The Californian from Salinas, California on December 5, 1973 · 33
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The Californian from Salinas, California · 33

Salinas, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1973
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Scientisf In Organ Sees Cancer Risk Transplant Drugs NEW YORK (LTD A 100 timc-s greater that tnatjiwnl fr ihrs dis- tlefltlat from leadirg lid'n-y obx-nrd in the general jx.jnila- onlrM other form t4 treatment transplant tenter ) there 1 tun ta the Mme ae group, clear-tTJt tudence that the use lenn aaid at a Battimal cuftter-f drup ta keep the taJy from urology and tmmu rfjrolirg trampteniod organi Oology in human tamer, greatly imreau-a the ri.'k of Hut be e!' that mary , . tjnrt,f- of the ram-m that transplant "tanrt.r Dr. Israel Ienn, assotu'e reeipK-nta deeltjjed were protestor of , . , , , . . transplant rtxTipirnu vho re- Surgery at the trade. relamriy easJy treated several vean Iniveraity of Colorado Medkal !- and he Mid the extra rtf K9 frt-n donori fanier Center, uid hi tlmbei in Jo tamer should mi duumrage the Identl- Denver aho4 that SI per nnessary organ transplants. kmd of ,fl xhf cent of 42 transjilant mipk-nt I term also said there is some transplanted organ ithin a few developed tanrer months or a evidence that earner months, few years after mejv log also deve)oj in other patients j,mn pointed out that It h treatn.ent to suppre&s their bring treated fur a v anety of evtrrmely difficult to transplant defenses diseases with drug that sup- human cancer cell from one gainst the foreign organ, press the immune sy stem. Thl (risk) is approximately i (ne should not use this DANCING t P.M. 10 2 A.M. Te Dm Mask Of Dm "STONE COUNTRY" 4 Pc. Popular Country. Rock Groupl TflaldaL. COUHTRY VILLAGE II WIST MAIKfU' m person to another. "The foreign cells are recognized by the hast immune de, tense and are eliminated. he said However, tf immunity i impaired by immunosuppressive therapy, the outlook is completely changed." j He said the discovery that deficient immune system can give rise to cancer U one of the roost significant advance in our of cancer." He said more research is urgently needed to explain why this occur and posably to lead j to way the phenomena can be counteracted. It's Symphony Support Time The Satinas Guild of tho Monterey County Symphony Association's Holiday Ertrt.tgt-i fund raiser for the Symphony is tomorrow at noon at Corral de T.erra Country Club. Among the Guild's pillem who ere helping to organise the big show are Mrs. Emme Jean Netetly and Mrs. Rosie Vaughn. A fashion show end e concert by singer John Gary w.ll follow e noon luncheon. (Celifortvie Photo) I n 11-1' i NOW.J O- WEEK! THE PICTUftC YOUR NEICHIORI ARC TALKING AIOUT. WALKING TALL flight just ftirn out (o be this j ears sleeper and emulate the runaw ay success of MteSrt.-7.30 BILLY JACK. C Sundry 5:00, 9.00 Keun J homes. LA. limes .Vw-e Also Playing JUNIOR BONNER Mon.-Sot. 9:45 Sunday 7:15 AAGAA's Grand Motel Opens in Las Vegas UI. 4 Jill... 2 90. J JO, IIS aj s 1 7rak SfATiDAR N QvtT LAS VEGAS (ITI) The The casino opening was not getting heart of the MGM Grand Hotel advertised in advance, but carpel started with a flutter Tuesday served as a shakedown run for workers-. One workman summI jand within 24 hours will be tlte employes and the equip- n a scaffold in the middle of pounding like that of t ment preparing for the crush of the casino del lately brushing superstar striving for fame and opening night, Wednesday. the