Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 28, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of tho transient nature ot the many phys- faftl Ills, which vanish before proper efforts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts-- itohtly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of •lekness are not due to any actual dis-. •Me, but simply to n constipated conrf- tfcm of the system, which the pleasing fcmily laxative, Syrup of Pips, prompt- to removes. That is why it is the only »»edy with millionsof families, and is -•rerywhcre csteorncd so highly by all who value good health. Its beneficial •fleets are due to the fact, that it is the OM remedy which promotes internal •lemnliness without debilitate;* the omns on which it acts. It is therefore •iFlmportant, in order to get its bcne- •dml effects, to note when you pnr- <h»§e,that you have the genuine nrti- «le, which is manufactured by the Coli- lornia Fig Svrup Co. only and sold by alLreputable druggists. H in tho enjoyment of pood health, •ad the system is regular, laxatives or -Other remedies are then not needed. If ttBlctcd with any actual disease, one m*y be commended to the most skillful •physicians, but if in need of a laxative, ^» should have the best, and with the vno oiinuiu nuf <~ HIM- w—• -, •wril-lnformed everywhere, Syrup of fin stands highest nnd is most largely falh and gives most general satisfaction Keep Cool by Using THEKEL Y Sbower Bath RING Hot Water . . . . Proof Hose J!) Express Ad, 55c. Prevents wetting Bead Yloor or Walls. _ Hornlefii Wntpr Closets, • ".-;•'•" Send for Catalogue Proof Water Clowts, Self-Aclliu Water Closets. Kelly Stop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. Trade BLOOD, LI ER .. AN!) • KIDNE 4 B. B. B. B. cured us. R. C. Taylor and wife, Irnel, Jacob Hebel, James ler, Dave Ball. Logansport, Ind. 4 BB B B are purely Put up in capsules,sixty in a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box, Price »1 per box, or six for.$5. Manufactured by H. C. BRAQQ, Connersville, Ind. For sale by all druggists. B. F. KEBSLIXG, Pruggi3t. ARMY ORGANIZATIONS. Maintained by the Armlet of the Tennei- HCD, Cumberland and Potoniuo. Many of the larger armius of the civil war have special organizations, notably the Army o£ the Tennessee, the Army of the Cumberland nrid the Army of die Potomac. Of these the Society ol the Army of the Tennessee was organized April 11, 1S65, in Eolcigh, N. C. It nd- ni I IB to membership "every officer who has served with honor hi that army," and membership may descend to a son or daughter according to the expressed wishes of iv member. The total membership is tibout 400. The society hold nn- Bunl reunions; that of last year took place in Cincinnati. Gen. Sherman, the army's old commander, was president until his death in 1831, since when Gen. Green-ville M. Dodge has filled the office, through its Influence statues have been POZZONI'S COMPLEXION POWDER hn> bean tho standard for fortr jroari and U man popular (twin? than over before. POZZOM'S It ib» IdOTl complexion powdcr-besMtliTlnf Nfre»hlng, clcanlr, boilthfui »nd hnrmlOM Invljlble'protoction lotbo face. nlfleont Scovllf* GOID BOX 1* Riven free of chin-Be. AT DRUGGISTS AHP FANCY STORES.. SUMMER SERVICE • TO MACKINAC. Their new steal pasecmser steamers tie In commission, making four trips per week between Toledo, Detroit, llacklnac, soo, fetoskey, . Duluth, If yon are contemplating a summer outing •end 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet. \ddress A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. : Detroit, Micb. We are anxious to to a little good In this world and can think of no pleaaant- er or batter way to" do it than by recommending One Minute Cough Cure M a preventive of pneumonia, consumption and other serious long trouble* that follow neglected ocMU.—JDO.