The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin on April 21, 1962 · 21
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The Capital Times from Madison, Wisconsin · 21

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1962
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THE CAPITAL TIMES, Saturday, April 21, 1962 New Series on FBI Functions on WIBA NBC Radio, la efropvatJoa with tht Federal Bureau of Invwttea uon au us airec-r tor, J. Edgar Hoo-j ver, will launch! a new series of programi on was! tads during "Mod j tor ". Monitor If heard on W I A and W7JU IK Saturdays at I a. n., J p. mi and 6:80 p. ra-i on Sundayi at i p. m. and I p. m. Tb first of these programi include Intervtows oetween Rum Ward of NBC Ntwa and FBI officials on tht burtau'a operations. Later a "National Alert" will bring Monitor llitener! a five minute preaemauon dealing with one erlminal-at-large each week. Lie-! tenon able to tupply Information wlfl be urged to contact then- local FBI offlcet. Tralxkt's FeatvrM 6:30 Three houn of Monitor 62 with Jim Lowe.' Learn how to lose weight through dieting. Extra Sensory Perception authority Hani Holzer explains how houses become 'haunted' and what be thinks a ghost really is. Ring Around the World visits to Paris and Rio de Janeiro. Comedy vignettes by Nichols and May. WIBA and WIBA-FM. 7-World's Masterworks of Fine Music Four Vivaldi Concert!; Prokoflev'i Love For Three Oranges; music of Faure. WMF1ML ll-Music in Stereo - Handel's . Messiah with Eileen FarrelL WEU and WIBA-FM, EvJm tm Disci Expeaue Eaektt The expense account racket will be discussed by William T. Evjue, editor and publisher of The Capital Times, on Us "Hello Wisconsin" broadcast on Sunday. Mr. Evjue can be beard each Sunday at 11:10 p m. over Radio Station WIBA. Bucayi restarts 7:08 mm. Easter with the U. S. Arm? Chorus. WIBA. 1:05 a.m. Herald of Truth Speaker, James D. WQleford; Music by the Abilene Christian CoHe Choir. WIBA. 1:00 a.m. Bethel Lutheran Church Sermon: Davhreak. by Dr. Morris Wee; Music by urn Altar Choir. WDA. 10:05 a.m. Religion for Today First Unitarian Society Rev. Max Gaebler, Toe Goal of Religion, WIBA. 10: aon. - Methodist Hour-Fint Methodist Churr-h r Cart W. Stromberg, The Power of Arisen Life. WOA. U:U a.ra. First Congregation al uurca sermon: Bright Morning, by Rev. Alfred Swan. WOA. 11:30 a.m. Bashfori Matharllet Church Sermon by Rev. Keo-aeth Whitney. WMPM. 13:00 p.m. Chamber Music Concerto No, 11 n A Major by Mosart; Roumaatan Folk Dances by Rartok. WRVBTM. 