last touch lo a mural in the sX FRANCISCO (LTD fortune. ) By Sunday more employes will uf the casmo. He was The state Supreme Court has The casino Is the heart and be on the Job at the MGM Grand ohliuous to the players lx low turned down a motion by mass the purpose of any Las Vegas Hotel than the entire population andsisa versa. killt-r Herbert W. Mullin lo Strip" hotel, Bui the heart of af some rural counties in Ne- A blackjack pit bolt said ace charges of stabbing a the MGM Grand Hotel is bigger vada. Tuesday 40 per cent rt the 21 Catholic priest to death in a jand more posh than any casino Astrologer James Harvey PS an u, confessional d.srr.bsed. in the world. W idiy. 0e. S. 197) JAL1NAS CALIFORNIAN 11 Maheu Delivered Cash to Humphrey JK ASGKU.S (I IJ ) - The to driver a M ono fiT-pavi former brad of Howard Hugh coi.:;i'n.ji.n f;van ltu.'V. and rV Nevada empire ejr4ed wat told to rw-rt Hunjhrey w under 'h Tuesday that be a Lr-inu rve parked in from tf prrvrfially gsve .Srfl Halarrt H the hotel brriyw there were Hmpfey an a'tatfu case too nary jirle ui (Hum-rtmla r.jig j0 tefl from Hughe phrrv ) We.- Maheu Aa.d, Hun phrey deftjed It. IjC depm.tafl fufct rued Itu'a-rt Mahe-j, in a depos.tiiai entered the, f k-d n federal esaurt here, aaid shwA band wi'h Mr. Hum-that he gave the money in iscs phjev There was a dr.ver m ihe to llumj brey, who wa then froM of the or. weveral ppT vkw presidi tl and fvernorraGc in the bark w-at of the or I rresiji-ntijl cand.da'e in a W-ft the a'ta.he tase on the limousine larked in frtit of the fl.a.r and puriuar.t to irsTue-(er'ury 1aJ4 Hotel W t.ofi from Mr. H-4VS, d.d Bot Ln.-eW-a, where Humphrey bad req-jrai a peoe , and k-fl. I g vefl a Speer h. ished b.m God sjwnj and good j The di-pmjtion 1 part of a !u rorrj.V l.' l Suit by Maheu Ue e hjft e.J gree.rg." against Hjr'h s. Maheu Sail NoVaJv made I Hutrphrej'a sta'f in Wasl.irg- any n-'-!ene lo the fart that trtl d-r Ibu'ed a press state- Howard Hughe me. ment Tui-vday ag:n denvwg d':.enrg fiOtrfl to Mr. Maheu statement, saving he Iteng'-rey," had never rtt.ved money from Mav'-u said be ir.'rut-d the Hu. he fn.issariei Hun-phrey auk who ju-nrd as I Maheu Sa.d he tSTTled th.n go-'a-'weet that the d cation attethe Case from La fa I- ,,,, be kept secret bream I 1 Ar.nk-s. conta.n.r.g j;S t.o Hward Hughe bad IrsTU'led feom liaghes c.'mo operatxm me that be C J not want to and on aml was given d-'pk ate in any wr ay Mr. another f:a( by ano'her Nixm," who wa Humphrey i Hughes, h be pul m np?r,nent in the election, and lo Uiecase, whom Hghe also wanted to He bk a room at the car jwua corTiHivms. Cmturv llaw. be sa.d. and one Maheu bat told of plaving a of Humphrey s staff contacted role In the delivery of 100 (M) h.m there. He told the from Hughes to Neon's dose Humphrey that he wished friend, B te Reborn, for use by N.xon. has sa d he kept the money m a safe d posit box in hi Honda bank wi'hout t Ring Nunn, jrd then rxturned it to Hughes. Maheu lawyer asked the court to ask Humphrey to rrp'y under oath to Maheu version. 'cast the birth chart of the The othcrs C3rTlCd ALSO RIGHTir ... 7 00 SAL M.. 100. 