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The Atlanta Voice from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 2
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The Atlanta Voice from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 2

The Atlanta Voicei
Atlanta, Georgia
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A mm mm committee to study the development of a metro government for the 15-county area surrounding Atlanta Dr. Tate said, "Well, as long as whites operated the 15 counties and as long as whites were in the great majority, population wise, in these 15 counties, nobody said anything about a metro government. It was only after blacks started getting in the city council; in the state house; in the mayor's office; that somebody wants to organize a metro By Harold 4X Dr. Horace Tate, distinguish educator and Democratic nominee from the State's 38th Senatorial District, in a speech before the Afro -American Patrolmens' League at the United Youth Adult Conference's Junior Hungry Club last week, answered former mayor Ivan Allen's recent charges concerning racism and annexation as it relates to the city's current leadership. In his opening Dr. Tate informed the audience that he was departing from his usual public addresses and was going to do something he had never done before. He said, "The interesting part about this is that Mayor Allen had this government for about 16 years and I saw very little or any evidence in reality of his trying to integrate the ing all over those 15 counties, then somebody will say let's set up a 30 -county metro area government," drawing laughter and applause the educator added, "and, in reality as soon as the 30 -county area is inhabited by blacks they will then go to -a 50-county government. "The whole idea that permeates the mind of the white man and his thinking is that he must control. He has to be in the majority. Otherwise, he does like the little boy who owns a bat and ball. If you don't let him play the position that he wants to play he takes- his bat and ball and he goes home. Well, I think we ought to understand this." Dr. Tate noted that he has been accused of "teaching, hate," saying; "now I've been: accused of preaching hatred for a number of years. Some people say because I have said that blacks should be accorded all rights, privileges, and opportunities that other citizens are accorded, that this is preaching hatred. Some people have said that even when we were insisting upon an equal merging of state education associations, some of you remember this, I was saying that everytime there's a white president next year there ought to be a black president. And I said if there's a white member of the board of directors there ought to be a black member. And somebody said to me when you talk- like this you are ing hatred. In other words, because I was advocating equality of opportunity I was advocating hatred." Continued On Page 3 city whites and blacks participating in government." Dr. Tate, devoting his speech to recent criticism and attacks on the current black leadership in city government said bluntly, "you have to understand that as long as white people had control of this government and governments across this nation they never worried about annexation they never worried about or even talked about racism though racism was a vital part of everything they did. But they don't talk about racism until Blacks begin to take over and-controL the. city" Referring to Allen's statement that was carried on the Atlanta "Constitution" and "Journal" front pages in which Allen said that Mayor Jackson should appoint a special I L-x wv a. hr-4t I i 5V. i hrpyKi' f'-i if "vK! i a wv.V.V.ft'W.'.v.v?' Again speaking bluntly to the youthful audience, Dr Tate said, "I hope you would understand that it is not going to do any good. A 15-Cowity area government is not going to do one iota of good, because just as soon as a 15-county metro area government isde-" veloped and blacks start liv- ATLANTA VO.C "If there is no struggle there is no Those who propose to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the oceans' majestic waves without the awful roar ol its waters." Frederick Douglass HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRUTH 25 CENTS Atlanta, Ga. OCTOBER 5, 1974 VOL. 9 NO. 40 524-6426 liuuliGDiuir ft" ATLANTA Dr. Robert Weaver, head of the National Committee Against Discrimination, has faulted the U.S. government with reneging on its responsibilities of enforcing fair housing practices for black and poor people. Inspite of the small progress made pursuant to the passage of the 1968 Civil Rights Act, Weaver said a recession in progress has set in during the last two years. An outline of Weaver's remarks if presented inside the VOICE. 