The Evening Sun from Hanover, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1945 · 3
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The Evening Sun from Hanover, Pennsylvania · 3

Hanover, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1945
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hw. 11 4 1 -i u4, no;,.;, . ru.t,.t! ftir. I -)!r4 " t",j. II i tan. ' n-M ' toil. r r- Km SlMVf,- . j! 1 tON Cb-M. Pr. K, JM 1 Mu. 1, r PIH, AUUc m ut. Gii utlooi, y 8ton 1lin KVK ttf it .it, huoifr TS l.lvln, l-l(ri,l irnltur, tl SALE 1; Ml. A Bro, L'arlul, tl rrfftr V The , Me (73 Sum- liickin U li'M Stone erloolt, HI mu. Ml no, all vi. I frame ry flue o live, '.WO to hftiisr. ham. i, near i flee., Stone lawn, . Bank ib.s, 3 . snr-rman'i Pa. t;j :ht and era aod Pi. w j of It ng top jarai, t;3 w tlm. d for Apply, T I food tomatic , titled Apply, ; an, A-l 4 new ennHTi om to irk Si, i price, tf price, estovrn, 15 t you! Cool riCR i 6145 I body, , stake truck, n 4npa :ottlin ttf tilfbeit lerrolct B-li. 1 1 ar. N CASE Pa. rill par of title. t Stool; tx trailer. ant, re- , inau rips n invtlpr'i afayette ta ornfed tfano tl chart Kiunk. Tbonf rk. r. ltj 3t mo"'1" d COACH 0.M.S0LEM QUITS AT SYRACUSE Football Mentor . Withdraws With No Regrets After Nine Years Munn May Have Inside Track SYRACUSE. N. Y.. Dec. It. (AP). Oscar M. 'Ossie Solem is through as Syracuse University football coach after nine years. The former University of Minnesota football star submitted his resignation to Athletic Director Lewis Andreas last night with no regrets. Chancellor William P. Tolley announced that the resignation had been accepted. The athletic governing board said that no successor would be announced for a week or ten days, but at least five prominent football per- . .... - a sonalities were reported unofficially in the running for the post. Clarence Biggie Munn, line coach at the University of Michigan, vas said to have the inside track. Others mentioned frequently have been Hugh Devore of Notre Dame, Harry Mehre, recently resigned as University of Mississippi coach: Lynn Waldorf of Northwestern and Biff Donnelll of Columbia. Solems resignation has been rum-orel since the close of the 1945 season when his Orangemen turned in a lone victory out of seven starts. Solcms letter of resignation asked that his tenure end immediately' and thanked the university for its many courtesies. He had one more year to serve on a ten-year contract.' Hiss Syracuse teams won 30, lost 27 and tied six games in eight years. Syracuse had no team in 1943. A serious student of the game. Ossie surprised the football world in 1941 by Introducing a new Y formation in which the center straddled the ball while facing his own backfield. The rule makers decided the play could not be used and limitations placed on It forced its abandonment. BOB FELLER OF INDIANS BECOMES FATHER OF BOY CHICAGO. Dee. 11 (AP) Bob Feller, Cleveland's pitching ace, excitedly telephoned from nearby Waukegan today to announce the arrival of a seven-pound, nine-ounce boy. Its the Fellers first youngster. , I hope he'll be another right hander, but he's a little gu? right now," Feller said. The Fellers were married Jan. 1C, 1943. Sports Roundup By HUGH FULLERTON, JR. CHICAGO, Dec. if (AP) Jack Zeller, retiring as the Detroit Tigers general manager. Isnt getting tut of baseball alter all. Hell help nin tryout, camps In Texas cities for the East Texas and Evangeline Leagues, which want to operate as independents and figure they cant pay enough to lure players from more distant points. . . . Arkansas Is all ears to hear the Razorbacks announcement of a new football coach today and its a good bet hell be J. B. Ears Whitworth, assistant to Wally Butts at Georgia, Whitworths line coach will be Lt. jg) Bill Godwin of the Fort Pierce, Fla., Navy Amphibs. uote, Unquote Doc Carlson, starting his 24th season as Pitt basketball coach: Anyone who runs a major football team runs what amounts to a two-million dollar business but it has a lot more headaches than the business. Illi-Noises Jeff Heath, the "most traded" Cleveland outfielder who is hanging around the major league meeting to learn first-hand where hes going, says he wouldnt mind being traded-to the Yanks or Tigers. They're probably