The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 16, 1931
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Served by the United Press VIIXE COURIER NEWS VOL. XXVIII—NO. 78 THE DOMINAKT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI EDITION BJythevllle Courier, ' Blythevllt* Dally Newi, Herald. MlssJsslppi Valley Leader. LUO, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY. JUNK l(i, 10;il COPIES FIVE TAX EVASION Paints Former President As Victim of Confidence He Placed in Friends. HV RAYMOND CLAPPER Ihlilel I'ress Staff C'orrrs'iomlent MARION. O., .lime 1C (UP)—The memory of the late President Harding was defended nr.d scorn was heaped ii]>on those of his intimates who bronchi his administration under a cloud in enioiries delivered at the dedication of the Ilfird- iiiE memorial, with president Hoover ami former president Coolidye as chief speakers. Breaking a silence which the White House has kept sine;? the first charges of corruption in the Teapot Dame oil deal L-esan to be heard even before Warren Hard- in's's death etehl venrs ago in August. President Hoover today de.- nbi'od il was proved in Ihe courts that some of the lale PresideMt's Intimates "had betrayed not alone Ihe friendshiu and trust of their "launch nnd loval frienil but they had betrayed their country." Mr. Hoover said punishment cannot atone for such crimes. Mr. 'Coolidfre made no reference lo thes" matters but foined President Ifoovor in eulogizing the "kindly and scnl'u spirit" and "charmln? cordiality" of Harding and both summarised briefl 1 ' the achievements of that administra- !ion in restoring nalioufil affairs after the war. "Wairrn Harding pave his life in worthy, flccomnlisliment for his "•oun'rv." Mr. H'viver said, nnd Mr. said. ''We ran now real- Is Killed Inspecting Mine Shaft 1 FORT SMITH. Ark.. June 10 nipt—while inspecting a mine ol llic Hnnllngtoi] Southwestern Coal company to see •.vheilier It was wife fOL- a shift, of miner.-; [•> enter. Juries H.-Wilkinson. 48. was killed gas exp'osion here yesterday. llir, body was found •S.soa fett from (he mouth of Hie mine. Speculators Intensify Depression. He Si-ys; Sees Better Times. «v UniUd RAYMOND CI.Al'J'l'.K Press Slaff (.'orre5|*ondent IT. S. Naval Heroes Honored by British Goncled On Rv Tnunls o' Passcnoers On 111 Fated Excursion Boa!. ST. HA7.MKR. Fiance, .nine in i UP)— Tnunls by par-sen^ei's thai he was a "frerti water <:ii!or" an- '.'.civ.\ 'he cantaln nl l!io nlcasui 1 ? bc9t St. riiilbcrl into lakiiu: his ship Ic sea on Us brt final COV,T*O investigation into !lic disaster revealed today. Excursionists whom Contain O)liv had Ink™ for a ciav's online; pressed the captain to risk the re- lurn to Nantes u]] Ihe Loire river. it was said. his bettor r/.c tlie wisdom of the foundation to consist of the voluntary individ- which he laid." ' - - • Tietraveil hv His Friends -The-'late President Hardlnq was betravcd hv some of his associates who not. onlv deceived him hut hetraved Ihe country in a way for which nnnishrnent can never INDIANAPOLIS. Tint . June 1G (UP— Wall Street methods earns under the fire of President Hoover when in his address at the dinner of the Indiana Kcnublicnn F-ditnrial association he denounced "Bear" raiders and siiiiecsred the rospibility tliat stock and commodity exchanges are beino used for illegitimate speculation and to intensify depressions. Mr. Hoover brought a message. | of optimism to the Mi-idle West I in his Indianapolis speech. He warned tlial the country should not look "only at the empty hole in the middle of the do'.iohnut" but instead applv itself to what lie called the "American Plan" judgement. Sxnvivcrs of Sunday's diyistcr said tlic captain consented and mil lo sea with his barometer showing him a storm ot hurricane intensity was brewing. 