The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 19-10 W.YTHKVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NFAYS PAGE THIRTEEN rish Stew lime around Corner Saint Patrick's Day Ushers in Newest Use of Choice Lamb J Every year about tills time the |!wcsi liilnB in slews Is a lamb for the St. Patrick's season. Phis year have your stew more ] isli than ever: Make it Rreen In lilor to symbolize Ihe wenrln' ol lie green. 1 It's easy to get color into stews, J>ys Retaa Staggs. home economist, liough green Is only one choice, lo make lamb stew truly typical. Idd sizeable chunks of green pep- |<>r and canned or cooked peas or leans near the end of the cook- tig time. Not only will the color Idd to the appearance of the slew. I nt these vegetables will also i the flavor. ' J The most Important tiling Is to I lake sure the lamb slew Is at its Select meat from llic slioul- lers, breast or shank of lamb and ] ave it cut into 1-iuch pieces. Or lot] might buy lamb riblcTs and l.ave a rlblet stew. Brown the meat slowly on all |ides ill hot fat iif you like, yon gut add a cut garlic clove to the I at in which ihc meat browns. Ihrousli this ts^ a Greek Innova- lion!) If you prefer an unbrowncd lamb stew, omit this step. When the meat Is thoroughly Jirowned. cover it with liquid, and I.eason with salt and pepper. Cover I he untcnsil closely and cook, over . low heat ll.nlil tender—remember f-Viat a slew should always simmer, liever boll. About 1'i 'o 2 hours are Inquired to make a lamb stew ten- ller. Vegelables added near the end or ..he cooking time can be as color- llul and varied as you please. If you •ivant an orange and yellow stew for • April, use carrots, rutabagas and • sweet potatoes. An all white stew, of course, would have potatoes, onions, and turnips. Tomato Sauce Adds Zest to Eggs ate Spends $4,?25,925 luring Month of February Tl'LK ROCK. March 3. i/Vi— knnsus Stale spending during ebniury amounted to $4,135,925, a op of $4.81)0.000 from January cndliiK, Slulir Auditor J. Oscnr imipluoy rcpcrled yeslevdiiy. Folmmvy I'xpendltuip.s tm-luclril deral funris lotnllng STO.'JGS unit ale funds o[ $U,'.!IK.G57. Warrants issuod l» date since l>e- nniiiK of llic (IsciU year lasl July have totaled $48.100.5:16 from state uilris, S8.a05.M4 from fcdcnil luuds. Eces poached In lomulo sauce have new Interest. are he"innnij! to set more diive.s. Pour over eggs and bake I DlemTful and prices .ue lower, im. > mudi-rale oven .330 degrees K.I 25 Xow is the lime, therefore, to ; u"!4.s more fieqitrntly in main disrupt as svoll as for "us is." Remember ...... PKPS are one of the sources o[ protein, jir.t !iXe mcul. lowl, and cheese. Combine chf-m with cimned tomato sauce, chives, cheese, mushroom!-. Etgs i'oached In Tomato Sauce (Srrvi-s 3) Six esas; 6 tablc.suuuns ciinneil i tomato iiuice; 1-8 leusLioon Tui)a--:«jo sauce, if (.'wired; 1 ublcj-pomi Worcestershire .snuce; 1 lablrepcon cliopped paisley; 4 lablcsiwons melted butler. Mix sauces and parsley. Me to 30 minutes. Sweet Tangerine Pickles Are Added Zest for Meats ng powder. 1-4 teaspoon soda. 3-4 easiKMin rmniiinrHi, '3-4 U'a.vpixm lulmes, 1-4 u-iisimon cloves. 1-4 e;iS|XX)ll ttllMila 1 . 