1:00 p.m. Baseball Cuba vs. Cards, double-header. WON. 1:10 p.m. Baseball Dodders vs. Braves. KXOW. WTMJ. 1:10 p.m. - Baseball - White Sox vs. Athletics. WCFL. 1:80 pjn. Lutheraa Hour Dr. Oswald Hoffman, Ufa Through. Death; Music by the Luther House Choir. WOA. 1:00 p.m. Three hours of Mon itor '63 with 3 Eeyes. John Straube and Bob Bouhteo, who were on the expedition during which the Astee caves of Lower California were discovered, de scribe their experiences. Exchange student relates the study hablta of American and Russian students. Ring Around The World visits to Canada and Europe. Monitor visits a la-fa-l dary covered bridge in Winter- set. Iowa said to be haunted. WIBA and WIBA-FM. 2:00 p.m. Encore Ralph J. Bunche, The Prospecta for Effective International Authority. WBA. 5:05 p.m. Pocketbook News with Wilma Soss. WDA and WIBA-FM. 5:15 p.m. On-The-Line with Bob Considine. WIBA and WIBA-FM. 5:30 p.m. Meet the Press - Sen. Eites Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee, will be the guest WIBA and WIBA-FM. 6:00 p.m. Two hours of Moni tor '63. with Frank McGee. A comprehensive wrap-up of the week'a top news stories Including the days news from boms and abroad and sports news. WIBA and WIBA-FM. 8:30 p.m. FM Concert Sym phony No. 3 in C Minor, Resur rection by Mahler. WHA-FM. 8:30 p.m. Viewpoint How art and Nancy Mead, publish ers of Wisconsin Tales and Trails will be guests. WIBA and WIBA-FM. 9:30 p.m. Back To God Hour Speaker, Rev. Peter H. Elders-veld; music by the Calvin Radio Choir. WIBA and , WIBA- FM. SSaavEay's) Feattarrea 7:25 a.m. Motoring Tips wuuam spevacek. Editor, Wis consin Motor Vehicle Daoart- ment; Loudspeaker communication equipment being installed en state patrol vehicle. WIBA. 1:05 a.m. Richard Earkneea with an Emphasis report from wasnmnon. wiba. : am Garden Gazette Hew can lilies and other flowers received yesterday be preserved and grown? Answered ay Richard Presny, assistant Dane County agent. WHA. 10:00 aja. Homeaakers Pro gram viola Hunt, Grandparents, Grandchildren Enjoy Each uuer; April sbowers far June Brides. WHA. 13:80 p.m. Farm Program mm aaapiing Techniques. WRA. 1:05 p.m. Edwin Newman with aa EmpnasJa feature. WHA. 8:00 pjn. Music of the Mas ters - Violin Concerto in A Minor by Goldaark, WHA. M l Mm. TMIBhT 5:8 Ogin lAwwi 4:00 Supper ilflMM 4:30 Sock to thl aiklt 7:00 Your Senotor Meportt 7: IS Church World Niwt :n Mwnt Hour t.w eetureey si l:Sf FertlH of Proves SUMMIT t m The Ooowl Hour 00 Scendlnevlen Hour :M tunetr Morning Mttadltt 1015 Hymn Hlittry 10:11 Hymn, That live 10 41 Frenido t werenlp 11:01 Bethany FreeChurch 1:N Cttornber Myifc :SS Brotherhood Hour l.S Mueicel Fertrtltt 1:10 Svenoiltlme 1:41 leered Mwtlc 1:00 Mkklloten Soplllt J: Org on Styllnot 2:41 Shewert Of Slmlng 3:00 World LHerihjre 1:30 Now Tlltlment Light! 4:00 Celvory Hour 4:10 B veryeni Should Know it Emw from Our Hetrti 1:00 Kmwdt Church 5:11 Churcft et work 5:10 Bit Of Heaven 4:00 Sundiv Serened! 