11 s^ink will) all mi bo-ivd nnd all but seven nerkhed. The captain on Hie bride.? went itown with his ship. Estimates of the total number of dead remained uncertain today but- authorities fixed the dead from 4G1 to 481 persons. Tups returned this afternoon without finding more bodies. Fishermen found the bodies of four women washed upon the shore at j Ponlchct today. Burial for all the ! dead will take place Friday. STflTE OFFIGI1LS in ITTFBH urn I w 11 f I —I-JW I <_nU j iial .efforts necessary to build Ihe new businesses, facilities aivl j Blar.KWOnCl and rOSSlblv •h<mW.-to rnc-t needs ot a.-20.000.000 population increase tn the next 20 '-ears. "The underlying forces of recovery are asserting themselves." GETS MIL-PLEI .iitcrstale Coinnicrce Commission 'Holds Power 2ii( ! Only to Supreme Covivl. BV ROUNEV WITOIIKH NKA Servli-v Writer ((.'citiyrlfiht.lBSl, ?fKA Service. Inc.) WASHINGTON — The Inlcistati. Commerce Commission is the most A eift lo the United Slates from the people of 'Great Britain, the Dover Patrol Memorial, a 51-foot gianite shaft, now stands in Fort Hamilton Park, Brooklyn, in tribute to American naval heroes of the World War. Here yon see a Britisli anil an American sailor standing before the tablet during the dedication ceremony, In which Sir Honald Lindsay, Britisli Ambassador, landed the cooperation of the American tlect In escoitiiHr 18,000 Iransuurt nations. anil other vessels lo their desll- Parnr.ll Here Tomorrow" fov Officers' Barbecue, i A croun of nromjnent state offl- . ntone. Presld"nt TTcovcr said in ] Mr. Hoover said without making rlMllcnt'ns the memorial here I any specific predictions regardinc' cials and citizens, which miv in- where the lai? president and Mrs. lh,-> immediate future. I elude Governor Harvey Harding are buried. "Warren nnvdincr eavn liis life in worthy nrconinlisliment for his rountrv." Mr. Hoover said as he sonnht to vindicate the meniorv of his eld chief bv branding wilh withering scorn such as has rarely come from a chief executive, those H-ho were false to their trust. In the pre.'vnee of former tires- Criticism of the activities ofj'-dll attend ih? barbecue to he eiv- en at Bio- L-nk-p Wednesday afternoon by the Mississlooi countv 11: Kentucky Girl Bearer of U.S. Boauiy Laurels C.ALVESTON, Tex., June 1C. (UP l>ear raiders in Wall Street who have pressed down major stocks like U. S. Steel to below par was voiced hist after he condemned .mi.ii.niui-. , thow who would make "political! Ju.=i!ce R. L. McKnipht. head of ' , '"" gs to " 5r should «s capital out of the depression! the local croim. said todav that ifP", j i? 1 ? co . ry lo !. !1 . y "•' through maenifyinq our unemploy- Governo' Parnell had br?n extend- u .mted S>a es m «omp!Mitu>n against. _ ._ ^ . .... . ' n'rrlit fnrnirMi niric nt r> 11i-nptnnV of tto Sheriffs and Peace Officer, -*"•« *•»>= Lee Pa erson. 3, hn- zei-eycd girl wth mian curly Hair association. mcrt and losses." i Tit servo. System Inadcqua'** Irtrut Calvin Coolirtpc find many "Othrr small groups In the biisi- ctliM-sv.-iiosonvrl in tlw Hardingj rc <;s v:crW." hp continued, "make Administration. Mr. Hoover for the j their contribution to distress DV first time publicly exmesscd him- r^lf on the conduct of some associates in that retjime. Referring to the fact that he accompanied the late president on tlic fatal Alaskan trip. Mr. Hoover <v?sertbed how be observed Harding, then on the threshold of death, as a man whose "soul had been seared bv a Rreat disillusionment" pradimlly weaken not only from physical oxhauslion but from worry over the conduct of some of his intimates. His betrayal. Mr. Hoover said, "was the tragedy of the life of Warren T. Hardins." Worn Down bv Anxietv The president paid tribute to the "kindly and gentle spirit" of Hardin? and described him as a man "of delicate sense of honor" especially fitted to restore tran- miilitv and heal the rancors left by the World War. Mr. Hoover sum- mari?ed briefly the achievements of Hnrdlng's two