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The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin • 26

The Capital Timesi
Madison, Wisconsin
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-G 'lump Owned Home Edited Home ltead THE CAPITAL TIMES Sunday Morning, June 17, 192S TWO FEATURE FILMS ADD NEW WORDS TO VOCABULARY FISCHER NIEMAN'y ENGAGED AS GUEST TEACHER OF OPERA Taylor Pupils Will Give 2nd Piano Recital Japans Young Actors Bring Yankee Touch black masked rider of the, plains mounted on a black horse, and th6 other as being an unconcerned way-ftrer, who is looked upon mostly as being a little queer. In reality, however, he is a captain of Rangers, that famous body of hard riding men, who have so admirably written several thrilling pages In the pioneer history of America. Parkicay pable travesty artists and have played skits of this sort both in musical comedy and vaudeville. Bob Robbins and Brian Jeffett claim Doin Nuttin as the title of their offering and that means Just what the word implies. Perez and Marguerite, novelty Jugglers, will offer a delightful novelty treat.

Dolores Del Rio, the beautiful and charming Charmaine of What Price Glory, stars to the feminine role of No Other Woman. This photoplay Is handsomely mounted and filled to the brim with romance, comedy, thrills and poweiful drama. The locale is Biarritz, France, and the theme is based on the primitive passions of the fashionable set. The story opens with the Jlgges as steerage passengers arriving from Dublin to company with the Dinty Moores. There is heart interest and romance well worked out for the film play.

4 Neiv Orpheum EVERYBODY works to the Foy family and everyone makes an exceedingly good job of hia task. These boyj and girls as most everyone knows are the children of the late Edflle Foy, and Yor awhile all of the chlldien appeared with him to vaudeville. The remaining six of the younger Foys are still a vaudeville unit and each and everyone of them is indeed a chip of the old block. Buster Shaver and his Tiny Town Revue provide entertainment and no end of humor. The little people while scarcely larger than good sized dolls, are exceedingly clever and they have away of presenting their singing, dancing and comedy specialties, that makes everything they do seem enjoyable.

Movie fans know Harry Cardiff and Mary Wales well. In fact, their reputation is not confined to the screen. They are considered exceptionally ca The director of the Wisconsin Schoo of Music announces the engagement Call Fischer Niemann, grand opers tenor, as a guest artist teacher for -th summer session beginning June 25, a i a special feature for the session. Mr Fischer-Niemann and Dr. Sigfric Prager will conduct a class for singcu who are Interested to opera roles.

Voyagers Average 1 0 Kegs of Beer Each NEW YORK What may be dons in three months of beer drinking it the subject is approached with an enthusiasm and diligence was shown when the Hamburg-American linei Resolute returned from a three months cruise around the wotld. On board there were approximately 200 passengers of the total of 375 who did not take their beer drinking in an idle fashion. Their attitude was a respectful concentration. CONTINUOUS 11 P.M. ALWAYS 70 DEGREES COOL PHOTOPLAY SHOWING The First Picture in which the lovely Dolores is seen in gorgeous gowns of the day Reindeer Reported Plentiful In Alaska NOME, Alaska The expansive tundra moss pastures in northwest Alaska are dotted with animated little black and white forms which are reindeer fawns now old enough to trek along with their grazing mothers.

This spring there was a high percentage of births in reindeer land, the number being estimated at 150,000. STARTING TODAY EXCLUSIVE A DOUBLE FEATURE vtt UE THE FIERY MAGNETIC STAR OF RAMONA and WHAT PRICE GLORY SPEAKING VAUDEVILLE HERES A REAL SHOW The!" jrtwsv 1 3 Lv. A Mary Philbin and Conrad Veldt By GENE COHN NEA Service Writer NEW YORK Each season adds a few new words to the dictionary of film criticism. Just as most of us were getting to a point where we could use camera angles intelligently, along come such new usages as rhythm, symphony, scope, and dignity. Just as jsmnting gave birth to perspective, line, "movement, "design, and all the rest, so are those films to which the word art can be hastily applied "coining a list of critical terms, In and about Broadway we hear them more and more.

Symphony was tossed profligately about when Murnaus Sunrise flickered on the screen. The pictures movement was compared to the various oi chestrated moods, and was interpreted accordingly. Incidentally, Mur-nau introduced the slow-rising fog haze which Fox seems to like so well that he used it again in Street Angel. and once more to chart the Irish background of Hangmans House. SINCE few seem to hold out any great hope for improvement to story.