4 10. ns DUMBO' Casino dealers reported for MGM Grand Hotel and ll .work Tuesday and the doors m part ... Neptune shows cue1 ,! rl were opened at noon. A tnckle omers spending m ore money JP" ---a - , of gamblers started toward the, than ever before. S 2ms 1 Tomd of M' Ca!h:,c resort. emD.ovs almost Cj,un-h m Gatos with a Mullin. convicted of k.lllng 19 persons in the Santa Cruz area, ano, whih Is admitted last July that he carry half the News of Record Fire Calls See Santa c t cMccDonalds!, Sat., Dec. 8, at 840 E. Alisal St. Store Sun., Dec. 9, at 1365 N. Main St. Store Noon to 4 P. Fun lor all the family. Great food. Prizes Bring camera! m n McDonald's ll a U, New Hours at 840 E. Alisal St.: Open Daily 9 A.M. to 11 P.M., Fri. and Sat. 9 A.M. to 1 A.M. 1365 N. Main St.: Daily 10 A.M. to 11 P.M., Fri., Sat. 10 A.M. to 1A.M. s. Watch for Our Ad Saturday, Dec. 8 As Advertised in Family Weekly ! green felt tables and within two1 hours half of the crowded. U hlte shifted dealers stood at a wuina iwx, Owners and operators hope casmo dpaU.n and , 140 ,ards tables were the prediction holds true , ,n slwlarg,r lhJn , wkU kmft Nov. 2 19,. despite the energy crisis, threats football field Tuesday s rejection of - Jen stood at of weekend service station, T(w foot caMno mot, on for delay or dismissal of fcT'. X attention at the empty tables closures, gas ra toning slashes has i m sI(), achines mp charge, means Jury selertion im with decks of cards fanned out w air travel-all the life blood labl 4- blackjdlk ,ablcs 'j could begin this weik before To4y 7 tf pm ft1 t &) TiHo Co Cttiamq L an Aj!fYTt e oiflfm fcowntat. w. oc9w-a Oft Dy 0 woUJ r torch Dip Ynlartlay 4 S4 p m , mi in an arch of hearts, clubs,, of Uu tounst oriented econo- wbf.Si a kpno l0ungP Santa spades and aces. T SRYV1EW rrtaha Skew Starts 7.00 00 PER CARLOAD THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE PLUS The Last American Hero sunken area of located on the 2Cth 'floor where Schneider sought to delay the sLlNMr.r. by c.u my- for 200 players. As velvet-jacketed dealers and jg poker tables, aimlessly fingered stacks of a casmo for high-rollers $100 bills in a the casmo bordered with an the minimum bet is $. Italian marble rail, a construe-: tion worker occasionally stopped and stared into the VJW'V0' baccarat pit. , Men wearing hard hats and soiled work clothes cranked, away at a slot machine now! and then during a Tuesday' work break? In one corner of Court gram. Moe St AppomfYtiy f-o dors to ( mtwr.or nd D4I COf0fimnt of Cf OWAWd ( lara County SupfTior by At i Annrdy cum unknown. Judge William A. In is Defense attorrey I). Randall Driving Arrests new Inal on grounds that the tom., h p.troim.n I lose of lime between the "l ,0y ' i.ipM oi lime ixiwu n wn wh,i, udr ,h. ,n( on into.- polue accusation and a grand " T,1r r. 1 Giv Away A friendly white malt Poodle need a good home w th (he r ght the casino a man crawled along family He it akc reg.tered. Ph . .1 nnn 4.4 71F9 or 42 jb3J after 9 am With 3 can Of clesning fluid prt German Shepherd mate about 10 monlht old EXPRESS BUS TO SAHARA TAHOE l.av.s .v.ry Sat., 6 30 PM. from VALLEY MARKET 139 E. M.rk.t St., Salin.t Phono 424-5222 for roi.rvationi Evening Phono Rot. 424-8203 BONUS $6 00 ($6 cash, ylvs drink & sandwich) Pound trip fare $17 15 per per son. Purchase tickets in advance fjr mod seating The speaker of the Australr an House of Representatives has conducted a poll of lawmakers to see if they would collar was last seen near Gabiian drink apple JUlCe instead Of and Front streets There is a re alOC hoi at Official functions. jury indictment was harmful to P,c.f,cGr!UL'.rrt'.t0 ? o.m' j today at State Route Ore end South Lps Road f Paul O Christpheron, 37, of Mens Landing arrested at 4 ?5 p m j yesterday on Doian Road near State I Route One Juin S. 2olr 48. of 449 Her. neon Rd , arrested at 8 70 pm. (yesterday on U. $. 