The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1966 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1966
Page 6
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The Twin Edges of the Law 'For the most part, that was a solid piece of business Arkansas Supreme Court Justice-elect John Fogleman served up to members of Blytheville's Lions Club following their noontime meal Tuesday. In essence, Mr. Fogleman said that equal protection under the law has as its corollary equal obligation to the law. Indeed, America today faces as one of her greatest challenges the reawakening of respect for the law; a sensitivity to the needs of the law and its enforcement. That great enlightment which startled American education from its torpor following Sputnik I now must move into the broad field of public responsibility for the law and its enforcement. While applauding the tone of Mr. Fogleman's remarks generally, it should be noted that description of a peaceful assembly (or non-violent demonstrations) as "a riot on the way to happen," seems a re-stating of the Constitutional guarantee of the freedom of citizens peacefully to assemble. An assembly, no matter how peaceful, for purposes of which some sectors of the public don't approve, then, is a hotbed for mobism? This, of course, wasn't stated by Mr. Fogleman, nor would it b«, but th« point remains that th« l»w it a twin- edged sword. It must off*r eijual protection and does off«r equal protection. There seems to be something about Blytheville and Mississippi County which stirs visiting civic club speakers to reach back and gather whatever conservatism they can muster for the occasion. Both United States Senators and Congressman E. C. GathingS are inclined to wrap themselves in their best conservative demeanor for local appearances. A visiting police chief plumbed the nadir of the conservative philosophy in a talk here. Mr. Fogleman's straight-as-a-gate approach to law ahd order was tinctured by a do-it-yourself interpretation of the rights of peaceful assembly and a mis-use of a quote of a civil rights leader. This is only to suggest that the local facts do not support such thinking. County Judge A. A. Banks, Sheriff William Berryman and Mayor Jimmie Edwards—to name only three county political figures—are men of moderation who have a genuine concern for people. Evidently this is the way the locals like it and for that everyone should be properly thankful. Of Run, Spot, Run »••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*•**' Show Beat Dick Kleiner OH, OB/ THIS TIME IT'S FOR, REA(J What do you think of the possibility of invading your dog's privacy by tuning in on transmissions he makes vis communication satellites? Scientists say the time may be closer than we think. It started with the wiring of birds and grizzly bears with tiny transmitters, according to a report in Insider's Newsletter. Naturalists explain they can learn the life and death details of bird and beast by keeping track of the beep-beeps. Recently, a crocodile in Washington's Notional Zoo was forced to swallow a "gutnik" —a tiny, ticking transmitter that makes him a living replica of the crocodile in Peter Pan. The gutnik transmits the creature's temperature. Now plans are underway to keep tabs on elephants in Africa via satellite. Scientists will strap a 25-pound platform or transponder on Jumbo* back which will act as a sending and receiving station when Nimbus-B orbits within a 2,500-mile range of him. Biologists and conservationists are enthusiastic about the new IRS (Inretrogation Recording and Location System). They see it as a way to keep in contact with creatures who climb the highest mountains, penetrate the deepest jungles and span the widest oceans. And the tune will come, speculation has it, when the same type devices can be attached to household pets, so that dog-owners need not worry, for example, when their favorite canine is off digging in the neighbor's garbage or courting down the street. "Run. Spot, run."—Beaumont (Tex.) Enterprise. Royal Dud< A London magazine which describes itself as the authority on style and fashion recently • editorialized that Prince Charles and Princess Anne should dress more stylishly. "It seems a pity that at least some of the younger members of the Royal Family should not be allowed to express their teenage individualities in some of the jollier products of swinging London," quipped Tailor and Cutter a highly regarded publication representing tailors of Saville Row. It is possible, however, that the magazine's criticism is unwarranted, in that it offers no proof that the two children of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are being denied the opportunity of Beatle jackets and miniskirts. Perhaps the Prince and Princess simply prefer the more conservative hauts couture; and if that's the case, then it's their royal business, blimey!