-M. Johniton. GEN. GREENVILLE M. DODGE, erected to Gens. Ravvlins and McVhc-r- son in Washington, and statues of Gens. Log-au mid Slierroannre to follow. The Society of the Army of the Cumberland, says Munsey's Magazine, was organi/cd in Cincinnati February G, ]SG8. It admits to membership "every officer and soldier who has at any time served with honor in that army." The present membership is about GOO. Annual meetings are held at which an address by some distinguished orator is the conspicuous ienture. Statues to Gens. Thomas and Gnrfield have been raised in Washington tliroug-h its efforts, and funds are being collected for a memorial lo Gen. Sheridan. Its iirst president was Gen. Thomas. He was succeeded by Gen. Sheridan, on whose death the present incumbent, G?n. Ivosecnuis, was chosen. The Society of the Army of the James was organized September 2, 1808, and Gen Charles Devens, Jr., became its pTesident. It held several reunions, and finally, in 1STG, was merged into the Society Of the Army of the Potomac, whichVdy waiorganizedOTjebruary 22, I860, in New York. It admits to membership ""every officer and enlisted man who has nt any time served with honor in the Army of the Potomac. More than 2,000 names are on its rolls. Annual reunions are held, at each of which an oration and a poem form conspicuous features. At the meeting held in 1S05 Gen. John Gibbon was the orator, and II. C. Bunner was the poet. The officers of the society include a president, and a vice president for each of the nine corps, as well as one for the cavalry, one for the artillery and one for the staff. The first president was Gen. Sheridan; who has been followed by a brilliant galaxy of names, including Meade, Hooker, Burnside, Hancock, Sickles and Grant. Last year the late Gen. John Gibbon was elected to the presidency. . Manufacture of l)l»moad». I Diamonds, ore now made by electricity. When carbon is melted eft- vaporized in the electric furuace an.l allowed to condense it does FO in the form of graphite. When allowed to condense under great pressure, however, it condenses in tie crystallized form of the diamond. This pressure.i3 obtained by forming a solution of carbon in molten iron and allowing the, iron to solidify suddenly, thereby bringing sufficient pressure upon tha condensed carbon to crystallize the latter into diamonds. The diamonds made by tliis process are said to be so small that the cost of production is greater than their value. , , ' . Bice tar Five, - One-half pound rice,one-fourth pound gelatine, one-fourth pound sugar, two glasses cream, a. little vanilla; wash, cook, drip, cool and drip again the rico till the water is clear; place in a saucepan with one-fourth pound gelatine which you have soaked for ten minutes in cold water, and then melted in a saucepan (add a little water if gelatine is too -thick), add two glasses of cream and cook while stirring for ten minutes;, pour this in a cake mould, which you place in tin ice box till cold^when ready to serve knock it from the mould and pour over a raspberry sauce made as follows: Pass two pounds raspberries through a sifter and mix with three-fourths pound sugar. — Boston Globe. WHAT CONSTITUTES A FAMILY MEDICINE?. A iircpar;i.tl<>n which Is mlupiod to the relief and cure of ailments to which meni'bur.s of a household la -most subject aud wlvicli is not. only nllojred to do this, but has IOUK and untnllltngly proved Its ability to do It, assuredly' deserves Hie title of n reliable Fairly Medicine. Among time-honored.' preparations, which experience nnd Ihe sanction frt the medical profession Indicate as deserving of popular 'regard and confidence, is Hostetter's Stomach Bitters a -medicine adapted to the eradication of dyspepsia; constipation and biliousness, the throe most frequently, occurred hll- meuts that vex mankind. Derived from a. botanic parentage, it Is efficient as well as pure and wholesome. It relieves nervous disquietude and inactivity of the klndneys, and counteracts a tendency to rheumatism. For renew<- ing flagging strength and imparting appetite It can be Implicitly relied 'upon, .«SOO IN GOLD DOWNS A MAN At the burning of a steamboat on tic Iludfwn river majiy yenrs a.uo, many of- Hit* passenger* were drowned. Arnoii£ rhe bodilus lirouRht up from, the bottom of the river by j-'rappUnp was that, of a-uum known to^liave bueu tin excellent swimmer. Around his wn-tet was a belt coinninlivp nearly *SOO In Kold. That told the sory- "lu old nnd eliTOiilc cases of indigestion (dyspepsia or gastritis— it I» all tho same) the sufferer develops a creat variety ol' symptom* nnfl orron dies-poisoned by the products of his own torpid iiucl inflamed (Sloiracli. His food, instead of belnp digested. 