the clubs that want him least. . . . Lt. Bill Sullivan, who beat the drums for the Navy football team, is on terminal leave and will take up his duties as Boston Braves publicist in a month. . . . Other visitors at baseball headquarters included Walt Kennedy, retiring Notre Dame press agent who came in to offer the services of his new employer, the Scholastic Sports Institute, in connection with the new baseball promotion program, and Frank Winchell, the voice of Florida. Winchell predicts a tremendous season in Southern resorts and hopes to get a lot of paseball clubs to train In Florida , In 1947. i 1 sure was lucky to buy this skull of Caesar there s only two of them in existence!" ARMY'S ALL-AMERICA FIVE For the first time In the history of the Associated Press All-America football selections, one school Army has placed five men on the first team. (Clockwise, bottom left) Felix Blanchard, fullback: DeWitt Coulter, left tackle: Albert Nemetz. right tackle: John Green, 1945 team captain and right guard; and Glenn Davis, left half. MAJOR LOOP STAND NOT QUITE CLEAR Moguls Give Happy Chandler Paradoxical Confidence Vote Six Minor Leagues Move To Higher Classes CHICAGO, Dec. 11, (AP). Commissioner A. B. Chandler had a paradoxical vote of confidence from his baseball bosses, six minor leagues were promoted a notch, and two National League doormats had launched a 1946 rebuilding program as the major league moved Into the second day of their winter meeting today. Chandler, rebuffed by the minor leagues at their annual conclave In Columbus last week, was depicted by the majors as a victim of misunderstanding", but also defined as a commissioner without the dictatorial power of his predecessor, the late Kenesaw Mountain Landis. The majors approved the amendment to the major-minor agreement adopted by the minors last week which removes from the commissioner authority to rule baseball legislation detrimental. This was the same rule adopted by the majors a few weeks after Landis death in November, 1944, and before Chandler beoame commissioner. It was not the intent, the majors said after a Joint session yesterday, to take away any of the commis-rioners authority to investigate, determine and punish conduct detrimental to baseball." He can still suggest reconsideration by the magnates of legislation he considers Impractical or disadvantageous to baseball, but the owners can override his veto which they couldnt do to Landis under the old code. The unofficial highlight of the opening session was the sale by the Cincinnati Reds of Veteran First Baseman Frank (Buck) McCormick to the Philadelphia Phillies for a reported $30,000 In cash and one player to be named later. Thus the Phils, last In the 1945 National circuit race, have done the only real bartering of the minor-major sessions. At Columbus, the Phils obtained Pitcher Johnny Humphries from the Chicago White Sox. The majors approved the boost of the International League, American Association and Pacific Coast League to "AAA classification: the Southern Association and Texas League to AA; and the South Atlantic League to A. Thus the top minor league clubs have attained their long ambition for higher player draft prices In the case of the three former Class AA, a hike from $7,500 to $10,000 per player. The bigwigs huddled in a Joint American - National League session to study the plea of the Pacific Coast League to become a third major lpague, but deferred action until Wednesday's closing joint meeting with Commissioner Chandler. THE EVENING FIYE WEST POINT MEN ON STAR TEAM Cadets Dominate APs 1945 All-American Eleven Davis And Blanchard Win Nomination Second Time NEW YORK, Dec. 11 (AP) The United States Military Academys mighty football team placed five of its players on The Associated Press 1945 All-America eleven announced today. It was the first time in the history of these selections that so many players from one team had been honored In this fashion. Selection of three linemen and twf ball carriers from Coach Col. Earl Blaiks team not only set a precedent numerically, but In the case of the ball carriers Glemi Davis of Claremont, Calif., and Felix (Doc) Blanchard of Bishop-ville, S. C. it represented the first time since the first Associated Press team was chosen