7:00 Faith Beptlit Church A.M. 1:10 Soerod Mwtlc 10:14 Look tt the Sat 10:10 Morning Cntoti Hour 11:00 BerermWon Hour 11:10 Chapel of Iho Air 11:41 PsimTlmo 11:00 Mlddty MuMctlO 11:11 la World Urot third l:M Mutksl VtHoiitt if ESE" tM OnrMVtort 4:00 luoaor tirtHi4i 4: Udl. ! mo So(0 r: faodtf iiitttw vtmns etiwirt trttl4 of rtvtr X7UA of fht yiklnts vonkig Mull SUMiMV 1t: Nam Mvtkolo ): groatlor Proolomt mm, 4.30 RmsMfi AMnoAOC 4:11 Mwtlc Intorlwdo 1:00 Oraan Mutlc S:30 Ltwrtnct Calttoo BvoAlnf Mwtletlo -WrlA-'M : PMUtofMctl ItwM hit Mwtlc from Soiinony 0:00 Tht Corttonltft Art ' 1:10 FM Cancan MONDAY : j IKonirSfwy'aaport 7:30 StwdioajH f :0S MoraW Conetrt .2 Iftwrlwat 9:30 World Of MtfwfO t:S9 Mtrkot Koaart 10:00 Htmomakort Prosioiw GREETING CARDS 4drr watcu i21 JL I g TH fMtmtTu, . 3D AMhivCmi V lsWfJ- rWM F" 1 1 ii "She'a my second eouain, It's her tirthday, ihe'i a ztew mother, tie bu a co! bib tta aa IS i:s IT, lltlt I I4S P titS MilS m-.u SI4S 3 1:3 titS :3 llS tit :;3 ;;r. tti tS Hit S:S 4: It 4iSt 4.4S StSS tit itjaa itite iiiS i!3 itse MS ll IttS lies iiii Sl4S tiOA 4t1S sits 3 4iM t4S ftSS '"! rial fits itse SilS l;3 ties B Tuning the Radio Dial TONIGHT WIIA WKOW WIIU WISM-FM 1110 Ke. 107Q Ka. U40 Ke. tt.1 Meaa Niwii MtdloM Rood Nawtf.Strtcfly . Frtd Hour Show Mwohy VIowooM Wiring Ntwt BurooMft Wsry Nowti To Prod SmlntttWotS) MuttciNoM Twnot Worlnfi Ntwt Ntwtt MtBfftf NowtiLot NoworHawtH Horry Monlfor WonorSht Calls Jomts . Monitor fh NowVork Nowti Th Htrry Monitor City Has Bis Uo Jomttf Mows NtWMMjnltaf SporMi Mwtle fit. Ovfdoort Mitch Monhar Collins AmtHoj Horo'tfoVoh Millar Mon tor World ImlfM Saorttl OtS Mitch '' Tlmort Mlllort Ntwt '5"n NTM 3 "W 'ST" T',Th THo.m . Ntw Nowti ThO Mows Victor Mtmbonft Loo Sloan Young Htutt Wotntr Sllont Victor Forty, Nows Sfww Siwrtf Young; Ntwt Niwii Houos Nowti Tht Sllont Paul Pirty In Loo Clor Wotton ftortt Wttnor Sllorif Ptul Itowi Show SJiant Wntoni Ntwt SUNDAY fOsortSe TRrKMl HmrmM Rtdlt Slfel CltN aofhti Lfikafee VOJCOOI saVdsepael lolMaM SSSSkFrV Cfirlitlon isfvoffie tovlval OMwiiChrtlf Mothotltf St. Pottr'i So Lutft Chvroh SJawtf OfOJ Raborti Sfnwi Nowu MOM! I Porra Sorvlta Or. eak JOAN Osteal S ro ode to) Nowti Oraa Mdtodiai Rodlo BIbloCIOlO MM Mornlns Mated lot Ctioaat InthoSkv Nowti Mutual aolldlon Ktl CthOTtsaflohaJ Church tarvico SeanoiMutlo Pot low UOI Wit. Wlj HHIO Drtw Itcontlit Rood Shaw Rood Show HobrtwCh.Hr. Luthtrtn Hour Nowii Monitor Monitor Monitor NtwiiMviltor Monitor Monitor Monitor II II Sttobtil til til oil Bo Baoobill Batabtll II T uhot o Nowti Stort Par Oofontt Sunday Form Hour Record Vorltty Rocord Vorloty Nowt Strictly Mutld Nowti Whtfl tht I tout Nowti Dofonts Snowi Nowt o Wtttrtown on . Porodo Nowti Labor And MuilCI Ntwt Victor Young VW10T Young; Nows Ctrmon Covtllaro Ctrmon Ctvtlloro; Ntwt Lou la Uolt aVnilflQIfBI Ntwi Art Von MwiHor Monitor Batobtn BttobtU Rood tftyy v'w'jvw7a Rosti bpshr CvwtHWkf Show1 Mttt Nowt Antlyili Peunduo Nowti strictly MwtlC Nowti Old Tlmt Mutle o Nowu MwtlCSl Ntwt Jocklo Otvll Jocklt Dtvlt; Ntwt Al Ji Al Jttjtn; Ntws Ftrrtnto And Tolchtr Nowt Stm Ttylor Stm Toykr; Nows Buthkln loo Swthklni Nowt ApHBMvW o Monitor Nowti IomIi Johnny Dollar SwtFonti WortJ Ttnltht now Torn Monitor Viewpoint The New