5 Great Museum Park, a proposed cultural park, may 1 BY GREGG MATHIS If possibly be developed on the site previously purchased for thfe controversial 1-485. The city and the mayor have listened to public dissent opposed the highway's construction which prompted the birth of the park as an alternative use for the land. The park has received. enthusiastic support. Details of the project are listed inside the VOICE. For the many Atlantans who have sought to improve their had only two hours earlier been convicted of "conspiracy to commit murder" of Gerald Johnson, the husband of Orkin's former personal secretary and admitted "mistress of the palatial 7500 Rosewell Drive" residence. Following the conviction the 12 -person jury went out and returned a recommended Millionaire William "Billy" Orkin and his handyman, Bobby Charles Bowen, smiled casually as they were escorted by several Fulton County deputies to an awaiting prisoners transport bus enroute to the Fulton County Jail, Monday. The former pest control magnate and "do-it-all" man reading abilities, the Literacy Action Center is available for that purpose. The program is designed on a one to one tutor studenf basis. The program's function is laid out inside the VOICE. Atty. Isabel Webster Appointed To Board five-year sentence in the state penitentiary. Judge Osgood William, who maintained control and demeanor throughout the trial, further denied a motion for an appeal bond and retired the courtroom saying that was all he would do for the remainder of the day: The scenario of the murder plot was revealed by Mississippi mobster investigator, Rex Armistead, who masquaraded as a tough, dead-eye "hit-man" who told Bowen during their first meeting to outline the hit, he was above "knocking off old ladies." It was homicide detective C.E. Landrum, referred to by some as the "Willis Robert of the Orkin murder plot," who began to knit the web that finally led to the conviction of the two. It began the early morning of May 13, when, after an invitation, Landrum went to the residence of Bowen also on Orkin's property along with his family, but was invited by Bowen to come outside to a trailer. Inside was a table with money spread over it and Landrum was told the money was his for a small favor, according to court testimony. Bowen attached to the gift, the life of an unidentified man who had been giving a friend of his (Bowen's) some Landrum said he refused the enticing reward and testified he had no idea why he was selected by Bowen to do the job. "I'm sure in your line of work," Landrum testified he was told, "you come into contact with people who do those things." Bowen advised him that he wanted it to look "like a street murder" resulting from a mugging. Landrum continued to refuse, but said he would think about it a few days and maybe he could find the desired man to make the kill. But for some reason, not quite clear, Landrum talked to the manager of the Front Page Lounge and a night manager of the Inn Town Motor Hotel, before he finally went to the District Attorney's office for help. The manager of the lounge, referred to as Mr. Culp, agreed to pose as the "killer for hire," met with Bowen once and told him he had a man in Florida who could do the job. Landrum decided to go to the D.A.'s office and Slayton advised that they get their own man for the job. But Landrum was harshly cross-examined by the defense which questioned why he didn't go to his immediate! supervisors for help before Continued On Page 3 I I Jwx IT Governor Jimmy Carter has announced the appointment of Isabel Gates Webster to the State Personnel Board to replace Barbara Bent who has resigned. The 43-year old Ms. Webster, an attorney with the Atlanta law firm of Patterson. Parks and Franklin, is the second woman ever to be appointed to the three-member Personnel Board and the first black. Governor Carter described the new appointee as "a completely capable person whose varied background in working with people equips her to serve the Personnel Board, the State Merit System and the State of Georgia with the utmost fairness and good judgement. I am pleased," the Governor continued, "that Ms. Webster has consented to serve on this major board." Other members of the Board are Leonard Morris of Tifton and Cyrus Neuner of Barnesville. Appointments are for 7 -year terms. A native of Henderson, North Carolina, Ms. Webster was graduated from Boston University where She also received her law degree. She has practiced law in Atlanta since 1959 and has been associated with the Patterson, Parks and Franklin firm since 1972. In addition to her State, Gate City, national and American Bar Association memberships, Ms. Webster has been active in the Women's Chamber of Commerce, the Atlanta-Fulton County League of Women Voters, the Gate City Day Nursery Association, the Southside Child Development Center and Resur gens Atlanta. She is the past president of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, on the Board of Directors of the Community Council of Atlanta, President of the Atlanta Urban League, a1 Trustee of Leadership Atlanta and a member of Cooperating Attorney with the Legal Defense Fund of the NAACP. Ms. Webster was an unsuccessful candidate earlier this year for judge of the Civil Court of Fulton County. She is married to Donald J. Webster, Chief of the Civil Rights Staff for the Southeastern Region of the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. and Mrs. Webster have four children and are members of the Radcliffe Presbyterian Church. THE MAYOR MEETS A HERO Last Tuesday was proclaimed "Gilbert Adams Day" by mayor return, presented the mayor with two tickets to the 1974 Scout Maynard Jackson in honor of 11 -year-old Gibert Adams who Exposition; to be held Nov. 2, at the Civic Center. Boy Scouts rescued two women and some children recently from a burning throughout the