The Times from San Mateo, California on December 7, 1961 · Page 1
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The Times from San Mateo, California · Page 1

San Mateo, California
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Thursday, December 7, 1961
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CASEY, FALK IN TRANSIT ROW FINAL Edition SAN MATEO TIMES AND DAILY NEWS LEADER A HOME OWNED NEWSPAPER Vol. 61 - No. 292 2 Sections 38 PAGES SAN - MATEO, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1961 10c PER COPY - $1.50 PER MONTH Katangese ! Bullets Hit Church Mission Group Flet Shellh ' EEISABETHSBLEE, Ka tanga,. The - Congo ..UP!) Katanga soldiers nit a iow - flying J. S. Air Force plane with rifle and machine gun fire today and. set it on fire. The damaged plane landed saieiy at jausuueuiniit: , airport and the crewmen : es - caDed iniurv. " With the shooting, U.S. servicemen - were brought under fire for the first time in the IB months of Congo turmoil. In the only other instance,, of violence agauist Amnripan mililarVmen lS.,.U.' - 8. Air Force technicians were.beStcn up by Congo troops, at StaTHj - villc last year. ' (Shortly ' after the shooting , .the United States called off its. airlift of trooos and supplies tb;. Jhe United Nations forces seefcing?to bring rebellious Katanga troops. under control. Flames belched from a fuel tank and one engine of the big Globe - .master plane as it landed - after J ..conung under tne lire ot.jjaidn - probabie final design - for uuuira n. mh ),.. renter span was selected yes - Bridg e Plan Chosen 'Orthotropic' Design Wins fe - .By VERA GRAHAM : The California State Toll Bridge Authority today had placed its preliminary stamp of approval on a. sleek, six - lane $70,000,000 "orthotopic'' design for the new San. Mateo - Haywd bridge, and pledged it. will not delay - final apprwa'fcbeyond January 10. At - 'th'eame time Projects En gineer Norman l,. rtaao announced that some $13,500,000 in trestle Construction is. '.already underway'ito provide a four - lane road which will tie into the ni. level 'six - span structure over navigable, waters. A $500,000 fill job for the future toll plaza on the Hayward end of the bridge has been completed. . The' tolail project, Raab .snW will take about five years. The present structure win be razed and the five span teel superstructure will be nalvaged - Present Span To Be Razed "B" Orthotopic design, favored by Ml Bridge Antbnrlty ; .otIEiisabethville. KoHIa frir fnp r - ni me 'canJial of break - away Katanga "Province raged into its third day - ..h - much of the fighting, cen - lp'ci Wi a. strategic tunnel conr tro'lmit; the main traffic artery in mi - cityr terday afternoon out of six sub' mitted by Raab and his engineers.. It. is known as plan B.. - In adopt - ; ing the resolution of - .preliminary, approval, the. authority;;.;jiMoW bv Governor Bdmuncl'G, Brown, directed State Director, - of Public JttoitJtohwit - Bradrord and Raab .(In. private advices to Katanga sources in New York, Katan ga's .Foreign Minister Evariste Kimba said his troops had driven U.N forces from the U.N headquarters in the heart of Eltsabeth - ville. and had scored "victory - after victory," (The word from Kimba was that the Katanga troops now con - "trolled'all of the city of Elisabeth - ville. He charged that U.N. troops were shelling two Katanga hospitals.) As the fighting sent shells and bullets whistling through Elisa - bethville's streets, a band of marooned Seventh - day Adventist mis sionaries escaped from 52 hours (Please See Pajje 3, Column 4) to immediately engage a firm of consultants to review the - design, make suggested changes, and give Jurther aesthetic guidance to the, project. That report :must be submitted before January 10, when the authority is expected to take final action. Eastern Firm Raaab said today that tie and Bradford would probably - select "an unbiased Eastern firm, ana turn the report over to'the gover - by next month. They will Man Injured In Belmont BELMONT Duane E. Gaddis. 