1-3 cup fill. I ' . sui'.ar, 2 1 cup mnslieil yam s\vec t l'0ini"e.s, 1-2 clip cliopix-d nut meal.s. 1-2 cu)) scedlcs raisuls, 1-3 cup milk. Sift together flouv. .salt, baking powdi-r, .soda mid M'lcc.s. Cream f«t and simar until Huffy. Add OBUS one. at a lime. bfiiliilR well alter each addition. Add yams, mils ami ruLsin.s; mix well. Add sided dry inprcdicnis allermUoly witli milk, mixing well after each addition. Turn lino creased 8-incli square pan. Uuke in moderate OVCMI '350 decrees I'M 50 miniilcs. Servo hot with orange sauce r>r cool and frost ivilli e-ningc friwtlnft. Good Morning, Breakfast Clubbers! It's SWIFT'S PREMIUM BACON for fhaf Sweef-Smolce-Tasfe! Don McNtlH .. . popuhtr MMM of tht Brcnkfssl Ctub hfis b*e* ririnf bright and early for 15 yt*n joining hi» happy gang 'round tht UbW ki 8 A.1L. CST, weekdays on ABC. PORK SAUSAGE ,39 HrookficUl UUle 1% Links, Hi. tOc FRANKS ,., 55 Swil'l I'rtmium Skinless BOLOGNA ,., 39 Sliced <ir bv lite I'U'c* SALT MEAT „, 25 Slreiik O'l.ean ter in frying pan, , paisley. When hot, drop in and cook las lor poaching) slowly until done to desired consistency. Baste carefully with sauce Kver hcu 1 of sweet laiiKdine picklo.s? Tile Texas EXtcikslon Scr- SKC says they are delicious svilh clnckoni veal and other meals. Ciioixsc small, firm tangerines (if iinuorm sl/x; and unblemished skins. | Wash Push a fine knitting needle 'It but- I ei i til . cl y through each fruit 6 or 8 add sauce »"<> 1 limes.' Let fruit stand overnight BB * j ivcll covered with salt water, wciglit- T AMALES HAMS Derby 0 13*oz. QQ «- Jars Jjl Swifi Premium Smoked Shnnk Hnir II Whole or Unit Hull, II.. 5;ic . TRY KRO6ER-CUT / BEEF TODAY I,- Top U. S. Grades of Finest B*«f Kroger-Cut for More Meat, Lett Bone and Waste. uii! down wilh a plate. In the niorn- iiii; ]>u. the Iruit with an abundance of c:>lci water in a large preserving SLSU'llCV. 15t..^LC ( «.i... ^....-- y j C-HQ Watt'l' Ill a li\[^c ijn:oi:i »iii'i while cooking. Serve on rounds of keule ami boil gently until tender. iMeaf Planning Aided |By Proper "Frittering" • Frittering away your time Is good Idea—but only when it comes hot toast. This cp,s carferole makes a fine dinner main uisli lor even the lustiest eaters: KRS Casserole (Serves 0) Six hard-cooked eggs; 1 can small [L-r-.A"si'*.s? 1B X '^ = =,=, ^ .'hrimp; 1 <3 ounce) can broiled m I t)1 SH| ', nr ^ dLsolvcd, add (rait and butter mushrooms.; 'i tablespoons' ' ' -•••• buiter or lortificd margarine: 4 taller* In all their many guises can Ido much for menus, for there are Imany new and different types other • than favorite corn fritters, points lout Reba Staggs, home cencmlst. I Meaty fritters for the main course lof » meal can be made of fresh 1 meat, sliced, cubed or ground, cook- led leftover meat or ready-to-serve meat. And vegetable fritters to ac_ company » meat course can be of Imany vegetables other than corn: ffeeans. rutabagas, sweet potatoes. Icarroti and turnips to mention » I few. 1 Fruit fritters may be either a gar- I nish for meat or a dessert, depend- llng on how they are served. As » I garnish the fritters are usually I served without a sauce. As a des- Ixert, a lemon or other fruit sauce I or a. sprinkling of lemon juice and 1-2 cup milk; 1 1-2 cups canned iomato sauce; 1-3 cup grated American cheese; 1 te.uspoon grated on- \m\ or minced chives. Butter casserole. Cut eggs in haif and remove yolks. Mash anil season with salt, pepper, pinch of mustard and a little canned tomato sauce. Stuff back into whites and arrange in bottom of casserole. Lay shrimp on top of eggs and then sliced mushrooms. Melt butter or margarine in saucepan, add flour and mix to pa.sle. Add salt, milk and canned tomato sauce gradually. Cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Add cheese and onion or powdered sugar Is good. Peach, apple, apricot, banana and pineapple are favorites. changing the water twice. Remove liuii with skimmer. Make a syrup .Mlllicienl to well cover langcrmcs, u.suii; 1 cupful water and 1 cupful pickle vinegar lo each pint ol sugar. 