Interest among those who sit through hundred films or more a year centers recently upon the amazing progress of technique, dignity, and rhythm. In this regard, two of the more recent super-films to have premieres on Broadway are particularly noteworthy. The first is tJniversals The Man Who Laughed, and the other is John Barrymores "Tempest. In the latter, technique has been so studied that one begins to wonder if it can be overdone. Effects achieved to a prison scene.

In handling sequences showing the revolutionary activities of following Barrymore through his mortifying experiences at the hands of the nobility are so curiously excellent as to negate reality. Yet their effectiveness cannot be questioned dramatically or pictorially. rpHS Man Who Laughed is A unique to that it follows faithfully the gruesome Hugo novel except, perhaps, for a few moments toward the pictures close. Then it carries the hero to his happy ending. A brooding, terrible story this of a son of royalty, disfigured in youth by some of those wandering hands of barber surgeons of the middle ages.

The Late Eddies Pride and Joy REAL CHIPS OFF THE OLD BLOCK i S' In The Man Who Laughed. His father had won the disfavor of the court, and the son was marked by those early day plastic surgeons who carved a perpetual grimace upon the childs mouth. As he maturest the youth becomes a circus figure. He is a thing for the crowds to look upon and jeer at, or to burst into laughter over. He is a great sideshow success, but the curse of this perpetual leer haunts him.

His only friend is a dog which Hugo, with typical irony, named Man. But the travelmg show owner has a lovely blind daughter, and since she cannot see the horrid face, she loves only the character. The clown is reclaimed at court, horrifies the dignitaries with his appearance, and is betrothed to a royal lady. Thus far does the screen story trail the novel. But Hollywood has had him make a Fairbanks escape, slay a few pursuers, and escape on an outgoing ship.

Paul Lenl, the director, has handled the pictures to tones of gray, an effect that is particularly striking. And Conrad Veidt, the German importation, has more than justified his European reputation. It is doubtful if this will be particularly popular with fans, though you never can tell, these days. ee rriEMPEST is marked largely by A the splendid behavior of John Barrymore, who threatened to be listed as a film ham, in spite of flapper adoration, together with the American bow of Camilla Horn. Camilla looms as one of the finest young actresses in the American cinema; a lovely blonde with an extraordinary range of expression, and more beauty than any single individual needs.

Barrymore has had the good sense to forget that he ever played Jekyll-Hyde or ever tilted swords. There are moments when he acts like an actor, even when he fails to act like a Kus-sian-r-or resemble one. The camera work is some of the best to be seen this season. Australian Travelers Get Free Taxi Rides MELBOURNE Free automobile service is provided by the Tasmanian government railways from the Hobart railroad station to any address within the city boundary. Luggage not exceeding 112 pounds in weight also is earned free.

Passengers are invited to use the service and taxicab tickets distributed before the train are IW.WgWiHHH WW ri IrfWnnMrsMnYfhH 1 Continued from Preceding Page have gone the legitimate one better to faithfulness to details. The new school producers are mak. ing pictures of modern life, with their Japanese actors to dress coats, toppers, spats and Oxford bags, and these films are gaining rapidly to popularity. In. many of the provincial theaters the moving picture exhibitors charge no admission.

They get their films, which are old and spotty, for virtually nothing and make their profits from the sales of cakes, tea, curios and photographs. Big houses in large cities charge admissions ranging from 20 cents to $1.25. Admissions to the country theaters average from seven to 13 cents. In almost all the theaters the real star of the program is the speaker or announcer, who reads the titles to spectators. He also explains the scenes and generally is a comedian as well as a tragedian.

The Japanese public, while generally literate, cannot usually read the titles as rapidly as they are thrown on the screen. Sftme announcers make salaries of from $300 to $500 a month. AT THE THEATERS Continued from Preceding Page untitled Ernst Lubitsch Colman becomes an individual star to The Rescue. EIGHTEEN films will be distributed i by United A. lists during the 1928-29 season.

Five of these are already completed, and five of them arc nearly done, and four will enter production within month. At least three of these, and possibly more, will be movie toned. 4, BUSTER Keaton and Ernest Torrence in Steamboat B.ll, Jr. will be seen throughout the world in 1928 Herbert Brcnon will produce Lummox. William Boyd and Lupe Velez will be seen and heard in "The Love Song.