years In the White House, climaxed by the Washington arms conference, nnd then turned to the tragic picture of (be president straining lo go IhrouRh with his long trip in the west, but being crushed under Hie weight of great anxiety. "His comnanions on that Journey realized full " ' overstrained well that he had even his robust rnids on our markets witli purpose to iMOfit from depreciation of se- curiti-s and commodities. Both groups are within the law: they are equally condemned by our public and business opinion; they- are bv n') means helpful lo the nation." Later he rrturned to the stock market situation when he said: "II is obvious thai (he federal reserve system wns inadequate to nrevent a Inn^ riivrrsion of capital and ban'-; deposits from commercial and industrial business in- cd an invention to hp tli" tx»rh n r»e t«* thni l^e hid vet rrr^Fvod a rrnlv front the T PUP t * | e -S nt foreiS" Gir^ nt Galve-*;ton's ! 12th nnnunl ^ | pageant. International beauty U \v?.e indicated, however. (!'a; 'be soveinor inlslit he nrr<=- ent. Other orominent state officials • ,,:,.,. have signifies their intention of at- j S . Coming to Galveston from Ludlow. Ky., to represent Ih? niiu«r^ss country in the national contest. v/as selected last tending, ineludini wo^l. chairman of lt:c hisjhwov d. 1 - Dartmenl. Hnl Norwond. attorney i:en:ral. and Olny Hemlerson. nil- rc^d commis-inner. Hirrv Poiider. well known Walnut P.idse dtt7"n. will alro b" 1 nres?nf. Justice McKu'eht -said that W uoun'ls of priv.e nork had he;n n""- night as the most beautiful of 28 selected American beauties at:d won the right to compete today for tin title of "Miss Universe." Foi:r of Ihe seven cast votes for "Miss Northern Kentucky" and the other three voted for Miss Lena Thomas. "Miss Memphis." for (bo bnvb'cue antl nf soring Tv"l:. Thi IRfl l vill lx?2in nhn'it <l:ao o'rlcrk an_ i^st ns lin? as tl-e fo->d does, s^v- to v.-astefnl speculation and stocl:!(he iu.-tice. Ab-"«t officers nn'l promotion. T! i? obvious our bank- assorntr members of their as?o- in^; svslem must be onvinfrrd to i-intir.n ar? ex!»c;ed !o attend, aive greater protection to depos-1 itors aaainst failures. Tt is rouTl- Iv obvious that we must, determine whether the facilities of our security and commodity exchanges are not betns used to create il- leiilimate sneculation and inten-! AJ.. A ' r .-. pc Put in Full Day's Work KUENOS AIRKS. June IS. (UP 1 rify deoressions." Defends G. O. V. Tariff The tattle against depression. Mr. Hoover said, must be foucht on a "thousand fronts." He de-. dared the government, has "assured the country from panic and the hurricane of bankruptcy." has|'' maintained wa-jes. preserved Am-|' erican standards of living and rr- Eerved usual policy hv exnanding j—The i:o!ir?" esrTv todav announced that nine h-mib exnH.-.ions hid wrurm! in Hiienos Aires in th? past 34 hours. Unronnrmed rcnort? s->id Ihe total of Ihe^ »l-<rmiiiT jvol<i«ionq h«ri rcacho-l IS Thev orrpirred nlmn-;! , '"^rvals during the day strength in Ihe giwnlic task which construction work durinc Ihe de- ccnfronted him durhiK Ihe previous two years." Mr. Hoover said. '•We cairo also lo know lhat here was a mnn whose sou] was brlns served by n grent disillusionment. We saw him gradually weaken' not only from physical exhaustion but from mental anxiety. Warren llardtnij had a dim renli?Jtion that he had been betrayed by a tew of the men whom he had trusted, by men whom he had believed were his devoted friends. It was later proved in the courts of Ihe land that th'esc men had bc- Irayed not alone. Ihe friendship and (rust nf their staunch and presslon. Doles, government nn- employmeiU Insurance and other' — such forms of public relief he. condemned as likely to force waives [ down to tho bare subsistence level and to "endow the slacker." Spcakin? in the heart of normally Republican terrltor- which however Is rer-arded