1-2 slick cinnamon, 10 whole cloves, and 1 lemon sliced. Stir uu- cook until syrup is thickened and lam;eiinc-s are somewhat clear. Lei stai'.d overnight or several nights Boil again until fruit is translucent and syrup Heavy. Pack carefully in I jars. Process pinUs at simmering 15 ! minutes. (If additional flavor i.s de- ; sired, tangerine juice may he used in place of water.) Yams, another southern product, 1 plentiful now. make an unusual i spice cake I Yam Spice Cake One cup .sifted all-purpose flour, •2 teaspoon fall, 2 teaspoons bak- BACON , Now ii the New Red & White Package Delicious, slo-cured Evergood Bacon it now in a brand new red and white package. Look for it at your dealers today. Always aslc for flavor- rich Evergood Sliced Bacon. MEMPHIS PACKING CO. MIMPHU, TWN. Build a Complete Set of Glamorous SILVERWARE Princess Pattern Mail in today for four 3-Piece "Starter Set" .. hollow Viondlt Vnif«, foiV and iponn. WilK da!«d end (rom Kol- Doled Cofftc bog, er Vocuum.Pntlld Cofll* All Unit* Now Avoiiubi* PKOOF/S TRUTH 3 TEASPOONS SPOTLIGHT COFFFEE HO. ».i«i ». *0 FOLGER'S COFFEE 58 SLICED BACON - SWIFT'S PREMIUM. SIRLOIN STEAK U.S. Graded good or choice. JUMBO SHRIMP BRISKET O'BEEF DRESSED WHITING - Ib. 69C - Ib. * 83' , k 29' 19' How to turn a breakfast treat into a main-course masterpiece with PERK with Armocel WASHES UP TO 46" WHITER . . . WASHES COLORS 31° BRIGHTER Here's proof btyortd question from 1,218 washing test*. Kroger Donuts Dox. Plain or Sugared Regular price 18c and 19c. 15c I ASPARAGUS CLABBER GIRL (Jiiii-k or Double Aclion linking Pnwd«t CHEESE FOOD Wisconsin Windsor Ulub CATSUP Ktiuuliirtl CHUM SALMON Sliuulard SARDINES Amcrionn in Oil , TUNA FISH Slnnilnrcl (iritlcrl EATMORE Kroner. Fresh I'uie rtlargarln* BLACKEYEPEAS In. 32-o». 25' Mb. 77* loaf I I 2 *rc botllM fc»> 2 No. 1 AAc cunt O9 10 C No. V, e*n 3 No. '/i 100 cam 4 2 Mb. JAc etn. 1 W No. 1 cnn 3V BUndnrd Kresh SAUSAGE ^ j« t\ov V „ «jftVC l i ^5SSiS: PERK leaves your whole wash Whiter, Brighter 1 Vath aflir u'afh, tcsti pnvtJ it on the Hunter ReMcctometer and General Electric Spectrophotometcr: Nfi/' Perk with Armocel washed whites up 10 '16° whiter, colors 31° brighter than any other leading type of soap. These washing tests a Approved: Perk with Armocel cuts washing time one-half...Mill ant-third on soap. HUNT'S All Green Spears. No. 2 Can POTATOESi5^.. k ,69c II......K, U.S. No. 1 Washed Red Triumphs. >J l\V\Jc.S CORN Cream Style No. 2 White Can 10c TM. DOUBLE-ACTION WASH PIRRCTOR Only Pctk contains Armocel, Armour's exclusive nc» ingredient that gives you: 1. Mtigne» Action: Perk with Armocel dr»wl dirt out of clothes like a magnet, setli it in the w;iier so dirt cannot tcdle hack. Removes accumulated grayncss, prevents future grAynes*. J. Sunrfiln* Action: Pctk with Armocel gives cloihrs > new sunshine brilliance ilut reflects the radiant, sunny nett whiteness, hrightness in your wash. St. Louis Independent Packing Company PACKCRS OF HIGHEST QUALITY MAYROSE MEAT PRODUCTS PROOF TELLS YOU WHY PERK IS YOUR EEST BUY-icr clothes-rrfor dish* DOUBLE YOUR ( MONEY BACK! KROGER FLOUR I'liiin or Self-Kising KROGER OATS CJnii-k or Keguliir DRY BEANS rinlo or (Irent Northern PURE LARD I'irm While CORN MEAL \VliHe 3" 20-07,. I'kg. 1? 23 C 1 2o-lh -I I 5 linir I R-ll). 1 13 pnil YELLOW ONIONS 5 " T* h 29 I'. S. No. I Yellow (ilolit CARROTS Fresh Crisp TOMATOES Itcd Uipe Slicing Qunlity CAULIFLOWER 'I'riinmcd, Washed, I're-I'ackaged, Pan Ready SEED POTATOES Slalc Certified Kcd Triumphs ONION SETS Selected Small Yellow ONION PLANTS Selected Fresh Hormuda Type 9 1V L btinchei Iw M e 10-oz. OQc P k K . LI CABBAGE PLANTS Fresh Selected Frost Proof MATCHES (> JJoxes ,*">,* Y ~ * * N Y *+, "*r W^* Candy Bars All Sc Varletlen liox of Q7 2.1 liars VI

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