Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 19, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 19, 1891
Page 1
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TOI. XVI. LOGANSPOET, INDIANA, SUNDAY 10RNISO, APRIL !9, 18II NO. 91; DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats S T I F F and S I L K, BEST MADE, SPRING STYLES Now on Sale, DEWENTER, The Hatter. Spring Suiting, Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating, The nicest, prettiest patterns ever received at ^ just JOS. S. CRAIG'S. IioeANSFORT, IND. i— -] Some men talk in whispers; others have voices loud enough to be heard by%ae|jfishes at the bottom ot tiie sea. Some men are always telling you something in the strictest confidence and as a rule you have heard it ^before. That' is'nt my way. I have no confidential communications to make to you, andjjif I had I would not resort to printers ink for such, a 'purpose. I simply want^you to know that my line of Spring Suitings, Spring Trousers and Spring Overcoatings r^; Is large and complete, and that we are ready to serve you QUITE AEOW. It Is Caused by the Resolutions in the Western States Congress. Minnesota Delegates Object to th Position Taken on the Tariff and Coinage and Withdraw, THE CONGRESS ADJOURNS. KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 18.—The session of the commercial congress Friday was quite boisterous, growing out of the debate on the resolutions E. A. V. Smalley, chairman of the Minnesota delegation, denounced the congress as a democratic machine, ark left the hall with his delegation. After the introduction of the majority repon of the committee on resolutions, the minority report was presented. A synopsis is as follows: It opposes a tariff for revenue, believing that such a •farlH would bo levied on tea, cofloe, sugar and other articles which we most largely Import for general use and recommends tout the government should hold fast to the American principle of a moderate protec tion to American Industry; and deolttree In favor of a fair trial of the presenl law with rec proctty and In favor ol a non-partisan tariff commission to Inquire Into the working of labor and all Industrial callings, including agriculture, with a view to the eqult- able'adjustment of tariff schedules from time to time., The minority further favors the free unlimited coinage oC American silver and gold, whieh w.uld make the silver dollar and the gold dollar or eg.ua! purchasing power in all markets of the world; favors the holding of an international monetary convention to establish such a ratio and secure its acceptance by all commercial nations of the world, but until such ratio can be 90 established opposes the unlimited coinage of silver Into the present legal tender dollar; believing that such a course would drive gold out of circulation, lower the standard value, contract the present volume of the circulating medium and seriously cripple our foreign trade. The free coinage and tariff resolutions of both the majority and minority reports were received with applause. A resolution relative to immigration was loudly applauded, and the resolution which hailed with delight the burial of all animosities between the north and south was greeted with great applause and upon motion of Maj. Warner, of Missouri, was given three hearty cheers. Gen. Warner, of Ohio, submitted the following as a substitute for the tariff resolutions of both reports: 'We favor neither free trade nor the exclusion of trade, but favor a tariff for revenue limited to the actual needs of the government economically administered, but so levied as to cover differences In the Industrial condition between this and other countries, but not to create and foster monopolies." President Francis, after a long debate, ruled the resolution out of order. Mr. Gridley. of Minnesota, then offered a substitute for the minority report, similar to that of Mr. Warner's, and it was adopted. The debate on the resolutions was begun once more and the discussion again assumed a violent form, and finally D. S. Croser, E. M. Johnson and W. A. Barnes, representing the business union of St. Paul, withdrew from the convention. The minority report representing republican views was voted down viva voce. The consideration of the majority report was then proceeded with. The debate again became intensely partisan and