—New Orleans Tunes-Picayune. JACOBY ON BRIDGE NOKTH (D) 82 AQ8 VAK72 + K83 + AQ87 WEST EAST AJ9T42 *K65 VJ864 VQ103 4A102 «Q65 . + K +10964 SOUTH 4A103 4 J974 *J532 Neither vulnerable West Korttt East South 1 * Pass 1 4 Pass IV Pass 1IT.T. Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— A 4 tinued wiKi the queen of clubs just in case West had played king from king - small. West discarded a spade and South abandoned the idea of bringing in four club tricks. Some players might have given up at this point and come to their hand with the jack of clubs in order to go after one diamond trick but not this South He led out dummy's king of South was one of thoje players who never believe in raising their partner when they can bid a suit of their own. He also liked to bid no - trump but unlike many avid no - trump bidders he was able to make the cards perform like trained seals. When he looked over dummy he rather wished that he had left this no - trump hand for someone else to play. He could insure two spade tricks simply by playing dummy's eight of spades on the opening lead. He counted two heart tricks to make four and possibly one diamond and four clubs for a total of nine. East played the king of spades on dummy's eight and South won with the ace. There was no reason for South to hold up. Four club tricks would be available if West would show up South led his deuce of clubs at trick two. West's king fell to dummy's ace and South con- BIOSATT AND CROMLEY IN WASHINGTON Peking Mob: Was It Raid On Secret Soviet Files? TOKYO, Japan (NBA) During his stay in Japan, where he is filming the latest James Bond movie, "You Only Live Twice," Sean Connery made a very important telephone call. He called Edinburgh, Scotland, to Sie home of his parents. What made the call important was that it was the first call the Connery's ever got; Sean had just had the telephone installed in their home. To Sean Connery, money isn't very important. He is not extravagant. He actively dislikes clothes and fancy cars. But he does enjoy doing things for his family and friends, such as installing that telephone. He also paid for the first indoor plumbing his grandparents ever had. While having a great deal of money doesn't particularly excite him, he knows its w o r t h. And he knows his own worth, at least to the Bond series. This is the last Bond film he is contracted to do. The producers own all the rest of Ian Fleming's works, except for "Casino Royale." Whether or not Connery will play tiie part in the others is the big question. "I'll do another one," Connery says, "for a million pounds ($2,800,000). The picture? have made so much money and I haven't gotten my fair share." (Later, I asked producer Cubby Broccoli about his plans for future Bond pictures, and he said, "It depends on Connery's wishes. We want him, of course. But if he won't do it, fcen we'll get somebody else.") Connery isn't unaware of what money can do. In Tokyo, like any other tourist, he did a lot of souvenir shopping. He wanted a kimono and he wanted it red, bright red. The Japanese didn't diamonds wifil all the carelessness of a man who was looking at both the queen and jack in his own hnd. West could see that South was short of entries and West was not going to give up his diamond control. He let the king hold. South continued with the eight of diamonds. East played low and South rose with the jack. West ducked again and South had his ninth trick but he wasn't satisfied. He led another diamond, bumped the ace and queen together and wound up with an incredible overtrick. By RAY CROMLEY Washington Correspondent Newspaper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON (NBA) The strong Red Chinese demonstrations in front of the Soviet embassy in Peking had two major objectives. One was obvious. There are a large number of Communists in Red China's upper ranks who feel a strong attachment to Russian communism. Some see need for Soviet military and economic aid. Some are emotionally attached to the Soviet historically as toe "mother" of communism. Some like the Soviet approach. It is known that Mao Tse-tung and Lin Piao see this emotional attachment to the Soviet Union as a weakness. It lowers their own authority within China. It leads to too much trust in tiie Soviet Union. Lin Piao believes personally that is is not wise to trust any- country too much, whether it's enemy, neutral or ally. Mao and Lin thus feel the need to destroy these attachments, thus one reason for the demonstrations at the Soviet embassy. demonstrations will not prevent