by bolh side.', as likely .to be debatable nex'c yrir, Mr. Hoover struck a brief but boldly defiant note amlnst criticism of the Republican tariff. FLASHES VIENNA. .Itme 16 I UP)—The Aiislr'.in cal'inrl resigned today hfcaur. of difficulties over soiv- in» the republic's financial cilf- nriilti.cs. OUTBREAKS MADRID, .tune Ifi HIPI—Thc Republican rririmc faced threats nf serious disorder {„ Our tariff had proved so low miholic sections of the eounirj- that, our formers were being i lodav as the crowded even from the domestic porlation nf mnrkct in many products which by (-ira, primate nf Mitl-Soulh Area Receives Welcome Rain; Downfall Here Still Meager. Spasmodic showers fell here lo- iun.X)itant tribunal In Ihls couiilr> except llic Unllcd Stales Suprrnu Court. The railroads of America now come beforci It. luslsllng lhat re.'.' loratlnn of Y'' us l li;r ^y hliiBU! liu-gcly on Ils altitude towan Ihelr pclition for a 15 per cenl Increase In frelehl rates. Opponents of the Increase argue lhat Ihe 1. 0. C.. by grniithiB II. would further intensify the depression. Whole industries, nnd sections have oflen held thnl their economic welfnic depended on the commission-, So it: seems obviously worth while lo huiiiire into such a body, ils history, Ils personnel, ils problems unil Ils mode of operation. There arc these elementary facts: Deals \Villi Hillloiii The T. C. C. ,1ms 11 prcsiden- lially appointed members who op- crate with about 2000 employes in a wide, deep. 11-story building on upper Pennsylvania avenue a couple of blocks from the While House-. II wields more power and transacts more business than any other Independent federal commission raj any lederal court but thivvery highest. H deals with vast amounts of money—as in the. case, of the; 12 billion dollar difference 'of opinion about the value of the 'rail- reads—and It ma\ decide whether yon pay a few dollars more or less on your new automobile. II is the oldestj of the federal regulatory commissions, forerunner of such crauus as the Tnriff Commission. Federal Trndc Commission, Federal Reserve Board and Federal Power Commission. Gangster's Sentence Deferred CHICAGO, June 10 IU1')— Al Cupnne, his underworld power crushed by HIP United Stales gov- I'lniucnt, . stood In fcdeml coiut today awl plead guilty to de- tramllni; the nalton of almost $200.- CCO in Income las and conspiriny in a $200,000,000 beer combine lo violate, (he prohibition laws. The plea of the fallen gnnyster market! tho climax of llic government's clforl 'to stamp out syndicate crime, rule In the country'.'! second largest clly. A drive started when 'he clly and state BOV- Mnmcnts seemed helpless to smash Cnuono'8 strangle hold. Sentence of the gangster \ dcferreil by Judge James II. Wilk- crsnn milll June 30 ul f. 1>. M. The indictments carry n lota'i of 31 vs in prison nnd $90.000 In fine the .swiienerhijj gangster who before today always lintl ndopled an nily altllnde on his frequent, cuurl appearances. It was miderslond Caponc's term \voiilti bn sot at. two and n hal years with a stilt fine, probablj $10,001). day, follow!' nnd gave, pi with cttitinucd unsettled weather and predictions of (liunrterfhowers Today It ojiipowcral to fix Iwth niaxitnum and minimum railroad rates. It controls the Issu- anc? of railway securities. It insures nrtemiatc service to the country aiid v may either permit or Stavv Faithful's Relatives and Officials Cling to Murder Theory. NRW YORK. Juno 10 7UP)- Both the famllv of dead Stnr Fnllhfiill nnd District Attorney El vin N. Edwards if Nassau count cluiiR loday to. the theory 'of nmr dr-r in her sffangV'rteattl.""" Moreover their Idea lhal th pir! of mnnv moods mot n'.vlolen dfalh before her Ixidy wns cas no by the sea at Lonp Beach wa strengthened as traces of vcrona were found In the post inortun examination. The vcronal ma have hern n niern scdalive. bu authorities were morn than