101 at Russell I Road CANBFRRl, Australia (UPI) .oh.,P ST 7..t"nZ Reservation Road east of Crescent Avenue. Building Permits r HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE 10,000 WOMEN! A ward offered for ward at 4:2 0547. A big mate triever wearing collar, was last seen near Park Reward Ph 484 9624 Chata a little white Poodle mix with blue eyes end a pugnese. is missing from the Los Padres Area Ph 4?2 0027. A 6 months old gray end white K. It Siamese cat is missing from the CW ZCdlSfla Prunedale area Ph 44 2821 ext 'nrmnn Kirfr 308 or 304 days, 663 4286 nights i AUIinan IMrK. A brown and white female Pit I bull is missing from Williams Rd I She has e red leather collar with a flea tag on. Ph. 424 7165. The following were picked up byllOWing HIlSlAPrS the Animal Shelter A black County John Rule dwelling Kamer Road. cevi T-mA. ikA Cestrvlle 117 000 Dennis Phillips, Spcukcr James Cope took the fireplace 9450 Poiiock Lne ji.og poll at the urging of Rep. Gil .E Bunl.. remodel dwelling 316 . ,, n n r , Lievry Way $3 000 Shuler Verge, following widespread eight unit apartment build ng. HninLonnpcc in Crescent Avenue, Marine, $110 000. Grunhenness in Shuler Verge, carports Crescent in Avenue Marine $6 000 Floyd Dorman. dwelling San M guel Canyon $25 000 J Wil- Golden light re e brown leatti ToroDuthie allegations of the house last month connection with a reception for r, apr"n"?aie women of love and war... better at both than any man! They knew what they wanted and how to get it! & Secretary I thVmctcn M1 ST BE SErs B r EVEPV MAM A SC WFE OUT NOT TOOTTmAll DRIVE INS OPEN 6 45 FREE CAR HEATERS Ivptus and Ahsal streets, a black Poodle cross wearing a collar and a yellow leather coll was picked up near Henry Kam mann School, a male tan and black Airedale cross was picked up on the 100 block of Young Drive and a female black and gray Shepherd cross was picked up on Garner and Green streets If one of these dogs are yours, Ph 758 7285 This public service column Is Intended for the free exchange and recovery not for the sale of animals. i Prime Minister Hams dwelling 19770 Agusta Circle I $32 000 Joe Tate dwelling 412 Ex-jeter Plara, Marma, $'9 000 dwel I interviewed 104 honorable wTd.41JntVr?irof1hop.Ks.TMPgui senators and members on their canyon Road, js ooo, t sgh.a attitudes and I received the 1; oo Wllson Way- North Fipht uprp1 Walter Hitzegrade aluminum sid--. w , , 8 ing for dwelling 3061 Marina Dr, n 111 favor Of apple juicer Nine Manna, $3 000 Robert Lineberry, 11 ppp in founr nf Rlf'fihhli' dwelling, Lakeview Drive, $25 000, male were in lavor 01 aiconouc Ledjer Investment Co. dwelling, flea beverages: 16 were undecided San Juan Road North County, $76- a and 72 said they had never ; m0ndEd ro ,DdCri'i5ncarDOrt tasted apple juice.1' Lincoln Tate Lucretia Love Paola Tedesco Solvy Stubing Benito Stefanelli it Robert Vidnark ftoOueM WMCCAAOO OH.U OvactM Oy al OAAOLEY Cow by TaelMoMr TocnnMcooa arv AMcmcAN WTERSATionm. covomIL MARKET 8. SIPVlAi UJE j2I2Em aSALINASUl DRfVfr4N-V SAUNAS 239 MAIN STREET SALINAS .758 1828 gp DILLINGER'r SISTERS' OPEN 645 Amazons 9 20 OPEN 6-45 Free Car Heaters Amazons 9 20 Sisters 7 30 Comet Kohoutek Gaining Speed WASHINGTON (UPI) - The comet Kohoutek is gaining speed on its swing toward the heart of the solar system and is now about 72 million miles from the sun. The space agency said Tuesday that the comet is not Marine Col. John K. Sides hasl(luite as bnht as was expected for this date, but astronomers expect it to get brighter as it approaches the sun and solar radiation turns more