York Ptiltilrmonkl Orchoitrt Old Tfmo Bard) Menlen Forum OuyLamborOo Lawranco Wool Old Tlmort Jtmtii oo NtwtiOM TlmorV Old Ttmorf JO Ooukf Morton Oouldl Ntwt Andre Ktttolantts Andrt Koattlonofli K rwtiOM TlimrV MvWV pVtMksJHtaf in its loaon 'b1 Vi law Lot Choir i city oNtwtBtm.. smiof NISM otT" Nowti Projtm CMOtotl Socltl tltant o Sllont Sllont Mutlc hi Sllrttl Nowo Sclonos Sdltty Rollolon Ntwt 'Learning Sllont Sllont Sllont Sllont MONDAY Prone Noaaii CUckl Nowt Jits Mutki Mtltrwtj o3 'TSWZSm s!tf N'tS'wry7Muold bwIbUssssb) EST Nowti Form FarmDIoaa) Muoici WThr. 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Alignment Nowt; Mutlc tor Lltttnlng t SIlMt Steve Allen Stive Allen; News Severlo tarldlt orMlw Nows Brrol' Oemer Erroll otrneri Newt lOtSB Mutlosl Moment! 10:4Syiewttf the Newt 11:00 Philiiistilctl luuot In World Rolt- tns . FJWL 11:00 Neon Muoicili 11:30 Perm Program c neater i Dey new wona, new krvoa Muale Aalum j:00 Ttytpnytofiony f:IS Inttrlwot S:os gwictr 4:to n:4V I ;8t 1:44 M Muaic Of fht Mtttort Jm Imwwalont its Juef tor Pun JO wimmw or Trw nwm noun S Wi Ml t-et Intorludt t:M PM Conetrt 4:41 fvanlng MutlCMS 7:to tneerer o uor 1:00 I WMTll W4.1 Me, TOJJiejT 10:00 Midnight optciot SUNDAY 1:41 Now Album! :00 Voice of lelvitkjn 0:00 Nowii Muilc 11: JO Mthford AAtthoditt Church sa aa It: The Mlehty pipe) nwr or or. rrencu 11:41 Stort tor Detenu :w weyne King 1:11 imle HockKher .;8K2:M".lf0rt 10:M Ooo. Wright ib:jo joe compbeil monDAT AM. 7:00 Yown Petrol iwrrv Mim By Laaewell , -r " BALLS 1 1 NOPE- L7 that's dirt cheap- vegotto i : SNUFFV-HOWOOAH O'PIRE" J-S I THOUQHT THIN6S t KaHQAR SUIT I60T Hf aost?e D0LLERSSwVcmNnJr,H 1 ( PHiaCILLA'H POP Bv Al Verweor I H I'VE ftEEN SJ JUST THINK! A-vll "TOO BAD ITS , CLAMORING FULL tEKIlNQ OP CTS PALLS ON MY) f TWAT, HAZEL? K Sjffe. 'iSJSMl? J ST VSJJrT " THStRE Qlr4S TO WAVE rYEAR3r ! EMLICrHTENMENT VjJ, NlOnv I ErXICATOKlAL PROORAMSl tJFti "-yvi-NV- V5r STEVE ROPER Rv SaNmr emd OvtrsTiircl aBCPmmmm' T f 1 r 0O yOUSEfcl STOP ME IF I'M WRONft" ! CfflNYOlRUNa.,SCltMfVllcejOB..ECy 5TEVe?V I Wfe A6-;Tf0EeA WtuIMI, THE STORY OF MARTHA vVAYNE By Wilms SFresjt I I lfl-W,9Kk) "1 hTOCeVV THDU6UT ife RCMWO VCO U I VDUSS W0TT5M ME THAT'S IKaLW I ) m i i 1 J I" reyw ; how x mymesrsaxmi I vwmmt&M) who sour. J rOvAKr ownuaw y j - n - b&x by eucxr-tmmi vdust , As&not.l) l PR. SUV RE1WETT ' By Dr. R. C. Pwetalsyj 7 " - - J''K I MB. BtWABPf IVE BESM I f U I 3- TteRIBLV CeUaTL TO FREW 1 - - I V VOW? oeL6M ACS NOT X ALMOST CAU6eP HIM I T1 1 II ! wiuB,Bcy,AapotTOBsrv to lor his intsbnshipi A. il W1VBS A8B FAMILIAR S ?JkW P J JiJ 1 WiS Satf 4fj$ 3 --IJi) Boxer Rebellion Is Tlieme of TV Show IP I Pai Carroll S:ll Ctockwotchert f:O0 I Newii Muilc PJN. Codrle Posttr Noontlmt Frolic! Newi; Mutlc 4:10 The Now Hour 4:41 Herat to veti 1:00 Keyboord Serentdt S:M Oft ThO Kocord 4:00 Ouy Urnbtrdo By MIKE CONNOLLY TTOLLYWOOD Movie producer Jerry Wald