convinced her death "was trnceahl lo someone vrho wanted her sll onrcd. Stanley Faithful!, wife. Helen, and who with hi steD-daufrhtei DlRululLt- PEIITI11LD 'Vllomcy General Norwood Gives Opinion; Court Battle In Offing. LITTLE ROCK, June 16. (UP)— State Attorney General Hal L. Nor- vood in nn opinion to Secretary of L Slate FJ| McDonald this afternoon said thai the petitions calling for a vote on the-.Arkansas 90-day Ul- vorcc bill were Insufficient. ' .Tlic ruling lefl the status of the h'orce law In doubt pending decision ot the supreme court. Filing of petitions sponsored by .IhV Home Protective Association hsV I'lumday with 12,000 slgnci-s pre- venleil tlie bill becoming a law June lllb. The action taken today lefl tho courl.s 0|K)n to iieUtion. J. W. Wcs't : brook, attorney for the association; Indicaicd court action would be taken in _an offorl to compel-'ap-' proval of the petition. Amon? the defects pointed out,in tlic petitions by Hot Springs dele- pales was lhat the jKHItlons were circulated on Sundays In churches,,/ thus making them illegal. Mayor Leo P. McLanshlin, Hot; Sprlnp.5. said this afternoon that more than 100 persons were in'his city waiting to sock divorces by,the. new law.- Oiry-Jer W«l Enter Low Price Auto Field DETROIT. June 10 <l)Pl—Entrance of Ihe. Chryslef corporation Into tho'lav price autotiiobllo fielrt' now dominated bv-Pord'ah'cl Chcv rolct Interests • will bo announced ln...t.hl..j)sar. f\iture. ..with -the In- Iroduoilon-of n new .model.. Into-i the rievelonmrnt of which • Walter, P. Chrysler- has - put ten million dollars, it wns reliably reported lif-i 1 " today. ' . J The new cnr is said to have ii- rtevice tiiat absorbs the vlhrntion ccnernlly present in four cvltmler, molors nnd another report has It lhat llic car 1 , will have "free wheeling IransmL'sion" something not I'erctoforc seen In $500 automobiles. ring showers yesterday rrqulre Ihe ahanrtonment or con- promise of further rain stnictlon of new railroad mlleacc. it promulgates and enforces safety regulations on all railroads Its tonioht and tomorrow. Yesterday's Undines of fact are final and there rain here was about .22 of nn I ls "" appeal from ils decisions ex- inch. MEMPHIS, June 10 (UP)—Fear of another drouth as damaging or nearly so as that of the summer of 193D was dissipated today with reports thai rain had fallen in the pnst 24 hours over scattered sections ot the mid- south. Clarksdalc in Ihe heart of the rich Mississippi cotton belt, receded tho heaviest fall of .9 of Across the Mississippi soutlirastern Arkansas fall was nlso reported good. The drouth here which began May 20 was not officially broken Democrats Demand Ses- bv last '"5 ht ' s fa " of •" of an Inch, but forecasts of continued an Inch, river in - A T^ 1 ' I • uut lurti-icji.s 01 Lunilliucu SlOn A3 Ul'OURnl in ; rainfall eave promise thai it would Northwest Gets Serious. be ended. WASHINGTON. June 1G. (UP) — Renewed demands by Democrats for a special session of congress were heard today as the seriousness of tlic drouth in Ihe northwest became apparent. Wh;at and other crops In an area from Wisconsin to the Pacific ctm^t are suffering from lack of rainfall. Last Riles Held for John W. Blythe Today Funeral services for John W. j niythc. who difd suddenly yesterday, were held Ihls morning at the Cobb chapel nnd Interment made at the M.iple Grove Uainfall this region has b?cn result cf the Pedro Cardinal Ss- below normal for niti? year?, according to J. W. Kinger. of the weather bureau, nnd the si'uation may become more serious than thnt of (he south central slates last year. Senator Thomas Walsh. Mcntana. said a session should be called to enact relief measures. Senator T. H. Caraway. rJemo- cral. Arkansas, joined in Walsh's plan for a special session. He olso said he would offer a biil at- the next se.wlcn to create a fund of at least $30.W&.000. from which drouth