'and so fur- nfehinjr strength and physical substance. ferments and put relies within him. The chief process of life is arrested at a vital point. The more he eat* the worse off he is. And yet unless ho win be fed lie must also perish. People do so rtJe, daily, by thousands. but we doctors seldom have the moral courage to give the cause Us true ntune lest we should bo laughed at for our inability to cure so 'simple 1 a thin? as indigestion. Slwpl>>? Why, it is .tho capstone of all corn-plain t.«-an<l the mother of most of them."— So writes a famous English physician. Some of the -symptoms .alluded to are these: Ixiss of appetite; distress 'after eat-in-g food; hea-rtbnrn and palpltatiou; giddiness: foul taste in the month; the rising of nauseous ax-ids aud gases Into the throat; furred tongue; spots before the eyes: unaccouniaUo weariness aud fatigue; stagjrrsli circulation; waiknws nnd'iiervous prostration; constipation or diarrhoea; discolored skin, etc. The sulTorer's friends' often advise him to c-lieer up; to throw off his leth- d cat freely. Bad advice. H<? better, "No," lie answers, "I THE IDEAL PANACEA. .TiUties L. Francis, Alderman, Chicago says: "I regard Dr. King's New Discovery as an Ideal Tiuiacea for coughs, colds and lung oftmplaTnts, having used it In my family for tl.it: last five years, to the exclusion, of physician's pi-e- seriptJoiiri or other preparations. Uev. .Tolin Burg"--. Keok.uk, Iowa, writes "I have been a. Minu-ster of tbn Methodic Episcopal church for 50 years or more, and have never found anything so iH'nellcial or tlia.t gave me such speedy n'.liot: afi Dr. King's New Discovei-j'." Try this lOn-al Cough Remedy now. Trial Bottle.s Free tit B. F. Ki'esling's drug store. The Marion .council awarded the contract Thursday evening, for improving the-public square au.il Fourth street to the Big Foimr right of way with brick to rtie Capital Paving and Consructlon Compnaiy of Indianapolis, at $1.47 per square yard, exclmsive of curbing. The touilcost willbe.f21.000. argy knows cau-uot; my food doc.s me no good." Ho Is riglit. Food now is gold in rhe spent. swimmer's belt. Take, light nourishment, followed Immediately by, a dose of the Shaker Digestive Cordial—a new and raCical remedy discovered and. prepared by the Shakers of Jit. Lebanon-, N. Y..—the essence of medical herbs and plants cultivated by them alone. Then continue with It. Relieves at. once and soon cures Pleasant to the paiUite and adapted to all constitutions. Trial bottles—which prove Is merits -at ten cent.-.. For sale oy nearly all druggists. It would be hard to convince a man •uttering from bilious colic that his igony Is due to a miscrobe with an un- pronouueable name. But one dose of DeWitt's Colic and Cholera Cure will convince him of its power to afford Instant relief. It kills p!iln.—John Xl.John- ttOD. The farmers residing along the line of the Biirnesvllle and Fraukfovt pite have leagued together and refused to pay toll demanded by the county commissioners. Persons who have a coughing spell every nlgut, on account cf a tickling sensation In toe throat, may overcome it at once by n dose of One Minute Cough Cure.—JDO. M. Johnston, The proprietors of the Reeves pulley works of Colnnrabns have projected, built and successfully tested, a horseless carriage. Motive force 1s a gasoline engiJie. At a business meeting of the association of, old settlors of Marion and Hendricks counties, held at Carter's grove, nrrangcanontw were completed for the annual meeting of the old settlers at. Carter's g-rove on August 20. Gowruo.r Matthew* and .Tames A. Mount will spenk. Small In size, but er«" ln results. DeWitt's Little Early Risers act gently but thoroughly, curing indigestion, dyspepsia and constipation. Small pill, safe pIU, best pill. FUBEOWS BY TROLLEY. Tho XTso of Electric Power in Farm- infif Operations. Chicago Slan'H Invnntlon a BOOB ti> Hie Sinn Who Balnci Corn and-Sweet Potatoes t'rovlilccl Only That It !