Rex Ingrams production fo The Three Passions is based on Cosmo-Hamil-tons new HIGHLY ornate piqture theaters are becoming quite common nowadays, but the most attractive of them all, Js said to be the new Warner Theater to Hollywood. At the dedication of the theater, Dolores Costello to Glorious Betsy, was the attraction. ALFRED E. Green has just begun on the filming of Making the Grade, Fox screen translation of George Ades magazine story, Edmund Lowe becomes a mid-western society man to the comedy-drama, and to which Lois Moran has a femiinne lead. Madison Fred Thompson in The sunset Legion," the western stars latest Paramount production, came to the Madison theater yesterday, and was proclaimed again by his host ot fans.

The Sunset Legion compares most favorably with his previous Paramount productions, and his current production bids fair to exceed his previous performances. Thomson enacts a double role In this picture. For one he is known only as a Continuous 1 to 11 Prices THE LITTLE PARADE BUSTER SHAVER AND HIS TINY TOWN REVUE CLEVEREST MIDGETS in VAUDEVILLE Robbins Jewett Scores Another Hit in 110 OTHER WOMAN" A Drama of Passion and Intrigue The perilous tri-angle men man led bkein and Husbands Wives PLAYS in DOIN NUTTIN Perez Marguerite ORIGINATORS OF JAZZ JUGGLING PAR EXCELLENCE 4 1 HARRY CARDIFF MARY WALES in TRAVESTIES ON FAMOUS A program that will delight, exhilarate, ard make you' roar with laughter! Program Will be Played In Esther Vilas Hall Tuesday Evening The ecord ft a series of piano recitals gnen by the pupils of Miss Jennie Taj lor, of the Wisconsin School of Music, will be held at Esther Vilas hall, Tuesday evening at 7:45. The program will be given by the following pupils: Drifting Williams Shhley Bomstien Chimes Gest Joseph Gaether The Tight-Rope Walker Beyer Caryl Bridgeman C.bin Dance Baines Jamce Munch ow Aipcggio Waltz Crawford Earl Williams Titanias Dance Goodrich Brownies Morning Song Brown Pauline Coles Beading Selected Vera Hammersley (Pupil of Maud Nichols) On the Meadow Lichner Welton Williams The Gay Butterfly Hatch Ruth Sweet The Music Box Heins Dorothy Heck The Butterfly Merkle Cedal Sklar Lore Dreams Brown Doris Bridgman Duet: The Little Haymaker Smallood Welton Williams Earl Williams Tarantelie Lomas Marian Bridgman Earp Echoes Cirgil Dorothy Swafford Minuet Paderewski Ruth Bridgman iolm: Rustic Dance Borowski Eleanor Cheydleur Tarantelie Virgil Emily Johnson alse in Sharp Minor Chopin Elvira Taylor Hungarian Concert Polka Alfoldy Virginia Libby Waltz Mana-Zucca Charlotte Quilty Surging Sea Barbour Elmer McLaughlin Valse Op. 42 Chopin Mary Quilty Wisconsin Schools Pupils To Present Program On Thursday Among the recitals listed at the Wisconsin School of Music for nejt week is a general program to be given at Esther Vilas hall Thursday evening, June 21, at 8 oclock, under the direction of Miss Lunile Olson.

Miss Dor-3 thy Heick will again appear with her vylaphone. Violin numbers will be mesented by Phillip Chiistenson. and Edith Rathbun, a reading will be given ay Marion Soderholmn, and piano num-oers bv Nena Hazard, Velma Pope, Marguerite Genin, Catherine Gregg. Flmcnce Hunt, Ruth Oldenburg, George Schaffer, Geraldine Wollover, Maiy Louise Andrews, Mary Tappen, Elmire Lobeck, Nevelle Dickson, Jane Bond, Seraldine Reese, Elizabeth Ana DMalley, Eleanor Bond, Catherine Dennis, Catherine James, Josephine 3uan, Howard Buenzli, Frances Hvam. Miss Ethel Murray will play two num-Ders accompanied by Miss Margaret of the piano department.

Plan New Classes for Summer School With the opening of the summer session of tne Wisconsin School of Music 3n June 25, new classes in musical kin-Jcrgarten and dalcroze eurythmics will formed each week for the benefit tnse children who are out of town 4 the first of the regular session. The kindergarten classes were one 3f the successful new features of the past ypars work at the school and were -onducted by Miss Bernice Swift under peronai supervision of Miss Eliz-sheth Buehler. Miss Swift who is a member of the piano faculty has mecialized in kindergarten work. She will continue with the present classes luring the summer session, as well as start the new classes. Wisconsin School Juveniles Meet Monday The Juvenile club of the Wisconsin fhool of Music -i1I meet Monday vening at 7:30 in the club rooms of school at the corner of Gilman and Henry streets.