Mao and Lin from making an alliance of convenience with Moscow if they believe it will serve their purposes. The old alliance with the Soviet Union was just such a useful alliance.) There was possibly a second purpose for the demonstrations. A defector from the Hungarian secret police makes this possibility clear in his report on a Communist demonstration on Viet Nam before fee U.S. legation in Hungary last year. The Hungarian Security and Intelligence Service planned the demonstration in co-ordination with the Communist party and other branches of the government. A huge sum of money was allocated in advance to pay for damages. + * * The purpose, said laszlo Szabo, the defector, a former major in the Hungarian Security and Intelligence Service, was "to use the confusion to break into the American legation and grab some material — files and such. "Security officers, almost all the staff of the Hungarian Se- ^urity and Intelligence Service (This pressure for anti-Soviet i subsection handling the Ameri- can legation were put among the demonstrators for this purpose. But they could not manage it. They could not find any opportunity to break in." The idea of the Soviet KGB and the Hungarian security intelligence service, says Szabo, is always "penetrate, penetrate, penetrate." The Red Chinese possibly use the same tactics. As of now, there is a great deal of tension between the Soviet Union and Red China. Repeated reports are heard of Soviet troop concentrations on the long western borders of Red China. The Red Chinese may not be certain what the Russians are planning and feel the need to know. They also may want to know Russia's intentions in North Viet Nam, North Korea, Japan and other countries where Moscow has been making headway recently in fighting Red Chinese elements in these national Communist parties. Regardless of whether Mao Tse-tung and Lin Piao intend to work more closely with the Russians or oppose them more vigorously, Mao and Lin are not about to trust the Kremlin. 1 O I9S4 by NM, Inc. "Maybe ihis 'Ion' you M hr mt it on/y W' */'** owcrawrfttf ctew onrf /our pay/" the Doctor Say By Written for Newspaper Q — Will cortisone, if started early in the course of an inflammatory disease, cure it or will the disease come back on discontinuing the drug? A — A short course of one of the cortisonelike drugs will greatly hasten the cure of some acute inflammations such as bursitis and sprains but when taken for chronic arthritis, bursitis and other diseases of tiiis type it must be taken continuously or the symptoms will return. The disadvantages of such prolonged treatment include the development of "moon face," peptic ulcers and softening of the bones. Q — My wife has taken cortisone for over a year. She is hungry all the time and has gained 45 pounds. Would cortisone cause this? A - Yes. Q — My internist says ! have low blood sugar. H« put me on a high • caloric diet with food every two hours but I still have occasional Kackouts. Is there anything else I should do? A — The treatment of low blood sugar depends in part on whether the condition is due to an inborn error of metabolism, acquired by overindulgence in silgars and starches or caused by alcohol or certain dru«s. At- M.D. tacks may be triggered by your emotions as worry, grief or fear. In most victims the condition can't be cured but can be controlled with skillful treatment. Your high caloric diet should not permit sugar, pie, cake, starchy vegetables, foods of the macaroni family, dates, raisins, coffee, tea or alcohol. The most difficult requirement in such a diet is to omit wheat products. Foods allowed include meat fish fowl, eggs, milk, margarine or butter, cheese, nuts, decaffein- ized coffee, very weak tea sugar - free soft drinks vegetables and fruits not on the proscribed list and soybean products. A recent study indicates that injections of glucagon into the hip muscles stimulate a release into the blood of the sugar stored in the liver. This you could be taught to do for yourself in an emergency. Q — My doctor say* I have blood sediment. My count is 64 and it should be around 10. What could cause this and what can be done about it? A — Your doctor determined your sedimentation rate which normally is less than 15 (or less than eight, depending on the technique used.) In some persons tiie caujt of an increased rate cannot be determined. More often than not, however, it indicates rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease and is a valuable guide to the effectiveness of the tretment used. Please send your questions and comments to Wayne G. Brandstadt, M. D., in care of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. The popular cheer, "sis- om-ran, 1 ' is a variant