• Practicable. •Farming by electricity," is the nam? Isreal Hogela.nd has bestowed upon his 41st, and latest invention. Mr. Bogelund declared to a Chicago Kt-cord reporter a.t a text of liis invention that his new method of agrricult.iire was bound to lie a success and he also sujd it would be tlu- last blow to the useful** of the horse as a. fairm animal. "Farming by electricity" does not mean, as its iiume might indicate, that b_5 the Homeland metiiod a firmer may sit in his easy-chair and by manipulating- a Bvviteiiboord or pressing a series of buttons gather onions, plant com, weed a strawberry bed, annihilate potato bugs or milk the cows, all witJi- out taking- his eyes off his weekly paper. Mr. Hog-eland's idea of tilling thfl soil with the aid of lightning is a trolley plow. His new invention is nothing more nor less tho.n a four-wheeled track equipped with from one to four plows nnd operated by a young man who tm-ns a crajik like the motor-man of an electric car and who mig-ht as well be a motorman, except for the fact that he has no g>cne; to .ring.- About a year ago Mr. Hogeland hit upon an idea for an electric plow, to cost a medium amount and to do the work of ten men in such marvelously short'time that it would be indispensable to the farmer and planter. After months of labor in his workshop tho veteran machinist at lost evolved something which answers to this description: A wooden platform six by three feet, mounted on four wheels. The front wheels ore of solid cast iron, nnd are used as the steering wheels. These wheels are controlled by a wheel which looks line the brake on a freight train, and it stands just to the right of the operator. The man running the trolley plow has an iron sent like that on a mowing machine. At his left is the familiar barrel-like arrangement, with the crank at easy reach. Just behind the driver or motorman, or pilotor grip- man, or plowboy, or whatever he is, rests the motor, concealed under an oval box constructed of zinc. The traction First Last and all the time Hood's Sftrsaparilla has been advertised as a blood purifier. Its great cures have been accomplished through purified blood — cures of scrofula, salt rheum, eczema, rheumatism, neuralgia, catarrh, nervousness, that tired feeling It cures when others fail, because it Strikes at the root of, the di*e*«e-«nd eliminates every germ of impurity. Thousands testify to absolute core* of blood diseases by Hood's ^SarupMnlU, although discouraged by the failure ot other medicines. Rembmberithat ~ Sarsaparilla Isthebest- intact the One True Blood Purifier. . t-«-ii easy to buy, easy to take, S PlllS easy to operate. 25c. Mrs. Harriot Hough, a well-known society woman of Westville, has be- come'domentefl with the Idea that a. domestic In the family is seeking to poison her. Mrs. Rhodle Noah, of this ploco, was taken In the night with cramping pains and the -next day diarrhoea set in. She took half a bottle of blackberry cordial but got no relief. She then sent to me to see If I bad anything that would help her. I sent her a bottle of Chamberlain's. Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and the first dose relieved her. Another of our neighbors had been sick, for about a week and had tried different remedies for diarrhoea but kept getting worse. I sent him this samo remedy. Only.four doses of It were required to cure him. He says he owe*, his recovery to this wonderful remedy. —Mrs. Mary Slbley, Sidney, MIcb. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. A western newspaper has begun to receive suggestions for a name for the political party that sat to convention in Chicago recently? "Lunwdemopoy)" is me of t>hem. But as all honest Democrats will probiiWy object to Democracy beilug men-Honed in tr at all, how would "Lunattoopop" or "Amirchtelo- pop" do? Last summer one of our grandchildren was sick with a severe bowel trouble Our doctor's remedies had failed, then we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, which gave very speedy relief. We regard i-t as the best medicine ever put on the market for bowel complaints—Mrs. E, G. Gregory, Prederlckstown, Mo. This certainly Is the best medicine ever put on the market for dysentery, Bummer complaint, colic and cholera Infan- tum in children. It never falls to give prompt relief when used in reasonable time, and the plain printed directions are followed. Many mothers have expressed their sincere gratitude for the cures it has effected. For sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. Pass the good word.along the UUR. Piles can be quickly cured without nn operation by simply applying DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.