sold "The Hell Rail XI era" to NBC as a special. It'a about the Boxer Rebellion. Wald was going to make it as a movie, after investing $250,000 in the story, but called it off because Sara Bronston Is mating a movie ebout the Boxer Rebellion called "59 Days to Peking.'' The TV special will hit the beam before Bronston's movie hits the theaters. Pat Carroll tells me she never has stage fright before aha does TV show because she spends the whole day scrubbing the floors of her home. "That way," says Pat. "tf the show's a flop, I caa always leek forward to coming mm te a clean aocjte!" Danny Thomas put In a pitch to purchase the Hal Roach studio. If the deal goes through, Danny will join the select few among Hollywood actors who own then-own studios. To wit. Red Skelton, Lucille Ball and Deal Arnaz. Eartha Kitt cuts the clouds from her nightclub caper at the Talk sv.; wrwejsof the .Town m T London May 20 to I do a benefit for ilthe underprt- i.x vileged children of 4r""y';-'4' Africa in Kenya. fi Fox-TV's "Fol- fi low the Sun" is "V cancelled for next lieasoa so Brett I, ti..i a w 1 aas snusiea tor CoaaeUy fox's World War II movie, "The Battle of Leyte Gulf." Metro WTSpped up TV come dienne Dorothy Loudon for ber first movie chore "The Court ship of Eddie's Father." Producer Joe Pasternak offered Eddie Fisher a part In the same picture. And Eddie, at this point, can use the money! TV actor Burt Metcalf be stowed the season's most unsenti mental paper anniversary present on his bride: a five-pound box of dollar bills. Darryl Hickman starred In "Hooray lor Love," the pilot film I of a proposed series about teen lagers. If tt hits. It'll put Darryl in tne same uur Dracitei as ms 11:00 1 it x I 1:00 I 4:11 Lenny Dee 4:30 joe Flnoan Ctrr 1:41 Mitch Miller 7:00 NIWII MutlC 10:00 Niwii Soortt 10:11 00. Wright 10:10 Tho Late Sound millionaire brother Dwayne ("Do-bie Gillis") Hickman. Margie" is another Fox-TV se ries that bites the dust. It hasn't been renewed for next season. But there's a Fox feature In Margie" star Cynthia Pepper's future. Gower Champion offered Sid Miller, Donald O'Connor's comedy sidekick, a cameo role in Debbie Reynolds' new movie, "My Six Loves," which Gower is direct ing. "But only," stipulated Sid, if it's a BIG cameo!" Margarita Sierra came back from Chicago, where she ap peared for her Warner-TV bosses at the National Association of Broadcasters convention, with a wicked case of walking pneumonia. ooo Jack Kelly's doctor booked him for three weeks in a Palm Springs golf clnb to recuperate from three solid years of working in "Maverick" without a vacation. Eddie Fisher's records have been getting quite a spin by Los Angeles disk jockeys since the Liz Taylor-Richard Burton scandal rocked the town. One of the deejays precedes his platter pitches with: "This Is Liz Taylor's latest release!" Frank Gorshin filmed a safety plug for the Southern California Auto Club and came out of the studio to find a parking citation plastered on his windshield. After seeing all those TV stars on the Academy Awards telecast Among them Vines Edwards, TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS TONIGHT l:J0 Perry Mason. The Case of the Bashfal Burro." (3). 