of l)OQIIl*A OH t •*** • T *»*••«« — •• another' cheer popular Jn the 1860s when crowds at celebration! and patriotic events shouted in unison, "hiss-boom-ah," in imitation of the sound ef a rock. et being ignited, exploding and shedding its colored ?5 Years Ago -In BlytheYille Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reed announce the birth of a son, Ricky Dale, Thursday at Walls Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Slielton today announce the engagement of their daughter, Joe Dean, to Nelson Dean Edens. A November wedding is planned. A coffee yesterday morning at the home of Mrs. Dick Watson complimented Mrs. Rosemary Clark of New Zealand. Mrs. Clark has been three months here and will return to her home tomorrow. "Chicks Whip Poplar Bluff 137." Led by tackle, Quincy Hodge who turned in a sterling performance on both offense and defense, the Chicks' forward wall spelled the difference in the two teams. Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Reeves are spending the weekend in Humboldt, Term. want to make him a red kimono; they believe that red w the devil's color. "But I wanted red," Connery says, "because red and black are my family's 'colors. They symbolize my family's motto, 'Life or Death.'" .He got red. But it had to be made up specially. When he wasn't working or shopping, Connery, as usual, was playing golf. Golf, he says, is his escape. "A golf course," Connery says, "is the only 1 place where nobody cares who you are. You can be on a golf course and be so intent on the game you wouldn't know if you were playing with the Pope." For Connery, being able to find some place where the public will let him alone is important. So he plays golf wherever he is. Golf has become a passion, and he's good. He has shot a 70. Once he had spent six days in New York and totaled 14 hours sleep in that period. He took a night flight back to London and didn't- sleep on the plane. He got off and went directly to a pre-arranged golf date. "I lost 140 pounds," he says. "And I learned my lesson. Never play golf for money when your're tired." Connery has two tattoos oh his right forearm, souvenirs of his teen-age experience as a sailor. He makes no effort to fcide them, but he doesn't like to go into explanations when anybody brings up the subject. When Gypsy Rose Lee visited the set in Tokyo, she spotted the tattoos and blurted out, "Oh, where did you get them?" "These?" said Connery. looking down at his arm. "I never noticed them before." Blytheville (Ark.) Courier News Thursday, September 22, 1966 Page Six THE BLyTHE\n.LB COURIER NEWS THE COUKIEh SmVS CO. H W HAINES PUBLISHER HARRY A. HAINES Assistant . ubUsher-Editof PAUL D HUMAN Advertising Manager sole National Advertising Representative Wallace Wltmer Co. New fork, Chicago Detroit Atlanta Mrmphtl Second-class postage paid at Blythevtlle Ark Member ot the Associated PreM SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city ol Blythe- vlHe or any suburban town whert carrier service Is maintained 35c per week 51.50 nw month By mail within a radius of ft> mllei. S8.W per rear SSOO tor iii months. S3.UO for three month. 07 mail, outside 50 mile radius 'IB-OO n".r vear payable in advance Mai] subscriptions are not accept- er 1 in towns and cities where The Courier News carrier service ti maintained Mall subscriptions ate nayable In advance NOTE: The Courier rttws assunii* no responsibility for photograph! manuscripts, engravings or maV left with It for possible publication Here and There Answer to Previous Puizle ACROSS 1 Village community in Russia 4 Island east of Java 8 "Lone State" 12 High card 13 The dill 14 Ocean movement 15 Sea between Arabia and Africa 15 Poisonous ketones (chem.) 18 Caustic (med.) 20 Occurrence 21 Stripling 22 Otherwise 24 Was observed 26 Armenian river 27 Musical syllable 30 Annul 32 Dresser 54 Em hasii 35 Physostigmine 36 Definite article 37 Summon 39 U.S. coin 40 Anxiety 41 reporter 42 Desert garden spots 45 Ineffective 49 Quelled 51 Neither 52 Great Lake 53 Masculine nickname 54 Transposes fab.) 55 Transgressions 56 Greek war god 57 Head covering DOWN 1 Female horse 2 Froster 3 Fragranca 4 Divested 5 Presently 6 Missive 7 Follower 8 Furnace 8 Fork prong 10 Arabian gulf 11 Pause 17 Centaur 19 Glide rhythmically 23 Tag 24 Begone! 25 Apiece 26 Sacrificial block case 33 Reoccur 38 Inferior 40 First asteroid . discovered 4t Surrenders 42 Mineral rocks 43 Air (comb, form) 27 European tree 44 Whirl which produce! 46 Head IFr.) turpentine 47 Feminine 28 Shower of water . appellation 29 Female relative 48 Formerly 31 Enclose in l 50 Health resort NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.

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