37. of 3509 Hillcrest road, was injured this morning when he was hit by a car as he crossed Ralston avenue in front of the post office, police report, nffifpr Robert Gorran said Gaddis was in a crosswalk he was hit by a car driven by Dorothy Pitlow, 49, . of 3618 Reposa way. Mrs. Pillow had hfen stooped in tha fast east - bound lane for baefced - up traffic, the policeman reported, and started up, hitting Gaddis. CASH FOR XMAS! No Payment Until Feb., '62 HIGHEST TRADE - IN ALLOWANCE ON NEW 1962 FORDS and FALCONS WILL PERMIT US TO GIVE YOU NEEDED CASH FOR XMAS! See Us Today DOANE - MINTO FORD SALES 101 California Drive amined yesterday. "You can rest assured,' future by extending the roadbed and railings, maintaining an unchanged appearance because of the installation o special, pre - cast units. Rabb added, however mat such an expansion probably .won't be needed until I99B under pres - ently projected traffic estimates. Furthermore the. state, only' has enough money to build four lanes now. However, - the sbt - Iane center span, some 2V&.' miles long and 750 feet above . water must be provided now .because it could not be widened m tne tuture. . First Link ' - Raab anticipated that the - first 2000 feet of the new four - lane1 tresUe to be erected alongside the present structure, ' will be connected ' and opened to traffic bv rffitt .summer. Work is now underwav from the. east side the, bridge and the; deep .water channel - is being dredged .to - ' permit floating of heavy equipment ;to drive piles for piers. A temporary road will - also be built' at the east side future toll plaza location - and. the - - present road will be taken' out. : The new design - will, dd. an; extra year to, the construction; period, because U will require more time to . fabricateerl ti) build the - bridge;' be' explalnei The approved design hs also added close i $S,OM,000 to the original J65,0W,OM estimate. It calls for solid, tapered box - type steel gilders supporting a sinele deck - of six. lanes. .Cham ber of Commerce Manager. Ken Brown with Director Walter Jack attended the hearing to represent San Mateo, and . urge eariy construction of the much needed fa cility. Also present and - making the same plea were Supervisor Alvin Hatch and County Managerj Robert Stallings. Brown added that tne ormo - SanMatean's 9 - PointPlan Repudiated Some Speakers Demand Vote Of People By VIRGIL WILSON REDWOOD CITY A nine - point program for "improvements" the Bay Area Rapid Transit plan proposed today . by Thomas Casey Jr., a San Mateo lawyer and member of the transit district board of directors. Adrian Falk, district president, thereupon took the floor and repudiated Casey's presentation. The rift highlighted the opening session before the connty board of supervisors of a public hearing on the proposedrapid transit plan. On the basis, of testimony, pre - ented at the 'hearing, the - superiors - must uecidc - : whether to keep San Mateo:. county in' the . district or withdraw. . While, he - .' had the' floor, Casey took a swipe at. builder. David. D. Bohannon,' one of the most powerful advocates Df the county's withdrawal. ' Takes on. Bohannon Casey 'asserted' that Bohannon has a fear that - he - will suffer an economic deflation."'; ' "I do if he' is right or wrong." Casey told the board, "hut. his - interests are manifest - . However, as legitimate as - .hisVpri - vatc, interest is, it does not' justify acceptance . - .of his objections : 'as being. bathed in the; aura of public benefaction." .. " Casey suggested that I V ..... .. ... . i,l .itl, thi cnh - ci.! R nail arirle; that '.he tl'CStie lias mown auuuu also review five other plans ex - Raab today, "we are, working on however W nave a . - - - designed to enable tropic" structure will oe umque the f na design :.. witn .trus Plan au,3uu,uw i - uuuh:i uuucc, , - - - - , - fh. (Puase s,e pace . Miumn saii in view. As ' a " matter - of - fact, lerect loadings on piers and are I level span. Take Bigger Role in Red Fight, JFK Tells Labor By MERRIMAN SMITH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (UPD - President Kennedy, referring to the present period of international crisis' as "this Pearl Harbor," asked organized labor today to play a . larger role in combating the worldwide spread of communism. The chief executive spoke to the AFL - CIO national convention on the 20th anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack. He said the challenges of today, "this Pearl Meany Asks U.S. Job Aid MIAMI BEACH (UPD - AFL - CIO President George Mcany called today for stepped - up government efforts to expand the nation's economic growth and reduce recession - level unemployment. Meany said the preservation of the free enterprise system hinged on whether