in 1925 htat backfield teammates were selected two consecutive years. Army linemen named to the team with Blanchard and Davis were John Green of Shelbyvtlle, Ky.. team captain and guard, and the Cadet tackles, Albert Nemetz of Prince' George, Va and DeWitt Coulter of Fort Worth, Texas. The nearest thing approaching Armys domination this year happened first in 1925 when three Dartmouth players, halfback Andy iSwede) Oberlander. tackle Mike Tully and guard Carl Diehl, were chosen. Five years later three members of the late Knute Rockne's last and immortal eleven were named-quarterback Frank Carideo. halfback Marchmont Schwartz and guard Bertram Metzger, and the following year Notre Dame placed Schwartz, center Tommy Yarr and guard Frank Hoffman. The 1945 team, selected on the basis of nationwide reports from Associated Press staff men, Included two other repeaters in addition to Davis and Blanchard. They were Robert Dale (Bob) Fenlmore, Oklahoma A. and M. backfield star, and the University of Texas standout end, Hubert Bechtol of Lubbock, Texas. The three members of the 1944-45 backfield were joined this year by Herman Wedemeyer, St. Marys versatile quarterback from the Hawaiian Islands, who barely nosed out Alabamas brilliant Harry Gilmer of Birmingham, for first team distinction. The United States Naval Academy's stalwart and brainy captain, Richard Duden, of New York city, was placed at the other end of the forward line with Bechtol. Warren Amling. Ohio State University guard from Panna. 111., was named the other guard with Green, and the center assignment was given to Alabamas big Vaughn Mancha of Birmingham. The second team: Ends, Morris, Northwestern, and Foldberg, Army; tackles, Dean, S. M. U., and Kekeris, Missouri; guaids, Mastrangelo, Notre Dame, and Dickinson, Penn; center, Scott, Navy; backs, Dance-wicz, Notre Dame; Gilmer, Alabama; Pihos, Indiana, and Cline, Ohio State.- Third team: Ends, Walker, Virginia, and Armstrong, Oklahoma Aggies; tackles, Esser, Wisconsin, and Savitsky, Penn; guards, Spar-lis, U. C. L. A., and Lecture. Northwestern: center, Jenkins, Clemson; backs, Taliaferro, Indiana; Scott, Navy; Koslowski, Holy Cross, and Evans, Penn. GEORGE MIKAN MAY BE MADE INELIGIBLE SOON CHICAGO. Dec. 11 (AP) The sensational college basketball career of towering George Mikan. De Paul University's 6-foot 9-inch center, may be nearing its end because of eligibility restrictions. The restrictions, laid down by the Western Conference faculty committee. also may bar other stars, including Bill Chandler, Jr, Marquette Universitys guard starting his sixth year of varsity basketball competition, and Ned Postels. guard on Iowas Western Conference championship team. De Paul had adhered to the Western Conference playing code and has begun study of the new regulations which provide that if a player did pot compete as a freshman but completed three years of varsity competition he is ineligible. Mikan sat out his freshman year and then clayed with the varsity In 1942-43, 1943-44. and 1944-45. He has been about the hottest player in college basketball In the nation for three years, using his height, speed and power to roll up 1.306 points In three seasons, to carry De Paul to national honors. BA6KKTB.U L RESILTS Auburn .V. MimUAMppi State 47 nhio 7. lienUon 33 llnltiliriilge Naval 4S. Fort Meade 31 Tilt'litnonil At. I'nioit Theologio-al Mem. 26 j Norfolk Navy 42, Aberdeen 36 ' 1 Northnestern 67, He l'auw St SUN. HANOVER. PA.. SHAKO DRUGGED, RACE BOARD TOLD Expert Declares Saliva Test Showed Morphine Present - Series Of Hearings In Maryland Under Way BALTIMORE. Dee. 11. (AP). Dr. James C. Munch, University of Maryland and Temple University professor, told the Marvland Racing Ccmmisiscn yesterday that saliva tests of the horse Shako, winner of the sixth wee at Pimlico, Nov. 19, showed presence of morphine. , The testimony came during a hearing for Clay Sutphin. Annapolis. Md., trainer of the Sylvester W. Labrot. Jr, Stable, owner of Shako. It was the first hearing on six stimulation charges resulting from the Pimlico meeting which ended Nov. 30. The hearing was highlighted by Introduction of a statement from the Maryland Horsemen's Protective Association declaring that it believes the commission has gone too far