-Jno. U. Johnston. The Haynes Wheel Company, employing, at the start fifty men. commenced operations at Portland Thursday. Pass the good word along the line. Piles can ne quickly cured without an operation by simply applying DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve.—Jno. M. Johnston. W. B. McMulleu of Kokomo has been awarded the contract of building a new St. Mnry's church nt Huntlnpston. "Wake up, Jacob, day Is breaking!" so said DeTViitt's Little Early Riser to the man wno nad taken them to arouse b!s sluggish liver.—Jno. M. Johnston. .Toliu B. Bryson, a prominent business man of Brazil, president of the Business Men's Commercial Club, who has been Very. HI for the past week, is now convalescing and his physicians have hope.? for his recovery. When we consider that the intestines are about five times as long as the body, we can realize the Intense suffering experienced when they become inflamed. DeWitfs Colic and Cholera Cure subdues Inflammation at once and completely removes the dlfficulty.-Jno. M Johnston. PLAN YOUR SUMMER OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE - MACKINAC VIA THB COAST LINE. : It only costs ?13:50 from Detroit, $15.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland for the round trip, Including meals and berths. One thousands miles of lake ride on new modern steel steamers for the above rates. Se»d 2c for Illustrated pamphlet.- Address < A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. Charles WyntllMim, the English actor; to fond of telling how lie made.bis first, appearance on tie stage. "I remember. I,had to say, the lino, 'I am drunk-with, love and ent.lnuslasm' .he. says, "but U- was so frightened that I simply blunted am- drunk,'.stopped and rushed out, "I off am'M roans of laughter.' A VALUABLE PRESCRIPTION. Editor Morrison of Worthtagton, Ind "Sun". writes "You have a. valuable proscription In Eleetrlc.'Blttore, nud I can cheerfully rotomniend It. for-Con- '.stipntlon and Slek Headache, aud as n ; general system tonic it hns no cdunl. 1 Mrs. Annie Stehle 2G25 Cottage Grove _Avn., Chicago, was a-U.run down, could not eat nor digest food, had a bock- ache, which never left her and felt 'BUCKLBN'S ARNICA SALVE.;•>.•; tired and weary, but six bottles of. — '••-• : ..-..•-.•--. i- iv-._«.i^ *r>i i^ntn.' Electric Bitters restored her bejilth and renewed her strength. Prices 50 cents and $1.00. , Get a bottle at B. F. Kees- llng's,drug.store. ...... •The best .salve In the, btnlse*. »<>te«, .ulceirg, salt rheum., ' tmee, tetters, chapped hands. ckllblaJiw, tow and> all skin- eruptions;and :fotl-, cnreei pile* or no pay required. 1 K to guaranteed to give perfect satlfr faction or money refunde<l. Price 25 DICH RED BLOOD is thofoun- K dation of good health. That is why The ttt HOGELAND'S TROLLEY PLOW. wheels are about 3i/ a leet high, of the skeleton, desig-n, and have lonp, broad ;eeth every few inches along- the outer surface. There is a "plow lift," operated by a le/cr, also within easy reach of the person who does the plowing. > T ow comes the odd part of this piece of machinery. A trolley wire, of course, couldn't be strung over a ten-acre cprn- leld, so J>fr. Hop-eland has fixed things eo that nn insulated trolley wire is carried on board the four-wheeled plow o,nd is paid out by ft reel. When, the driver gets to the end .of his rope—or, more fitly speaking, his trolley—he reverses his engine, backs up,' makes a. neat turn, and starts away in the opposite direction, the reel-picking up the wire as it lies upon the ground. The electrical-circuit \yas-supplied at the test by street ear trolley wires which fed the Hogeland plow by means of a connected .wire from the terminus of the Bowmanville electric car line at North Fifty-ninth, street and Lin-, coin avenue. Only one plow was attached to the machine, but that one was enough to. show that a Ktone quarry- could be uprooted if-four shares were at •work and aiullhead of electricity were turned on. Mr. Hogelo.nd's assistant rode around an uncultivated plat of ground 'for an hour or BO, and when he vas