the country can pro vide 1.3 million jobs each year or newcomers to. the fast - grow ins labor force. He told the opening session of the AFL - CIO convention that workers would rather have jobs than lederal aid or chanty hand outs. Kcynolc Address The AFL - CIO leader delivered his keynote address a few minutes before President Ken nedy announced that the number of iobs last month had climbed to a November peak of 66.349,000. Meany said he welcomed the recovery from the recessioi J (Please See Page 3, Column 31 Harbor," were"'greater and more far - reaching." Against this background. Ken - edy called for strong labor sup port in a broad range of U.S. pro grams to sirengtnen omer nauoiis. He particularly asKea union sup port for a liberalized foreign trade program wtnen he wui sunmu io Congress next year. eakine to a chcerinl audience of more than 4,000 in the Ameri cana Hotel, the President opened with jocular thanks to American union members for their support in the I960 elections. He said he appeared before them today "as one whose work and continuing, employment has depended in part on the union movement." He had received a marc cautious reception Wednes - in New York before the ra tional Association of Manufacturers. Says Fewer Jobless Kennedy took pride in announc ing that during November, lor the first time in a year, the level of unemployment had fallen below 6.8 per cent of the work force, down to 6.1 per cent. "And it must go lower," he said to ap plause. Qne point ot strong or . Kennedy's ' speech ' before the AFL - CIO came when he announced his intention - to ask the next Congress for stand - by author ity to make grants - in - aid to com munities for public works should the unemployment rate - start to rise again. Kennedy, who was' cheered by sizeable street crowds as he entered and left the hotels, told the (Please See. Pace Z, Column 1) Khactaaturian's Performance if SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) - The San Francisco Symphony announced today that Soviet com poser Aram will be unable to conduct the orchestra at its concerts January 10 and 13. The symphony said that Khacn - atunan has canceled all u. b. igagemcnts to work oti a ballet. His o:ace will be taken at the San Francisco concerts by Seiji Ozawa, 25. assistant conductor of the New York Philharmonic. 300,000 Red Spies NEW YORK ftPD - The Fed - al Bureau of Investigation today disclosed a new cstimat'; of Com - munisl - intelligence activities hich indicates the Soviet bloc iias 300.000' asents trained in intelligence and espionage activities. It warned U. S. uusincssmsn that some Df these are lntiitrann. merican industrial and scientific meetings to collect valuable mill - tarv. scientific and industrial data Assistant FBI Director William C. Sullivan released the iatestU.S. estimate of Soviet intelligence activities in a speech to the annual congress Df the National Associa tion o: Manulacturers inamj. He said the estimated 300,000 agents more than the population of Miami, Fla., or El Paso, Tex., carry on intelligence and espionage activities through about 37 Communist intelligence and security organizations. A particular target, he told the meeting ot U. S. industrialists, is the open convention where American businessmen, scientists and experts discuss their work. Jobless Rate 1 Drops; First Time in Year Accord Near In D.R. Crisis district, but seek correction of certain objections the present, plan In aceoirdance wllb'hlj - nine;' point program. i lrict - ,has: - iui(jl Apri,26iake any modifications, reqpMeasby: - tht.coun Other speakcrsr - at; the - morning session of the - hearing.' demanded that the supervisors not withdraw the county, but allow the; voters to decidc'wh'ctber the rapid transit system shall become an actuality. Amonfi them were Howara uao - ney, - president of the San Mateo Junior Chamber of Commerce and Marvin E. Lewis, a San Francisco supervisor and former chairman of the Rapid Transit commission, the forerunner. - of the present district. .; .'Not Children" . "We' don't .feel you should arbitrarily withdraw this county from the' district," Looney asserted, "we don't like the idea of being (Please See .Page 2, Column l Times on 4Bav Region Report' WASHINGTON (AP) - The un employment rate dropped last month far the first time in a year, President Kennedy reported today. The rate fell from 6.8 per cent of the: WOrk force, where it nasi remained nearly constant for 11 months, to 6.1 per cent, Kennedy cold the AFL - CIO convention in Miami. Fla. Labor Department officials planned to give the .complete November jab picture later. Ken - nedy announced the unemployment rate in his speech. . The President also said the number of persons employed dur ins November set a record for the month 67,349,000. The October job figures showed S7.8 million at wotk. The drop oi 500.000 .in the .total employed dur in November reflects the season .il shutdown in farming, construe tien and other outdoor jobs. Bui the rise in unemployment was Sess than seasonal, accounting for Ihc lower rate. Final Delivery Of 'Old' Polari SUNNYVALE (AP) - Lockheed Missile and Space company delivered the final A - l Polaris to the navv today to concentrate on pro duction of the longer range A - 2 version of the submarine missile The naw has been using the A - ) ivnp nn active dutv for a little more than year. "Production of the 1500 - mile A - 2 Polaris is well underway." said L. Eugene Root, president of the company. A third version, the A - 3 with a 2500 mile range, is being developed. SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic' (AP) - Informed sources said today a settlement has been reached in the Dominican political crisis. It is understood the agreement calls for the resignation of President Jaaauin Baiaguer before Dec. 31 - and installation ot a pro visional Council of State to govern this island nation seeking a new way o life after 31 years of rule by the Trujillo dynasty. Aa announcement of the settle ment is expecten lOQaj. uuoi - raants said an accord was reached on main points and onl; some minor details arc beinf u.nrkotl nver. nse crowds pacKen sanio Domingo.s miin streets as wuiu spread that an agreement was at hand. Manv sheps reopened, but the downtown stores remained closed on the 10lh day of a gen era! strike that was a key factor in the negotiations. Balaguers heaitn reporteciiy rmnrMi in developments of 48 hours, ne was repuricu exhausted and suffering from mild kidney infection. Persons close to him said he was on the verge of collapse after the imov. 19 coup which foiled &n attempi by two brothers ot me laie ura eralissimo Rafael L. Trujillo to seize power. Hiehly Placed sources said the new government formula would est a seven - man uounc" an araie with executive and legislative powers after Congress is dissolved. WEATHER Partly cloudy with possible light showers tonight. Fair and windy tomorrow. Low temperature tonight, 38 degrees; high tomorrow, 58. Northerly winds 12 to 25 miles per hour this evening, increasing to 18 to 35 miles per hour - tomorrow. George Whilescll, editor of The Times, will appear as featured guest on . Bay Region Report, tomorrow at 0:30 p, m. over KRON - TV (Channel 4). He will discuss outstanding matters of interest lo those living on the San Mateo Peninsula. 'Rough' Pact On Drug Law WASHINGTON UPJ - Sen. Estes Kefauvor and the much - investigated drug industry reached rough agreement" today on leg islation designed to protect con sumers against impure or worth less drugs. But die industry DaUcea at ac - j ccpting new restrictions on paioni. rights which the Tennessee Democrat said were necessary; to "give j sick person a break." Xcfauvcr produced documents subpoenaed from Bristol Laboratories vhich he said showed "very unreasonable" differences between the cost of manufacturing, tetrac - . dine, a leading antibiotic, and the price charged to druggists ana hospitals. According to Bristol's figures, Kefauver said, 100 - capsuie bottles a tetracycline which cost S1.63 each to manufacture were sold to druggists for S30. Kefauver went into his third year of investigating drug firms! by commending the American Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' association for agreeing to accept over the $2.5 bi!lion - a - year industry. The bills still must, be passed by Congress before they become law. J01HN0W! . Sun Mateo Mutual Savings and Loan Association's Cfjrttma Club bisons to meet holiday end year - Save 50c to $20 weekly for 50 weeks, get back 525 jo $1,000 plus interest (currently AVi per annum). Come In or Phone: Dl - 4 - 1756 or OH 7 - 8497 for details! Lean lankSytttn Prin, Office: il7 So. B Street, SIN MITED Branch: 1641 El Camino, BtlNUNEAME PliZA

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