of its frozen nucleus into gas and dust. Kohoutek, which now has a tail 9 million miles long, will pass the sun at a distance of 13 million miles on Dec. 28 and cruise within 75 million miles of earth Jan. 15 on its course back out of the solar system. dwelling 16 Exeter Plaza, S 0O0, . dwelling, 418 Exeter Plaza, $28 000 1 Eugene Nolan dwelling Pesante Road, North County, $20 000; Toro I West Inc , Interior of dress shop, Portola Drive, Toro Park Estates, j $2 000 reported for duty at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan. A 1970 graduate of North Salinas High School, he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Jones of 60 Monterey Highway. monteretT tides- Times and Heights of Tides at Monterey, Monterey Bay, California Furnished by Marine Exchange, Inc., From Coast and Geodetic Survey Uata Pacific Standard Time December 1973 Date Time Ht. High 5 05 58 5 2 19 21 3 3 6 00 12 2 1 06 33 5 6 13 49 0 2 20 23 3 6 7 01 01 2 4 07 08 5 8 14 37 -0 9 21 21 3 9 8 01 50 2 6 07 51 6 1 15 20 -1 4 22 15 4 1 9 .... 02 41 2 8 08 36 16 09 -1 7 23 04 10 03 29 2 9 09 23 16 55 -1 9 23 53 11 04 22 2 9 10 17 17 44 -1 8 PUBLIC NOTICES NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENGAGE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES To Whom It May Concern: Subject to issuance of the license applied for, notice is hereby given that the undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic beverages at the premises, described as follows 527 W Market Street Salinas Pursuant to such intention, the undersigned is applying to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for issuance of an alcoholic beverage license for these premises as follows ON SALE BEER WILLIAM V. MICHAELS Dec 5, 1973 (D2391) NO. 70465 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF MONTEREY ... 00 38 11 06 ... 01 27 12 01 ....02 12 13 10 ... 03 00 14 19 16 03 51 15 42 17 04 36 17 16 18 05 21 18 41 19 ... 06 08 19 53 High 4 5 6 0 4 6 5 5 4 8 4 8 5 0 4 2 5 2 3 6 5 3 3 3 5 5 3 3 5 6 3 5 05 19 18 33 06 25 19 22 07 39 20 11 09 01 21 01 10 20 21 51 11 35 22 43 12 38 23 37 13 34 Hungry Intruders Take Choice Cuts Hungry burglars snatched $200 worth of meat from a Cas-6 3 troville ftome yesterday morning, Monterey County sheriffs deputies reported. Margery A. Hertzog, 11398 Low Wall St , told deputies she re turned home about noon and discovered the loss. The meat 2 J , had been taken from a freezer 23 m her garage. 0 3 10 NOW IOU KNOW 1 2 11 An iceboat can go four times 2 2 1 the speed of the wind propelling lit. In re LETICIA BUSTOS a minor, by DOROLES RUIZ PEREZ, Her Mother for Change of Name WHEREAS DOLORES RUIZ PE REZ, petitioner, as the mother of applicant LETICIA BUSTOS a per son under 18 years of age has filed a petition ith the Clerk of this Court for an order changing applicants name from LETICIA BUSTOS to LETICIA PEREZ, IT IS ORDERED that ail persons interested in the above entitled mat ter appear before this Court at 10 00 AM on December 21 1973, in the courtroom of Department No 4 at the courthouse 240 Church Street, Salinas, California and show cause if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this order to show cause be published in the Salinas Cali forman, a newspaper of general circulation pnnted in Salinas Mon terey County California once a week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition Dated November 5 1973 RALPH M DRUMMOND Judge of the Superior Court Nov 21, 28, Dec 5 12 1973 (D2327) i

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