIVSEl RJtSUUl Q COB aouMM ncivnu noMim wc BO U fHTJHKS M ASHBW.ElElKl PG S Now Showing! CnORTHRlPOE 1 ERmmfeiM SHOWS AT 12:00 2:00 4:00 6 :05 B: 1 0 8. 1020 i BEY0ND Market otSimos . Open Tonight at 6:30 4.M rut Fit LED WK7 ROBERT HAYS JULIE HAGERTY For the ride of A Y'.;.rV yur life... DmriM b JIM HENSON : FRANK 02 Produced , JIM HENSON GARY KURTZ b, DAVID ODELL si, b, JIM HENSON fiu TREVOR JONES Oni'OutM hj unf44iFtwev am A wauied fmn Dnsitawdar Corpurjtxm (hovel ltn oerl BouA.j DDF? jjpcTWfP wc war enJ PARAMOUNT PICTURE 3' THRILLING WEEK! SHOWS AT 12:30 2:15 4:00 S:4S 7:45 4. 9:45 SHOWS AT 12:00 1:SO 3-40 5:30 7:30 4. 9:30 ThWildcsCFunni6stAction"rhHn6r,",,,,, is Tootsie. Of The Year! The boys are back in town. Nick Notte a cop. Eddie Murphy e.ccnvd. The M place they ew expected to be on the seme ad. Even foe. rnoRTHRiDcc BSBHB -Richard Schickel, Time Magazine Tootsie will make you very happy. David Arisen. Newsweek pusrm HornnAZtf PCr & aU I II I Nc-rthndge ShcoCemer SHOWS AT 12:30 3:00 S:30 8 00 A 10:20 r (Smx BURT REYNOLDS & GOLDIE HAWN 1 81449 9101 star. See. ther Titers. Open 'Til 12:00 Frl. A Set. 'TB 1 FLEA MARKET SAT. & SUN. OPEN 7 AM Till 3 PM Phone 75S-6792 SHOWS AT 1 : 1 03:20 5:30 7:50 & 10:00

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