heated. Finally a vote was taken by a call of states on the adoption of the'majority favoring free silver and lower duties, and it was adopted, 00 to 55, all the state delegations being' divided upon the question. Mr. Smalley, of Minnesota, rose to a question of personal privilege. He said the congress had degenerated into a democratic powwow, and as a nonpartisan candidate he desired to resign as chairman of the committee on reso- .utions. Mr. Smalley explained his course and withdrew from the congress. Dr. Bryan, of Nebraska, offered a resolution urging congress to pass a law making all legal money legal tender, notwithstanding any contract which may be made calling for the discharge of obligations by the payment of gold. The resolution was adopted. Other resolutions were adopted indorsing the world's fair, indorsing the Torrey bankruptcy bill and making the congress a permanent organization to meet biennially. The usual complimentary resolutions were then adopted, and the congress, at 9:15 p. m., ad- ourned to meet at the call of the ex- jcutive committee. Illinois Gets Her Direct Tax Kcfand. WASHINGTON, April is.—The United States treasurer signed a check Friday for nearly $1,000,000 in. favor of the state of Illinois as repayment of the direct tax collected in 1802. The exact amount of the check, which was'in Gov. Fifer'sname, is 8957,063.63, being §17,500 less than the sum of the taxes paid. This latter amount is not disallowed, Dut is withheld by the first comptroller to secure a claim of the United States against Illinois for arms overdrawn. A. Domostro'Xragody. NEW YOBK, April IS.—Samuel Clark shot his wife Sarah in the head and 3reast at 200 Concord street, Brooklyn, Mday afternoon, and then shothim- elf in the head. Both will probably ie. Inability to agree was the cause of he shooting. ' ' Gold doing Abroad. NEW YOBK, April IS.—Gold coin to he amount of $3,250,000 has been or- .e.red for export from this city miring he week. SPARKS FROM THE WIRES. Francis Hayward, of Boston, dealer In rubber goods, has failed. His debts are $70,000. Walker Brown (colored) was hanged at Laurens, S. C., for the murder of Noah Kamaga last November. Mr. .T. Nail and Mrs. Hiekman were married at Queen City, Tex. The groom is 80 and the bride S4 years old. Mrs. Louisa Edwards, of St. Louis, was convicted of selling her 13-year-old daughter for immoral purposes. E. J. Dion, while stretching an electric light wire at Saginaw, Mich., struck a live wire and received a fatal shock. Minler Bros., dry goods dealers at Se- dalin. Mo., have sued Bradstreet's agency for S200,000 damages, for publishing thern as insolvent. Charles Matteson, senior justice on the supreme bench.' of Khode Island, was on Friday elected by the legislature to the chief justiceship. William Green was hanged at New Orleans for the murder of Joseph Proper on January 3, 1890. Green confessed to having committed theoerime. Mary Metzdorf, of Baltimore, Md., convicted of murdering her brother and and Louisa Broadwaters, has been sentenced to fourteen years' imprisonment Several serious riots have occurred in Benares, India, the religious capital of the Hindoos, and British troops have been ordered there to protect the eity. Friday the old east mill of the Norwich Falls Cotton Manufacturing Company at Norwich, Conn., burned, entailing a loss of 8150,000, fully covered by insurance. At Shullsburg, Wis., Friday, Mrs. Jacob Biota shot and mortally wounded her brother, Henry Ivey, as he was entering her house for the purpose of killing her. McKinsey Alexander, aged 6 years, died Friday in. Sebastian county, Ark., from the bite of a spider. The lad was bitten on the arm, and lingered three or four days in great agony. A large supply of corn has been brought to light in southern Nebraska by the recent rise in prices. The Burlington & Missouri River railroad alone is moving'an average of 100 cars daily. The Kaweah colony in Tulare county, Gal., has come to grief. It was organized on the Bellamy plan, but the leaders are said to have used the colony only as a means of enriching themselves. The body of Dan Danielson, a logger who disappeared from a camp on Eay._ creek, Wis.. a week ago, was found in a swamp with the throat cut. from ear to ear. It was a ease of suicide from despondency. Five flights of stairs in Vice President Morton's Washington hotel, the Shoreham, fell into