relief loans could b« made at anytime in the next five years, raster "of The Rev. Paul Q. Rorle, cepl on noinls of law. Created in 1R81 Creation of the commission by Congress In 1867 followed n period of railroad history marked by stock jobbery, political craft, land crabs, rate discriminations nnd inequalities, rebates and pooling. The railroads of thai day held the prosperity of cit'es. stales nnd communities in their hands. Favored shippers were enriched tit the expense of rivals who ivre sometimes ruined. "All the traffic will bear" was likely to be the rulo of rates. Rate discriminations caused the most resentment and led to the Granger movement and passage of rezulatorv laws in states of the West nnd Northwest. But the supreme court ruled that the states could not, bv regulations, taxes or lolls directed nt the carriers, interfere with interstate commerce. After various attempts at national J legislation the I. C. C. wns created not to regulate Interstate commerce bnt to regulate railroads. The purpose of this commission wns to secure just and reasonable charses. eliminate nnlust discrimination In' service Tucker, arc giving the United Press exclusive dala on the career of the girl, insists murder was do'ip. The" eirl was not a drur fiend, but according lo their story, a man who debauched her as ft child of II tnuuht her to like ethsr. This man. they related! had the clrl read him nassaees from sex wrilhws and maltreated her 30 that nnon reaehlne; youn* womanhood siie was a warped crealure of confused emotions and strange moods. Fnithfull pictured Starr as a Elrl of real refinement nnd cnr- 'nre. but she was sublecl lo much retrospection and to dark moods which he claimed resulted from the maltreatment by Ihe man who crossed her youthful path. She liked men and had many friends, but Fnilhfnll hotlv denies she was promiscuous or that her companions were other than gentlc- First churcli. and the Rev. E. K. Lal-['"> n5 or i w. rcoric, i ....... ~ ........................... Methodist nll(1 " ntlm l^fmnces to corpora- abolish combi- imer, p'as'.or of '(he First 'Christian nations for frfi»lit poolings and church, officiated. |In eenera! to cmiiihze rates and Pallbearers wcrer T. J. Mahan, JC. M Duck. Sam T. Hnrrtin. JacX I O/nicnt. L. O. Thoaipson and [Percy Molt. loycl fr'.?iul but they had betray- use of divrrsifteatlon they can sub-: Cardinal Sekuif ed their country. That was tlielstitntc to take no the slack Ini border Into France Ir.iecrty of the life of Warren j export business," Mr. Hoover said.i n( Snn <:,h-.<i).i n False to Tubllc Trust ierc are disloyalties and Law Students Return .--.--... ...... _ „... „ „.„ „„,. for Vacation at Manila From that condition we have eiv- ! ricrt ml of the country only a ?L h!m . ,p rol « c!ion ' nn() wc ftad i tc-.v days after he return^ from | MANILA. Ark.-Oscar Fendler, a. m. liur- r may bring suf- 1 rr lvo fears and npprehensiona which; ric-d In Spain. The deportation - . an fcrlns. nut there is no disloyalty caused a "mnnla for ISnuldallon''! i,f the primate was -nrcompanled ami no rnme ,n all tne category that has reduced slot-;, of coeds bv rtUcnlcr, in K |,lcl, one wa, (Continued on I'^e 'Ihree) , (Continued on Page Three) tfllod , m i -10 Hijuml. Oiinbridge M'^ss arrivrd here E mla -for V" vicit'o visit at "home of hi- Inrenl, Mr nml Mrs A Fciiolc- In respect to Miss Ruth Blythe, daughter of the deceased, who Is employed at Boruai's Drug store N'o. 1, the t-.vo stores were closed for (he funeral and em- ployes attended the services In a body. Bandits Remove §5,000 From Banlc at Dresden DRESDEN. T,-nn.. June 18. (UP)' —Two masked bandits entered the People's Bank here cariy today, robbed the vault of approximately S5.000 and escaped in an automobile. The men entered the bank shortly after J. C. Vaughn, manager, and Coney riawls. cleik. had opened the bank for UK- day's business. Has