and that it will destroy the racing Industry In Maryland. Before a hearing room packed with trainers, owners and others interested in racing. Dr. Munch said that 15 saliva samples were delivered to his laboratory at Upper Darby. Pa, Nov. 20. and that five showed positive evidence of morphine. Names of other horses were not brought out during the hearing. Already this fall three trainers have been suspended in Maryland after hearings on stimulation charges. the rule making it mandatory where evidence of stimulation is shown. Counsel for Sutphin obtained a continuance of his case until additional defense witnesses and testimony can be assembled. George P. Mahoney. Commission chairman, said the Sutohln hearing might not be resumed for a week or 10 days. Hearings were to be conducted today for Trainer E. A. Christmas of W. L. Brann's Stable, and R F. Curran. trainer for E. D. Talbert, ATHLETIC GROUPS JOIN FOR UNITY IN SPORTS NEW YORK. Dec. 11. (AP). The National High School, Athletic Association, National Collegiate Athletic Association and National Amateur Athletic Union have united to form a cradle-to-the-grave athletic program for post-war United States. The union of the three organizations, each dominant In its own field, Is the result of an agreement to "develop amateur athletes, not jealousies, in the words of AAU President Willard N. Greim of Denver. The new co-operation between the NCAA and the AAU was In evidence yesterday as the U. S. Olympic Association, formerly the U. S. A. Sport3 Federation, held its first meeting since 1941 and began the work of sending teams to the 1948 Olympic games. Avery Brundage of Chicago, a past president of the AAU and president of the Olympic group for sixteen years, was nominated for re-election by Dr. Wilbur C. Smith of Tulane University, president of the NCAA. Greim then nominated Kenneth L. (Tug) Wilson of Chicago, Big Ten commissioner, for vice president. OWNERS WILL DISCUSS PRO LEAGUE REVIVAL PATERSON, N. J, Dec. 11 (AP) Reorganization of the American Professional Football Association, Inactive since 1941 because of the war, will be discussed at a meeting of club owners at the Hotel New Yorker, New York City, Friday night, Joseph Rosentover of Clifton, association president, announced yesterday. Plans for resumption of play, with the possible addition of two or four more clubs to the present six, and formation of north and south divisions, are on the agenda, he said. Cities which have submitted applications for the remaining places in the league are Springfield, Mass.; Hartford and either Bridgeport or New Haven, Conn.; Reading. Her-shey and Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; Trenton and Camden, he said. The league's present membership Includes the Wilmington. Del, Clippers, who won the last championship in 1941; Paterson Panthers, Newark Bears, Jersey City Giants. Long Island, N. Y Indians and Bethlehem, Pa, Bulldogs, who bought the Providence, R. I, franchise last spring. GRID GROUP OFFERED TOPPING INDUCEMENTS NEW YORK, Dee. 11 (AP) The All-America conference expects to complete its ten-club lineup shortly. says Commissioner Jim Crowley, who disclosed that $100,000 was shelled out to get Dan Topping to bring a New York eleven into the fold. The other eight teams of the circuit not only contributed to a $100,000 fund, to encourage Topping to switch allegiance from the National League but also allowed the former Marine captain to come into the loop without paying the $10,000 entry fee. Crowley said last night in revealing the financial background of the deal. With the much-desired New York outlet In the ranks, Crowley said the award of the tenth and last franchise would be made within a week or ten days. Although the commissioner would not say who would get the berth or how many parties were seeking lt, it was be-jeved bids had been received from New Orleans, Boston, Denver and Dallas. ZIVIC DUE TO LEAVE ARMY, BUT NOT RING NEW YORK. Dec. 11 (AP) Sgt. Fritzie Zivic expects to be discharged from the Armv Air Corps by Friday, but the former welterweight champion from Pittsburgh has no intention of quitting the ring. I should say not, the cagy veteran of more than 200 fights declared last night after losing a ten-round decision to Cecil Hudson, of