1:30 Wells Fargo. "The Angry gay." (Color-U). 7 Room For One More. "Too Many Orphant." (27). 7:38-Defedrs. "Reunion With Death." (3). 7:30-Tail Man. "The Frame." (IS). S Movie. 'Soldier of Fortune." Clark Gable, Susan Haywarl (CoIor-15). (Lawrence Welk. Salute to Easter season. (27). I:3e Haye Gun, Will Travel. Paladin bears of trouble la a family. (3). ' .-t Cuntmoke. Dillon has bad news (or an outlaw. (3). 9 Boxing. Joe Brown vs. Carlos Ortiz. (27). 10 Movle. "Bailout at 43,000." John Payne, Karen Steele. (27). 10:30 Movie. "Tne Eddie Cantor Story." Keefe BrasseUe. (3). Mldnlght-Movid. "Rose of the Yukon." Steve Brody, Myrna DeB. (3). SUNDAY : 12:45-Baseball. Indians vs. Yankees, (3). 4 Wide World of Sports. Films on Women's National AAU Swinv ; ming. Diving Ouunploaships; Oxford-Cambridge rowing race. (27). Dond's Scccessor Lauded Credits John Mclntire For Wagon Train9 Top Ratings By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The remarkable t b i n t about NBC-TV's "Wag-f.-w-lkn on Train" is how it has managed i to stay at or neari the top of the'' a- t ii Anrw rftlintfe -' ' .... (i - i- -i wiw us original star, Ward Bond, dead and his scout, Robert Horton, easing off the series. The main rea son can be summed up in two Words: John Mclntire, Horton Whoever chose him as Bond's replacement was uncanny. When Mclntire, formerly of television's "Naked City," joined "Wagon Train," he was in an unenviable position from a pro- Dick Chamberlain and Rod Tay lor word's out that the Emmy Awards people will strike back by beaming movie stars Tony Curtis, Rock Hudson and Cary Grant on their Emmycast. fessional standpoint. He was re placing a performer beloved by the public. At one point, Bond had earned $5,000 a week on the show at that time the highest salary paid to any series star. ' In addition, there was a sensi tive personal situation. It was really not his show. Bond and Horton had had no love for each other. Bond considered himself the sole star. Horton considered himself on equal terms. Cliques -formed around the rambunctious oldtimcr and the more studious younger man. So when Mclntire arrived, he found himself definitely No. 2 to Horton, who al-. ready had his audience. Mclntire stuck to business.; Horton wanted out of the series - anyway. More and More, Mcln-'- tire became "Wagon Train."; Wisely, he tried not to Mow in; Bond's footsteps; instead of playi ng a lovable old coot, he por trayed himself: A quiet, human man with a face you can't distrust. Next season. "Wagon Train' moves to ABC-TV. It's Mclntiro'l I show now.

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