called oft.the lotlooked like:apor- tion.of .the sanitnry canal.. Everybody, seemed pleased and hastened to tell Mr. Hogeland what a great thing the plow was sure to be. Then somebody said; innocently: ' "But; Mr. Hogelnnd, what if you ore-, in ft'Etatev or a section of a state, that .doesn't have trolley wirei convenient to . the.farm?" _ ."Oh," that's all right," said Mr. Hopeland. "There's always a corporation in every neighborhood which uses electricity, ntul farmers may get, their supply that way. It's very cheap.' Then, again, a storage battery may be used. Such a battery would not be too heavy. In my opinion. Another good, scheme would be to have farmers club together, buy their own engine, and take turn about using the plow." Photoitrnph of the Bye. At a recent meeting of the Paris Academy of Medicine M. GuinkoiT stated that, he had successfully photographed the inetrior of the eye. 'The 1 !advantages of this method are important, since it enables actual pictures of- the diseases of.'the retiria'to be secured'. : ar,d compared-from time to time to de 1 -" itermine -whether disease- processes oJ (the -eye-progress or not, .The.picture is made'' in two''seconds:' The apparatus can- thus serve as on ophthalmoscope; and any number of.persons.can observe the result-si l • • •-' •- - A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route—New Orlean* to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April IGth. .qperlor accommodations given ireat number of patrons of the above iraln during the past tourist season, *urants this announcement of plans (*T next season of Oner service with .equipment superior to anything yet mown In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-Inauguration of •SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset Route" in connection with the "Queen tod Crescent Route" are running the mly line of through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and Ian Francisco. These excursions are specially con- locted, and the object is t/;'enable those who do not care to buy the first-clasi round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy 4 comfortable ride with sleeping car •rlvlleges and no change of cars at the my low second-class rate. For further Information, addrwi Vi. H. CONNOR, Commercial Agt 8. P. •«., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMTER, G. W. Agt. S. P. »«., Chicago. 111. .8. F. MORSE, G. P. & T. Aft. S. P. to.. New Orleans, La. . In preparation for" next winter an Italian rfasinvenbed a'snow-melting-ma-' chinel- In this machine a lift,receives: the enow gathered up by a shovel, subjects it) to the heat of pipes filled with(boiling- voter and altows'the liquid thus obtained : 'to flbVinto a r tank : arid then - into>e street gutter. The machine is' ', driven by a motor and-a brush at the rear »weeps to the «ide whatever escape* .the shovel Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. CWICH DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAIL- WAT AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing intll about Sept. 30th the steamer* of. this line will make two trips each way tolly between St Joseph and Chicago, »n the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 430 p. m. and 1050 p. m, dally. Including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 0:30 a. m. and 11:30. p. m., dally, including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at I a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Banning time across lake 4 hours. Trl-weekly steamer* to Milwaukee, leaving St Joseph-Monday, Wednesday utd Friday evenitgs.- The-equipment of this line Includes (be aide wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and •nest west of Detroit), and the newly rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Service flret-class. Connections with all fandalla trains. Tickets on sale at all fandalia Line stations. Chicago dock foot »f Wabasli avenue. ,T. H. GRAHAM, Prea., Benton Harbor, M«h. Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all c If you takeone of tne -AKE JUCHIGAN AMD LAKE SUPER10B TRANSPORTATION CO'S " ' ' Xilvl-' ELEGANT . bctwwn ChfcM* ; •»<! M«ckta«c • for oar matter, free, nearest Jo..

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