Greater Atlanta area are selling tickets to the car. The Boy Scout, the son of Mr and Mrs. Marvin Adams, in annual event. Mayor Jackson Gains Support Chief can handle murder plot! By Gregg Mathis The tapes which helped con vict millionaire WILLIAM Billy" Orkin, and his body guard, "Bobby" Charles Bowen, also turned up strong implications that John Inman, ilaiiia's Daily Papers Criticized 0 director of Police Services, could handle a coverup of the foiled "conspiracy" to murder Gerald Johnson. Johnson was the husband of Orkin's former personal secretary and court -established girlfriend. Armistead: Well I mean -all I know Is what I hear. Bowen: Okay, it's what you heard. Yeah, I've got a friend. Armistead: Are you talking about the Chief? Bowen. Yeah, if I haveo. Armistead: has he got balla enough to handle? Bowen: Oh, yeah. Armistead: Is he a (censored) squirrel? Bowen: No, he's got balls. This guy has got balls. Armistead: Will you have to sit down and draw him a (censored) diagram when I need help? Bowen: No. Armistead: Does he know about the deal (murder plot)? Bowen: No, sir. John Inman, who was police chief at the time, also lives on property owned by Orkin. Homicide detective, C. E.Lan The first tape Implicating Inman was marked as exhibit number 5 In the evidence en tered into the trial containing the conversation of Bowen and Mississippi "mob" Investi gator, Rex Armistead, posing Riches, the Davisons, the Ford Motors, the General Motors, the Power Labor Unions, Southern Bell and all of these forces to take the lead to create and commit themselves to putting people to work. "If Central Atlanta Progress is serious, then we say. don't blame Maynard Jackson, but, realize that Its everybody's challenge. We need the business community. We need Atlanta, but we all must work together. ''The Mayor, took office merely nine months ago, he took office with a new charter and Chief of police apparently answerable to no one. Maynard Jackson is not a racist. He has aught raclms before he became mayor and is fighting It everyday as mayor. as a hit-man. It was at this meeting that Bowen brought a shot-gun, these problem areas are in large measure creatures of and mustbe solved by the economic forces of the city of Atlanta, of which Central Atlanta Progress Is a catalyst. "The mayor has public accountability he must answer to the voters. We elected Maynard Jackson and we support Maynard Jackson as he tries to crapple with the unemployment and crime questions. "We must remember: To solve the unemployment problem, employers must employ. The question Is now ralsed-what are the downtown businesses going to do to deal with unemployment as employers. "The fault cannot totally rest with Maynard Jackson. We need the business leaders to lead! We need the business community not to shift the blame. The causes of crime are largely economic. We need the economic forces, the banks, the developers, the State Representative -elect David Scott, Saturday, admonished the Atlanta "Journal" and "Constitution" for their apparent "vindictive crusade" against Mayor Maynard Jackson. Scott, In an afternoon press conference at St. Paul AME Church, also urged support of the mayor of nine months in his efforts to combat problems of unemployment, crime, racial tensions and the newly Identified problem of "white flight" from the downtown business district. The complete statement of the newly elected tive follows; "We are very much concerned about the current state of affairs of our City. We abhor the personal vin i dlctive crusade that the Atlanta Newspapers have launched against the mayor and city of Atlanta. Someone needs to tell the newspapers that this awesome abuse of power (to attack the mayor and members of his administration personally, time after time) only cheapens the quality of journalism and in fact serves no constructive purpose of enhancing the image of Atlanta. But to the contrary, serves to down grade our city. "Further, we must remember that the newspaper helped to shape the progressive image of our city. The time has come for the "Constitution" and the "Journal" to call a cease-fire onits attacks on Maynard Jackson. And return on the road to progressive leadership. The kind of leadership displayed by the late Ralph McGill. "The recent letter from the Central Atlanta Progress to the Mayor has displayed the Inherent danger that problems of unemployment, white flight from the downtown business district, crime, racial tensions and downtown Image and their solutions rest solely with the Mayor. When In fact shells, maps and diagrams to aid Armistead in making the hit on Johnson Armistead began pumping Bowen with questions asking first If he (Bowen) had friends In either the police or sheriff's depart if ment. The conversation re drum first approached by Bowen to make the hit testified he was afraid to Inform Inman of conspiracy since Inman, Orkin and Bowen were friends. Inman was mentioned a second time following the arrest of Bowen. On June 21, immediately vealed by the tapes went as "It Is now clear to us that the mayor Incited the Atlanta follows: Bowen: I've got friends In the police department, as you well know. Newspapers with his appoint ment of Reginald Eaves as Continue On Page 8 DR. ROBERT WEAVER Continued On Page 3

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