Los Angeles, at Madison Square Garden. Ive got several fights looked already. Im not retiring." Fritzie said he plans to leave Wednesday for Andrews Field, Washington, where he will go through thedlscharge operation on Thursday. I expect to be back in civvies by Friday noon at the latest," lit asserted. TUESDAY. DECEMBER Generals Explain Plans For Peacetime Training Army Details To Congress How It Would Handle Universal Military Program If Law Is Passed WASHINGTON. Dec. 11 (AP) The Armv detailed to Congress today how it would handle universal military training if President Truman's request for such a law Is granted. Four major generals explained the here's how" to the House military committee. They were George J. Richards. War Department budget officer: Rav E. Porter, director of the special planning division: Willard S. Paul, assistant chief of staff for personnel. and I. H. Edwards, assistant chief of staff for training. The Armv earlier had presented, through Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and others, its arguments for one year of continuous training for all able-bodied youths in peacetime. The universal training program, todays witness said, would operate thus: Who would be trained? Young men in the age group 18 through 20; the training normally would begin when a youth is 18, unless he hadn't finished high schtol. in which ca.ce he could wait until he graduated: a youth who had fin shed high school at the age of 17 could start training then, with his parents consent. How many would be trained? After allowing lor rejections lor physical and other disabilities, the Armv would train 700,000 and the Navy about 260.000 annually, leaving between 140,000 and 240.000 yho would be rejected each year. How would they be selected? By local civilian agencies s'milar to iocal draft boards; each youth would register by mall when he becomes 18: his local board would tell him when his training would start, and there would be several different entry dates annually, wit-h the individual's convenience to be considered as much as possible. Appeals from local board rulings would be handled by special civilian appeal boards. SPECIAL TRUCK RULES WILL END THIS MONTH HARRISBURG, Dec. 11. (AP), Pennsylvania's wartime privileges granted out-of-state motor truckers and other vehicle operators will end Dec. 31, Governor Martin announced today. The Governor last September extended until the end cf the year the reciprocal privileges extended throughout the war to speed up transportation of essential materials and permit workers engaged in war industries to continue operating their motor vehicles although not licensed by Pennsylvania. "The extension was given, Martin said in a statement, "to provide ample time for car owners and operators to readjust themselves to pre-war conditions and regulations, which again will prevail in Pennsylvania beginning Jan. 1, 1946. , Under peacetime law, anyone establishing a residence in Pennsylvania and remaining more than thirty days ie required to obtain both a state drivers license and license plates for his car or truck. everyone ) give the perfect gift Columbia m records ALBUMS Benny Goodman Sextet Frankie Carle At The Piano Danny Kaye Popular Waltzes Marke Weber South Of The Border Morton Gould Music Of Stephen Foster-Andre Kostelanetz Orch. Kern - Showboat Original Qast E. J. J. GOBRECHT 120 E. Chestnut St. WE CAN NOW GET YOUR 1846 OPERATOR'S LICENSE Service men can renew without any formality. Lester J. Sell York and Broadway Phone 7127 Hanover, Pa. It, 194 W. c. YOUNG RESIGNS AS DIRECTOR OF 0PA HARRISBURG. Dee. 11. (AP). Waller C. Young announced his resignation today, effective immediately. as district director of the Office of Price Administration, with headquarters In Harrisburg. Young said he was considering an appointment as distribution exe-tutive with the United Nations Re- i lief and Rehabilitation Adminlstra- I tion in China. He will report In Washington on Jan. 10 for a course of training at the University of Maryland . for the overseas assignment. Frank J. Loft us, district director at Philadelphia, will supervise the Harrisburg office until Jan. 15 when the latter will be absorbed by the Philadelphia office. 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