the cellar. The accident disclosed an appalling degree of carelessness and bad workmanship in the construction of the building. TEE MARKETS. ' Grain, Provisions, Ktc. CHICAGO, April 18. FLOUR—Quiet and firm. Spring Wheat pat- entSi M.60S4.90; baiters', J3.30®3.75; Winter Wheat Flour, $4.80@5.00 for patents and S4.40© 4.60 for straights. WHEAT—Active and higher. No. 2cash,S1.10Vi @1.14; May, $1.10«©1.14!i; July, ll.08'/,-a1 IOJ4 COHN—Fairly active and steady. No. 8, 76© 75&C; No. 3, 73-X@74c; No. 3 Yellow, 7oc; May, OATS—Active. No. 2 cash, 57@57«c; May, 67®57Kc; July, 53J4@54^c. Samples flrmer. No 3 56^@57c; No. 3 White, B9@60; No. S, 57& @5S=iC; No. 2 White, 59«©01c. KYK—Firm and higher. No. 2 cash, OS@95o; April, 95c, and May, fi5c. Samples 04®95o for No. 2, and S8S90C for No. 3. BARLEY—Scarce and firm. Good malting, 77 @79c; choice, 79®80c; common to fair light weight, 785J73C. Muss PORK—Trading moderately active and orices ruled steady. Prices ranged at 812.75® 12.85 for cash; 812.80SI3.00 for May; 813.80® 13.87V4 'or July, and $13.<J2V5@13.73 for September. LAUD—Market moderately active and prices steady. Quotations ranged ut $O.S7 I /5®8.90 for cash; K,95®7.00 for May; 87.22HO7.27K for July, and I7.47^4@7.BO for Septomter. BUTTER—Creamery, 20®2Sc; Dairy, 10321C; Packing Stock, 6@>lSc. POULTRY—Live Chickens, 9©OHc per Ib.; Live Turkeys, 8@13e per It.: Live Ducks, C® Oy,c per Ib,; Live Geese, 83.00@5.00 per cloz. OILS—Wisconsin Prime White, Sc; Water White, 8i(ic; Michlg'-m Prime White, 9^c: Water White, iQ'-ic; Indiana Prime White, 9Mc; Water White, lOc; Headlight. 175 test, 9140; •asoline, 87 dcg's. 14c; 74 <leg's, 9c; Naphtha, 33 dcg's, 7'/ic. LIQUOHS—Distilled Spirits ruled flrm at $1.10 per gal., for finished Roods. RK, April 18. WHEAT—No. 2 red strong, JitBSWc up; mar cet active; May, $l,10&@l.21x£; June, $1.17@ .1934; July, »1.UM@1.10K; August, $1.10«© .13; September, S1.00@UOX; October, S1.U8H ©1.10; December, JUO@1.11X; May fflS), 11.13 JH.14. OATS—No..2 dull, strong; Western, 00@89c. C6aN-Nd. 2 lairly active, firm; steamer mixed, SO'/seSSc. , PROVISIONS—Beef flrm amd fairly active; Ex- ramess, 87.70®7.75; family, $10.00®10,DO. Pork lull and flrm; Na^r mess, J13.75@14.50; old .ess, IB18.00@12.50; extra'prime, 811.7S®12.25. Lard quiet and flnn; st-am-rendered, $7.15. CLEVELAND, o., April 18. PETHOLEUM— Quiet. Standard white,! 110 og. test, 6&c; T4.dcg. gasoline, Stfc; 88 deg, asolice, 12c; 03 deg. naphtlia, C>4c. Live Stock.' CHICAGO,'April 18. CATTLE—Market quiet. Quotations ranged t !6.75©8.65 for choico to fancy shipping Steers; j,10@5.60 for good to choice do.; 84.30@6.00 for ommon to fair.do.; S3.50@4.25 for butchers' leers; S2.00@3.50 for Stockers; $3.00(25.25 for exans; $3.-lO@4.SO; for Feeders $1.60@4.00 for ows: 81.5C@3.50 for Bulls, and S2.50S4.50 for 'eal Calves. HOGS—Market rather active and firm. Sales anged at S3.30@5.10 /or Pigs; &4.85@5.S5 for ght; S4.70@4.B) for rough packing; $4.80@5.40 jr mixed, and i-l,05@b.5Q lor haavy packing ts.- Everybody Remembers The great lot of children's black hose we sold so cheap early in the spring, we ho,ve just made a deal For One Hundred Dozen Absolute fast black Derby ribbed Extra Length Hose A Quality that always sells for 25c. for small sizes. we will offer the entire lot in sizes from 5% to 8-|At 12 1-2 Cents Per pair, f jr every size. Come quick as the lot will not lastmore than 2 or 3 days. WILER <fc WISE, I WHISTLE FOR D. A. HA UK. He has the goods and prices. Best Clock for the money. • Best Watch for itle'money. Best . Spectacle for .the meney. Best work done for the money. No. 41O Broadway. THe Jeweler and Optician. D. A. HA UK. CrllCH£ST£R'S ENGLISH, RED CROSS ^ DIAMOND BRAND \\i\xS THE ORIGINAL AND GCNLMNE. The only Sofc, Stirc^ and reliable Fill for cH. ask Dnigglst for Ctiu&e*ter's Jfaglfah Diamond Brand in Itod and Gold metallic nwilcd •with bluo ribbon. Take no other kind. Jtcfiue Substitution* and Imitation*. All ptlls ia pasteboard boxes, pint wrappcra, are donieronH counterfeit*. AtDnjgg^fftK,of e. in ntamps for particulars, tcsrlnjontnifl, end "KelTef for LndloN," in tetter, by rctarw , ffamf Paper, , , CHICHESTCR CHEMICAL CO., MndUon Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST. TAILOR. I You. Swill find all the Latest Novelties in Spring Styles Yours Truly, "PUCK."

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