N'cw Powers Whal uower commission then had was gradually whittled down by the supreme court, which finnllv fluted Us retaliatory powers In 1897 by deciding that H could not set rates. Gradually, however. Ihe commission has reealned its New. York Train Hits Open Switch; 20 Hurt NEW YORK. June Ifi (UP)—A rear car of n commuter's train of Ihe New York. New Haven and Hartford railroad struck an orcii switch at the Woodland station In the Bronx .today, careened across Ih™ ties into a steel pillow, rcboimrled into the back end of n standing freJaht train ami then brought up with a rending crash apalnst a steel abutment. First reports said at least one man was killed in the wreck, but according to police there were no fatalities. The- injured numbered at Icasi 20- Conduct Services for Officer at Osceola OSCKOLA, Ark.. June Ifi.—Pres- ton CrofT, 30. deputy sheriff'of I-iudcr<lnle countv. Tenn. who was phot and killed near his home on Island 34 south of here Saturday morninif by n nr-jro for whom.of- ficers are searching, was buried (n Ermen cemetery, Osceola, yesterday afternoon. Services were conducted at the crave bv Rev. c. E. Welch, mstor of the Firsl Baptist church of Osceoh. I Mr. CroTf Is survived by his wife. -1 Mrs. Catherine Croff. two iniall children, n sister of F!at. River.'Mo. ami three brothers. Geor»e. Hoaujr an:l Albert Croff. all of Mtsslsslnni couniv. He was born ami .reared •" at N'.-xiena in this county and -was well known here. • . Jar""; Rowland Dies After Long IHness OSCEOLA. Ark., Juno 1G.— The ''.' body of James Rowland Gnffin. CO.'--. wl-o died following a ton? illness at -^ the home of his brother, Bin? Gnf- , ; ' (in at St. Thomas, Ark., yesterday.' •' H beini held at Swift- & Conroanv t undertakers, here ceprltriij arrival -L of relative? from Brooklvn. N. Y.. ,'~ wh»n fimc"! services «-ill' INJ held .""' ' »t Lnnkv; !. neir Pi'eni-hman's . )iivou. Ark. Mr. OufHn Is an uncli of Mrs. R. E. FlelWer of Oreoh f nd a sreat nnrle of Mrs. R. C. Dent of niythevllle. Undaunted by Trounle, me commission has reealned its W1I ' IT- p -n ft powers b\'acts of Congress and has j nilKIHS Inp Mill Un been (trantcd manv new and mcra sweeping ones. For many years the railroads fought tho commission and any extension of Its powers el every turn, lobbying in Coneress nnd hollering In the courts, but in the lasl decade or so they have come to a?rce lhat 11 is a necessary Institution and furnishes them much needed promotion. Tho Hepburn Act of 1906 and the Mann-Elklns amendment of 1910 -'h!ch slrenRlhened it gave the I. C. C. powrr lo prescribe maximum rates and charpes as well ns regulations and practices nnd the penalty (Continued on Paso Three) CHERBOURG. France. June 16. —Sir Hubert Wilklns Intends to repair the engine of tho submarine Naiitllls and proceed toward the north pole as soon as possible, Lady Wilkins said today. • Undaunted by the disaster which haunted his reconditioned craft in mid-ocean Sir Hubert wirelessed his Wounds Received Jn Rescue Attempt Fatal STUTTGART. Ark.. June 16 (UP) j— As the resull of burns received when she attempted to rescue her babv from her flamin? home yesterday Mrs. T. .E. Moncrief,'23." was dead today, jfer uaby was rescued by Its father. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy with local thnndershOTCrs In tho south portion tonight onrt Worfrrwdav. According to th? official weather observer. Charles Phillips. Jr., the plans to^ his wife _ ns she passed | maximum temMrature here ycs- ' ' " terday wa.* 92 degrees and "the minimum. .68 decrees, cloudy. To- • day a year ago the maximum temperature was R?2 deqrees and the minimum, CO depress, partly within 30 miles.of him aboard .the S. S. Mauretanln from New York to Ijondon. Lady Wiftms revealed the Interchange when the Mauretanta arrived here today. She will proceed to Southampton,

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