Miss Bernice Swjft will iae charge of the program to be given iy the following children: Nevella Dickson, James Dickson, irabara Smith, Barbara Crounse, Lloise Crourse, William Warriner, Anita Johnson, Betty Gay, Charlotte kolas, George Schafer, Mary Tappen, Betty Boyd, Dorothy Bonner, Patricia md Martha Cromwell and Esther Haagen. Wellesley Co-eds Are Addicted to Telegrams WELLESLEY, Mass. UP) Girl col-ege students at Wellesley are addicted telegrams, a survey here has revealed. There is a daily average in the eullege telegraph office of 118 incom-ng and 175 out-going telegrams. A surging1, thundering, wild and woolly Western of the old school crammed with the old free spirit of the carefree West reeking with the tang of the lesert air and sagebrush resounding to the clatter apd bang of hoofs and the scramble for love and honor.

Latest Chapter of KING OF THE JUNGLE The Thrill Drama Cnmedv Cartoons C4TJAto" A BRIDE, Esther Ral XT Etons new starrng picture for Paramount, proved to be an intriguing piece of entertainment when shown at the Parkway theater last night and the social drama seemed to be popular with the large audience. The new Esther Ralston vehicle is a departure from her recent films, Love and Learn, and Something Always Happens," those gay comedies which amused audiences at the Parkway theater recently, Half a Bride, is a diamatio picture based on the experiences of a pleasure-mad girl, who finds true happiness in a trip back to nature. Gary Cooper, the versatile star, whose recent successes in Children of Divorce, Domsday, Beau Sabreur, and Legion of the Condemned have made him a popular screen favorite, has the leading male role and carries it off excellently. Strand 4 4-xIRCUS ROOKIES, a hilarious new appearance of Karl Dane and George K. Arthur, fun famed heroes of past feature film comedies are at the Strand theater in another success which ads materially to the sum total of laughs in this austere old world.

In this hilarious romance of life with a circus they romp far and away from anything they have ever done. The story is unique for one thing. It reveals the Intimate inside story of life under the tents with thrills and comedy generously supplied. has a nice little romance with Louise Lorraine who plays the part of a trapeze star. Dane plays the part of an animal trainer, chaperoning a giant gorilla, until the beast becomes rebellious.

Arthur Is the dapper press agent, who incurs the enmity of the huge trainer of monkeys and thereby gets into a great deaf of trouble. Our Gang is cn the same bill in their latest release Rainy Days and what a gang of youngsters do in wet weather provides a brief space of good wholesome entertainment. Capitol AMERICAS funniest famous family, the Jiggs of comic strip renown, bring their riotous squabbles and reconciliations to the Capitol theater screen today for a three day showing to the feature film attraction, Bring Up Father. It is a rollicking comedy and brings to the screen one of the first feminine comedy teams which consists of Polly Moran and Marie Dressier. The picture is a literal adaption of the famous George McManus cartoons.

Polly Moran plays the part of Maggie and Marie Dressier will be seen as the wife of Dinty Moore. J. Farrell MacDonald, well known character actor, is Jiggs. Gertrude Olmsted, who came to the screen by winning a beauty contest is the beautiful daughter of Jiggs. BROADWAY GARDENS DANCING and CABARET OPEN EVERY NIGHT Today 35 Children 15c NEWS EVENTS THE BARTON ORGAN 1 i i i i i i 1 anrnsrocsi to i -i mirniMr ADULTS 35c CHILDREN 10c STARTING TODAY The World Famous Ncivspapcr Funnies Now on the Screen! sn.

ziiwinmanr TODAY AND MONDAY The Greatest Fun Show You Have Seen in an Age! Its Better than a 3-Ring Circus! loan: AND JACK GARRE IT AT THE ORGAN GEORGE K. IN NEWS COMEDY THE BOY WHO LEADS EM ALL FOR DARING, PLUCK AND ARTHUR ,3. They made the world shake with laughter In Rookies. Theyre even funnier in this comedy of The Big Top. Dane is a gorilla trainer, Arthur a cub reporter, and when they clash as rivals for the hand of the circus queen, what a whirlwind of fun, fuss and feathers! ADDED FEATURES A Beautiful 2 Reel Technicolor Drama LADIES OF VICTORY p1KsS 5 JAL'RpACH ADDED FEATURES AN AFRICAN ADVENTURE A Sensational Film of Life in the Jungles LATEST WORLD MAC BRIDWELL AT.

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